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I hate to admit it, but there have been times I was a total sissy. I made this video to help my buddy, Taz, who has a charity for helping people in wheelchairs. His charity's website is: developmentalassist.org

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26 May 2022




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Taz Pauley
​ @steveo I truly appreciate all of the help you have given me as I am finally getting this charity built up to the vision I have always had for it just lacked the resources to get it going in the right direction.
Still amazed that Steve-O is alive and sober and also trying to make a difference and help people. Truly a success story and proves you can turn your life around and still be gnarly.
I work with a family with 2 boys that are wheelchair bound due to terminal illness and the one I actually took to see Jackass Forever but when I showed him this video he lit up when you spoke about supporting mobility at the end. Thank you for not only being entertaining as hell but also such a genuinely good person!
As a single father of a wheelchair bound little girl. I really appreciate what you're doing man. Its amazing really. I hope more people jump on board and donate either their time or anything else they can to help those with special needs. Yeahhhh dude lol.
The "I'm not doin' it!" number transitions are killing me every time.
Whether you felt like a sissy or not, compared to the huge majority of us, you're still a fearless badass!
I have so much respect for this man. He put his body through hell while dealing with a drug addiction and came out the other side helping people and just being a really awesome human being all for our entertainment. He is straight up the reason I got clean because if he can do it anyone can
You have truly changed for yourself. As you have said before. Only an addict can make the choice to fix their life. Not the force of other people. Watching your last stand up super trashed on stage definitely is an eye opener. Myself cannot sit through it just due to your addiction and how it went down, personally. However seeing how you have truly flipped your life 180°, your wild ride video+podcast, jackass 4 and 4.5, the list goes on. You have shown the world what it's like to hit that rock bottom and bull out. Nothing but respect for you Steve-o. Everyone has a moment (s) in life wherr they did wrong mistakes and choices. You had the power to pull out and away.
R .M
only a real man shows his flawed moments to the world good man steveo love the content💪🏽
Dean McDonald
Good for you for giving back to something and using the fame you found to help people. You really turned into a cool dude and you should be proud of how far you’ve come
Steve-O is such a great guy. Glad he has nothing but good will and the desire to help people and make folks laugh in his heart
Sperc Wolf
Very cool that your helping out those that are disabled. My boy friend is disabled and although struggles with a few things, he is the sweetest of guys. Great video Steveo. Nice to hear the behind the scenes stunts that never happened beyond the thought process.
I appreciate that Steve-O doesn't take 4 minutes to introduce his videos.
Matt Doyle
The fact that the man admits there are some things he just cannot do in this fashion puts Steve-O at absolute unit status
Lefty 941
Such a legend you are SteveO. Amazing person with such humbleness and appreciation for life. Incredible considering all the shit you've been through. Truly a pleasure to watch your videos and see what a great person you are!
Always blows my mind how far you have came, and changed you literally show that anyone can change their life for the far better all they need to do is want it!! Beyond glad to still have you walking this earth!
Frank Un Baphomet
I love steve so much. He just lives life to the fullest, and survived long enough to only turn his infamy of being a jackass into a way to help others. What an awesome guy, and honestly... I think those reasons to back out were justified. Especially the bounce house and the bull. 500 pounds of metal landing on you and getting your spine broken are not very healthy thing's to endure.
Steveo, your humility and sobriety have opened you up in a way that inspire greatness. To see you acknowledge your "mistakes" and "weaknesses" is one of the biggest strengths you have.
Michael Paget
Steve O and his friends are legends. The pain they put their bodies through for our entertainment over the years gains my maximum respect.
arnold savy
You sir are an amazing man. You defined my sense of humour as a young adult and nothing makes me laugh harder than your work
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