1000 Players Build MASSIVE Civilization in Minecraft 

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In this video, I put 1000 Minecraft players onto 4 islands, each its own civilization. Each player had the freedom to do whatever they want, but they only had one life. Will there be democracy? Will there be war? Which nations will be triumphant? Find out now!
If you want to play in events like these, join my Discord server:
More info:
Out of 8000+ applicants, 1200 players were accepted to play in my 1000 Player Civilization Experiment (also known as "Season 2"). Before the event began, players selected which island they wanted to join-plains, desert, snow, or jungle. Each day, all players logged on at the same time, and session lasted around 1-2 hours. For the most part, players could do whatever they want, including mining for resources, running a business, becoming a leader, or fighting in war. We did set a few limitations on the players to promote a better experience, like banning random killing (RDM) as well as disabling most Minecraft enchantments.
DISCLAIMER: While most of the footage and plot information in this video accurately represents what actually happened in this event/experiment, some moments have been modified, reshot, or entirely fabricated for purposes of simplification or storytelling. If you want to know EXACTLY what was real/scripted, or if you just want to learn more about how I made the video, I posted a 3-hour live stream on my "ish 2" TRvid channel explaining the specifics.
Intro - 0:00
Day 1 - 1:11
Day 2 - 4:12
Day 3 - 7:41
Day 4 - 11:53
Day 5 - 14:47
Day 6 - 19:27
Day 7 - 24:06
Day 8 - 30:05
Day 9 - 42:19
Day 10 - 57:49
Epilogue - 1:11:00
#Minecraft #Civilization
My Twitter: ish13c




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ish 4 aylar önce
ALL MUSIC IN THE VIDEO (IN ORDER): 1. Among the Clouds - Helmut Schenker (0:00, also 13:32) 2. Chit Chat City - Claude Signet (1:18) 3. As You May Know - Step Two! (3:03) 4. My Kitchen Is My Kingdom - Stationary Sign (4:12) 5. A Magic Moon - Howard Harper-Barnes (6:08, also 30:06) 6. Stealing Mushrooms - The Fly Guy Five (7:44) 7. Through Dark Gardens - Arthur Benson (9:59) 8. The Reaping - Jon Bjork (11:56) 9. Among the Clouds - Helmut Schenker (13:32, also 0:00) 10. Escalade - Alec Slayne (15:21) 11. Invocation - Deskant (17:14) 12. Until the World Ends - Arch Tremors (19:35, also 1:05:46) 13. Extra Fries - The Fly Guy Five (22:06) 14. Dry Moonlight - Arc De Soleil (24:05) 15. Lejos de Ti - Clara Mendes (26:24) 16. A Magic Moon - Howard Harper-Barnes (30:06, also 6:08) 17. I Have a Plan, Mr Norton - Arthur Benson (34:39) 18. The Truth Will Unfold - Experia (39:17) 19. Cluster One - Hampus Naeselius (42:24) 20. Story of My Life - Arlo Young (45:30) 21. One Less - Howard Harper-Barnes (49:13) 22. Pollinia - Trevor Kowalski (53:13) 23. First Flakes - Philip Ayers (55:32) 24. Ghosting - Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen (59:17) 25. Nascency - Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen (1:02:15) 26. Until the World Ends - Arch Tremors (1:05:46, also 19:35) 27. Resolute - Jo Wandrini (1:08:59)
Morris Schwartz
Morris Schwartz 4 aylar önce
so good and real. i love some good kfc
basi avarage person🏳️‍🌈⃠
Whats the different this "experiments" with another? Theres someone's that already done 1000 so cant be that
basi avarage person🏳️‍🌈⃠
@Mudklip you still haven't answered my question idc who copy who,there's already other 1000 and what's the difference
Tan2511 4 aylar önce
You forgot Never Gonna Give You Up at 54:38
LavaCreeperPeople 4 aylar önce
Rian Crowford
Rian Crowford 4 aylar önce
Can we all just agree that this was the most beautiful Minecraft civilization simulation ever created?
Anthony Dusome
Anthony Dusome 4 aylar önce
Its up there with the prison civilization video, both are amazing pieces of art
Pzyummer 4 aylar önce
Ish is just diffrent
Spirit gaming
Spirit gaming 4 aylar önce
This is a lot for a civilization vid also this reminds me of D-Day and ww2
G Sanchez
G Sanchez 4 aylar önce
Most Minecraft civilization videos although claim a social experiment, force the players into conflict with events and motive. This with the lack of intervention feels more natural and an actual “experiment “
Mark Drake Chua
Mark Drake Chua 4 aylar önce
Evolt 8 gün önce
Wazzock sacrificed himself and 7 people to prevent a world war, if this war had broken out there would be no one left to avenge AFreakinTurkey, Wazzock also deserve a statue of himself !
Vinkun 6 gün önce
Sadly he is considered as a killer like a certain man who organised 9/11 ( even tho this guys wasnt cool )
Bearical 6 gün önce
he made a great sacrifice but saved the world with nobody knowing.
Tikki 5 gün önce
@VinkunI’m sure wazzock would find it hilarious being compared to Osama Bin Laden
Vinkun 5 gün önce
@Tikki eh maybe who knows
theColin Gün önce
From the builds to the storytelling, everything is perfect. This video deserves youtube video of the year.
Cameronyeet Levy
Cameronyeet Levy 10 gün önce
The entire battle of Aculon sequence was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever watched
Rhys Jones
Rhys Jones 7 gün önce
Very Much Agreed
itsmeme1236 7 gün önce
A battle of the century
chipsdubbo 3 gün önce
Yea i personally thought that the iron torch idea was really cool!
Candycorn Corgi
Candycorn Corgi 2 gün önce
They killed the British shrimp :(
You get What you get
I am impressed by the storytelling and cinematography, but also almost disappointed that no one seems to mention the amazing builds in this. I can’t believe there were so many incredible builders in this that built all that in a matter of days. Huge props they are all beautiful 😍 👏🏻
ish 16 saatler önce
TRUE. I was blown away by the builds in this. From Aculon, to Theria, to the Plains Tavern. This video definitely had the most impressive player builds out of any of my events
Hunter Livie
Hunter Livie 15 saatler önce
I think some of the building (the big alliance building and statute of turkey at the end) were added in by the admins
Raiun 2 gün önce
The fact that this quote 52:50 returned at 1:06:04 gotta be one of my favourite moments in this video
olem 18 saatler önce
damn, that hits hard
wyfiz 6 saatler önce
OS - Does
OS - Does 3 aylar önce
Zombta avenging his twin brother is a true act of respect.
largus cockus
largus cockus 3 aylar önce
fr, that was awesome
Another user
Another user 3 aylar önce
It's a shame that he died in the battle of Aculon :(
Rejay Wuyoch
Rejay Wuyoch 3 aylar önce
@Another userI saw that😭
Luith 3 aylar önce
@Rejay Wuyoch wait when? Can you put the timestamp
Another user
Another user 3 aylar önce
@Luith 1:07:33
Mr.Lantern888 2 gün önce
I'm going to be straight-up honest here, Monsieur Ish: this is without a doubt the most beautiful piece of art ever created in Minecraft. It makes the Dream SMP look like a kid's DnD campaign, and it makes every other civilization video on the platform look like a cheap knockoff in comparison (I actually like the DSMP though). I don't even know how could possibly do this impossible work of genius justice with words, but... I'll try. The characters are all incredibly interesting and three-dimensional, even the villains. StormingHell and the Sultanate are a great immediate threat and serve to distract the viewer from the much larger threat that is Aculon. The Jungle started out as a comical source of chaos (and it WAS comical), but later turned into the stage for one of the most tragic character arcs ever made; Wozzak is an amazing antihero. Much like the undisputed legend that is AFreakinTurkey, Wozzak started out as a semi-tyrant that didn't care about others, but ended up sacrificing his reputation, his sanctuary, and eventually his life, all to prevent a war that could have decimated the population. He died alone and hated, but with the satisfaction that he has prevented the worst outcome. Another really tragic event was the desert storyline between davarit, Saps, and Zombta. The fact that killing davarit and supposedly saving the Sultan is the thing that causes Zombta to renounce the Sultanate and killing SormingHell is poetic irony at it's finest. The plains, while not as dramatic as the others (save for that beginning emergency) still have a very important role: it creates a goal that the other islands could aspire to. In a simulation with no goal, it created an unofficial objective for the video as a whole: to establish peace with other nations, other islands and eventually, the entire server. And... do I even need to talk about Aculon and Turkey? This is the element that changed the story from just GREAT to IMPOSSIBLY AMAZING. That shot of the imperial procession really drove home how terrifying an island-wide empire would be. Turkey is the greatest character in any civilization video. His character arc is amazing, he's such a charismatic speaker, his crisis over his fear over the lives of Aculon's citizens and his beef with the Emperor was incredibly interesting and thought provoking, and his death scene is the ACTUAL most tragic event in the whole story. My heart literally dropped when Elanulo said "I'm sorry, Turkey". Speaking of which, Elanulo is such an incredible villain. He perfectly reflects the Roman emperors of old, in power, greed and paranoia, but he still acts human enough for most of the story so that you can understand where he's coming from. In fact, I was supporting him right up until that horrifying moment. I also really, REALLY love that him killing Turkey, out of fear that Turkey would lead an army against him, was what inspired the other leaders to take action against Aculon. Another thing that makes this dwarf all the other civilization videos is that everyone takes their lives, and the lives of others very seriously. I once heard in one of MagicGum's videos that some of his experiments failed because everyone kept killing each other for fun. Here, everyone genuinely cares about their own lives and the lives of others. This is probably why there was no war until the end, which is also just really impressive of them. And speaking of, OH GODS THE ENDING! I honestly cannot get over what a perfect ending this was. It feels like the minecraft version of "Holding out for a Hero" from Shrek 2. Everything from the action, the music, the narration, the tension, the editing... everything is cranked up to 11. I love that the first few lines of the song are a perfect mirror to the late Wozzak's final words "Time can never be your trusted friend". I love all the different methods everyone uses to scale the Iron Torch. I love the shot at the beginning, where everyone converges on the center island to attack the empire as one. I love that Elanulo wasn't slain by the enemy, but one of his own people. I love the entire aftermath where they finally establish the world peace that everyone dreamed about. I REALLY love that Aculon isn't framed as the singular villains, but that you instead acknowledge that everyone in war is the villain. This is one of those rare moments where EVERYTHING clicks together and makes something truly magical. You can't make a flawless story, but you can make a flawless scene, and THIS IS IT. Just... wow. Great job, Ish. You really nailed it with this one. I officially nominate you as one of the five gods of video game storytelling (along with Summoning salt, Evanmcgaming, Moxie2D and Samifying).
Mr.Lantern888 2 gün önce
I also forgot to mention that the scene where they raised a statue of Turkey over the Aculon graveyard genuinely had me holding back tears.
Chickensaurus 2 gün önce
Berry 2 gün önce
I'm just gonna say that I read every single word and I agreed with everything you said👍
Mr.Lantern888 2 gün önce
@Berry good enough for me.
Homemade Historian
​@Mr.Lantern888That is some great catharsis, especially since that's the final note of this work of art. Really hope there are more of these in the works!
Lucas 10 gün önce
Plains going through a Cold War just to unite is honestly so cool
PixelPower 8 gün önce
I would absolutely love a part 2 to see what happens in the server after all of that, it would be incredible to watch how this world carries on into the future.
Among Us
Among Us 11 saatler önce
yeah we need a part 2
WAR2EUX Gün önce
Столько удивительных и переломных моментов, которые невозможно описать словами и все они в одном видео. Спасибо всем за ваш вклад и такой незабываемый опыт. Мне было действительно интересно.
Kartlos 9 gün önce
Wow... This was truly an emotional roller coaster. I didn't actually think it was going to be this good, props to ish and everyone who helped create this beautiful project.
Zealous 3 aylar önce
Absolutely one of the most incredible experiences on TRvid to date. Thank you so much for your effort in telling this story, Ish!!! Never thought I'd almost shed a tear because of a Minecraft civilization video. Bravo, my friend.
ish 3 aylar önce
Thank you my good man Zealous
weasel 3 aylar önce
Zealous oh wow
weasel 3 aylar önce
I didn’t know you like Minecraft @Zealous
MXFG 3 aylar önce
Underwater piano guy
RJ Dela Cruz
RJ Dela Cruz 6 gün önce
Two emotions I felt 1. Goosebumps at every action scenes 2. Tears of joy at the ending
Adrian 2 gün önce
It's sad this is over. Was fun watching it and turned out to be better than all the other civilization simulations I've seen.
Jack Macfadden
Jack Macfadden 8 gün önce
You need to make a copy of this world so others can explore the art and beauty of it
Figo3 2 gün önce
This was actually one of the best simulations I have ever seen. The statue of Turkey made me almost cry.
faerwt 11 saatler önce
The effort that it must've taken filming, editing, narrating and more things is just magnificent! Never seen such an amazing work of art!
Will Smith
Will Smith 4 aylar önce
Mad respect to wazzock for ending a war by making himself the temporary villain.
Roni 4 aylar önce
Finn Mertens
Finn Mertens 4 aylar önce
Eren yaeger moving forward
Josiah Guerra
Josiah Guerra 4 aylar önce
@Finn Mertens nah that’s literally the plot of Code Geass so he’s Lelouch
Finn Mertens
Finn Mertens 4 aylar önce
@Josiah Guerra and erens plot is literally a lelouche homage , but yes lelouche came before eren
Adnan 2007
Adnan 2007 4 aylar önce
maybe Dream in the dream smp did the same to avoid tommy and the other from fighting each other but ended with changing his mind after suffering too much killing those who have made his life hell?
Marshal Law
Marshal Law 8 gün önce
Literally one of the best cinematic movies I have ever seen. It may just be minecraft, but if you can think it you can do it with minecraft. I applaud your work!
Psi(NintenN64) Touhou
Psi(NintenN64) Touhou 11 gün önce
Man i wish there was a downloadable map of this so i can explore the world
Jake 7 gün önce
I’m not even joking, this is now my favorite TRvid video I’ve ever seen. There were so many different stories going on at the same time, it was beautiful 10/10
Kahil McLaurin
Kahil McLaurin Gün önce
This was a massive masterpiece I literally love seeing the stories that unfold with these kinds of series and projects🖤 I’d love to read this as a book or see it as a movie or anime This is why it’s sooooo important to work with other ppl, cuz you can create masterpieces like this.
૮꒰ ྀི mai   ྀི꒱ა
i genuinely wanna see the reactions of the people who participated in this event. it’s beautiful 💔
adam scholze
adam scholze 3 aylar önce
Shoutout to all the small farmers and builders who, despite not having a name in this video, contributed in a significant way to each of the civs here
kitty youtuber
kitty youtuber 3 aylar önce
I agree. They deserve as much credit as everyone else.
Bite Of 87
Bite Of 87 3 aylar önce
Bulbasaur 3 aylar önce
Indeed. They contributed a whole lot, giving them materials, places to live, farms, and just a whole lot more.
Maniac Green
Maniac Green 3 aylar önce
You're finally have 1,000 likes how does it feel
adam scholze
adam scholze 3 aylar önce
@Maniac Green feels pretty good ngl
SmellyDiper Gün önce
This video went from a regular minecraft video to being a heartbreaking action movie. Absolutely love it!
Elizabeth Cudal
Elizabeth Cudal 9 gün önce
This was like an entire season of game of thrones. Absolute incredible story telling. By far the best thing ive watched on TRvid to date.
xertNEO101 16 saatler önce
This was so good! What I loved the most is that it’s just a bunch of players being themselves. No gimmicks, no powerful artifacts, no forced peace/war. Just players being players
Noblesix0607 4 gün önce
18 minutes in and this is already a cinematic masterpiece
The Masked Man
The Masked Man 5 gün önce
This had more depths than most movies made today do. Absolutely amazing
Saadath Ullah
Saadath Ullah Aylar önce
A minute of silence for Wazzock, the hero who sacrificed 7 people and himself becoming a criminal to make a long peace time
Mahdi Jahin Creation
Adrian’s channel
Adrian’s channel Aylar önce
Also a moment of silence for our beloved turkey 😢
Antonio Ottomano
Antonio Ottomano Aylar önce
He is the real Itachi
Krishna Thakur
Krishna Thakur Aylar önce
@Adrian’s channel yes
Griffin Beaulieu
Griffin Beaulieu Aylar önce
@Adrian’s channelthe martyr of peace
Trex68 2 saatler önce
For once there was a good ending someone give this man an Oscar for making such good stories
GieterDunn 10 gün önce
My favorite subplot: The tale of iPixel and PresidentSteve_ (mini story my brain created to process this below) New beginnings: 20:52 Trouble in the homeland: 31:31 Aftermath: 1:11:50 Two lovers trying to make a life together in the harsh arctic climate must face an unfortunate obstacle, their own leaders. Despite the oppression they face from the leaders of their land, they choose to endure, for the friends they made and the home they built together would be stronger than iron fist looming overhead. But a war, the scale of which this world has never seen, was brought to the doorstep of their beloved homeland. On the 10th day, bounded by duty and the whims of powers far out of their control, PresidentSteve_ was called to battle, but he would not return home that day... In the end, iPixel continued to pay respects to her beloved and continued surviving, building, and striving to craft Aculon into the great land she knew it could be.
Nik 8 gün önce
Seeing pixel alone in the end was saddening
the scout youtuber
Darbo at the end is probably the only player who knew about Wazzocks plan to stop a war and it’s both incredibly sad and amazing
dunkiitheduck 6 gün önce
this video from the storytelling to the story arch itself was AMAZING! compliments to the chef seriously!
iTMG 3 aylar önce
might be one of the best minecraft videos ive seen, the storytelling is amazing also shoutout to the guy at 54:38 lol
Ty8 3 aylar önce
hi iTMG
Senz. 3 aylar önce
solarflare1337 3 aylar önce
@Senz. he rickrolled us all
JCOJ MOLINO 3 aylar önce
@Senz. hahaahah yeah
George’s Bin
George’s Bin 3 aylar önce
Komala Cool
Komala Cool 3 gün önce
I really want a part 2 now! Hope to be part of it too! 🔥
TEKGameStudios Gün önce
This was beautiful, I would watch an entire series of these, amazingly done!
QB 10 gün önce
This editing is incredible. This is a masterpiece
Some Pineapple
Some Pineapple 5 gün önce
What an incredibly video! The ending with the music gave me goosebumps and the story was told so well!
Jonasnhj 7 gün önce
I actually cried at the end, the graveyard with the man who inspired them all, turkey overseing their graves and the ocean
SpookyJupi 3 aylar önce
Can we all just appreciate how Drip Chicken has the best side-character storyline?
Puan Maharoni
Puan Maharoni 3 aylar önce
small goku drip 2
small goku drip 2 3 aylar önce
los pollos hermanos should be a real business
MrNancy 3 aylar önce
@small goku drip 2 weeeellll... you sure buddy
Bingus Bangus Bungus🏳️‍🌈⃠
@MrNancy *breaking bad theme intensifies*
Fíla 3 aylar önce
I hoped that he will create his own empire on all over the world.
JDTV 35 dakika önce
Hands down one of the greatest videos on youtube ever. So amazingly put together!
ZAAH 2 gün önce
there NEEDS to be a show for this insane video. an episode for each day. just imagine what HBO or Blumhouse can do with a live action show.
v_zlfkr 10 gün önce
From villages, to nations, to empires, to united nations
Poppy 3 gün önce
I’ve been recommended this over multiple accounts for a while. So glad I decided to watch it. Beautiful.
ThePro Gameplay
ThePro Gameplay 21 saatler önce
great editing and narration, deserves my respect.
Spifey 4 aylar önce
Love these vids good to see you back ish
Godscrys Edits
Godscrys Edits 4 aylar önce
RawBed 4 aylar önce
omg spifey
turkeeyt 4 aylar önce
Lowenduser 4 aylar önce
hi spifey
meo!! 4 aylar önce
Fr though
Remy_Xo_Adora 2 gün önce
I literally have no words to explain how freaking amazing and beautiful this was it had me on the edge of my seat and it was such an emotional rollercoaster I'm glad everyone finally came together So freaking inspiring I loved every moment of it!
Sisi Wang
Sisi Wang 3 gün önce
This was one of the most tragic Minecraft story’s ever and so heart warming ❤
Memeway 7 gün önce
This is just beautiful. I will be there for Season 3, just can’t pass up the opportunity.
Patrick Joestar
Patrick Joestar 9 gün önce
what a touching story, truly a masterpiece that has gone beyond my greatest expectations. Thank you for this amazing movie.
Roei Sher
Roei Sher Gün önce
Dude that was so incredibly good The storytelling was amazing so as for the cinematography and the players were paired up together so beautifully Everyone of the builds was so good Overall just one of the best videos And it didn't even feel like mincraft at one point more like a movie
Maximilian Lechat
Maximilian Lechat 3 aylar önce
Wazzok and AFreakingTurkey just are the real heroes of this story, that’s impressive
Big Chad Man
Big Chad Man 3 aylar önce
I have my respect for them
Pastel Cat
Pastel Cat 3 aylar önce
I think that the guard brothers were heroes too
alanbek 3 aylar önce
i see turkey as neutral but wazzok is deff a freaking hero
Poltergeist 3 aylar önce
Turkey was awesome and Wazzok deserved way more respect then he got at the end
NicTube 9 gün önce
This quickly became one of my favorite TRvid videos ever and I've been on here for over a decade. This video is basically a movie, somewhat of a Minecraft: Story Mode 2. I would absolutely love to be part of something like that someday, as this has always been how I played MC on online survival servers - despite it not specifically being a RP server. I'd also love seeing another episode with more stuff and perhaps even events, like natural disasters, new datapacks with new mobs/items and more. Thanks so much for that massively impressive experience! (..why did no one have Netherite armor at the end tho lol)
Omer Avraham
Omer Avraham 6 saatler önce
This was literally a story that wrote itself, I've never seen anything as compelling in any book, movie or tv show in recent memory
JIG 2 gün önce
This masterpiece.... this deserves a movie adaptation , I mean I literally cried over wazzok's and AFreaningturkey part , this IS THE BEST civilization video that could have ever happened in the gaming world , and shout out to the editors picking this reallly fitting music, and the narrating was something else, I just can't... describe how perfect this video is , thanks for this masterpiece❤❤
noru games
noru games 2 saatler önce
this is a movie wdym genuinely i could see this in cinemas
Kyle Maxton
Kyle Maxton 7 gün önce
I absolutely loved this. I hope to see more in the future, it was so great!
Martin Holden
Martin Holden 7 gün önce
Such a good video and great game from all involved, well done to the organisers and the 1000 players. Alot of times things like this decend into choas.
GameCloudNation Aylar önce
Wazzok gets all my respect for sacrificing himself and 7 others to unite the jungle
PhilouMn 27 gün önce
Bro pulled a Zero Requiem 😂
Jeffrey S
Jeffrey S 27 gün önce
He should have started a war when the peace negotiations failed. Chaos is a ladder
Vossi 26 gün önce
dudes a dlc character from fallout new vegas
Aaron Markham
Aaron Markham 26 gün önce
GameCloudNation 26 gün önce
@Vossi lmaoo
Juju Bear
Juju Bear 7 gün önce
I was about to go to bed when this randomly popped up in my recommendations. Let's just say it was like the best bedtime story ever, I can't believe how invested I was in the lore. Also that statue of Turkey at the end of the video made me so emotional, 1:12:09-1:12:16 is probably one of my favorite shots in the video
marin 4 gün önce
this is single handedly the most cinematic thing i’ve ever had the pleasure of witnessing
The W i b e s
The W i b e s 4 gün önce
I never played Minecraft, never really understood what this game is about... But THIS is one of the BEST TRvid Videos I EVER watched. Im completly speechless about the uncomparable beauty of this peace of work and art. This movie is just better, than a lot of movies you can watch in cinema. I want MORE please!! And thank you so much for this!!
Pant3ra 3 gün önce
Isto é tão profundo, parece que vi a história humana que aconteceu mesmo. Parabéns!!!!!
Amethyst’s Minecraft
I have watched this over and over again, and I have never gotten tired of it, the cuts seems to seamless, and the plot is great!😀
Rean 4 aylar önce
Wazzock and AFreakingTurkey had great character development, but can we all just take a moment to appreciate Elanuelos villain arc? Dude was GREAT.
Kingston 4 aylar önce
Kind of weird that Solev wasn’t leader but this works too since Elanuelo has experience as plains king
fuliot 4 aylar önce
Elanuelos pulled a Stalin
misterART 4 aylar önce
I was hoping he would start a democratic monarchy😢
hotwheelsfanatic3211 4 aylar önce
@misterART wheres the fun in that
sandybasil 4 aylar önce
ok but the allies commited a genocide and war crime so, even though elanulo was the villain his empire wasn't Edit: Damnnnnnn hot opinons over a f******g mincraft vid. Lol
The Trucking Lads
The Trucking Lads 7 gün önce
One of the most interesting and best videos I've ever watched. This guy deserves more subscribers
ilpatoc 4 saatler önce
an hour of my life spent in the best possible video, how I wish I had participated in all this
Sket pars
Sket pars 7 gün önce
Who wants also a third part of this concept? imagine 5 or 10 thousand players. That would be awesome to watch and i´m sure you would find enough people for this. I find these videos even more entertaining than Mrbeast videos
OBR_ Gün önce
Honestly an insane video, the ending is truly something special
TheMonsterClips 6 gün önce
Holy hell this had me hooked from start to finish. Amazing editing, fun cast of players, and excellent rise and fall of tyrants.
Ecilion 3 aylar önce
Everyone talks about Wazzock but the insane dynamic of davarit and Zombta singlehandedly dissolving the Sultanate with the help of Sap was an insane arc
200m 3 aylar önce
For me that was the best part
Steve H.
Steve H. 3 aylar önce
No, that isn't what dissolved the Sultanate. The way ish presents the stroy, isn't how things actually went down. Sap was actually a horrible leader, plotting the assassination of the Sultanate twice. A member of the desert team did his own video. Saparate was a tyrant hiding behind democratic means. His own men went out into the desert and starting robbing other factions, who they just hours before, made treaties with under an Alliance. Sap believed this alliance meant access to these other faction resources free of charge. Even resulting in the death of innocent people on nonpvp days. The Sultanate dissolved because no true justice was being pushed. It became tribalism 100%, where leaders of their tribe believed their own people could do no wrong. The only person who was willing to enforce justice based on evidence was the Sultanate. So much so that the Sultanantes he even pushed justice onto his own people, never playing favoritism. Whereas Sap just turned a blind eye, ruling with nothing but favoritism. Sap then killed himself because he went on vacation. Not because he felt bad about the failed assassination attempt. Something ish pushed in his version of events. Sap was a selfish dude, and can be seen in his actions. The replacement leadership for Sap did exactly the same thing Sap did. Turned a blind eye to crime and played favoritism towards her own people. Eventually the Sultanate could not maintain peace and order with foreign criminals harassing and murdering the Sultanate people. The crime is what dissolved the Sultanate, not Davarit or Zombta. Those were just two people who happen to not see that justice was being fair, even though they believed their people deserved favoritism. Which isn't fair at all. That isn't how justice works. Sap also preached innocent until proven guilty, but he never actually followed his own words. He always believed his people over other factions. Even though there is video evidence of his people committing harassing and murdering others with lava buckets.
Studio Greyfox
Studio Greyfox 3 aylar önce
@Steve H. I like how you have a different account of what actually happened. Nails in the fact that in real life every event is often told with varying perspectives or incomplete narratives
Bobector 3 aylar önce
​@Studio Greyfox I was gonna say this exact thing. Real life history is told differently based on perspective so it's cool to see it here as well.
JustSomeRandom DudeOnTheInternet
Sorry for not being in context, but Do you know what happened to the squid?! I need to know!!!!
Steven McGreagor
Steven McGreagor 4 gün önce
truly an incredible world they all created.
Juan Jo TOBAR.N Gün önce
Do you realize what you have done here my friends?, i really was expecting just a silly game of king of the hill with some battles here and there but this....the storytelling, the cinemaitc shots, the plot and even the comedy, this really is stunning and i have never seen somenthing as deep as this from a game as aparently "goofy" and "straightfoward" as minecraft, its so well done i cant put it into words.
alexisstyles Gün önce
The only thing this masterpiece was missing was a forbidden romance.
wil 7 gün önce
This is so great story and your narrative is immaculate. Also the editing on the last Aculon battle is superb wkwkwkw. Thanks for making this team!!
Video Kaizen - Lucas Villari
This is absolutely ASTOUNDING! I never thought I'd see something of this magnitude done in Minecraft. Truly an epic story, I just can't believe my eyes, a 10/10 experience, highly rccommend.
Avirm Heartfire
Avirm Heartfire 3 aylar önce
Wazzock is truly the hero the jungle didn’t deserve
Ahxd 3 aylar önce
Yea he prevented a war but cant deny he killed 7 diplomats.
N C 3 aylar önce
War that happened at the end...
January005 3 aylar önce
Wazzock pulled the Lelouch route
Ahxd 3 aylar önce
@January005 still have to watch that anime
Wilhelm 3 aylar önce
​@Ahxd a small price for the salvation
Jack Hall
Jack Hall Gün önce
This has got to be the coolest and most cinematic Minecraft video I have ever seen.. 100/10
ExoBen 9 gün önce
That was so insanely well made, I cannot put it into words. Please make another one of these in the future, because that was epic! VERY WELL DONE!
fanta doing random stuff
this is actually amazing i've never seen a story plot better than this
Koko UltraNiel
Koko UltraNiel 4 gün önce
mad props and respect to all sides involved, especially to you ish woww
KinEnzo 7 gün önce
out of all the videos you made, this has got to be my favorite, i just love the story behind it, anyways, good job on making the video 👍👍
Monke King
Monke King 7 gün önce
Your a legend for making these story like videos, its so entertaining that i can literally watch it like its a movie, The best part is that its feels so free and relaxing. Thank You for this beautiful content!!
faye 3 aylar önce
Wazzock is legend. Him deciding to become the villain so his island would stop fighting and unite against a common enemy is genius.
DukeNickel 3 aylar önce
Dr. Manhattan basically
RaveEDM 3 aylar önce
real life itachi
Shou Hamura
Shou Hamura 3 aylar önce
He might have failed to take over the world, but he sure did made a change for their civilization. A valuable sacrifice to unite their nation altogether to prevent a war that would crumble down the Jungle Civilization if it wasn't prevented because of him. Such a legend! He now has my respect!!
Daniel Zapatta
Daniel Zapatta 3 aylar önce
Getulio Vargas from brazil actually
chelsea 3 aylar önce
Daniel Baldwin
Daniel Baldwin 5 gün önce
This is one of the best TRvid videos I have ever watched. I should've been in bed an hour ago, but I couldn't stop watching. I was enthralled, and your ability to tell the story the way you did was amazing. I look forward to what else you release.
Nate Playzz
Nate Playzz 7 gün önce
I have never seen anything this beautiful in my life this is a masterpiece
Astroturtle2010 6 gün önce
You can make an entire history book about this from the start of civilization to the war that shaped the world into peace.
-Inv3rt0- 4 gün önce
This video was like a touching story, that many people would love to read over and over again and feel touch by the climax and changes in it. Also the ending where there was finally peace on lands once more.👍
KuruptKyubi 3 gün önce
I bet this was so fun to participate in, if i had a PC i would've loved to be the historian on this scenario! Just writing books about each nation and its history.
Jotaro 4 aylar önce
Wozzok deserves a statue if he didn't do what he did the outcome would have been much different. What a legend
Drowzzy 4 aylar önce
True, he was a misunderstood villain. All he wanted was a united Jungles people
Basile Raveleau
Basile Raveleau 4 aylar önce
his plan remind me of the Lelouche's plan, in the end of Code Geas, he makes himself the vilain to unite everyone against him and stop intern conflicts
King Julien
King Julien 4 aylar önce
He is a martyr
King Julien
King Julien 4 aylar önce
Same with afreakinturkey
Slimey Mr.
Slimey Mr. 4 aylar önce
They were both sacrificing themselves for the peace of their islands/ the world
Enderman King
Enderman King 7 gün önce
Maybe the best minecraft lore I've ever seen before🙂
JC Soriano
JC Soriano 8 gün önce
The greatest Minecraft civilization video I've watched in a while. I hope you can make more of these.
Ryan Trapp
Ryan Trapp 8 gün önce
This is is one of the greatest videos I’ve ever seen it needs to be turned into a film immediately
ActiveX 6 gün önce
So can we agree this video needs an award???
XiahouDun1225 5 gün önce
I really enjoyed the way you weaved the narrative together.
11epicnoob 4 aylar önce
The fact that the Central Island, meant to be contested territory, was made into true safe grounds and a place for unity is amazing
Zach Winters
Zach Winters 4 aylar önce
If they made it so everyday resources would spawn it would’ve been different
Apollo Knight
Apollo Knight 4 aylar önce
@Zach Winters I’m surprised no one fought over the Netherite ore.
CryoCross 4 aylar önce
Maybe they never found it, since I haven't seen any players using or wearing it
Casonplayz 4 aylar önce
⁠@CryoCross I think yeetspeak was wearing a netherite chest plate also a few other players from looking at the video
Ray Tracer
Ray Tracer 4 aylar önce
It's because there was no scarcity of resources for the given population. Make limited farm land, ore/diamond spawn point, etc and watch everyone slaughter each other over it.
Isaac Deckman
Isaac Deckman 7 gün önce
Thank you for this masterpiece, I dont normally cry watching movies, but this made me tear up. Its just too good
Tuna2plays Games
Tuna2plays Games 8 gün önce
I liked how this whole entire story was about how everybody was getting together and enjoying peace with each other as they build different building's and thriving and AFreakinTurkey being a main character and hero for everybody and just being a traveler making friends with everyone on the all islands and having no problems with him I have huge respect for him and also I liked the Plains Island it gives a lot of trees and animals and I don't have to worry about freezing to death by accidentally falling in the snow or running out of wood or no wood like the desert island barley having any at all plus I don't have to fight for food and wood everybody has enough wood for what they need to build or themselves or making a community a peaceful community at that if everyone's happy I'm happy and the Plains Island always seemed so peaceful to me like relaxing in a house on a patch of grass and maybe near a beach without any rules and having a lots of freedom as much as you like plains island paradise forever! And then everyone else got to be friends in the middle 5th island and not fighting which is another way were people can reach out to others for resources and take in refugees instead of fighting to the death was really a nice touch of how a peaceful community can really start out between islands. And a really eventful event was everybody finally getting together and teaming on Elanuelo's snow nation to avenge AFreakinTurkey death that's what happens when you kill someone with everyone's respect and kindness and then having a epilogue of what happened to everyone after the war some came out alive and started rebuilding stuff after the war and some were sadly lost in the final battle war but not forgotten and then peace was finally and fully achieved a very good minecraft story for the history books and ages!
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