1. Introduction to Human Behavioral Biology

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Jesus Quiroz
Jesus Quiroz Yıl önce
Lectures hit different when you’re not pressured by grades.
HomicidalTh0r 18 gün önce
Legit, half the struggle of taking really good courses is fighting to not be absolutely enamored by both the subject and really good professors.
Rifat Sultana
Rifat Sultana 24 gün önce
I use his lecture to calm my nerve after my regular study session....I just listen to it.its nice to learn .
Maria Lulu
Maria Lulu 29 gün önce
Right on the dot.
Jennifer Laflora
Jennifer Laflora Aylar önce
Do we need to throw a show 15:44
Prod. $EN
Prod. $EN Aylar önce
And it's because you can decide at which exact moment you want to watch which lecture whilst knowing you can pause or end the lecture at any time you want
Athena Elle
Athena Elle 2 gün önce
I hail from psych bucket land (and embodied cognition but still) and this was recommended to me by a wonderful clinical neuroeconomist who shares my interest in a lot of different buckets and the understanding that buckets don’t really exist. What an incredible intro, so excited to take this journey 💜
Kohlefinger 9 aylar önce
Relevance 0:15 1. Physiology and behaviour 3:17 2a. Categorical thinking 7:27 2b. Multi-level approach 🪣 20:22 3. similarities, repurposing, peculiarities 33:06 Course structure 41:05 Organizational matters 42:50
Salome 8 gün önce
@Kon not true...you missed the book recommendation then. it's a good one!
Noah Aylar önce
Thank you
Kohlefinger 2 aylar önce
@3nthamornin Haha, that was to remind me of the "bucket" analogy he uses to talk about our explanatory strategies. I guess I'll move it to 2b because that's where he actually starts using it.
3nthamornin 2 aylar önce
thank you! but whats with the bucket emoji? haha
Ben Perreault
Ben Perreault 2 aylar önce
@Zannah Martell in
Ingrid Rodrigues
Ingrid Rodrigues 8 aylar önce
I'm so grateful for living in an era where this kind of content is available like this. I'm from Brazil and I wouldn't be able to listen to this amazing classes if Stanford and professor Sapolsky weren't so kind to make it available online. Thank you.
Lua 18 gün önce
Brazilian here! Learning from Stanford lectures... I could have never dreamt of it when I was in my teens craving for quality information! Internet is something!
Fred Huxley
Fred Huxley Aylar önce
Exatamente! Concordo com você
Ahmed Mohammed
Ahmed Mohammed 2 aylar önce
thanks to USA
Joara Torres
Joara Torres 6 aylar önce
Also me. :)
Eric Jóia
Eric Jóia 6 aylar önce
Just like me
Sabrina ibas
Sabrina ibas 10 aylar önce
I really hope that Professor Sapolsky knows how many people all over the world he captures through the screen with his amazing ability to teach 🙌
Whale 2 aylar önce
Does he read the comments on his videos? He’s helped *tonssss* of people !
Kristoffer Stalby
Kristoffer Stalby 2 aylar önce
I know him personally and each Monday he logs into his PC at work, check the views on his videos all while grinning like a maniac and laughing hysterically.
Erica Blanco
Erica Blanco 2 yıl önce
The fact that we can access this lecture without having to attend Stanford is mind-blowing. What a time to be alive!
Sky Cloud
Sky Cloud 6 aylar önce
It's good in getting a heads up on a course before actually doing it.
C M 6 aylar önce
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Daniel Hajdinjak
Daniel Hajdinjak 8 aylar önce
@Justin Philip Nash AHHAHAH you're in the comments of literally "free" education video from Standford.....
Golden Peanuts
Golden Peanuts 8 aylar önce
@Khola yes they have deleted multiple channels we created , deleted all of his work , my channel has preserved some of it, check out the 9 Phactor and Omicron videos if you want, thank you for being open.
Khola 8 aylar önce
@Golden Peanuts account terminated due to TRvid guidelines!
Voodoo Audio
Voodoo Audio 2 aylar önce
For 11 years I've been coming back to this. It is still one of the most profound learning experiences available. Sapolsky its truly one of the finest human gems we had a chance to share time with on this planet.
Micho_ Aylar önce
just discovered this, excited :)
Stanislas Nicolau
Stanislas Nicolau 6 aylar önce
Coming back on that lecture, you're an absolute gem Robert Sapolsky. I've discovered this video a year ago, searched my way through the infite possibilities of life, finally started my bachelor in psychology, and I head on becoming a researcher in evolutionary psychology or something like that if things go well and if I still like it. Hopefully I see you some day at Stanford University
Ashley Gibson
Ashley Gibson 5 aylar önce
I wish you the best of luck
curmudgeon 10 aylar önce
This is an absolutely amazing lecture because he doesn't just dive into the subject. He outlines the way to approach it without thinking in boxes. Its a refresher for scientific and critical thinking abilities. Designed to help unravel a very complex and challenging subject. I think I'm going to be spending some quality hours here with the Dr. One of his lectures on KoKo the gorilla brought me to this playlist.
atam mardes
atam mardes 8 aylar önce
Fossil & DNA evidence show evolution made man. Anthropological, psychological, historical & human behavioral sciences studies show man made The God Of The Bible, Allah, Zeus, Romulus, Zalmoxis, Osiris, resurrection, parting the Red Sea, splitting the moon, etc.
MoonKnightx53 6 aylar önce
I’m not even really interested in biology or science in general but I’ve been watching random college lectures on TRvid and I found this. Now I’m hooked. This guy is just so amazing and smart. When you aren’t worried or stressed about grades, you can truly focus on learning the content more. Especially if you have an exciting teacher like this. Using humor makes you remember stuff as well.
New Age
New Age 2 yıl önce
This lecture is an example of how you are drawn to certain subjects in school solely because of the way it was taught. One can develop interest in any discipline just by learning from the good teachers. God bless you for making these lectures publicly available.
Larry Paris
Larry Paris 7 aylar önce
Your god had nothing to do with Prof. Sapolsky or Stanford providing these lectures.
King of Honokawai
King of Honokawai 10 aylar önce
iUFOm 11 aylar önce
I agree up to the last sentence.
D B Yıl önce
@Dark Star King Then that’s why you either go to med school, complete residency & etc and become a psychiatrist, or complete a master’s and PhD and become a licensed psychologist. Or just become a teacher. Psychology has a lot of fields that it can work at: businesses & organizations, schools, government bodies, hospitals, etc. Especially since more people are open about mental health and willing to seek help which makes this occupation one of the better ones during these times.
Jason Dashney
Jason Dashney Yıl önce
I was bombing my grade 12 geography course. 30%. Then I dropped out of it and took it by correspondence. I got an A. I loved learning from the book. It was like reading National Geographic and I loved it, and finished in 7 weeks. The book was SO much better than my teacher.
Inquisitor Crashdive007
This is the best and most engaging first class of a coarse I have ever seen. Well done sir.
Katherine Uribe
Katherine Uribe 9 aylar önce
I'd forgotten how much I love psychology and education. This is a wonderful course. Thanks for posting!
chinmay chandraunshuh
chinmay chandraunshuh 9 aylar önce
i am so grateful that this piece of gem is available on the internet for free! i was attracted to click on this video because of the sheer amount of views it had, I thought," what could be so great about this video?" now while watching this I realised that it is quite insightful and informative piece which is presented beautifully! Thanks Stanford for uploading this great lecture by Mr. Sapolsky.
Alba García
Alba García 6 aylar önce
Amazing lecture. Whenever he listens to students giving answer he is paying all the attention. His passion to share what he loves and dedication as a teacher is what makes him incredible!!😍
anomaly P
anomaly P 3 yıl önce
I'm not only in awe of his knowledge, but about his speaking skills as well. This was 1 hour of him constantly speaking without using any 'uuuhs', stopping words or hesitations in forming sentences...like he was reading out a book! Insanely good
anomaly P
anomaly P 5 aylar önce
@Modern Champion Music even if he did (which is not true since he is researching as well) it's still a great feat.
Modern Champion Music
Modern Champion Music 5 aylar önce
Did you ever consider the reason for this is because he is regurgitating what he read in a book..he isn't thinking at all..thats why there is no hesitation
atam mardes
atam mardes 8 aylar önce
Fossil & DNA evidence show evolution made man. Anthropological, psychological, historical & human behavioral sciences studies show man made The God Of The Bible, Allah, Zeus, Romulus, Zalmoxis, Osiris, resurrection, parting the Red Sea, splitting the moon, etc.
ditta07 9 aylar önce
4philipp Yıl önce
He has got no time for uhhs and ahhs. He is trying to compress a fraction of his knowledge into just 57 minutes.
Robby Simz
Robby Simz 9 aylar önce
I watched this video when I was in high school and it was the reason why I decided to take AP Biology. Today I'm almost done with medical school. Dr. Sapolsky, I owe you more than you know!
Lea Linerová
Lea Linerová 3 aylar önce
First of all, i can't properly express how grateful I am that I live at the age of moder technology - that I am able to attend such a great lecture while cooking in God forgotten country, to laugh along those students, to come to new approaches and views beside them. I really do hope that the professor knows that making this available to everybody is act of unbelievable kindness. Secondly, lectures like his make me remember why I love learning so much; why I always should stay curious about things around me even though my own college years are gone. And third thing? I am a teacher, too, and I aspire to be the same way this man is - full of humor, kind, knowledgeable and approachable, truly making people to want to seek the knowledge, to think. Once again, thank you, from the very bottom of my heart.
TOM Grove
TOM Grove 4 aylar önce
I watched I think all 24 or 25 of his lectures and even seen Robert on some fairly resent podcasts. He is very informative, intelligent, and has an entertaining style to teaching an interesting subject(s) that could be dry and boring if attempted by others. Great job!!!!!
Marco Cattaneo
Marco Cattaneo Aylar önce
As always, the difference between enjoying a subject and not enjoying a subject is the way it's presented, and whether or not it's presented with actual genuine passion. Clearly, Robert is doing a fantastic job here. Kudos and praise to him. Many thanks for making this publicly available, it's what all universities should do with all their subjects.
aletter1718 10 aylar önce
honestly, Its crazy how much easier information is retained when you voluntarily seek it. When i was in school i would have never listened to this and would have been dying to get out of there. Now that i have the ability to learn on my own time I retain and look for information on a much higher level. Incredible.
D S Aylar önce
That's because most modern education systems are about making money, not making people smarter.
Ethereal Aylar önce
Digital Music
Digital Music Aylar önce
Since this touches behaviour and "forced education", put yourself in the shoes of the government branch of education. Who are those well educated and often upper middle class people, having decision making jobs, associating with on their leisure time? Other heads of state departments, heads of big corporations, influential heads of funds and orgnizations..? Could this have an effect on whether they listen more to the parents of the children in public school, or those who need these children as workers or something else when they grow up? Could this influence the curriculum and what is deemed more important to teach them? And what would they want to teach children if they are prepped for a future without factory jobs, and a digitally controlled people spy on each other -kind of society?
Jyotiraj Saharia
Jyotiraj Saharia Aylar önce
i think our mind matures as we age and we start understanding stuff more, at school age we can memorise quick but not understand very well
PhiLbeats On Tha Track
U kno I was thinking the same damn thing when I was soaking up everything said so easily as if I was fluent in the language of behavioral evolution… so much more interesting now or maybe it was always interesting I just didn’t know what to study during my attempted college years ??? This is brain food thanks for the free knowledge
MasterChief 9 aylar önce
I think we all underestimate the importance of teachers like professor Robert Sapolsky. A teacher, like him, not only tries to listen, see, and understand his students, but to also engage, educate, motivate and inspire his students. A great teacher wants to learn from his students and wants his students to ultimately surpass him and his work. He doesn't gatekeep, but enlightens others, seeks and invests in their full maturity and development. You can see he has passion and a sense of purpose and wants to guide others to their own success.
ditta07 9 aylar önce
I'd love to be able to get full access to this course. The professor is very likeable and what's more, he seems to care deeply about getting all the knowledge and information across to whoever is interested in having it. I think he is right in saying that this should be thought to everyone ( preferably not at gunpoint :D). At this moment I feel jealous of everyone who has had the chance to take this course.
Judann Pec
Judann Pec 2 aylar önce
Just love to hear this professor. Would have loved to have him when I was in college. He loves to teach and loves people, relates really well with his students. And highly intelligent and has a unique interesting personality.
Kathryn Titus
Kathryn Titus Aylar önce
Every human should listen to this entire series. It gives you so much insight into human anthropology, behavior etc. These videos are pretty old at this point but nonetheless pertinent. I think Sapolsky is still alive and there's absolutely nothing boring about listening to him, he keeps things moving right along, and a bit of humor gets thrown in here and there. I'm so thankful this series was conserved for humanity.
Fungunomus 11 aylar önce
I started watching this playlist some five years ago... I'm now a grad student... in neuroscience. Sapolsky... this very video, actually... was my first introduction to the field... that field became my life. Returning to this is a crazy experience.
Ice▪muffin🍰 8 aylar önce
FullMetalMassacre 9 aylar önce
Kate Kennedy
Kate Kennedy 9 aylar önce
XCL4M4t10N 9 aylar önce
They didn't teach how to writte properly, tho.
Clarice Garcia
Clarice Garcia 9 aylar önce
Woah!! Congratulations! That is inspiring!
TobiramaTime 8 aylar önce
I'm a first year psychology student and this course is a blessing! I was looking for behavioral biology explanations for things we as humans do and why we do it. first lecture has opened my mind not to think in categories and everything here is beneficial! Thank you very much for uploading this, I'm looking forward to listening to more. I have no doubt that this is going to be a very advantageous for my professional growth.
Ch JA 9 aylar önce
This guy is such an amazing teacher! I now know what I missed out on not having attended Stanford. He is totally engaging, funny and interesting. It is like watching a Ted Talk. I can’t imagine him being this good on a daily basis. Lucky students!
Aleksa Gordić - The AI Epiphany
Amazing teaching skills, and this whole course is a gold nugget! I'm approaching the course from the AI perspective and looking for what I can get out from this diverse set of related fields. 35:36 Wellesley effect - likely not a fact, all experiments seem to be disputed because of flaws
musicmist 6 aylar önce
What do you think of making AI better than humans? I mean about morality?
Rashad Houston
Rashad Houston 6 aylar önce
Phenomenal Professor. Taking the whole day to watch this and many other lectures.
nickacelvn 10 aylar önce
I would turn up for every single one of Robert Sapolskys lectures. The guy is the definition of an engaging educator.
nickacelvn 2 aylar önce
@Self-Righteous Ideologue Turn up, as in be present. Nothing to do with volume m8.
Ram Dent
Ram Dent 2 aylar önce
honestly having to actually register and take tests would ruin it. like if you were graded on remembering facts from a new TV show
Grant 2 aylar önce
Nows your chance. Biden college nigha
Laura Hale
Laura Hale 6 aylar önce
Yes, indeed!!!
WAKEMEUP 8 aylar önce
@Self-Righteous Ideologue he said “turn up for” not “turn it up”
Stir It Up🥄
Stir It Up🥄 9 aylar önce
This tutor is amazing. I was an English lit student haha... and I'm now here enchanted. He explains things so that they're understandable to all... I could take very many classes if he was my tutor
Joshua Owens
Joshua Owens 9 aylar önce
Alot of great insight coming from this professor, hes charismatic with his speaking but not in a scripted way, I can generally tell he enjoys whats he is doing and believes in his course.
Nicole Creighton
Nicole Creighton 5 aylar önce
This wonderfully articulates some points on empathy I preach that I have struggled to explain to others in the past. I’m definitely going to have to save the link to this; the next time I’m in a debate with someone trying to make the point to always lean towards the side of being kind to ourselves and others I’ll be sending them this :)
James Arnold
James Arnold 2 aylar önce
Thank you. Working through my own issues, and I really appreciate listening to your lecture. I really enjoyed listening.
uwucatxd Yıl önce
i've completed the full cycle of procrastination, going so far into the depths of not doing homework that i end up taking a stanford intro class on youtube
Anton Stanley
Anton Stanley Aylar önce
No he just a great teacher.....
yessir Aylar önce
You’re not alone, sometimes it’s hard to color inside of the lines, but it’s nice to make sure we’re coloring some where
Ms Foxy Brown
Ms Foxy Brown Aylar önce
Guilty 😄😄😄
Charlie Bucket
Charlie Bucket Aylar önce
Good one procrasturbation is your next phase its only logical
Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly Aylar önce
Joyce 3 aylar önce
Thankful that this is posted for everyone to access. There's nothing like the feeling of hanging onto every word of an incredible lecturer, especially when we don't have to worry about taking notes or grades!
Phil Bradbury
Phil Bradbury Aylar önce
Deeply absorbing series of lectures by a master of exposition - thank you Stanford for sharing. TRvid is an amazing resource and repository of knowledge; we are very lucky to have it.
Laurent Ponce
Laurent Ponce 9 aylar önce
Amazing. Thanks TRvid for keeping score of this, you are a true treasure to humanity. Thanks Stanford for sharing all this for free , you are showing the way. And of course, thanks professor, you have this rare talent to make knowledge and sexy and uncanny. You scream intelligence and humbleness combined. Wish I had science teachers like you in my youth…
Emma Major
Emma Major 9 aylar önce
This was an incredible biology lecture, I WISH I had this class/ course. This professor seems So amazing, I truly wish I had him as my professor. But, I’m going to community college for my Associates of Biology but, can’t take a bio class till next semester.
viralnetwork Yıl önce
What a good lecturer. Tone changes, speed changes, jokes in interval, all while delivering succinct info
Liviu Yıl önce
@First Edition hello, where do I find the opposite?.
Banana Warrior
Banana Warrior Yıl önce
@metningsnivå grow up
Beckett Yıl önce
seriously! he’s great at lectures. i would not be bored by this at all.
metningsnivå Yıl önce
Jokes in interval is actually a technique perfected by the KGB. Which makes sense, since most of these Uni professors are marxists
James Miller
James Miller Yıl önce
Yes ,great character,just one problem,,, catagory#5 these great personality traits & or # 5,tend too be serial killers !! Oh, wait-- Cereal eater's, slightly different 🤗
Rosie OS
Rosie OS 5 aylar önce
What a great professor! Congratulations to you all that are able to attend his classes. You rock prof!!!
Sheila Mayfield
Sheila Mayfield 9 aylar önce
I would have loved to have a professor like him when I was in college.
Kate Kennedy
Kate Kennedy 5 aylar önce
I’ve watched a few of his lectures. I like him. Smart guy. He seems not just genuine and entertaining but friendly too. I wish there were more professors / teachers like this.
J E 2 aylar önce
I really enjoy watching this, he’s creative in his teachings. I hope there’s more instructors like you,
this guys looks exactly like what you'd expect a professor of human behavioral biology would look like
atam mardes
atam mardes 8 aylar önce
Fossil & DNA evidence show evolution made man. Anthropological, psychological, historical & human behavioral sciences studies show man made The God Of The Bible, Allah, Zeus, Romulus, Zalmoxis, Osiris, resurrection, parting the Red Sea, splitting the moon, etc.
Ukraine Deathtoll
Ukraine Deathtoll 9 aylar önce
bob jameson
bob jameson 9 aylar önce
It's a copy cat syndrome of fitting in with like minded peers. Cops have crew cuts or bald etc Where you live also same like minded mimic attire
innosanto Yıl önce
You would expect so muscular?
matheus Santhiago
@silverbackhayabusa nooo, not our little precious fragile and endangered traditional thinking :c
Aleksa Gordić - The AI Epiphany
Amazing teaching skills, and this whole course is a gold nugget! I'm approaching the course from the AI perspective and looking for what I can get out from this diverse set of related fields. 35:36 Wellesley effect - likely not a fact, all experiments seem to be disputed because of flaws
Dave Evans
Dave Evans 8 aylar önce
The same for me, its also the case for animal studies,people have attempted to replicate the findings from the 80s but to no avail. Interesting how ( if any one knows a specific word for this please tell me) previously valid information makes its way into society but over time is found out to be wrong.But we never become aware of the change and still hold certain ideas to be true. My head is full of these false notions An example being we only use 10% (or a small %age) of our brains which possibly has its origin in Dale Carnegie’s-How to Win Friends and Influence People. Or a least seems to be popularised by the book
Sharanya Dumbre
Sharanya Dumbre 9 aylar önce
Ya it was concluded in 2013 that it doesn't exist but this video is 11 years old, so it was recorded even before that. Also i was searching for some to comment on this cuz i had the same reaction!!
spaghetti mkay
spaghetti mkay 2 aylar önce
This guy is a seriously gifted educator.
esther wiskel
esther wiskel 6 aylar önce
Love the professor 😍👍👏👏 He is very stimulating and makes me want to sit in his classes for several subjects
ffic4life 7 aylar önce
So thankful that I can listen to this and learn on my own time. Seriously such a great idea and so helpful and useful. Thank you all involved
David Baker
David Baker 2 yıl önce
Can this guy teach everything? He is so concise, calm and articulated. He makes me want to go back to school.
It's_All_Fugazi 2 yıl önce
@Senor Lopez I don't think any of us "puny humans" can fully grasp the concept of God. If we could, then we too would be gods (in theory). The part where it's insinuated that religious people aren't intelligent, is where you say" I assume most educated people are agnostic". Not giving themselves totally and unconditionally to a single loving God. I'm aware of how the Bible was comprised, and who put it all together. Sometimes things don't make sense to us, but to the supreme controller, everything is understood by he/she. We are but mortals, talking about things which we do not fully comprehend. I consider the evidence, and formulate my "opinions" from that, I also don't try to force my beliefs on anyone, or put them down for their own beliefs. When I was young I used to believe in greek mythology. Maybe all religions are based off of the tablets of Thoth...? Idk, anything is possible. I believe in God, but upon the existence of new evidence, I could be interpreted as "agnostic" also. I hate putting any one thing into a single box. Lot of variables, and 2000 years is a long time for something to get lost in translation. But if there is a creator, I'm sure the book He has intended for us to have, is the one that He also produced. Even if it was through us "puny humans". Have a great day 😎
Senor Lopez
Senor Lopez 2 yıl önce
Agnosticism is a belief that the existence of a god or God is unknowable or unknown, nowhere does that insinuate they aren't religious.
Senor Lopez
Senor Lopez 2 yıl önce
@It's_All_Fugazi Where did I say that intelligent people don't believe in God? I'll elaborate on my point since it doesn't seem to have hit the mark I wanted it to, educated people are more likely to be open to other ideas rather than the blind "faith" that the church would prefer you to have.
Athmane Ouadah
Athmane Ouadah 2 yıl önce
I also want to go back to school for almost the same considerations
Jake Bredthauer
Jake Bredthauer 2 yıl önce
@It's_All_Fugazi I don't know whether you are referring to me but I don't see any correlation between being intelligent and belief in God, which implies that neither do I recognize any causal relationship.
Lola Lawal
Lola Lawal 7 aylar önce
I'm reading Sapolsky's book "Behave" and I had to Come back to this video, the reason I fell in love with this brilliant man. I never had lecturers like this in University and I imagine id have been a much better student if I did. I absolutely love learning from him.
Mikey  likey
Mikey likey 2 aylar önce
One of the most brilliant teachers I've ever heard and been privileged to listen to online keep up the good work these kind of things are going to help educate all of our young people I have kids and this is important for all of them 💯🧐🏁🙌🙏🥰😇😁
KimbwiththeBIGDICK 10 aylar önce
I really appreciate the free access to these wonderful lectures. Thank you so much for the education
Insane 7 aylar önce
This has been on my recommendation for over a year and I wish I clicked on it sooner!!! He is extremely articulate and engaging, quite similar to Professor Jordan B. Peterson.
Bradley Baker
Bradley Baker 2 yıl önce
The fact that this is available to anyone who has an internet connection is what it means to be truly connected to the rest of the world and its knowledge. and also, this guy probably kills it at social gatherings.
Alexander Johnson
Key being having an internet connection. Not everyone has the priviligie to have one oor have a reliable one.
4philipp Yıl önce
Don’t tell Americans. They want the degree without attending
Nicholas Wiewiora
@awejelo15 Social anxiety sucks. Props to you for doing such an excellent job. Keep it up! :p
DiDi 2.0
DiDi 2.0 Yıl önce
@Chaotic floral arrangement butterfly affect 🥰
kara sprouse
kara sprouse 2 yıl önce
Yes it is a great breakthrough and allows for many to get a better education if they deem to do so. but some will be reluctant like this tommy tooter who called DR. Sapolsky a ghoul for his stance on religion and said he was in Kenya carving on gorilla brains.. in several of his delusional videos. last one being a female child was born. They do not go by biology instead they will to believe anything off tumblr
Jimi Smith
Jimi Smith 9 aylar önce
I started the day with this lecture then listened to the following lectures for the rest of the day. This guy is brilliant. I really encourage everyone to follow through with the rest of these lectures.
AK 4 aylar önce
Will do, Thanks.
Sir 5 aylar önce
Love this lecture. No matter how many times I watch it I still gain more insight.
Alex Deinek
Alex Deinek 9 aylar önce
Human Behavioral Biology is one of the best and influential university courses I have ever encountered. Thank you Dr. Sapolsky, thank you Stanford.
Dominik Ewald
Dominik Ewald 9 aylar önce
OMG - I study in four different countries biotechnology but no teacher gets me on board in the first round! Perfectly explaining!
Sandeep Ventrapragada
The basic quality of a teacher is to provoke interest in his/her students on the subject if not it's their first failure, Here's one guy who really did that, absolutely riveting!
Leigh S
Leigh S 11 aylar önce
He isnt even my teacher, I am some random 42yr old in Africa. Robert Sapolsky is so good, this is my idea of evening entertainment
lain. 11 aylar önce
@Eureka Jon bet you’re a dude
Eureka Jon
Eureka Jon Yıl önce
@01 02 Absolutely. What a crap load!
Guy In A Room
Guy In A Room Yıl önce
Yeah I've had only like 4 out 50 teachers like that in my life
cakwastaken Yıl önce
you can just say "their/them/they" instead of "his/her"
Isaac Clodfelter
Isaac Clodfelter 8 aylar önce
One of the best lectures I have listened to. Endlessly engaging, at least to me.
North Nova13
North Nova13 Aylar önce
This is amazing wow I wonder how many cream cheese bagels this professor has given out! Was this just random or does he do this with every class he starts! I never imagined I would be excited to watch a series like this after 20 minutes I’m hooked🙏🏻
Gemma Jawahara
Gemma Jawahara 8 aylar önce
This is life changing having Professor Sapolsky teaching us about life and ourselves. Magnificent way of teaching. Night time listening until I fall asleep. Does anyone here know the name of the text book he is talking about prior to and after mentioning Baby Beluga ?
Kruti Bhavsar
Kruti Bhavsar 7 aylar önce
I am a person with an academic background in plant sciences, have no idea how this field works but this lecture....! This lecture is pretty old, however, I discovered it lately, fortunately. And I'll turn up for each single lecture by this person posted here! Awesome experience.....!
Suitov 4 aylar önce
This was a really good session zero. The approach makes sense and I'm convinced I'm going to enjoy this series.
Sky Blaze13
Sky Blaze13 9 aylar önce
This guy is one absolutely cool teacher. I would love to be in his class.
Theron Wolf
Theron Wolf 9 aylar önce
I just stumbled on this. I'll be following the rest of this series, so well presented. I had read 'Chaos' years ago. Now I'm retired and have some time for re-acquainting myself with a number of fields.
Bryant Givens
Bryant Givens 7 aylar önce
Life changing and thought provoking, thank you for your passion in the subject !
An Onymous
An Onymous 11 aylar önce
This would have to be the most appreciative comments section I have seen anywhere. Proof that most of us thirst for real knowledge because we are unsatiated by the daily sources of "knowledge". This professor nailed his role. Articulate, intelligent and witty while having an appearance that invites your attention. Best thing I have seen on TRvid to date, solely for the good it passed on to so many people.
Zwam De Semmer
Zwam De Semmer 9 aylar önce
I agree, and I would recommend Richard D. Wolff lectures for the same reason
Nerdelbaum Frink
Nerdelbaum Frink 10 aylar önce
"Most of us" seems to be a rather ignorant, or maybe just ignorantly hopeful, proclamation. There's certainly no proof here.
Rainbow Bridge Restoration
I have a sister seeking a masters in western psych. She herself is an addict and her kids all have sexual identity issues as well as suicidal tendencies. She claimed not to be ABLE to go to her exes wedding bcuz she felt it unfair for him to be in a happy life when he was the reason she didn't have a happy life now....she's one who tries to fit in and so when in the home of those who care not to fit in she attempts to remove babies from their loving mothers in demand that they will not thrive socially....this is venango county Pennsylvania
Wii Nguyen
Wii Nguyen 10 aylar önce
Lmao this is my therapy
Семен Антонов
You can't be smart or be nice. I am not offended by the opinion of nonentities
SwaggaBuzz 9 aylar önce
Amazing that I found this very smart guy that confirms all my similar theories and ideas. Thank you for your knowledge.
Abi B
Abi B 5 aylar önce
Thank you for sharing this for those of us who can’t afford college 💖
Roo Bookaroo
Roo Bookaroo 6 aylar önce
The first time we get a glance at Prof. Robert Sapolsky's video teaching, there's no doubt we can't escape a feeling of stunned astonishment at his unusual look, especially in his hair style. So unlike the classical image we may have formed in our younger years of an austere, conservative competent academic in a prestigious university. The bushy mustache, the luxuriant beard, and the cocky ponytail in the back form a strikingly impressive appearance. One may wonder, what kind of microscopic vegetation may prosper in such a jungle-like beard. All this, while wearing what looks like some kind of tired open shirt more appropriate to home carpentry work than standing between a professorial desk and regular school blackboards. It's easy to jump to the conclusion that we're facing a truly eccentric character, a kind of hippie-style professor better tolerated on the West Coast than in the North-East. Surprisingly, Prof. Sapolsky's style is not as extravagant and unique as we initially thought. There's another distinguished lecturing scientist who operates with practically an identical style of facial hair configuration. This is Dr. Irving Finkel, a philologist, a specialist of the Ancient languages of Mesopotamia. This was a Middle East region now in modern Iraq, part of what is called the "Fertile Crescent". This area is one of the origins of human civilizations, where farming emerged through domestication of plants, and creation of crops. Thus permitting accumulation of reserves of food, a technical development of agriculture, the formation of primitive nations, with record-keeping, government, writing, etc.. the whole megillah. Dr. Irving Finkel operates at the British Museum, in the Dept of the Middle East. He lectures a the Royal Institute. He now is about 70 or 71, which makes him 6 years older than Prof. Sapolsky. The major contrast between both hairy scientists is that Finkel's beard, mustache and ponytail are all white, and thus project a much older look than Sapolsky, who still enjoys a vigorous frame of darker hair. Nonetheless, the resemblance of looks is uncanny. It is tempting to wonder if the two have ever been photographed together. This unusual resemblance suggests another question: Are there more scientists or academics sporting a similarly remarkable bushy frame of facial hair?
Goldilocks Aylar önce
Sign of timelessness when everything he is saying is still super interesting and relevant today 🤔👍
Tasuku Koike
Tasuku Koike Yıl önce
Published 10 years ago -- and it has just hit 10M views. Thank you to Dr. Sapolsky and Stanford for sharing the most valuable of knowledge with us.
Giustino Colameo
Giustino Colameo 10 aylar önce
@TheBlackfall234 Ok, nazi sympathizer
TheBlackfall234 10 aylar önce
He said the worst quote is from the Nationalsocialists. Yet after that quote, looking carefully at our modern Society and World... it turned out to be correct. You can hate it, you can deny it... but the reality is that we live in a Society that strives for Human degeneration on all aspects of Society and Social Integrity. The World is in a constant Downfall. ""Es ist notwendig das ich für mein Volk sterbe, aber mein Geist wird sich erheben aus dem Grab und die Welt wird wissen, daß ich recht hatte"
Loveschagerstrom 11 aylar önce
sami flaggan?
Krukrok Yıl önce
Thank you Stephanie Soressi
Kassy Robinson
Kassy Robinson 10 aylar önce
I've only graduated from high school and don't have a lick of college at all and I totally want to be in this class! The prof seems like this class will be spectacular! Good luck students! I'm living in my boxes but will work on thinking outside of them!
Isabella S
Isabella S 8 aylar önce
I'm so grateful to MIT for providing such high quality course for free. I truly appreciate it.
Malfoygal 9 aylar önce
Finnish actually does differentiate between B and P. The ultimate difference between P and B is that B is a voiced sound and P is not. Both sounds are bilabial (pronounced using both lips) and plosives (pronounced by obstructing airflow), however a B is voiced (accompanied with a "hum"). In addiction, in English, P is aspirated if it's at the beginning of the word. That means it's accompanied by a little puff of air in words like pear, but not in words like apple. Finnish, however does not aspirate P sounds. So the Finnish speaker probably did say pear, but their accent made it difficult to differentiate as a native English listener.
Paul Reynolds
Paul Reynolds 8 aylar önce
Watched this lecture for the first time about 3 years ago in highschool. I am now only a couple semesters away from finishing my Behavioral Neuroscience degree. Butterfly effect in full force.
Liam Victoria
Liam Victoria 5 aylar önce
You're almost finished with your neuroscience degree in 3 years? Interesting...
Tom Wiggins
Tom Wiggins 3 yıl önce
I am a Stanford grad. Biology of Behavior with Sapolsky was my favorite class. High recommendation to "take" this class here on youtube. And you won't have to take notes or do the readings or take the exams either...just absorb the information.
ditta07 9 aylar önce
For those of us who have been unfortunate in having missed out on attending Stanford, would you be able to post the reading list somewhere? Just thought I'd ask.
Prog Rocker
Prog Rocker 10 aylar önce
@Mark Ellermets - i just saw this for the first time, so sorry that i am answering so long after your post.... I am with you, in believing that there are free-will aspects to our lives (the universe needs some randomness). however, there are so many tiny things that you would think are free-will actions, yet, even when we make a choice to do something outside of our pre-programmed biology, it is our pre-programmed biology that decides what that 'something' different might be. LOL my favorite proof is the twins example -- where the 2 twins who had been separated their whole life had some strange quirks that were unique to them (such as needing to flush a toilet twice). it's really odd how such a trivial act can be so set in humans due to our biology. ;)
Prog Rocker
Prog Rocker 10 aylar önce
@Sylvia Skinner - Hi. I don't think anyone answered you, so even tho it's been so long, i will. The prof asked the question as if he didn't expect anyone to agree with evolution because he didn't want to lead (aka bias) the class into thinking he expected them to agree with evolution. A student who doesn't believe in it will assume the college professor does, and therefore would be reluctant to admit non-belief. however, given the prof asks it in a way that sounds like he expects someone to not believe, a non-believer would feel safe to raise their hand.
Sir Laughsalot
Sir Laughsalot 10 aylar önce
@Serpentine S how does nature vs nurture remove the individuality of a human? Even ants are individuals.... or wait, what category are you thinking in at the moment? Do you mean individuals as in being able to think for ourselves, transcending our nature and nurture due to our complex conciousness, or individuals as in DNA? Or individuals as in having different facial features? There's a fuck ton of ways to see ourselves as individuals.... so what category do you fit in?
Sir Laughsalot
Sir Laughsalot 10 aylar önce
@Will Sani But his entire class is something very complicated boiled down to a simple category... Human Behavioral Biology 🤣 Nuanced would be listing genetics, biochemistry, physiology, etc all the categories within human biology that helps determine behavior. Saying a simple/lazy mind will fight complexity is simple/lazy minded since there's an evolutionary and logical reason to why humans generally favors simplicity. I assume you are smart enough to know what I'm talking about. There's also danger in over-complicating things....
Tanzima Aylar önce
I am listening to this lecture totally out of curiosity and I find the lecture extremely informative, and enlightening. His interesting delivery of the lectures made me think about why I haven't done my major in human behavioral biology! I find the topic extremely interesting and I am gonna finish listening to all the lectures in this lecture series. Thank you for making the knowledge easily accessible.
Dipak Warade
Dipak Warade 9 aylar önce
I'm grateful for all of this wisdom 🙏🙏🙏
Ashley Samurai
Ashley Samurai 2 aylar önce
I like this teacher they actually kept me interested in the subject and paying attention
Andy Pandy
Andy Pandy 9 aylar önce
I've always been amazed about how teachers can talk continuously for 1 hour about something that can be summarised in 1 sentence.
D@TRIO Yıl önce
Whenever he starts to explain something and you dont fully get what that really means in real life, he goes „let me give you an example“ and thats just brilliant!
Jonathan Brooks
Jonathan Brooks Yıl önce
A teacher teaching for life and not a scantron, wish there was more of it
M D Yıl önce
I wish my all teachers taught like this in school, it makes it so much easier to learn!
Bhavya Yıl önce
When you needed examples this is not your place bro #facts😂🤷‍♀️
markyruss Yıl önce
a sales technique - agree
Frank Vega
Frank Vega Yıl önce
That’s how professors should teach. Not treat you like a scientist when you are a student yet.
Omari Harper
Omari Harper Aylar önce
I don't know how I found this. This guy is amazing. What a Teacher!
Gg 5 aylar önce
This guy knows how to hold lectures with people actually listening and it shows is experties in that exact field
Alazah Velasquez
Alazah Velasquez 9 aylar önce
This video came up after watching a chemistry lab and I can't click off. I wish all professors were like this! I want to be in his class because this is someone I want to learn from!
Ted Lyngmo
Ted Lyngmo 9 aylar önce
I would like to go back to school after listening to this. Wonderful and clear! Thanks!
XKILLER007X Yıl önce
“And you get a bagel with cream cheese” this man not only taught his class but he rewarded and fed them, now that’s a legend.
Ethan Yıl önce
The cream cheese had ricin in it
Ian Wassink
Ian Wassink Yıl önce
Prof so happy he gave away his own breakfast.
XKILLER007X Yıl önce
@I am a Pokerface if that’s cringe to you then I suggest getting a life or if you claim you do have one then try making friends, maybe one day even venture enough to possibly get a relationship! Trust me there’s more to the world then virtual interactions. Take care kid :)
I am a Pokerface
I am a Pokerface Yıl önce
legend for what such a cringe comment
Skye Chambers
Skye Chambers Yıl önce
@Madhav heres anothers perspective. The Finish guy told him to practice doing testiclar biopsies on a bear. The Finish social/cultural/psychological programming had taught his hearing not to catagorise the diff between the sound of p & b. So he could only imagine he was saying "practice on a pear" when in actuality he was saying "bear". Language filters can cause a barrier to hearing sounds correctly and many other forms of sense data. Our brain often categorises incorrectly according to socially indoctrinated filters. This means we also sometime lay an incorrect catagory over sensately experiential facts and are unable to discern that we have done so. Thus we often cannot hear or see or smell etc actual facticity because we arent free of catagorical barriers.
Windswept Concept
Windswept Concept 6 aylar önce
shows the importance of great teachers. My mum has been a teacher for 30 years and the amount of red tape schools have to go through, often set out by people who have never taught, is outstanding and sometimes counterproductive.
Lydell Aaron
Lydell Aaron 2 aylar önce
Been holding out on this one for a while. I see why this was recommended. This lecture is mind-opening.
Nge 9 aylar önce
This professor is amazing.
Plumber Time
Plumber Time 8 aylar önce
This guy knows it all. Absolute love his skill set
lou 11 aylar önce
The fact that the fall semester just finished and I was stressing out about school so happy it's finally over, then the next day I'm sat here voluntarily watching this whole thing speaks volumes to how good this professor is
Sherry M.
Sherry M. 10 aylar önce
This is so impressive. I love it so much.
marcia 11 aylar önce
@Sara Garcia it starts again soon 😢 dread
Sara Garcia
Sara Garcia 11 aylar önce
I'm currently doing that same thing right now hahaha
Lel 15 gün önce
this is amazing, im just going to echo what everyone else in the comments is saying, but im doing my undergrad in translation rn and i love watching stuff like this to make sure i don´t lose my desire to learn- which is too easy to do when you're lost in worrying about grades and work
Anonymous Troll Demon
Anonymous Troll Demon 2 aylar önce
Ive watched his lectures for about 8 years. I am always reminded what a treasure the professor is.
classic catastrophe
classic catastrophe 22 gün önce
never been to stanford but his lectures are amazing blend of fun and information
John O'Neill
John O'Neill 9 aylar önce
Found out I got Bradypnea (slow breathing) self-diagnosed which causes dizziness and other symptoms. Normal breathing rate is 10-14 cycles per minute that is 10-14 x breathe in/breathe out. It takes months to retrain your breathing they say. I’d be interested to see how many breathes others take. Even 10 breathes a minute seems very fast to me, more like puffing than breathing, it’s a hard pace to maintain.
Beckett Yıl önce
if all my professors were like this guy, i’d die happy.
Awakege 11 aylar önce
nice pfp
Sagar S reddy
Sagar S reddy 11 aylar önce
Me too
Anitra Moore
Anitra Moore Yıl önce
conservat1vepatr1ot DL
@Emerald Celestial Dude, sophomore junior and senior year I had the same English teacher and he would request me through admin every year :)
Emerald Celestial
I had an English teacher who made the works of the greats we studied feel like I was going to space. I am very grateful for her.
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