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The Supercar Diaries #33 / Novitec McLaren 765LT

Today we drive another Novitec McLaren 765LT in volcano-orange with touches of carbon. We also show footage of it’s 100 - 200 km/h time of 3,8 SECONDS ! Still the most ludicrous car we have ever driven.

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16 May 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Giorg1 2 aylar önce
how much this car?
Naufal Thirafi
Naufal Thirafi 3 aylar önce
Isn't it 2.8 sec instead of 3.8?
Dan Pantazi
Dan Pantazi 3 aylar önce
Question, if its a speed bumb in your way, what do you do?
LTC BAMA 3 aylar önce
No need to say how much hp it has because I have a trained ear for things like that and I would say it sounds like 1000hp
eric nichols
eric nichols 3 aylar önce
Vlad 4 aylar önce
Best colour that McLaren ever made.
Sean Watlington
Sean Watlington 4 aylar önce
Beautiful car. But not enough driving
Claude Baron
Claude Baron 4 aylar önce
That car Is already just to much, but with that color it’s simply the most beautiful piece of mechanical I’ve ever seen, purely 😍😍😍😍 The dream !
bo matt
bo matt 4 aylar önce
I’m not a big fan of the dramatic hand/finger flip on gear changes. It makes me cringe and I think it’s stupid looking.
Barry Williams
Barry Williams 4 aylar önce
Go be miserable by yourself
Ken Jones
Ken Jones 5 aylar önce
Awesome recomposition of the car. Keep up the amazing engineering!
Mark Puli
Mark Puli 5 aylar önce
This beast runs exactly like a tuned 720
Yatool007 5 aylar önce
1000hp, this is my dream car
NT Kroro
NT Kroro 6 aylar önce
from Thailand
Almir Cezar
Almir Cezar 6 aylar önce
Bravo biss biss biss biss biss biss biss biss biss biss biss biss biss biss biss biss biss biss biss biss biss biss biss biss biss biss biss biss biss biss biss biss biss biss
Collen Musemwa
Collen Musemwa 6 aylar önce
Will this end up as an N Largo ?
Frank Stamatakis
Frank Stamatakis 6 aylar önce
How does one get the upgrades from Novitec. Who can I contact please
leo leonix
leo leonix 6 aylar önce
ICE forever for hyper and supercars 🙌🏾
TEXASWAYZ 6 aylar önce
Bonnet is not flush with the front bumper. Clean car..
Kilian 85
Kilian 85 6 aylar önce
Augsburger Kennzeichen... Ich werd behindert
THANASIS SECHAS 6 aylar önce
What an amazing car gorgeous in that color
Robbe Blyweert
Robbe Blyweert 6 aylar önce
7:49 that was HOT
MartinG. 6 aylar önce
If you saw this in real live you would just loose it...
MartinG. 6 aylar önce
I don't consider the 765lt as a Supercar, it destroys all Supercars and many many Hypercars.
keld møllnitz
keld møllnitz 6 aylar önce
Awesome 🔥🔥🔥
John Smith
John Smith 6 aylar önce
this is the car. this is it. 765lt with novitec upgrades = perfection
Michael Kiefer
Michael Kiefer 6 aylar önce
Absolute Boden-Boden-Rakete !!!
Ezekiel 凱文 Kevin
Ezekiel 凱文 Kevin 6 aylar önce
This car will look absolutely mental in Chicane Grey and all the Novitec goodies
Fumontanaka 94
Fumontanaka 94 6 aylar önce
Completely eclipsing the 720s🙃
Steve Kgaogelo
Steve Kgaogelo 6 aylar önce
Novitec should tune Porsche's too!
Andrej Berger
Andrej Berger 6 aylar önce
"... so let's talk about what's not so good: NOTHING! " 🖤
K. Trader
K. Trader 6 aylar önce
How much for one of these as done above from you guys? 🥰
VK 6 aylar önce
You should put ”765LT” in the title since it won’t show up if you search 765LT.
Sidhant Megh9
Sidhant Megh9 6 aylar önce
Make some drag race 🏁
gymBEATS 6 aylar önce
Ryan Kash
Ryan Kash 6 aylar önce
⏸4:20 & 4:25 🤍🧡🖤🧡🤍
Jesus galimberti maravi
What a beauty. I really mean it. This car is a Dream Car.
JohnZ811 6 aylar önce
Random but a Novitec C8 Corvette would be cool
Luck Voltia
Luck Voltia 6 aylar önce
More like 999LT
Alister Dsouza
Alister Dsouza 6 aylar önce
11:15 What's not so good?
Dan Baloyi
Dan Baloyi 6 aylar önce
Lol😂 I like the hints he was giving about the horse power.
rodrigo almeida
rodrigo almeida 6 aylar önce
Another fantastic job from Novitec, Fantastic car, Fantastic color, fantastic mc3 wheels, amazing car, I love Novitec
Ian Johnson
Ian Johnson 6 aylar önce
Stunning car and spec!
Fast Cars
Fast Cars 6 aylar önce
Incredible !
Daniel Heiss
Daniel Heiss 6 aylar önce
1000 times lol
Arjun Raj
Arjun Raj 6 aylar önce
Number of comments is now 100 on a side it is pretty funny they won't let the actual figures out
X Vella
X Vella 6 aylar önce
Wie befestigt ihr die GoPro vor dem Tacho? Würde mich über eine Antwort freuen!😁
Bijon De Kock
Bijon De Kock 6 aylar önce
iSixteenX 6 aylar önce
novitec how much will it cost to buy rolls royce wraith overdoes? i hope you will comment
Chatlax Relax
Chatlax Relax 6 aylar önce
3.8 100-200 wtf... mc laren what is wrong with you
TREE 662
TREE 662 6 aylar önce
Lets talk about what this car is not so good at......nothing. Lmao!!
Ej Han Lassiter
Ej Han Lassiter 6 aylar önce
I love it......
gloriouscock 6 aylar önce
it also catch fire faster than a p1
Five Star Cars
Five Star Cars 6 aylar önce
congrats on 100k, what an episoe that 765lt is my 2nd fav behind the p1 it looks and sounds unreal what a car!
sugarsaint 6 aylar önce
Mclarens are the fastest
Last train To Vegas
Last train To Vegas 6 aylar önce
I’m so jealous of this guy… drives the best cars
Sekgupi Moleme
Sekgupi Moleme 6 aylar önce
that “yho yho yho” 😂😂😂🇿🇦
Pascal Douce
Pascal Douce 6 aylar önce
That car is sick !!!
Jim Smith
Jim Smith 6 aylar önce
Can I borrow the car?
Roni 6 aylar önce
This is a true driver's car !!!!
Omg I am so triggered but
I just heard this beast live. Its so insanely fast and even when it went a mile away I still heard it lmao
Gavin Heng
Gavin Heng 6 aylar önce
Can we have a tour of the Novitec workshop and how the cars are modified and parts installed ?
Good News Music.
Good News Music. 6 aylar önce
I love the enthusiasm boet! It looked like you were anticipating the drive more than anyone else 😆I LOVE the NOISE it makes. What a spoiled brat of a Machine 🙊😆🙏🏼Thanks guys for another great review made with great enthusiasm and Amazing cars💪🏼😁👍🏼Have a wonderful week. God bless ya'll 🙏🏼
Bijon De Kock
Bijon De Kock 6 aylar önce
Thx bro! Appreciate it!
Fr13th 6 aylar önce
This intro made me press like on the first few seconds.
Bruce Dressel
Bruce Dressel 6 aylar önce
Barry Williams
Barry Williams 4 aylar önce
Sounds like a pure hater
Dirk Leineweber
Dirk Leineweber 6 aylar önce
Faster *than* not then🙏🏼🙏🏼 Awesome car & video btw🏎
BeerBaiyoke 6 aylar önce
Nice !!
Dimitris Moulosiotis
Dimitris Moulosiotis 6 aylar önce
Fuck the lamborghini, mclaren is Quick AF. Probably the fastest supercar this year
IxIALANIxI360 6 aylar önce
Best car out right now hands down 🇿🇦🇿🇦
ian le
ian le 6 aylar önce
Amazing car i am lucky enough to have bought one of these cars and have been thinking of using use to sprinkle a little bit of your magic on it ;)))
Mlungisi Mabuza
Mlungisi Mabuza 6 aylar önce
damn, i love it, well the mighty P1 has about...916 BHP, the 765 is probably 920/40 BHP...
Anthony V
Anthony V 6 aylar önce
seems like you enjoyed this more than the 1000hp Ferrari ? you seemed happier driving this... compare the 2 ?
Anthony V
Anthony V 6 aylar önce
@Bijon De Kock can’t wait to see it! Thanks mate.
Bijon De Kock
Bijon De Kock 6 aylar önce
Hi Anthony. You are very right. I did enjoy it more. A comparison test should be really cool. Our own 765LT should arrive soon. Let’s see what we can do!
Matson Sanderson
Matson Sanderson 6 aylar önce
One of the best postings yet. Extremely well done. Insane subject didn't hurt.
Chef Bojan
Chef Bojan 6 aylar önce
Bijon De Kock
Bijon De Kock 6 aylar önce
bagoes tjahjono
bagoes tjahjono 6 aylar önce
11:21 lets talk about not so good........nothing. totally agreed
Bijon De Kock
Bijon De Kock 6 aylar önce
ruddy guzman
ruddy guzman 6 aylar önce
This channel need soo more numbers ♥️ incredible content thanks guys 🙏🏻
Bijon De Kock
Bijon De Kock 6 aylar önce
Thx Ruddy!
Raymund Jusay
Raymund Jusay 6 aylar önce
Gavin Gagliardi
Gavin Gagliardi 6 aylar önce
insane insane insane car
Mohammad Reza
Mohammad Reza 6 aylar önce
10:04 look at the gap that the mesh has from the intake
waz zup
waz zup 6 aylar önce
awesome car, engine , sound, power, but not those rims...
Hallo Mega cool.
Hallo Mega cool. 6 aylar önce
Congratulations 100'000.
Bijon De Kock
Bijon De Kock 6 aylar önce
Thank you!
EXOPLANET NOMAD 6 aylar önce
Gnarly Bad Ass Volcano Orange :D
Bijon De Kock
Bijon De Kock 6 aylar önce
Hahaha. Gnarly🤣🤣🤣
M. GEE 6 aylar önce
Black Hall
unexplained wearenotalone
Hey we know ur best no need any proofs bravo Novitec just if u can more videos some test or corner or track lest see fun or full speed test thanks.
Jerzy Grygier
Jerzy Grygier 6 aylar önce
This car has already been presented. You're repeating yourself.
Simon FX
Simon FX 6 aylar önce
I miss the BlackHall. Congrats to your new whip. A A 765... OG will always remember😉
Christoph Kohlmeyer
Christoph Kohlmeyer 6 aylar önce
Awesome review, awesome car!!
Jacob Godina
Jacob Godina 6 aylar önce
incredible wow
Davide Rossi
Davide Rossi 6 aylar önce
than* it's incredible I see this mistake everywhere, some people really skipping english class smh
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown 6 aylar önce
But the P1 was years ago, like Ferrari has the SF90 now that’ll outgun the Laferrari. Im sure you’ve had this car on the dyno already though?
Dennis Burgersdijk
Dennis Burgersdijk 6 aylar önce
You make amazing cars more beautiful and better 😍😍😍
David Souza
David Souza 6 aylar önce
Freaking awesome!
The Black American
The Black American 6 aylar önce
O...M...G!! This car is absolutely stunning, perfect at every angle, every shift. Now to you, what a marvelous job on this video, the presentation, narration and music! You my friend are extremely talented 👏 again, you are on my bucket list to visit one day!
Bijon De Kock
Bijon De Kock 6 aylar önce
The Black American
The Black American 6 aylar önce
@Bijon De Kock you're very welcome, now the good part! How about green, not too dark or light then accent it with either the black or a flattering bronze such on calipers, wheels and exhaust tips
Bijon De Kock
Bijon De Kock 6 aylar önce
Thank you. It does look so great in that orange. 🔥 What wld be ur choice of colour for the 765? The one we had in black was really good as well.
Archy Art
Archy Art 6 aylar önce
What a day Novitec's 765lt video after DDE's 720 gtr reveal...
rahul rawat
rahul rawat 6 aylar önce
Great great car. Sexy as hell😈Loved the video 🙌 and congrats on 100k guys. Nice one Bijon👍
Bijon De Kock
Bijon De Kock 6 aylar önce
Thanks Rahul!!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Martyn Dyson
Martyn Dyson 6 aylar önce
Id love to see either Mclaren or Novitec ( probably Novitec after their amazing mods and upgrades) give the 765LT a 200 BHP electrical engine like the P1 has (177 bhp in the P1) so it has a combined power of over 1000 to 1200 brake horse power! Just so it can put Ferrari and its new flagship model the SF90 back in its place! Maybe Porsche do some new hybrid hyper car too so we get a new holy trinity!!
Bijon De Kock
Bijon De Kock 6 aylar önce
Thx Martyn. 1200hp. That’ll be a handful. Hahaha. But certainly fun...if I can drive it on an airfield. 😅
Martyn Dyson
Martyn Dyson 6 aylar önce
@Bijon De Kock you can handle that sort of power now bro!! You got a job people dream about, Novitec test driver/pilot! i cant think of anything better.
Bijon De Kock
Bijon De Kock 6 aylar önce
...and then a way to out that power down without having to peel me off the side of a bridge afterwards. 🙈
MP VL 6 aylar önce
Astonishing machine 🚀
Simon Curtis
Simon Curtis 6 aylar önce
Great car made epic
J R 6 aylar önce
I don't really understand, that "hypercar" came out in 2014...765lt came 6 years later...... obviously current technology in terms of material used, aerodynamics, getting most power out of that TT engine can make it go faster that that hypercar 😐😐 There shouldn't be any politics involved, it's just logical explanation...even Tesla is making cars faster that most supercars But still P1 > any McLaren 💯💯💯💯💯💯 except the F1 lol
Absolutely stunning and insanely mental (in a great way) performing supercar. Just love this spec.
Cosplay in MiniaturE
Cosplay in MiniaturE 6 aylar önce
I was just about to comment that exact thing, this being a 'standard' car vs the, shall we say, exclusive price range of the P1 and the former is much more capable. How's that for progress for the IC engine (and computation simulators in the design studio)! Add: Forgot the mention the cadence of that engine from the cabin actually sounds better than the exterior, which is quite a party trick! The resonance alone makes you want to explore the limits of the car as it's telling you "Push Me Harder, Meatbag!"
Bijon De Kock
Bijon De Kock 6 aylar önce
Hahaha. You have me in stitches. Depending on how one pronounces my name, it can be surprisingly funny. 😅😅 thx for sharing!
Cosplay in MiniaturE
Cosplay in MiniaturE 6 aylar önce
@Bijon De Kock In that case, kick up your feet as I've got a good one for you. I had reservations about posting this, but it's a funny story really; my wife has a 'thing' for Hollywood-types named Chris, which I am not mind you. While watching this last vid, she comes in and looks over my shoulder. The inevitable 'What are you watching?' is proffered. 'Car review on TRvid.' She's not into any aspect of cars whatsoever other than they get her to her shopping destination, and how much crap can she bring back with her. I notice she's still behind me, look over the back of my chair and see a greasy-eyed wife. "No, you can't call him Chris," I utter jokingly. So, bad news Bijon, you're going to have to adjust your monograms...
Bijon De Kock
Bijon De Kock 6 aylar önce
Always looking forward to your comment! 👏👏👏👏👏
Thatguywithnopancreas 6 aylar önce
I didn't see you hit 200?
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