1000hp Ford F-150 “Gator” drag races K-Swapped 900hp Honda Civic // THIS vs THAT

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See you at the The LA Coliseum on February 5th, 5pm for The Busch Light Clash! Come for NASCAR and see some of the Hoonigan car fleet. Event & ticket info here: bit.ly/3DkKtV9

Undefeated racer (at least on this show) Beto @ONDGAS returns from far-off Houston, and he’d like you all to meet Gator. Gator’s a simple “stock built” build with twin turbochargers, built Coyote engine, beadlock wheels for grip and “some” nitrous… “if we need it.” Meanwhile Robert’s Civic has a sweet K20 engine swap, a honkin’ 72mm Precision turbo, and is required by NHRA law to have a parachute. Who’s gonna win? And who’s lyin’??

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00:00 Intro
02:34 THIS: Robert's 1999 Honda Civic
05:25 THAT: Beto's 2019 Ford F-150
09:09 Predictions & Prep
10:16 Round 1
11:47 Round 2
13:44 Round 3


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21 Mar 2023




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Tater VFX
Tater VFX Aylar önce
I’d love a this vs that champions where we take all the previous winners together for a bracket tournament
Malik Renfrow
Malik Renfrow 7 gün önce
@Fred they literally have video proof of the winners
CR sofunny
CR sofunny 28 gün önce
Definitely might as well do one with the losers too lol
On the move with MARI
I swear I was thinking of that 😂😂
Kole Steele
Kole Steele Aylar önce
CronoSS Aylar önce
That Honda is serious fast. But when you hear coyote and “midnight performance” in the same sentence, you know what you in for
American_Patriot 23 gün önce
@temp Possibly. That truck is fast as hell. I like some Hondas too don't get me wrong! I'm in love with the S2000. That dude def gonna be pushing close to 1500 HP in that truck the way she skeets
temp 23 gün önce
@American_Patriot the problem is the truck owner lying about hp though.
American_Patriot 26 gün önce
​@Th3Hammer 😆😆 why you mad bruh? Hondas are good cars, but they don't win every race they come across. Just take that L and run with it 😆 that ford truck is insanely fast!
ELIOTECHC PS4 Gaming 26 gün önce
That trukc has over 2k hp plus nitro maybe 400hp more
W O O 26 gün önce
@maverick hayes not a voodoo lol
TimeBucks Aylar önce
Loving these Coyote builds!
Vikas Choudhary
Vikas Choudhary Aylar önce
Vasile Marian Giarap
Super interesant
victor mogoarias
victor mogoarias Aylar önce
Bui Phong
Bui Phong Aylar önce
i like it
Siva Sakthi
Siva Sakthi Aylar önce
Jacob Eilerman
Jacob Eilerman Aylar önce
That 10 speed is insane. Just keeps it in peak power the whole race
menra Aylar önce
@choi an yeah ok pal
choi an
choi an Aylar önce
Cris Mendez
Cris Mendez Aylar önce
Midnight performance and ondgas never disappoints, in them we trust😂😂
kangaro jack
kangaro jack Aylar önce
@Trillnix it was a stock motor with a big ass 2014 turbo🤣 it’s like a lvl 999 player vs lvl 40 🤣
thi kim
thi kim Aylar önce
Ouu Benny
Ouu Benny Aylar önce
@Trillnix I thought I was the only 1 who noticed that too🤣
giang truc
giang truc Aylar önce
J_lucha Aylar önce
@Trillnix he salty that the shit box loss 😂😂😂😂
Frosty808 Aylar önce
When he saw Beto coming up in the mirror during that 3rd race, I know he was shitting bricks 😭💀
Brandon Aylar önce
Man in the Civic was fightin' for his life with every pull 😂
Alex Barn
Alex Barn Gün önce
@Carlos Lopez you only need a parachute if you’re racing at sanctioned events. Saying that having a parachute is somehow a bad thing is ignorant as hell.
Iri fikkk
Iri fikkk Aylar önce
The starter done that civic dirty that second race had him waiting for bout 20 seconds
Jose Beltran
Jose Beltran Aylar önce
@Fyb3x if the truck runs it on 10psi again maby but I’m sure they would throw everything at it lol 30psi and nitrous and the hit I say truck gets the dub them 10speeds are crazy fast
Luis Melchor
Luis Melchor Aylar önce
@kangaro jack but pOwEr tO wEiGht 😮😮
Joe Sutinen
Joe Sutinen Aylar önce
When the time comes it feels like Beto vs The Hoonicorn might have to be a proper matchup
Darryn E/ Eugie D
Darryn E/ Eugie D Aylar önce
No one will ever drive the hoonicorn again.
Carlos Verdugo
Carlos Verdugo Aylar önce
@Le Blac' Wulfe you damn well know that shit ain't have 1000 😂😂 they probably putting down 1300 on the last run the difference that nos makes
Le Blac' Wulfe
Le Blac' Wulfe Aylar önce
The hoonicorn is about 1400hp though. OnDGas going to have to bring mo powwa
Keith Martinez
Keith Martinez Aylar önce
I wouldn’t want that race because of KB43 🙏🏻
john cuervo
john cuervo Aylar önce
@kangaro jack guy had to be lying about the power the truck made. Especially with the weight difference. I think the civic spun a lot more too
TURBO_FWMC Aylar önce
These Coyote powered trucks are simply next level. Even in full weight Street trim with simple bolt on’s, these trucks will straight up get after it!! Cheers to both racers
Musty 19 saatler önce
it’s insane
Coy White
Coy White Aylar önce
Gary just politely saying "I hate this" is the most earnest moment in this whole episode lmao
Truth Aylar önce
I like the episodes when they bring this guys from on the gas because not only there exiting but there hilarious 😂😂 hope y’all can bring this guys more often
Parkiao Racing
Parkiao Racing Aylar önce
1500+ hp on that truck easy lol. Blew all 4 slicks mid track like if it was on bicycle tires 😂😂 I love these guys.
Alex Spayd
Alex Spayd Aylar önce
It's always a good race when ONDGAS comes thru
ElDesmadres Aylar önce
@BC its not stock tho its resleeved, not even a 5.0 its a 5.2 and he turns it up after a loss lol you can see the difference and im not hating just calling it how it is he does it everytime i respect it tho thats real street racer shit
NYtmr 🗽
NYtmr 🗽 Aylar önce
@ExxonMobil ⛽
BC Aylar önce
@javalos6898 coyote can make insane power 100% stock I thought this was common knowledge now
Vengelie YT
Vengelie YT Aylar önce
@817TX he even said the truck was from midnight
HHH Aylar önce
GAWD DAMN!! BOTH THE HONDA AND THE "FORD" ARE BEASTS!!! one of the best episodes... Thanks to rob and beto for showing us a good run.
kangaro jack
kangaro jack Aylar önce
@Snowman right wasn’t even a billet motor
HHH Aylar önce
@Photography in flight LOL I CORRECTED IT IT NOW 🤣
Snowman Aylar önce
That's not a good run,civic got destroyed
Randy's Rides
Randy's Rides Aylar önce
@Photography in flight lol...Beat me to it. Trucks are NOT "cars". 🤣
Photography in flight
That ford was no car.
Yuriy Tabakov
Yuriy Tabakov Aylar önce
The way the guys are laid back is what makes this one so enjoyable for me😂
Daniel Oleary
Daniel Oleary Aylar önce
Has to be my favorite series yet, love it!
Andrew Aylar önce
There is no way that there is only a 100 hp difference between the two !
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith Aylar önce
Kens legacy lives on with these videos 🐐
Tommy Train
Tommy Train Aylar önce
Man ONDGAS is no joke.. Never a dull moment when they pull up
Danies Alex
Danies Alex 22 gün önce
@Trillnix exactly 💯
Keith Martinez
Keith Martinez Aylar önce
@kangaro jack kimbo slice vs ondgas
HE’S coming soon
HE’S coming soon Aylar önce
Hey 👋. «Everyone who believes that Jesus is the Christ has been born of God, and everyone who loves the Father also loves those born of Him» (1John 5:1).
kangaro jack
kangaro jack Aylar önce
Wasn’t even a billet block motor in that civic 🤣wait till he race frustrates civic or kimbo slice gtr y’all are gonna be shocked
Taylor Elkins
Taylor Elkins Aylar önce
You guys are next level with this show and the memes.. love it!! Great to see you guys keeping your heads up!! Keep up the great content guys!!
Jose Miguel Huerta
Jose Miguel Huerta Aylar önce
I still remember the first time beto was on this show.. my man has become a #1 client and has won the respect of everyone 🔥🤧
Brisplugg Aylar önce
That trucks reaction time, impeccable
MonGnoM Aylar önce
I just love this show. Nothing too serious, just lads having fun
Games Bond187
Games Bond187 Aylar önce
Awesome race, I really didn’t know who was gonna win but that 10 speed transmission is no joke, if the Honda had that it would for sure have been a closer race
Dom Doing Stuff
Dom Doing Stuff Aylar önce
ONDGAS always bring a good show. Hilariously difficult to get any concrete info out of these boys😂
Erik 14 gün önce
It’s cause this is midnight performances truck. He doesn’t drive it. So when they asked him has he ran it before he says kind cause he’s ran it in his truck 😂
MasterWasp74 Aylar önce
@LS6 Pffft! More like *2300* HP ....
LS6 Aylar önce
@MasterWasp74 the f150 pushing over 1700 HP🤣🤣🤫
sajsed2 Aylar önce
@Duane Bailey facts bro, that’s weirdo come with a super random comment lol must be off his meds. 😂
Duane Bailey
Duane Bailey Aylar önce
@Kiyopon cool story now go spend super car money on the engine vs a simple work truck.
Garrett's Gear
Garrett's Gear Aylar önce
the Civic guy was so right when he said "i actually gotta drive my car!" Hahahahaha the camera in his car was terrifying
@Mr. 89Chevy Only has to worry about hands on steering wheel, right thumb on the scramble and changing his thong on the way back from the serious mudfloss LMAO
Toxic 2T
Toxic 2T Aylar önce
@Mr. 89Chevy Based.
Mr. 89Chevy
Mr. 89Chevy Aylar önce
Doesn't matter at all. Dude in the truck still gotta keep the truck straight, only thing he doesn't have to worry about is getting off that steering wheel and potentially losing it. If it's so much of a problem, switch to an auto, and don't tell me that bs statements either. Be fast or be last, pick one.
VionnVOH Aylar önce
@708wheeler708 agreed
708wheeler708 Aylar önce
@Colin McArthur lmao it’s a fucking truck weighs 1000 more pounds and still waxed him. It’s a win no matter what it’s faster
Cali Hek
Cali Hek Aylar önce
I always like seeing beto race, that dude is a hustler bro
todd paik
todd paik Aylar önce
4:28 Micah is hilarious, love seeing him
sharkless Aylar önce
im happy to see yall counting to race alot even after kens death may he race in peace.
সায়ন Aylar önce
You guys should make a 'On D gas vs. That' series
Bearrett 50 Kal
Bearrett 50 Kal Aylar önce
I just have to point out how impressive it is that Beto stays in it when a 1200+hp truck with no cage gets squirrely mid-track, most people would either lift or lose it but he just points it straight and stays in it, that truck is scary fast.
thi kim
thi kim Aylar önce
Jacob Crocker
Jacob Crocker Aylar önce
@BC promod ur way off bud not even close to a promod
tri do cao
tri do cao Aylar önce
WheelmanJW Aylar önce
@Boostid Bruce exactly....betos math is always half of what real math ...beto 1000 +1000 = 1000🤣🤣
Galaxanz Aylar önce
I've said it before and I'll say it again, I would love to see some trap speeds for what some of these cars are doing at the 1000ft. I'm sure there's probably a legal reason why it's not shown, but y'know.
UNCHAINED Aylar önce
OnDGas never disappoints
Plain Phoenix
Plain Phoenix Aylar önce
Both of these machines are unreal, great job to both of these guys.
Chris Mercs
Chris Mercs Aylar önce
So dope to see Rob race here. Wish he still had the Evo he had to race but his Civic is nasty. Good runs
Brandon Perez
Brandon Perez Aylar önce
That televangelist cut made me take a knee. I laughed for a solid 3 minutes 😂
That Guy
That Guy Aylar önce
The editors had a field day with this one LMAO
Rafal Grabski
Rafal Grabski Aylar önce
Was thinking the same same thing 😂🤣😂
I died when I saw 7:18
1C5 Aylar önce
Nick Sterling
Nick Sterling Aylar önce
They went to town
Driftr Aylar önce
After they snuck in the "FRANCE!" it was a wrap LOL
Marcus T
Marcus T Aylar önce
Finally a good race! That truck was very impressive.
The Black Ranger
The Black Ranger Aylar önce
We need to see this race again! The Honda needs to turn up the boost!
Alberth Espinoza
Alberth Espinoza Aylar önce
These guys always got me laughing haha
Frankie Magdaleno
Frankie Magdaleno Aylar önce
On d gas all the way man you guys should have more content with them 👌🏿
B Aylar önce
Midnight was super quiet in this video he usually the loudest guy 😂
A E Aylar önce
Take a look at the behind the scenes video, we all know how Manuel acts lol trvid.com/video/video-7WGCccP41S0.html
RacetruckRon Aylar önce
ONDGAS guys never disappoint! We need an ONDGAS vs the world series.
Carlos Lopez
Carlos Lopez Aylar önce
@Luis Montes that’s a good idea!!! 🔥
RacetruckRon Aylar önce
@Luis Montes I forgot about that, I don’t think anyone would argue with another round of that.
Luis Montes
Luis Montes Aylar önce
It's Houston vs the world series they got ondgas, midnight, velocity,Freddy, Pasadena,triple p to name a few
Rod Jones
Rod Jones Aylar önce
This definitely needs to happen!
cavemanvi Aylar önce
Edward Morales
Edward Morales Aylar önce
Bro I swear beto has some fast as heck trucks 😮‍💨 y’all should feature him more 🫡
sierravmax Aylar önce
That 10 speed putting in some work.
Hector B
Hector B Aylar önce
Finally a 5.0 with a tire!!🙌🏼
alexjavi13ify Aylar önce
Homie always comes with the banger builds!
RRR Aylar önce
I love how they flat out call him on that "1000hp" lmfao
GroovyXhriss Aylar önce
That truck is f* ridiculous. Straight chasing him down 😂 Kswapp even admitted the hit lol, salute to the truck 🛻🫡
Alex Barn
Alex Barn Gün önce
@Aces if you think that truck isn’t a drag truck then I’ve got some news for you.
temp 29 gün önce
@Gawviz and 500-800 more hp hiding it.
Kevin Ramirez
Kevin Ramirez Aylar önce
@kangaro jack 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 billet motor
Nls Drf
Nls Drf Aylar önce
@Jason Elli I know what powerglide is. Powerglide isnt the same as dct though.
Jason Elli
Jason Elli Aylar önce
@Nls Drf how about you google sequential transmission vs automatic which is faster drag race. You will see a lot of saying auto is faster for drag race. Supercar use dct all that shit is because all of them are for track. A lot of this big companies are targeting track time. Do You know powergilde transmission? This is what a lot for drag racer use and a lot of them go really fast. Powerglide is automatic. Automatic has less human error compare to sequential. Sequential has a clutch for start moving the car which human need to control and automatic does not.
Justin Brandt
Justin Brandt Aylar önce
I don't comment on videos, but please keep this going. They are great! RIP Ken Block.
Kyle Curry
Kyle Curry Aylar önce
Two different vehicles near and dear to my heart, and a matchup I've been waiting to see for a LONG time. And it went down pretty much how I thought it might, however for the Honda I was expecting to see Frustrate's EG, but damn entertaining none the less.
Shaine Robinson
Shaine Robinson Aylar önce
Dude for sure sauced it up after the first run 😂😂
BC Aylar önce
The way that Ford was hunting down that civic on the first run was nasty
LT RS Aylar önce
Must be nice to have the truck shifting for him.
Jonathan Smith
Jonathan Smith Aylar önce
Finally the midnight performance episode
The don
The don Aylar önce
@Cj McMaster don’t even know what you talking about 🤣🤣
Money 💴 azteca
Money 💴 azteca Aylar önce
@Martin Melendez you right bro
Manuel Ramirez
Manuel Ramirez Aylar önce
Manuel built the truck he’s not the owner and odg is the plug with hoonigans!
Mario Leal
Mario Leal Aylar önce
@Cj McMaster ondgas is not the onwer of gator it a customers truck that midnight built for him
em1civic Aylar önce
@Cj McMaster lmao it’s no owned by Beto
Lonny Herrera
Lonny Herrera Aylar önce
Great episode as always guys 👍🏾 Invite the boys from Speedfactory Racing and their AWD Civic for one of these match ups.
Adam Aylar önce
Midnight performance has been killing it.
C B Aylar önce
Ferny Aylar önce
That boy Rob holding it down!!
jameson collins
jameson collins Aylar önce
This is so weird to not have Ken here with us as we watch. #43forever
therealsmoothbrain Aylar önce
this episode has a street racer in it…. next episode has a street racer from the same scene in it… i can see this becoming an official stomping ground for these guys lol
ADubTheGrizzy Aylar önce
The Civic has a used F150 dashboard in it, nice touch with the paint splatters
Zach Herrmann
Zach Herrmann Aylar önce
This is one of the first videos of these where I am flabbergasted 😨
kmac720 Aylar önce
Beto and OnDGas are one of my favorites on this channel. Also really make me want to mod the crap out of the daily F150.
DistantRelatives47 Aylar önce
Gahhh damn, that truck has all the sauce 🤣😅
Miguel Rosales
Miguel Rosales Aylar önce
That truck is literally "THE" definition of a sleeper looking truck, but with slicks 👌
Parker Aylar önce
Bro not a soul looks at that truck and thinks its a sleeper💀
Elite Auto Shield
Elite Auto Shield Aylar önce
And downpipe and bov sticking out of the hood 😂😅
2point2turbo Aylar önce
Naa I disagree about “definition of sleeper”
HerrPoopschitz Aylar önce
Exhaust coming out the hood def screams ‘sleeper’. Stop it.
Phil Case
Phil Case Aylar önce
He did say it's stock.
PutOutMyFire WithGasoline
Beto definitely turned on the gap sauce for those last two 😂😂
Dario Ptičar
Dario Ptičar Aylar önce
Man...this guys are sooo hilarious, keep it up!!
Jamaican Road Trips
kB smiling in heaven rn........ This is epic only the hoonicorn could beat that....
d pizzle
d pizzle Aylar önce
Beto is hilarious I love their content and their trucks
RALPH FAM Aylar önce
ODG baby bringing the heat! That midnight build tho👌🏼
r e v e l a r e_ XVII
I would love to see Pastrana’s Huckster and the Indy Truck make appearances on This vs That.
Andrew Flynn
Andrew Flynn Aylar önce
no joke! for real!
Katie Ann &Ben Nickel
Love the intro to Ken at beginning amazing video guys really put a smile on my face wish you all the best just send it in Ken's memory slay all tires
Ewing Urena
Ewing Urena Aylar önce
I’m a big honda guy but when it comes to it, I give it to Beto 😅 if that thing really only makes 1000hp and moving like that I’d like to build one next 😂
Rene Sanchez
Rene Sanchez Aylar önce
Both cars are crazy fast great racing 👏🏻
Dalton Justesen
Dalton Justesen Aylar önce
I’ll never miss an episode with on the gas on here lol
Raúl Vázquez
Raúl Vázquez Aylar önce
¡Chingona la troca Ford! 💪
Daniel G
Daniel G Aylar önce
you might as well make ondagas a part of the crew and have ALL of his vehicles on hand just in case one falls through. Dude comes through with the content and the vehicles every...single....mfing time
BoostedFam🐌🐌 Aylar önce
@Martin Melendez you do understand only reason gator has a win is cuz he got the hit on one race, heads up crawfish got em but both crazy fast truck. And the whole point of the game is get faster and never let opps be faster. If you stay in the same place they bound to catch up😂🤡
Duane Vasquez
Duane Vasquez Aylar önce
@Martin Melendez the one race Crawfish list against gator, they got the hit and crawfish still almost came back one him.
1SickBabyDually Aylar önce
@Martin Melendez you’re taking crazy af for having a Camry as your profile picture 😂😂😂😂
Sergio Herrera
Sergio Herrera Aylar önce
@Martin Melendez only reason it’s 1-1 cuz ondgas gave them the hit. Gator can’t compete straight up
Pedro Aylar önce
The tense negotiation was about to make Gary spasm in frustration 😄😄
Landon Hart
Landon Hart Aylar önce
Beto is my fav guest and certified badass 🤣🤣🙌
Chris Erickson
Chris Erickson Aylar önce
Ondagas rides are hp monsters! 😎👍🏻👍🏻
who watches the watcher
Loved it - all of you guys are awesome ! Peace and be safe out there .
HA AC Aylar önce
Just a Great Race. You Guys Just make it Better... We're All Good? Lol.... Love it.
Head_kcb Aylar önce
We really need a lot more Gary's in the world. He was making sure it was all squared before they left.
G Mason
G Mason Aylar önce
I’ve always hated my name but we do need more Gary’s 😂
Gary Dryden
Gary Dryden Aylar önce
I agree
Mason Harkness
Mason Harkness Aylar önce
Gary a gem fr. Micah don’t get enough love imo tho, he’s always supporting and uplifting the homies too
Rafidel Rojas
Rafidel Rojas Aylar önce
Dios mío 😮😮 Ambos están muy buenos pero esa Ford está 🔥
Tyrochus Aylar önce
this one was epic boys; big nice!
HGDRN12 Aylar önce
What a race!!! Way to go on da gas!! Go H-Town! 💯💯💯🇲🇽🇺🇸
Darin Clark
Darin Clark Aylar önce
May be your best content yet... KB would be proud.
SirtubalotTX Aylar önce
Coyote was having none of it. 💕 It.
Adrian V
Adrian V Aylar önce
It’s crazy to think that Beto has basically no seat time in gator since Boyd is the driver😂
Luke McLean
Luke McLean Aylar önce
If I’ve learned anything watching this show, it’s that when ONDGAS shows up, they mean business
Cory Holte
Cory Holte Aylar önce
That truck is insanely fast! No way that’s only 1,000 HP
Martinzeosex 27 gün önce
People forget power to weight ratio it's obvious that's it's turned up past 1k
temp 29 gün önce
@Daniel Arroyo if you watch first and 3rd race it doesnt make any sense at all. Definitely making more than 1000hp. Like 1400-1500.
Daniel Arroyo
Daniel Arroyo Aylar önce
@Bleach how would you know? You’re saying that but probably don’t even drive anything fast irl
Bleach Aylar önce
@Daniel Arroyo Wasn’t even going for the honda but any one with some knowledge on cars and high speed builds would know that F-150 isn’t 1000 flat
Daniel Arroyo
Daniel Arroyo Aylar önce
@Bleach Honda fan girls big mad that Honda just couldn’t hook not hard to understand.. 😂
KingProxyy Aylar önce
Holy crap that Civic takes off so god damn fast 😮‍💨 (Edit) that truck is insane too
Thabo Aylar önce
It would be also great if you guys could record the drag times and list them with the other races.
cody peterson
cody peterson Aylar önce
Some of these guys are grudge racers, that info is sacred
El_Skippy Aylar önce
Cool episode. Had me laughing. Thank you for good entertainment 😂😂😂
83jmedina Aylar önce
I hope Beto brings more stock build cars to the show. I enjoy every episode with Beto 🤣🤣🤣
NO FREE RIDES !!! Aylar önce
Took it like a champ 👊👊👊
Devil2jz Aylar önce
Coyote has a great powerband. Something that the LS lacks a little bit.
Devil2jz Aylar önce
@TurboDieselDan finally a comment that makes sense! I have seen 1500whp turbo LS against 1500whp turbo 2jz (2jz has less than half of the displacement of the LS) and the 2jz won. I have seen that many times. I love LS engines and I had an aluminum 5.3, but I know there are more efficient engines out there.
TurboDieselDan Aylar önce
Ya the LS rev's slow, like a large truck engine which is cool if thats your thing. A Silverado with a stock, sealed, untouched 5.3L is gonna require more than just boost and fuel to make 1,000whp like the Coyote powered F150's can do.
BC Aylar önce
@AlyxTankBackPack - stop lying to yourself you’re not convincing me of anything I know what a coyote does or mod motor they’ve been 5’s in the 1/4 for over 8 years now with a 289ci mod motor stock block heads nothing is coming close it’s hilarious you think an ls can make that power with ANYTHING stock not gonna happen they fall apart at 700hp let alone 1000 you’re dreaming. The engines used in top fuel last 3 seconds and get rebuilt after every pass. You know Ford mod motors are fast when you have to bring 100k dollar engines into the equation to try and prove a mute point. We’re talking production engines bud don’t go off on some stupid rant. Nothing comes close to Ford mod motors potential period
AlyxTankBackPack Aylar önce
@BC Sealed LS’s have been making 1000hp for like 20+ years and has proven reliability since lol Most guys do opt for a $300 eBay cam and new gaskets with there 200k+ mile motors tho. Coyote doesn’t have a great powerband because it makes dogshit Torque down low, The Top end only helps when the car has HP advantage and a 10 speed trans to keep in its high powerband There’s reason why ancient Pushrod motors are still the dominant platform drag racing and Coyotes keep breaking there own micro records lmao
Fg3_axel Aylar önce
On the next episode of dyno everything you guys should bring out ondgas with their “stock built” trucks
Ulises Vega
Ulises Vega Aylar önce
Damn Beto a 5X winning champion he got too much sauce🔥🔥
manuel Perez
manuel Perez Aylar önce
He bring a car that’s faster then what he suppose too everytime lol, Beto- “yeah, I got a 1500hp car that has a 900hp tune on mode A”. If he sees it’s close.. he goes up to 1100hp, and if it’s all on the line.. he goes to 1300hp. He plays it safe 😂 Don’t hate the player, hate the game
_ Aylar önce
Never too much sauce
Sentient_D Aylar önce
Infinite sauce!
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