10 Home Depot Shopping Secrets Too Good Not To Share!

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5 Ara 2022




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731 Woodworks
731 Woodworks 7 aylar önce
What's the best deal you've gotten at Home Depot or share a secret not covered?
Greg Frengel
Greg Frengel 20 gün önce
As an employee, I can say that each cashier is what they call "empowered" to give you a discount of up to $50 without having to get management involved. Every cashier is different, some can still be hesitant and will ask the head cashier but this would be useful specifically in the case of that damaged box. When I was a cashier, if someone asked for a discount on a big ticket item like that because the box was damaged I would have done the full $50 no problem.
FireBlade X
FireBlade X 3 aylar önce
The best deal I got was not shopping there.
Isaac Watson
Isaac Watson 4 aylar önce
I build speaker boxes a lot so they gave me 60% off 4 sheets of 4x8 3/4 mdf. I was super surprised. Ended up spending right at $100 with screws. Crazy steal
Nur Afianto
Nur Afianto 4 aylar önce
Ripped bag of dirts. I got 50% off. Went to post office for changing of address, Not long after that, I received an envelope in mail filled with coupons & 1 of them was 25% off coupon from Home Depot. Safe a bunch of money on my bathrooms projects. Black Friday has a bunch of great deals on tools. Sometimes they have special offers on certain HD store but they were not offered at other HD locations.
DAViNA DAViNA 5 aylar önce
@John Smith what are you talking about? bees do not go to honey. they go to flowers. have you ever kept bees before? flies want anything that has food and water. sit in the sun sweating and flies will land on you to lick the sweat.
David Norton
David Norton 7 aylar önce
When buying sheet goods it's always a good idea to snap a picture of the price tag on the bay location. Most dimensional lumber has a tag stapled to the end but sheet goods don't always have an appropriate barcode on them. And depending on how knowledgeable (or motivated) your cashier is they must just pick something in the system that looks like your item. But if you can provide the appropriate tag with barcode, sku # and price you'll save yourself and them a headache. Always be nice to everyone. Sometimes they're having a bad day and you might make their day by being kind. Or they may just be a jerk. You being a jerk won't help any. People can be incredibly selfish and pigheaded. Don't be that guy.
Sal Jablo
Sal Jablo 17 gün önce
I’ve been told by a cashier to walk all the way back and get another one with a barcode on it. I’m sure you can guess what I did.
Tyler Gosnell
Tyler Gosnell 5 aylar önce
On some sheet goods you can also point out the colored stripes on the end. Like you said, it depends on the cashiers knowledge, but those stripes are in their online cashier book for most sheet goods.
Martin Rivera
Martin Rivera 7 aylar önce
Great list! A couple other tips I’ve learned about to add to your list: - most participating HD stores give away a Kid’s Workshop Kit for free on first Saturday of every month (pieces of wood, some hardware, small hand tools, etc). Great for engaging the next generation of craftsmen! - teachers and government employees can register for HD exempt purchases program and shop tax-free! - plants have a 1 year warranty. If they die on you within a year you can uproot it and (with receipt) return it and get reimbursed. - at participating HD stores you can rent Penske moving trucks for 10% off online, and can also apply military discount on top of that and even an additional 12% if you’re a AAA member. - if your tools need repair and they’re still under manufacturer’s warranty, take it to HD and they’ll repair it for free! You pay a $30 diagnostics fee but they will reimburse it if the repair is covered by the warranty. If it’s not covered the $30 will be applied to the price of repair if you choose to go through with them. - if you have some old leftover paint that has since separated or needs re-tinting, as long as you bought it at Home Depot you can take it in and they’ll shake-mix it and re-tint it again for free.
Babs babar
Babs babar 2 aylar önce
The plants depend on if it is a perennial. Those get the year return policy. Everything else is 90 days
American Rusticworks
American Rusticworks 7 aylar önce
Good tips! The deal of the day and the pro deal of the week are a great way to save, I tell everyone I know about them! My kids get annoyed because their is never a quick Home Depot run because we have to go through the 4-5 clearance end caps at our store 😂
Russell Andreasen
Russell Andreasen Aylar önce
Hey Matt, just a quick note...first thanks for all you do in keeping us updated on all the latest projects and info coming out or your shop. Love tip #10 as I am a retired (26 years in the Army) service member....the Orange box store won't give you a Military Discount on any lumber however, the Blue box store WILL...so I always go BLUE when I need construction lumber!
Jordan Rosiek
Jordan Rosiek 7 aylar önce
Nice video, Matt! I was surprised that you didn’t mention used tools. Many people live in areas that have Rental Centers that sell off used pro grade tools. You can sometimes get some pretty good deals! From drills and nailers up to aerators, generators and all kinds of others.
OMD 6 aylar önce
@Benny Gerow the HD location has to have a Tool Rental Center. Usually the Tool Rental Center will have a bin full of used tools.
Austin Jones
Austin Jones 6 aylar önce
@Benny Gerow it might be store to store. One of the garden guys in my store was a small engine machinic so he could generally fix busted lawn equipment. They kept them in the garden section near the registers.
Benny Gerow
Benny Gerow 6 aylar önce
HD sells used tools? None of the ones I've been in do. What isle are they in?
Austin Jones
Austin Jones 7 aylar önce
You might also find refurbished returns. I worked as a seasonal part timer one summer and we had a guy who would fix the weed eaters that got returned because it 'broke the first I used it ' because people don't understand 2 cycle oil. My store sold them for about half price.
Benjamin Hawthorn
Benjamin Hawthorn 7 aylar önce
I was the Tool Rental mechanic in the Vernon Hills, IL store. I was responsible for keeping our rental fleet in "rentable" condition, as well as repairing customers personal tools and anything from our new saleable stock that needed repair. These items were a particularly great deal, because you could buy an essentially brand new tool (with zero hours on it for a third of the regular retail price. So if it retailed brand new for $300.00, you could buy it for $100.00. I repaired everything with parts I ordered from the manufacturer. To see if your store has any "refurbished" tools for sale, go into Tool Rental and look for the displayed tools with a "sale" sign on them. They should be prominently displayed. If not, ask any Tool Rental representative if they have any refurbished tools for sale.
Benjamin Hawthorn
Benjamin Hawthorn 3 aylar önce
Quality Not caused!
Benjamin Hawthorn
Benjamin Hawthorn 3 aylar önce
If you do accept the position, I advise you to immediately requisition a good caused steel toolbox with a latch that accommodates a padlock. Requisition the padlock with the toolbox. In this box you can keep your "Survival Tools." The tools you use every day and simply can not afford to go missing. (e.g. Phillips screwdriver, common screwdriver, cylinder pressure gauge, spark plug tester, needle nose pliers, spark tester, etc.)
Benjamin Hawthorn
Benjamin Hawthorn 3 aylar önce
Good luck to you if you decide to go for it. At least with my comments here, you will be entering the position with your eyes wide open! 🙂
Benjamin Hawthorn
Benjamin Hawthorn 3 aylar önce
The gentleman who had the position before me was careless with the bench and tools. The tools were mostly just in a pile in a corner on the floor of the technicians "den." Any employee in the building felt comfortable walking into my "Technicians den" and taking a tool and not returning it. As you can imagine, it did not take more than a week of this before I couldn't find my Phillips screwdriver, my 9/16" ratchet, my wire brush...you get the picture. I separated all of the tools, painted my box end wrenches and sockets for quick ID. Put up a pegboard to hang everything and got organized. It did take a couple of months to change the "Tool culture" at home depot from "Free for all," to "A Place for Everything & Everything in its Place." Their system or lack of system was unsustainable. They had every tool they needed. Sometimes they had 2 of every tool they needed, but they could never find them, because they were strewn in a pile on the floor.
Benjamin Hawthorn
Benjamin Hawthorn 3 aylar önce
The 2nd major problem I faced when I took the position, was the complete and utter disrespect for the repair technicians bench. I am a homeowner, DIY er, and professional handyman. One thing that allows me to do that is organization. Sure I have all the fancy tools and spare parts I need, but if they were just scattered around my garage and truck I would be ineffective. My father was a U.S. Air Force veteran and one thing he drilled into my head since childhood is: "A place for everything and everything in its place."
Joe Rhoades
Joe Rhoades 7 aylar önce
Great tips Matt! Unfortunately, Home Depot no longer gives military discount on wood. Not sure if it's temporary, but as of a couple weeks ago when I bought a bunch of wood, no discount. Love all the tips and thanks for all you do.
Edtron El
Edtron El 5 aylar önce
Most items don't even qualify for military discount anymore. I'm constantly disappointed when spending alot there thinking I'm going to get a discount on a huge receipt and only get 5% of the soda I bought with all my other stuff
Skid Mark
Skid Mark 6 aylar önce
The military mainly doesn’t apply to items that are either commodity goods or items that they literally lose money (selling at less than it cost them to purchase). Appliances don’t count unless they are items that are stocked at the store, so only your mini fridges and such.
Random Name
Random Name 6 aylar önce
Wood from home depot? I swore never again after they charged me 20.00 a foot for A FOOT of walnut then the "specialist" ran a dull in store saw to cut off the 1 ft and caused massive tear out.
drmr 7 aylar önce
I just bought wood yesterday used my military discount. Maybe just some places?
James Foskey
James Foskey 7 aylar önce
It's not temporary. I work for Lowe's it's the same here. It's also not applicable on appliances either
Rich & Peggy Franks
Rich & Peggy Franks 7 aylar önce
Thanks for creating another informative and entertaining video. I ran into an issue trying to use Tip #4-Price guarantee. I knew it existed, but never used it until I tried to purchase a refrigerator. I prefer to shop at HD, but Lowes had the refrigerator I wanted for on sale for $400 off. I showed the department manager the Lowes ad on my phone. She said I would have to get a written quote from Lowes, return to HD and then I could get the discount. Of course I said that if I have to drive to Lowes, I'll just buy it there. The manager eventually had to enlist the store manager and we got 10% off the entire order which included a Nest t-stat , some pendant lights and some plumbing hardware. Bottom line, we ended up with more than $400 discount, but it took some effort and persistence to get there. Thanks.
731 Woodworks
731 Woodworks 7 aylar önce
That's awesome!
Abdul Hai
Abdul Hai 6 aylar önce
I think the only secret that ive implemented in this video was the price match + 10% off. When we were purchasing new kitchen appliances, we saved almost $1000 from the total price of the package with just price matching and then getting 10% off. We felt kinda guilty for a moment, felt like we were robbing :D
Kent Toalson
Kent Toalson 7 aylar önce
Great video! I watched this last night and ended up going to Home Depot today and was able to get the cashier to knock off 30% on my purchase since the box was slightly damaged. Saved me $27 bucks!!
Jeff Stenzel
Jeff Stenzel 7 aylar önce
I never felt so blessed to have 2 stores 15 minutes away, plus a Lowe's less than 3. I'm a Milwaukee guy, so HD is my main. Besides usually 3 or 4 back endcaps of reduced items, check the tools section. At the end of the first break in the aisle is often a reduced shelf. I found 3 Dewalt drill bits sets there for $6 each. On the specials and offers page, the special buys link leads to a sortable list of items. I have found several tools normally sold as a bare tool for the same price with a battery thrown in. also, the pro special buy of the week is a batch of stuff that comes out every Sunday. If you're signed up for email, you'll get 10% off coupons all the time. Not a pro tip or anything, but you don't need to a "prime member" to get a ton of stuff shipped to home for free.
unixdiva 2 aylar önce
Love the tips! I've benefited from some of them already. I wanted to let you know of another clearance tip I learned from a manager after chatting with him about my woodworking and growth in skill/plans. I told him how I was dreaming of a planer but didn't want to spend that much - yet. He let me know that there was a DeWalt 12" on clearance and showed me where it was. Many larger tools that are on clearance can be up on the top of an aisle with the stock of regular priced ones, but you can see they have the yellow tag (might need to use your phone's camera on zoom to actually see the details though ;) ).
731 Woodworks
731 Woodworks 2 aylar önce
great tip! Thanks for sharing!
bmatt17 7 aylar önce
For cordless tools online make sure to check all the listings that have the tool you want because they all have different available bundles. Example ryobi brad nailer. Tool only or tool with 4 Ah battery & charger for $130 extra. But another listing with 2 batteries and a charger also has the tool with just a 2 Ah battery for $20 extra. If you already have the charger that's a much better deal.
Primal Geek
Primal Geek 7 aylar önce
My wife and I were getting a 2x10 for a project we had and the only board we found that was straight and flat had a "chunk" missing on one end,we didn't mind seeing as that was going to be trimmed off for what we needed it for and just kind of joked about it to the cashier,she pulled out a book at the register and took 10% off the board which we thought was awesome and thanked her.
bones rhodes
bones rhodes 5 aylar önce
---- at the current price of 2x10s, that was probably enough saved to buy both of you a good meal
Jim Sloan
Jim Sloan 7 aylar önce
Love your videos! Thank you! Every year I find something new I want to try to learn and this year is woodworking! Specifically cutting boards since I love to cook. Trying to save up for a few tools to get started.
Tyler Clark
Tyler Clark 7 aylar önce
For most locations the cull lumber is 70% off that's what the purple spray paint represents. Some stores even run a program of 50% of opened bags of shingles. Not necessarily damaged, just packing coming apart.
Cale Mckenzie
Cale Mckenzie 7 aylar önce
Went to Home Depot in January to look at table saws. The ridgid R4514 had 3 different tags on it with multiple expiration dates between the 3. Prices were $319, $349 and $549. They scanned it and it said $549. Manager said they’d honor the $319 but I could only buy one. Got a new saw that day!
Tx Made
Tx Made 7 aylar önce
@Tool Addicted Carpenter DeWalt is caca.
NoOne 7 aylar önce
Nice! Many places will do that and I think in some countries with strong consumer laws (Like brazil) they are actually obliged to honor the lower tag
Joshua 7 aylar önce
@Tool Addicted Carpenter god you’re/people are such dbag. If you care about having a rack on your saw great doesn’t sound like Cale does. As long as the saw cuts true there’s nothing wrong with that saw.
Tool Addicted Carpenter
Why would you ever buy a site table saw these days without a rack and pinion? Obsolete. Also underpowered. Bad deal regardless of price. Dewalt is a better saw for $299.
731 Woodworks
731 Woodworks 7 aylar önce
Nice deal!
ElJeffe40 5 aylar önce
#11. If they offer a bulk price (single units are X price, but if you buy 5 or more, the price is Y). Last year I did a large chain-link fence project and I needed 350 ft. of fence. They're sold in 50 ft rolls, but no store in the entire state of AZ had 7 rolls of material. I had to purchase the 7 rolls from 4 different stores. I explained my situation at each store, and each store gave me the bulk pricing. It's all in how you ask. Be nice.
Ephraim Timmerman
Ephraim Timmerman 5 aylar önce
Cull lumber is actually 70% off. Also 10% only applies to actually damaged products not just the box, unless it is the last box on the shelf, or unless of course the manager decides to mark it down for you anyways. Also the 10% meet and beat guarantee was a policy that was gotten rid of about a year ago
Rob Gibson
Rob Gibson 6 aylar önce
I love it that the price protection is 30 days when they have a 90 day return policy. So it's really a 90 price protection if you buy it at the cheaper price and return it using the old receipt.
Barrio Woodworks
Barrio Woodworks 7 aylar önce
Besides checking the cull cart, I also check the plywood section. If I see a cabinet grade sheet of plywood with scratches on the good face or dented edges, I’ll ask the manager on site, if he’d sell it at a discounted price, depending on manager, I’ll get 25-75% off price.
Maurice Rucker
Maurice Rucker 5 aylar önce
I was hoping but not expecting this deal would be on the list. First of all, I worked for HD for 10 years, in three different states, and left 4 years ago, but this was true at every HD I worked at without fail. Without asking anyone, like a supervisor, or manager, any and all employees are allowed to give a discount of up to $50 every day of the week, for almost any reason. Like the guy in the video said Be nice, and professional ( does not count already discounted items) I
Random Chick
Random Chick 7 aylar önce
Helpful tip here from a former home depot employee! I worked there until 3 years ago, and unless it has changed, company policy is that any employee is allowed to approve a discount of up to $50 without asking manager. So, if there is a $500 generator, and you want 10% off for a damaged box, you can ask anyone from a floor associate to a cashier to the cart collectors in the parking lot. They can approve or deny it themselves. This won't get you a lower price necessarily, but it can make asking for a discount faster and easier, since you don't need to go looking for a manager.
Chief Executive Manager
It is still company policy but different stores pick and choose what to follow.
Richard Sabo
Richard Sabo 6 aylar önce
At the store I worked at we were forbidden to do this. We had to get in touch with management or head cashier to let them know what the customers wanted a discount on
James 6 aylar önce
The folks at HD are nice, and hard working folks; I always want to be courteous to them. One time a product did not ring up the right price for me. I waited patiently to talk to the supervisor. When she finally got to me, she's already had a busy day. She explained why my discount did not apply, and I said, OK, Thank you, ma'am. And then she said, Come back here, what the heck, I'll give you that price anyway. Sweet.
isrlear 6 aylar önce
I work at Home Depot and our store actually has multiple clearance endcaps. One in hardware/tools, one in electrical, one in garden. Sometimes there's one for plumbing as well.
Eric H.
Eric H. 7 aylar önce
To talk more about associates giving discounts, it is tiered based on the level of the employee. A regular floor associate can adjust the price up to $50 before a manage needs to get involved. They do not have to but they can for any reason they choose.
Dave Lindegard
Dave Lindegard 6 aylar önce
@Chief Executive Manager Regular associates $50, Dept Sup. $100, CXM & ASM $500 and SM $1000. After that it goes to DM, but that is typically never done.
Chief Executive Manager
Bottom level employees can take up 50, middle level employees like assistant managers and key carriers can take off up to either 100 or 500 i can't remember, and store managers can take off up to 1000.
Norm Ferguson
Norm Ferguson 7 aylar önce
I have had 10% discounts applied when I have explained my frustration on returning a defective tool model for a working model, etc. All I do is ask for help from an associate.
Paul Hare
Paul Hare 6 aylar önce
I framed most of a 12x16 cabin using cull lumber. Got lucky, they had a major pressure treated clean out just before I got there. Three bumper dragging loads of wood all twisted and ugly. I bundled them and ratchet strapped them all together and left them in the weather for a month, straightened them all out nicely.
Xin Zhang
Xin Zhang 5 aylar önce
I live in Canada and one other tip that I’ve used a lot is that if you buy an item that “comes with a free battery” but you only needed the item and not the battery, you can actually return the battery for a pro-rated price of both items. For example if you bought a $100 saw and got a $50 battery free, you can return the battery for $50/($100+$50)*$100 = $33, and you keep the saw for $67. If you only wanted the battery but wanted to return the saw, you can keep the battery for $33. Same rules apply if you buy something and get a free bare tool. Cheers!
Samuel Mayne
Samuel Mayne 5 aylar önce
Need this because Milwaukee batteries are expensive
p24t 7 aylar önce
One home depot in my area has a "clearance" endcap that just seems to be normal priced items, including some in the current sale flyer. Just make sure it's actually a deal (probably need to make sure there's a 'was' price) when looking.
Bryce Long
Bryce Long 7 aylar önce
As someone who’s worked at numerous Home Depot’s at various positions ranging from low level associates to ASM, take these “discounts” he’s talking about with a grain of salt. On VERY select items are we allowed to mark down more than 50$, if you go up to a associate and just ask “hey 50$ off please” I guarantee they will say no because each depart is only given a certain amount of mark down money based on their sales and previous markdown patterns. There never is a set “10% off these items for a damaged box”. Also please DON’T give the associate the “oh you guys have done it for me before” or “oh a friend of mine said you guys would”, there is nothing more irritating than that. 😂
Bryce Long
Bryce Long 7 aylar önce
@Brian Sullivan they actually don’t train us at all. They train us on a the policies and few other stuff but you get product knowledge by being thrown in the fire.
JayNoSnax 6 aylar önce
Great video! I'm new at this home ownership thing and have been hitting The Home Depot a lot. Question about damaged boxes... I order a lot of stuff from The Home Depot online. Some of the boxes arrive damaged. I haven't encountered -- yet -- a product itself having a problem coming from one of those damaged boxes. BUT - do you think there is some way I could get the damage box discount for things that are shipped to my home? AND - should I be reporting when these boxes arrive damaged (and if yes, then how do I do that?) (Told you I was new to this!)
gravetotkd 7 aylar önce
Lol. Mover's coupon. I can't believe that is still a thing. Ten years ago, my former boss used to send me to the post office every week to pick up the change of address envelopes which used to have those coupons. He probably saved thousands of dollars. Thanks for the tips Matt
TigerDoc18 7 aylar önce
Thank you so much brother. Went to your website and checked out the deals. Saw the dewalt bench top planer for $569 and was finally able to pull the trigger on it! 😊
731 Woodworks
731 Woodworks 7 aylar önce
Glad I could help
Wood and Wheelz
Wood and Wheelz 7 aylar önce
Hey Matt, Also to go with the 6¢ and 3¢ thing, there is a 1¢ deal. IF an item still remains on the shelf after the date of the 3¢ end date, you may be able to get it for 1¢. Yes, I said you pay 1¢. It's rare but it does happen. When an item goes completely of the books it's marked down to 1¢ and either scrapped or returned to the warehouse for credit to the store. If the item somehow remains on the shelf when this happens, that's the price of the item. It was this way when I worked at Target and Walmart too. So, Home Depot isn't the only store that does this.
Riley Leczo
Riley Leczo 5 aylar önce
This doesn’t work. Anything “Pennied out” goes in the trash, we can’t sell it.
Carlos Alfonso Almanza
not all stores, locally they'll refuse to sell the item with an apology but a firm no. if anything they'll charge you on the last clearance price the item had before the 0.1 cent.
Chief Executive Manager
Depends on the store. Mine wouldn't be caught dead selling a penny sku. If its a penny its going to the compactor.
Cory Ryker
Cory Ryker 6 aylar önce
I was going to mention this lol. Some epic deals.
Cano 6 aylar önce
I have a problem with stores that price match. If someone else lists or sells an item for less money right off the bat, then THAT company is competitive and looking out for its customers while the one that keeps higher prices and will only price match when someone brings it up is only too happy to let its customers be none the wiser and overpay. Whenever possible, go with the company that gives you the better offer first and reward their pricing strategy. They're the ones actually working for your business. Every sale is a profit, even at a discount. Home Depot giving an additional 10% off the competitor pricing might seem generous but it also means that if they're making a profit from even that sale, then they're overcharging by an even wider margin to begin with. Which means that they're REALLY not giving you their best offer first.
Gerry C
Gerry C 5 aylar önce
the only honest retailer is the dollar store owner. everything is made in china including tools you can be sure that they have a fat profit margin regardless of the price that they charge
Nathan Peters
Nathan Peters 7 aylar önce
Love the shirt. That in between for me was stripping of that label I was given as a kid "youre a sinner" and when i realized exactly what sin was and how I would be found guilty caused me to understand the personal meaning of what happened on that cross. Forgiven is not longer a collective term rather very personal to me. My feeling of guilt was changed to gratitude.
Greg K
Greg K 7 aylar önce
First, Love the shirt! I want one! Second, another hidden HD tip if you don't mind getting something delivered: Make sure if you have an account you are not logged in. Play around with changing the "store location", like a different state. I have found items that were $15 cheaper by saying I'm shopping at a store in a different state, pick delivery, then checkout. NOTE: do NOT leave the checkout process and go back to the product or your cart after you give it your shipping address. It will usually swich pricing to match your local store at that point. (and yes, the delivery fee was the same as if you had local store set on the site)
Tom Martin
Tom Martin 7 aylar önce
Yep - stumbled onto that a few weeks ago. Needed a bunch of hinges for a project and had to have them delivered anyway so ordered from a different store and got them cheaper. Doesn't make sense, but oh well.
Nick Brutanna
Nick Brutanna 7 aylar önce
The price match thing seems like a sweet deal but that is where "product IDs" tend to come into play. Dewalt, for example, may have a 10" 3/4HP Compound Miter Saw ("Dewalt Product 1294812" -- yeah, I'm making it up for the example). And Home Depot sells that product for $149. You go to Lowes and see that they have a 10" 3/4th HP Dewalt Compound Miter Saw for sale @ $230 which is clearly exactly the same saw... except it has Product ID "1294757". And there is the loophole -- HD will tell you it's not the same, beacause the product ID is not the same. The specs are absolutely identical, but that PID is going to screw you almost every time'
Iesus ego confido in vobis
Number ten. A few years ago, my Home Depot manager told me they do not honor military discounts at their store. No reason given. I'm a Vietnam army veteran. Watching your video I learned I could apply online. I just successfully been verified for a Home Depot military discount for veterans. It took, maybe 5 minutes. I will try it out on the same store above, and see what happens.
Iesus ego confido in vobis
I looked at their FAQ. "What items are excluded from The Home Depot Military Discount? The Home Depot Military Discount cannot be applied to select items, services and fees, including, but not limited to, some commodity products (including lumber, wire, building materials), value priced merchandise, appliances, tool rental fees, labor items, gift cards and services including freight and delivery." lumber, wire, building materials, isn't that what a home improvement store is there for? I'm not there to buy groceries. And yes, they limit this discount to $400 max yearly.
Iesus ego confido in vobis
@Chris Smith I had no idea about the limit, and yes, the QR code concerned me. Lowes is so much easier and respectful of our veterans. Thanks for letting us know.
Chris Smith
Chris Smith 7 aylar önce
Too bad home Depot butchered their military discount. Basically have to go to lowes now. Lowes doesn't have a military discount cap (home depot just went from unlimited to only $400 per year), and now you cant even use your military discount at home depot without scanning a qr code in the app at the register. Don't even get service in the building, or if your phone is dead/not on you, or if you don't have a smart phone. Just show your military/vet id at lowes after you set it up. Lowes also has vet parking spots. No annual limit on vet discount. Until about 6 months ago, no online set up or anything at home depot, just show military id and no annual cap. We all just switched because of this.
Bag O’Donuts
Bag O’Donuts 6 aylar önce
With tip #1 if I remember correctly, as long as it doesn’t exceed 40 bucks, you don’t need management to give the 10% off. They might of changed since I last worked there though.
Michael Cox
Michael Cox 6 aylar önce
A few good tips for those who don't shop HD on the regular. The rebates are simply information regarding what you should claim on your tax return, so don't confuse them with a discount on the total price.
The Dude ARides
The Dude ARides 5 aylar önce
As a former HD employee... cashier and tool rebtal... you don't necessarily need manager approval, we were allowed to give anyone up to $50 off.
j d
j d 7 aylar önce
I would caution anyone on buying damaged box items. At least see if they'll let you inspect the item before you purchase. While most of the time, a damaged box may just leave an item some cosmetic defects or no damage at all, that may not always be the case. A month or so ago, I purchased a Dewalt contractor table saw. It was not in stock at my store so I had to order it. When I went to pick it up at Home Depot, the box looked like it had been drug behind the delivery truck for it's entire journey. I should have checked it before I left the store but, I was pressed for time. As soon as I opened the box, I knew it wasn't right. Upon inspection, the saw was completely trashed...fence was mangled, table was dented and bent, parts were missing, and it was covered in what looked like road rash. That being said, HD took excellent care of me when I returned it to their store. I did end up receiving a new saw and an additional discount off the sale price that i paid
Heaven Bound
Heaven Bound 7 aylar önce
I bought a $200 item at Lowe's once for $25 because the cardboard box it was in got wet. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the item inside the wet box.
_B_ 7 aylar önce
Home Depot employee here. I can vouch for what he is saying. Sometimes product packaging gets damaged during transit from the distributions centers. So long as the product itself is undamaged, then we can still sell it. I've had to repackage so many things working there.
_B_ 16 gün önce
@Chris Smith I work overnight freight, and we usually don't even bother with the registers, and even still, nobody has said a word about Lowe's being a major concern. You know what really creases Home Depot stores the most? OSHA fines and theft. Shoplifters, credit card frauds, and workplace injuries are a bigger threat to these department stores than anything else. Lowes is also probably suffering from the same problem.
Chris Smith
Chris Smith 7 aylar önce
@SnowOffStream ya everyone i know is switching to lowes because of this. MOST contractors where i'm at in Fl. atleast are vets.
SnowOffStream 7 aylar önce
@Chris Smith Service Desk Lead here. I get it every single day from the older veterans, as do my associates. Keep in mind a few things regarding the new Military Discount Program: 1. The code that we scan at checkout changes with every scan; You cannot reuse the same code every time. 2. If there is another discount applied, it will do absolutely nothing, or in some special circumstances (most commonly with appliances) it will do nothing as well. 3. If I remember this correctly, it is up to $400 a year, and once you hit that limit, the Military Discount stops providing discounts. Take this with a grain of salt; I may be wrong here. 4. They are phasing out the manual addition of the markdown by the end of next year (At least, my store/district is). This means no code = no discount. If you DO have that code, and it IS missed on checkout, you can take your receipt and your items to the Special Services Desk and have them re-ring it with the Military Discount applied. But, the _slight_ bonus to how the Military Discount works is that it now applies on _all_ purchases, whether they be on Home Depot's website, or in store; It's the same discount regardless. Also, regarding damaged packaging; It would help if the RDC didn't haphazardly toss things into the truck and cram them about to make them fit, but that's unfortunately what happens, and how some customer orders do get damaged in shipping. It's not an uncommon thing for something to be sold 25-50% off due to damage during shipping, or be discounted at the register for this. I also encourage opening boxes if you see signs of them being resealed, during checkout, so the cashier can see that there is something missing, or a small amount of damage, etc.
Chris Smith
Chris Smith 7 aylar önce
Home depot butchered there military discount about 6 months ago. Every vet i know switched to lowes. Sure you hear it at the register alot now though.
_B_ 7 aylar önce
@731 Woodworks Thanks to you as well.
Chief Executive Manager
If you are looking for a discount you are more likely to get more money off at the beginning of the week. Every week each department has a maximum amount of money they can mark down. If the fund is used up by saturday then they cannot give any more discounts on sunday unless its something they obviously have to mark down like it's the last item on the shelf and its severely damaged.
George W
George W 7 aylar önce
Just to be aware, typically like items between Lowes and HD, may have different item/product numbers, and I found my local HD, would not honor the price match, because of this. Presumably Lowes may exclude a little widget in the packaging the HD includes.
Kraig Long
Kraig Long 7 aylar önce
I feel your pain with the location of the closest HD. Mine is 2 hours away! Thanks so much for these tips. They’ll help a lot of us “little guys” just starting out to get up and running without necessarily breaking the bank….. And thank you for your LE service. Helping to uphold the laws of this country, we all owe you a debt of gratitude!
John Doe
John Doe 7 aylar önce
@CA Rasmussen Oh man, my nearest Home Depot is over a mile away. In fact, it's more like a mile and a quarter. Sucks to be me.
CA Rasmussen
CA Rasmussen 7 aylar önce
I feel so lucky I have a couple HD's within 5 or 6 miles away.
The Virtual Plumber
I literally just found your channel two days and subscribed. I watched this video today and stopped by my local Home Depot. I went straight to the tools (which is typical for me) and low n’ behold they had a 12” Rigid Miter Saw marked to a $165!!! A $330 saving!!! You found a lifelong fan!! Haha.
RedHeadKevin 7 aylar önce
My local HD must have been clearing out a bunch of cleaning products. I got a gallon of Simple Green for 50 cents, some spray cleaners for under a dollar, and a box of dishwasher detergent for a quarter. GIANT discounts. I've never seen a deal that good again, but I keep trying.
Mark Gigiel
Mark Gigiel 5 aylar önce
These are all great tips. But, where I live, it may take 15 minutes to speak to customer service and another 15 for them to get a manager to actually DO ANYTHING and then get denied anyway. I have waited a 1/2 hour for them to get something off the upper shelves for me that I'm not allowed to use their ladder for. I have actually paid MORE for things many times just to avoid the aggravation and have convenience. Unless it's 100's of dollars.
Jeffrey Moon
Jeffrey Moon 7 aylar önce
I think I have at least four Home Depots within ten miles of my house. I cannot imagine having to drive 90 miles each way. especially since I usually get home after a trip there only to realize that I forgot something! Great tips, BTW!!!
Brad Joyce
Brad Joyce 7 aylar önce
I have 8 I can get to in less than 30 minutes including 4 within 10 minutes or less. Also 7 Lowes within 30 minutes, 2 less than 5 minutes. Pretty much the only good thing about living in the city lol
MrSmith 7 aylar önce
The culled lumber pile can be up to 70% off rather than 50%. I found a 5x4 sheet of 3/4” birch plywood a few months ago that was missing a barcode on it. The associate dropped the price even more than 70%.
SnowOffStream 7 aylar önce
The store I work for has a cull cost of 75% off. As far as I'm aware, this is fully store or district based.
Waymon Overton
Waymon Overton 7 aylar önce
Good info. I prefer Lowe's but I also go to Home Depot frequently. My local Home Depot in Little Rock gives 70% off of the cull lumber. I buy the culls anytime they have something I will use especially plywood even if I don't have a need for it at the moment.
Gamer 210
Gamer 210 7 aylar önce
I went to lows the other day and could not find U blots. I asked an employee where they were and they told me “they don’t make them anymore” I explained what it was and they told me they don’t make them anymore. I was perplexed. Went to ace and got it. Lol.
Shane Jarry
Shane Jarry 7 aylar önce
I really appreciate your videos and I'm here to support you in the algorithm, but I won't shop at home depot for a number of reasons. Chief among those is how they have treated more than one veteran in my circle. Keep up the good work!
Bob P
Bob P 7 aylar önce
Disappointing, for sure.
Shane Jarry
Shane Jarry 7 aylar önce
@Bob P it was 3 or 4 different stores in my area. It could be coincidence, but that's too many for me.
Bob P
Bob P 7 aylar önce
Was it that store or maybe a particular employee that was out of line? My store is just the opposite - very respectful of military and 1st responders. I think HD corporate would take a dim view of unsat service or attitudes towards veterans.
Benjamin Hawthorn
Benjamin Hawthorn 7 aylar önce
Because we ALWAYS received our lumber wet (whether it was fresh from the tree or fresh from the copper sulfate treatment process (for "green treated wood") As soon as we brought it inside and placed it under the huge industrial strength furnaces, a lot of our lumber turned into " curly fries." When I worked in Lumber, I would begin each day by grabbing a cart and walking the aisles searching for "curly fries." I would pull them out of the racks, place them on my cart and paint the end of the piece "Home Depot Orange" so the cashier would know to charge only 30% of the retail price. If you have an outdoor fire pit or pizza oven this is the most convenient, and cheapest place to buy fuel!😉
Yugi Hoskin
Yugi Hoskin 4 aylar önce
Like he said ask a manager, us associates can’t do a thing about the price, and yes he is 100% correct. I even seen my manager just give away open bags of cement
Paul DiGiorgio
Paul DiGiorgio 5 aylar önce
Lowe's has the military discount too, it is a great deal. Great vid Matt!
M Z 6 aylar önce
Thank you Sir !!!! I had no idea how many different shopping deals they offer. Shopping will never be the same, cause it's going to be cheaper after I take advantage of the tips.👍👍👍
731 Woodworks
731 Woodworks 6 aylar önce
Happy to help
Joe Tirado
Joe Tirado 5 aylar önce
As a former Home Depot employee back in NY, depending on what it is, we can take off $50. Anything above that amount, a manager needs to approval it.
CJP 7 aylar önce
Have you ever actually done the Price Match Guarantee? Years ago (a different store) I brought something back to a store with a competitor's ad and asked to have the guarantee honored. They said it wasn't the same item. I showed them it was. Compared data on the two sets of literature - same same. They said the codes didn't match! Did laws change or something?
Fix It French
Fix It French 7 aylar önce
I’m also about an hour and 10 minutes away from any Home Depot. I was just talking to my buddy about this yesterday, but I had no idea about some of these secrets! Thank you 👍🏼👍🏼
731 Woodworks
731 Woodworks 7 aylar önce
Glad they were useful
Mystery Buyer
Mystery Buyer 5 aylar önce
I am a retail worker and we cant give the money off damaged packaging anymore. I agree with it too. Why should we give money off on something you are just going to throw away anyway when you get home? The concept is and always was stupid. I pretty much cringed at the whole video. There are lots of questionable things in this info. Its not wrong per se but lots of grey area stuff.
Undead3lion 5 aylar önce
I have to agree with this comment^^^ I used to work at a Home Depot and some of this stuff isn’t entirely accurate (at least not across the board). And the damaged packaging discount honestly tends to rub workers/managers the wrong way. A common philosophy for irate employees having to hear that (especially but not limited to rude customers) is “they are paying for the product, not the cardboard box”. One thing I will definitely agree with, though, is the “you’ll catch more flies with honey”. Due to my position, I had the rank to approve certain discounts and I would be more inclined to work with customers who were respectful and courteous, and far less forgiving for the rude, disrespectful, and demanding customers.
chud67bbc 6 aylar önce
Tip 11: If you see a wrong price sticker for a product you are going to buy on the shelf, and you know it's lower than the price of the item. Take the product to the checkout as normal. When the cashier scans it, act confused and tell the cashier it's not the correct price. The cashier will tell an employee to double-check the price and when they come back with the wrong price, the cashier will normally honour the price you saw on the beam. It's worked for me several times. But as long as the price difference is not totally out to lunch. Their merchandise teams needs to change thousands of price labels every week and there are mistakes.
Lindsey Johnson
Lindsey Johnson 18 gün önce
I as a home depot employee I also just want to say you don't have to act confused about it and put on a show. Usually, if you just ask you'll get the same result.
Mark M
Mark M 7 aylar önce
Sometimes HD has a pallet outside of the pro entrance that is marked FREE. Great tips. Thank you Matt.👍👍
Daniel S
Daniel S 7 aylar önce
ProTip for #10 for those who live in AZ. If you have VETERAN on your driver's license the employees typically scan in their own code to give you the military discount, altogether avoiding the $400 yearly limit.
Chris Smith
Chris Smith 7 aylar önce
Too bad home Depot butchered their military discount 6 months ago. Basically have to go to lowes now. Lowes doesn't have a military discount cap (home depot just went from unlimited to only $400 per year), and now you cant even use your military discount at home depot without scanning a qr code in the app at the register. Don't even get service in the building, or if your phone is dead/not on you, or if you don't have a smart phone. Just show your military/vet id at lowes after you set it up. Mine wont do that, they just say we cant do it without the bar code. We all switched to lowes.
dhumar 5 aylar önce
Tip #11 All associates in the store are empowered to give up to $50.00 dollars off of an item so long as it doesn't exceed 50% off.
Carl McLelland
Carl McLelland Aylar önce
Hey buddy, one of your better videos, and yes... while I learned a couple new tricks I'd not know about HD, I'll apply them. I always wear my "Vietnam Veteran" hat when I shop at HD and they honor it without question. Lowes also honors vets, but of the two, I prefer Home Depot. Stay Safe........... Carl, Washoe Co. Sheriff's Dept, retired, and 366th ASD, DakTo, Vietnam, '68-69
Daniel Travis
Daniel Travis 7 aylar önce
Hey Matt, thanks for the info and I like your tool deals page. Also, I LOVE your t-shirt! Love that show. I have the "Against the Current" shirt.
Peter Carli
Peter Carli 7 aylar önce
Yes you do need that Dewalt air compressor! I got the big one many years ago and ran multiple framing guns at the same time with it. Now that make smalls, crafts and art for a living that same air compressor runs my paint guns, brad nailers and pressure casting pots flawlessly.
Beanie Weenie
Beanie Weenie 7 aylar önce
Great tips but after working in retail management for 10 years I can tell you a lot of people try to take advantage and manipulate to get discounts. After working with the public all my life I have realized people can be absolutely horrible and hateful not everyone just a generalization. I worked 10 years in retail management and another 10 in restaurant management and it will make you despise the public as a whole.
Mark Dhans
Mark Dhans 2 aylar önce
Just wondering......what did you do for 10 years!?!?!...lmao
Lee Ross
Lee Ross 3 aylar önce
Yeah, did the same in an auto parts store, not only do they take advantage of the situation, but take their anger from auto problems out on you, like it's your fault.
Yoza 3 aylar önce
you reckon they worked 10 years in retail? couldnt tell. be more specific next time please
Beanie Weenie
Beanie Weenie 3 aylar önce
@Shane Brown oh no doubt it will make you absolutely hate being around people. That’s one reason Covid didn’t affect me one bit because I have been social distancing for years now. If you let it can ruin your outlook on life and attitude.
Shane Brown
Shane Brown 3 aylar önce
So true bro. I really had to work through it myself. I was in retail management and restaurant biz for 15 years and it pushed me so far I now drive truck for a living so I don’t have to hear one more customer complaint ever again 😂
Quinto Creations - Business Account
The damage box 10% thing is only when itsv the last one. The deal was created for the instance when that was the only choice you had.
Hashtag Just a dad
Hashtag Just a dad 6 aylar önce
For the longest time Home Depot only offered the military discount on certain days of the year. Glad to see they are like Lowes now.
Barrett Ready?
Barrett Ready? 7 aylar önce
Clearance items could be in a couple spots per store the two that I go to have 3 of them. An end cap by appliances one in the lighting/ electrical and another by fashion bath
Quinto Creations - Business Account
You kind of forgot to mention the .06 and .03 things... This means that they are no longer going to stock it, so just because it says .06 doesn't mean that you will get it cheaper in 3 weeks. It just means if they have it you will. It could be at .06 at this point, but could be the last one they have in the store. If they sell that one, it has already been on their closeout computer, so it will not come back in stock 9/10.... now fwiw, a lot of people don't understand Home Depot and organization do not go together very well. So therefore the odds are good they probably do have another three of them sitting somewhere or whatever. But also to remember, if the next price is so low that it's going to be that good of a deal, it will never even make it out to the floor. Because employees will purchase it before it hits the floor. Moral of my post. When its .06 try and gauge how many are left and what's the likelihood they will sell before thinking you'll wait. If it's a great deal, it'll probably never make it to the next discount cuz it'll sellout before
Sean Averill
Sean Averill 7 aylar önce
Thanks for the tip. I got a discount yesterday for a Ridgid oscillating sand as it was in a damaged box. Saved $25!
731 Woodworks
731 Woodworks 7 aylar önce
Awesome 👏
JS Quacker
JS Quacker 7 aylar önce
My Home Depot's cull lumber is in the back of the store. They spray paint it and take 70% off. I sometimes find BETTER lumber here than in the normal piles. However, if a piece has been cut, that may be the reason you are getting 70% off. Check the labels for the size. My Lowes' cull lumber is stacked outside in bundles. For example, I have purchased a bundle of 12 treated 2x4s, 12 foot long for $50. Some were warped. But for me, they were workable for my project.
ENGINE BAE 7 aylar önce
1 tip I learned was to look at the price when it rings up. I found 2 open boxes of framing nails for 50% off. I was in such a hurry I didn’t check the receipt. Happened to look at it over a month later and they Rang up full price 🤦‍♂️
Brad Joyce
Brad Joyce 7 aylar önce
This tip applies EVERYWHERE. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve caught this happening because I always watch while my items are scanned. BTW grocery stores are the WORST
Cory Gease
Cory Gease 7 aylar önce
That dewalt air compressor matt showed in the damage package.. this isn't about the package but I've had that same one for 2 years almost and it's great I use it for my critter sprayer all the way up to my professional series air impact when servicing machines. Just thought I would say put that out there
Cory Gease
Cory Gease 7 aylar önce
I love mine also ment I could take the small one down into my woodshop in the basement
731 Woodworks
731 Woodworks 7 aylar önce
Thanks for sharing that. I still want to go back and get it lol
Cory Gease
Cory Gease 7 aylar önce
Forgot to say thank you Matt and amy for all you do and thanks to the great community
Bad Apple Woodwerx - Tim McDougald
My closest Home Depot is literally 1 mile from my front door. 😎 I swear that's not why we bought this house though, I swear. 🤣 Thanks for the tips Matt!
731 Woodworks
731 Woodworks 7 aylar önce
lol Lucky!
Eric Mutnan
Eric Mutnan 6 aylar önce
I found home depot will NOT match their online prices. I went to buy a garage door opener once and the shelf price was about 20 bucks higher than online. A mistake I figured. Nope, they refused to change the price at the register and I even spoke to a manager. She told me if I wanted that price I needed to buy it online and then come pick up the EXACT SAME BOX in the store. Crazy.
Jeff Barr
Jeff Barr 5 aylar önce
So, as someone that works for HD, I will say that most of this is correct but some is not. Just cause a box is messed up does not get u a discount. The match plus 10% has be gone for several years. But we do match.
Mister Ess
Mister Ess 4 aylar önce
Keep rocking those Tshirts! Just wanted to add my personal tale of discountedness: our local HD was selling off a load of kayaks (I know, strange right?) and i was like, if I buy two can you give me a discount? and they did. Dropped the price 25% or so? I needed two, got a great deal. Never hurts to ask.
Jason Noyes
Jason Noyes 5 aylar önce
I ask for a discount every time I go to Home Depot 90% of the time they give it to me for just asking some times I’ve gotten up to 25% off discounts “ for just asking” the key is be nice and polite
L.T. Hop
L.T. Hop 15 gün önce
Hey Matt: Here is #11 RETURNED PAINT in the back area of the paint section. People return paint colors they don't want because they didn't match their projects in various amounts. At least 50% off if not more and sometimes negotiable. I buy weird paint colors for Special Ed projects for my students and this is by far the cheapest option and stretches' the budget. I check every time I go there because the inventory constantly changes. Worth a look.
Aubrey 19 gün önce
I enjoy your videos man! You say you wish you got Dewalt compressor, get the variable voltage compressor! Always better to run 220v at your home. Pulls less current, safer on wiring.
Gary Jimenez
Gary Jimenez 7 aylar önce
The military and Veterans discount must be a new program. I signed up with Lowe's a while ago and at that time Home Depot had not developed a plan. Just signed up with them, thanks for the tip and all of your great content.
Chris Smith
Chris Smith 7 aylar önce
Too bad home Depot butchered their military discount. Basically have to go to lowes now. Lowes doesn't have a military discount cap (home depot just went from unlimited to only $400 per year), and now you cant even use your military discount at home depot without scanning a qr code in the app at the register. Don't even get service in the building, or if your phone is dead/not on you, or if you don't have a smart phone. Just show your military/vet id at lowes after you set it up. We all just switched to Lowes because of this.
Avvura 7 aylar önce
Lowe's is a bit easier , Home Depot you can't screenshot because it's a QR code. It's kind of annoying lol but that's how they get you to not share it I guess.
Art Michaelsen
Art Michaelsen 7 aylar önce
Does each store have the option to honor the military discount? I have been in many Home Depots across the country and a store in Charlotte, NC would not honor my Home Depot app on my phone for the discount as all other stores have.
paul tee
paul tee 5 aylar önce
Actually HD cull lumber is usually 70% off not 50% off plus if you imply ask a lumber associate they might give you the discount if you show them a damaged lumber piece off the shelf even, but often comes down to 1) how you approach them (nicely) and 2) who you talk to or even what mood they might be in, sometimes the same person might be nice one day and not so helpful another day
Scott C
Scott C 5 aylar önce
Just saw this. Most of these I remember when you didn't have to go and spend time asking for these types of things, the places would just do that for you.
66justariot 7 aylar önce
Thank you for telling your subscribers to be nice. Many customers today are truly awful people.
731 Woodworks
731 Woodworks 7 aylar önce
I agree. I saw it just a couple days ago in a store.
B Miller
B Miller 7 aylar önce
Thanks for the tips love your channel YEAH a fan of the Chosen...season 3 should hit by Dec can't wait!!
Dabkevinhere 6 aylar önce
Every home depot employee has 40$ to discount for a customer to make them happy, supervisers have 200 and the product manager 1 guy/girl other then head managers have the ability to discount up to 800 to 1000. If you ask for a discount and nice you'll get it. If your rude not nice dont look nice dont talk nice, your getting nothing. I will give discounts to random people as long as they are nice and make good conversation and dont ask for a discount. Personally I dont like it when people ask for a discount for no reason.
Jason Hamilton
Jason Hamilton 7 aylar önce
Thanks, - been shopping at HD for at least 30 years... but I actually learned at least 3 tips here.
DeadMeat 5 aylar önce
4:04 Price Guarantee +10% is 10% of the difference, not the full product. So, if it's 200 there and 180 somewhere else they' discount it $22, not $40.
Tailgates&Toolboxes 7 aylar önce
Yes I bought stuff from the clearance section and flipped them on ebay for almost double my money
Anthony Audain
Anthony Audain 7 aylar önce
You are so right about that, I always use those methods
Monika Sturm
Monika Sturm 4 aylar önce
I took a mangers table saw. They were on sale and said they were out of stock online but I looked up in the bays and saw one. They pulled it down for me and I bought it. Then I saw the employee point at me while talking to the manager. He looked at my basket and gave me a look like he was perturbed.
8bit Flea
8bit Flea 6 aylar önce
Good tips, didn’t know if the price goes down in 30 days you could get the difference
Wittworks 7 aylar önce
Didn’t know #3! Good to know. Brilliant video idea.
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