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Did you know that Volkswagen’s best selling product has nothing to do with cars? Do you know what the “FQ” on Mitsubishi EVO FQ400 stands for? Do you know what’s the largest speeding fine ever?
Hi guys, I’m Stype and this is 101 fact you didn’t know about cars. Probably.

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TopCars TV
TopCars TV Yıl önce
It wouldn't be a TopCars TV video without mistakes: 0:51 - Should say KPH, not KHP. 17:40 - It happened in 1967 not 1976 18:40 - meant to say Huracan, not Gallardo. My apologies 😬
sailaab 2 gün önce
TopCars TV
TopCars TV 7 gün önce
@Freddie Boi No worries. Many people said that it's a Bentley
Freddie Boi
Freddie Boi 7 gün önce
@TopCars TV Oops, my bad, from a glance the rear lights really looked like the double ovals on the Bentley. I should’ve paused
TopCars TV
TopCars TV 7 gün önce
@Freddie Boi that's a RR Ghost
Freddie Boi
Freddie Boi 7 gün önce
4:28 That’s a Bentley Continental
Charlie Bosevski
Charlie Bosevski 7 aylar önce
A quick fact check for “fact 2”, in Australia we have a road with no speed limit too. It is the Stuart highway in the Northern Territory and overall extend 276km or 171 miles
Levin 16 gün önce
not anymore
Haggard Pillock
Haggard Pillock 17 gün önce
@Ned Ludd I dunno, I flagged each one as spam, think it depends if it gets flagged enough.
Motley 17 gün önce
Yeh take what he says with a grain of salt, he can't even pronounce Celtic correctly.
Ned Ludd
Ned Ludd Aylar önce
@Monsterbaby's Channel TRvid never does any thing about these sort of scum.
Ned Ludd
Ned Ludd Aylar önce
@DJ_tovar TRvid, this clown has a dozen commercial posts and you do nothing. Where are your "community" standards here?
Priscilla & Luis Bueno
13:23 #63…. That horn was actually in the key of G…I so happen to have a guitar next to me! 😂
Worship Guitar Dictionary
@sniper ozukum obviously most of them would Be in standard lol
Steph Lee
Steph Lee 23 gün önce
yes I was confused
RetroTune 28 gün önce
Yeah, a major third. Someone had to say it, thank you!
Ned Ludd
Ned Ludd Aylar önce
@DJ_tovar TRvid this POS is still here with its commercials.
Melon Legend
Melon Legend Aylar önce
@casey__boy i was about to say
I Stole Your Cookies
I Stole Your Cookies 7 aylar önce
The Autobahn has a recommended speed of 130 km/h, which is the fastest speed where you can somewhat easily prevent accidents by braking.
sum weird doggo
sum weird doggo 3 aylar önce
@Kure Core that's true, thanks for mentioning that.
sum weird doggo
sum weird doggo 5 aylar önce
@Matthias Adam that's correct.
sum weird doggo
sum weird doggo 5 aylar önce
@DJ_tovar shut up
DJ_tovar 5 aylar önce
@Matthias Adam trvid.com/video/video-FVIth0hNCJI.html
DJ_tovar 5 aylar önce
@sum weird doggo trvid.com/video/video-FVIth0hNCJI.html
cycodelico 6 aylar önce
R32 skyline was also mass produced from 89 And had 4 wheel steering, with a way more interactive system. 4 wheel steering is sometimes not desirable because it makes the car a but unpredictable when driven hard. Also the complexity of these systems prove to he expensive and complicated to keep working at tip top shape
Alex Miron
Alex Miron Yıl önce
I used to be a fan of cars, but after hearing this masterpiece i'm a whole air conditioner
VW beetle boi
VW beetle boi 14 gün önce
Unoriginal and unfunny
Yful 15 gün önce
Now that was good
Anthony 16 gün önce
@Reallhoxhoes we dont care
cool Man69
cool Man69 29 gün önce
Anthony Aylar önce
@Ian Owens no one asked
clymatz86 3 aylar önce
16:56 this car also had options for rwd, and options between a 4 or 5 speed, in manual or auto. not to mention its also a droptop, and the passenger seat has a table. the rear seats also swivel. dream car asf
Erlend 15 gün önce
was also availible with a diesel!
V N R 5 aylar önce
I can’t believe I actually watched this whole thing lol It was really intriguing
BeetoShiru 7 aylar önce
Can we plz have another one of these, I enjoyed sitting through it all!!!!
Ship Aylar önce
@Trollosaurus Rex weak bait
Trollosaurus Rex
sitting through false information... very enjoyable....
Minus 7 aylar önce
13:20 "Most car horns beep in the key of F" *Beeps in the key of G*
Gregory Kirchner
Gregory Kirchner 4 aylar önce
It beeps the first and third of a G major chord. G and B. If you hear B, then you're better at harmonies. If you hear G then you're better at lead.
UniForce 5 aylar önce
You beat me to it!
Jade Gamilla
Jade Gamilla 5 aylar önce
@DJ_tovar shut up bruv
DJ_tovar 5 aylar önce
@Milán Kiss trvid.com/video/video-FVIth0hNCJI.html
Milán Kiss
Milán Kiss 6 aylar önce
I was searching for this comment :D
Sputnik10 Yıl önce
1 toyota corolla is sold every 40 seconds also 1 car is stolen every 40 seconds any coincidences? i don’t think so
Yolosoogie 3 aylar önce
supply and demand
Waffle Horse
Waffle Horse 4 aylar önce
45 Seconds
HistoryGeek 5 aylar önce
@DJ_tovar no
micha van bodegom
micha van bodegom 5 aylar önce
@DJ_tovar no
DJ_tovar 5 aylar önce
@Valdemar Seidelin trvid.com/video/video-FVIth0hNCJI.html
Fidel Montano
Fidel Montano 5 aylar önce
10:42 #49 I think there was a show of building the inventions of Da Vinci based from his blueprint. This self-propelled car was one of them, it uses spring-loaded mechanism to run the car.
BadazzShovelhead 8 gün önce
My 2020 Mercedes AMG GT R has 4 wheel steering. I can confirm that on both the road and track it is awesome.
Alex Mykim
Alex Mykim 4 aylar önce
8:05 the greatest invention ever just after the seatbelt by Volvo
Anung Un Rama
Anung Un Rama 5 aylar önce
The autobahn actually has a speed limit along a lot of it. Even where there is no limit you’re expected to drive at a speed that is safe for the conditions under which you’re driving.
Radu-Dumitru Burca
Radu-Dumitru Burca 5 aylar önce
5:25 I want to add a thing... yes, he can take any aston martin, but for a test drive (at least this is the variant I know)
Peter Debuni
Peter Debuni 20 gün önce
Thanks to Clarkson, Hammond and May I knew most of these already
Holy.Chris Aylar önce
1:10 Math error here. If the car sits 96% of the time it means that it's used 4% of the day so 57.6 minutes / day, not 100 minutes / day. 100 minutes a day is 7% of 24h, not 4% a day.
Matej Horvat
Matej Horvat 6 aylar önce
Initially, it was reported that Daniel could actually get and keep any car he wanted from Aston Martin for life. However, that turned out to be false. Instead, Daniel can only drive them on a track or road of his choice for a short while.
DAventador44 Yıl önce
I feel so cool for knowing about that old electric Porsche. My dad talked about it to me when I was younger
Freddie Boi
Freddie Boi 7 gün önce
This comment has 911 likes
CheapBastard1988 5 aylar önce
@Jonathan Jaksjø Wasn't VW called KDF (Kraft Durch Freude) before the war?
DJ_tovar 5 aylar önce
@Ian Owens trvid.com/video/video-FVIth0hNCJI.html
DJ_tovar 5 aylar önce
@Roman trvid.com/video/video-FVIth0hNCJI.html
DJ_tovar 5 aylar önce
@DAventador44 trvid.com/video/video-FVIth0hNCJI.html
Geo_Player_77 5 aylar önce
during the 6th fact, you can also do multiple kills depending on how weak your car is and how dense your body is
David Kvirkvia
David Kvirkvia 6 aylar önce
Respect to whoever edits the videos. Amazing❤️
Nikola Yankov
Nikola Yankov 11 gün önce
Fact number 35 : Imagine to forget your car locked then come again and try to open it by mistake without unlocking it...
Ned Ludd
Ned Ludd Aylar önce
After that mention of the innovative 1938 car, it would have been nice to have a mention of the later Tucker 48. There is even a film made about it.
Agustin Sapad
Agustin Sapad 6 aylar önce
This is so good!!... Full of information and also so enjoyable to watch!!.. Thank you!!!....
OuanouaChannel11TH Gamer
Fact 95: the UK Spec of the evo FQ400 FQ440 meaning Fine Quality 400 440 meaning horsepower but the US And Asia Spec had 276hp
KingHades NCFC
KingHades NCFC 3 aylar önce
After seeing that number 2 fact i thought and realised it makes sense that in Germany a stretch of highway has no speed limit because in other countries you just go to a race track for top speeds but in Germany I can’t help but think they’d rather zoom by people on public roads instead of wrecking their car on the Nördschleife.
Teamgeist Aylar önce
"Nördschleife" "Pörsche" "Äütöbähn"
Jesus Soto
Jesus Soto 6 aylar önce
14:31 I laughed when you said number 70 😂😂😂
Valentin 2 aylar önce
Fun Fact: The wrecked Rolls Royce shown in the video is back on the road as it was repaired in Poland and was for sale on the European used car market. I believe that it sold for 30% under market value as it’s not for sale anymore
abdullah2020 mohsenhehe
I started laughing when he said everyone crashes 3 times when my dad started driving the same car from 2005 till now and never crashed
Chillin 19 gün önce
3:29 I had a toy of this as a child and i remember it being a Mitsubishi, you can even see the triangle shape when it zooms in. I just have absolutely no clue what exact model it is and I can't find it on google.
Initial Doge
Initial Doge 4 aylar önce
“Tesla overtakes Toyota” Corollas from the 90s:still running perfectly Tesla from 2021: *rotor failure on the highway*
K L 3 aylar önce
how is this comment relevant?
Caiden James
Caiden James 3 aylar önce
Or autopilot failure
Alexis Cardoso
Alexis Cardoso Yıl önce
2 other fun facts: 1. The McLaren F's tailights cost $15 to produce. 2. The Lamborghini Diablo shared the same headlights as the Nissan 300ZX.
Grey Wolf Racing
Grey Wolf Racing 4 aylar önce
And both Diablo, F1 and other 90's/2000s supercars (such as the Saleen S1 or Pagani Zonda C12) have the same 15$ bus tail lights
DingoWoof 11 aylar önce
@I They're generic units (made by Hella, I think?) which are used on lots of vehicles. Low volume production cars frequently use either generic light units or ones taken from the parts bin of another company because the cost of having a bespoke light unit made and certified for road use is too high.
Trilochan velmurugan
@Siv Vinod ah yes if McLaren is dead then they make McLaren F
Siv Vinod
Siv Vinod Yıl önce
Ah yes. The McLaren F
Trilochan velmurugan
Miata has db7 door handles
NarrowDefeat 7 aylar önce
"The British traffic police carry teddy bears to comfort children after a car accident" I was about in tears (happy tears) when he said that I mean, who doesn't want a teddy bear, especially if you're a child.
Jack 3 aylar önce
Shit this makes me remember I got a teddy bear in an ambulance when I was little after my grandpa got in an accident, so they do it in the US too
Pamage Aylar önce
To make things clear on fact 2. Its not allowed to go as fast as you want everywhere. The most Autobahns have speedlimits on many spots but there is a street sign that says you no longer have to stay under the speedlimit.
Michael Antonio
Michael Antonio 5 aylar önce
9:04 I am 51 with zero car accidents. I've even managed to do the impossible and avoid getting rear ended at a red light.
XSpeedyXITA 4 aylar önce
Won't last long i guess
random person
random person Aylar önce
"Biggest fine was issued to a merc sls driver" And Mercedes takes the lead!
Ambert Farm
Ambert Farm 9 aylar önce
3:30 That car looks more like a Mitsubishi 3000gt or Eclipse than a Cayman Edit: It has the front and sides of a '99 NSX, the headlights of the 3rd gen Eclipse, and the overall shape of a 3000gt.
Zeke Osborne
Zeke Osborne 22 gün önce
Fr looks like am eclipse front clip and 3000gt quarter panel
BerkutMotoVlogs 3 aylar önce
Exactly what I was thinking:)
Jonny Mac
Jonny Mac 5 aylar önce
Looks like a Dodge Stealth or 3000gt to me!
Oofi 5 aylar önce
for me, it looks an nsx
Cohen Camalier
Cohen Camalier 5 aylar önce
With a very slight nsx looking side intake
Michael Moon
Michael Moon 2 aylar önce
my first car was a 1989 honda prelude thanks for including it in the list
Igor Zagreb
Igor Zagreb 17 gün önce
In germany you cant drive all the time at max speed there are some areas with speed limit on autobahn
André Gaveau
André Gaveau 16 gün önce
The Grand Tour almost being called Nigel is also why the GT awards were called Nigels. I read a news article back then that said it could have been called Gear Knobs as well
M5X 7 aylar önce
The car accident one is kinda funny to me because my dad has been driving for 30 years and he drives fast pretty much as fast as the car can and he never had a car accident
I am a space man
I am a space man 5 aylar önce
I just watched this entire video and I’m not even into cars but it still interested me
ivan kopic
ivan kopic 3 aylar önce
I have Citroën Xantia 2.0 HDI 99' ( 2:25 number 10 ) and its true. Its very fun car to drive.
BananaMakiato 5 aylar önce
Volvo is the Gothenburg treasure car! Almost everyone drives one!
Geoff AMJ
Geoff AMJ 5 gün önce
Glad you included one of the most iconic trios. Constable clarkson, hammond and may ;)
Honda S2000 Gaming
Denmark: *is known for selling cars that are overpriced* Singapore: Hold my overpriced cars.
Jibran Hussain
Jibran Hussain 27 gün önce
@Şahan Pakistan: hold my 300 percent tax on patrol
Varr James
Varr James 7 aylar önce
@P K What's wrong with being lazy?
Tornook 8 aylar önce
Exactly I tried buying a Toyota Camry for 75,000 which is probably between 55-65k USD
Martell888 8 aylar önce
Year 2021..... Toyota Camry 2.5L will cost US$137,000.00 before road tax and insurance in Singapore, and it is the most popular car here!!
Ryan Ahmed
Ryan Ahmed 11 aylar önce
Bangladesh has like 700-800% Tax on Sports/Super Cars
Chris Let's Play
Chris Let's Play 6 aylar önce
Got another fact: The Tesla model X (due to it's low center of gravity) is almost impossible to roll over
swervbae 4 aylar önce
17:07 imagine u just an astronaut then u just get tapped by a car in space or see a car just floating in space lol
TimewornLamp 2 aylar önce
now i feel great about myself because i knew a lot of these
TheSequelsSuck _
TheSequelsSuck _ 7 aylar önce
In addition to the fact of the airbag. Mercedes invented them 😆
Three Balled Tomcat
Three Balled Tomcat 10 aylar önce
You did it all in this upload , great job ! Informative and humorous, and there were quite a few things that I was unaware of . I am an old "car guy", so I was pleasantly surprised.
Childish Bandido
Childish Bandido 19 gün önce
I'm happy to be part of that 18% of stick shift drivers.
Robert Kamminga
Robert Kamminga 3 aylar önce
0:00 did you know that voltswagen was a joke, its actually still Volkswagen.
Gan 5 aylar önce
A 2013 Prius in my country costs roughly $50k
kasper schmidt
kasper schmidt 3 gün önce
in denmark its actually up to 180% tax plus we are taxed once every 6 months just to own it
luca1407 Yıl önce
Countach is a word that you say when surprised of something beautiful in some italian dialects, Stanzani, one of the engineers that worked on the car, said in an interview that a man from Turin who used to work in Lamborghini used this word frequently when seeing a new car, and so they decided to name the car like that.
Dead Serious
Dead Serious 6 aylar önce
That’s quite a lot of information to get in 30 minutes
Micheal Oluwafemi
Micheal Oluwafemi 5 aylar önce
This video is so dope. Never heard of any of these facts. Thumbs up👍🏿
o_o -_-
o_o -_- 5 aylar önce
1:08 that’s why I am upset that some cars last only 80.000 miles (ofc with a normal rhythm of driving)
Robloxian 3 aylar önce
"A modern car has about 30,000 parts" a car fully built has 30,002 parts adding the subframe and the frame
I_The-Monkey_I Yıl önce
In Germany we Are not allowed at every „Autobahn“ to drive as fast as we want only a some
SK_LuOwl 5 aylar önce
@Nathanael Malm I know lol was meant as some kind of joke/ irony yk?
Nathanael Malm
Nathanael Malm 5 aylar önce
@SK_LuOwl Well I doubt many people will be able to go faster than that on there
Jakob 8 aylar önce
@Raxyis Way more haha
SK_LuOwl 8 aylar önce
And not even as fast as we want.. even these areas have a speed limit of like 450kph
Jakob Ritter
Jakob Ritter 11 aylar önce
@Raxyis depends on how you're looking at it, most people understand the entire German highway system under the term Autobahn but to differentiate between different highways they are numbered e.g. A8 or A95 A standing for Autobahn, so the A8 is an Autobahn, it's just like the routes in the US, only that for the US you'd use "highway system" to describe all of them, so you have Autobahns that run around cities, like the A99 or through cities, which are more often limited than ones just running out in the open like the A95 once you're out of Munich and heading south
alvena osmani
alvena osmani 4 aylar önce
i live in germany thankfully i can see supercars driving over 210 khp
Raphael Rodrigues
Raphael Rodrigues 5 aylar önce
A small quirk about fact 76. In Brazil, the VW Beetle is known as "Fusca" since, probably, the early 60s, but the name only became official in 1983, three years before ot stopped production in Brazil for the first time, in 1986 (actually it returned in 1993 ans was built until 1996 when it died definitely). Also, the second generation New Beetle (the one built on the Golf's MK5 and MK6 platforms), was also called Fusca in Brazil, just like it got the popular names from the original Beetle in each country it was sold.
BussinGalaxy 3 aylar önce
There technicaly is a speed limit on the Autobahn. No vehicle is allowed to go more than 400 km/h (248 mph)
William Aylar önce
Really love your videos man.
ChaosPxl Yıl önce
Love the fact that out of all the cars in the moose test, my favourite brand Citroen managed to be the fastest.
Aslan Art
Aslan Art Yıl önce
I'm so proud too haha
SpongeBob Square pants
The fact about Denmark charging the highest tax on cars is false. While Denmark charging 150%tax on cars, Sri Lanka charges excess of 200%on some cars (depending on the engine capacity).
Nickolas Mitsopoulos
Nickolas Mitsopoulos 7 aylar önce
I wish I had that good skills with my manual car
sarath soy
sarath soy 5 aylar önce
Am surprised, watch the whole thing without seeking or skip to the next video. Cool content
Greg Tremblay
Greg Tremblay 7 aylar önce
I drove on a highway in Montana that had no speed limit during the day, and 70 MPH at night.
Rr Yıl önce
vw best selling product: 16:22 Mitsubishi fq: 19:51 largest speeding fine: 2:57
Liam McCallum
Liam McCallum 5 aylar önce
you sir need more credit
WarThe Clown
WarThe Clown 5 aylar önce
shelby cobra….my favorite classic car
Hellbent706 7 aylar önce
Number 102: The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is the fastest production car from 0 to 60 mph as of 2020 @2.1 seconds. The Porsche 918 is 2.2 seconds. Number 103: The McLaren F1 has the highest resale value of any car. Initially cost 1 million. Now an F1 in excellent condition with low miles can sell for 25 million or more. That means its worth 25 times the sticker price today.
Mitchel Turner
Mitchel Turner 3 aylar önce
"Most car horns beep in the key of F" the horn you played was a G...
christian henriksen
christian henriksen 19 gün önce
in denmark it actully is can be up to 180 range after wich type of car you buy and there are several bugattis on danish plates :)
d luther
d luther Yıl önce
Hey stype, you dont even know happy I am to see a long video from you. Keep it up, your biggest fan
TopCars TV
TopCars TV Yıl önce
I'm glad you like it 👍
jasper pushbutton
jasper pushbutton 5 aylar önce
Fun. Entertaining. Thanks! Subscribed!
miqu gaming
miqu gaming 5 aylar önce
My father is driving cars for 20 years and he dont even scratched his car. And he is the best driver in the taxi company that he working. He knows about almost all roads in my country
erik lingvall
erik lingvall 5 aylar önce
I’m glad to see some Swedish car facts
Quinten Best
Quinten Best 6 aylar önce
It’s funny how a young company can pass a 2 century car company
GemGaming 7 aylar önce
Thank you so much for these entertaining and quite interesting facts They really helped me to understand more on vehicles, since I know nothing 🤣
Jeroen .Cornelisse
Jeroen .Cornelisse 5 aylar önce
As far as I know Bob Marley was given the BMW by his record label, Island Records, probably because of the initials thing. He didn't use it very much because of the troubles it gave him. Instead he used a Willy's Jeep (not a troublesome car at all 😂).
red reuben
red reuben Aylar önce
earned every one of those likes, good job
Panasonic Chrome
Panasonic Chrome 29 gün önce
I must say when the Mr Bean dance to the Swedisch song i laughing soo hard 😂😂 I am a Swedisch guy. Fun Video 😎👍
Kasper Marcussen
Kasper Marcussen 19 gün önce
Number 47 pains me as I’m from Norway and ive never realised that’s the reason 😂🤦‍♂️
Pradipta Nugraha
Pradipta Nugraha Yıl önce
Other bugatti owners: have a lot of cars, jets, and yachts Stradman: doesn't even have a house yet
Ivy Mike
Ivy Mike 5 aylar önce
At number 85, like Sweden, Samoa also changed lanes but from Right to Left on September 2007.
Αθηνα Παπαδοπουλου
Now I ge- Now it all makes sense! Now I get why in Universe Sandbox you can literally send a Tesla Roadster into a planet
Gabriel 21 gün önce
Stype: “the German autobahn is the only place where you can drive as fast as you can on public road” Isle of Man: Am I a joke to you ?
TopCars TV
TopCars TV 20 gün önce
Isle of Man has the rule against a reckless driving. Driving too fast on curvy roads endangers others so you will get a fine if caught
Zoli24 5 aylar önce
Somebody: - India, do you drive on the left or right? India: - A road is a road.
Matt Yıl önce
"Most car horns in the USA beep in the key of F, here take a listen" *Horn beeps a G and a B*
DJ_tovar 5 aylar önce
@Divjot Singh trvid.com/video/video-FVIth0hNCJI.html
DJ_tovar 5 aylar önce
@Henry Yelland trvid.com/video/video-FVIth0hNCJI.html
Divjot Singh
Divjot Singh 8 aylar önce
Perfect pitch gang
Henry Yelland
Henry Yelland Yıl önce
just about to comment that lol
MuYe Fan
MuYe Fan 4 aylar önce
The 2017 Pagani is the fastest and most expensive street legal car so far
seksbog34 4 aylar önce
7:55 My car's anti lag still works
Winston 5 aylar önce
3:33 That looks a lot like a Mitsubishi 3000GT, not gonna lie. Edit: I originally said FTO, but I corrected myself.
iAmDaos 22 gün önce
3:30 Doesn't it look more like a combo between a Mitsubishi 3000GT and a third gen Mitsubishi Eclipse?
Confused nigga
Confused nigga Aylar önce
Fun fact: auto racing begun right after the second car was built.
Dustin Townsend
Dustin Townsend Aylar önce
18:39 that's not a Gallardo, that's a Huracan EVO
J.H. Hahnes
J.H. Hahnes 3 aylar önce
Biggest small block (454/7.4) and smallest big block (348 aka 350/5.7) Sounds like a large boulder the size of a small boulder, & vice versa. BIGGIE SMALLS, I shall call it
Justin Gehret
Justin Gehret 7 aylar önce
there isa Shelby cobra at my dads work and it looks exactly like that blue cobra
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