10 Shows I Will Never Make Videos About (And Why)

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29 Nis 2022




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julia cudney
julia cudney 5 aylar önce
you're so right about people assuming you're going to have the same opinion as them when they make requests, like how am i supposed to talk about why x sucks, or why y is a masterpiece, if neither is true
Zeuna 4 aylar önce
What's the consensus about Gotham?
Alice Wang
Alice Wang 4 aylar önce
Down with dichotomy! I wish people didn't look at media in black/white like that. "It's...fine. It's okay." should also be appreciated. And not everything is worth a 2-hour TRvid video breakdown. Go read books if you have that much time.
kshamwhizzle 5 aylar önce
the term "masterpiece" needs to go the f away. people use so much hyperbole in film/game analysis these days and it drives me bananas, especially in reference to things that objectively are far from perfect. if I see one more person saying The Batman is a masterpiece I'm going to fucking lose it.
G R 5 aylar önce
sometimes people actually write it ironically. they write hey, tear this show apart, but they actually write it about their favorite show. they're daring the youtuber to try and find sthg wrong in it.
mini 🗯
mini 🗯 5 aylar önce
i literally just watched your video on bridgerton then found you here, small world
askarin 4 aylar önce
I was dealing with suicidal thoughts around the time 13 Reasons Why came out and while it did open a "conversation", it was one about romanticising my unhealthy coping mechanisms and death in general (also I was suggested by a person that I should leave tapes behind like Hannah did if I ever decided to actually end it with so much enthusiasm it made me want to vomit). I had a similar conversation like this with both my then 17-year-old friend and my 13-year-old cousin. The show absolutely failed in conveying whatever it was trying to convey and made it harder for me to convince people my issues were real and valid
StudioStyx 2 aylar önce
I'm so sorry, seriously. Been there and it's a whole new circle of hell. I hope you're doing better and are surrounded by better people, even if it's just a few trusted, empathetic friends.
shamx_rose 4 aylar önce
I was suicidal at the time too and it definitely did make things worse for me. I remember there was a disclaimer but i still watched it cause it was popular and yeh it did sensational suicide so i can understand why suicide peaked after it realised. Anyways i was lucky i didn’t take my life and now im at much better place
askarin 4 aylar önce
@Nia I'm so sorry you had to go through all this at such a young age. I am thankfully in a better place now. I'm still struggling and I've still got a long way to go, but I'm okay. I honestly forgot most of the show by now (thank gods) and I hope nothing similar will ever be released again. Hope you're doing well!
Nia 4 aylar önce
@askarin for me i was 13 years old when i first watched this....the reason i had a Netflix subscription in the first place. i wasn't at all emotionally aware or mature at that point but still watched it for the hype....and my god....season 1 was a fucking fever dream. i don't think i even knew what suicide or mental health was at that point...but jeez the way they showed it. for season 2 i was still riding on the shock from season 1 so i don't remember anything about it. i literally stopped watching netflix and wasted the rest of the subscription cause of that cause i wanted to avoid the show. i spent at least 2 months after that just being shocked and not knowing how to process my emotions during my real life. literally it felt like a brain fog. Just blank expressions in emotional situations irl. after that my mind just made me forget everything about that show. i didn't even mention or think about it for 2 years until i watched friendly space ninja's video about it. now that i'm much more aware about life and stuff...wow i cant even watch any of it now. for his video i just put it on audio and walked away and did something else. i was still curious about the show's trajectory from when i left it but not enough to watch it visually. and im never watching it again. and my god when the news about the increased suicide rates amongst teens in the US came up on the news.....i was so scared. i just remember the feelings i had when watching that show...and for those graphic scenes....i just felt like i emotionally shut down at that moment cause i feel dead inside when i try to recall it. and i didn't even realize what i was watching. that was the first time i was so emotionally distressed that i shut down. and whenever i see the actors and actresses faces outside the show...i just get so much dread. i can't even look at their faces anymore....even though right now i can be aware of the actor's job and director's writing, i didn't have that distinction back then....for my 13 year old self, the actors are the characters im looking at in a show. thank god i didn't watch it years later or now....with my currently prevailing and overwhelming mental health struggles this show would have actually pushed me over the edge of no return. luckily none of my friends watched it cause they don't have netflix and are now emotionally aware of it's problems without even watching it. i'm sorry that all of that bullshit happened to you before cause of this idiotic and stupid show. i'm going through similar mental health struggles right now that you went through before...but thank god i'm emotionally aware enough to get myself out of such bouts on my own. i hope things are better for you now?
J N 4 aylar önce
askarin i'm so sorry you had to have this experience. i'm glad you are able to love yourself enough to ignore such people who talk to you that way. i just want to point out that even before 13 reasons came out, people still had all kinds of insensitive and dumb comments about this topic. but sure,media doesn't help , doing bs like this. Just please remember you don't have to convince people that your issues are valid. just stick to people who already accept it. and if it seems there's no one around, then give yourself all the compassion and acceptance and love you need. later on, some good people will emerge again.
user123 5 aylar önce
His rage when he talked about 13 reasons why was well deserving.
Princess Azula Of the Fire nation
700th like
Nicholas 2 aylar önce
@Renee Jett I wouldn’t necessarily say it glorified some of those topics, but you are completely right in that it depicted them in a very dangerous and insensitive way.
Renee Jett
Renee Jett 2 aylar önce
I just didn't want to put myself through that. But several of my friends who were teenagers when it came out said that it glorified suicide, rape, abuse and murder instead of dissing on it the way it was supposed to.
Shinji 3 aylar önce
I think I’m so used to seeing people shit or even riff on the show that it feels weird seeing someone say they don’t want to watch it. Even if that reason is obvious (aka it being a awful show)
Angela Holmes
Angela Holmes 5 aylar önce
Yes it was I really enjoyed his rant 🤗😊
Nat Vasch
Nat Vasch 5 aylar önce
The best thing about dark was that the whole thing was planned, and Perfectly wrapped up in three seasons. Like, no unnecessary filler, no fourth season just to milk the content, just one good story with compelling characters and an interesting plot.
Aubrey H
Aubrey H Aylar önce
Dark is in my top five shows ever. It was complex and derailed with beautiful scenery. Also, explaining it is very very interesting.
Kaitlin Rose
Kaitlin Rose 2 aylar önce
I'm convinced I need to watch this show like right now. Sounds so good. Reminds me a little of Fringe and West World, from the trailer at least (both shows were wildly flawed but I loved the mysterious and twists in the plot)
J N 4 aylar önce
@Will Smalls i didn't write anything about 'casual'. i wrote it should be more realistic and to the point. interrogate those kids. investigate! have a fight about the missing boy, blame each other, blame yourself, cry!.... it's too casual,actually, people just wondering around with stup d blank expressions and not saying anything interesting. as for Spoilers, i know all spoilers. i watched Wisecrack videos on it. adam ,eve, the third original world, all of it. it's not set very well in the beginning. i live close to Germany, and my family lives there. no real german is this 'reserved'. also, watch mojo listed reasons to watch it and they're ridiculuous. they actually says it LOOKS BEAUTIFUL? ugly grey damp forrest and ugly postcommieAppartments. beautfiul? jeeeez. the spoilers do not explain anything about why are they so dumand quiet. argh, when jonas and his mother sit on that table. and he asks about his dad: "Did you love him?" and at that point the light comes back on. and she smiles and doesn't answer,pretending like the electricity being back on is a good excuse to not answer the question. god ,that's such bad writing. oldest,most annoying cliche ever
J N 4 aylar önce
@Guillaume Bourassa thanks for your response :) ... argh, when jonas and his mother sit on that table. and he asks about his dad: "Did you love him?" and at that point the light comes back on. and she smiles and doesn't answer,pretending like the electricity being back on is a good excuse to not answer the question. god ,that's such bad writing. oldest,most annoying cliche ever
J N 4 aylar önce
@Nat Vasch no prob :)
Edward Aucay
Edward Aucay 5 aylar önce
0:00 Intro 2:09 Sponsor 4:35 Disclaimer 4:59 Game of Thrones 7:14 Glee 11:03 Grey's Anatomy 13:39 Cobra Kai 14:00 Dark 17:17 Friends 19:39 Gilmore Girls 20:23 American Horror Story 22:08 Daredevil 23:41 13 Reasons Why 26:18 Outro
Tekno Pathetic
Tekno Pathetic 3 aylar önce
@Dylan Mcadam a 1:30 sponsor? After a 2 min intro and before a long disclaimer? Yes.
Dylan Mcadam
Dylan Mcadam 3 aylar önce
@Tekno Pathetic I mean is he gonna say no to a sponsor?
Tekno Pathetic
Tekno Pathetic 4 aylar önce
5 minutes is a super long time to get to the point
TiaBelle123 5 aylar önce
As someone who lived and breathed Glee, you are completely right. No one will understand the hatred for Glee like the former fans. Please don't ever watch it.
Jessica Shawnte
Jessica Shawnte 7 gün önce
Seriously I would never suggest it I love it but wouldn’t suggest it
hey hey
hey hey Aylar önce
glee is not that bad
Isaac Mulisa
Isaac Mulisa Aylar önce
nah, being a glee fan means loving it and hating it at the same time, the show ruined itself, but started out well, but we still like it cuz its enjoyable
Cal L
Cal L Aylar önce
Ryan Murphy destroys everything he touches he gets too up his own ass and destroys his own shows
Nemesis_Snow_0_0 Aylar önce
Trueee lmaoo
naomi p
naomi p 5 aylar önce
I love DARK and I agree so much! You can't tell people about this show without giving a major spoiler away. It would be impossible tbh.
emily 4 aylar önce
After watching this video, I went straight to my laptop and started watching Dark. You sounded so enthusiastic that it kind of fascinated me. I'm actually from Germany, but somehow I never got the hype back when Dark was released (Dark is internationally very popular but not as much in Germany itself). I watched all 3 seasons in the last 2 weeks. My tip to all those who haven't watched Dark yet: Watch Dark! ;)
Ishmam Yousuf
Ishmam Yousuf 24 gün önce
@Iamnotpau see i wish someone had told me that. i watched till like season 2 with english dub and then i tried out the german version and oml it was infinitely better. i just don't think these types of shows should have english dubs
Jasmin Frey
Jasmin Frey Aylar önce
It it very violent? 👀
LeHIM James
LeHIM James 3 aylar önce
@Iamnotpau alright, thanks! looking forward to it
Iamnotpau 3 aylar önce
@LeHIM James Definitely with subtitles. The dialogue in german makes such a beautifully grim atmosphere it’s beautiful!
LeHIM James
LeHIM James 3 aylar önce
should i watch it in german with subtitles or just the english dub?
Luciana Renieri
Luciana Renieri 5 aylar önce
The fact that we share opinions in 13 reasons why makes me feel sane again. Everyone around me thought it was actually good and I couldn't hate it more.
Dark is a good example of proper show planning no unnecessary extra seasons , each episode is purposeful its 3 seasons but feels like limited series they kept it short and sweet
Helena Kristins
Helena Kristins 5 aylar önce
That Glee rant was just glorious. And you are right. And you shouldn't have to go through that.
Cry for help
Cry for help 7 gün önce
@asari shepard I relate so hard... I tried to watch Critical role- I swear!
Veronika V
Veronika V Aylar önce
It was 😂😂😂 and I rewatch it for the 100th time and it is still as glorious as it was at the 1st 😂😂😂
Tales toTell
Tales toTell 4 aylar önce
I know omg that was amazing 👏🏽 😍
bloody hell
bloody hell 5 aylar önce
asari shepard
asari shepard 5 aylar önce
i know right? i voiced an opinion about Critical Role once and someone tried ot berate me for not wasting two hours of my time on an episode of it when i was bored ten minutes in. that seems a waste of two hours of my time >_< and im not wasting that much time when im not enjoying it! we need to realize if we like what were spending time on.
Ainara 4 aylar önce
For anyone here that likes reading and Dark, try reading A hundred years of solitude from Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Is not the same but I always felt like there were similitudes in the plot and theme and wouldn’t surprise me if the writers used it as inspiration.
Cry Wolf
Cry Wolf Gün önce
Interesting. I need to rewatch Dark and reread Gabo again.
@NoNameYet_ That's weird... I am Peruvian and to me Garcia Marquez's writing makes me feel like an older person telling me their stories, like when we latinos engage in conversation with an older adult and they share their unbelievable, fantastic lives and funny anecdoctes. So it is an easy read, besides the obvious confusion with the family names being too similar, because it feels like a conversation. Of course sometimes it looks like Garcia "goes off track", but truly it is just him expanding the world of the town of Macondo and making us feel like we live in it and know the unique history of it and its people. Perhaps you did not like it because truly insane things happened but everyone treated it as normal (because that is what realismo mágico, the literature movement, is about). So even, for example, when one character ascended to heaven no one batted an eye 😅
NoNameYet_ Aylar önce
Ok... I haven't watched dark but I have read A hundred years of solitude (took me way to long to realize that because I know it by the original title Cien años de soledad) and.... it was meh for me, but to be fair most likely I read it to early to understand it (10 y/o, yes I'm aware this is kinda disturbing given the topics this book portrays) but I'm still reluctant to give it a second chance since i've absolutely hated every. single. story. written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, I just feel like he writes about things that aren't worth telling, Or he stretches somewhat interesting stories in a way that's to convoluted. I always say it this way, I reached the end of the book and kept wondering when the story will start. Well that's my little unnecessary rant. And for any non-avid reader considering reading A hundred days of solitude, just keep in mind that it is not an easy read, it's super dense as far as I can remember and Garcia Marquez's writing style isn't the most easy to follow. Sorry for any grammar atrocities, not a native english speaker.
Dhyána 2 aylar önce
This comment needs to be seen by way more people
Ксения Селезнева
As someone who watched Dark and read this book I totally agree, especially the concept of family members repeating each other’s same sins and mistakes
theseriesnerd 5 aylar önce
glee is such a glitch in the simulation for me because i LOVED it even though 1. it's not the type of show i usually enjoy and 2. i watched it for the first time only recently so there really isn't a nostalgia factor for me. it's one of those shows that i can't defend but at the same time i will defend till the day i die? it's so good and so bad at the same time i can't even put it into words, i love it but i also completely understand why you hate it lmao
theseriesnerd 2 aylar önce
@ハディ from 🇲🇾 or maybe different people enjoy different things lmao
ハディ from 🇲🇾
you simply have bad taste then
Hugo Cortizo
Hugo Cortizo 4 aylar önce
I totally agree with what you said about Dark. I'd only add how INSANELY GREAT the casting is (although giving any further details on why the casting is genius would be a HUGE spoiler...). Seriously, guys, go watch Dark.
Ziven Noorani
Ziven Noorani Aylar önce
I loved the 13 Reasons Why book, if you're into novels that really explore the human psyche, it's fantastic. But I stayed away from the show because I didn't trust Netflix to execute the story well. According to many of my friends who watched the show as well as read the book, it's a prime example of "don't waste your time, the book was infinitely better"
Ella Hurley
Ella Hurley 5 aylar önce
I LOVE Gilmore Girls, but it’s not really a show where there’s much to talk about. It’s definitely more of a comfort show that you watch to follow the characters through their lives, kind of like Friends. It’s not super eventful or interesting, but you feel a part of the character’s lives. There’s not a lot of commentary you can give that doesn’t feel like you’re gossiping about your friends.
Jumbled Eye
Jumbled Eye Aylar önce
@Elena's Reading Corner I think I only "got" the humor in GG because I did all my required summer reading in middle and high school and saw all the movies based on those novels.
Alekhya 4 aylar önce
Agreed! I think its charm comes from slice of life and feeling the small town magic.
aya levy
aya levy 4 aylar önce
I actually disagree? It doesn't mean he has to make a video about it, but I think this show has a lot of nuance and interesting dynamics that are worth discussing. I mean I want to make a video every time I rewatch the show.
no no
no no 4 aylar önce
Agree sm
Victor Santiago
Victor Santiago 5 aylar önce
Wow, I respectfully disagree. Did you ever wandered the reddit forum of Gilmore Girls? The discussions there are non stop. It's much more than with groups of other TV shows.
Alejandro Vallencci
Alejandro Vallencci 4 aylar önce
Ohmygod thank you, finally someone said what I’ve been thinking. Everyone I know has always begged me to watch Grey’s Anatomy and I just cannot be fucked man. It’s too long, and medical dramas get so boring so quickly. I have no idea how it’s still going
Maciej Godzisz
Maciej Godzisz 5 aylar önce
I'm not sold on Dark issue. I would absolutely watch Your heavy-spoiler video about Dark where You praise it for the entire hour.
DieVorleserin 120416
DieVorleserin 120416 4 aylar önce
Yes, you can't talk about Dark. As someone who usually needs the synopsis to get interested, it took the whole of the fans of the show and critics to praise in over and over, which is REALLY rare for a visual piece of media from my country, and my brother basically tying me down on our sofa to watch the first episodes just so that I would get interested by simply wanting to know how the story continues. And honestly, the first episodes of Dark feel like a lesson by that one teacher who scrambles the blackboard full with notes in like ten minutes, which is why they then need to erase everything to simply redo the process while you still try to remember what they wrote down on the first run, but the moment you're done with that, they're already erasing again the second round. But it's really worth it! And that comes from someone who usually stays away from dark stories (pun fully intended) You could also just say it's a series out of everything the German cinema has ever done successfully: crime, history and mystery.
WinterChild 4 aylar önce
Agree with everything you said on Dark. It's the only show (I ever watched) that just felt like a perfectly crafted story from start to finish. Not a minute of screen time was wasted in that show and everything came together so well. Which is truly a feat considering the kind of story it is the show could've easily become a confusing, plot-hole littered mess in less skilled hands.
Sam Aylar önce
You should watch breaking bad
Bluemind Studios
Bluemind Studios 3 aylar önce
Try 12 monkeys tv series, it's a masterpiece perfectly crafted, just don't think you will watch the movie.
absolutely useless potato
His rant about glee was a masterpiece, felt it in the heart. Gonna send it to my friends who keep bugging me to watch it
Edward Aucay
Edward Aucay 4 aylar önce
@Jenny Serres to be fair, whilst Rachel's singing wasn't exactly the #1 best of the cast, it still was far from the worst
Jenny Serres
Jenny Serres 4 aylar önce
Am I the only one who skipped all Rachel songs just because its her singing? Just me? Okay then. :D
charminsi 5 aylar önce
Wow your friends are not real friends (I’m joking kinda 😂). I loved Glee when it aired and watched most of it except season 6 but I never recommend it because it’s a freaking hot mess with both cast scandals and even the wild plot itself.
Edward Aucay
Edward Aucay 5 aylar önce
The Grey's Anatomy one was even better IMO. I was laughing almost to the brink of tears when he did that rant; same with Gilmore girls.
Michael H
Michael H Aylar önce
I was really expecting Community to be on this list but am happy that it’s not. That said, you should do a vid on Community! I think you could find a lot to say about it, especially when you consider the disjointed later seasons and drama behind the scenes with the creator getting fired and rehired.
L. 5 aylar önce
I think I mostly still watch AHS because I started it in high-school and, I'm committed tbh. It has it moments that I really enjoy but, honestly post season 5 it's been mostly okay. I actually enjoyed Apocalypse. I will die on the hill that the first 5 seasons are (mostly) gold though lol
yasmin4494 4 aylar önce
I took you advice on DARK, just finished season 1 and I had to come here to say THANK YOU!! This show IS amazing!!
Manuel Raymundo
Manuel Raymundo 2 aylar önce
As a massive friends stan, the moment you said “number 6, friends” i burst into laughter lmao i mean ill admit for me its incredibly entertaining, but is it a show worth deconstructing in a video essay?? Noo! Its just a simple feel good sitcom of characters who get into funny situations and not much more than that
Guillaume Bourassa
Guillaume Bourassa 4 aylar önce
Salut! Merci TELLEMENT d'avoir parlé de Dark! J'en avais jamais entendu parlé avant mais tu m'as motivé à l'écouter et tabarnak que c'est bon! Les personnages sont super bien écrits, la logique de l'univers est implacable et les deux sont intrinsèquement liés en une trame nuancée, balancée et profonde. C'est ma série favorite! Merci beaucoup!
My Mother
My Mother 5 aylar önce
I think the reason why dark is a chef's kiss is because it was not hurried. Every plot, events, everything connects to the point where every episode feels like a mystery. Kudos to the writer and for the team who didn't milk it too much and end it with a flawless three season. It was polished and the good things just don't stop.
Tegan Talks
Tegan Talks 2 aylar önce
13:43 it’s funny how you mention Grey’s Anatomy and how long it takes because I decided to binge it in 2018 when there was only like 14 seasons available on Netflix. I was super pregnant with my daughter and couldn’t do much at the time so it was the perfect time to watch it. Anyways, I was about a month into my binge and my husband came downstairs and told me he thinks I need to stop watching Grey’s because it’s too depressing and making the baby not want to come.
serenity 2 aylar önce
I love Grey's Anatomy but I agree. If I hadn't been a fan since I was a child I wouldn't watch it either lol. I even rewatched all the episodes when they were at the end of season 12 (yes my love for it is great). I feel bad for Ellen, they've been holding on to her for so long.
Mattastrophe 5 aylar önce
Weirdly enough, in his discussion about why he shouldn’t make a video about Dark because he doesn’t know how to convince people to watch it without spoiling it, he actually might’ve convinced me to start watching it off of that aspect alone So Task failed successfully I guess
Louise Carr
Louise Carr 2 aylar önce
Ah I really want to watch dark again now
CrowKing 2 aylar önce
I wish I could watch Dark like the first time, it truly is one of, if not the best show out there. It's a masterpiece from start to finish, every single episode is top quality. For anyone having doubts, don't overthink it, just start watching it. You'll get hooked up since the very first episode.
Melissa Apoka
Melissa Apoka 3 aylar önce
Did you watch it? How'd you like it?
Vini Dubey
Vini Dubey 4 aylar önce
There's just so much.... You feel for them. You really do. The score is perfection, it perfectly supports and enhances the scenes, at least imo
Ainara 4 aylar önce
Is my favorite and I am so mad I finished it, oh what I would do to be able to watch again for the first time! Is just brilliant.
Mark 4 aylar önce
AHS is genuinely worth the watch for at least curiosity sake. The acting in the first couple seasons is actually incredibly on point (later seasons can differ based on opinion because of prior type casting of the actors/actresses roles, or newly introduced people who don't do as well), the writing and direction of the episodes is also something that is hard to fault in the earlier episodes and the anthology style allows them to space out each bigger story they wish to tell without it being dragged on needlessly. That being said, the later seasons can get pretty mix and match, you'll find some people saying things like 'every other season is good' so 1/3/5 etc, which the anthology style lets you skip through, however if you get to the newer ones the trying to link it all together just has it all fall apart (though i think the latest one just ignores all that again, because the wired seaside town one just seemed completely disconnected again). So TLDR: watch it or don't that's cool, but there are plenty of legitimate reasons that are easily explained and found that make at the very least the first season, if not first few, worth a watch.
Christina H.
Christina H. 4 aylar önce
Dark is an absolutely amazing show. I’m german but I rarely ever watch german shows because I mostly I don’t like the quality of the shows (bad actors, bad plot points, bad screen writing) but dark blew my mind. Everyone should totally watch that show!!!
Xuhybrid 5 aylar önce
So just do a spoiler filled video of Dark. I'm going to watch it and coming here afterwards to watch your commentary would be great.
Aubrey H
Aubrey H Aylar önce
Be sure to include a white board about the... Uh.... Connections.
Camila 5 aylar önce
I love the part about how long it would take to watch Grey's Anatomy. I watched it all back to back while nursing my newborn and it was heaven sent at that time when she would feed and be on my arms 24h a day. But then again that was 5 years ago and they kept making episodes 🥲
Moltens 5 aylar önce
Everything you said about Dark is 100% correct. The talk about Dark, sometimes even to use names and relations just takes away from a lot of the shock you would get from watching it for the first time. It's also ABSOLUTE PERFECTION. I LOVE LOVE this show with everything i have.
page 394
page 394 4 aylar önce
Dark is the perfect example of how artistic movies and tv shows CAN be
Yakheen 4 aylar önce
@J N True... It was so boring i fell asleep while watching the show
Will Smalls
Will Smalls 4 aylar önce
@Averlin BC they do have some mis directs early on, any good mystery offers up some alternative speculation. i would say what is different is red hairings are folded back into story to not just be uneeded
Will Smalls
Will Smalls 4 aylar önce
@rahxrahster yes and no , its def taken the energy id say but refined it, lost was grounbreaking because it had multiculural cast and went from drama to sci fo mystery to straight up fantasy , people werent used to genre building but also suffered if lost had been written in streaming days with tighter episodic count it might more resemmble a dark or leftovers
Sarah 4 aylar önce
@roselover411 me too but i think i might give it a shot
MonkeyWhoWouldBeKing 5 aylar önce
Just so everyone knows, the land purchase you get through these grifts like Established Titles does not give you land ownership and does not confer any titles. I'll recognise you as a Lord for half of whatever these grifters are charging and the only difference will be that they frame their bs and send it to you. don't know where this thought that any land ownership in Scotland confers titles comes from (the survival of fue duty?) but it is nonsense.
kirin47 5 aylar önce
Dark is simply incredible, I dont know what else to say about it except just GO WATCH IT. It's even better in German bc the acting is great too, but it might be easier to follow the story dubbed.
Megthemoonchild 4 aylar önce
I hope that Disney doesn't mess with daredevil. I love this show so much, it means a lot to me, especially season one. And I am worried that they could take away some of the magic of the show and or fuck up the plot.
Charissa 3 aylar önce
I understand your fears regarding Disney, I mean that's were good shows go to die or the show becomes about a tertiary character we have no attachment too. However, Charlie Cox, as well as the villan, and supporting characters will make it alright. They do such a stellar job that I don't believe it's possible to destroy. I am uncertain if you like historical dramas, however, one of my favorite shows of all time is The Last Kingdom on Netflix. It was fantastic!!! If you do like historical fiction; I would watch it. The writing is amazing, the actors are superb, the plot is cohesive and simple; it's my favorite show ever. I was more than surprised but shocked. It was a fantastic show, and haven't met a person who disliked it. No pressure, but if your bored and want a good show; TLK is it.
Gissel Carolina
Gissel Carolina 5 aylar önce
All the thoughts I had watching this: "I don't give a HOO" had me dying. Honestly I just love any content you put out so I don't have recommendations really but when you went into DBZ there I ended up with some hope but I don't know that you will. I feel you on not caring about certain shows, I never have and never will sit and watch Riverdale yet I know way too much about it (or something like that) thanks to you and alex meyers and honestly the commentaries are way better than anything concrete I know about the show.
nolan palmer
nolan palmer 2 aylar önce
I agree with American Horror Story. I watched about 3 seasons, and I know enough about Ryan Murphy's shows now to know the formula. Really nice production values, initially interesting characters. A good mystery, but every season Murphy will start to crack and throw all the characters and the entire plot out the window. And the entire thing turns to custard. I joke that Mike Flanagan is "Ryan Murphy done right" because every one of his shows are rich, layered and have great characters. So my view: skip Murphy and cover Flanagan instead lol.
Jaimee Rindy
Jaimee Rindy 4 aylar önce
As a very latecomer to the Gilmore Girls party, I think the most interesting/talk worthy part is the absolutely bizarre writing choices.
Nandini Acharjee
Nandini Acharjee Aylar önce
you were right when you said that people who have watched the show will understand why you wouldn't want to make a video on DARK. It really is an incredible tv series. Very to the point, succinct and crisp. The concept was so good, the acting even more and the plot-twists: just amazing. And that's all I can even talk about it. What a good piece of entertainment!
David A
David A 5 aylar önce
The insane pace and speed of the jokes in this episode makes it my favorite Space Ninja video by a mile
Sophie Amanda Leiton Toomey
The Glee rant is so relatable. It never got better. It was so cringe worthy and just frustrating. And RAS didn't ruin Glee. It was already bad. The writing was bad and never went anywhere. The characters were all annoying. None of them had any redeeming qualities by the end of the show or in the beginning. Yes the cast is all talented, but it really doesn't matter because it has one of the worst cast of characters I've ever seen on a tv show. The romantic relationships were all toxic and unbearable. Nothing mattered or went anywhere. And 100% Lea Michele is worth no one's attention anymore, especially when Rachel is the worst and most hypocritical character on the show. She never at any point grows as a person or gets punished for the horrible shit she does. In fact, she gets rewarded every time. She doesn't get the solo for once? She eventually gets it. Mercedes does a better audition than her? No problem. You two can share the role so we don't get Rachel upset. She messes up her audition to NYADA? No problem. She complains until she gets another chance, which would never happen in Drama School. She'd get blacklisted. She finally gets to NYADA and doesn't take criticism from the staff there? No problem. She'll just get the role in Funny Girl anyway. Oh what's that you say? She threatens her chances with Funny Girl by going to audition for a tv show by the producer of FG and then directly after that threat, she gets the tv show? And THEN once the tv show flops, she just gets let back into the show anyway? Rachel Berry is NOT a character. She is the worst character on the entire show and has no growth or development or learns anything for her shitty diva behavior. Exactly like her actor. Rachel could have had amazing development. But no. She HAS to be rewarded for everything she does and never suffers any consequences for anything. Lea Michele should not be given attention anymore after her years of tyranny to her fellow cast and crew. She should not be praised for her talent. Talent means nothing if you treat people like she has treated people for years. She unlike Rachel needs to be held accountable and have that accountability be followed through. And I genuinely hope that whenever Hollywood is dumb enough to hire her for a project, the project will get cancelled. She does not deserve to have a career anymore if she is going to continue to treat people like this. You're right. You shouldn't have to endure that, Dylan. Take care of yourself.
Sophie Amanda Leiton Toomey
Nope because God forbid we have accountability for people like Lea.
hello I'll
hello I'll 2 aylar önce
Well, in real life she did get that role in Funny Girl, so they didn't listen to you
Charles 4 aylar önce
@Tim Terrell I'm so curious, I love AOS and didn't think anyone would have such negative view. Care to share your opinion ?
MegaSpideyman 5 aylar önce
@Sophie Amanda Leiton Toomey I didn't realize that. I thought it was just a few people from Glee.
Sophie Amanda Leiton Toomey
@MegaSpideyman People who worked with her in Ragtime have spoken out against her. People who worked with her in Spring Awakening have spoken out against her. People who worked with her in Scream Queens have spoken out against her. People who worked with her on and off screen in Glee have spoken out against her. If it was one person fine, I would agree with you. But this is not an isolated incident.
Niko Hurd
Niko Hurd 5 aylar önce
my partner and I are, as adults, watching through all 40 years of all Dragon Ball for the first time ever, as adults, and let me tell you, it's a trip. what a show
Ricardo Jorge
Ricardo Jorge 4 aylar önce
I have a request though: The Good Wife I feel like there ain’t many reviews out there and it is a show that clearly needs a fresh perspective after 7 years since it ended
Akriti Goel
Akriti Goel 4 aylar önce
and The Good Fight.
Rachel Consoli
Rachel Consoli 4 aylar önce
As someone who has suffered through all of these shows, you’re completely right. Be free my man, you already put yourself through far too much for our entertainment 🤣 I appreciate all you do and can’t wait for the clusterfuck that is TVD
Rinn D
Rinn D 5 aylar önce
this is great, as always you are extremely funny, and every single reason you have for not covering a show (especially "i just don't want to") is so super valid
Ellyn Hayden
Ellyn Hayden 5 aylar önce
For anyone interested in Established Titles, please be aware that their company practices are actually quite insidious. It’s not a Scottish owned company and the land that they are selling is not theirs. They are a corporation run out of Hong Kong, and they support the British royal family’s rule over colonized Scotland. The trees that they plant basically act as British flags, and those trees prevent Celtic-Scottish people from reclaiming land that is rightfully theirs. No shade or judgement to Friendly Space Ninja, I'm sure they didn't know and it was an honest mistake. But please aware of this before buying from Established Titles or any other company that says they will sell you some land in a country you do not live in. Very often it is just a way to avoid giving the land back to its rightful owners and caretakers.
ZEO 2 aylar önce
@its londa 👏👏👏 well said
Den 10
Den 10 4 aylar önce
Yakheen 4 aylar önce
@its londa ironic isn't it?
Will Smalls
Will Smalls 4 aylar önce
This is so interesting not deeply, but it kinda makes sense. When i heard it I didnt take it seriously, but the established title and heiraldry is literally classism and i get why the masses would want to join the ranks bc its appealing to be in a exclusive group. Whenever I hear of organization say they plant 1 tree for every x thing you buy my ears just wonder why we have to buy into it when we need trees for oxygen and i always wonder how this is executed , its like corp asking you to round up your reciept for % to go to hospital. who facts checks to insure that it occurs, and why do i have to round up for a corp to take tax credit . im not against hong kong people but its intresting to hear your view as scot. As an american i kinda question land rights in general as native/black were disenfrachised to create this "independent nation". i rather just print my own tacky certificate .
Celso Miguel
Celso Miguel 2 aylar önce
I remember not watching Dark when it was popular because I didn't want to watch it just because it was trending, but now that I've remembered that show existed and I've heard how you talked about it, I'm definitely watching it as soon as I can
SGF WalterOdimmm
SGF WalterOdimmm 4 aylar önce
I so agree with you on Dark, that Show and the soundtrack is still lingering in my mind on the daily. Ultimate fistbump my dude!
I'm Sleepy
I'm Sleepy Aylar önce
Dark is so good, it’s the show I tell people to watch when they say the German language just sounds like Rammstein - and they end up getting hooked on the show itself.
Thomas Dillon
Thomas Dillon 3 aylar önce
Hey man, I really enjoyed this video, keep up the good work! Just wanted to let you know that your sponsor here is very misleading. It is impossible to 'own' the land sold by Established Titles: these tiny parcels of land are known as 'souvenir plots', meaning it is impossible under Scots Law to have them legally registered. In any case, there is no Scottish custom, far less law, allowing landowners to call themselves 'lord' or 'lady'. You can change your name to include either if you wish, but that does not require buying anything from Established Titles, or anyone else. It is done via deed poll, a publicly available service. I can point you to sources for this if you need them - this is a widely known issue among Scottish lawyers.
Gallant Silver
Gallant Silver 5 aylar önce
I love your Glee rant! As someone who's closest experience to knowing the show is watching Eddy Burback's video on it, that part made me laugh so much. I will be using, "I don't give a flying Scooby Doo," from now on. Thank you.
Shay 5 aylar önce
I started watching Glee, and if I'm being honest the majority of shows on television, either in its last season or half way through. And I still like it, as someone who was in a glee "club" a lot it feels familiar or relatable. The one thing that to me kills the show is the relationships between the adults and students. It's pervy.
Eleonora Sassi
Eleonora Sassi 2 aylar önce
I am fully convinced no series will ever make me feel like Dark made me feel again. I wish I could erase it from my memory and watch it for the first time again.
Hannah Taylor
Hannah Taylor 18 gün önce
The non explanation of the Dark series made me so intrigued I started watching it and binged it…the enthusiasm in this video with the refusal to give away any sort of information made me so curious and I have to say to anyone reading go watch it! I am the worst at spoiling myself with things and this is the first show I refused to even look up any actors on IMDB because I didn’t want to risk the possibility of spoiling anything. This show is one I’ve legit had to pause just to take what I just watched in and I don’t think Ive ever watched anything like that as well as the fact that I refuse to go on my phone while watching because the show needs my full attention, which is another rarity for me. Best recommendation of a show in a video about shows you will not be doing a video about 😂
Miruna Elena
Miruna Elena 5 aylar önce
1. Game of Thrones 5:00 2. Glee 7:15 3. Grey's Anatomy 11:04 4. Cobra Kai 13:40 5. Dark 14:00 6. Friends 17:19 7. Gilmore Girls 19:40 8. American Horror Story 20:24 9. Daredevil 22:08 10. 13 Reason Why💩 23:40
Gage Franke
Gage Franke 5 aylar önce
@A J When did he say it was the 3rd worst show of 2021?
Angela Holmes
Angela Holmes 5 aylar önce
He's right not to make videos on most of these shows 💯👍
A J 5 aylar önce
I wonder if he's seen The Karate Kid franchise if he wasn't interested in Cobra Kai. Or The Good Place, since he named it as one of the shows that are infinitely better than The Flash and here, he couldn't think of a show he watched and liked starting with G. He also didn't put Fate the Winx Saga on the list and I really want him to cover that. Especially since he called it the third worst show of 2021. From what I gathered in other review videos, the show doesn't seem to do anything that made the franchise stand out. No wings, no costumes, no transformations, no likable characters, no diversity, no Kiko, not even cheesy but entertaining fight scenes against CGI monsters. That's what the fans came for. And sure we just came off the first season, but they probably won't do anything of that anyway because of budget. Which, for a concept like Winx Club, is in desperate need of. And that's why I'm only watching the reviews, not the show itself. I don't even care if they're bringing in Flora. They've already disappointed me. This show is to Winx Club as Ben 10 Alien Swarm is to Ben 10.
BiscuitsInSeptember 5 aylar önce
Thank you, I either never watched, never finished, or don't care about any of these.
Puddles 5 aylar önce
Thanks ^^
_ MOEGREEN 4 aylar önce
It’s crazy how much your channel had grown in a year ! Keep up the good work 🙌🏽
IdeologicSquare 5 aylar önce
I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of people that love Jessica Jones S1. It’s an amazing show
Joel Thompson
Joel Thompson 5 aylar önce
Started watching Dragon Ball about 4 months ago and I can confirm coming at it with no nostalgia and no knowledge of the plot beyond what characters are called and look like is still awesome. One of my favorite animes of all time already
Lockreed 5 aylar önce
The rant on glee was so true...it's one of those shows that you instantly love or instantly hate and the moment you fall into one batch...you don't come out
Catt D
Catt D 5 aylar önce
I just want to correct you on something...Katherine Heigl was labeled as a brat, ungrateful, and hard to work with, just because she spoke up about how harsh the working conditions were on Grey's Anatomy, which they were.
Alexander Angelus
Alexander Angelus 2 aylar önce
@poe a I know full well how that process works, since I’m involved in it myself. Knocked Up was a movie, however, not a series.
Alexander Angelus
Alexander Angelus 2 aylar önce
@Renee Jett She absolutely is entitled to her opinions and freedom of speech, is of course applicable. In her own time and company, not in public, when you demonstrate you will take work and then trash it. She already knew the script when she took it, she knew what this was about, and still did it, and then trashed it. That’s just unprofessional.
Renee Jett
Renee Jett 2 aylar önce
@Alexander Angelus is she not entitled to her own opinions? Like does freedom of speech not apply to her? She made brush off comments that were completely correct. She had a problem with the story, not the people, and she said that.
Renee Jett
Renee Jett 2 aylar önce
@Hit 'n' Run Guy she wasn't really talking about the conditions for the actors, but for the crew, who get paid considerably less. She mentioned that several of them nearly died in car accidents and from exhaustion itself because they were forced to drive home after working nineteen hours straight with no breaks and we're barely fed. So she wasn't entitled. She was trying to help out the crew, who are already underappreciated.
Renee Jett
Renee Jett 2 aylar önce
@Rose K well she said that because the season didn't focus on her that much, so she didn't deserve to be in the running. Maybe the way she said it rubbed some people wrong but she was actually trying to give other people more deserving a chance. She was trying to do something nice. And she was branded a brat for calling out the inhumane conditions of the Grey's Anatomy set.
Sun Shine
Sun Shine 4 aylar önce
DARK: My brother recommended it and I went in blindly. That show was a literal rollercoaster with slow ascend at first and then you descend into utter madness & confusion. If i could erase my mind and watch it again, i would! Sic Mundus creatus est! 🙌
Alli H
Alli H 5 aylar önce
You have sold me on Dark by talking about why you can't talk about it. I'm so intrigued now and am absolutely going to be watching it this weekend. So thanks for that! What I will say about AHS (and I've only watched like four of the seasons) is that there are A LOT of really exceptional performances. Sarah Paulson should get ALL THE EMMYS. Seriously. Shut up and give them to her, she's brilliant. Evan Peters has some truly wonderful performances. Jessica Lange does some fantastic, show-stopping scene chewing and I am HERE FOR IT. Angela Basset. Kathy Bates. Lilly Rabe. Denis O'Hare. I mean, so many freaking great people did some truly exceptional work on this show. Is every season great? Not in my limited experience. But the performances are well worth watching in many of the seasons, good and bad. And the other thing I'll say about AHS is - it will get weird, it will get crazy, it will get stupid. But it will never get boring. (I don't think). And I 100% agree, 13 Reasons Why is fucking trash and I hate everything about it. I used to be very active in youth suicide prevention (we had a major problem with it where I live about 10 years ago) and this show basically gave the middle finger to EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF GUIDANCE on how to responsibly portray and talk about suicide. AND! The person they hired to be their "mental health consultant" had ZERO experience with teen suicide. It was a clusterfuck of epic proportions and while I appreciate the desire to create a piece of television that would hew more closely to a real teen experience and all the terrible, messy, tragic things that teens often experience, this show just blew it. It caused so much more harm than it did good. I hate it. Hate it with the fire of 1000 suns and am so pissed they did multiple seasons. I completely respect your decision not to give this stupid show more oxygen.
EFoxKitsune 10 saatler önce
14:02 So I recently started watching Dark. It's breaking my brain. I literally had to make a spreadsheet to make sense of the characters and their relationships lmao. It's really interesting so far. Haven't even finished season one yet, so we'll see where it goes. I have some theories...
Anne Kostecki Design
Anne Kostecki Design 4 aylar önce
I love Daredevil. It is so good, and I hope it comes back. I totally agree with you about Glee. Even in 2008, I couldn't stand the show. AHS is also garbage. Friends and Gilmore Girls weren't funny IMO. 13 Reasons Why was hard to watch, it reminded me of an R-rated version of Degrassi. I have never seen Dark, but now I'm more interested in watching.
Bunny 5 aylar önce
I hate 13 reasons and the "conversation" it was trying to have. I attempted suicide around when show aired and got into a fight with my sister afterward on why she cared more about the made up characters and how serious suicide is, than what I was going through and she told me to get over myself. Bravo, Netflix. You started a conversation all right.
Malak Safa
Malak Safa 2 aylar önce
@Elara Storme you as well.💓🙏
Malak Safa
Malak Safa 2 aylar önce
@dream of some epiphany I'm sorry for you too 😔
ғᴀᴇʀɪᴇ's ᴍᴜsɪɴɢs
I am sorry it happened to you. I hope you try your best and so things that you think is best to help you get better and I may not be credible but please choose life
Casual Fanatic
Casual Fanatic 4 aylar önce
Your sister sounds like the writers of the show. They pretend to care about these heavy topics and tell people to “join the conversation” but when they themselves are confronted about it they feel uncomfortable and don’t actually know what to say
ida may
ida may 4 aylar önce
I hope you are doing better dear!!!!
Growing Individuals
Growing Individuals 4 aylar önce
I love all your videos. It would be cool to see how you developed your judgment/analytic skills. I admire how you can analyze a show in depth from a writer's perspective.
SheShattersTheRules 5 aylar önce
as someone who has seen vampire diaries 7 times start to finish, has watched the original 3 times and is now following legacies (even tho at this point i just wanna be released from my torment) i CAN'T WAIT for your video. i love this series but OH MY GOD IT'S SO FULL OF PLOT HOLES, CONTRADICTING STATEMENTS AND ANNOYING STORY LINES AND CHARACTERS. it's a hot mess and i love it haha
Olivia Jeanette
Olivia Jeanette Aylar önce
I love watching this video when I have a bad day🤗literally turns the energy around, love the rantyness
Omnissiah 4 aylar önce
honestly i am beyond excited for House of the Dragon, i think there is real potential to be even better than GoT in its best years
Quinn Tribolet
Quinn Tribolet 5 aylar önce
You should do what Dylan is in Trouble does and say if you recommend a show/movie if will make you less likely to review it! It works for him and most of us will tell people who recommend to stop recommending! It's really fun!
Mimah 101
Mimah 101 5 aylar önce
@SINIESTRA Nope not upset at all. Dylan is really great, he's actually pretty funny. He also causes a lot of eyerolls..., or maybe it's just me. Who knows.
SINIESTRA 5 aylar önce
@Mimah 101 I never knew someone who would get upset just because I called someone a sweetheart 😂
Mimah 101
Mimah 101 5 aylar önce
@SINIESTRA Oh please.🙄 Sweetheart is a stretch. He can get annoying sometimes. But yeah, he is pretty entertaining to watch.😊
Quinn Tribolet
Quinn Tribolet 5 aylar önce
@Lizzy_Lemon yeah I know that, but DIIT makes it a point that if you request he will avoid that show/movie, thats my point. 🙄 Its an incentive not to request
SINIESTRA 5 aylar önce
Dylan is a sweetheart that is why we love him and just never recommend anything, we know his rules
ms.automatic 2 aylar önce
i didn’t realize i genuinely enjoyed the witch season of ahs as much as i did until it was mentioned and i really thought about it. i have rewatched it a couple times because it’s really good to me
Gabby Rice
Gabby Rice Aylar önce
I’m rewatching Glee right now, and I’ll admit: it’s crazy and so dumb and ridiculous. I loved it when I first watched it, and I love it now. It can all be encapsulated with my relationship with Artie: one of the first examples of seeing someone like me (wheelchair) on screen that was bright and vibrant and, at first glance, really refreshing, but with a lot of problems underneath the more you look at it. It’s indefensible, and I love it.
Johan Järvinen
Johan Järvinen 10 gün önce
It's interesting that Wheel of Time failed so spectacularly that even though it's an Amazon project, based on one of the biggest fantasy book series of all time with one of the most rabid fanbases in literature and was angling to be the next Game of Thrones...it doesn't even get a mention on a list like this because it flew entirely under most peoples radars. Honestly, I envy you all who don't seem to know it exists.
G P 2 aylar önce
I was genuinely excited for 13 Reasons Why because I loved the book. I was excited about a show that would focus on mental health and suicidal ideation. But they tried to cover so many social justice topics that the mental health aspect was no longer important to the writers. The important topics/issues they tried to cover and mental health could have been tied together, but the writers were so focused on screaming at the audience about how bad these things were instead of actually trying to have meaningful conversations about them. When they did cover mental health, it just didn't seem authentic or realistic. In the book, Hannah was a survivor of sexual assault and these characters all had a hand in her death. The show made Hannah into a person who I no longer empathized with like I did while reading the book. If she wasn't sexually assaulted and didn't complete suicide, I would have thought Hannah was a throw away character. I would have preferred it if this was just a movie about Clay sitting in a room for 2 hours and listening to the tapes with some flashbacks. It would have been more enjoyable and that is kind of sad when I think about it.
Marmar Maricmaric
Marmar Maricmaric 5 aylar önce
Mike's mic shout out just made my day, an icon supporting an icon, we love to see it!!!!!!!!!
Maria Luiza Santos
Maria Luiza Santos 5 aylar önce
He's just the absolute best
thegirlnooneknows5 5 aylar önce
I love that guy
mi 5 aylar önce
Yay he deserves so much subscribers
cd 5 aylar önce
as someone who watched glee at its peak and loves rachel as a character, i still totally understand not wanting to watch lmaooo i def wanted you to make a video on it just because i find your insights and commentary interesting me as an adult would probably not watch it if it released now tbh. but i’ll still be tuned in for the rest of the videos u release!
The Art of Metalsmithing
I love love your channel and videos! But guys please, stay away from Established Titles. It's not what it advertises itself to be and you're spending lots of money on nothing. In other words, it's a scam :)
Suga Bee
Suga Bee 5 aylar önce
Dark is my favorite. Words can't express how much this show is so masterful. I love it.
Mick Crump
Mick Crump 5 aylar önce
I think a video on Nip/Tuck would be a hilarious video to review and discuss the completely outrageous plot lines that show actually brought to the screen
Devon Munn
Devon Munn 4 aylar önce
It would be interesting. It was a fun albeit dated show (which being dated isn't based itself but oof some of the stuff that happened was..iffy)
Manav 2 aylar önce
The glee rant killed me. From his calm explanations about GoT to his insane dramatic Glee rant. Shit was hilarious. Can you seriously consider making a spoiler filled review of Dark?
Gonzalo Giha
Gonzalo Giha Aylar önce
you should watch "the OC". It's too old to warrant a video essay, but you'll discover where EVERY - SINGLE - CW- CRAPPY- TROPE came from. I would not be surprised if roberto aguagua-suckass regards it at a masterpiece in character development and clever writing. give it a go. It'll take time, but it will be... educational(?)
C. W.
C. W. 5 aylar önce
I appreciate that the GoT show got me to read the books and I care a lot more about getting the WoW book and the 2nd part of Fire and blood than I could ever care about any TV show.
Tee 2 aylar önce
i like the grey’s anatomy rant 😂 i’ve watched every season of the show and i agree it’s entirely too long if someone is trying to get into especially since they’ve probably had things spoiled about the show bc of something that happened a decade ago 😂😂😂
Cheryl O
Cheryl O 5 aylar önce
I think with the Game of Thrones fandom, it's not just that the show ended so poorly, but the books appear as though they will never be finished, so the fandom has nothing to talk about. At least with something like Wheel of Time, even if the show gets cancelled the books are finished, there's a conclusion to the story and you can recommend friends pick it up because there's actually an ending.
DareDevil Aylar önce
If it was ended at S04, then it would be perfect thing ever But still ending at S06 would have been the best. The episode felt like finale, still leaving things to open-ended conversations And I think I'd like that much more than what making S07 and 8 did
Sam Miller
Sam Miller 4 aylar önce
@UmbraKrameri All roads lead to Brandon Sanderson?
UmbraKrameri 4 aylar önce
@Sam Miller But that's clearly not the same as actually writing 2-4 700+ pages long novels, is it? He still claims that even with the shared elements his version would be so much better, because he would do the leadup right. It might be even true, but we will most likely never know as he doesn't seem to be in a rush to show us his version. I bet if the series ever gets finished, it will be after his death (and probably Brandon Sanderson will write it, if he gets the rights).
Sam Miller
Sam Miller 5 aylar önce
@UmbraKrameri But he did finish it by giving the books ending to the show writers to do first as a test run.
UmbraKrameri 5 aylar önce
@Sam Miller I don't pretend to know his reasoning, but it certainly seems to be the more comfortable position to not finish the series in his lifetime and pretend that he had the perfect ending all along than actually trying to write an ending that won't satisfy the readers anyway. To me, it seems like this was a losing battle after the show catched up with the book series, on both sides. But the show's creators basically giving up on the project certainly didn't help.
Loreta Ruiseñor
Loreta Ruiseñor 4 aylar önce
I love finding out that TRvidrs I love watch other TRvidrs I also love, so the mention of Mike's Mic and Dylan is in Trouble made my day.
Andrew Romig
Andrew Romig 5 aylar önce
No lie - I've never even heard of Dark and have had a Netflix subscription for the better part of a decade at this point. Because of this video, I'mma give it a look.
Devon Munn
Devon Munn 4 aylar önce
I am a little surprised but it somewhat niche
Viktoria Buzas
Viktoria Buzas Aylar önce
coming from someone who grew up on 2014 tumblr, AHS was a cultural reset. I think people now aren't as enthusiastic about it anymore because the latest seasons just don't hit the same as the earlier seasons. The chokehold season 1-3 had on us tumblr kids was massive. Generally speaking, AHS is worth watching up until Roanoake, and the seasons after that just fell flat and didn't bring the same element to the show. It is worth watching I say, for the incredible story tellings of the earlier seasons and figuring/piecing together the timelines, plus the amazing acting too. If you ever to change your mind and watch and possibly make a video, it could me a commentary how the writers just ran out of ideas and it shows in the later seasons how they lacked everything the first additions had, after all, I did say this show had everyone in a chokehold for many years, especially on tumblr. I do believe the plan to make 10 seasons was way too ambitious for the writers, there's only so much originality you can come up with and overall that was it's downfall.
Jerrica Benton
Jerrica Benton Aylar önce
i watched for evan peters. the last season i watched that i liked was apocalypse because cody fern lol after that it just got so unwatchable i couldn't even stand to watch even for them, same for 'horror stories'
angelzhell02 3 aylar önce
If you ever were to watch AHS I recommend S3. I think it’s the best season has the most interesting story to tell and it doesn’t drag on that much! The acting from Jessica Lange is just amazing
PrimaryConsult 12 gün önce
If watching AHS for the continuity across shows, it seems the best ones to watch are: 1 (Murder House), 2 (Asylum), 3 (Coven), 5 (Hotel), 8 (Apocalypse, which ties together 1, 3 and 5). I watched 6 (Roanoke, it is a reality show style) at a friend's recommendation and found it boring asf other than some good jokes.
K Owen
K Owen Aylar önce
Asylum was definitely my favourite, the others were kind of forgettable I can't really name another one even though I've seen them all XD I felt like everyone really liked murder house and coven but they both kind of fell flat for me 🤷 Still better than season 4 onwards though
Killgore 2010
Killgore 2010 Aylar önce
Coven is easily the second best season after Asylum. It's campy but in a good way, kinda what I thought netflix Sabrina teenage witch was going to be. Jessica Lange was great in that as well.
Isabela Ibarra
Isabela Ibarra 5 aylar önce
Dark is quite literally one of the best shows ever made. I don’t think any video essay really could capture the beauty and complexity of the show. It really is an experience. I’m so excited for the creator’s new show!
Lipstickmanager 3 aylar önce
I’d watch anything from those creators. Literally. You tell me they made next season of Emily in Paris, i will drop everything to watch
Kiko_tango 5 aylar önce
I second this very hard !!
Amber Starr
Amber Starr 5 aylar önce
I would really love to see a video on the handmaids tale as it's one of my favorite shows but I also understand kinda with the point u made about 13 reasons why that a show that dark can't have many jokes but everything from the cinematography to the acting is always 100
Andreea Țig
Andreea Țig 5 aylar önce
THANK GOD, peaky blinders isn’t on this list 😮‍💨 this show is severely underrated in my opinion and it deserves more attention; not only does is have great cliffhangers and decent writing but also amazing acting!! 🙌
The Dawn of Vanlife
The Dawn of Vanlife 5 aylar önce
I just await the next mothership and whenever you post a new video I usually watch it because I like your thoughtful deep analysis even if I have never seen the show.
skysplits skysplits
skysplits skysplits 5 aylar önce
Wasn’t expecting Milo to make an appearance but it’s always nice seeing him ❤️
Tobenna Okoli
Tobenna Okoli 5 aylar önce
You have just given me hope by saying you’re gonna review TVD. Please tear Elena to SHREDS (where she deserves it, because I personally don’t TOTALLY hate Elena). And also please DESTROY Delena. It’s should never have existed.
Samantha Stack
Samantha Stack 5 aylar önce
Honestly the greys anatomy rant hit really closed to home. When I moved into my first apartment one of the first things me and my roommate did together was try to watch greys anatomy, she had already started it an was on season 5 so I just joined her at that point cause I wasn't willing to go back and watch five seasons and the plot seemed simple enough to follow with the occasionally clarification from my roommate. We watched about 4-5 episodes a night every night at our peak watching rate, occasionally taking breaks to do other and watch other things if more interesting content got dropped. But still at that rate we only made it to the 12th season after two and a half months we completely gave up on the show at that point because there was just no end in sight and somehoe that made everything seem just really bleak
Kyla G
Kyla G 4 aylar önce
I only watch up to the plane crash. Those first seasons are amazing and the later ones will never compare. I rewatch season 1&2 a lot they’re just sooo good
Limdoo 4 aylar önce
i started watching the show when I was 13 and I'm 15 now and I finished the show... AND IT"S STILL GOING!
Samantha Stack
Samantha Stack 4 aylar önce
@Eat At Joe's listen I absolutely adore it's always sunny and the great thing about it is you really don't need to watch it in any order at all. I would say absolutely go ahead and just watch at your own pace and leisure, don't even bother with the first season just jump to whatever episode catches your attention the most and the rest be damned. I promise as long as you understand the basic premise of the series you'll enjoy it, there's entire seasons I haven't watched but I still consider myself an avid fan of the show
Eat At Joe's
Eat At Joe's 4 aylar önce
This was me with It's Always Sunny. I want to, man, but it's too goddamn long.
sofia greka
sofia greka 4 aylar önce
Oh i feel you so much! I actually binged the show's first ten Seasons when i started 10th grade (I was almost 16 and had way too much time) and then i was completely caught up with the 11th Season as it was airing. It's been 8 fucking years, i graduated from high School and college and the show it's still running. This is the first year i actually stopped watching and i only regret not dropping it sooner. The only reason i didn't it was Force of habit for a few years and after that morbid curiosity but i am done. We are all done. Let the show die. Please.
Ethan Killion
Ethan Killion 4 aylar önce
With tight adherence to its source material's history, high production quality, and a no-nonsense dramatic flair, Daredevil excels as an effective superhero origin story, a gritty procedural, and an exciting action adventure.
F Aylar önce
I would 100% sit through 2hrs and more of you breaking down what you love about Dark by the way.
Leah Newton
Leah Newton 4 aylar önce
One of my friends, the only guy who told me not to watch "13 Reasons Why" ever, said the show was worthless from Season 1...I guess you really validated his advice. I am glad I never watched it. XD Thanks!
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