10 Insane Wrestling Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

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CM Punk and Hulk Hogan have more in common than you think...

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20 Eyl 2021




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Kyle van Zyl
Here's one: R-Truth has more combined days as NWA World's Heavyweight Champion than Dusty Rhodes
Furieous Challenges
"Bryan Danielson has never had a Meltzer 5 star match!"
Alexis Valdovinos
Kurt Angle doesn’t need Dave Meltzer’s approval, he won an Olympic medal with a BROKEN FREAKING NECK!!
Punk still has a 30ish look to him. Hogan ALWAYS looked old even when he was young. It’s that odd phenomena of people always looking older in history
Daniel Bryan was the same age when he returned to wrestling in 2018 as Shawn Michaels was when he returned in 2002.
Spooker Red Menace
as a kid and teenager in the 80s and 90s, i always thought Hogan was in his 50s EVEN when i watched back maina 1, dude was only 29-30, but its the bald head and leather skin that makes him look so much older
Michael Hood
The secret to getting angle and Brian a five-star match, is to put them against each other
CM Punk at 42 - avoiding drugs and alcohol, staying fit and healthy
Casual Suspect
Bryan Danielson has earned a WON Five Star rating now. His amazing opener at Dynamite - Grand Slam got it.
Michael Meacham
Fun fact: The Undertaker has only held 5 different titles in WWE/F. Being the WWE, World Heavyweight, Hardcore, World Tag team and WCW tag team titles. Also, in the last 10 years of his career he never held a championship again.
Emerald Aly
#8 - Dave did Kurt (, Benoit, Edge, and Rey) dirty at No Mercy 2002. That was a damn five-star match.
Vaughn Resper Jr.
Kurt Angle vs Shawn Michaels at WM 21 was DEFINITELY 5 Star!! It was also the PWI Match of the Year.
On the same parallel for CM Punk, he is the same age now roughly as Chris Jericho was when he versed CM Punk at Wrestlemania.
Leo Pumarejo
And yet Hogan,at the same age, still looks ten years older than punk at 42.
That Sting fact makes me seethe, he should've beat Triple H
donavan tshuma
That Snookie and Sting factoid was both funny and sad at the same time
Somnogenesis 4
It's strange to think, because Hogan has looked 50-something forever, he wasn't merely just 42 when the NWO was formed but he was still in his 40s when he came
Paul Weston
That was the best one of these types of videos I think I've ever seen for wrestling! Thank you to whoever put in the research on this One.
zoe banks
Bryan was awarded the 5 star rating after this video against Omega. This just goes to show how great a wrestler Omega is.
Nick Suave Music
Kurt angle definitely deserves one especially his match with hbk at wrestlemania 21and his match with Benoit in 2003 just to name a few
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