10 Most Mysterious Unsolved Objects In Video Games - Part II

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Sometimes you find something in a video game that makes you think… how did this get here? This is why today we’re diving into the 10 most mysterious objects ever found in video games, part II.





Thank you to my friend and TRvidr Slippy Slides for helping get the footage for this video. Subscribe to his channel here: / slippyslides

Games Featured SPOILERS
GTA Online
Demon’s Souls
The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners
World of Warcraft
102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue
Wolfenstein: The New Order
Hell Night / Evil Night
Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
Hitman 2

Clips and References
GTA Online
• Joske

Evil Night
• Evil Night (Konam...

Fan art by jellycrowned

Thumbnail art by Goiaba.

Assistant producer: Cassandra Lipp

Special thanks to Chris P., UntidyHexagon, OnyRoo, Dusty, enig, DaviDoom, Swanzilla, and Marcus for their contributions to this video.


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31 Mar 2023




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oddheader 2 aylar önce
Download Ninja Must Die NOW: bit.ly/3R6aMno Play to win rewards and bonuses!
Neil Barry
Neil Barry Aylar önce
3rd time you mentioned it, this is a more aggressive campaign than raid shadow legends.
Bidoof Aylar önce
@Cory Dinsmore why are you so sure of that
Cory Dinsmore
Cory Dinsmore Aylar önce
@AortaPlatinum No no it doesn't
Cory Dinsmore
Cory Dinsmore Aylar önce
I bet you a year's salary that you don't play this game.
Danger Noodle Reads
Danger Noodle Reads 2 aylar önce
Oddheader is one of those channels that doesn’t upload very often, but when he does you drop everything and watch it.
Berdu 4 gün önce
he used to upload every week , but i guess quality is getting better
Turtle3000 17 gün önce
Nolan Super Awesome
Nolan Super Awesome 19 gün önce
Like Scott the woz
Nikolay Pavlov
Nikolay Pavlov Aylar önce
d rider much
Super Nintendo Chalmers
@MrSpikethefirstCase in point
ExplodingDreams 2 aylar önce
The saints and sinners "thing" was patched a long time ago. The little unkillable Goomba walkers were a bug that was introduced in the aftershocks expansion.
Oren Black
Oren Black Aylar önce
@Glen Yep... But both definitions are applicable
Shadow111111 2 aylar önce
Oddheader really doesnt research a lot of his stuff throughtly huh? Kinda weird since the upload is so slow
Glen 2 aylar önce
@Jameson Weimann there might be bro I’d like to think so
Pehmokettu 2 aylar önce
@ExplodingDreams Goombas are mushrooms so that is why they look like that.
Jameson Weimann
Jameson Weimann 2 aylar önce
@Glen is there a cat that rides the roomba
Peffse 2 aylar önce
7:38 that just looks like a cut animation where he uses the crowbar to lock the controls before jumping, so the plane doesn't just nosedive when he leaves the seat. Audio might be unrelated or misunderstood.
S D Gün önce
That’s exactly what I saw straight away. Just the fact he doesn’t open the door so the other part of the animation isn’t there.
flatterghast 4 gün önce
I assume that the audio is a placeholder for what the character is meant to actually say for the unfinished easter egg, sort of like how in the Avenger's game the Hulk said "agreeable grunt" in a text-to-speech voice before they eventually patched it out
Jeffrey the Krookodile
You're right. It moves jarringly but is promptly set behind the steering wheel.
Elysium the Bard
Elysium the Bard 2 aylar önce
If this is the Wolfenstein I'm thinking of, then my thought is that the programmers actually were planning this scene to have two choices here: one in which Blazkowitz interacts with the door and jumps out of the plane without the pilot, resulting in the pilot's death, or the other being where Blazkowitz interacts with the pilot and gets him to jam the crowbar into the steering wheel, while the pilot utters an expletive under his breath for having to do so, so that way the plane can remain stable until both of them can get out.
corhellion 2 aylar önce
7:28 you can actually see the crowbar jammed into the controls.
The King of Antarctica
The voice on the Dalmatians phone seems to be saying, "The button. Press the button." If so, it means that there's a button hidden somewhere in the game, which was the real unsolved object all along.
MrSomebody 12 gün önce
@slitface✰ Sure
slitface✰ 12 gün önce
@k4rec4 I reversed it, it doesn't sound like anything to my ears but I could upload it if you'd like to see if u guys hear anything
slitface✰ 12 gün önce
@MrSomebody I reversed it, it doesn’t sound like anything to my ears but I could upload it if you’d like to see if u guys hear anything
Shoe Aylar önce
I thought it was "portal, at the portal" lol
Dave Aylar önce
You're overthinking it. The phone calls are obviously meant to be random and funny, without any meaning. Maybe it sounds like the voice is saying "button", but it's probably just gibberish that sounds similar.
supa9870 2 aylar önce
Just a heads up on the Demon's Souls Ring. Although the model of it does appear to be in the game, the item itself doesn't appear to have any data attached to it, so it is incredibly unlikely that the item is found/usable in game unless Bluepoint decided to make some crazy system for just one easter egg.
supa9870 13 gün önce
@AtomicArtumas Difference being Noita being a completely offline game, DeS has quite a lot of online functionality. But yeah absolutely there's some really creative ways to hide secrets in games. You can also just hide some things deep in the code away from the usual but that seems like a lot of work. Basically, people can datamine simple parameters and models but datamining code is an entire beast of its own.
AtomicArtumas 13 gün önce
I'd just like to point to Noita as probably THE example of just how utterly insanely well a dev can hide secrets. There's literally things in that game that don't show up in the data until you get close enough to them for them to load. It 100% IS possible to hide items well enough that you can't realistically datamine them, even on PC releases.
Zey Face
Zey Face Aylar önce
@CrayzMario64 And in revenge during the second DLC, he added a secret character with mystery surrounding the unlock Only there was no mystery, and it just unlocked automatically after the same amount of time it took to data mine the game Something like that, a bit hazy on the details
Pocket Grim
Pocket Grim Aylar önce
@Hugsloth Yeah youre pretty much on the dot, but they ended up putting in the sword of dormin to scratch that itch of a final secret to find (even though there never was a secret in the original game). I just wouldnt doubt them doing something that again.
Hugsloth Aylar önce
@Pocket Grim SOTC had major deadline issues iirc, like there was intended to be many more Colossi (some are still in the files), but the creator didn't want them to add those in the remake because the story had been so firmly established with the 16 colossi
Beverly Hyland
Beverly Hyland 2 aylar önce
Also, there’s another less known mystery in World of Warcraft: the giant pearls found in random places throughout the game. One of which requires you to die a lot to get to. I’ve yet to see anyone talk about it.
Tahanok2 Aylar önce
@Beverly Hyland A place that could only be reached by swimming, looked like you were swimming through part of the map, and had no mobs, npcs, gather points; anything, but clearly was put there for a reason wasn't mysterious? Sure, it's no pre-Legion Forgotton Crypt, but I always thought it strange after I discovered on my own back in the day.
Beverly Hyland
Beverly Hyland Aylar önce
@Tahanok2 I’ve seen plenty talk about it, and it’s not a secret.
Mr Link
Mr Link Aylar önce
Your profile picture looks SO pretty!
@L16htW4rr10r yeah. Lol that whole company is on fire rn. I wonder if some devs put in some angry employee secrets in the game.
L16htW4rr10r 2 aylar önce
@𝔀𝓱𝓮𝓻𝓮𝓽𝓯𝓪𝓶𝓲 The most recent case from Blizzard?
-Insert Witty Username Here-
Holy shit Moirai, haven't heard that name in years. That is obscure as hell. Wonderful experimental game, the twist is amazing. Shame it got taken down by DDOS-ers, the dev deserved a lot better.
Digging Deeper #01
Digging Deeper #01 29 gün önce
@Regiscrash It did not. The Developer works for Insurgency: Sandstorm now, and he desperately wants to return but is far too busy with his job.
Digging Deeper #01
Digging Deeper #01 29 gün önce
@Logan 999999999999999 That's definitely Underhell. HL2 Mod. You play as a SWAT team member who gets framed and thrown in this super prison.
Fuzunga Aylar önce
I wish I had heard of this game before today, because it sounded really cool.
Otaking Mikohani
Otaking Mikohani Aylar önce
@Logan 999999999999999 I guess that's possible
Logan 999999999999999
​@Otaking Mikohani As someone who made several mods, sometimes you forget how much time has passed since you last updated a project. He could've decided to close it for now and wait to get a more secure server but he forgot and more time went by than he actually realized.
Jarrajada 2 aylar önce
if i'm not mistaken, the Moirai mystery ties in with the game lore. if i remember right: this dude went to the mines to get some gold, but he died. so the son of this dude went there looking for him and disappeared, so the wife went in the cave to look for her son/end herself (i don't remember exactly) and that's the lady you find. next to the hole you can see the bones of the son (you can see it on 12:23)
Jarrajada Aylar önce
@Zey Face potato murder is real
Zey Face
Zey Face Aylar önce
Reminds me of the story of a family gathering where someone went into the basement and took a while so someone else went to check on them then it happened again multiple times until only one person was left. Turned out rotting potato had created fumes that knocked everyone out
Eric Peterson
Eric Peterson 2 aylar önce
After their SotC remake, I'm 100% certain that BluePoint did put the Chieftan's Ring somewhere in the game requiring a series of absurd actions to get it
Daniel Bueno
Daniel Bueno 2 aylar önce
@TheHappyWhale Thank you! Just searched by its name now, and found a video from a youtuber I like who did the entire quest to get all the collectibles + a secret underground area??? Oh boy, this is gonna be sweet. You just provided my lunch entertainment. Thanks a lot and have a great day/night!
TheHappyWhale 2 aylar önce
@Daniel Bueno It's an item called the Sword of Dormin, it basically involves going around the whole map collecting 79 hidden gold collectables. Some of them are really well hidden, so its difficult but definitely worth it imo
Daniel Bueno
Daniel Bueno 2 aylar önce
@TheHappyWhale What was the item in SotC? I didn't play the remake, and I tried to google "hardest item in SotC remake" and similar searches, but i can't find what item it is. Me and my neighbor spent hours and hours searching for the "Last Big Secret" back in the day lol. So it'd be really cool to know about this reference on the big community mystery from the good ol' days :)
Vectro42 2 aylar önce
@Beverly Hyland Take a chill pill 😌
Demarais 2
Demarais 2 2 aylar önce
@Beverly Hyland relax Beverly.
DJ 2 aylar önce
"Where he somehow survives two head-on plane collisions" Canonically, William "BJ" Blazkowicz is the grandfather of The Doom Slayer, so being nigh-immortal just runs in the family.
ootdega 3 gün önce
@Rip_Stixx That's good enough If he was Australian he could survive three
Rip_Stixx 4 gün önce
Tbf, Fergus also survived, and his only lore is that he's scottish.
ExValFor Aylar önce
@haribonph no they're not. the original BJ isn't Texan
haribonph Aylar önce
@ExValFor They're still the same BJ but different timeline.
ExValFor 2 aylar önce
Not this BJ, the original BJ - I'm pretty sure the new order games aren't canon to the extended id universe
BucketBoatable Aylar önce
I distinctly remember that Moirai files were unencripted and the maps were text files, because I modified them and messed with things. There is no barn map, nothing behind the door and the hole is just a dialog box. Also if anyone is wondering, the woman is un-interactible, until you talk to the previous farmer. I remember trying that.
Cal 2 aylar önce
"achieve the perfect ending" just sounds like they want you to achieve which ending you would like the best, not that there's a hidden ending
Velvet Butterfly
Velvet Butterfly Aylar önce
@NeoJax even a crazy popular game like Super Metroid had MoonFall found like 20 years after release
Jargon Madjin
Jargon Madjin Aylar önce
@IZU I mean finding the ending in general not how to trigger it, simply finding it could prove that it was in the game to start with. People have datamined unused content in many games
IZU Aylar önce
@Jargon Madjin Datamining is not magic, some times they datamine info and still don't know how to do it or what the info was about.
Neobunny Aylar önce
I hear 'perfect ending' and I imagine it's the best ending there currently is.
NeoJax 2 aylar önce
@Jargon Madjin who knows? Super punch out 2 player mode was found more than a decade after the release of that game.
Aneuryn: Dimension Tripper
Theory for the crowbar: I think you're right about it being a cut part of the mission. My thoughts are that given the movement of the crowbar, Fergus was supposed to lodge it into the cockpit controls to keep the plane flying forward as they jump to the neighbouring plane. I suspect that Fergus was supposed to ask BJ to go into the back of the plane and get the Crowbar for him, and when you handed it to him it would spawn in his hand and the animation would take place. This might have been considered unnecessary padding, and was removed, but the animation was still in the game, and waiting long enough causes it to play. It makes me wonder if the "Dick!" line was added by the developer who had been forced to remove this section after programming it. Assassin's Chair: That is Edward's chair. If you pay attention to the cut scene, Edward is originally sitting, and then stand and takes a few steps. When the camera angle changes, his chair is gone. My theory is that it got moved in development, possibly accidentally, but it's sliding back to it's original position.
Alternate Account
Alternate Account 2 aylar önce
I'm pretty confident the Hitman statue is of the Mesopotamian being Pazuzu said to be a demon king of the wind. Pazuzu is most famous for being used as the demon in The Exorcist. No idea why its there though
Isaac Benzing
Isaac Benzing Aylar önce
@LIMAX they often have human faces but not always. i've seen mutliple instances where they have mostly human faces, but have a beak protruding where a mouth would be. both in person and in photos. i suppose its possible the statue that i saw in person was not a kinnara, just something incredibly similar, however it was flanked with what were definitely kinnara with standard human faces.
LIMAX Aylar önce
@Larane Oh hey I think you've hit the nail on the head, it's totally Nok Tuntima / Tantima, they used the tail of the statue as wings in the game, otherwise the statues would be identical.
LIMAX Aylar önce
@Isaac Benzing Kinnara always have human faces
PCHASKEY Aylar önce
Ok I just tried it, when you begin the presentation the door closes and cannot be reopened until the presentation is over or after he dies, weird
PCHASKEY Aylar önce
Not entirely sure if it would do anything, but you can get Nolan Cassidy (the secondary target) into the room by disguising as a realtor and showing him the house. Maybe if you do the Easter egg and show him the room something will happen? Just a guess but maybe worth a shot
kin 2 aylar önce
The 102 Dalmatians one may be related to the "Starlight Barking" which is the sequel to the original book where all the dogs get telepathic powers. I'm not 100% certain on it but there's a part in the story where a "strange voice" comes through a TV reciever and says to get all dogs out into open starlit spaces. Might be a stretch though
Asgardian Queen 1014
Asgardian Queen 1014 10 gün önce
Is it bad that I hear Putin, Anti Putin and then gibberish nonsense ?
Mata Nui
Mata Nui 29 gün önce
I'm sorry but telepathic dogs?
Chris pele
Chris pele Aylar önce
Sounds like greek translated sounds like door theres a door
JAYSTERgg Aylar önce
@k4rec4 It's not, I have tried it and it doesn't make any sense also in backwards.
Jason Cox
Jason Cox Aylar önce
​@k4rec4 It doesn't sound reversed, rather it sounds like words that are SPELLED backwards being read in a very silly voice.
TiffanyElectricity 2 aylar önce
I grew up with 102 Dalmatians puppies to the rescue, I'm very familiar with the game and back then when I heard the voice in the telephone booth I thought it was hinting early at pressing Farzboom's puzzle buttons found later in that level. It would be absolutely amazing if there was any hidden secrets in one of my all time favorite games.
tarkovskijnoir 2 aylar önce
Did you guys ever talk about the mysterious footprints in that room upstairs in the Resident Evil 1 Mansion? There’s this room with two beds where the character remarks something like “there’s footsteps that stop by the bed” or something. Fans have speculated for years it this means there’s a secret tunnel below it or something more sinister.
Velvet Butterfly
Velvet Butterfly Aylar önce
Were they kept in Remake? Depending on the precise room it could be a hint as a secret regarding Wesker/Berry but I think I assumed it was related to a monster
k4rec4 2 aylar önce
If it's about the original version, and the room that I'm thinking of, I always thought there was a body under the sheets, so I thought the footprints would be his/hers. 🤔
WolfClaw666 2 aylar önce
It's interesting that there's a mystery involving a tunnel under a bed, as this exact scenario occurs in the Resident Evil 7 Bedroom DLC
tarkovskijnoir 2 aylar önce
@CuteGlassesWaifu yeah, a lot of people say this… maybe… but we don’t know for certain.
CuteGlassesWaifu 2 aylar önce
I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be implying that there's some sort of secret tunnel Wesker used
Quarters 2 aylar önce
as someone who grew up with 102 dalmatians puppies to the rescue, my older sis and i always just assumed that weird phone call was an alien trying to communicate or something. still it is bizarre having that in there with no explanation whatsoever but that's what makes it so charming in my opinion
Journey Awaits
Journey Awaits Aylar önce
Sounds like he’s saying fortnite
MrSomebody 2 aylar önce
Sounds like the audio is reversed tbh
co94 2 aylar önce
@Kyle Kennedy yes. I thought same. Tak!
Kyle Kennedy
Kyle Kennedy 2 aylar önce
Really sounds like the aliens from Mars Attacks to me.
b1ts 2 aylar önce
My younger sister and I never had any theories, we just kept answering the phone until we got this dialogue. We thought it was hilarious at the time for some reason but now I'm really interested to find out if it means anything at all.
Dante 2 aylar önce
You're never going to see this, but your channel is a treasure just as rare as a mystery in and of itself
Feuerhamster Aylar önce
Zack Henderson
Zack Henderson 2 aylar önce
@Jorden Ug we saw it
Jorden Ug
Jorden Ug 2 aylar önce
He saw it
Jackson V
Jackson V 2 aylar önce
A shame that Moirai got taken down. Seemed like a really cool concept, but someone had to mess it up 😔
ScaryMan Productions
ScaryMan Productions 2 aylar önce
i definitely think the floating ACBF chair was a possible error with keyframes in development. you can see that the chair is floating in the guys direction and therres no chair where he is, and in the next shot he stands up from that chair. my guess is that the same instance of the chair was used elsewhere and they intended for the chair to move when you couldnt see it to maybe conserve the amount of objects in the cutscene?
Dryued 2 aylar önce
"I must go, my people need me."
Wayward Knight Tolan
Wayward Knight Tolan 2 aylar önce
Hey Andrew
Bl00d th1rsty
Bl00d th1rsty 2 aylar önce
It's ubisoft, is anyone surprised?
LilyFlare 2 aylar önce
Chair's like: "Crap! Gotta hit my mark!"
0Bennyman 2 aylar önce
Yes, it's an animation error
Lucios1995 2 aylar önce
About the 102 Dalmatians one, has anyone tried the game in other languages to see if maybe that line of dialog has been translated or interpreted differently?
FrankVEd Aylar önce
In spanish is another voice that sound more clearly but I think they just try to imitate what he was saying.
jmc042 2 aylar önce
It sounds like Zach Hadel's cut cameo from the Mandalorian
K9_Productions 2 aylar önce
i typed in combinations of what it sounded like phonetically on the detect language section of google translate and I found that "boktan ett i boktan" means "I fucked it up" in turkish
Genya Kozlov
Genya Kozlov 2 aylar önce
I had the unofficial Russian dub as a kid, and that line wasn't touched despite the rest of the game being translated.
Green Kirby
Green Kirby 2 aylar önce
@DarkThe Raven I heard butt dial
DaviDoom 2 aylar önce
Thank you for including my mystery about Evil Night! I really hope that it can be solved soon!
Logan Lewis304
Logan Lewis304 2 aylar önce
So I’d never even heard of the game Evil Night until yesterday…and now I’m planning a trip upstate to go to a rinky dink tiny arcade that might have this game there: thank you for recommending this!!!
PlasticShorts 2 aylar önce
The crowbar in wolfenstein seems to be an incomplete animation of the pilot lodging it onto the controls to keep the plane stable for them to jump off
B Smith
B Smith 2 aylar önce
6:55 "Button! Hit the button!" That's my best guess.
RoyalFiddle 2 aylar önce
I think the secret finding discord looked into the owl statues and didn't find any appreciable indications of an actual secret, and concluded it was a red herring placed by the devs of WoW to throw people off of the search for the Fathom Dweller at launch, but I could be remembering this wrong, Legion was 7 years ago now
Queen Chrysalis
Queen Chrysalis 2 aylar önce
@RoyalFiddle dragonflight from what I've seen is an almost 1:1 replica of Spyro's flying style.
princesspumpkinpanty 2 aylar önce
highly unlikely.
RoyalFiddle 2 aylar önce
@Apotheotic a good designer only copies from themselves, a great one will take inspiration from their contemporaries. WoW was from day one "the better EverQuest", It would only tracks that they would take from final fantasy 14 and guild wars 2
Apotheotic 2 aylar önce
@RoyalFiddle that's what happens when you copy guild wars 2! :D
RoyalFiddle 2 aylar önce
@Zofie Zozo it's 100% worth picking up again if you can swallow down the guilt that comes with playing an actiblizz game, DragonFlight is one of the best expansions they've ever done
Roon Kolos
Roon Kolos 2 aylar önce
Feels weird to say how 102 Dalmatians was not only a game I played a lot when I was little but I forgot about until this video So thanks for unlocking that long forgotten memory, dude XD
Vincent Hall
Vincent Hall 2 aylar önce
Roon Kolos
Roon Kolos 2 aylar önce
@Garbage World honestly I'm tempted to get it for the sake of nostalgia and that I know I never got to beat it Eh,I'll weigh the options XD
Garbage World
Garbage World 2 aylar önce
Haha same here, I completely forgot that I even played this game and then I saw this video and it all rushed back to me. Was stored in some dusty drawer in the back of my head.
bubblegum zebra
bubblegum zebra Aylar önce
Nice To See Oddheader Back On Track After a Unfortunate Event
Alexander Wilby
Alexander Wilby 2 aylar önce
Your videos are like mini sausage rolls, good but not enough. Always leaving me wanting more. It’s a clever move.
ulmxn 2 aylar önce
The only content creator that I watch the second I see it. Every video is like a blast from the past, nostalgia trip of videos and shows on G4 in the early 00’s. Keep it up man, vibe is awesome
Nema Aylar önce
Odd head and Nerd Slayer def make me feel like I'm back in 2016 when I would copious amounts of videogame facts/trivia/mysterious and other stuff. Def something nostalgic
SilverFlight01 2 aylar önce
2:17 The existence of the 3D model in the files implies that it's most likely hiding somewhere in the game. It'll probably be like Futurama Giant Egg where people find the ring first through camera hacks, and if it winds up in a room instead of far away out of bounds, then there is a way to get to it
Velvet Butterfly
Velvet Butterfly Aylar önce
Way more games have dummied models and other assets that aren't used in the game at all. Like all the Sunshine unused enemies
Gamebuster Aylar önce
What it implies is that a 3d model was made for the game, and was never removed.
SPAMTONG 2 aylar önce
Moirai always stuck with me as a kid.. very interesting idea for a game but didn't know it wasn't talked about more since it was pulled down
THAT Guy 2 aylar önce
You know, when I think of a cursed gun, I imagined something that ends up driving each of its users to ruin, rather than one that literally follows people around to attack them.
It's amazing how there's always more secrets to be solved in videogames.
KyanoAng3l0 2 aylar önce
I vaguely recall playing 102 Dalmatians on the Dreamcast as a kid. Didn't know the phone call that I brushed off as simply a foreign language is one of the biggest unsolved mysteries in video games.
Cardboard 2 aylar önce
You know it’s a good day when oddheader uplaods
Solidsnake8608 2 aylar önce
@Applemind he made a video interviewing Justin Roiland not long ago.
Autobotzapof000 2 aylar önce
LOL I have had a good day so far so that makes sense.
Solidsnake8608 2 aylar önce
@G. Burnehart lol
Applemind 2 aylar önce
@G. Burnehart context?
Sam 2 aylar önce
@G. Burnehart yeah that aged like milk… Shitty luck 😅
Max 2 aylar önce
I'll never get tired of these videos, thank you very much for your work!
John Fortnite
John Fortnite 2 aylar önce
The shiny thing in moirai is supposed to be gold, i remember there being an NPC somewhere that says that the girl went in looking for it
OmegaVideoGameGod Aylar önce
oddheader your channel will always be my favorite top 10 channel your content is so much more researched.
Dragoon 5672
Dragoon 5672 2 aylar önce
I don’t know why, but something about the old TRvid-style nostalgia of your intros makes me smile every time. Great work man, love your videos!
Sofia Lafitte
Sofia Lafitte 2 aylar önce
The assassins creed is DEFINITELY an animation error. Most likely they keyframed the chair to be at one spot for the animation, and forgot it was keyframed to another spot later on, causing the chair’s position between those frames to slide between positions.
Blistlelo 2 aylar önce
I had played 102 Dalmatians as a kid for PC in Swedish and I remember listening to those phones were the lines were in Swedish. I don't remember that audio feature in the game however but I remember some of them had foreign accent but still spoke understandable Swedish. I think all of them had same audio quality which sounded more clearer rather than being muffled. I had played this game later in life too and still had a really fun time playing the game as when I was a kid but I think I either forgot those phone lines or ignored them when I played it last time for a few years ago. I maybe check on it later, my disc is very scratchy as I wasn't careful with CDs as a child as they often broke like glass when I drop them. I somehow can't pass the loading screen for the farm level which was one of my favorites as a child. I don't understand when people requests channels like Vinesauce and Jerma to play this game because it's one of "those" shitty broken games as I haven't experience any noticeable gamebreaking bugs than maybe crashes and some lags due to my old PC at the time which most of my childhood games had same issues. Maybe they just refers to the maybe dated graphics which just looks like any other dated PS1 graphics and I don't find anything special with it. Maybe the PS1 version works different than the PC one. Maybe I can investigate that through my emulator.
FullTimeSlacker II
FullTimeSlacker II 2 aylar önce
i’m pretty sure the shiny object on moirai is the gold nugget the dying lady’s husband buried
Vector Equinox
Vector Equinox 2 aylar önce
I'd guess the ring is intentionally left in the files with the intention of creating another wild goose chase. Best way to pay homage to a troll is to keep it going.
Jargon Madjin
Jargon Madjin 2 aylar önce
I'd believe that, it's what I would have done
Dan Loeb
Dan Loeb 2 aylar önce
7:49 the crowbar appears before the glove compartment opens, seems like it was intended for the guy to pull it out of the glove compartment.
Qutez 2 aylar önce
With the owl statues has anyone have a group of people go to each statue and activate them all at the same time?
Matt Fantastic
Matt Fantastic Aylar önce
Yea. We've tried an insane amount of things
Heed-Shot 2 aylar önce
I'm gonna say one thing and one thing only, the green decomposed body in the French Chateau from Uncharted 3 is one of the most weird and creepy moments Iv'e ever seen and it is still unknown what the hell happend to him............
Kaz Kobb
Kaz Kobb 2 aylar önce
According to the Uncharted Wiki, Talbot's man was killed by the spiders
MrSolidsnake100 2 aylar önce
He was killed by the spiders.
Lord Mega
Lord Mega 2 aylar önce
5:30 the hint might be a clue at needing to either figure something out with the other Wardens, or do something that involves becoming a Warden, as she says that all Wardens know the secret, so becoming one would probably help.
CptOblivious Gaming
CptOblivious Gaming 2 aylar önce
The telephone booth mystery: One of the actors from Mars Attacks ended up playing Cruella Deville on 102 Dalmatians; so I feel like this is a nod to Mars Attacks. Not to mention it sounds just like the aliens. Hahaha
Lis4Real25 2 aylar önce
As someone who grew up with 102 Dalmatians I always assumed it was just suppose to be indecipherable gibberish or like an alien talking. I do think their are other phone calls you can make as well that are actually understandable jokes if I remember right.
Licoix 2 aylar önce
I'm pretty sure the crowbar in wolfenstein is there to jam the wheel stuck so fergus can open the door himself.
Mudasir Riaz
Mudasir Riaz 2 aylar önce
The ghostly chair is pretty actually pretty simple to explain. The game is developed by Ubisoft. That's it. That's the explanation. Older fans will know that glitches are canon in the AC Universe like the Glitch that doesn't register Altair as a capable swimmer.
Cody Puckett
Cody Puckett 2 aylar önce
One of these reminds me of a glitch in diablo 3 where someone and myself killed enemy's in a regular rift on torment 13 really fast and one of the minor enemies just kinda froze and floated towards us in like small jumps as if it were trying to animate running but instead it was just stuck with no health bar or way to kill it. It startled me because we were looting the rift run boss and I was looking at the loot when my character suddenly died. We had to distract it while we used the return to town feature because it was doing pretty hefty damage. Had this happen a few times after that. Whirlwind Barb kills stuff too fast sometimes I guess.
Shadow 2 aylar önce
In the game Sky: Children Of The Light there are multiple things out of bounds such as a long rectangle colored in multiple colors, a crab statue that as far as I know isn't anywhere else in the game, a giant boss like crab, hidden areas with nothing in them and other such stuff. I know it's not much but I think this game needs more traffic now that it has been released on consoles and having it reviewed by famous youtubers is a good way to do it.
Robin Verkroost
Robin Verkroost 2 aylar önce
I believe the Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag discovery is definitely a bug, or at the very least an oversight with the cutscene rendering. It looks to me as if it’s the chair Edward just stood up from being returned to it’s original place. In the wide shot where you see the chair floating across the screen, the chair he just stood up from seems to have disappeared, as if it was called to a different part of the map. The chair is that same char hovering back to it’s original place, as if it realized it should not be somewhere else. The scene then seems to cut away before it clips through the ground.
Rein Deilerd
Rein Deilerd 2 aylar önce
The muffin lady wanted to buy the bird statue, but the guy wouldn't sell, so she poisoned him. Now she keeps his brain to extract the info on how to open the door and get to the statue. Mystery solved.
queenvie808 2 aylar önce
Thank you so much for the consistent subtitling! I have shit audio processing due to the tism so it really helps a ton!!!
Satanen Perkele
Satanen Perkele 2 aylar önce
The hidden statue in Hitman is called ABRAXAS. Abraxas is a word of mystic meaning in the system of the Gnostic Basilides. The Basilidians were a Gnostic sect founded by Basilides of Alexandria in the 2nd century. Abraxas is represented on amulets as having the head of a cock, the feet of a dragon, and a whip in his hand. Abraxas is a mystical word, probably of Gnostic or Kabbalistic origins, which conveys gematrically the number 365 and is connected with the solar cycle. The word is also associated with the highest Gnostic deity and eventually became the name of a demon in occultism.
LIMAX 2 aylar önce
@Fraggly of the Duma Faithful It looks nothing like pazuzu
Fraggly of the Duma Faithful
@LIMAX That's not a Garuda statue, it's a statue of Pazuzu, a demon from Mesopotamia.
LIMAX 2 aylar önce
weird they used a Thai statue of Garuda to represent a Gnostic god
Leeroy jenkins
Leeroy jenkins 2 aylar önce
In kingdom come: deliverance, i dug up a grave in the woods and there was a two headed humanoid with 4 arms and 2 flutes. I dont know if theres anything more to it than that, but it was rather unsettling.
masterBong 2 aylar önce
It’s always a pleasure when Oddheader uploads!
Adam H
Adam H Aylar önce
I remember the 102 dalmatian thing! I was confused too but I was little and just thought it was some language I obviously didn't know. I loved that game so much, I still have it. Was one of the first games I completed without having to look at any kind of help or walkthrough. Ahh, the good ol days
Daniel Coffman
Daniel Coffman 2 aylar önce
I'm curious if the voice in 102 Dalmatians may be backward code. I would be rather surprised if people didn't already try that, though.
Soul Cinema
Soul Cinema 2 aylar önce
I actually remember the 102 dalmations one. I played that game a lot when i was a kid and i thought the phone thing was really funny gibberish, never really questioned it
sentient 2 aylar önce
nice to see saints and sinners, never see this game talked about much
DoomBloomers 2 aylar önce
I remember playing Evil Night in an arcade; I miss those old arcades.
Mortality Motivation
Mortality Motivation 2 aylar önce
Oddheader makes my day every time he posts, crazy underrated channel
Imaproshaman 2 aylar önce
This was awesome. It's always worth the wait when the channel uploads for sure. Nice!
Trever Watson
Trever Watson 2 aylar önce
The assassins creed chair was the chair spawning in the wrong location and flying to its correct position next to the table. Its the chair the MC sits in in a couple of the other shots.
Velvet Butterfly
Velvet Butterfly Aylar önce
@Dr. Velious I mean, that's honestly what happened. Objects are called "actors" in animations or video games and it did spawn in late and rushed to location. Or It was being used in two locations to save resources and was meant to be moved when the camera wasn't on it and it got messed up
Dr. Velious
Dr. Velious 2 aylar önce
I just chuckled a bit at the concept of this chair being an actor in a scene, missing it's cue and rushing through the scene to get into position lol.
Stationary Gaming
Stationary Gaming 2 aylar önce
So he uses the force to provide the chair. Spooker.
stapuft 2 aylar önce
"hell night" try playing with three players, having each player hold one of the three items that seemingly do nothing. have the right item in the right players inventory.
Velvet Butterfly
Velvet Butterfly Aylar önce
@VideoGameStupid LC I assume it's an idea for something to attempt, I doubt they're a dev
VideoGameStupid LC
VideoGameStupid LC Aylar önce
Is this a clue or just merely a guess?
SnuSnuDungeon 2 aylar önce
I completely forgot Moirai even existed, I remember playing that years ago
Kurachi84 2 aylar önce
I love these secrets being unsolved... but i don't like it when the games are offline and unobtainable :(
Sonic In A Jar (VauntedSpecialist RAR)
My childhood game was puppies to the rescue Whenever you go into a phone booth in the London level it always plays a different person on the other line If you do all of them, you get a bonus checkmark
NightTheKitten Aylar önce
Haha holy shit, I wasn’t ever expecting Puppies to the Rescue to appear in any of your videos! That was one of my favorite games as a kid, spent hours playing it :) I had no clue the silly telephone booth guy was such a big mystery! It never really struck me as odd, considering the other things you hear in the booths are also pretty silly.
VideoGameStupid LC
VideoGameStupid LC Aylar önce
"But we've got to look for Liv!" Holy shit! So awesome seeing Evil Night on here! I have the OST and have heard those 2 tracks as well and wondered about it cause all the footage I've seen of the game has never used those tracks.
Nick L.
Nick L. 2 aylar önce
This video was really nice to watch tonight, well done and thank you :)
sirflimflam 2 aylar önce
The 101 Dalmatians one sounds like the Martians from Mars Attacks! The Assassin's Creed Black Flag one is likely an animation error. Often in games any time an object is used in a cutscene it's easier to have it spawned somewhere off screen and move it when needed. My bet is there was a part of the cutscene that either used that chair (or was cut, but they still moved the chair when it would be needed), but instead of instantly teleporting the chair, a bug caused it to drift into the place more slowly. This can happen if they don't set the right flags.
Sheep Milk
Sheep Milk 2 aylar önce
I literally just finished playing Black Flag yesterday and I have no idea how I missed a flying chair
Frayt 2 aylar önce
yeah ive played through the game like 4 times and have never seen that
toney 2 aylar önce
it went right over your head
AJ The Anomaly
AJ The Anomaly 14 gün önce
I love your ultra short intros man. Keeping it simple, short and too the point. very refreshing :)
Don Don G-man
Don Don G-man 2 aylar önce
Love your videos keep up the great work
Mikki Dredded Vyrus
Mikki Dredded Vyrus 2 aylar önce
The Hitman 2 bird statue looks like it could be "Pazuzu" which is the same demon from The Exorcist. Not entirely sure how it would play into the story though. Will have to boot up Hitman 2 this weekend and see if there's any missed clues.
Larane Aylar önce
The random Hitman statue in the locked room is a dead ringer for a mythological Thai creature called Nok Tuntima. The in-game model looks similar to a statue outside Wat Phra Kaew, a Buddhist temple in Bangkok, though the wings are a bit different.
M. Furball
M. Furball 2 aylar önce
So this ended up throwing me into a 3 hour research bender to figure out the birdman statue in Hitman2. (Mind that I've never played the game or know anything about it except what I read to get context to this specific part.) Between the only light in the statue room pointing at the statue, the rugs on the floor around it, how the entire room is obviously devoted to the statue, the security on the room and the fact one of the important characters in this scenario is named "Janus" (roman god of time, gates, duality and more) I figured this is some sort of altar. Can't say I have much, and it's only speculation, but looking at the avian-human looks, the long beak-like yet human-like face and the style of clothing it's wearing, the most likely deity depicted is Garuda, a Hindu demigod of strength and vigilance and protector of Amrita - an Immortality nectar. The cane could be a representation of Naga (snake creature) which are Garuda's enemies, and the connection to the Immortality nectar could be the reason Helen West got interested in Frank Schmidt and why she added him as an ingredient to her muffin-experiments. Again, this is pure speculation, and I'm in no way an expert on the Hindu religion (or any religion tbh). I'm just bored and really like mythology of all kinds. If anyone has a better understanding in any of this, I'd like to know.
thebass1904 2 aylar önce
The 102 Dalmations thing sounded like those two aliens from sesam street, when they called out "Button yep yep yep" You can find it here on YT.
Shiing 2 aylar önce
Sometimes you wake up and immediately get a notification that your favourite content creator posted another excellent video.
Ashuraman 2 aylar önce
It's always a TRvid day when Oddheader uploads
MegaPandaGaming 2 aylar önce
Always a good day when Oddheader uploads
Chace Lauzon
Chace Lauzon 2 aylar önce
Always a treat to see a new oddheader video!
Feralis_Leone 2 aylar önce
So the crowbar is probably supposed to be an animation of him jamming it into the wheel so that he can jump and the plane won't move. When you open the door and turn around you can see it having already moved so they probably cut his animation of moving it and just had the player turn away so they wouldn't see that jankiness. Not sure why it still plays though when you wait around. If its a timer that's a big oversight.
Nono ATATA 2 aylar önce
First Established Titles, then an interview with Justin Roiland and now a Ninja sponsorship, I just can't believe it.
Unruly 2 aylar önce
The GTA Easter Egg reminds me of the Easter Egg of the “Serial Killer” (I do believe you featured it awhile back) in the campaign of the game. As far as I remember, it was just really cool lore and didn’t have an actual in-game obtainable event/ending, so I would assume that this is the same, just something to add to the atmosphere of the game, which I can appreciate. The Demon Souls one, honestly, I think is just them keeping the troll alive. I do not believe it is an actual obtainable item. It could even be something that can be seen in game but not obtained. Like maybe inside the actual model of the character, if you were able to get a camera inside the model (Boundary Break, we need you). If it is an obtainable item, there might be something weird you have to do to get it. Like let him kill all the NPC’s he can and then kill him at the end, or, if there is a way, stop him from killing a specific NPC (never played the game, don’t know if this is possible). The Walking Dead one, a commenter “ExplodingDreamz” says that is was a bug that was patched out. The World of Warcraft one is interesting. Maybe try having a group of players all activate the statues at around the exact same time, or in a very precisely timed order? Maybe some clues based off of the locations or aura or designs of the aura as to which order. Also could involve inconspicuous items or something, and in his tweet, he said “Sigh @ the ocean”, indicating the Ocean may have something to do with it as well. Would love for a bunch of players to come together and dedicate some time to progressing this, maybe organize a Discord for ideas and have a dedicated Guild or two to try them out and compile any information received from attempts. I don’t believe this is just a false Easter Egg or something to distract the player, as they went as far to dedicate the money for a cutscene and voice acting in a completely separate game to draw attention to the old unsolved mystery. Yes, the company has a lot of money, but they don’t just waste it. Might be tied to an in-game Boss/Item/Mount or something significant that a decent amount of resources were spent on. The Dalmatians one, the sound coming from the phone seems to say “Button, Hit the Button”. This could simply be an Easter Egg as many commenters have said it seems to sound like voice clips from a different game or movie, but the fact that it’s so out in the open, readily available, and mentions hitting a button…. I’m not the brightest bulb but I’d assume there is a hidden button somewhere. Also may only spawn into the game once you initiate the phone booth and could be hidden in the game files until you do. The Wolfenstein one, I feel like it’s just a scrapped animation. Commenter “@stapuft” said for this Hell Night Easter Egg, to play with 3 players and have each of them hold the correct item. I’ve never played the game or watched playthroughs, just passin on information. Seems plausible from someone with no information to work off of though. Assassin’s Creed one is probably just a bug. I highly doubt they added a prop-hunt Easter Egg to the game, LOL. Moirai looks fun :( Sad it’s no longer obtainable. I’d have bought it if I knew about it. Sorry developer. With that being said, I feel like… idk… just seems like there is more to this. Many commenters pointed out other game dialogue that explains things and the shiny thing and all that, but…. It just feels… unfinished. Idk. Thank you for all your videos and hard work. They really do bring me joy. You help a lot of people. I know it seems silly, but really. Thanks, Odd.
Cross_saber 2 aylar önce
Holy crap, my local arcade when I was a kid had evil night. I looked into it a couple time and couldn't find out what it was, all I remembered was it was 3 player and 1 player got a shotgun.
David Davidson
David Davidson 2 aylar önce
Shiny object in hole is the gold nugget the woman talks about in Moirai, no?
breddotexe 2 aylar önce
I know it probably takes a while to gather all the info for every video, but i wish you uploaded more, i genuinely enjoy your content
Jacob Aylar önce
Odd header produces some of the highest quality content on the site.
FisforFenton 2 aylar önce
the statue in the basement looks like the daemon statue from the exorcist franchise.
SleepingInMyBed 2 aylar önce
Such good interesting content bro never stop 👍
J K 2 aylar önce
That's not the only thing I've seen float randomly in wolfenstein. Once I killed a dude on a staircase and when he went down, a mysterious thing picked him up by his leg only to place him down on the floor
Unruly 2 aylar önce
a l l o p j a y .
a l l o p j a y . 2 aylar önce
love ur vids dude, always get super excited when I see a new video made by you!
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