10 Minutes Of Luka Doncic Being A Straight Up Legend

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Luka Doncic best moments & highlights from the 21-22 NBA Playoffs so far! as of May 25 2022 (and yeah its more like 9 minutes 45 seconds but dont be that guy in the comments who points that out, close enough)

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25 May 2022




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Tyson 5 aylar önce
"Everybody acting tough when they up." Is one of the most legendary quotes ever when you consider what happened the next two games to send Phoenix home.
SyMcHale 2 aylar önce
it was a truly beautiful and historical series of events, pure class
SyMcHale 2 aylar önce
​@Ser Bonkers 😅🤷 same mate
Tyson 3 aylar önce
@Aldo Cervantes SAME 😂
Aldo Cervantes
Aldo Cervantes 3 aylar önce
Is it just me or what? But whenever I quote that line I gotta say it in Luka’s English accent😂
Ser Bonkers
Ser Bonkers 3 aylar önce
He got some. Alls to utter those words while his back was against the wall. Legend in the making for sure.
wildbillo68 6 aylar önce
I'm heart broken about losing to the Warriors but...that team has many stars, was a hard series.....BUT- Beating the SUNS was a gift to me... I'll remember those games for a while.... It's Luka Magic....
antonio green
antonio green 17 gün önce
@wildbillo68 smh hater
Lucas Mendez
Lucas Mendez Aylar önce
@DevicCypher Luka weighs 220-225 on a good day his weight fine were it at he loses anymore weight he gonna be looking like Manute Bol respectfully.
wildbillo68 3 aylar önce
@DevicCypher lol...yup. would have been epic.
DevicCypher 3 aylar önce
@wildbillo68 I would of loved to see the mavs beat the overrated and boring warriors
wildbillo68 3 aylar önce
@DevicCypher and- they need one more monster scorer for him to work with.....
Steve Pankey
Steve Pankey 5 aylar önce
He is considered one of the best in the league, and even then he is underrated. People try to act like he isn't one of the most incredible talents the NBA has seen in years
Andrew Watson
Andrew Watson 5 gün önce
He really is… as great as dirk was for Dallas and as hard as it is to match how great dirk was for the mavs no one has ever been able to that’s played for them until doncic who is so damn good he makes dirk look average… it’s like before Luka dirk was the Kobe for Dallas and now since Luka, he is now the Kobe for the mavs and makes dirk seem like a Lamar Odom (no disrespect to dirk he’s a legend I’m just saying that’s how great Luka is)
JP FDS 9 gün önce
@Connor Delrio doing what exactly i can’t see which reply you meant to reply to
Connor Delrio
Connor Delrio 9 gün önce
@JP FDS Difference being Harden was doing that in his 9th year. Luka in his 4th.
JP FDS Aylar önce
@Juan Rosas i’m also a rockets fan but i think harden can go all the way this year if he just plays like that 20-21 harden before them injuries. gonna be tough tho east stacked this year
Juan Rosas
Juan Rosas Aylar önce
@JP FDS harden a season player he folds crunch time but embiid don't play that shit,, I'm rockets fan cause from Houston, bro how y'all miss 20+ shots lol
Moking C
Moking C 3 aylar önce
Luka’s moves always seem so slow, nothing fancy, nothing explosive, all just fundamentals, all seems simple and easy, and yet the defenders just CAN’T STOP HIM! 🤯
Scott Hayes
Scott Hayes 5 gün önce
That's why I can't understand American players not learning fundamentals? Dirk, Luka, both slow but extremely efficient. Tim Duncan made an hof career off of fundamentals
Ecthelion 10 gün önce
His awareness is his key skill, he knows what’s going on and when to do what
Everett Cox
Everett Cox Aylar önce
His footwork is why...best ever.
Strange Bell
Strange Bell 3 aylar önce
That’s the art in his moves, he knows when to explosive at the right sec. It’s deadly then he can just bully you in the paint 🎨
Chris Mequet
Chris Mequet 5 aylar önce
His balance while in the paint along with incredible ball control finishing his shots is so fun to watch. And the man can shoot at 3 when he has too. Best ALL AROUND player right now I think.
Baseball Pimp
Baseball Pimp 4 aylar önce
His defense isn’t great enough to say he’s all around overall but you could definitely argue that he is one of the best all around offensive talents in the league if not the best. The fact that he’s basically averaged 28 to 29 per game in three of his first four years at this young an age is astounding plus hes averaged 8 to 9 assists per game during those years too. It’s crazy that people slept so hard on a kid who was the best player in the Euroleague (which is the second best league in the world) at the age of 18.
Clermont Volleyball
Clermont Volleyball 4 aylar önce
You know that all around mean defense too right .....
Stevie Champagne
Stevie Champagne 4 aylar önce
He is the most complete young player in history. Nobody has been more polished at his age in history. His game is incredibly polished. and he just turned 23. it makes no sense. he is a basketball savant
Ka74Ever 6 aylar önce
Thanks for the video, appreciate the tribute to this legend's first deep Playoff run, hopefully it lasts longer 🤞
Lucas Mendez
Lucas Mendez Aylar önce
@beelzebub beelzebub Lmao found the little 9 year old casual Luka has 7 rings in the Euro League , 2 Euro Mvps , 2 Rings , 2 rising star awards , and has been to the Olympics before the age of 20 so yeah he IS a legend lmfao Vince Carter , T mac , and Allen Iverson never won rings are they " stay at home dads "? Yeah...Shut the fuck up.
John wild
John wild 4 aylar önce
@beelzebub beelzebub nah fam no one cares for that. Thats why you cheer for CP3 and Harden. All good
beelzebub beelzebub
beelzebub beelzebub 4 aylar önce
@John wild still needs that typical American ring other than that it's a no go
John wild
John wild 4 aylar önce
@beelzebub beelzebub dude you're harping about rings like basketball exists only in the NBA. Typical American. Dude already achieved every title and won all possible championships in Europe by the age of 18. That achievement alone throws him in basketball hall of fame because it's basically an unbeatable record. But yes please tell me more about how a team based stat ( number of titles) defies a players greatness.
beelzebub beelzebub
beelzebub beelzebub 5 aylar önce
Albert Poojoles
Albert Poojoles 6 aylar önce
Luka is already so good, i’d consider him a legend already
Mama oooh Inori
Mama oooh Inori 2 aylar önce
Luka sucks, soft and weak ass
77Special 4 aylar önce
@setshuei all respect to him still not even close to Luka
setshuei 4 aylar önce
​@77Special It was another time, when getting a chance for a white backcourt european was really hard. Also he died in a car crash at the top of his career when he was still 28, so he still had a lot to give.
j0epark1 5 aylar önce
Kind of like the Pat Mahomes of the NBA
77Special 5 aylar önce
@MightyQuesadilla1279 Petrovic was 23 when he go in NBA, he was never even close to be 3 time first team All Nba.
허걱 4 aylar önce
He's been playing in NBA for 4 years but already 3 times on All-NBA 1st team.
Jonathan Barrera
Jonathan Barrera 5 aylar önce
That move he put on Cameron Johnson is one of the craziest things I’ve seen him do his whole career !! 🔥 Pure entertainment from that man Luka
BobbyLove O'Block
BobbyLove O'Block 6 aylar önce
4:17 man y’all gotta respect the Mavs bench confidence to talk shit when they were down 0-2, the Luka affect🥶
Infinite Dopamine
Infinite Dopamine Aylar önce
@BobbyLove O'Block effect*
wuhan_clan 4 aylar önce
I mean Luka said it himself, that everyone acts tough when they up. Mavs act tough even when they down.
wuhan_clan 4 aylar önce
@BobbyLove O'Block Effect (noun) is the correct usage here FYI. Affect is a verb. It's a common mistake but now you know. What's really sad is everyone thumbs upping the wrong word.
Oinky Piggy
Oinky Piggy 6 aylar önce
@matthias-christian Bender Would Porzingis work?
Eruptrl 6 aylar önce
@ninjabieber No I was just asking
Nathaniel 4 aylar önce
in case you didn't know, this is what being good at basketball looks like.
Jaymes Johnson
Jaymes Johnson 4 aylar önce
He always reminded me of a Lebron and Bird hybrid but the way his iso game has developed lately reminds me a lot of Kobe. I think his game has shades of all 3 and he can switch back and forth to each play style. He really could go down as the greatest offensive talent ever
Kaaron Hudson81
Kaaron Hudson81 5 aylar önce
Luka will be the greatest offensive player ever if he doesn't get injured
The roadrunner Jarhead
@Riewerappler you got that right.
Riewerappler 2 aylar önce
@The roadrunner Jarhead Thank you!!!! Finally!! This is the softest Era of the NBA ever, It amazes me how almost untouched players enter the zone. Imagine these players against the Thomas/Laimbeer Pistons! 🤣 They're all great shooters from downtown nowadays...but dominant? In a league where every slightest touch is getting whistled a foul? Nah... No player today can become the greatest player ever aka goat anymore. Goat is not just stats, look back at Bird, MJ, Magic etc. they had to play great, shoot great while getting hammered physically especially when they pushed into the paint.
The roadrunner Jarhead
Look up wilt chamberlain and watch his highlights.
81giorikas 3 aylar önce
@alexander fournier Does he have to average 40 to prove it, oh wait he did actaully average similar numbers to Lebron. Don't compare athletisism to results. He already follows James numbers for the age for example. The best offensive players in history were actually either too athletic, like freaks or top like Chamberlain, Jabbar, MJ and maybe Lebron and then you have people like Kobe, Dirk, Doncic, the late Maravich that were certainly not even in the same sentence and yet...Curry as well. Jerry West. If you research Nick Galis, which average more than chamberlain or Jordan in leagues that superstars average about 20 points or less, you can see that he was very tough, very robust player but certainly not blazing fast or bouncy (still dunked without running at 1.83 cms...Allen Iverson height). Oscar Schmidt as well... So while being super athletic doesn't guarantee the numbers. Can help though.
Kaaron Hudson81
Kaaron Hudson81 3 aylar önce
@Geert Matthys whaaattt
intimissimi88 6 aylar önce
4:17 this is the best sequence... man they have great team spirit
michael mcshadowrich
michael mcshadowrich 6 aylar önce
I can smell something that will become a legend at Basketball in near future.
Daniel Dyer
Daniel Dyer 5 aylar önce
He just looks so slow or unathletic and yet dude's straight up ballin, much respect.
Axollotal Mitosis
Axollotal Mitosis 3 aylar önce
bro moves in slow motion crazy
Samuel Black Metal Rider
@DJ Hammer yeah, he imposes HIS pace, this is pure domination. Making him pretty much unguardable
DJ Hammer
DJ Hammer 4 aylar önce
he actually uses his slowness to his advantage his sudden change of pace/acceleration catches many off-guard and his close control really makes elite at it
SirBenedict 5 aylar önce
they cant guard the simple stuff, and he is killing them with it frfr
Benoit Botteau
Benoit Botteau 5 aylar önce
History in the making !
Daniele Bui
Daniele Bui 5 aylar önce
Look at the face of Bogdanovic on the triple!! He literally says with his face Sorry but I can t do nothing! This guy Is the proof of how fighting to became Always Better can lead you to become a dominator in a League where phisically and for personality you started with many prejudices.
LT 3 aylar önce
He's my pick for MVP this year. Luka might not look it, but he's really strong. He rag-dolled a lot of people in this video.
Demetrius Burley
Demetrius Burley 12 gün önce
He’s humble this is why I love this guy ❤
Js23 2 aylar önce
The whole vid only on this years playoff run 🤣🤣 insane
ReklawLah 5 aylar önce
Awesome, amazing video. Can you imagine what it would be like if we had high quaity, HD, professionally edited higlight videos like this for Jordan, Bird, Chamberlin??
freshVFX™️ 5 aylar önce
Doncic is so underrated. He’s one of the best players in the league atm
kefkapalazzo1 2 aylar önce
the handle, footwork, and strength are all pretty elite for his size. the passing and vision are straight up elite. hopefully him losing weight doesn't take away from his strength much while adding to conditioning. might give Giannis a run for his money as the best
Jan Ray
Jan Ray 19 gün önce
luka is a pure talent! danm! I'll be rooting for Dallas this season! This guy is incredible!
Edward Sohn
Edward Sohn 5 aylar önce
He is unstoppable
Jon 5 gün önce
I wanted the suns to win against the mavs, (not a suns fan) I cant even be mad, what he did was legendary. He carried his team by himself
Joe R
Joe R 2 aylar önce
He looks and plays like every 2k player I have ever made. I didn't think it was possible. Damn he's amazing. Like Watching Larry and Steph put together.
Kelvin Okundaye
Kelvin Okundaye 6 aylar önce
This kid is different!!!!❤
Andre La Flamme
Andre La Flamme 5 aylar önce
Get him one all-star and it’s wraps for the west..
Robert Fox
Robert Fox 6 aylar önce
Simply the best!
Ricky Nyswaner
Ricky Nyswaner Aylar önce
Incredible talent he is very good reminiscent of larry bird mixed with magic
TY Highlights
TY Highlights Aylar önce
Luka reminds me of a young LeBron. Literally nobody around him and no depth, but still taking down the top teams in the league and giving it his all vs the league champions every year. Get this man a superstar next to him and then we'll see how good he really is.
Garry A. Reed
Garry A. Reed 6 aylar önce
Excellent, thank you ! 🇺🇸🦅 👍👍👍👍👍
Young Gnome
Young Gnome 3 aylar önce
He gives me Larry bird vibes. you can tell he's trying hard and is smart about the game, But still has that effortless style. Legend in the making.
Jarrett Thomas
Jarrett Thomas 3 aylar önce
That bogdonavic foul and 1 makes me laugh so hard when I see it. It looks like bog is trying to act like he got fouled and his reaction is just way too delayed 😂😂😂
svarogbg Aylar önce
definition of *SKILL*
Christopher Bryant
Christopher Bryant 5 aylar önce
How TF did Dallas go 20 years of Dirk.. to this dude?! unreal
Jaymes Johnson
Jaymes Johnson 4 aylar önce
Bc Phoenix, Sac, Atl, even Memphis were dumbbbbbb
Giuseppe Ceniccola
Giuseppe Ceniccola 5 aylar önce
Un mostro di bravura .😉
r m
r m 4 aylar önce
CHARLOTTE fan here....sad I know! But damn Luka and Lamelo to me are more entertaining than Ja, Zion, LeBron, ANT, etc. I swear it seems Luka shoots better than 35% from three. Either way, he's just fun to watch. Never thought I'd be more entertained by two players that aren't known for being super athletic over watching freak athletes
Sam Edward
Sam Edward 6 aylar önce
Bro the flop by Boggie i’m fkn dead 💀 1:09
Second Nova
Second Nova 5 aylar önce
Andi ll
Andi ll Aylar önce
One thing i realized is that with lukas slow shot release and almost relaxed handles and finishing a defenders block timing is usually early thus having luka to barely face contestion around the arc but maybe im wrong
ThelastJoke 6 aylar önce
Bro he did Johnson sooo dirty in that series !!!
sirskorge Aylar önce
SMART player. High iq perfection
ooh bert
ooh bert 5 aylar önce
Poor cam johnson man was getting every piece of lukas bag😂😂
ThelastJoke 6 aylar önce
Nice job as always MaxaMillion
Samuel Black Metal Rider
Even MJ needed his Scottie to win. Give Luka a Scottie (Curry has Klay & KD!!) and that’s it.
LXXVII 3 aylar önce
Hopefully CWood will be that guy, he even looks like Scottie
Israel Flores
Israel Flores 4 aylar önce
His post gives me flashes of Kobe. Especially that pivot in the low block.
Boga69 4 aylar önce
with all the players we have picked up this offseason already, we should get to the conference ifnlas agian if not the finals
Ilia Mos
Ilia Mos 4 aylar önce
Man I don't like luka, but gotta admit it he is a real talent and he is basketball. Magical player
stolpie 4 aylar önce
@anyone, genuine question. Those (rather awesome) spin moves Doncic makes sometimes. Isn't he traveling though? I can't really tell very well and I don't know the traveling rules in the NBA that well. Or is this a case of "technically it is, but refs rarely call it"? In any case, he is one hell of an amazing player.
stolpie 3 aylar önce
@Stirkoff B Thanks for your explanation. Took me awhile to see it. :)
Stirkoff B
Stirkoff B 3 aylar önce
If you're talking about in the post, it's such a great example of footwork. He keeps his dribble in the post and then takes the ball up on his pivot foot. Then the last tiny detail he uses is, when he leaves his pivot foot, he shoots it in the air. If he can't do that in a split second and his feet touch the ground then it would be a travel but as he currently does it, it's clean as he'll.
BrodyRichard263 3 aylar önce
Him being hit or contacted makes zero difference with his shots he can sink shots even when being bumped or whatever he just don’t give no fucks he is so good man so good
seyahtan24 6 aylar önce
Thanks for this "Luka Special" ;)
cupertinoish Aylar önce
He can't win until he learns and affords to give the ball up to his teammates to make plays. Same case for Jokic. Being a great faciliator doesn't mean you have to be the one making every assist. Don't surround his with pure "shot makers" but also "playmakers"
El Lucky II
El Lucky II 4 aylar önce
He is top ten talent today in NBA. He just has to get a little stronger to absorb all the contact he gets/creates and the chip will be there for the taking.
Даниил Я
Даниил Я 3 aylar önce
He s top 10 talent of all times
Stevie Champagne
Stevie Champagne 4 aylar önce
he’s top 3
J Mo
J Mo 3 aylar önce
It’s funny in basketball when people see someone so obviously dominating but not exactly doing it through incredible speed or dunking/athletically they seem to have a hard time accepting them as great players. Was the very same thing with Larry Bird even though he continually smashed all before him. It’s like people have an image in their head of what a top player should look like and what attributes they should have no matter what the actual evidence in front of them is saying otherwise. There are many ways to play the game. Talent can’t be taught.
deedeecurtis 5 aylar önce
That was great!
Joe Waters
Joe Waters 2 aylar önce
His 3 pointer is awesome
jazz 3 aylar önce
biggest deficit all season came in a game 7 😭🤣 luka really that dude
Andrew Watson
Andrew Watson 5 gün önce
If Luka just had one more great player to play with him on the mavs like a great C/PF or a great PG he would take the mavs to the finals I guarantee it
Andrew Watson
Andrew Watson 5 gün önce
Give him Kevin Durant or lebron James or shit even a Zion and Luka would carry the team to the finals if he had just one person of there caliber to help
Alex D
Alex D 3 aylar önce
I always liked his game but that quote "everybody acting tough when they're up", made me a fan, specially being because of D-Book and C.Paul bigotry
Gozilla 5 aylar önce
The way the trash talked to the PHX fan row was the best part
Tommy Fougere
Tommy Fougere 11 gün önce
3:20 is one of his nastiest post moves imo, And it was on beat w the video too🤣
Fantomas646 2 aylar önce
3:20 is absolutely ridiculous. LOL
Nba Basketball
Nba Basketball 2 aylar önce
dlesu 3 aylar önce
what luka got against cam johnson dear lord🤣
Jordan Davis
Jordan Davis 4 aylar önce
1:17 that flop was crazy late💀
Charles Johnson
Charles Johnson 6 aylar önce
summer wind
summer wind 5 aylar önce
This 2022 Mba absolutly match fixing
Benjamin Krawetzki
Benjamin Krawetzki 2 aylar önce
Luka is the GOAT and nobody can disagree with me!
Jaymes Johnson
Jaymes Johnson 4 aylar önce
Any Mavs fans here still feeling a way about Brunson leaving, just watch this
Rudy Gobert
Rudy Gobert 6 aylar önce
Do Evan Mobley And gobert plz and thk for the vids keep working
VoltZ 4 aylar önce
Luka absolutely traumatized Gobert
Professionally Correct
I thought the choice to ONLY include scoring highlights was intentional, but then randomly there was 2 assists. So why not include any of the numerous sweet passes or steals from the postseason?? Just weird.
MaxaMillion711 5 aylar önce
I include all the best passes I have access to. I do not get every play Luka has made. Out of my control
Julian 3 aylar önce
It scares me knowing Giannis wants to leave Milwaukee, and Dallas has the cap space. Bc if that ever happens, nobody else will win a championship for the next 73 years
animarket 3 aylar önce
so true
e 4 aylar önce
Closest player to Kobe today
chrisvill54 4 aylar önce
He is one of those players that you know is really good but you just don't understand how because he really does not look like he can be that good. Like Larry Bird.
leonardo raggi
leonardo raggi Aylar önce
Give that man a team, he can't 1vs9 20 games in a row during playoffs
Jan Ray
Jan Ray 19 gün önce
he dominated everyone who guarded him. that's cwazy! haha
Ty Son
Ty Son 6 aylar önce
Boy stay wit the ring of fire under his feet
Bert Demeulemeester
Bert Demeulemeester 3 aylar önce
Luka has to be allround incredible because his teammates... Well Yeah
Clermont Volleyball
Clermont Volleyball 4 aylar önce
Last time someone did me like 3:54 , I left the court to rethink my life choices
Dreyden 3 aylar önce
5:38 Didn't see where he was fouled.
ytmcam 3 aylar önce
bro doncic has to hate cameron johnson cause aint no way 😭
The opposing PG when 2k decides you cant win this game. Playing D on him must feel like why am I even trying.
Renato Kovačič
Renato Kovačič 5 aylar önce
if people come from usa to slovenia to make him longer contract than you know HE IS SPECIAL :D hahahahahahhahahaha
Gregorio Giner
Gregorio Giner Aylar önce
Luka, destrózame botando de espaldas
Emanuel Rascol
Emanuel Rascol 2 aylar önce
Just destroying Gobert 😆
hubert sumlin
hubert sumlin 6 aylar önce
3:50 he says "it doesn't matter where he played football!" LOL
Dejon Wright
Dejon Wright 6 aylar önce
, that shit was funny asff 😂😂😂😂
ilyas G.
ilyas G. Aylar önce
The left thumbnail Pic always gets me laughing xD
Rubén 2 aylar önce
I just need "Mr Fun Guy" to defeat Luka in his prime for KL2 to be a true legend.
AUDI Transporter
AUDI Transporter 6 aylar önce
Thanks great video!
Thomson 07
Thomson 07 6 aylar önce
baring injuries hes gonna be top 25 all time easy honestly
Thomson 07
Thomson 07 6 aylar önce
@Tracer Carter yeah im being lenient, he has the potential to be top 15-10 tbh
Tracer Carter
Tracer Carter 6 aylar önce
Top 25? 🤣
Matt Sager
Matt Sager 3 aylar önce
Yo Luca is an absolute legend, but 4:10 is a carry 100%. Refs don't call it anymore, but that shit is wack af. You can't palm the ball upside down and that put it back on the floor. The NBA doesn't call carrying anymore and it's kinda lame.
Tacti Cutest
Tacti Cutest 2 aylar önce
If he have a also a defense like Mj or Kobe he will be a goat
Kayla Wilkins
Kayla Wilkins 3 aylar önce
He knows its bout leverage
Peter Murano
Peter Murano 3 aylar önce
I don't know if he can't do it well or he just refuses to but he NEVER jumps. Lol. I guess he doesn't need to... 😎 Even his dunks are minimal effort but any bucket is two points.
LL 5 aylar önce
Luka like BOSS😎💪
Hercon 4 aylar önce
All this highlights in just one playoff run
karlos anthony
karlos anthony 6 aylar önce
He's a baaaad boy !
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