1200 HP Camaro ZL1 1LE! // RESURRECTION by Hennessey

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Join this brand-new Camaro ZL1 1LE on its journey to becoming the final example of Hennessey's astounding 1200 HP RESURRECTION performance upgrade! While this rare upgrade will remain exclusive to those already completed, Hennessey's warranty-guaranteed 1000 HP EXORCIST upgrade remains an incredible option for your 6th Gen Camaro ZL1.

THE EXORCIST Vehicle Page: bit.ly/EXORCIST

Treat your Camaro ZL1 to more power:
979-885-1300 | www.HennesseyPerformance.com

Would you like to learn how to make fast cars faster? Check out Tuner School where our classroom includes a chassis dyno cell and a 1/4 mile dragstrip - all on the Hennessey Performance campus!
979-885-1300 | www.TunerSchool.com

Hennessey Merch: bit.ly/HPEmerch
Instagram: goo.gl/yGMzFm
Facebook: goo.gl/qF1Lub
Twitter: goo.gl/Xa3Xkc

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26 Nis 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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TurboDieselDan Yıl önce
Hard to hate on a build like this, especially since it comes with a warranty.
Gmoneyluv4u 9 gün önce
Hard too hate...Hennessy is legendary! The company has built their own car !!! Sheesh are you kiddn'
The king scene
The king scene 2 aylar önce
The build no.... But the clutch they went with.... Yes
Hyperborean 2
Hyperborean 2 2 aylar önce
Warranty is for beginners
Lock YK
Lock YK 3 aylar önce
@moe there’s always gotta be haters who just mad salty cuz this car better than your wildest dreams
Lock YK
Lock YK 3 aylar önce
@moe lmao ok buddy this car would gap every car of your wildest dreams buddy, nothing in hOuStOn can compare
Korruptionen Yıl önce
As someone who is not a fan of the Camaro... this is a bad ass build. Someone owns a monster.
D4RK-WYV3RN 7 aylar önce
This isn't a Chevy Camaro though, it's a masterpiece of a clone!
da602hustler 10 aylar önce
@Sheep Dog69 you will get one some day again bro!!! Once it launches you can maybe get the zl1!
Sheep Dog69
Sheep Dog69 10 aylar önce
@da602hustler I never liked any of them until the 6th gen. I just sold my 2017 2ss in April, and I feel like i wanna cry about it... I'm driving a fucking 2000 MAZDA MIATA right now like a gaw damn clown. i'm saving money to start my trucking company. I miss that car every fucking day. every day i pull the door handle on that miata i almost wanna kill myself lmfao.
da602hustler 10 aylar önce
@Sheep Dog69 I like the older ones, specially the first gens and second 🥵😍
Sheep Dog69
Sheep Dog69 10 aylar önce
What's there not to be a fan of? i mean i can see all the older ones, but the 6th gens are some bad mofo's.
kodiakfamily Yıl önce
1200 hp with a manual! Holy Cow!!! Makes me proud to be American!
George Mickens
George Mickens 3 aylar önce
TEEKA 3 aylar önce
Moha YC
Moha YC 3 aylar önce
American isn't a DNA
IhassanX 6 aylar önce
Frick yeah my brother!!!!
Kahzeen 6 aylar önce
@Gear_banging_vehicles Actually the % of manuals is much higher in Germany compared to US, but whatever floats your tiny boat ;)
MO MO Yıl önce
The Skill he has to put that engine together its an Art just Amazing!!
No No
No No Yıl önce
They take so much pride in the builds. The shop looks cleaner than my house. Even the toolbox’s are so organized. Great job guys
Eric Nichols
Eric Nichols Yıl önce
I thought my job was cool. I build the Camaro at GM's LGR facility. You have officially humbled me, sir.
damachine3 12 gün önce
@Vince If you're not tracking the car then I would say the opposite...I would highly recommend the regular ZL1. The Magnetic Ride suspension is phenomenal for regular street and performance whereas the MultiMatic DSSV suspension that comes with the 1LE is harsh overkill for the street. It's a very rough ride.
Vince 12 gün önce
@damachine3 would you highly recommend the 1le package on the zl1 even if I wouldn’t be tracking the car?
damachine3 Aylar önce
@Timothy Turkey Awesome! I had a Hyper Blue Metallic manual ZL1 1LE (before that I had a red manual ZL1). I sold my ZL1 1LE because my 992 911 GT3 just arrived. I wish I never sold it. They're different enough that I want both. Perhaps I'll get another one before they stop production forever.
damachine3 Aylar önce
@KingYheti Correct, but I wrote that 11 months ago when they had stopped it temporarily because of Covid.
KingYheti Aylar önce
@damachine3 i heard they weren’t fully stopping production until 2024
Love 2 Fight
Love 2 Fight 3 aylar önce
I love Hennessey, the way John just goes and decides to make the camaro nearly twice as powerful as the hellcat simply for the hell of it, and the team is like “Ok boss! On it.”
Kjorn Dogg
Kjorn Dogg 7 aylar önce
You know you're watching a beast get built when they put the car on the engine
viktor ramirez
viktor ramirez Yıl önce
“Only thing we losing it traction” sold me 😂
Mj 8 aylar önce
umm, isn't traction important for a drag race on the streets or are we going to see a "mustang" situation?
CR6 _
CR6 _ Yıl önce
@PhantomJosh let’s hope we trade down for jok
PhantomJosh Yıl önce
Yo the raiders get back to back picks in the 3rd round
John Soriano
John Soriano Yıl önce
The speed sensor literally doesnt have the refresh rate to keep up. I like that.
Jbrownjetmech -
Jbrownjetmech - 5 aylar önce
@DefinitelyOwnThisNFT Yeah, I've noticed pretty much all the electronic speedos are that way....Also, you just said a Zl1 Camaro wasn't incredibly fast, but...they are.
Kush Patel
Kush Patel 8 aylar önce
Tesla’s refresh relates can keep up
DarkSwede21 9 aylar önce
@DefinitelyOwnThisNFT yea i agree with you
DefinitelyOwnThisNFT 9 aylar önce
@DarkSwede21 Sure, but the GT500 and Hellcat certainly have a more responsive digital speedometer than the ZL1.
DarkSwede21 9 aylar önce
@DefinitelyOwnThisNFT The digital speedometers on most cars, unless they’re hyper cars or super cars, are pretty bad as it is lmao
Jeff Yıl önce
"this is my first time driving this car" and he's got TC off with 1200hp on tap. That's awesome man! Love this car!
abdulaziz al-etaibi
abdulaziz al-etaibi 10 aylar önce
Crazy watching him gradually accelerating and still super fast 😄 great build guys
Francisco Fernandes
Thanks for sharing this outstanding job that was done to this Monster. This video showed why you are a manufacturer it's a complete package in every section 👏
john dow
john dow Yıl önce
This will be the first place I'll go if I hit the lottery.
Konrad Mroczek
Konrad Mroczek 22 gün önce
@CRYPTO LORD Life is not that short. Try being homeless for 50 years and tell me that time flies. Life expectancy these days is much longer than 100 years ago.
CRYPTO LORD 24 gün önce
@Konrad Mroczek how long do we live for why bother collecting enjoy the bloody thing
danncaldwell301 24 gün önce
@CRYPTO LORD I guess they'll ban gasoline vehicles the same week they ban all the private Jets the elites travel in. 😂😂😂.
KingYheti Aylar önce
@Sam Holcombe EXACTLYYYY !!! THANK YOU! SOMEONE THINKING SMART ! a camaro is a great car as it is, and then only have like 150 in the world?? or probably much less. definitely a good investment, IF it’s properly stored. Me? idgaf, i want it to drive😭😭
Silent but Deadly
Silent but Deadly 2 aylar önce
Me too
G Smith
G Smith Yıl önce
dude is an engine artist! such a badass car wow! and a manual!
Imagine Baggins
Imagine Baggins Yıl önce
This man loves what he does, he's got a cheesy smile after every step is finished
Esteban Tejera
Esteban Tejera Yıl önce
I love the level of professionalism that goes into these builds, keep it up
Jack Lash
Jack Lash 10 aylar önce
You definately seem like an exceptional mechanic to build such a car. From build to test drive you definately built a super fast car
Alex J K
Alex J K 11 aylar önce
Holy sh..cow, Nice!I expect you guys would be extremely proud of your builds! I think it amazing 1200hp shifting what looks effortlessly thru a manual box, that's impressive! Well done, big pat on the back.
andre miles
andre miles Yıl önce
I have a question I wonder if the Excorist zl1 1le equipped is much faster around the most hard core race tracks in the world and if so how does it stack up against the Hennessy Venom 1000hp GT500
Lolly Gaggin
Lolly Gaggin 8 aylar önce
Absolutely amazing. This is art. That man is a genius at his craft. I guarantee he makes 7 figures a year
Rail🚂life83 Yıl önce
My exorcist turned out great and I love it but you never really get enough. This build is where we all want to be. They addressed everything they needed to but the tires! I just put on 345 nitto NT555RIIs for the street and its still not perfect but those Goodyears didn't have a chance under it.
Rail🚂life83 Yıl önce
@Ready On 3 Couldn't find any a few months back. They were out of stock everywhere I looked but that will be the next set then MTs ET street ss.
Rail🚂life83 Yıl önce
@Ready On 3 Exactly my point. I'm not sure what the owner is going to do but as he states in the video, he will need a set 100%. I threw on a set of NT555RIIS and went to 345s. He'll need a weld wheel and some MTs to get the most out of this one. Proxes or NT555RIIS at the very least.
AYO KO Yıl önce
@Rail🚂life83 ohhhh okay 👌🏾
Rail🚂life83 Yıl önce
@AYO KO 325 Goodyear F1 super sport R2s . The 345 drag radials i put on made a tremendous difference but I would have to swap back to the 325 track tire if tracking it of course.
AYO KO Yıl önce
I thought 1LE came on Pilot Sport Cup 2?? I know the stock is what like 325mm but I’m sure a 345 PSC2 would grip
James Xu
James Xu Yıl önce
this is called craftsmanship!!
Svt cobra
Svt cobra Yıl önce
40th like
DrunkPisces Yıl önce
I have a question for Jerry. Where did you get the habit of putting the car in neutral when decelerating? Or will you checking clutch engagement?
Jason Simpkins
Jason Simpkins Yıl önce
Nevermind the build. I'm more impressed by how immaculate that shop is.
r e v e l a r e_ XVII
I didn’t think the Exorcist could be topped. I underestimated the power of Hennessey.
NY Plantings Garden Designers & Landscape Contractors
I'm going to look into the exorcist. Great stuff. This is what separates your shop from the bubble pack bolt on bandits. Would love it if I can get a few pointers on my eforce C6Z tuning!
Sam Bankole
Sam Bankole Yıl önce
What he did can only be described as a pure form of art! John Hennessy, please please set up a shop in the UK 😭
Marcelo Yıl önce
Belíssimo Camaro ressurreição, belo trabalho, Hennessey magnífica preparadora americana, parabéns!!!👍🇧🇷
Ryan Webster
Ryan Webster Yıl önce
Honestly anything you guys build would be cool to watch how
Triple clutch 🤯🤯🤯
Fauzo Ossman
Fauzo Ossman 5 aylar önce
Wow….amazing built. Much respect ✊🏽
Barry Draper
Barry Draper 11 aylar önce
I bought the 6th gen (2017) ZL1 (not a 1LE) with the original 650 hp, and I cannot begin to imagine more, let alone double the hp. My ZL1 was nicknamed "The Beast" for good reason, but this is just a whole other level. A theme song for this car should be: Kenny Loggins - Danger Zone...
David mastrototaro
David mastrototaro 11 aylar önce
This is hands down 🙌💯 a quality build🥰
Tiyane Nxumalo
Tiyane Nxumalo Yıl önce
I love how the supercharger screams 😍
BassWave Aylar önce
Sounds a lil different than the whiny ones on the hellcat right
WATT05 Gün önce
Wow! I’d love to have the Hennessey Resurrection or Exorcist Camaro shipped to Australia! Absolute weapons! Love American muscle cars! 💯
Mustafa Saadi
Mustafa Saadi 5 aylar önce
It’s an absolute beast of a car love it !!!!
E.B. Yıl önce
Please do a Resurrection ZL1 1LE Vs Exorcist ZL1 1LE and do a few roll race runs on your drag strip
Sebastian Pujo
Sebastian Pujo Yıl önce
Incredible job how you dismantel and rebuild everything! I ❤ that car! Congratulations! 👏 from Argentina
Abdullah Abujbara
That's clean 🤩 Well done 👏🏻
Shinobi Yıl önce
Incredible work, so cool to watch.
Carlos Suarez
Carlos Suarez Yıl önce
Hey beautiful build, would love to see some numbers on the performance, zero 60, quarter mile, half mile, maybe 50-130!!
Stan Williams
Stan Williams Yıl önce
Would of been nice to see an original ZL1 motor in the car which is a 427 all aluminum motor! Nice job though with this build! The best thing I like about this build is that it's true shift and not paddle shift!! 😎
TurboDieselDan Yıl önce
I first learned about the ZL1 Vette in this hard back book titled [American Muscle] by Randy Leffingwell as a teen in the mid 90's. It has a green and white 69 Baldwin-Motion Camaro on the cover.
TrashBandit 24
TrashBandit 24 Yıl önce
@Stan Williams yeah that would be cool but at the same time I would hate to take a zl1 engine out of the zl1. I wish they made more aluminum small blocks, super cool
Stan Williams
Stan Williams Yıl önce
@dailylife the last 1969 ZL1 427 Chevy put out sold Barrett-Jackson a few years ago for $150000 in the create!
dailylife Yıl önce
the 2015 z28 with the 7.0l. Ls7 which you never see or here about build one of those
Stan Williams
Stan Williams Yıl önce
@TrashBandit 24 exactly right partner!! You know your stuff! Only two Vettes rolled off the line with that motor a White Vette with a Black stripe on the front and a Canary yellow Vette which was the must powerful one 585hp carbureted the white one was 465hp.
Reverb2005 Yıl önce
I am so in love with this beast of a Camaro right now!😍😍😍😍😍
Battle Garage
Battle Garage Yıl önce
I like how he checks the rear view mirror after that 2-3-4 pull, worried about cops on the test track or old habits from streets lol
James Edward
James Edward 11 aylar önce
2nd shift at 113mph damn!!
futurec16 Yıl önce
Made that look like a piece of cake 🔥😂
Didar Hussain
Didar Hussain 7 aylar önce
sounds unreal even through speakers 🔊
Mini cinnamon poptart
I would love to see a c4 base model made by you guys
EJ'S GARAGE Yıl önce
This thing makes my 630 HP BMW M6 competition like a Prius. I wonder if Hennessey has a mod that can bring my BMW M6 Comp to 1200 HP.
Arthur Lima
Arthur Lima 7 aylar önce
Ele é o Mustang GT meu sonho de consumo
Deandre Mcguire
Deandre Mcguire 7 aylar önce
I would love to see this on highway racing
Mohammad Almheiri
Not a big Camaro guy... But just the way it sounds man.. broke my heart. Plus resurruction is a badass name.
BassWave Aylar önce
I have absolutely no clue what I'm watching but it looks cool ASF!!!! The damn speedometer went from 81 to 87, then from 94 to 102. The car was literally outrunning itself😂!
Demolition Dan
Demolition Dan 9 aylar önce
I need a setup like that for my Yukon XL!! Beast mode baby!
Fernando Barrios
Fernando Barrios Yıl önce
Flowmasta Flam
Flowmasta Flam 9 aylar önce
if you're comparing this to the dodge demon, just remember that the demon released over 4 years ago.
SN SE Yıl önce
It'd be even more sick if it had a sequential🤷‍♂️
Gamer is here TV
Gamer is here TV 8 aylar önce
The sound makes your day on the other planet 👏👏👏
Here In Oz
Here In Oz Yıl önce
🤣 the anger, the sound, the scream. It's insane. Love it. Tesla??? Errr no thanks.
Zach Zulager
Zach Zulager Yıl önce
I own a 2016 SS...i could even imagine 3X the horse power. I would love to have this car! They did a phenomenal job on this build.
Zach Zulager
Zach Zulager Yıl önce
Lol oops
lucas pardue
lucas pardue Yıl önce
Scarecrow 9 aylar önce
I'm OCD as hell and i gotta say, your work looks beautiful! Eveything Is planned, clean, the wires are fastened, good work. Keep giving a damn
Daniel Clark
Daniel Clark 9 aylar önce
How much difference would it be with twin turbos? Just curious if it would make any more power?
LAVE0603 11 aylar önce
ギア変速時の息付き現象が凄いから、直線はダントツで速そうだけど立ち上がりキツそうだからワインディング厳しそうですねー ぜひニュルに持っていってタイムアタックして欲しい!
NA2k5 Yıl önce
More videos like this please!
FoodHome DotCom
FoodHome DotCom Yıl önce
When you drop a new engine and then run up those RPMs. Don't you have to break the engine in? They say the rings need to seat properly over 500 miles of break in.
awesome!💪 what's the wheel and tire size for the rear wheels? thanks
damachine3 Yıl önce
I have a stock ZL1 1LE and the conditions need to be just right in order for the stock 650 HP to be planted down properly...so no thanks! Fun to look at, though.
Cameron Tso
Cameron Tso 9 aylar önce
Amazing car just honestly I wish they smooth out the dash above the steering wheel 😅 it's just me tho
Dave Ritschel
Dave Ritschel Yıl önce
That thing sounds freaking awesome!! Shwing!!
Gerry AG.M
Gerry AG.M Yıl önce
I dont like the fact that they squeez that insane build into 11 mins I wouldnt mind half an hour watching the build and calibration of this monster.
sniperlif3 4 aylar önce
Never realized that Hennessey numbers were engine HP. Always thought it was meant to be bhp since you dyno the cars. Guess it makes sense that you aren't actually going balls out compared to what some people get from GPI or doing their own stuff.
Joe Holmes
Joe Holmes Yıl önce
Unreal build! A little weight in the trunk would help that 85mph wheel spin. How about a life-like firefighter training dummy to match the resurrection theme? Hahahaha!
Taylor Turk
Taylor Turk Yıl önce
This is a great build, but whoever had the idea for the name should stop naming things immediately
Kakarot3 Yıl önce
Fresh build flogging the ass out of it 😶
A Little bit of Everything
Nothing wrong with some tire slip when getting on it at 90mph...sometimes lol
M. Thomas
M. Thomas Yıl önce
I can only wish. Anything Hennessey builds is a dream.
Gehmer Heim
Gehmer Heim 6 aylar önce
Just awesome!!!! Awesome car with even more power. And that sound!!!! Not like that electric crap they want us to drive.
David Kunutsor
David Kunutsor 10 aylar önce
Stupendously AMAZING!!! That sound could certainly resurrect the dead! lol
Manny Rosado
Manny Rosado Yıl önce
If I could afford one, without a doubt!!
Insane machine🔥
David Wiese
David Wiese 9 aylar önce
That engine sounds so angry. It's glorious.
Toy Police Cars
Toy Police Cars Yıl önce
Do you have to keep tightening down the header bolts as time goes on? Or is there a new way of making sure the bolts don’t back out?
Toy Police Cars
Toy Police Cars Yıl önce
@Motor Fast awesome
Motor Fast
Motor Fast Yıl önce
@Toy Police Cars Shouldn't, the GM bolts come with threadlocker on them. None of mine have backed off on any of my 3 cars. Yes I checked, nor is there any sound of an exhaust leak, and there is no evidence of carbon from an exhaust leak. Again, I do not use the aftermarket bolts that come with the headers as I have seen multiple comments about those backing off. From my experience working on my cars and the experience I have at a Corvette race shop I have learned there are some parts that are best to stick with the factory ones.
Toy Police Cars
Toy Police Cars Yıl önce
@Motor Fast they all loosen up a bit during the break in period and you need to re-tighten them for the first couple months. You wouldn’t be able to tell if they backed out, unless you check by tightening them again.
Motor Fast
Motor Fast Yıl önce
On all three of my Chevrolets I have KOOK's and I used new factory GM gaskets and new factory GM bolts and have never had a single issue. I torque them to factory specifications. The oldest is my 2002 SS which has about 70,000 miles with the KOOK's, not one bolt has backed off in those 70,000 miles.
Mohammed Ines
Mohammed Ines 9 aylar önce
Très belle Camaro avec des roues arrières plus grosses 👍 combien coûte elle en version blindé ?
Big Chungus
Big Chungus 11 aylar önce
I love how the captions identify the revving v8 and the supercharger whine as *music*
NiNoBrown🤘🏽 4 aylar önce
💪🏽💪🏽🤘🏽🕶️🤘🏽 it sounds vicious 🔥
Ahmad Alzahrani
Ahmad Alzahrani Yıl önce
Now that is brilliant 🙄 powerful 🤩
Chris Pham
Chris Pham 11 aylar önce
wow this is fking awesome.. A manual is for real skill drivers.
Merkava4IMI Aylar önce
Very nice build, more than enough to have fun on the street.
Douglas R
Douglas R 8 aylar önce
omg is stunning. That flyby sound is like a drug.
x_WarHawk_x Yıl önce
If I came knocking on the door for a Resurrection build, I'm hoping you guys would accommodate !!! For the right price of course.
Gmoneyluv4u 9 gün önce
I would buy one in a heartbeat
Philly Dee
Philly Dee Yıl önce
Nothing like a supercharger👌
Trevor Renkevens
Trevor Renkevens 11 aylar önce
I'm going into the IT field, but I've always loved cars and always wanted to learn about engines, transmissions, etc. Never knew what school to go to to learn this trade.
Warvins Room
Warvins Room Yıl önce
God damn I want a ZL1 so bad especially with a 1200 MANUAL BUILD WITH A WARRANTY
Anon Anon Gamemaster
I had the opportunity to see it in the shop before it was unveiled. Absolutely amazing car! If any of y’all get a chance to take a tour I highly recommend it.
Adam c
Adam c 11 aylar önce
Man that exhaust sounds killer
WizManBallin Yıl önce
Did I see that car go from 50 to 77 in under a sec @10:54? 👀😳
Poison Swords
Poison Swords Yıl önce
I think that Camaro could maybe hit 170😳
Joey McQuilkin
Joey McQuilkin 4 aylar önce
Sheesh ! I never thought that much about Hennessy cars, never seemed to special to me, this one is particularly SICK thoooo lol
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