10 Things Lego Star Wars Players HATE 

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10 things Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga players hate! For more Lego Star Wars gameplay and new Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga, stay bombastic 🕶
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2 Ara 2023




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I hate that they took away the astromech droids’ glide. That was a core part of R2-D2‘s move set in the prior games and they just said “no, you can’t do that anymore.”
@javanhayes8140 Yıl önce
THIS, I lost my shit when I found out lololol
@Angry_Peanut_52 Yıl önce
@@javanhayes8140 I spent an hour trying to figure out how to glide as R2. An hour wasted
@xthax9718 Yıl önce
they made the jetpack, couldnt they just copy the code from that to astromech droids for the glide? man they lazy
Yeah, threw me for a loop as well.
@bacondorito Yıl önce
Facts, I don’t want to fly as a scavenger. We’ve literally seen none of the scavenger characters glide on a jetpack
The opening cutscene with Rey, saying “I need someone to show me my place in all this.” This should have been Anakin. You know the main character of Star Wars
@VulpisFoxfire 4 aylar önce
It's so bad I've seen plenty of modder how-tos on how to replace that line with either something else or silence.
@doctor_burnsides915 10 aylar önce
I remember being really disappointed that npcs don’t fight back when you attack them. Some of the most fun I had in the complete saga was starting fights in the cantina
@LowTierScrub 5 aylar önce
😢 thanks for bringing that memory back. Would always just fire one shot then spend the next half hour seeing how long I could survive 😂 didn't they just wander in through the doors as well? Like they all start shooting then fckin grievous and Obi wan roll up 😂
@premaldevi5477 2 aylar önce
Always at 10 pm with a friend fighting in the cantina on the wii
@austinmartin-ww4te 2 aylar önce
@soo1579 10 aylar önce
What I actually wish for the DLCs was that they could also have a story. Like if you got the Obi-Wan Kenobi DLC you can play the Obi-Wan Kenobi series in the Skywalker Saga. Or if you got the Mandalorian DLC you can play Lego episodes of the Mandalorian. I just wish that the DLCs had a story mode.
@cristianvarela2614 9 aylar önce
That’s exactly what I wanted
@DistantECH0 27 gün önce
@Aurik-Kal-Durin Yıl önce
Being forced to change characters in Free Play, not being able to replay side-missions, and no character customization are definitely my biggest issues with this game. I also really hate how little combat there is in the open world; I can walk around dark side locations like Geonosis or the Death Star and just not have any of the Battle Droids or Stormtroopers attack me, even if I'm playing as Luke Skywalker. That is ridiculous.
@KeybladeMasterAndy 7 aylar önce
It's even more ridiculous when you remember Lego Clone Wars does exactly that. The hub ships and playable characters being Republic and Separatist means you are likely to be attacked on the enemy vessel.
@kosmaukaszczyk8401 6 aylar önce
you get great batlles and changing characters are probably becouse this fights are heavily scripted and maybe in some parts of the element the game just bugged when playing as some classes or some characters and they didnt have time to fix it or simply coudnt do it so they blocked you on playing class that they were sure will work ( going back at time ) at lego star wars 3 clone wars in 1 assaj mission at first part of last fight in a mission if on freeplay you choose rocket clone and start spamming rockets at robot game will often crash ( it not happens every time)(steam version)( playing on dell laptop using logitech contoller USB)
Not something I hate, but more something I miss are the sort of large scale Ground Battles from Lego Star Wars III. I would’ve loved to have a game mode where I could lead an Imperial assault as Darth Vader against the First Order or Separatists, or even just the Rebels, it would’ve been so much fun. I loved the back and forth and progression in those levels, and it felt challenging in the right ways
@Michael-xy6kf 7 aylar önce
Clone wars was a crispy ass Lego game sheesh
@BrocOLee-yn2zv 6 aylar önce
Those levels in the clone wars where u had to destroy buildings in different tiles to capture a piece of land were my favorite parts of any Lego games (sorry if my description of the level is hard to understand, I don’t really know how to describe what it was like)
@phantomsoup7261 Yıl önce
I wish there were more enemies in open world. Such as random encounters on ground. Like imperials harassing civilians or a small faction battle and you choose who to help. Or even better a wanted level like in DC supervillians. I wish there were more enemies. Also I miss Garindan the Imperial Spy 😢
@lewishodgson003 Yıl önce
Thats what i was gonna say as well
Yeah,We seriously need DLC levels.
@alaynadiaz7918 Yıl önce
@netdawg2k671 Yıl önce
More enemies? There are NO enemies rn
@lasercraft32 10 aylar önce
I really liked that part in the story where they initiated Order 66, and enemy clone troopers appeared to attack you in the open world... wish they coulda had more of that, I found it so cool for some reason.
@mricebro Yıl önce
I wish there was more variety in the puzzles and side missions. I'm currently in the process of 100%-ing the game and there's multiple of the same type of puzzle in each location. It's especially abundant on planets like Tatooine and Naboo because they're such huge planets with multiple different locations within it
@crystalcove99 Yıl önce
My first real experience with Star Wars was playing LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga with my older brother on the Wii in like 2008 when I was 9. My brother now has a son, and both of us thought it would be neat if we introduced him to Star Wars via LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. However, after having seen how disappointing the couch co-op frequently is in TSS, that idea quickly dissolved and we now intend to just play TCS with him instead. I mostly play games solo, so the disappointing co-op isn't that big of a negative for me, but the fact that it ruined a dream that my brother and I had really hurts. (I mean COME ON, I genuinely feel bad for whoever has to be player 2 during The High Ground...)
I thought I was the only one fumbling through character selection 😂 My biggest peeve was short missions and lack of flying missions. They left out so many key battles.
@benthecat4345 Yıl önce
One thing I don't like is that the astromechs (aside from the BB units) can no longer hover (which is kind of a trade off for being able to do damage and use grapple points) and one thing I like is that the protocol droids are no longer a burden, they move quicker, can jump, and can fight as well as split into 2 completely controllable pieces, no longer do they move at a snail's pace
@brady5006 Aylar önce
I thought it was hilarious as a kid to be someone fast and watch my brother's character slowly trek behind me
@Goldenrod21 Yıl önce
Literally everything said in here were my exact thoughts, but what I REALLY hated was the fact that the jetpacks are literally useless in this game, you'd expect it to actually work to get you around such an expansive world and yet you just get a double jump that let's you float a bit and that's it.
@Nick_MG Yıl önce
Actually for me (atleast) are the most useful thing in the game
yeah they literally last 1.25 seconds, there worse then a double jump and are never good to use, i would make them atleast the same ase the scavenger jet pack that makes you glide
@emhaloween2274 Yıl önce
Well actually since I haven’t found all the tools for the scavenger, sometimes I managed to use jettpacks to “cheat” the game
Not to mention astromechs can't fly either.
@@BrandontheAwesome yeah I went to fly as r2 in attack of the clones and just fell off the edge and was so confused so I kept trying and was like "huh thats a weird glitch"
Something that has been annoying for me is the capital ships they chose for the random encounters in space. While I have no issue with the existing ones and was thrilled to see the addition of the 5 that weren't released at launch they didn't include some of the obvious ones. For instance, despite having models for them in a couple of story missions the developers did not put in a standard imperial star destroyer, only choosing to put in the super star destroyer. Although I understand they are supposed to be capital ships it seems unusual to have overlooked this given that we see more ISD's than the super star destroyer used by Vader. The dynamic events were a major selling point for me so it is disappointing to a degree. Not to mention that there are no dynamic events that can occur on the surface
@tomchaney6085 Yıl önce
I think it's a real shame to be missing some of the biggest moments from the films and the previous games, it especially feels light on the flight segments, with not including the battles of Coruscaunt or Endor, the big action setpiece on Takodana in TFA where the perspective switches between Poe in the air and Finn, Han and Chewbacca on the ground could also have made for a really unique level. That being said, I absolutely love all the non-mission space stuff, being able to just dive into a dogfight and be the big damn hero, and the attention to detail in how the ships handle, when the LEGO game formula generally has a lot of characters who are basically mechanically identical to one another, it's really cool that damage output and maneuverability seem to fit whatever ship you're flying. Also, in regards to the short missions, I know it would be a huge undertaking and if it ever happened it probably wouldn't be for a long time, but some longer missions based on the TV shows, or even some sort of porting of the missions from TCS to this game's mechanics and character roster would be a DLC I would pay good money for.
@xanderchin4176 11 aylar önce
The thing that annoys me most is protocol droid's password feature. Sometimes I'm just not sure which passwords I don't have, and I don't want to have to search the galaxy for any amount of passwords.
One thing I would have really liked out of this game was the galaxy changing as you progress through the saga Like Vader's Castle only existing after ep 3, or the Jedi temple turning into the Imperial Palace after, again ep 3 You know, stuff like that I would have loved to see
@origamiyoda6140 Yıl önce
I feel like there should be a option for that, so you don’t have to change episodes. Like a “Adaptive Galaxy” option that does this, it lets you know what it does at the start but it’s turned off by default.
I was so disappointed when I found out there was no customization. I only realized once I had an idea to make a protocol but with all of Darth Maul’s pieces so I can play as him split in half. Then I googled where it was and was sad
@elliottimerman1806 3 aylar önce
Lol that’s genius
@red9mm Yıl önce
One huge thing I was bummed by is big movie scenes like the battle over coruscant and 2nd Death Star that you don’t get to play. I feel like the only cinematic space battle you fight is the trench run
what about the battle for naboo?
@xD0nReeZyx Yıl önce
Yeah I just got this game yesterday played through the prequels so far and some free play and I kinda hated how like all the big scenes and such were either not playable skipped entirely or downgraded like the huge battle on geonosis gone the battle over corrusant barely even a cutscene also battle of kashyk was extremely low effort like it was a full on war and now it’s barely a skirmish and how must of the scenes were trying way to hard to be funny when like qui gon died or when Padme died
@Illuminfinity 10 aylar önce
@@xD0nReeZyx darth maul hopping around as a head was kind of funny to be honest.
@thomasdeeley1164 10 aylar önce
Completely agree, I really wanted to play the space battle on exegol, instead I just watched it, like I did in the films, I would've preferred that over fighting palatine, AGAIN!!
I personally didn't like the challenges that were in the actuall levels. On top of finding mini kits and getting true Jedi, I just found it to be annoying to remember to do those challenges too
@meat1765 Yıl önce
One of my favorite menus in the game was the world selection because of the small looping animations describing the story but the only time you could access it was when you started a new save or when you finished an episode. I knew by checking the map menu that there was a smaller world select but it just wasn’t the same.
Not something I'd like to see, more something I like that's in the game: Did you know the Jango Fett (and I'd assume all jetpack characters) not only have a double jump, but due to the jetpack, a TRIPLE jump? I thought it was cool, and a lot easier than moving objects around using the force to get to higher spots.
@keira943 2 aylar önce
Something I really would’ve liked is a separate DLC/ game for the Clone Wars and Rebels series. There are plenty of fans of those series and being able to play those characters in a story mode would’ve been amazing.
I wish you could visit the imperial throne room on the Death Star 2 and I wish they made more captain ships in general (with more stuff to do in them) like the supremacy, you should be able to free roam in snokes throne room too.
@Brizzle427 Yıl önce
My biggest problem with the game was it lacked the charm of a lego game. Nothing about this game justifies the need for it to be lego. Theres only a handful of instances in this game where you break an object and rebuild it into something fun and creative. I think back to the first level of a new hope in LSW2 and how there was an entire area where you could build a car by growing and destorying plants just for the sake of it being fun.
@xKUNAIxCHICKx Yıl önce
I came here to say this. I play lego games for the fun quirky legoyness and it seems completely gone from the game!!!! I've played one level and I might honestly bit bother with the rest of the game. And why for the love of God did they get rid of the need to get a certain amount of studs?!?!?!
@Juanma-fb4sm Yıl önce
@@xKUNAIxCHICKx they didn't remove it ._.
@IBrowneeI 11 aylar önce
I just 100%'d Lego Star Wars 3 and intentionally went back to a specific level purely to take a screenshot of Darth Vader riding a lawn mower that for some reason just happens to be in the middle of a massive battlefield. If the newer games keep lacking silly stuff like that, I gotta know who drained the fun out of the devs, because that's the sort of thing you Lego-ize these licensed franchises for!
@nick-cepticon782 10 aylar önce
@omniyx7837 4 aylar önce
@@IBrowneeI The Skywalker Saga has lots of lego humor. I've only done 3 episodes but there's a LOT of humor. What I can recall is for example when Qui Gun gets killed, you have only darth mauls head hopping around trying to get obi wan and obi wan just force pushes him. Episode 3 ROS start off with a group of droids celebrating a B1 Droids retirement, and then obi wan and anakin crash into them, and it shows them doing dialogue about rescueing the chancellor WHILE eating the birthday cake from the retirement party they killed. There is lots of classic lego humor in Skywalker Saga
@phillies3454 Yıl önce
My biggest pet peeve is easily the addition of the level challenges. Anytime a game has these optional objectives in story missions (looking at you, Assassin's Creed), it only adds frustration for us completionists trying to get 100%. Admittedly most of them were still easy since this is a Lego game, but there were still a handful that were ridiculously frustrating to pull off, like avoiding Jango's seismic charges or any of the timed objectives that usually required another playthrough. That sort of thing is definitely 1 of my bigger pet peeves w/ video games in general
@domispablo7992 5 aylar önce
Agreed my knly improvement would make them all possible In one run. Like for the palpatine boss battle vs yoda you have to restart twice at the very least
@zachmortimer2469 11 aylar önce
The biggest thing that this game is missing for me is the lack of 'platformer' it has. almost EVERY lego game before this one had a formula that it followed just like every other lego game before it. I get that they wanted to break away from it, but they strayed way too far from what makes LEGO games what they are. most of what i played just consisted of open world gamplay-cutscene-open world gameplay.
I wish that you could have the option to go to different time eras and see how the landscapes and people changed with those eras. I was so disappointed when I was playing in episode 4 and still saw the republic still alive and well, with clone guards still roaming the streets.
@funkywizard9311 Yıl önce
the Disney infinity star wars games had most replay-able side missions and rewards if you complete it with all the stars (each star have 1 point like play as a certain character, do it in a difficult mode), and it had random encounters with enemies. It's not as good as skywalker saga, but it has some of the stuff it is missing
The character customizer was the part I was looking forward to the most in this game. After an amazing customizer from Lego DC Supervillains, my hopes were high
@gavinhart1068 Yıl önce
This is VERY nit-picky but in the original complete saga, I loved the fact that in Obi-Wan and Anakin’s duel, you could play as both and fight each other and I hate that it didn’t get adapted into the new game
@mr_slave Yıl önce
what a great audience!
@Shadowical 11 aylar önce
you can do that with Luke vs Darth Vader
@omniyx7837 4 aylar önce
@@Shadowical It forces Luke to win. If Player two (Darth Vader) kills player one (Luke Skywalker), Player one will respawn and continue fighting. You cannot win as darth vader and it forces player two to let player one win. Not fair at all if your friend gives you the second controller
The fact that the podrace level in the phantom menace is the only podrace experience is kinda disappointing. I was hoping they would have a mission line where you would go to like 7 different planets and complete in a race and after you complete a race you unlock a new podrace specifically for these events and a podrace to play as. The last race being a rematch against Sebulba. Of course after that you finally unlock him.
@akazuki-genin3460 10 aylar önce
What made me very sad are that so many battles are missing the battle of geonosis, coresant space. I loved it in the clone wars games these big battles and how you could play those big thanks and walkers in that old game was so amazing. And I loved it and here they just missed out in so much
There’s things I miss from the original games, having a set hub like others being one
@RogueHinfernus 10 aylar önce
Unpopular opinion i think but i loved the "non spilt-screen" of the ancient Lego SW game, it was, for me, way more beiing a cooperate game than a "do this and i do an other thing far away" game that make the co-gameplay more like a mmo with only two players...and the personnalisation is miss too of course ;)
@joebejjani3579 7 aylar önce
I agree with everything you said especially about replaying the missions and side mission. This should be in every video games
@NaturalHazard10 Yıl önce
Planets need more life tbh, hostile NPCs, random fights like the ones in space, and characters you've unlocked roaming around starting fights. That would get me hooked again for sure.
@russsandhu6030 Yıl önce
Fr. I don’t try and 100 percent the planets anymore, at least on the sequel planets where it’s not really interesting to me. I just do the character ship unlocks and missions
@immaterial8721 Yıl önce
It’s a Lego game for kids there’s no need
@NaturalHazard10 Yıl önce
We all played the original games as kids and they had all of that.
@immaterial8721 Yıl önce
@@NaturalHazard10 okay and? The game is for literal toddlers grow up and stop complaining abt a Lego game
@MrGawn 10 aylar önce
Love the game in general... A couple of things I'd like to see changed or fixed. - spontaneous ships spawn in the surrounding system knocking you out of menus - idiot ai always seems to be in the way while dragging around puzzle components making me have to jump into their bodies to move them out of the way - digging through menus should pause in game action, instead of dying while trying to hunt through character selection looking for the right character type - i want to fight the enemies that the ai defeats or drains them down so low they only take one hit - i miss yodas little fling pod - astro mechs lost their flight - wish you could fly with jet pack characters, short burst hover sucks thats off the top, im sure there is more
@notacrow6286 9 aylar önce
I personally want a setting where you can combine types of weather/settings (like order 66) from different planets, so then you can go to any planet in the prequel trilogy and you can run from the clones. And voice lines are important! And another thing for the weather, maybe it's randomized from time to time, it's foggy in the open world and maybe some of the DLC characters fight the characters you play as while you free roam!
@notacrow6286 9 aylar önce
And while the weather/setting is changed the custom characters that you made fight with you or fight you!
@asc3nded397 Yıl önce
My biggest problems are that all the boss battles are exactly the same with no variation, everything is ridiculously easy to the point where there is literally no way to fail, even if you die you don’t lose anything and enemies are extremely bad at killing you to begin with, and there are no actual levels with actual good puzzles, it’s all just walking from place to place in a mostly empty open world to watch a cutscene of something that would have been way more fun to actually play through.
@massivelegend3339 10 aylar önce
That is litedally what lego has aleays been and thats why I like it
@OliverBarge13 Yıl önce
The more Star Wars video games Andrew plays the more insane he gets, he will probably be the craziest man on earth when he starts playing Jedi Survivor, I think it’s safe to say there is almost no hope of sanity left in him
@VulpisFoxfire 4 aylar önce
One other thing I dislike in SS is the handling of the space ring-race bits. The ground-based ones are bad enough, but the ones in space are hideously poor, giving you direction in the order or rings other than via trial and error. They're the only things keeping me from completeing the character catalog and otherwise 100%-ing the game. :-/
@jakenixon3730 Yıl önce
I've mentioned this under a previous one of your videos, butt I WISH that the npc's would retaliate when you attack them. It would make the open world feel so much more alive!
@BeckettSmeckett Yıl önce
Exactly! Absolutely loved setting off massive bar fights in the old games
@Dragoninja26 Yıl önce
They don't? I'm wanting this game less and less
@P3ACEEE 11 aylar önce
@@Dragoninja26 I still think its worth it because of the sheer amount of content
@QuebxcNF 9 aylar önce
Fr bro, I remember years ago playing the Complete Saga with my brother, cracking the shits, and I shot at him, missed, killed an NPC and proceeded to get laid out by the entire bar
@JCatl3y Yıl önce
My top features I want are: 1. Character customisation, 2. A versus mode like Heroes VS Villains in Battlefront 2 but with the option to fight an npc of your choice (e.g. Vader) as well as an online mode, 3. Having the option to change the era of a planet before visiting, like choosing Corusaunt during the Empire so instead of Clones there would be Storm troopers walking around and Empire flags everywhere, 4. A “save the civilian from being attacked” feature like in the Lego Marvel games would be cool. 5. Custom levels where you can spawn lots of enemies, choose the location, boss, etc would be amazing.
@tickital4464 Yıl önce
for me the most annoying thing is the way ships turn when you turn a large angle - at first they stop immediately when i stop turning my mouse (i play with keyboard + mous) but then if i go a long way it starts to spin and doesn’t immediately stop turning, which seems really odd and is pretty annoying
I know it wouldn’t really make sense, but maybe as a paid for dlc, having a clone wars bunch of levels. Like, having it cover most of the major arcs would be sooo nice
@JoeEnderman Yıl önce
I like the short missions. Maybe one or two more per episode, but otherwise pretty good.
What annoyed me was the 100% completion reward you'd think that you get something good for doing every single thing but no all they give you is unlimited studs after you already bought everything
@trlopzzz6722 Yıl önce
Gotta say I love the open world the most. All I’ve ever dreamt for in a Star Wars game was to actually *live* in the galaxy. This game delivers exactly just that. From the planet locations to literally FLYING IN SPACE, and landing in your favorite capital ship! I remember just sitting on the Home One looking out the bridge window admiring the view. Now if I only had the PC to support Star Citizen….
@brokenman970 Yıl önce
@@dakota_editz9910 little kid
@skortle579 Yıl önce
What’s Star citizen
@kipzsbrickz4013 Yıl önce
Yes I love it so many things to do it keeps ya busy
@@skortle579 Literally just look it up. it's that simple.
I hated the way the game recognizes certain missions ex: the so uncivilized droid attack , we’re for some reason the droids outside don’t count?! But I love how each planet was represented and the little quirky dialogue ex: the kaminoian asking for a long enough scarf 🧣
@legopussy2363 11 aylar önce
bcs theyre background 'art'
@martinbauer8395 Yıl önce
Timed puzzles - would be nice if you could turn the clock/timer off and attempt the puzzle without time pressure. Especially those with levers to pull or targets to shoot. Sometimes you have to go searching for the targets to shoot on top of the time pressure. What about the 12 buttons you have to step on to get the Kyber Brick atop the pillars on the beach on Kashyyk. 😎
@wojteuuusz2237 3 aylar önce
@talval Yıl önce
It would honestly be amazing if they gave mando, Ashoka, etc voice lines I was actually expecting some voice lines even if they took them from series, or a movie
I wish that they added more important story levels like the battle of coruscant in. Also I wish the dlc were playable because who doesn’t want to play through the mandalorian
Gotta say for me it's the character customisation and the ability (or lack of) to replay it. They are such small things but it leaves such a big hole in the game. I bought the game and even tried without them but to be honest I have only played the game once since I bought it on the release date yet I have played the complete saga and the clone wars many times in the same period of time. I'm sure the game is fun to a great many people but for me the further I progressed the more hollow the game felt.
I have a serious issue with the fact that key moments are missing like the battle over coruscant and second Death Star The short levels make them unsatisfying when you beat them and you feel something’s missing The battle in geonosis is empty when in the last games there were so many battle droids at the same time And the worst part, MUSTAFAR IS NOT A 1 V 1 NOR THE LAVA IS A MENACE FOR THE PLAYERS ;-; Outside of those 4 things I love the game, but it’s sad that those key facts are no where to be seen
I think the worst part is finding the protocol droid keys to unlock doors and things like that
@patrickSTAR05 10 aylar önce
Also the dlc reuse stances and attack styles from existing characters from the main game. This also happens a little just with the base characters, but as far as I can tell, the dlc has no new animations
@jayo1212 Yıl önce
@3:48 I agree, the DLC characters should have had voice lines, even if they just ripped the audio right from the movie or show the character was in...
I wish there was online multiplayer! My favorite part of the original game was playing it through with a friend. While there is local play, I couldn’t believe it when I found out there was no online multiplayer. All I wanted was to be able to hop in with a friend and play Lego Star Wars, but it’s impossible to do unless we’re sitting next to each other.
My friend and I decided to do a full run-through of the story. We got through the prequels and A New Hope without any problems, and since my friend had done a completionist run, he had all the characters unlocked. Once we got to Empire Strikes Back, things went terribly wrong. the moment Luke leaves Dagobah to go to Bespin, he never reaches Bespin. Luke is just stuck in hyperspace. We logged out of the game, re-logged in, and tried to leave Dagobah again, same thing happens. Finally, we experimented. We decided to leave the game, with Luke in hyperspace, just to see if it would sort it out on its own. We left the game on for six hours and Luke was still in hyperspace from Dagobah to Bespin. I don't know if it's a bug or not, because my friend had played it all the way through in a completionist run, but there really should be a way to move the story along if you get stuck in hyperspace for no reason. that game file still has Luke stuck in hyerspace unless we upload the last save file of him on Dagobah.
@nameless4012 Yıl önce
i think the character customization is really whats missing, its in almost every single lego game, and now they just deleted it, umph.. the dlcs are good but we definitely miss clone wars maybe rebels, but also Cal Kestis would've been great (even tho its very unlikely)
Hey, I would LOVE seeing Cal Kestis and BD-1, especially since I made a version of him out of my own LEGOs.
@nameless4012 Yıl önce
@@BrandontheAwesome Yeah same i also did that with my lego and the character in the game is one of my favorites from Star Wars.
@@nameless4012 Same here! Can't wait for Jedi Survivor! Also, I found that there is spam in comment section, so be wary.
@bluepheonix7473 Yıl önce
It wouldn’t have been what we wanted though, I think. The class system that they put things in has pretty much negated creativity, unlike in some of the most recent Lego games like DC supervillains, where the creativity is off the charts.
@magixgworl Yıl önce
@@bluepheonix7473 Lego DC Supervillains was perfection
@slimewizard7350 10 aylar önce
I wouldnt have much of a problem with the short levels if they werent so gimmicky. The droid factory is the first level that actually has the sort of puzzle level format that other lego games usually use. Before that you have: submarine, podrace, what is essentially a very short minigame, a good vehicle level, a good boss fight, a BAD vehicle level, an ok vehicle battle, and finally droid factory. Also sidenote but YOU CANT FREEPLAY IN VEHICLE LEVELS.
@domispablo7992 5 aylar önce
Tou can freeplay vehicle levels.
@berylredburrow__8810 10 aylar önce
The multiplayer in boss fights was horribly integrated. I'm still remembering the obi wan vs Anakin fight, just being stuck as a droid while my friend actually got to play
@anndra8687 10 aylar önce
I love the planets. Going around all the different settings like Jakku, Tatooine and Geonosis and just doing weird stuff or doing deliveries between planets. The game does a great job of giving some context to the open world busywork that really helps it feel like you're playing with lego. Getting a creature to eat all of Unkar Plutt's portions is a favourite. I dislike the lack of a character customiser although that is mitigated to an extent by the incredible variety of characters. The biggest complaint, though, is that there is no U-Wing. Releasing a lego star wars game without the best Star Wars ship (that already has a real lego model) is just bizarre to me. Also, capital ships feel a bit underutilised. Having the custom characters there would really have helped
@stephdiesel2110 Yıl önce
I really wish they had a super story mode like in the complete saga, where you could, as you mentioned, play all the way through the episode story mode uninterrupted
@spans3604 Yıl önce
My biggest problem is for the fact we don’t have a ground vehicle selection so we can’t use the vehicle we were excited to use plus the lack of the LA-AT
@fayzaan3395 Yıl önce
If they added character customisation, I feel like it would be DLC. Also something I would love is the ability to completely customise lightsabers. Like forms, colour, the ability to choose duel lightsabers or double sided lightsaber
@Sick-cada Yıl önce
That would be pretty cool!
@thepingking2234 Yıl önce
I agree
@thetrisdamian Yıl önce
that would. e so cool
@stephano1019 Yıl önce
@fareasbalasam707 11 aylar önce
@ryderrezentes1286 10 aylar önce
I think the levels are shorter because there are nine movies, five levels per movie, making a grand total of 45 levels. So shorter levels makes it go quicker.
@schmolson611 Yıl önce
I don’t like how they included obscure characters that even casual lore fans don’t recognize, but did not include icons from other Star Wars properties or at least better fleshed out characters (looking at you mando). Lack of character customization was the biggest upset for me though.
@kosmaukaszczyk8401 6 aylar önce
about character customisation i think that this class mechanic ( mostly how its written in code ) made customisation impossible another issue could be interaction mechanic and missions when you have to be exact character
@jeremylefevre2451 2 aylar önce
I would like to see better space battles in open world, it would be cool to be able to fight with the capital ships, also more ennemies in the open world like Tusken attacking you in the middle of the desert or droid attacking you in geonosis etc...
@player793 Yıl önce
I agree with almost everything but if you want to replay episodes there is only one way... to use a new save. Also if you want to unlock H1-NT you have to complete Rise of Skywalker
@meihas2185 Yıl önce
"I need someone to show me my place in all this." I've heard it so many times... just a few new lines that randomly change would be nice.
@Soldner41 Yıl önce
I would Love to disable it. This Intro drives me crazy. Its one of the biggest reasons i stopped playing the Game
@@Soldner41 same. It’s ironic too. It’s the skywalker saga.
@WyaSlay Yıl önce
@@Soldner41 just mute the volume if you hate it that much if you really hate an intro that much you stop playing a game you payed 60$ for thats sad
@Soldner41 Yıl önce
@@WyaSlay whats actually sad is that this Intro is universally not liked and the devs dont Patch it out. And ofcourse that i cant just skip it and neither refund the Game. I mean, the Game itself is nice. But the fact that they force Rey that much just sucks.
@heyfell4301 10 aylar önce
@@WyaSlay you can skip the whole intro, but the "show me my place" line will always play. That's incredibly annoying at long term.
one thing that i don't like about this game, aside from the new dot returning in the holoprojector when you reload the game, is there is a small chance that your current character will be replaced by one you selected in the holoprojector even if you haven't purchased them yet
@godzillafan54 2 aylar önce
three of the things that I personally hate, is 1) Ahsoka was released as part of a dlc pack on March 4, 2022 and she was given her own unique moveset as opposed to just being mapped over another character like other dlc characters. however, when the clone wars dlc pack came out November 1st of the same year, they mapped ASAJJ VENTRESS over Ahsoka, giving her the same dual wield, reverse style lightsaber moves AS Ahsoka. in the clone wars show, Ventress NEVER reverse wielded her lightsabers, at least not as far as i can remember, but if she did, she DEFINITELY didnt do so often. my problem here is if they bothered to give Ahsoka her own unique moveset, why couldnt they do that with Ventress. my second problem with the game is how we have the Ghost from Star Wars Rebels but no Inquisitor TIE Fighter. they gave us a chrome version of the TIE Bomber which i don't remember existing ANYWHERE in Star Wars lhistroy AT ALL. That ship's slot coulda been given to the Inquisitor TIE. finally, my third complaint about the game is the Star Wars Rebels DLC. don't get me wrong i like the fact that they included characters from that show, but they only included Ezra, Sabine, Hera, and Kanan. Why weren't Zeb and Chopper included with that DLC. you might argue Zeb wasnt cuz he's too big, but he's NO bigger than Chewbacca.
@alexwashere8318 Yıl önce
I'd like to see capital ship on capital ship battles, and capital ships being able to "assault" planets, like a side mission you can do whenever you have a capital ship, you can just go to a planet with one and "assault" it. I love the capital ship part of the game, especially since it allows many people to live out their chuldhood fantasies by knowing they own a literal capital ship.
@alexwashere8318 Yıl önce
Oh and the fact that jet packs are basically useless and take away from your double jump because they have to give the glider type stuff to the scavengers.
@omniyx7837 4 aylar önce
@@alexwashere8318 If you have PC skywalker saga you can easily get a mod that lets you use jetpacks normally
@jacks.2250 Yıl önce
We need more fights. The fighting and combat is the best thing imo about this game (besides the characters)
@stamzal 6 aylar önce
The game itself while has its flaws is still an amazing games so while we don’t have character customisation everything else is really good
Andrew is getting further and further away from being saved from insanity
@Stone_cold864 Yıl önce
Andrew please get help
@ARC5555Fives Yıl önce
Andrew is gone. He is what remains
@@ARC5555Fives Um, do you guys know about the spammer in the comment section?
@brokenman970 Yıl önce
@ked49 Yıl önce
You say that like he was sane to begin with
@spiderwraith0 7 aylar önce
one tiny thing that drives me insane bc the x wing is like this is the fact that u cant close and open the xwing or bwing or count dookus solar shuttle sail/wings with a key. its really annoying for the x wings especially when ur just flying around in combat and ur x wing's wings randomly shut and all of a sudden you dont have the fire spread that u had at a lower speed
I reckon it just needs more voice lines and dialogue variations between characters and game balancing like an actual hard mode and game mechanic/feature improvements and updates and it will be impressive most Impressive.
I'd love more storyline missions
@chett8857 Yıl önce
I wish they added the bounty hunter missions like they did in TCS and clone wars. They have a full bounty hunter class and it just baffles me that there is no bounty hunter missions
@TheEgrona Yıl önce
1: The phase 2 clones in the ‘hero’ section are treated as villains by enemies, also none of the clone variations like there are stormtrooper ones. 2: Some of the dlc characters sharing Queen Amidala’s movement. Fennec Shand and Bo Katan twirling like dainty princesses isn’t necessarily accurate to the characters. 3: there is a audio bug with the Ghost ship that when you fire it sounds like it’s clipping the speaker and isn’t very pleasant.
@gumballfan13 Yıl önce
My biggest gripe is that Starkiller Base can't be explored. You go there once in Story Mode, but then you never see it again. Starkiller Base was one of my favorite places to explore in Lego The Force Awakens and it was one of my favorite planets from the sequel trilogy (Aside from Exegol, which I like a lot more). It just seems odd that they had Starkiller Base in the Force Awakens Lego game, but not the Skywalker Saga.
@Girard1020 Yıl önce
Starkiller Base was once Ilum where’d the Jedi harvested Kyber Crystals for their Lightsabers. Now with the planet destroyed where will the new Generation of Jedi get their Crystals after the fall of the Final Order? It’s up to Rey to rebuild what her Grandfather Darth Sidious had destroyed.
@@Girard1020 oh yeah, I forgot about that. I thought that was a pretty cool easter egg in a bad trilogy.
@djlamar2 Yıl önce
I remember in TCS fighting the first part of Darth maul's boss battle as a gunner. It was so awesome because you didn't have to use the force to beat that part in free play making getting to the next part a breeze. Also I used to fight the emperor as the emperor as both of my free play characters but now you say we can't? Big letdown tt games
@Jolt687 Yıl önce
I fell in love with this game when it came out but I wish the dlc characters spoke and maybe be able to make our own speeder bikes
I wish we could use our capital ships for something. Let us pilot them and go against fleets. I also wish they took those conquest missions from Lego star wars 3 where massive armies went head to head and you had to capture points to call in more troops and vehicles
@DarkWolf-ec1lg Yıl önce
I just wish there were more planets and more clone wars characters cause I thought savage oppress was going to be added but my hopes was crushed but hopefully they’ll add more planets although drought it
@mansifacio5458 Yıl önce
Yeah, I'd have to agree that I disliked the lack of character customisation and the inability to replay missions most, though I'd add the fact that they removed some glitches. Like the cloning or being able to fight Darth Vader anywhere. Funnily enough, I also found the most dissapointing thing about not being able to replay missions to be the crayt dragon one
@dracogar865 Yıl önce
The flying in this game is really fun and excited though the battles can get frustrating as the enemy ships fly so fast and the maneuverability of you own ship is limited, you cant even manually input a U-turn which seriously slows down the flow of battle as instead you have to turn. It seems much easier to just stick in onr spot and blast the ships as they fly by then to pursue them. Not to mention some capital ships become impossible to defeat when they spawn at the edge of the map and you cant get to key blast points to complete the mission without the map flipping you around so you have to start over.
@TheSloppyjoejr Yıl önce
The ship battles are difficult yet so easy because its like impossible to die but you can’t hit the ships
On pc you can do a 180, its left stick up and press both rb and lb
@dracogar865 Yıl önce
@@SirFrederickF.Fazbearington3 Unfortunately Im on the switch, and the instructions Ive seen for doing one haven't been helpfuk
@rhedges9631 Yıl önce
@@dracogar865 Use more agile ships like the Jedi fighters and tie interceptors, I play on switch too and it's easier to turn with them.
@dracogar865 Yıl önce
@@rhedges9631 I usually use the B-wing for the missiles. I just think its an issue when its easier to shoot down the enemies standing still
@tylermccann848 Yıl önce
I don't love the way they did split screen when having 2 players. They said there would be no online co-op and that was disappointing. But there is a workaround with shared screen or couch mode as some call it. But I wish they would have gotten rid of the split screen and made it one shared screen like they did in the old games. It's just too hard to see what's going on, you can't see the world, and there haven't been many cases when I've played that me and the person I'm playing with were very far away from one another. I'd like this to be at least something you can turn on and off in the menu.
I realized that the reason when you open the game, it's Rey saying a quote because they made her, but they didn't create Luke.
@SE9SE9 Yıl önce
Proper force lighting for Palpatine and Dooku, jet packs should get you around the planet (like Iron man in Lego marvel superheroes). More action and fighting with enemies in the galaxy, Clone wars character pack, wish the missions were a little bit more challenging or at least the enemies could have been more aggressive. Remember back in complete saga you couldn’t just rush in with a group of enemies without getting hurt. I love this game tho
@jetprime7686 10 aylar önce
I think we need character creation, so we can make our own characters with different weapons, And I would like to go back and replay the story missions again as well
@evzenvarga9707 10 aylar önce
I definitely liked the characteru menu much more than the games before.
@Mandalore71 Yıl önce
A couple things I hate are climbing and balancing is slow, every time u boot up the game the new item icon is always there, the free play mission are the same for every planet and region, the map is kinda confusing the lack of extra dlc, no updates since the new capital ships. That’s a bit of what I hate the list goes on and on and on.
@TheRed_wing Yıl önce
Bro u lucky u got an update 😂
@Mandalore71 Yıl önce
@@TheRed_wing wdym I thought everyone go the update that gives new ships?
@@TheRed_wing I didn't get the update too, my region has the game banned
@quandaledingle8858 11 aylar önce
I wish it had more missions from the clone wars, such as the zillo beast or fighting droids on Kamino with clone 99, or even fighting the dr and his blue shadow virus from lego star wars the clone wars lll. Also isn't it weird that the razor crest is a base ship in the vanilla game but the mandolorian isn't, this also applies to ghost and star wars rebels characters. Also I wish you could change which jedi fighter you could use because there are so many jedi yet only obi wan has a ship. Some characters I would have like to seen are: Cade bane Savage oppress Captain rex Heavy The blue senate gaurds Commando droids The gold super battle droids Ghost versions of the dead jedi Admiral trench A Droid general Along with a few others. I also agree with him on the character customization. I hate that on coracant, you can hear someone in the uscuru district selling blaster parts, I would have loved yo be able to make custom weapons.
Wish your second character, if they were a light saber wielded, and you attacked them with a lightsaber/blaster, they would block it (it wouldn’t add to the combo meter). Like how it did the the complete saga
@kyanmanuel7278 Yıl önce
A few I feel should have been mentioned. Idk why but the smuggled crates like never left the back of my ship's. Character customization was by far the biggest disappointment. I feel there should be a vs mode Against your friend. Because you literally have to watch your friend fight Anakin while you're a droid. That's so stupid 💀 Oh let me not forget how useless jet packs are. The basically do nothing.
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