10 UNFORGETTABLE Auditions that Got Simon Cowell's GOLDEN BUZZER On Got Talent!

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Check out the top 10 most unforgettable auditions that got Simon Cowell's golden buzzer on Britain's Got Talent, America's Got Talent and America's Got Talent: The Champions!




4 Tem 2021




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Abbie Webb
Abbie Webb 7 aylar önce
New hobbie unlocked; sitting in bed at 3am, crying, watching people succeed in life. I love these so much
Lucia Paredes
Lucia Paredes 9 saatler önce
@maryam maher ssss asap just need help eat m
K'Tresha Mickens
K'Tresha Mickens 21 saatler önce
Same except I'm at work at 3am doing the same. Damn that Simon Cowell🥺🥺
Viktor Volkov
Viktor Volkov 2 gün önce
watching others Succeed in life? Nah bro this pure inspiration to everyone. Everyone can do something like this, obviously everyone has different sets of skills, but anyone can put those skills on got talent. Always chase your passion! Much love and support to you all.
Alesber 3 gün önce
2:50 am. Im in the mood
Queen Piin
Queen Piin 4 gün önce
Omg me too
Catsby Cat
Catsby Cat 2 aylar önce
Nightbirde, you will be forever remembered. Thank you for sharing your voice with the world ❤️
Karen Camoin
Karen Camoin Aylar önce
@Holly and Jaidyn Rapp someone said a few months ago
Catsby Cat
Catsby Cat Aylar önce
Holly and Jaidyn Rapp
When did she pass???
Catsby Cat
Catsby Cat Aylar önce
@David G She was a beautiful person ❤️
Funnyonnx Aylar önce
"Most people are bullied because they're better than the people who bully them" - Simon Cowell
Lydia Lebron
Lydia Lebron 29 gün önce
God bless them all they are all great singers
Yoas Nathan
Yoas Nathan 2 aylar önce
"You can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore before you decide to be happy" - Nightbirde Rest in love Nightbirde ♥
Joey B
Joey B 18 gün önce
That was incredible
Vashti Armitstead
Vashti Armitstead 27 gün önce
Boom! 🤯 💥 💗
Fiona Ballard
Fiona Ballard Aylar önce
What a complete inspiration Night Bird is. Wow, humanity needs more incredible people like her!
Seraphim Music Zambia
Wow! #Nightbirde_ was and will always remain a #Jewel_ 😢🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😢 I didn't know how to react. Smile and cry...❤️❤️❤️ But she said it better..in the end #Its_Okay_ ❤️
Lukoh Dorothea-Esther
Yeah ..tears flooded my Eyes during Her Awe-mazing Audition💙💙💙💙
Marte bruining
Marte bruining Aylar önce
00:00 Calum Scott - 'Dancing On My Own' (start 00:38) 04:38 Calysta Bevier - 'Fight Song' (05:59) 10:20 Sarah Ikumu - 'And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going' (11:45) 19:12 Mandy Harvey - 'Try' (21:04) 25:07 Jack & Tim - 'The Lucky Ones' (26:56) 31:01 Kechi - 'You Are The Reason' (31:54) 35:57 Tyler Butler-Figueroa - Violin 'Stronger' (38:41) 43:51 Fayth Ifil - 'Proud Mary' (45:07) 50:25 W.A.F.F.L.E. Crew - Dance 'Like Sugar' (54:29) 59:45 Nightbirde - 'It's Okay' (1:01:36)
das 13 gün önce
Mvp mvp!!!
Giovardo Thys
Giovardo Thys 16 gün önce
Nightbirde your last words......................
Music Enthusiast
Music Enthusiast 16 gün önce
Now someone even sang Caluum in an audition ..How awesome is that
Rosa Medeiros
Rosa Medeiros 27 gün önce
Thank you
Chase Folsom
Chase Folsom 29 gün önce
The Reckoning
The Reckoning 4 aylar önce
Simon has more love in his heart than he likes to admit.
William Coughlan
William Coughlan 16 gün önce
I absolutely agree. He is a nice giy
Laurie Gerling
Laurie Gerling 16 gün önce
Yes he does. Your comment shows that you are intelligent to see that in him. It annoys me when people start booing him before he finishes where he's going with his thought. He is smart enough to stop a person who's song choice may not be the best one for them. I've seen him do this several times because, and the change made them much better
whdbnrm Aylar önce
One of the most honest person in the entertainment industry . The man does not lie no matter how much the truth might hurt . That is why his opinion means so much
Lucian Black
Lucian Black Aylar önce
@Reta M. Still... With family & friends like that, who needs enemies.. Too cowardly to be honest with you but will let you humiliate yourself with the world watching..
Myrtle Myers
Myrtle Myers Aylar önce
I agree
Samuel Higgins
Samuel Higgins 4 aylar önce
I wanna add some context for Tyler's performance (violin kid). I'm a string player and all the walking and dancing he's doing are things that every teacher will tell you not to do because it makes is way harder to get a good sound out of the instrument. So for him to be able to make such a strong and clear sound while moving around so much is insanely impressive from a technical standpoint.
Ernest Negus
Ernest Negus 9 gün önce
@Saffron Azrael sent you
Лиза 23 gün önce
Thank you for pointing out this detail!
Jules Marner
Jules Marner Aylar önce
Charles Edward Anderson Berry (October 18, 1926 - March 18, 2017) was an American singer, songwriter and guitarist who pioneered rock and roll. Nicknamed the "Father of Rock and Roll", he refined and developed rhythm and blues into the major elements that made rock and roll distinctive with songs such as "Maybellene" (1955), "Roll Over Beethoven" (1956), "Rock and Roll Music" (1957) and "Johnny B. Goode" (1958).[1] Writing lyrics that focused on teen life and consumerism, and developing a music style that included guitar solos and showmanship, Berry was a major influence on subsequent rock music. Goooo Tyler ! ! 2 Cellos and a Violin is the future ! Go trio. Showmanship and a Modern Style i what the WORLD Needs Today..
You Need People Like Me
I was so impressed by him moving around too & Didn't expect it At All-I LOVED IT ALL
Shalmaneser 3 aylar önce
@Nanci D. The same can be said about the development of tennis.
Sherri Morris
Sherri Morris 3 aylar önce
When Sarah was singing "You're Gonna Love Me" it was just astounding! Unbelievable how much voice is inside that young lady. Just phenomenal. ❤😄🥳
Elizabeth Wightman
Elizabeth Wightman 28 gün önce
Angelic & so Pretty! You are Precious
Lkon99 2 aylar önce
That performance had me sobbing! Just stunning!
Dianna Horne
Dianna Horne 2 aylar önce
She’s 15! it takes so much living to know that depth of love....May god bless her life’s path always🌹💫💥. ...:::::how can she find that depth of connection to true real love between two adults...?!
novolyn okotie
novolyn okotie 3 aylar önce
Absolutely strong. Stunning and powerful voice Sarah. Got it all
Keith Bell
Keith Bell 3 aylar önce
I agree!. She totally transformed into a phoenix!..and she was still humble!..😇
Scottie Jones
Scottie Jones 2 aylar önce
Very sad that Night Bird passed this year. She was such an inspiration to so many people who think they are at life's wall and can't climb over.
Kurti see Kulczyski
Kurti see Kulczyski 4 gün önce
⁹mi I 23rd
mstleelynn 26 gün önce
Very sad...beautiful
Elizabeth Wightman
Elizabeth Wightman 28 gün önce
Ohhhh Sad 😢
Elizabeth Wightman
Elizabeth Wightman 28 gün önce
Elizabeth Wightman
Elizabeth Wightman 28 gün önce
Iconic 🥰💖💕🌈💃🏾
Nailea Taylor
Nailea Taylor 9 aylar önce
One thing that seriously hit me is that Mandy will never know just how incredible she sounds.. Bless her heart
Rombout Versluijs
Rombout Versluijs 4 aylar önce
Well she kinda did, she wasn't deaf until 18yr old
C2 yodoe
C2 yodoe 4 aylar önce
I thought about Mandy… she was beautiful with a dynamic voice and she was deaf, we should never say what we can’t do! She is inspiring proof
Andrew Lalnunfela
Andrew Lalnunfela 5 aylar önce
@Karen Faulkner k09
Andrew Lalnunfela
Andrew Lalnunfela 5 aylar önce
@Nailea Taylor o
Andrew Lalnunfela
Andrew Lalnunfela 5 aylar önce
@Federica Corradi o9o9
Larson Homer
Larson Homer 3 aylar önce
Nightbird is so beautiful. If a pen dare have dropped during her performance we would have heard it. It takes a powerful presence to awe a crowd of thousands to silence.
Bosstripp 2 aylar önce
@Mako Benavidez Damn.... RIP..
Mako Benavidez
Mako Benavidez 2 aylar önce
@Bosstripp yes, about a month ago
Bosstripp 2 aylar önce
@Miss Maggie wait… did she die?
Miss Maggie
Miss Maggie 2 aylar önce
RIP Night Bird.
Pierce Scarbrough
Pierce Scarbrough 4 aylar önce
I love how when Nightbirde finishes, it’s dead silent. Her song and voice and positive glow had me stuck and you can see it with everyone’s reaction it was so beautiful.
paul guthrie
paul guthrie 2 aylar önce
unfortunatly we wont hear any more she is gone...............................
Missie 4 aylar önce
She's amazing
Shadrack Sowah
Shadrack Sowah Aylar önce
It's been months to years these auditions happened, but today we still listen to these people and we're wowed at their talents. I know someone is definitely up at this time watching too. ❤
#Depressed Lilly
#Depressed Lilly Aylar önce
RiggerMantis 3 aylar önce
You can always tell when Simon's really pleased with someone's performance. He just kind of smiles and vibes with the music.
Funnyonnx Aylar önce
Callum's audition was so odd but so good. He walks in, says a couple words, does a perfect audition. Then, he gets the golden buzzer with little to no words. Crazy.
Kristina 26 gün önce
I’m pretty sure it’s because his sister went on right before him and got denied. So he had extra nerves from that. I believe she already introduced him and then I’m sure there was a tinge of guilt when he got the golden buzzer and his sister didn’t even get through.
Patricia Chamberlain
His version of Creep was outstanding and the audience took a full 10 seconds to respond. They were in utter shock at that performance, and so was I.
HaloLover31 7 gün önce
OMG Kechi is so amazing!! I can listen to her sing all day everyday. Such a beautiful voice and such an inspiration to others! Bless her!❤️❤️❤️
Murali D
Murali D 3 aylar önce
Saying "It's okay" when you were fighting for your life takes a lot of strength and courage. You were such a wonderful soul Jane! Rest in Peace 😔
Franche 2 aylar önce
Nite nite little nightbird... so beautiful... so full of life... 😢
Mohammad Firman
Mohammad Firman 2 aylar önce
2% is not 0% percent. To say something like that need real courage and spirit. Rest In Peace Jane.
Herman Prima Sibarani
Herman Prima Sibarani 2 aylar önce
Rest In Peace 🥺😭
Murali D
Murali D 2 aylar önce
@dave otto Very true!
dave otto
dave otto 2 aylar önce
saying "it's okay" is one thing when fighting for your life, but to get on stage and tell millions of people that and basically bear your everything, I think, is probably the most courageous performance i've ever seen.
ZAVHALLA 3 aylar önce
Mandy Harvey's one of my all time favorites! She's a fighter, gorgeous, talented and all around amazing girl!
Jacqueline Lorrain
Jacqueline Lorrain 3 aylar önce
Totaly agree!!!
novolyn okotie
novolyn okotie 3 aylar önce
Sarah Ikumu's powerful voice gave me the chills for her age. She is a Super star indeed
Kayeng Maria
Kayeng Maria 3 aylar önce
I honestly love how he chooses people with most wonderful stories. 🥺 Keep it up, Simon!
novolyn okotie
novolyn okotie 3 aylar önce
Mandy's voice is soooo incredible. Thank God she didn't give up but decided to try. A great lesson for us.
Sherwood Wilson
Sherwood Wilson Aylar önce
Mandy was incredible, I freaking cried
Chris Duncan
Chris Duncan Aylar önce
I just found out today that Nightbirde has passed. I never knew her personally. Just through her music when I watch this video last year. Yet it says enough that her passing has left a hole in my heart, she did more in her time on this earth than I believe I ever will. So much courage. Gutted. XX
Karen Ragsdale
Karen Ragsdale Aylar önce
Wow. I was going to look her up, but you answered what I was wondering - thanks. People that go through cancer like she did are amazing, and I so wish every person that deals with cancer be Blessed by God. If not in life, then in the afterlife, in Heaven.
Jeff C
Jeff C 3 gün önce
I'm so happy the world still has that young lady! She deserves a long healthy, happy life for what she has gone through!
Se7enthson Aylar önce
"You can't wait until life isn't hard anymore before you decide to be happy" Thank you, I really needed to hear that right now, thank you.
Sherwood Wilson
Sherwood Wilson Aylar önce
As I lay in bed listening to this for the first time night bird 🐦, her personality her strength her courage. ♥ the statement she made in the end was one I will never forget. With no one with her, makes you wonder all the other issue she was going through. She is a 😇 👼 FOR SURE.
Taylor Ann
Taylor Ann 3 aylar önce
Anyone else up at 2am crying their eyes out! This video gave me pure joy!
Alain Blin
Alain Blin 3 aylar önce
@Jassi not 4 am but any times of the day, listened to it may be 100 times and every times I shed a tear
Jassi 3 aylar önce
4 am for me lol
Saabir Alexo [SD]
Saabir Alexo [SD] 26 gün önce
Nightbirde for me was the star performance... it hit hard and may her beautiful soul rest in peace 💐
MaZEEZaM 7 aylar önce
The Woman at the end, she had me in tears, ive been given less than 6 months to live and she has inspired me to believe that i may well live longer than my doctors suggest and regardless, be happy with the positive aspects of my life, im not dead yet.
Allison Ickes
Allison Ickes 6 gün önce
Elizabeth Anne Davis
Elizabeth Anne Davis 10 gün önce
I hope you're still with us. Good luck.
sages and sinners
sages and sinners 14 gün önce
May u be at peace and emotionally triumphant in this life ....ur words will live forever.
Allison Aylar önce
Seeing this was posted 6 months ago scared me
Michelle B
Michelle B 2 aylar önce
Matthew Keane
Matthew Keane Aylar önce
Sarah is the best voice I’ve ever heard. She is 15yo and has an amazing future ahead of her. Well done from Australia!
Laurie Gerling
Laurie Gerling 26 gün önce
Oh listen to that harmony. The perfect pitch this boy has is amazing. I taught voice. A lot of people don't know this, but a quiet tender vocal is way harder than ones smothered in background music.
Wade Tolbert
Wade Tolbert 27 gün önce
That last girl had one of the best voices I've ever heard. So effortless. Wowwwww.
Lanre Olaoke
Lanre Olaoke Aylar önce
Sarah ikumu mustn't give up on music and encourage others in her environs. She's just pure talent 😍🕺
Alex Jaber
Alex Jaber 4 aylar önce
Callum’s voice will never get old. One of a kind!
Mark Thompson
Mark Thompson 4 aylar önce
Sarah is a true Diva. OMW! Oozing talent from ever pore. What an artist!
Sarah Collins
Sarah Collins Aylar önce
Nightbird... I love her performance and I'm crying so hard. "I'm so much more than the bad things that happen to me..." #Rest Easy Angel
B4n8X 4 aylar önce
Honestly though, Simon Cowell is one of the greatest people out there. You have to search far and wide to get someone as good as him
Jacqueline Lorrain
Jacqueline Lorrain 3 aylar önce
Agree !!
K10 H
K10 H 4 aylar önce
Well said
WhiteAss4ssin11 4 aylar önce
These were all absolutely incredible, but Mandy bro.. that was something else, the fact she did THAT well without even being able to hear herself or the notes she was playing was amazing
Lissa Henry
Lissa Henry 4 aylar önce
It is amazing that Mandy can’t even hear her voice and she was so clear and pure. Totally amazing!
Guest YT
Guest YT 3 aylar önce
During the last one Simon redirected himself several times to quickly collect his emotions..wow. They were all great, but yes authenticity always wins. When we connect, we don't forget.
Philip Kälin
Philip Kälin Aylar önce
You can‘t wait until life isn‘t hard anymore befor you decide to be happy. And THAT from Her. That has to be one of the most powerful moments ever on the show..
Jade Marie Cañete-Estrella
Balling at 2 am! Happy, happy tears! I’d like to take a moment to commend the entire production team! Beautiful background songs to go with the moment every damn time! Sums the whole experience! Rest in love Nightbirde.
Kirsy Rosario
Kirsy Rosario 3 aylar önce
No me canso de ver esto! Las emociones, las risas, las lagrimas.... es tan hermoso... el talento, la personalidad, el toque de mover el corazon de las personas, son cosas que no se pueden fingir!! 💓💞💕💞
BennyCR2 3 aylar önce
Jeez... I felt the greatest emotion when Simon pushed the golded buzz for Mandy. Me encanta ver como Simon mira a alguien cuando se soprende! All the performances were incredible... How's that those people don't become famous. They deserve it. Night Bird reminded me of Sinead O'Connor in her early years. Night Bird taught ME a huge life lesson: "You can't wait until life isn't hard anymore before you decide to be happy."
Laurie Gerling
Laurie Gerling 26 gün önce
This girl has heart. I love it. Who says 'impossible?' This girl proves them wrong
Jasmine Abbey
Jasmine Abbey 3 aylar önce
Mandy and Nightbird are so amazing watching all of these just goes to show how deserving each one of these people are. Simon did well
Kwabena Asante Asiedu
Kwabena Asante Asiedu 3 aylar önce
Rest In Peace Nightbirde
Javier Barzaga
Javier Barzaga 3 aylar önce
Wow! Sarah blew me away!!! Amazing voice
Rombout Versluijs
Rombout Versluijs 4 aylar önce
The 15 year old girl, wowser whata powerhouse!!! That voice is incredible, so much power and that age.
Chinkey Eye
Chinkey Eye 3 aylar önce
No one can beat Calum's cover, evn himself haha.. i like his this perfomance more then his recorded version😆
Vera Lúcia Teles Oliveira
Simon é lindo! Um sorriso encantador.
MarvelousMartins 2 aylar önce
I love that moment! The way he comforted his sister while singing and living through the biggest moment of his life, is something special.
Andria 15 gün önce
The way Nightbirde looked up as soon as she started her song. You knew who she was singing for.
tanya lowe
tanya lowe 3 aylar önce
Sara is amazing what a voice, incredible singer.
Blessy Francis
Blessy Francis 8 aylar önce
My favorite will always be callum's audition. The moment when Simon hits the golden buzzer without a word is ultimate. Gives me goosies every time
Barbara Warren
Barbara Warren Aylar önce
@Alexander ak47 he can be gay, best audition ever.
Clara Deloney
Clara Deloney 3 aylar önce
BloodyStr1ker 3 aylar önce
His voice is amazing
Cameron Johnson
Cameron Johnson 3 aylar önce
Callum’s voice is just amazing, that was a wonderful audition.
Jay Miner
Jay Miner Aylar önce
Jane's audition is a testament to the legacy she leaves behind. I'm not sure AGT will be the same since Nightbirde took that stage. RIP, you beautiful soul.
Jussara Pontes da Cruz
Eu adoro ele, mto meigo, o jeito de cantar, a voz. Ele é mto fofo e lindinho!
A2Z Videos
A2Z Videos Aylar önce
And here we go again another great voice another great performer! This little lady has got a great big powerful voice for such a young lady. She sounds so much older professional more matured than her age absolutely stunning! Robin M from Mass.
emily stevens
emily stevens 3 aylar önce
A loving farewell to Nightbirde. You inspired so many in such little time. Rest in peace angel
Fernando Tieppo
Fernando Tieppo 6 aylar önce
When Nightbirde started singing I instantly fell in love with her, such a beautiful and positive woman with an amazing talent and beautiful voice. I really hope she’s able to beat the 98% going against her.
Marie Sol Quinto
Marie Sol Quinto 3 aylar önce
Rip nightbirde
Fernando Tieppo
Fernando Tieppo 3 aylar önce
@emily stevens she will indeed.
emily stevens
emily stevens 3 aylar önce
Hi friend! She passed away a couple days ago. She will be missed
mackline ainemukama
mackline ainemukama 3 aylar önce
May her soul rest in peace
Sherriru Chan
Sherriru Chan 3 aylar önce
@Shantale Wilson SHE PASSED OUT.!?!?!
Joy Marbley
Joy Marbley 3 aylar önce
An awesome heart felt performance! She's a keeper! Thank you
Candy Smith
Candy Smith Aylar önce
I get such joy seeing others go for their dreams!
Jackie Schult
Jackie Schult 17 gün önce
Each and every one of those people deserved it!!! They're talented souls!!! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💕💕💕💞
Gina P
Gina P 20 gün önce
Same here, especially when I’m sad at life and discouraged, watching agt lifts my soul
Uwase Kethia Gisele
Uwase Kethia Gisele 8 gün önce
Me too
Rose Swed
Rose Swed Aylar önce
Simon's 'wow' after Nightbirde is everything❤️
shaz ben
shaz ben 26 gün önce
Amazing performance golden buzzer well deserved he’s a star I want to hear allot more of him
Barbara Peoples
Barbara Peoples Aylar önce
Every act tugged at my heart ❤️. Awesome, moved to tears. Thanks so much for sharing! ☺️❤️❤️
Katydid Aylar önce
Love Callum Scott's music - so talented
Brian Hickey
Brian Hickey 4 aylar önce
I can’t stop listening to the first audition, Callum Scott doing the Robyn cover. The transparency and authenticity is tangible. It may be the best cover I’ve ever heard, at 47 years young. Sublime.
Barbara Warren
Barbara Warren Aylar önce
Rafael Obusan
Rafael Obusan 2 aylar önce
He actually overtook Robyn on the charts. He topped at #1 and Robyn got #2.
Bill Carpenter
Bill Carpenter 2 aylar önce
I agree , I really felt every word of that song when Callum sang it. Amazing cover.
Rombout Versluijs
Rombout Versluijs 4 aylar önce
His tonal range or sound he creates is really mesmerizing. Very very unique voice
Dennis_the_Menace SoonerLife
When I first saw Calum Scott's audition a few years ago, I immediately listened to all of his songs on Spotify and now all of his songs are in my top 10 list.
GodEmcee DaSs
GodEmcee DaSs 4 aylar önce
The last performance is really unforgettable ❤💯🔥That lady is powerful
Anton Bruce
Anton Bruce 4 aylar önce
Leave it up to a young child to make violin playing really freaking cool!!! He's amazing!
Lydia Anderson
Lydia Anderson 2 aylar önce
@Hello Anton how are you doing?
Adriana Fernandes
Adriana Fernandes 3 aylar önce
Sem palavras!!!!!!!! Perfeito!!!!!!!!
Catherine Townsend
Catherine Townsend 7 aylar önce
Nightbird... so inspiring! Her words are in my heart. "You can't wait until life isn't hard anymore, before you decide to be happy" ... it's ok.
Scorpio GirlVA
Scorpio GirlVA 3 aylar önce
I love this quote from nightbird! 💜
Xaoc 4 aylar önce
that words really super inspiring♥️
Gail Ledl
Gail Ledl 7 aylar önce
Night bird I want to thank you for your words you made my day and I’m going to think about your words every time I want to give up.
HaloLover31 7 gün önce
Fly with the Angels Nightbirde! You’ve left a little piece of you with all of us. Thank you for your beautiful voice! You’re words of wisdom are inspirations to us all! Your smile, big heart and positive attitude will surely be missed forever. Sing with the angels sweet girl❤️❤️❤️🕯
Drew 4 aylar önce
No click bait here! I watched Calum Scott do Dancing On My Own on his debut and he blew me away. I probably listened to it a dozen times since. Stunning and beautiful. And Sarah Ikumu singing And I"m Telling You,,, there are no words. Just epic!!
Dawn Gonzalez
Dawn Gonzalez 2 aylar önce
So sad yet so beautiful to see this after her passing. She was an incredible soul, and we should all strive to see life as she did. Thank you for you for your amazing story.
Sake Boersma
Sake Boersma Gün önce
Simon Cowell… always keeps a professional distance. Like ‘hugging’ a person… he always keeps a kind of distance… that makes him for me a professional and good man.
Nightshade 5 aylar önce
I've always loved Callum Scott's audition. He's incredibly talented.
Emma Lervold
Emma Lervold 2 aylar önce
And humble!!!!
Jacqueline Lorrain
Jacqueline Lorrain 3 aylar önce
So true!!!!!
singlebadassmomhere! 3 aylar önce
I just woke my entire house up crying uncontrollably for Tyler!!!😫😫😫😭😭😭💕💕💕💕 what an INSPIRATION he is💕💕💕💕
alexander madukaego
alexander madukaego 2 aylar önce
Brooke Meyering
Brooke Meyering 3 aylar önce
It’s gotta be the most remarkable feeling to get any kind of approval or kindness from Simon Cowell. Wow.
Jayne Duvall
Jayne Duvall Aylar önce
Simon really has a big heart for amazing people
New Beginnings [N.U.T.P.O.G]
I cant watch this on the weekends. I dont cry on weekends. I've shredded tears this whole video. I love the ambition these talents exemplify. It's amazing. Theres a blessing after the pain. We al must realize that.
Janet White
Janet White 9 aylar önce
Everytime i hear Sarah Ikumu, i fall in love with her all over again. Her pure 15 year old joy in singing reminds me of when i felt that. Priceless.
Samantha 4 aylar önce
She’s got twice the confidence and self-esteem as someone (🙋🏼‍♀️) more than twice her age.
Jessica Simonson
Jessica Simonson 5 aylar önce
And the look on Simons face just says she has pure talent and is going to go places
Brian Keith
Brian Keith 5 aylar önce
you can hear the Etta James in her voice
Melissa coviello
Melissa coviello 5 aylar önce
Thank you so much for saying her name. I need to screenshot this comment so I can listen to her over and over again.
Hawa camara
Hawa camara 8 aylar önce
Hello how are you?
78cunobelin 3 aylar önce
All are such amazing performers! Tyler and Waffle were singularly astounding but I loved all of these.
Ellen Nassr
Ellen Nassr 3 aylar önce
She deserved that golden buzzer she's very strong she will go far
AzzyPlays 3 aylar önce
Who is?
Lourdes Collet
Lourdes Collet Aylar önce
All amazing! Nightbird angelic voice. Left us too soon. Loved her so much 💖
ciomania1 3 aylar önce
i am just seeing nightbird's performance for the first time. it brought me to tears and i wanted to follow her on instagram only to find that she passed 2/20/22. i am heartbroken but she leaves a legacy of positivity, love and courage in her words. R.I.P.
Logus Graphics
Logus Graphics 8 aylar önce
The kid with the violin is the bravest man I’ve seen. Wow, what an inspiration. And the way he said he was proud of himself, such awareness of his context and bravery. That touched me deeply.
jwsel 2 aylar önce
@Kerri Drury Go back and rewatch. It’s difficult to hear, but he thanks Simon when they are hugging.
Beautiful Butterfly
Beautiful Butterfly 3 aylar önce
@Kerri Drury And how do you know that he didn't say thank you? Does everything have to be done in public, to be done? Get a clue.
Folake Gold
Folake Gold 4 aylar önce
I cried
Ivan Culo
Ivan Culo 4 aylar önce
Incredible, this kid is a state hero and what Simon tells to bullies is a quote of a world.
yively estevez fermin
yively estevez fermin 4 aylar önce
waoooo is very very good🎉👌👍💫🌟✨
ana francisca soraida Borrero
Que bonito canta. Ternura total. Y un chico guapísimo.
AdrieDudaReis 3 aylar önce
Tyler, o menino do violino , eu chorei, kisses From Brazil
Krissha Jean
Krissha Jean 2 aylar önce
i'm happy to see nightbirde here, her voice is so so so angelic and full of hope
Jennifer Korvina
Jennifer Korvina 4 aylar önce
In a quick moment Simon changed that little boys outlook on life. Great job Tyler ! 💜
charlie winslow
charlie winslow 2 aylar önce
I love tyler and when I heard his story my heart broke into a thousand little pieces for this amazing young man
Terkina 3 aylar önce
Nightbirde is a huge inspiration to all of us, and especially to people struggling in their life. I know that the chance is really little, but I hope that she will survive! She is a true hero. 💓
Terkina 2 aylar önce
@Anton Wilding I'm also not a native speaker! That you are not native doesn't change anything! This isn't an apology for spreading lies. If you spread around stuff make sure it's true. Saying " but I thought..." It doesn't matter what you thought. Even all of us know that she was incredibly weak already on AGT and that the chance to survive was near to 0, doesn't mean we have the right to spread rumors and lies. To say someone died with a lie on top by saying she was by herself is disrespectful. If you don't have information with 100% proof, just don't spread them. I know myself that miracles can happen, no matter how bad a situation looked like before. Even when some people have a super tiny chance to survive that doesn't mean that others have the rights to tell that this person has already died, when they are still fighting. Can you imagine how this person feels when they read themselves that people are saying they already died? This would be horrible! As long as people are alive, everything can happen. There are so many who got told they will die shortly, but they are still fighting years later. Where are we when we stop believing in our strength, hopes, and healing powers?! Our hope and support were surely helpful for her and the reason that she was able to live on for many months after the audition. If I had stopped believing in my strength and powers I wouldn't be here anymore today, writing with you. I know what it means to be terminally ill, and I also know how much energy people can get through the support from others. But also know how much it hurts to read hurtful lies about myself.
Anton Wilding
Anton Wilding 2 aylar önce
@Terkina well maybe you missunderstood something or i wasnt that clear . I´m not native english . She got a 2% chance to survive ? For sure she didnt make it . The world isnt a pony farm . I thought she died already , well you confirmed it now . Nothing to do with being unrespectfull, i´m just a realist.
Terkina 2 aylar önce
@Anton Wilding So, just for your information. Nightbirde died 6 days ago. And like I told you: The public would get this information immediately. I don't like people like you. People who think it is funny to spread rumors, pretending to know more than others. It's so disgusting to say that a person died when they are not. Especially spreading rumors about such an amazing, inspirational and terminal ill person like Nightbirde was.
Anton Wilding
Anton Wilding 3 aylar önce
@Terkina she was on her own . info at Twitter , Insta or Facebook ? LOL
A Hacker
A Hacker 4 aylar önce
Anytime I'm feeling down and alone I come here and let' out the tears ,such beautiful people and beautiful voices,Music is Amazing ❤️❤️❤️ Wish you all the best in 2022
Kathleen Evers
Kathleen Evers 3 aylar önce
Everyone was great Sarah owned the stage the crowd the song and the judges wow 😀.
Matthew Boyette
Matthew Boyette 9 aylar önce
Callum Scott's audition version of dancing on my own cannot be beat. Even his studio cover of it is nothing in comparison to his audition.
Valiant 2 aylar önce
Yeah this is something else for sure. So much emotion
Katrina Louise
Katrina Louise 3 aylar önce
It is not his version, it is Robins. He just sang a copy of it. Damn good, but it's not his arrangement.
Chinkey Eye
Chinkey Eye 3 aylar önce
Ken Jungco Amora
Ken Jungco Amora 5 aylar önce
Andre Corte Real
Andre Corte Real 6 aylar önce
@Marieke Reussien me to ❤️😍
Another Google Account
All these contestants were remarkable. My favorite is Tyler Butler-Figueroa. I was very emotional hearing his story.
Venuja Vethmin Samarakoon
When you got a living legend from Simon
Faith Jay
Faith Jay 3 aylar önce
Simon has such a soft spot for kids I swear. He’s actually such a sweetheart
je10022 3 aylar önce
These contestants are such an inspiration!!💖💖💖
Skye Rae-Anne♥️
Skye Rae-Anne♥️ 8 aylar önce
Simon is my favorite judge. He is truthful and he does have a heart. He’s just more opinionated and he’s also been doing this job for decades
Jacqueline Lorrain
Jacqueline Lorrain 3 aylar önce
H's also my favorite judge !! Love him !! I 💙🤍
Unwana Essien
Unwana Essien 3 aylar önce
He is my favorite too
Agent Tube
Agent Tube 5 aylar önce
💯 the True…
Ilaisaane Pofaiva
Ilaisaane Pofaiva 6 aylar önce
Agree too, I like him, he maybe bold but whenever he gives positive comments, Cheeze it's always very touch
veronica bell
veronica bell 6 aylar önce
Sorry not her fault but the worst song i ever heard.
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