10 Useless Products People Actually Use on Their Pets!

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10 Products For People Who Treat Their Pets Like Humans! ➡️ trvid.com/video/video-_92MZwbUPnw.html
Testing 10 Food Gadgets That'll Make Eating More Fun! ➡️ trvid.com/video/video-TYdWDAt0_DQ.html
Join us on DOPE or NOPE as we unbox 10 hilarious and potentially useless products that pet owners actually use on their pets! Some of these product are meant to pamper your pet, others are meant to 'care' for your pet, but ya gotta sometimes wonder what kind of dogs these companies made these products for 😂 Join in on the fun, and leave a comment below of which product was your favorite!
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24 May 2019

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Dogs (like zeus) come from selective and in-breeding for the traits. Thus; Zeus actually has the WORST sense of smells of dogs. They don't exist in the wild because they die without human support.
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As you guys are reviewing the wobble wag giggle my dog is playing with one
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This video was recorded on my birthday
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One of the dog dryers is a towel
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10:37 horrible Photoshop xD
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No dog: Zeus: growls at toy
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