10 DOPE Robots That Will Replace Your Friends!

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Have you ever wished you had more friends or wished you could just replace some of your friends that you maybe aren't that fond of...? Welp, todays products could potentially help you do just that! We're checkin' out 10 robot products that, in my opinion, prove that the future of living a world with robots will be here much sooner than we think!

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18 Oct 2019




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Ijeoma Nnolim
Ijeoma Nnolim Gün önce
Tanner I think zoomer has a crush on you Also if you see this comment pls review zoomer kitty
TGK Gaming
TGK Gaming Gün önce
Who remembers when the channel was just called `Matthias`?
heightcraft gaming
heightcraft gaming 2 gün önce
Do Cozmo or vector
N Pokemon
N Pokemon 3 gün önce
Are you assuming I have friends?
Epic tube
Epic tube 7 gün önce
E&B Adams
E&B Adams 9 gün önce
Mesa jar jar binks
Cathy Conway
Cathy Conway 13 gün önce
I lost it at the dog
Ivanna De Lizardi
Ivanna De Lizardi 15 gün önce
Mathias in the background aaa I think I ate a red one...lol
Neeru Saini
Neeru Saini 15 gün önce
I have the like to buy gun
cooper christie
cooper christie 17 gün önce
my technology teacher had the second one
Ty Wayne
Ty Wayne 20 gün önce
What is funny is that he actually did michael michaell michaelll for the pole
Kristina Howard
Kristina Howard 22 gün önce
tanner did it the best
Skyler Allen
Skyler Allen 23 gün önce
Is NO ONE going to talk about how the Iron Man robot said Cap's line at 9:43 ???
Halee Harper
Halee Harper 24 gün önce
What do they have to say shooter Instead of gun
Juan Jansen van Rensburg
Like vids
nabzlo 28 gün önce
What song is playing when the dog is twerking?
Jhon doe
Jhon doe 28 gün önce
this robots could not replace my friends mostly cause i dont have any
楊定駿 28 gün önce
Ginger Fallorina
Ginger Fallorina 28 gün önce
He really did it lol 6:43
Juliana Schlosser (2023)
i dont know if a giant claw will replace my friends....
izaiah torres
izaiah torres Aylar önce
I am a 3rd grader!!!!!!!!!!!
Luke Cruz
Luke Cruz Aylar önce
Soibou Dushdanoe
Ezra Kotovsky
Ezra Kotovsky Aylar önce
The iron man was a like to buy
Will Gutierrez
Will Gutierrez Aylar önce
12:53 some girl in my school came into our class and showed us something like that but she made it and it just wrote Fjsifskfjekcjsocjofjdnckfjckfofjkfcjkfkfnfkfkkfkcm jffkjefjfjjfjf
Yeet 133
Yeet 133 Aylar önce
I am that gun it does not work
Tronman Durglur
Tronman Durglur Aylar önce
i just finished watching the video with the "like to buy" item of this episode and you you said 100,000 likes and still only at 81k likes yet i watched that video before this lmfao
Natasha Corinne
Natasha Corinne Aylar önce
Who’s watching this during quarantine? 🤪
Dent Smashit
Dent Smashit Aylar önce
What if we have no friends
ToxicMan112 UwU
ToxicMan112 UwU Aylar önce
16:49 the best part so far in the video
PaidWolf Aylar önce
11:13 Me as a third grader officially offended
Orly Hess
Orly Hess Aylar önce
My cousin had one of the robot dogs and she would just constantly tell it to go pee!
Lone Wolf0823
Lone Wolf0823 Aylar önce
When I first read this I read Roberts instead of robots lol
Bean Aylar önce
Julianne Hernandez
Julianne Hernandez Aylar önce
when the dog started twerking and the music started playing I completely lost it!!!!💀🤣
Corgi Guy
Corgi Guy Aylar önce
I have the second one
Yessennia Ortez-Reeves
Like the fact they did this even though they didn’t teach the goal
LL Vieira
LL Vieira Aylar önce
15:46 look dose kids like so amazed thats really acctualy bad and i have seen a LOT of robots in my life
LL Vieira
LL Vieira Aylar önce
9:13 i acctually thought he sprayed water for a second
Tails The Mechanic
Tails The Mechanic Aylar önce
Why does tanner see a ROBO DOG throwing it back...
Demo Derbywith Colby
buder fingers
Blue Lioness
Blue Lioness Aylar önce
Michael- "she's taking a nap." "She twerked off the table"
platinumraptor250 Aylar önce
she person in the 1st video looks like sam
Ayanna Sanders
Ayanna Sanders Aylar önce
I had that exact same 4M Brush robot and It did the exact same thing it twirled around in circles and the red brush on the back made an ear piercing screech noise against wood and tile floors lol. My dad tried to get me into engineering with that..... NOPE.
Legacyfist Aylar önce
When he said sick I was like wait when was his video made
Scropian doom
Scropian doom Aylar önce
You guys shold by a anki
Bryce Bullard
Bryce Bullard Aylar önce
Ben10 2005
Ben10 2005 Aylar önce
Matt says the phones are waterproof, but no phones are fully waterproof.
This screws me that the title read "Endgame" and then proceeds to say Mark 50 like it's not the Infinity War armor and Mark 85 is Endgame armor
Daniel and Deena Lucas
Jared Barcil
Jared Barcil Aylar önce
When you guys turned on the toy puppy micheal was shocked
Chimi YT
Chimi YT Aylar önce
Like how they didn’t get the like to buy and still bought iron man
A Sith Lord
A Sith Lord Aylar önce
Also known as "Quarantine Friends"
pokecash Aylar önce
Crabdab Gonzalez
Crabdab Gonzalez Aylar önce
I had the hand robot like that
shyfen1 Aylar önce
Is it weird that us Canada bro’s say pencil crayons not colored pencil
Makailann Goodall
Makailann Goodall Aylar önce
3:47 sad Amanda noises
Clarkey Boy
Clarkey Boy Aylar önce
“I’m I’ll and you just shook my hand. HAVE FUN!!!!!” That joke aged well 😬
cяεαм ρυғғ
cяεαм ρυғғ Aylar önce
Is it just me or should they not throw robots and delicate products bc it could be the reason its all jank lol
V I Aylar önce
I hate micheal (mike) Because he has the iq of A 1 year old
Amanda Snow
Amanda Snow Aylar önce
archie santos
archie santos Aylar önce
The first one looks like wall-e
The legend 247
The legend 247 Aylar önce
its crona time
The Almkhdriboys!
The Almkhdriboys! Aylar önce
You say 10 robot but it 2
The Almkhdriboys!
The Almkhdriboys! Aylar önce
Imagination Gaming
Imagination Gaming Aylar önce
Caellum Morales
Caellum Morales Aylar önce
I almost died laughing at the dog
sadaf shafiq
sadaf shafiq Aylar önce
A for affort
Bryan Borchers
Bryan Borchers Aylar önce
i have the brush bot
Nancy Massar
Nancy Massar 2 aylar önce
16:49 I nearly died laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Triable Games
Triable Games 2 aylar önce
What if the robot said “Want me to eliminate you’re parents?”
Nolan Foster
Nolan Foster 2 aylar önce
20:14 - 20:18 tanner- drugs Me- he did not just say that😂
Aly ElGamal
Aly ElGamal 2 aylar önce
Why r ur vids all 24 mins exactly 😂😂😂😂
Brobie Pants
Brobie Pants 2 aylar önce
But i don't have friends
Johnny Chryssikos
Johnny Chryssikos 2 aylar önce
Funny thing is i was drinking the same looking Yoohoo
Matt Ruby
Matt Ruby 2 aylar önce
Where is the join button!?!?!?!
My Name Jeff
My Name Jeff 2 aylar önce
Nazi Germany and I don't know what I want to be an extra hour and I don't know what you mean
C man
C man 2 aylar önce
doo it buttton?
topiacl benny
topiacl benny 2 aylar önce
Anime 101
Anime 101 2 aylar önce
Matthias=Matthew/Me=Mathew hmmmmm
Megan Anderson
Megan Anderson 2 aylar önce
What if you have no frends?
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