100 Kids Vs 1 Human Calculator For $10,000!

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This was one of the most insane things I've ever done

Shoutout to Rock Squad for helping with this video! Go check out their channel! / @therocksquad

Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed Munchkins :)

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3 Şub 2023




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MsMunchie Aylar önce
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Kitty•mha• 10 gün önce
05 Athena Margarette Bajet
Simon Barnard
Simon Barnard 19 gün önce
Jess 19 gün önce
I did
ZHC Aylar önce
this was insane🤣
Don't read my Profile picture
@Meas trina bruh 😑
Meas trina
Meas trina 7 gün önce
@Don't read my Profile picture what do you mean
Meas trina
Meas trina 7 gün önce
@Nezuko kamado no is not 11
Don't read my Profile picture
@Sidashi is Love Don't read my name
Simply Bria
Simply Bria 19 gün önce
ROCK SQUAD Aylar önce
We had the best day ever filming with you! You are beyond amazing!! We LYSM!! 💖
ICECLZ 10 gün önce
@C4NDR1X oh ya I figured it out now but thanks
Sarah Wilson
Sarah Wilson 25 gün önce
I know this math question. I did this in two minutes and I did 30 times table questions in one minute and I am eight years old and this was the highest I got up to 30 Times 19 take away 286 equals 19 and my name is Thea
C4NDR1X 25 gün önce
I knew I would see u guys here! Hii!
C4NDR1X 25 gün önce
@ICECLZ ryder
Adrian Bonilla
Adrian Bonilla Aylar önce
This woman can’t be stopped. She taking over the world. 😆
Anime Boy
Anime Boy 26 gün önce
bro she is a walk calculator and i thought i was good at math
Kong Ngov
Kong Ngov 27 gün önce
Say goodbye to AI
ckickimposter Aylar önce
@~𝙹𝚘𝚢𝚌𝚎 & 𝙹𝚊𝚢𝚗𝚎~ what is so rude?
mrstaehyung Aylar önce
you know, it’s quite wholesome they don’t give up.❤
Subbing to Everyone Who Subs to me 100k
Msmunchie never fails to entertain
Yashuop Aylar önce
Raise your hand if you've been watching MsMunchie for a long time🤚
abirami pandiyan
abirami pandiyan 3 saatler önce
If you are older then 10 put your thumbs down if not thumbs up 👎👎
abirami pandiyan
abirami pandiyan 3 saatler önce
A few months 4-5
Jenovia 4 gün önce
I don't have a emoji hand so *raises hand* lol
Carmen_Aesthetic♡ 13 gün önce
Vera Aylar önce
I love your math videos and how you inspire people around you to love math!!! Also that girl who so quickly answered the multiplication question you asked was pretty amazing too!
Cici Zhong
Cici Zhong Aylar önce
Michelle really has a supportive boyfriend lol
Leah Aylar önce
I mean expect for when he wanted them to beat her but totally 💯 💯 love u Ms.Munchie😊😊❤❤
Eel Aylar önce
Ya definitely 😉
rk1226 Aylar önce
Ms munchie I struggle in math at school and every time I struggle you are my motivation to keep pushing forward!
saniya kothari
saniya kothari Aylar önce
This isnt math this is just a part of it ,mere calculation this is
• MyWeeknd_
• MyWeeknd_ 18 gün önce
*Michelle should become a math teacher for college and high school 😂*
Cy Cy The Puzzles Guy
Your videos are always amazing! Always watch them all the way through!
giangcoocie._. gacha
Michelle is not just like a human calculator but also like the math owner
geileen vargas
geileen vargas Aylar önce
Let’s get her to 2.40M subscribers because she deserves it for posting amazing content for us ❤🎉
Anjale Navanathan
Anjale Navanathan Aylar önce
You guys should find another human calculator and see if MsMunchie can beat them 😏
Love MUsic
Love MUsic 21 gün önce
Probably a guy/girl from India
XxPlaid_BlossomxX Aylar önce
Beyta Aylar önce
imagine being good at maths like MsMunchie 😢
Đånny Đøggy #TeamBlueDog
@saniya kothari Good Point.
saniya kothari
saniya kothari Aylar önce
Honestly idk why people are saying she is good at math i am not a hater or anything i love her videos as well but what she is doing is just calculation math is wayy bigger than mere calculation
•Medd• Aylar önce
Even though I haven't watched this, this is gonna be awesome.
Midnight Moons
Midnight Moons Aylar önce
Ethan Yu
Ethan Yu Aylar önce
Wow that is some insane math skills, I used to be one of the best in math.
Maily Aylar önce
Same, but at primary not middle school
The one and only pink cow
Michelle will always be the most fun, creative and nice human calculator of all time in my heart😍🥰🤣
peja Aylar önce
This was so crazy fun 🎉🎉🎉🎉
Subbing to everyone who subs to me
@Jayden pizza she has a bf of course she is not single
Jayden pizza
Jayden pizza Aylar önce
@MsMunchie are you single
Rajkamal Patel
Rajkamal Patel Aylar önce
OMG hi peja my daughter loves you
Chicken Cupcake
Chicken Cupcake Aylar önce
i love your vids sm peja and the rocksquad :D
Something Story Shorts
Hi!! Love ur content! I’m also pretty good at math, every one in my grade calls me a calculator 😂
Pranavi 24 gün önce
I wanna see her doing algebra since part of math is problem solving with arithmetic!
Kayla Knychole
Kayla Knychole Aylar önce
I really enjoyed participating!!! It was a fun yet educational day!!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜 Big Kayla!!
YZ World 🌎
YZ World 🌎 8 gün önce
We see you 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉😮
Random videos
Random videos Aylar önce
Michelle never fails us!💕🫶🏻
Albiona Qerimi
Albiona Qerimi Aylar önce
She needs to have a genus world record fr
Chloe's Art 🎨
Chloe's Art 🎨 Aylar önce
ZHC: Have the talent of art Msmunchie: Have the biggest brain
TheOnlyName Aylar önce
This was so fun to watch 😂
Moocey Goocey
Moocey Goocey Aylar önce
LIGIT love Munchies videos and also can we appreciate how fire her outfit looks🔥🔥🔥
love, daniela
love, daniela Aylar önce
Love you michelle! You're so amazing!! 💕💕
Hally💖 Aylar önce
Michelle is a smart queen
Keith Vang
Keith Vang Aylar önce
michelle should do being a teacher for 24 hours
Shaff Sha
Shaff Sha 29 gün önce
This human probably gets an Oscar for every day for breakfast
Meri Amber Pace
Meri Amber Pace 25 gün önce
Michelle is better than a calculator
Vera 29 gün önce
Petition to do some basic abacus lessons for us please! And how you keep track of the numbers in your mind :)
Jessica anas
Jessica anas 18 gün önce
I could beat Michelle in my dream at math 😀💗
Voidrex Aylar önce
Amazing Math Skills Nice Video!
Francisca paler Leoncion
I wish i had math skills like her...
Zari22 21 gün önce
She’s so smartest person I know in the world 😅😊
Savanna- 𝙾𝚙𝚎𝚗 𝙼𝚢 𝙿𝚛𝚘𝚏𝚒𝚕𝚎
How do you get so good at math?
Oluwafunmilayo Blessing
This is so chaotic but fun😂😂😂😂
*:*: Hamster Muffin :*:*
MsMunchie never loses
Jadethebobafrog Aylar önce
Michael probably would be a teacher in the future
That Rare Joker
That Rare Joker Aylar önce
Mr Beast format never fails
izzy walford
izzy walford Aylar önce
i love how much you always give away and you also make people soo happy
lorelei 21 gün önce
i hope to watch you compete with other human calculator(s) in the next videos
Spencer Myers
Spencer Myers Aylar önce
11:13 that face of the girl in the middle of the crowd 😂
Cici Zhong
Cici Zhong Aylar önce
Michelle only need time to write done the answers,how is it possible to beat her🤣
Triple Redhead Squad
We had so much fun! Thanks!!!
Mia Rotstein
Mia Rotstein Aylar önce
Raise your hand if you love ms munchie because how much time effort and work she puts into her videos ❤🙋🏻‍♀️❤
KR$HNA Aylar önce
Raise hand if u want to learn math from Munchie😎✋
gamer .x yt
gamer .x yt Aylar önce
Wowww what a talent girl ❤️❤️❤️
Gabby Salas
Gabby Salas Aylar önce
We Love You Ms Munchie You're My Favorite Always💜💜
Nathaniel Camacho
Nathaniel Camacho Aylar önce
It was so cold filming this 🥶
Fe4r Maaz
Fe4r Maaz Aylar önce
You know what would be more entertaining; finding out if you are the Fastest human calculator
Pysch Aylar önce
i wish i had a brain like michelle's
Emily Neicho
Emily Neicho Aylar önce
you are the perfect mixture between beauty and brains
April Love Pacas
April Love Pacas Aylar önce
Math has never been fun untill now
Mistake 2
Mistake 2 Aylar önce
hi ms munchie i really love maths like you and my class calls me a calculator too and it would mean the world to me if we met
Darwin0 Watters0n
Darwin0 Watters0n Aylar önce
I should get my friend to compete against Michelle since my friend is also a human calculator 😂
Jake Abela
Jake Abela Aylar önce
I've been watching her for so long she's so smart and pretty
Simply Edits
Simply Edits Aylar önce
SO unbellievable Michelle your amazing
NotClickBait Aylar önce
Me personally wouldn’t have lost 😂
Jillian Mitchell
Jillian Mitchell Aylar önce
Thembi Gule
Thembi Gule 29 gün önce
i want you to try these : Goldbach’s Conjecture. The Twin Prime Conjecture. The Riemann Hypothesis. The Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer Conjecture. and i love your videos there are amazing
faye Aylar önce
That was complete chaos!!!🧮❤
Rajkamal Patel
Rajkamal Patel Aylar önce
Hi Faye
Stephen Smedile
Stephen Smedile Aylar önce
I agree with you Faye! If you had a bunch of musicians. It would resemble a huge symphony orchestra! (Music Reference)
Chicken Cupcake
Chicken Cupcake Aylar önce
Hi faye!
Zin Richards
Zin Richards Aylar önce
I love your videos ❤
Sofiliz Aylar önce
That was amazing Michelle keep going I love your content and love you Love from Pakistan
Nathan Sanchez
Nathan Sanchez 20 gün önce
Michelle, you should go to American gots talent
Def_not_froggy🌸 Aylar önce
it sounds like the school gym when they scream 💀
Def_not_froggy🌸 Aylar önce
@MsMunchie ikr and I CANT BELIVE U REPLYED TY i love your math videos!!!❤
MsMunchie Aylar önce
That’s so true 😂😂
Ferdinan Patawaran
Ferdinan Patawaran 21 gün önce
Honestly one of the most insane video I watched and hilarious 😅😝
Stuffy family
Stuffy family Aylar önce
There’s a lot of human calculators out there😊
Tomato's Aylar önce
She can beat anyone at math I could never
XING 一 Aylar önce
i don’t like math but i’m really impressed 😊
Max_Gaming7124 Aylar önce
I wish Michelle is my math teacher
E R I C A Aylar önce
Michelle should post a video how to be a human calculator
Vanessa O
Vanessa O Aylar önce
“I think you should water tank her when you get home” “yeah” 😂😂😂
Anna Yang
Anna Yang Aylar önce
No matter what day it is (todays my b-day) it's always great to watch ur videos!
Subscribe To 👇
Subscribe To 👇 Aylar önce
•Audrey• Aylar önce
Happy birthday
Naomi Bertuca
Naomi Bertuca Aylar önce
Francis Irvin Lecetivo
I died laughing when the kid scream at her😂😂😂
Ne’Vaeh Rose
Ne’Vaeh Rose Aylar önce
i think she should try high schoolers next time
LaLiLu Arts
LaLiLu Arts 25 gün önce
She done
Flavia Aylar önce
I feel like Michelle has an advantage since she already has the equations o the board, besides that fun video
Angela White
Angela White Aylar önce
I love ur vids ur so smart continue with the AMAZING work :) love u munchie 💖💖
Jonathon Pope
Jonathon Pope Aylar önce
Your awesome Michelle, I love your videos, and you expired me I'm close to be like you
GrainsOfRice 17 gün önce
If you don't believe her skills then I don't know what she has to do.
Melanie Land
Melanie Land 24 gün önce
she is so good with math and so fast
Park_Hanyong Aylar önce
Me watching Munchie at 00:00
Izumi Hasuke
Izumi Hasuke Aylar önce
If her life was a manhwa, she'd be the main character and be one of the best mc lol
Tega Deron
Tega Deron Aylar önce
Msmuchie is so smart I gotta say.
lilith Aylar önce
Michelle should do word problems instead lol
gaming with you
gaming with you Aylar önce
Love you MsMunchie keep growing ❤
59newbreed Aylar önce
I never thought I’d ever want to procreate with a calculator till now….
nah Aylar önce
Probably 99 % didn't see this but god bless you have a great day
Lovelle's Vlog
Lovelle's Vlog Aylar önce
Sister Michelle how do you do that!!! Hahhahaha you're so mind-blowing!!!! I love you!!! New subscriber from the Philippines ♥️
StormATORroblox 21 gün önce
Michelle should become half-time math teacher half-time yter
Lost  ▽・ェ・▽
I feel like the more people doing math the more harder,because they are not organised on who do that question and who do the other question,and I would honestly do all of the math problems by my self.( sorry for my poor English,my first language is not English)
Oceanne (Jade)
Oceanne (Jade) Aylar önce
She Is Incredible 💚
the girl and boy at 1:31 are really pretty they got good genetics from parents 😟.
Rocky Morrison
Rocky Morrison Aylar önce
So amazing your videos are awesome 👌 👏
Rocky Morrison
Rocky Morrison Aylar önce
Just saying her videos in general
Ha\235_Gamer Aylar önce
You haven’t watched the video it just loaded 😂
youre sooo freaking good love you soo much
Maia Slattery
Maia Slattery Aylar önce
Michelle, you’re the smartest girl in the whole entire world
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