10 DOPE Robots That Will Replace Your Friends!

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I Hired 10 People On Fiverr to Design Random Absurd Products! ➡ trvid.com/video/video-gMfMppm5jvY.html
10 Magic Products Magicians Don't Want You To See! ➡ trvid.com/video/video-rqA0XC1P8sA.html

Have you ever wished you had more friends or wished you could just replace some of your friends that you maybe aren't that fond of...? Welp, todays products could potentially help you do just that! We're checkin' out 10 robot products that, in my opinion, prove that the future of living a world with robots will be here much sooner than we think!

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18 Oct 2019




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Shannan845 5 saatler önce
That robot brush tho 😳🤣😂🤣
Kadin Spencer
Kadin Spencer 5 saatler önce
*Sees* *Title* NANI!?
Gavin Botha
Gavin Botha 16 saatler önce
Gun gun
Adriana Fuentes
Adriana Fuentes 18 saatler önce
24:00 minutes of stupidity 😂
Luke Marcum
Luke Marcum Gün önce
Tanner and Mathias
The Common Man
The Common Man Gün önce
Matt is losing his hair!!!
Massivespeedy Gün önce
I dont like rainbow goldfish
Julia Sanchez
Julia Sanchez 2 gün önce
I've seen $10 versions of something similar to the goldfish before. I guess they're ok if you want a pet without the responsibility.
bendy kai
bendy kai 2 gün önce
He put Michael Michael Michael
veronica lay
veronica lay 2 gün önce
I laugh every time I watch your videos I broke my rin
veronica lay
veronica lay 2 gün önce
YouTube Noob
YouTube Noob 3 gün önce
Bold of you to assume I have friends
Dsco 123
Dsco 123 3 gün önce
FISHY 12:16
The Superstar Channel
"Did someone forget to pay the electric bill?" -Iron Man 2019
Sayd Johnson
Sayd Johnson 4 gün önce
Snap I have that right now the robot arm
Margaret McAndrew
Margaret McAndrew 4 gün önce
I hate Michael so much more now first he hates cats now he's unfair and he hates olives.
Ashlyn Hansen
Ashlyn Hansen 4 gün önce
mathies broke the table
S K W_Gang
S K W_Gang 5 gün önce
Give us a shoutout?!?! I joined
MR Epic
MR Epic 5 gün önce
Hi I have that exact gun in your like to buy it’s so cool
Amith Saligrama
Amith Saligrama 6 gün önce
15:02 Only ogs will remember the chimp
Todd Howell
Todd Howell 6 gün önce
Am I the only one who wants tanner to just go work a real job lol.
The Stacy’s drummer
Am I the only one that was dying when the tried to walk😂
Mayela Torres
Mayela Torres 8 gün önce
Ho else is watching this video with your friend
imjusthere 8 gün önce
16:48 dog twerk XD
Aum M
Aum M 8 gün önce
Matt : rates iron man a nope Me : seriously
Edge Studios
Edge Studios 9 gün önce
Dope or nope making fun of the robot dog Me: don’t worry zoomy I know you’re a real boy
Moneyshot2005 9 gün önce
4:02 sharper image FOOL function
Anastasia Mirkin
Anastasia Mirkin 9 gün önce
i wonder how many tables they've gone through
Patrick Murphy
Patrick Murphy 9 gün önce
:take that trees NO #teamtrees
Ilyasbbx 9 gün önce
I don't know why I'm laughing so hard at this video 😂
Omar Mughannam
Omar Mughannam 9 gün önce
My friend has the same “shooter”
VAULTED_ MEMES 10 gün önce
UBTECH got it wrong captain america said "if you die walk it off" Not iron man
stitch_ 626
stitch_ 626 10 gün önce
when i saw the robot dog i thought that's a nope but...then it twerked near tanner and i changed it to a dope
Cherie Pegarido
Cherie Pegarido 10 gün önce
I like that robo dog
ProthPhenom 11 gün önce
So we've reached the point that you cant even say the word, "Gun" in a video anymore without getting the video demonitized huh? Wow...
Just Emily
Just Emily 11 gün önce
Just saying I am a 3rd greater
Caiden Akins
Caiden Akins 11 gün önce
I'm a member
Timmy Mcdonald
Timmy Mcdonald 11 gün önce
I rate tanner a nope
Copy Kat 101
Copy Kat 101 11 gün önce
2:08 "That's what she said" I about died
Christina Knight
Christina Knight 11 gün önce
Why Tanner I'm a 3rd grader Why. I can read better than michael.
Chris 12 gün önce
Downvote and skip for the same annoying background music loop. Get some DRM free stuff, or just pay for some music.
eiad tawfiq
eiad tawfiq 12 gün önce
i actually have that bruch robot from sharjah book fair last year and for those of u who dont know what is that fair use google god dam it
Ronnie The Bonnie
Ronnie The Bonnie 13 gün önce
Before dope or nope ghere was cash or trash
MaxiDaTaxi J
MaxiDaTaxi J 14 gün önce
Let's get to 100K Likes!!!
Raven Rebulado
Raven Rebulado 14 gün önce
If you ask me if this channel is dope or nope I'll say it's dope
Olivia Keen
Olivia Keen 14 gün önce
That Robi thing looks like the kid from Astro boy
Simon Zed
Simon Zed 15 gün önce
Has anyone else noticed that half of the products that they buy have unnecessarily long names?
Jaka Kolman
Jaka Kolman 15 gün önce
How do they remember all the animated movies references like they watched them yesterday
Nick Galvan
Nick Galvan 16 gün önce
Damn I'm digging Michaels hair cit
Tom Tempus
Tom Tempus 16 gün önce
12:20 FISHY WAKE UP!!!!!!!
Leota Gibson
Leota Gibson 16 gün önce
Your not allowed to say gun???? Tht makes no sense 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ace Hardy
Ace Hardy 16 gün önce
Yuimuu uwu
Yuimuu uwu 16 gün önce
I feel everyone who liked WANTS to see them get hurt, because it's funny
Phoenix the god of vlog
Hi good vid bro
Logan KM
Logan KM 17 gün önce
Gabby Pack
Gabby Pack 17 gün önce
Mom: do u want to go to school (idk why that’s a question but here we are) Me: 14:21
8 Bit samurai
8 Bit samurai 17 gün önce
Its a twirking puppy
Mikjokai Gaming and vloging
Matthias: We are not allowed so say G** so we say Shooter
Levi Carnes
Levi Carnes 17 gün önce
Mady OE
Mady OE 17 gün önce
Are we not gonna talk about how Matthias broke the table for LITERALLY no reason?!?!?!
Yo mama Papa
Yo mama Papa 18 gün önce
Kolonya Cumhuriyeti | Kaderiniz Elimde