10 Secrets Walmart Doesn't Want You To Know (Part 2)

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2 Ara 2022




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Kim Gordon
Kim Gordon 2 aylar önce
@N FL you recirculate tax off your back @ 60% ... Thx Queen E
Kim Gordon
Kim Gordon 2 aylar önce
@Shanon Vasquez meanwhile the top 4 Wal * M EXECS make $70k / min each. WeDontShopWM
Jorge Pokemon
Jorge Pokemon 5 aylar önce
Follow ZELLHACK1 on Insta
Hit him up 👆👆 to get guidelines and safety measures on how to reinstate your Walmart account!
Mandy Lou
Mandy Lou 11 aylar önce
Where's part #1?????
Debra Conner
Debra Conner Yıl önce
Walmart has been the reason for many mom & pop stores closing.
Monipulator3216 27 gün önce
Ozark Life
Ozark Life Aylar önce
@john luke Where do you get your information from? Many mom & pop stores closed in small towns because of Wal-Mart's success in the 1980's-1990's. A long time before the internet. Where were you? You must not have been born then or was a baby.
john luke
john luke Aylar önce
@Nikodim Ser than you parent's will be unemployed and you'll have to shop at CVS to pay a high retail price on a crappy item.
john luke
john luke Aylar önce
no bro that was the internet with online ordering like amazon. Walmart didn't close any stores. They been around for years.
Ozark Life
Ozark Life Aylar önce
@Debra Conner most people who work for Walmart are not poor. Walmart pay is higher than most think. Most of the distribution centers start out more than $20 an hour and the stores start out above $12. The longer you work there the more you get paid. Like with any other job.
Taxi Driver
Taxi Driver Yıl önce
Every single Walmart I've been in has had plain clothes security, and has for as long as I can remember. They're obvious af too!
Kevin Raat
Kevin Raat 3 aylar önce
@Cameron Sarmiento the frequency is still 154.600 . channel 2 murs 5 on a murs radio if you wish to go have some fun.
Kevin Raat
Kevin Raat 3 aylar önce
@Cameron Sarmiento correct Walmart does suck and always will.
Cameron Sarmiento
Cameron Sarmiento 3 aylar önce
Walmart as a whole shrink #'s our at an all time high.
Kevin Raat
Kevin Raat 3 aylar önce
@George Stasiuk Jr. Also since you follow patty mayo then you know my badge says fugitive recovery agent.
Kevin Raat
Kevin Raat 3 aylar önce
@George Stasiuk Jr. No they really don't. The law is the law and its federal if one touches me they will be shot to death fun fact.
S D Yıl önce
I know I’ve succeeded in life when I can afford to no longer shop at Walmart.
Psalm 3713
Psalm 3713 8 gün önce
Time to throw away those pink crocks and mismatched t-top and shorts. Haha
Kevin Raat
Kevin Raat Aylar önce
@Ozark Life No joke would be epic if you do the Jeffery Epstein. So back to the you live in a studio that your girlfriend 100% pays for as you have 0 income, why are you on my nutts ? Kinda have to ask it, because you clearly hate America other then it lets you molest children.
Kevin Raat
Kevin Raat Aylar önce
@Ozark Life You mean how I own more then 1 company, have more then 4 associate degrees from weber state university, and more then 8 certificate of completion all by age 26. Or the fact I bought my first house without a loan by age 29 ?
Kevin Raat
Kevin Raat Aylar önce
@Ozark Life You clearly weren't. Cool story though whim hope I got what you identify as right. I lived in a studio in 2005 when it was $235 a month. Anyways you might not want to try and bash me kiddy dingler until you are better off, and have done more with your life and yes that includes more college then me.
Ozark Life
Ozark Life Aylar önce
@Kevin Raat bullshit. Only if it was fresh meat or the like and you incorrectly handled it or let it get bad is the only way you got food poisoning. Just because you couldn't keep your job at Walmart doesn't mean you should talk shit about it.
apothic D
apothic D Yıl önce
When you get fired from Wal-Mart because their equipment isn't working because they are too cheap to replace it, it makes you think what the hell is wrong with this country. Seriously, its time to boycott Wal-Mart
Ozark Life
Ozark Life Aylar önce
Probably because you broke the equipment more than a few times is why you got fired. Go get a trade job education. You can get those at a trade school.
Darryl fricke
Darryl fricke 3 aylar önce
Exactly Right !
Maryan Omar
Maryan Omar 4 aylar önce
Walmart! Really is a bad company! To their employees! & customers! It’s just really bad! Don’t ever work there!
____ 4 aylar önce
@Sam Sitar They do it. There is no low that they won’t stoop. This is Walmart we’re talking about.
Sam Sitar
Sam Sitar 5 aylar önce
leaving when fired for an equipment malfunction is wrong.
AndyGinterBlues 2 yıl önce
The dumpsters out back are a great place to find bargains. This video mentions how produce etc. at WalMart stores is cheap because of cheap prison labor, doesn't mention about how practically EVERYTHING electronic that WalMart sells is manufactured in China, in sweatshops, where workers are paid pennies per hour and work 12 hour shifts. But then, everyone already knows this.
Monipulator3216 27 gün önce
ONN comes to mind. It has infested their shelves. I hate buying their shit. But it's cheap!
Albert's Supernova
Albert's Supernova 2 aylar önce
What dumpsters? They use trash compactors so nobody steals nothing by tossing it in the dumpsters
Kim Gordon
Kim Gordon 2 aylar önce
@thestooges333 Chy Nah just closed all their Wal " M factories...
Kim Gordon
Kim Gordon 2 aylar önce
DUMPSTER DIVING Now a misdemeanor ~US.
mrequi1 4 aylar önce
Sorry, but Chinese laborers actually do better money wise than Americans do. China has much more money and a far stronger economy than the US ever had.
Rasa V
Rasa V Yıl önce
I worked for Walmart for 4 years as one of there cart pushers and what got me was the fact that the stores and the mangers that run them would much rather not spend the money too buy the proper equipment that works we would go almost a year and months off and on not having the thing to push the carts behind them and would have to push them by hand in whatever heat rain all that as well as the fact that the managers will just make it hard for you to do your job and even if your doing it as fast and as well as you can they don’t care they just want it done and if you are not one of the ones that’s liked they will treat you like a dog till you leave just be have you leave so they don’t have to fire you.
Country Boy
Country Boy Aylar önce
Walmart is a trash company, rather than treat their employees like humans, the teach them how to get on government assistance, and not pay them a living wage, I stopped shopping at Walmart years ago, if you don't trust me to the point you ask for my receipt as I leave, then I will gladly spend my money elsewhere even if I have to pay a little more, I encourage everyone to stop giving your money to walmart
BabbleTop Yıl önce
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Debra Herrington
Debra Herrington 5 aylar önce
I worked for Walmart and heads up. Walmart has the highest employee turnover... The reason why they are always hiring is because they get rid of the employees so they don't have to give them a raise after they finished the so-called testing you have to go through when first hired and don't give you the time to get your tests done. Hence your fired. They hire and fire everyday...
Matthew Padgett
Matthew Padgett Yıl önce
The best thing anyone can do is stay the hell away from Walmart /Sam’s. Stop giving your 💰 to your ‘soon to be oppressors’ . If this past situation didn’t force you to open your eyes, nothing will !
Maryan Omar
Maryan Omar 2 aylar önce
@Macabe Sprenkle But Walmart treats their employees like shit. Work there for a month or 2 & you’ll start to notice a lot of insane shit.
Kevin Raat
Kevin Raat 2 aylar önce
@Macabe Sprenkle so it only proves that you don't and never have worked for Walmart, or sams club as any real worker would know what I have stated.
Kevin Raat
Kevin Raat 2 aylar önce
@Macabe Sprenkle I worked as a associate and a over night support manager. I also setup every walkie talkie on murs that walmart use's. So yeah no one should after I stated the facts.
Macabe Sprenkle
Macabe Sprenkle 2 aylar önce
Please don't listen to him. Us employees need your money please and were super nice
Kevin Raat
Kevin Raat 3 aylar önce
I agree. That and let everyone know Walmart supports attacking disabled vets and PTSD-TBI service dogs . more so when that customer asks for help getting their curbside order then gets trespassed.
4343george Yıl önce
I work for a major retailer here in the Midwest (NOT WALMART).Several of us workers have been hit by cars working in the parking lot by crazy drivers. Good luck in holding these customers accountable ,The story is often the same: " security Camera was'nt working '"and the driver takes off or Somehow my employer will find a way to fault us. They will NOT lose any customers for ANY reason
rexman971 6 aylar önce
"It's simple, you guys need less pay" -some asshole sitting in an office thinking they deserve more pay
hydrolito 8 aylar önce
I knew a customer that got hit by a vehicle at Walmart some of their customers are crazy drivers. Also there had been a car accident across the street from Walmart before we got there when going to the mall and there had been another one on same side of street as Walmart on way back there was also a McDonald in Walmart and across street from Walmart at the time.
4343george 11 aylar önce
@Bryan jones Miejer is a big box retailer here in the Midwest less than 500 store in 6 states
GC Durnin
GC Durnin 11 aylar önce
4343george, thanks for the warning. I have to walk across a huge parking lot--with a walker! Some hoods tried to run their car into a boy gathering up carts in the lot. We have a large number of ppl called "gang stalkers" at our Walmart and they get paid to harass ppl and to hurt them w chemical or sonic devices. Some of them either work for walmart or dress up as workers, do their thing, then hurry out the door, so you cant get them arrested. If you call for a mgr, it will be a fake, if you call 800 to report them, they intercept your call. Shopping used to be fun, now it hurts.😢
Bryan jones
Bryan jones 11 aylar önce
Miejer ?
James McClane
James McClane Yıl önce
I buy all my items at the smaller more personal stores where ever I can find them. I would rather waste a half a tank of gas traveling to a better store than give my money to these crooks.
Superiormiss 7 aylar önce
I agree. No one should buy food from Walmart. Especially NOT the produce or the meat.
Ed Stevens
Ed Stevens Yıl önce
My aunt used to work for Walmart. She was told she was "Going to be fired if she didn't stock items alone" that clearly stated Team Lift. She was injured doing said activity. Before the ink on the workers compensation paperwork dried, she was fired.
pamela morrison
pamela morrison Aylar önce
@Mallory Cat litter and dog food lol
Maryan Omar
Maryan Omar 4 aylar önce
@Mallory “Ranned over my door with a pallet jacket” made me laugh so hard I’m sorry that happened to you. WALMART REALLY DIES SUCK THOUGH ON A SERIOUS NOTE! It’s terrible how they treat literally everyone customers, employees. EVERYONE!
Maryan Omar
Maryan Omar 4 aylar önce
@Peter V Apply for unemployment! Free two weeks checks! Look it up if you don’t know about it a company can not wrongfully fire you!
Maryan Omar
Maryan Omar 4 aylar önce
@Sam Sitar You can apply for unemployment. If you don’t want know what it is look it up it’s free two weeks check!
Sam Sitar
Sam Sitar 5 aylar önce
@Peter V instead of leaving when fired call local police.
Slowpoke Yıl önce
Walmart would dig up their own grandparents to steal their fillings and jewelery. I will gladly go elsewhere and spend more just to avoid that dump!
mrequi1 4 aylar önce
@Slowpoke Because, we all know that grandmas ring does no one any good if it's buried in the ground. Neither do her gold fillings which seldom escape the morticians table. Why bury valuables with a corpse. They sure as hell won't need them.
Slowpoke 4 aylar önce
@mrequi1 I have never heard of morticians stealing valuables from the dead they are preparing for burial, but if I were them then I wouldn't & couldn't do that... it goes against my code of ethics. I mean how could you possibly bring yourself to steal grandma's wedding ring?
Kathleen Givant-taylor
I shop at target or local places for this reason
Nico Montenigro
Nico Montenigro 6 aylar önce
@Robert Strickland sams club and walmart are owned by thw same ppl
James Cooper
James Cooper 8 aylar önce
It's that wierdo English pagan shit to be buried 6 ft specifically in the earth. Not trapping my soul irregardless of belief ashes to ashes .
Aleksandr Yatskevich
Aleksandr Yatskevich 8 aylar önce
My mom works for Walmart for almost 35 years couple years ago she was diagnosed with post covid tractopathy they said it's an extremely rare covid related or so they say covid related illness. She went from being completely mobile to losing complete use of her legs in a period of three weeks. No hospital here would help her because they didn't know what to do so we had to drive all the way to Rochester Minnesota to the Mayo Clinic and miraculously they pumped her full of some immunosuppressant because apparently they found out her immune system was attacking her body post covid and it damaged her nerves and her spine. At the time Walmart was using one kind of insurance and this year they change their insurance and now they won't cover my mother's treatments that she requires every 6 months to keep her immune system in check. She is now once again rapidly deteriorating and will most likely be completely paralyzed from the waist down at some point and eventually possibly become completely paralyzed head To toe... after days weeks and months of calling them and arguing and saying that she must have this treatment or she will deteriorate again they told her that they refuse to pay her a dime unless she returns back to work which she is somewhat unable to do because of her condition she is able to walk on her own now but she has extreme nerve pain and cannot sit or stand for extended periods of time yet Walmart doesn't care... She either has to return back to work and 6 months or lose her job and her insurance and her home which she is still making payments on. With the new insurance as well they're only paying her 30% of her original monthly income so she is hardly able to pay for her mortgage payment let alone anything else my wife my son and I were forced to move in with her to help her out around the house and financially... Shows how much they care about their employees huh... they also told her that if she was literally on a hospital bed in critical condition only then would they pay for her treatment as long as she is up enable they refuse
Lucky Lady
Lucky Lady 3 aylar önce
@Timmy that’s too bad. That was wrong of them.
Lucky Lady
Lucky Lady 3 aylar önce
@Timmy that’s terrible! I hope your wife is doing better. I can’t stand wal-mart for that reason right there. They would go broke as to pay someone that deserved it. I thought a lawyer would help, guess not.
Lucky Lady
Lucky Lady 3 aylar önce
@Aleksandr Yatskevich it would be worth a shot talking to an attorney and asking questions.
Aleksandr Yatskevich
Aleksandr Yatskevich 3 aylar önce
@Lucky Lady thank you so much! That had been on our minds for our last resort not sure if we'd have a chance...
Lucky Lady
Lucky Lady 3 aylar önce
Wow! Shame on Wal-Mart! I will be keeping your mom in my prayers! Is there some way you can get an attorney for her and she can sue them?
Tina Baldwin
Tina Baldwin 25 gün önce
This is exactly why I haven’t shopped at Walmart in over 17 years. I find I save so much money shopping at my local grocery store. A lot less impulse shopping.
Xhadeux K H-K
Xhadeux K H-K Yıl önce
Walmart is the absolute worst. They treat their employees like trash.
Kevin Raat
Kevin Raat 3 aylar önce
They treat their customers more like crap.
Team Kidskrb4jtu4uth4u TY 4h
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webi wabo gaming
webi wabo gaming Yıl önce
@J Stewart yes absolutely i agree i understand everything
J Stewart
J Stewart Yıl önce
Dont treat the customers either, wal mart = really dont care. Eal mart n amazom r a monopoly boycott
Wes Kleinert
Wes Kleinert Yıl önce
And I know all the answers of why they do that and I'm not going to say it not a chance because all of you already know by now
jana pecherek
jana pecherek Yıl önce
That’s why they want you to be your own cashier. Self check out. Cause they do not want to pay a cashier 15.00 an hour.
Matt Aylar önce
Self-checkout by customers is more honest than a cashier. They were hemorrhaging profits.
Joseph Yuen
Joseph Yuen 8 aylar önce
Thanks for the $15 an hour movement . Our local Walmart having only one cashier line open at certain hours only and 12 ( or May be 14 ) self checkouts open at all time . If one don’t know how to scan the vegetables, the attending employee would gladly to help . They used having 7 to 12 cashier lines open plus May be 4 at the so -call experimental self-check out during busy hours . I heard that some fast foods are planning to close certain low profit branches due to slow businesses and the $15 / hour thing . Many high-tech firms are working to install robots
James Cooper
James Cooper 9 aylar önce
@Dagger Kettenring never once have I seen a one size fits most bag in Walmart. 🤔🤣
4343george 11 aylar önce
Working in retail for 20 + yrs,few people WANT to be cashiers . You can offer $ 20/HR and you will STILL have problems getting cashiers....
Rejected Projects
@Wilcox Tactical when jobs are scarce which they are they should be able to let you survive and minimum wage was originally meant to let you live but now u cant live off it
Sir Galahad
Sir Galahad Yıl önce
The family that owns walmart is wealthy?! Omg! 😱 I never would have guessed!
jeff1 pain1
jeff1 pain1 6 aylar önce
hell then you buy something for 10 cents from china.then sale it for 10 bucks in your store youll be rich to...
2000k Without Posting
2000k Without Posting 9 aylar önce
@Jeffrey Wentz so Walmart is not a place where they exploit their employees and pay them top dollar? High schooler lookin for job here 😅
Jeffrey Wentz
Jeffrey Wentz Yıl önce
Honestly, the woman who made these videos is a clown. A quarter of her info was incorrect. Wages are better than most other businesses hiring with only a GED/HSD, and they do in fact have Asset protection. They dont just call the cops when they see shop lifters. Holy shit, i lost brain cells listening to her.
George Washington
Best time to shop Walmart is NEVER! Support small business instead.
4343george 11 aylar önce
Support Small Businesses NO MATTER WHO the big box retailer is !!!!!!!
Shanny Yıl önce
Fine if you can afford your necessities there. 🤬
George Washington
@Jeffrey Wentz slave wages from their resources
Michael Terrell
Michael Terrell Yıl önce
@Jeffrey Wentz The only affordable local grocery places sell dented can and things right at their expiration dates. There are other discount grocery stores, but only a half dozen things that I can eat, and only if they are in stock. Some people can wallow up to a pig trough and eat anything, some can't.
Jeffrey Wentz
Jeffrey Wentz Yıl önce
Can't do that when they charge 3 times as much. Thats why walmart is in the lead. Cheaper prices
Diana Esparza
Diana Esparza 5 aylar önce
I shop at Walmart weekly. They just need better bakery like Safeway. And more workers when we need help or have questions. Also often the price tag changes when going through the register 😳🤔
Vito Sciortino
Vito Sciortino 28 gün önce
I hate Walmart with a passion 😒
Rylie Yıl önce
To debunk some lies in this video. -New items don’t always end in a 7 within the price lol 😂. The store can initiate its own price on that particular item if they want to. -Cheap Labor! Excuse me most stores are paying above $13/hr (Dependent on the state and area you work in) -The company doesn’t always call the cops for “Petty theft”. Most of the time it’s pay for the merchandise and if not you get issued a trespass from all stores including sams clubs and it’s subsidiaries. Now if over a certain amount then you will more than likely be placed in handcuffs and taking a ride to a new retail store for no wage and hard earned work done for free! 😂
G-Rod75 2 aylar önce
Ok bootlicker
Dincan Ward
Dincan Ward 9 aylar önce
I've seen people walk right out walmart with television sets and dare walmart workers to try and stop them.
Jeff Gutierrez
Jeff Gutierrez Yıl önce
It's much worse... They don't pay contracted vendors, cheat on state taxes, and worst of all force you to use the self checkout by not having cashiers. When confronted by the receipt checker I explain it's my first day on registers and I've received no training. ... There's many reasons I do not shop at Walmart.
David R. Wilson
David R. Wilson Aylar önce
Harsh working conditions? I shop at Walmart all the time.I never see any of their employees doing anything that looks hard.
You cant handle my name!
the walmart near my house recently hired its own security. this is likely because shoplifting is on the rise for various reasons and i live in cali where the police wont even show up unless your stealing something worth a grand. literally the sheriffs department is in walking distance and unless your trying to make it out with a flat screen tv they wont show up.
KayakingWithCorey 11 aylar önce
If you take the last 4 numbers on the items barcode, you can match it up with the last 4 numbers on the pricetags on the shelves ( if there is one there ) and get the real price. Too many times the employees just throw shit on the shelves and customers discombobulates the items too.
Mark Hardiman
Mark Hardiman 2 yıl önce
I worked at Walmart in Pulaski,TN for awhile full-time.I was promised 40 hours weekly for $11an hour. Toward the end of my desire to be screwed.They had cut hours to 4 hours- 16 hours weekly for workers. I sent an email to the CEO about full-time workers needing 40 hours weekly so we could "live better." He never replied.🤔
Kevin Raat
Kevin Raat 3 aylar önce
I worked at harrisvile utah then opened centervile utah. Not a fan of any walmart or sams club.
Edwin H
Edwin H 5 aylar önce
Pulaski County, Tennessee. Home of the KKK. nice
GC Durnin
GC Durnin 11 aylar önce
@Manuel Martinez what? Full time is 32 hrs/wk? Idk about other walmarts but ours could use lots more employees! And I shop during the day, mornings, Mon, Tue, or Thurs, when it isnt "busy." Now that we have all these "shop for you" workers w their huge carts flying around the store, we grab what we can off shelves in one aisle bc there may not be anything on the shelves in the next aisle! Thanks to all walmart workers, wo you all the poor folks would starve.
Rejected Projects
I honestly lost respect for Walmart I’ve seen them putting used meat that was returned and freezer burnt back on the shelf I was at customer service and I saw it get passed to them and they walked out into the store and put it on the shelf(during COVID 19) it’s fucked up
Manuel Martinez
Manuel Martinez Yıl önce
Full time at Walmart is 32 hours. If you are full time the can not give you less than 32 more than 3 weeks in a row.
J Sz
J Sz Yıl önce
To not pay shipping.. you could add extra item you dont want to get fre shipping, then ship to your home and then return unwanted item and you wont pay shipping
Christopher Tucker
Years ago.... My first wife got a year in jail for a 30.00 jewelry box. Travis county(Texas) cops refused to let me in the court room. She was screamed at till she confessed to something she didn't do. She had asked me before if she could buy it. She worked in the jewelry department. Two fellow employees didn't like her and stole her purse with the receipt inside. The when i went to pick her up feom work they turned her in for theft. She got one year in county jail. Gee.... Thanks walmart and travis co sheriff dep. In austin tx. For ruining her life. Asswholes.
RickRoss TheBoss281
Which Walmart was it exactly?
Allen Rawley
Allen Rawley 3 aylar önce
Yea this doesn't sound right. Along with other comments
An De
An De 3 aylar önce
What about video surveillance tootage? One does not get 1 year jail for shoplifting a $30.00 with a clean record and no priors. Not even in Texas and I live in DFW.
Judy Froemming
Judy Froemming 6 aylar önce
I always liked WalMart because we used to go to one of the original ones about 30 years ago in Arkansas. Now there you could see weird people coming out of the woodwork; coming out of their cabin up in the mountains.
Gale Grazutis
Gale Grazutis 6 aylar önce
Judy l would of loved to see that. Unfortunately l live in Australia!🙄🙄🙄
Daniel Ball
Daniel Ball Yıl önce
When I worked at walmart I knew of all this. Shopped their to a degree. After I got sick I started changing all that for me on a whole. Meaning everywhere. This place really isn't a proper spot to shop for food. Something you all should think of whenever you're shopping there. Look up front at them shop back carts when you enter the place. Take notes if don't have a great or even a good memory. Notice them same carts at checkout. But more importantly. Notice the food items. Now an experience I've had on several occasions. I've found items (food of course) so outdated the colors changed as well as the packaging shape. Took them to the departments managers. Now when I worked there I was told if items on the floor are outdated or compromised. Remove them to the back for termination. The managers took them to the back. Basically a write-off. Back to my experience after no longer working there. The items posted on the self as well as items that should be returned to the coolers immediately we're there sitting. Discolored and swollen as they're now pretty much spoiled. And we all know how so called organic items go bad almost at a snap/blink. I decided to look and see if the proper methods were followed. Needless to say they were put back out for sell. Green and bloated complete with fur, penicillin and separation. I then mention this to an employee and told them I just gave this to the manager of this department. And the employee told me that's who told them to put it back on the floor. And this was told to me by both department employees. Since then I've come to the realization. Walmart isn't a great source for food items at all. Walmart for me is only ok for body care, fish food, maybe a dvd, underwear, baby care items to a degree and arts and crafts. And that's still a problem. Cause we are still contributing to the problems of the world supporting people of this nature.
Joseph Yuen
Joseph Yuen 8 aylar önce
Several grocery chains in our area having better choices, better qualities and better prices than Walmart’s grocery.
Joseph Yuen
Joseph Yuen 8 aylar önce
Our local Walmart Super-centers having a return policy that if you don’t like your purchase , return it for a refund and no questions asked .
James Cooper
James Cooper 9 aylar önce
Say you have to much time on your hands without saying it 🤣
Slim Chism
Slim Chism Yıl önce
Also really u can use your common sense if there's something growing fur I ain't gotta ask anyone lol I'm getting rid of it and of I show it to a manager and they tell me to put a loaf of moldy bread back on the shelf or meat etc then I would have to question if the manager was mentally retarded or just really not giving a damn. I mean come on folks lol the food is fine to buy but don't just blindingly throw food in your buggy hahaha ? Am I the only person who checks dates on all my food ? Jesus , some ppl lol
Chloe Martel
Chloe Martel Yıl önce
@Shanny I shop sales at the local grocery stores and get just as good or better prices weekly.
I like how this channel makes Walmart out to be the worst company ever. Then they say not all corporations are evil.
Bruce Cornman
Bruce Cornman Yıl önce
I am a nurse aid. I take care of the elderly making sure they get taken care of. Walmart employees get paid more than I do stocking shelves and I hear them complain every time I go there. They should be ashamed
snorlaxandarcanine cuddler
Also,a big thank you for what you do.
𝕋𝕒𝕕𝕡𝕠𝕝𝕖 𝕋𝕦𝕕𝕠𝕣
Why should they be ashamed? Your anger should be directed to why are YOU so poorly paid.
Mason Miller
Mason Miller Yıl önce
Amen to that. Thank you for what you do. I also complain because I'm outside pushing carts but im grateful for my job.
Jillian Betts
Jillian Betts 5 aylar önce
As an overnight Walmart worker, I must do 10 hour shifts, getting paid $15.50/hr. Though many other places in the area (including other WALMART'S!) are paying $17.50 an hour for the same or easier work.
david diehl
david diehl Yıl önce
That $3.00 item in store is $8.00 online. Many police departments don't respond to Walmart calls. Some have even closed the store down.
brittany Bradford
Thank the ppl that steal from Walmart bc of them Walmart has to pay security and has to pay someone to watch the self checkout. Not to mention all the under covers that are easily identified btw. TO HELL WITH THIS SMALL BUSINESS KILLER
Jessica Yıl önce
At our local Walmart they have a basically empty water isle with the exception of a few packs of bottled water and a few small gallons of distilled water. There are signs hanging up that states limited supply and you can only buy one. Yet Kroger in the same town has a full isle of water of many varieties and no limit. 🤔
Sunflower66 11 aylar önce
Yes walmart plays along with government propaganda. Beware of them. They sell out the country to other countries to stay rich. They care nothing of what anyone thinks and would just as soon stomp on your throat than to look at you. **
Delilah and The Beard.
Delilah and The Beard. 10 aylar önce
I remember when Target used Target employees as security. Now they use 3rd party security teams. 1 thing I know for sure is they know how to profile a person and follow the wrong ones. I like to call them out n talk shit when they follow me.
Sarah Jackson
Sarah Jackson Yıl önce
I try my damndest to not go to Walmart, I'd rather shop dollar store
Denise L
Denise L 2 aylar önce
Dollar stores are just as bad, if not WORSE. -a dollar store employee
Darryl fricke
Darryl fricke 3 aylar önce
Just an extension of the same, only a different name… In the small community where I live Walmart has force the closing for former grocery giants and at least a half dozen smaller retail stores but yet on our drive toward Walmart we will pass six dollar generals and family dollars where no products sold are made in our country. Then they have the audacity to expect you to self check out therefore eliminating a Job to a local citizen. 🙏🇺🇸🙏
Manny Taylor
Manny Taylor 4 aylar önce
Peter Parker
Peter Parker 8 aylar önce
I Think they are owned by same people
Christopher Johnson
Dollar stores are just as bad
Stanley Keith
Stanley Keith Yıl önce
Shoplifters gets busted all the time at Walmart, lots of camera's inside and outside. Plate readers and camera's. Got Ya.
Tina Baldwin
Tina Baldwin Aylar önce
I stopped shopping Walmart in 2006-2007. Shortly after The Electronics department opened. I find my grocery bill is so much lower if I go to an actual grocery store. Going to Department Stores only provokes impulse purchases. You really save nothing because you’re buying items you wouldn’t normally buy grocery shopping.
Brenda Knox
Brenda Knox 8 aylar önce
The Walmart in Canon city Colorado does charge for shipping. They take their time to answer transfered calls and over half the time you have to hunt down a worker to get assistance like in the paint department and then they act like you are bothering them.
OG Judy 🎨
OG Judy 🎨 6 aylar önce
I find online grocery prices more expensive than if I picked the items off the shelves myself. 🤷
Cynthia Dollar
Cynthia Dollar Yıl önce
Walmart has security their own Security in plain clothes and they even watch the cameras. They do not watch the security cameras everyday though. It is different for each Walmart but eventually somebody watches the feeds in playback mode to see if they can spot thieves. Also the workers are very diligent when it comes to looking for thieves. Which is good and bad considering they stereotype people. If I go in at Walmart alone within 30 minutes they're stalking me. Heaven forbid if you don't watch The Rocker dressed in black with a band tee and stretched ears. Meanwhile that high maintenance chick is robbing you blind as she puts in a lot of merchandise in that overpriced knockoff Giant bag.
Cowboy Kelly
Cowboy Kelly 2 yıl önce
When Mr. Sam Walton was alive, Walmart was actually a respectable name, but now his kid's have totally changed and disgraced what Mr. Walton worked his whole life for
Phil The Lawn Man
Phil The Lawn Man 28 gün önce
When Sam Walton was alive he wanted to put all mom and pop owner out of business. The plan is build a new location and sell at a loss at new store 10 years. Cover the loss by making prices higher in older towns where they starved the mom and pops stores out of business. Greed is their religion.
Kevin Raat
Kevin Raat 3 aylar önce
@GC Durnin you left out every thing belongs to Walmart if its on their property.
Kevin Raat
Kevin Raat 3 aylar önce
@A'Raeann Weber maybe on mushrooms.
Kevin Raat
Kevin Raat 3 aylar önce
Its been Doug McMillon for some years. Was sam Walton and his family in 2006 and 2007 that I know of.
ChiLyfe Forever
ChiLyfe Forever 7 aylar önce
Isnt that what most kids of rich people do?
Tony Yıl önce
Walmart refused to honor the warranty on a set of 4 tires. Three people including the Automotive Manager told me specifically that they will not honor tire warranties. The 60,000 mile tires wore out (EVENLY) at 40,000 miles. 2 people told me the tread was too low to honor the warranty. That makes no sense whatsoever!!! Then, the manager told me the only warranty they honor is their own road hazard warranty and that if I wanted the warranty honored then I would have to call Goodyear. I called Discount Tire and Big O. Both told me if the tires wear out (EVENLY) before the warranty then the replacement tires would be prorated accordingly. In this case that would have been a 33% discount. i already knew this, of course. Walmart screwed me but they don't care. They don't care about you either. I have not shopped there for 2 months now. My $800 a month is insignificant to them . Crooks!
Ruth Buck
Ruth Buck Yıl önce
Walmart only takes up to 10 coupons per transaction if it exceeds the coupons they will not take it and you can't paper price-match stuff anymore at the registers Sofia had an ad from Aldi's for Kroger for the exact same thing Walmart Now does not honor it
Cobe Bass
Cobe Bass Yıl önce
I worked at Walmart. Idk if any of these things have been touched on, but; You are not required to submit a receipt to exit the store. BUT it is not illegal for them to ask you. For best results (not looking like a doofus) just ignore them if they ask for your receipt. If you’re stealing and get caught/chased by the AP team (asset protection), they can’t chase you past the edge of the sidewalk in front of the store. If you can make it that far, you’re clear. And if you check the clearance aisle, you can sometimes find some good deals on baggies of crystal meth. (I found two baggies that some druggie dropped while getting rid of trash from their backpack). Walmart is trash and I hate them.
Gfersurvived 9 aylar önce
Yep, being a thief is someone's disposition.
Gfersurvived 9 aylar önce
@ x x Like Janes Addiction said I only steal when I want something and don't wanna pay for it.
Gfersurvived 9 aylar önce
@ Sheila Langston same I always just ignore them.
Gfersurvived 9 aylar önce
@ code base Thanks for the tip next time I wanna get high I'll stop at Walmart before I hit the trap house.
Greg D
Greg D 9 aylar önce
@X X I’ve received a insurance payment for $21,672.49 for January loss of merchandise, imagine if I was Walmart and their monthly insurance payment. Meanwhile, you’re protecting corporate America and at the end of your retirement your job will give you a “Gold Watch” and a plaque for your service. People isn’t lazy today, but they’re entrepreneurs who wants to work HARD for themselves instead of helping “The Waltons” buy more beach front property. They’re quitting their jobs and investing in themselves, some people turning old abandon houses into luxury Airbnb homes. Some like myself turn a small retail business into a successful online store and retail outlets, as well as supplying entertainers and reality stars with designer clothing “Popping Tags” and helped spouses in their entrepreneurship. There’s plenty of “Jobs” because nobody wants to work for peanuts anymore, and why should anyone because businesses like myself realize that happy workers equal happy clients and customers so that’s why I offer entrepreneurs program for my employees who desires to own their own businesses and their starting salary is $19.75 per hour and my warehouse staff entry level starts at $21.75. But I encourage my employees to benefit from the “Employees To Entrepreneurs” program because for one calendar year they follow myself and my investment team and they learn the in and out of business science and financial services and when they graduate we invest into their new business. Footlocker, Dicks, Champs, Macy’s, Nordstrom or none of my competitors offer anything to their employees and that’s why individuals QUITTING THEIR JOBS and the trend will continue So no you’re proving MY point and I hope everyone will read my comments and hopefully they will be inspired to create their own WEALTH instead of WORKING HARD AND PULLING UP THEIR BOOTSTRAPS FOR 20 plus years for absolutely NOTHING lol. Always invest in yourself, if you’re going to WORK HARD AND PULL UP YOUR BOOTSTRAPS MAKE SURE THAT YOU’RE WORKING HARD FOR YOURSELF ONLY!!!!!! My little girl was intrigued by AIRBNB and she turned her first house last week. She helped stripped the house to bare wood and she worked hours upon hours and finally she got the finished product and she now has her own real estate license and contractor license. She didn’t even know what a “Screwdriver” was prior to her investment in herself. You can do it yourself, stop 🛑 pandering for LARGE CORPORATIONS because they have lawyers who’s paid handsomely and invest in YOUR FAMILY AND YOURSELF!!!!! Blessings to you and your family
Noela Bourgoin
Noela Bourgoin Aylar önce
I'm wondering if you have a video about how low the pay and how the mileage they expect delivery drivers to get by with! They have several other delivery companies competing with the Spark Walmarts own drivers. There's alot more on this subject!
Lawrence Inouye
Lawrence Inouye 3 yıl önce
I worked at a Walmart in Canada and i can agree the treatment of the employees is disgusting minimum wage no benifits and the lowest employee discount ive ever seen from any store. Not to mention something else they don't like you to know is how much they throw out for minimal reasons It was around christmas time and i was told to throw out countless gloves hats scarves jackets and other warm clothing because it fell on the floor and was "dirty" it was revolting to see all the homeless people in the city that could benefit just from one walmarts help in the winter of stuff that gets thrown out and if you think large scale theres 5 walmarts in my city
BabbleTop 3 yıl önce
🇨🇦 Thanks for your feedback Lawrence Inouye! 😄 It is terrible that they throw out new clothing in the🗑. What was your favorite part of the video!?!?
Rand Burkey
Rand Burkey Aylar önce
I understand that low pay isnt good HOWEVER... As soon as a company starts paying employees more, the work quality decreases and the employees stop caring about their work.
Shanny Yıl önce
I waited for so long at a self checkout because the cashier lineups were seriously painfully long that I literally yelled to all around I am leaving now with this cake,,,while I held it up high for all to see and went home with it NO I DID NOT STEAL IT I TOLD THEM WHAT I WAS DOING AND EVERYONE SHRUGGED,,,,,complete annoying idiocy,,,,,,
JCB024 Yıl önce
When part of your employee training is teaching them how to apply for public assistance....
Audrey Nicoletti
Audrey Nicoletti Yıl önce
Not true
Creations Maxo
Creations Maxo 2 aylar önce
Well, not to break the spot light, but saying that the employees are underpaid at Walmart means that the employees in pretty much every retail store except Cosco are underpaid. Until the HR massive issue from the aftermath of Covid19, the salary at WM was basically higher than any other relative store, except for Cosco. When I started at WM, I was making $4 more per hour (almost $17/h) than when I worked at a successful grocery store close by. The store was paying me a health insurance (I only had to pay for the life insurance part) and I had a bonus of over $1000 every year because the store was doing fine. (And no, I wasn't part of the management. I was part of the afternoon production team, nowadays known as PDC2.) I know that some store have some major issues and the problem is 99% around the immediate management of any store. Most of the people who complain never did the right step to fix the problem. I have heard some crazy stories from people who temporary joined my team about the store where they worked at, but the problem is that people only complains and quit and barely nobody even take the time to call one of the phone numbers of the bosses above their store managers to explain the situation. (I have seen people believing it wouldn't work, but I have equally see managers being forced to move to another store as a solution to the "problem".) Also, the "call the cops" thing is not universal. We actually had security guards at my Walmart for a really long time until Covid19 made a mess and a security guard was run over by a car in a neightbor city. The guard ended up dying and since then, WM removed its security guard and simply don't care much about thieft anymore unless it's an important case of value.
Carla Clark
Carla Clark 2 yıl önce
I worked for Walmart a while ago, but you are wrong about something. They do have their own security officers. They are just dressed in regular clothes and not in uniforms. This is so they can walk around the store and blend in with customers when they are tailing someone they think is stealing
BabbleTop 2 yıl önce
Ah ok. Thanks for sharing this Carla Clark! 😊 Have you subscribed to our channel yet!? trvid.com/show-UCX--mGSg0UwDjl7MDL8H5Jg
SEF Yıl önce
A family member and I received EXCELLENT service from the auto department at the Laramie, WY WalMart around Xmas 2020. The mechanics did great jobs, customer service was great too! Nice town, nice residents too🙂 our last stop before we left the state and WalMart sent us off with a smile on our faces and felt good & confident that our vehicle was ready, safe & sound for the road! Thank you auto dept 💙 keep up the great work. P.S. carding a woman in her late 30's to prove she was old enough to buy cigs and refusing to sell her them cuz you want to scan everyone's driver license & capture their info is dumb policy, or is it? If WalMart is helping track fugitives or kidnappers it's smart, I wonder if that's why though? Things that makes you go hmmm????
Peggy Passon
Peggy Passon 6 aylar önce
It's a cover your ass deal . Cashier's now have to I hear . To me it's a compliment 😂
The Original Kirbi
Did you send in a letter to the president for your service? I would and have. I'm the Automotive Manager for a different store in a different state. I'm also the Service Manager for the Automotive Car Care and we love when we get our excellent reviews and Letters To The President.
BabbleTop Yıl önce
Thanks for sharing this Sef A-1! 😊 Have you subscribed to our channel yet!? trvid.com/show-UCX--mGSg0UwDjl7MDL8H5Jg
Pamela Brigham
Pamela Brigham Yıl önce
THEY seriously need to start hiring enough clerks to man their CK out lanes! Pisses me off no one is ever filling up the CK out lanes and they think our time isn't worth money!! N rude? Mostly rude their so called management
David Myrick
David Myrick 6 aylar önce
Meanwhile I know the local Walmart has fired employees for stopping a shoplifter, and will never prosecute for less than $200
Bunny Sinclair
Bunny Sinclair Yıl önce
so why did this turn into a walmart promotional video a couple min through and basically start praising them rather than sharing "secrets they don't want us to know" almost everything in there I think is pretty common knowledge
MelFirestone 2 yıl önce
Worked at Wal-Mart in the 80s. Mr. Sam Walton would not be happy with the way the employees are treated now.
OG Judy 🎨
OG Judy 🎨 6 aylar önce
@The Logical One The Logical One Back in the EARLY days of Walmart. Before they were "super centers" Before inflation became rampant. Walton saved money by buying bulk lots of items which we "divied" between stores then the recession hit. Many American companies closed their doors and moved to Mexico or to China or India for cheaper labor. All those:"made in America" manufacturing places Sam Walton counted on are long gone.
Judy Froemming
Judy Froemming 6 aylar önce
Yah - not like it used to be. Also they'll start up a nice one in a rural area and all the sudden they'll leave and leave people without jobs.
Joseph Yuen
Joseph Yuen 8 aylar önce
Although much of their products/merchandise are made in China , actually owned by foreign investors and mostly owned by Americans.
Christine Marlo
Christine Marlo Yıl önce
Our neighborhood one had no cashiers most the time. Nice gals.
Steven Hunt
Steven Hunt Yıl önce
@Jimmy Punk Thank you, U was unaware of that.
Dividius 11 aylar önce
The only reason Walmart finally raised its wages to 15 is because the labor shortage.
J.R. Bob Dobbs
J.R. Bob Dobbs Yıl önce
The prisoner labor rates sound great in comparison to the Arkansas Department of Corrections where Walmart's headquarters is located in Bentonville. In ADC, prisoners work for the hopes of parole, there is no pay for farming on the Tucker unit, the Brickeys unit or the Pine Bluff unit
Biff Teutsch
Biff Teutsch 11 aylar önce
I shop at Wally World only when other options are off the table!!!!! Disgraceful what it does to people!!!
Jacob Carlisle
Jacob Carlisle 5 aylar önce
As a Walmart security officer I think it’s funny but we have cops there the entire time almost
Vincent Milloy
Vincent Milloy 2 yıl önce
I try to not go to walmart to be a checkout clerk for them especially since they have raised prices on almost everything and then no checkout clerks if you need to ask for things. It has gotten to be a bunch of bull sh*t!
Manny Taylor
Manny Taylor 4 aylar önce
Unboxing, Reviews and More
@Truth Troubadour1001 me too
Truth Troubadour1001
Truth Troubadour1001 6 aylar önce
I flatly refuse to use self checkout at ANY store! I did not apply for or get hired at any of them as a cashier.
Pat Best
Pat Best 10 aylar önce
You got that right no body to help with anything
Team Kidskrb4jtu4uth4u TY 4h
C M Aylar önce
I would only agree with the exploitation of convicted criminals if they were able to work off portions of their debt by serving these companies. Especially if they were in there for stealing.
Mango.offical Yıl önce
When you call them a modern-day slave they are voluntarily working as farmers and or own their own farm and or selling that stuff to Walmart
ClayPlayz95 Yıl önce
The one about calling the cops for everything is simply not true. The cops are only called when its over a specific dollar amount. I belive over $50 Other than that, AP (asset Protection) takes care of it
Ruth Juarez
Ruth Juarez Yıl önce
In California we have supermarkets, moved to Oklahoma and it has Walmart’s. It’s all that’s available. Also I work for a Walmart out here and they do have their own private security. Our managers actually don’t run after people stealing a loaf of bread. We let that slide and we don’t argue and just give customers discounts all the time. If they see something at 5 but it was 10 well give them the discount. And yes it’s ridiculous how little we get paid for the amount of work we do.
James Cooper
James Cooper 9 aylar önce
@Abner Josh wierdo
Abner Josh
Abner Josh Yıl önce
Hello my name is Josh Mark i bring you good news.
Follow your Heart
The low pay wages and the cheap products they sell are the reasons why I don't shop at Walmart.
yabbadabba1975 Yıl önce
Product placement as an income source was not addressed. Almost every piece of floor and shelf space is leased space. The All detergent isn't on the second shelf in the center of aisle 6B just because it's a clothing detergent. That aisle was determined by Walmart. Every big name you see there is on a specific shelf section in accordance with an agreement the manufacturer or supplier made with WalMart. Think "eye level" as very valuable. This is also part of the reason it is hard to find employees to help you. They are there to help WalMart. The places are making money without even opening their doors.
Into the Unkown
Into the Unkown Yıl önce
I've actually never set foot inside a Walmart in my life so far.
Luka Milas
Luka Milas Yıl önce
Good for you!
Matthew S
Matthew S Yıl önce
I 've wondered how a minor infraction at walmarts gets immediate response by multiple cops? Anyone else gets to wait, no matter what crime has happened.
Stephen Goad
Stephen Goad Yıl önce
I'm happy to hear that Walmart uses criminal labor as one of the best things I've heard from Walmart. I always thought that criminals shouldn't be just sitting around in sales and getting to work out all day. Like John Wayne said you do the crime you do the time!
Dern Vader
Dern Vader Yıl önce
This is why we are obligated to steal from Walmart every chance we get...
joey parish
joey parish 5 aylar önce
Bout time somebody said it
Ra Rah the GHOST
Ra Rah the GHOST Yıl önce
@FJB andtherest "stealing from us". 🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Dern Vader
Dern Vader Yıl önce
@James Russler Whoopsie!
Dern Vader
Dern Vader Yıl önce
​@Audrey Nicoletti Easy now Paris, I mean Karen...Your poor spelling and grammar are the true crime.... *you're not your - DUH.
Dern Vader
Dern Vader Yıl önce
@Audrey Nicoletti Yup.. Watching on my ''Cell'-Phone... ! Get it? "cell" phone? Its a double antander...
Tj Wilbourn
Tj Wilbourn Yıl önce
As a Walmart Employee Ik that there’s a lot people don’t know
Ryan Parr
Ryan Parr Aylar önce
Natalie Portman: "Walmart. . . I can go to the bathroom." Pretty much sums it up.
Bernie Sully
Bernie Sully Yıl önce
The people that work for walmart don't have to work there tell them to work some where else if they don't like what they pay If someone is stealing walmart should call the cops
Charlene Kutella
Charlene Kutella Yıl önce
Exploiting prisoners? You’re joking right? They broke the law and now they are paying for their crimes. The still get free room and board so their lucky they still get the privilege to earn money.
Joshua Killingsworth
This is an opinion piece. #1 walmart does have their own security at every store. They are the ones who call the police when you steal a pack of tissues. That's done because shoplifting.... regardless if it's a $100 watch or $1 loaf of bread, is a crime on all 50 states of the USA. Walmart security cannot prosecute criminal conduct on their own merit. We have an entire realm of precedent related to this. It's called the criminal justice system. If walmart handled it all on their own with no due process you would be crying like a hypocritically motivated opinion writer on TRvid. How DARE the rich shareholders, who invest their money into the company so it can operate and are paid out in profit sharing like literally every other publicly traded company of the stock market but none the less HOW DARE THEY hire convicts that states have GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY, IF THEY WANTED IT (aka choice not slavery,) to earn income and rehabilitate theirselves into the norms of society. They should continue doing actual slave labor for the state for .32 cent an hour (that is held by the state which can only be used to buy products from the state ... such as noodles from Walmart.) The bottom line is no matter how many idiotic videos like this are produced in attempt to shame the store supplying well over half of America (the toothless and deplorable Trump supporters) with nearly every household essential owned.
Macedonia Choirs
Macedonia Choirs 10 aylar önce
I did contract work for Walmart and had Police called on my a few times. 1. I was assembling bikes outside in a side parking lot. Someone call Police and said a Big Black Man was putting bike together and stealing them. Cops showed up and we laughed about it. 2. Some idiot hear my Impact Driver which makes a "RAT-A-TAT-TAT noise and called them. They came into the Garden where we were working , Looked at us funny and left. 3. I was assembling furniture one day and left my drill in the Van. Went to get ,started working and next thing I know I've got security and Police standing over me with hands on their pistol grips shouting "Where's the gun?" I show my Black and Decker.
mrequi1 11 aylar önce
Another thing. Walmart may call cops a lot. But they employ many loss prevention officers to catch theft.
Jordan McKinnon
Jordan McKinnon Yıl önce
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! This video started out as what seemed to be a video that was made to bag on Walmart... then BAM! SURPRISE BITCH, it was ACTUALLY a secret commercial FOR Wal-Mart INSTEAD!!!!!! hahaha! I wonder just how many people got to that same spot in the video, when all of the sudden their head almost exploded when they realized what the sneaky bastard had just done... and how many never even realize it...
Yevette Bamber
Yevette Bamber 2 aylar önce
I stopped shopping at Wal-Mart over a year ago. They are expensive compared to Aldi's & Dollar General. Also not worth the hassle unless I need a tv.
Blake Michaelis
Blake Michaelis 7 aylar önce
Walmart does have security, they’re called ap or (asset protection)
DeadFred 3 yıl önce
You would be amazed with how many secret security shoppers they have. Their good at the game.
Kevin Raat
Kevin Raat 3 aylar önce
8 is all most stores have.
lane teague
lane teague 3 yıl önce
yep its called Lost Prevention at walmart.
MyWorld 11 aylar önce
Thank you for the information, I had no idea. But, I wish they would treat the employees better.
Clayton Root
Clayton Root Yıl önce
3:24 Paying PRISONERS $2.00 per hour is NOT exploitation! The fact that they're getting ANYTHING for their crimes is just a bonus for them when the taxpayer has to already pay for their Room and Board and Guards. IF you don't want to do the time, don't do the crime!
BabbleTop Yıl önce
Thanks for sharing this Clayton Root! 😊 Have you subscribed to our channel yet!? trvid.com/show-UCX--mGSg0UwDjl7MDL8H5Jg
Ruth Buck
Ruth Buck Yıl önce
Incorrect they have people that are loss prevention that walk around and wear your clothes like everybody else but be aware if you take more than $1,000 to Walmart you will be prosecuted and then from Walmart for life
Travel with Los
Travel with Los Yıl önce
Whether you hate Walmart or love Walmart the video isn't being fair yes the family that owns Walmart now is rich but one of the co-founder Sam Walton did not come from money he grew up poor. His kids have done a horrible job of running his business the way he wanted it ran.
Entrepreneur Box
Entrepreneur Box 3 yıl önce
We like to use their app and find things that are on sale but has a regular price tag on it. We have brought items for $5 that had a tag that said $22 Just a nice day for our Ebay sales. Love finding ways to make $$$ that is right in front of you every day.
longshorts3 Yıl önce
I like eBay pricing better than Amazon or Wal-Mart, and they deliver almost as fast, just buy from a U.S. dealer.
GuyoftheStorm Yıl önce
Now more than ever it's so important NOT to spend your money at Walmart, Amazon, any big national box store. Its contributing to the biggest wealth transfer in history. Spend your money locally or not at all if you can help it. Farmers markets, privately owned hardware businesses, etc
BabbleTop Yıl önce
Noted. 👍
Ann Marie
Ann Marie 5 aylar önce
Walmart comes into small towns. They run out all the small businesses and grocery stores leaving us no choice but to shop there if we need groceries etc. In many cases they were doing business as usual one-day then the next day they went out of business claiming it was due to plumbing problems.
Pam Fuller
Pam Fuller Yıl önce
This, is true. I remember when they had workers work OFF the vlock! Shame on them. Maybe, that's why they have such a turn over there.
Hello Kitty Fan Man!
Well, if Walmart supposedly "doesn't want you to know about the consumer programs here, then why would they implement them in the first place?
Lil Chelle
Lil Chelle Yıl önce
Last month I sent the BBB a report on Walmart. Walmart never responded. The local manager lied not only to corporate but lied to me saying Ive tried numerous times to call you (via email). Uh yeh, no ya havent. I have caller id on 3 devices and even if one is messed up all 3 surely arent. Anyway the reason for the complaint was after paying $10 for pistachios when I was getting close to the bottom of the bag I felt something weird. So I looked down into the bag and a smoked cigarette butt was inside the bag. I looked over the bag and found a very hard to see razor cut. Thats just nasty to start with but the fact covid is rampant here is worse. When I walk through the store nothing is in stock even stuff other stores are getting that theres not a shortage on and I have found many many items half eaten, canned drinks still in 6pk but one empty, opened mask boxes, missing cans of beer, etc. They changed managers not long ago and the new manager SUCKS!!!!!!! We have never had this problem before and nobody at this store does anything but talk on their cell phones, stand outside near the door smoking chatting up friends in the store when there are about 80 people in line behind them.
Daniel B 23
Daniel B 23 Yıl önce
Online prices are usually higher with Walmart from experience.
Donna Powers
Donna Powers Yıl önce
We can change this by just not going to Walmart! And after their last comments about us (all of us), minus the elites, why would anybody want to go there.
ive worked for walmart for a year and it was nowhere near as bad as this video is trying to say. It actually wasnt that bad. everybody thinks the world is suppose to baby them and give them want they want. heres and ideal, start your own business and you dont have to worry about all that.
BabbleTop Yıl önce
Thanks for the feedback Tommy Urquhart II! 😊😄
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