12 Amazing Watermelon Ideas And Pranks

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9 DIY Frozen Treats And Ideas! DIY Giant Oreo Ice Cream Cookie! trvid.com/video/video-vSI4Xh9I_AM.html
Do you have a few ripe watermelons? Fine! But do not rush to eat them! Why? Find out in our new video!
Supplies and tools:
• Watermelon
• Sugar
• Makeup coloring
• Vaseline
• Round container
• Red lipstick
• Green eyeshadow
• Black eyeliner
• Silicone ice molds
• Fruit
• Yogurt
• Gelatin
• Food coloring
• Bagel
• Pink glaze
• Sprinkles
• Straws
• Cocktail umbrella
• Strawberries
• Grapes
• Blueberries
• Blackberries
• Mint
• Light clay
• Toothpicks
• Blender
• Peach
• Banana
• Ice
• Plastic spout
• Lemon
• Plastic headband
• Wooden skewers
• Paper candy baskets
• Hot glue
• Candy
• Wooden sticks
• Flour
• Egg yolks
• Cornstarch
• Vegetable oil
• Dessert topping
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16 Aug 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Martha Meyers
Martha Meyers Gün önce
#troom troom
TheAnimeGirlMadeOfGacha YT
Waitttt...... if ur friend stole ur watermelon....then just get another one because youre doing all of theyes hacks with WATERMELONS
Jason Carter
Jason Carter 2 gün önce
Watermelon pizza
shaked 1212
shaked 1212 6 gün önce
jayne lysteryr
jayne lysteryr 6 gün önce
Birdsrule2009 6 gün önce
1:12 put a small straw made out of straws in the watermelon
Maelie Stephens
Maelie Stephens 6 gün önce
your so creative
Sonya Cloves
Sonya Cloves 8 gün önce
Liz Ley
Liz Ley 10 gün önce
Where the heck do you get yellow watered melon Im a kid on my moms account
Matthew Koeman
Matthew Koeman 11 gün önce
But can you do easy videos because I am a child with and eight years old and my mom doesn't let me do stuff strangers can you please the stuff is it for me please thank you
Matthew Koeman
Matthew Koeman 11 gün önce
Can you do more videos about this because these videos are fine and I love this video so much
Maria Dejesus
Maria Dejesus 11 gün önce
Wow u making me feel happy 😃
just for you
just for you 12 gün önce
..… EVER!!! 💋
just for you
just for you 12 gün önce
You are the best channel 😍🤩💖💗💕💓💋💗💞💝❤️💫
Tiana Tran
Tiana Tran 12 gün önce
satyajit pandit
satyajit pandit 13 gün önce
Think troom troom to give idia
Tyrone Sherman
Tyrone Sherman 13 gün önce
All videos are cool😎🍭🍬
Yasmin Andrade
Yasmin Andrade 13 gün önce
1:23 Oh yes l’ll drink every last drop of this pool
pattern pals
pattern pals 13 gün önce
you copied him 🙄
*hotslut.ru* 2:14
Stephen Bannon
Stephen Bannon 15 gün önce
Ha ha bugs! What
michelle cooper
michelle cooper 15 gün önce
7:43 ewww fried Mellons? Just cover your watermelon in yogurt and be on your way
Oak Animates
Oak Animates 16 gün önce
Watermelon pizza
Lori Dooley
Lori Dooley 19 gün önce
I bet you pay these people alot of money
Madelyn Aleman
Madelyn Aleman 19 gün önce
2:26 what the is a yellow watermelon
Madelyn Aleman
Madelyn Aleman 19 gün önce
sorry autocorrect, i ment to say “what the, there is a yellow watermelon”
allan fuentes
allan fuentes 21 gün önce
I want to draw the water Mellon in eyes
Maria Cervantes
Maria Cervantes 22 gün önce
And I oppppp skkkkk Save the turtles 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪
Emong Pascua
Emong Pascua 22 gün önce
What day you start this video
Waqar Mahmood
Waqar Mahmood 23 gün önce
A bad girl
Fatima Aslam
Fatima Aslam 23 gün önce
I love watching troom troom
Talal Al Abri
Talal Al Abri 24 gün önce
Oh yeah
Talal Al Abri
Talal Al Abri 24 gün önce
The video is nice
hamalata Saragada
hamalata Saragada 25 gün önce
It is so crazy
Sierra's Toy Channel
Sierra's Toy Channel 25 gün önce
Love watermelon how dare you do that😱😱😱not actually I'm just kidding😋
BayRay MamaX
BayRay MamaX 26 gün önce
I’m dead inside
Sanjukta Das
Sanjukta Das 26 gün önce
Very much and...... . Funny
Elhiana Perez
Elhiana Perez 27 gün önce
Were do you guys liv
Sierra's Toy Channel
Sierra's Toy Channel 25 gün önce
No I'm not going to tell you
Zenaida Sanchez
Zenaida Sanchez 28 gün önce
I loved the watermelon slices
Sierra's Toy Channel
Sierra's Toy Channel 25 gün önce
Me tooo
Carroll Bowen
Carroll Bowen 28 gün önce
Carroll Bowen
Carroll Bowen 28 gün önce
Carroll Bowen
Carroll Bowen 28 gün önce
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hwoyup3_Porpoise Aylar önce
6:58 *_"OH, YES!"_*
Sierra's Toy Channel
Sierra's Toy Channel 25 gün önce
Calico Cat 2.0
Calico Cat 2.0 Aylar önce
Love watermelon
stefany guevara
stefany guevara Aylar önce
I like this types of videos
Catherine Kapandula
Love it😘😘😘😘😍
Latisha Waldrop
Latisha Waldrop Aylar önce
I bet troom troom top ingredient is jellton
casrell Richards
casrell Richards Aylar önce
Love this video
kristina dickenson
kristina dickenson Aylar önce
Roxana Torres
Roxana Torres Aylar önce
Troom hurts my brain 😠😤
I love how you can turn boring step into a fun amazing stuff by the way I’m a new follower
donna Brana
donna Brana Aylar önce
sploateaa gaming
sploateaa gaming Aylar önce
Did you here her say straws out of straws?
Ruby Reiner
Ruby Reiner Aylar önce
1:10 Put a small straw made out of straws... Wait what
otto boone
otto boone Aylar önce
⁵ Effyfeertyexewrffseujhy
Frano Leventic
Frano Leventic Aylar önce
Alawar Milan Simić mala moja moje majke
Michele Wong
Michele Wong Aylar önce
Wow looks so yummy
Michele Wong
Michele Wong Aylar önce
Super nice and very good
Angel Hernandez Ortiz
Awesome Watermelon Party Keg
Something In My Watermelon!