1,000 HP enough? * Ferrari SF90 Stradale vs McLaren 765LT Roll and Drag Racing

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We head out to visit John at Hennessey Performance to race his McLaren 765LT vs a Ferrari SF90 Stradale Assetto Fiorano.
Special thanks to John for having me out, check their channel at: trvid.com/u-hpedesign
AND of course their website at hennesseyperformance.com

MORE 765LT Videos HERE: trvid.com/u-playlist?list...




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DragTimes 7 aylar önce
Special thanks to John and Sanjay for making this happen! REMATCH is LIVE! trvid.com/video/video--WQrWrPMFGc.html AND new DragTimes MERCH: bit.ly/3tqg7tn
Neel Beke
Neel Beke 2 aylar önce
Oh and btw the dragrace kings are still bikers :) I know a few guys who can make -8sec in the quarter mile. Alltho that isn't easy on a bike cuz it will wheelie too but they manage it.
Neel Beke
Neel Beke 2 aylar önce
U just need 4wd for a dragrace, at least against another 4wd car. mclareb 720s also loses to porsche 911 turbo, but it can win in a rolling race..
Shawn Crandon
Shawn Crandon 4 aylar önce
Both cars are really fast but the big question is, how did the rear wheel drive mc laren manage to hold behind the farrari sf90 knowing that the sf90 has over 200 hp more than the mc laren? Im a fan of mc laren and there are something special about their cars.. every car they make are really fast and its nearly impossible for other super car company to beat them with similar hp..
Andrija Marusic
Andrija Marusic 6 aylar önce
Rimac vs tesla
Andrija Marusic
Andrija Marusic 6 aylar önce
Rimac vs tesla
Cyberpunk R44
Cyberpunk R44 7 gün önce
Driver to speed
07 Harshavardhan.n lXB
Sf90 is ready to take offf !!!!
Dudila sadew
Dudila sadew 8 gün önce
That's what McLaren gets from a sf90, what if they bring the big brother laferrari. We know that the speedtail is so fast but in acceleration Ferrari dominates
Alex Huang
Alex Huang 9 gün önce
4wheeldrive vs rearwheeldrive
Dreplays 10 gün önce
Fun facts brooks now owns the 3 fastest production cars in the world lmaooo
kocho 10 gün önce
7:35 9:09 11:41 12:11 12:41
channelesse 12 gün önce
I have no doubts, McLaren is the better car ...
RaGoCars 12 gün önce
pl 14 gün önce
in the third race the ferrari started so late...and still won...Btw i would love to see a 488 pista vs a mclaren 765 lt on a track, that would be dope, drag race are a lil bit useless imo
Hector Valenzuela Colman
Hablan demasiado estos blancos
For the first time, a car finally made a Mclaren look slow
iwgl1981JMR 21 gün önce
And an electric Tesla is faster in a drag race than either!! Of course these cars are works of art especially the Ferrari.
Mighty Oakes Racecar channel
Blame the algorithm John! I’m subscribed to both channels and rarely see Hennessy compared to drag times.
Pinkkee KingGow Vương Quốc Duy
Mclaren 765 Lt màu đẹp quá ạ
Morten Krogh
Morten Krogh 23 gün önce
Until an electric soccermom car comes and beat them all😅
vinh Nguyen
vinh Nguyen 26 gün önce
I think SF vs Senna, 765 vs F8
Kenny Kayoss
Kenny Kayoss 27 gün önce
SF90 does enough to see off a plaid , especially after 162mph in a half mile
Dustin Woolsey
Dustin Woolsey 27 gün önce
Maybe get better tires on the 765 and it will be close!
Austin McBride
Austin McBride 27 gün önce
765 pulls on that Ferrari in the rolls
Austin McBride
Austin McBride 27 gün önce
I think the mclaren needed a sexier race flagger
Morne Van der Schyff
Morne Van der Schyff 27 gün önce
765 even jumped the sf90 at start and could not even catch him
SL1TFACE 27 gün önce
Its all fun and games until the 720 and bugatti pull up
ADmuskratHD 28 gün önce
Casually breaking traction at 100mph lmfao
김상호 28 gün önce
Sf90_zotbob mac zzang
Вадим Родной
Макларен конечно могёт
Tim Brown
Tim Brown 29 gün önce
wow - just watched other vids - a FULL 3 SECONDS faster in 1/4 mile than batteries!!!
Lcf 29 gün önce
Ferrari has around like 200 hp more... has an AWD effect cause of those electric motors. 765lt is just crazy for its stats to even being level with it on roll races and keeping up on drag races
Julian Papin
Julian Papin 29 gün önce
Nonsense to compare electric and non-electric cars in quarter mile. Electric or hybric car will always win. The real test between car types is 1/2 mile or 1 mile.
Abdulaziz 29 gün önce
200+HP advantage for the SF90 and it gets gapped in the roll race !! Damn mclaren has the best engineers ever!
ErCriceto 28 gün önce
Did you Watch the video?
Shockey Aylar önce
I love your channel so much!
Happy_ 420
Happy_ 420 Aylar önce
Saffy Aylar önce
Left 675 for dead! Sf90 gear shift is flowless
Nathan Bradforth
Nathan Bradforth Aylar önce
I hate being so bliunt I really do but the cheap ass Tesla beats everything. Nevara not compared given price
just some random car guy
John Lukach
John Lukach Aylar önce
I think Ferrari is finally tired of getting killed by McLaren was like 6/8 years straight they had NOTHING for them but SF90 sure changes that
Tan96333 Aylar önce
The 765LT is a Beast !
Ali Mavi
Ali Mavi Aylar önce
The sounds...
All Things Garage
All Things Garage Aylar önce
This is unsafe, all of the barriers are setup to be struck from the other side. From this side it would be directly into the end of an exposed barrier, others have died going backwards on tracks and hitting the back side of a guardrail. If you don't want the prepped surface start deep or at 60'. You've got to be going 100+ when you pass the end of the barrier just a few feet from it,, that would spear right through the car
legioner9 Aylar önce
Whoever drove the Ferrari messed up the gear changes. It doesn’t sound right.
Lottox8 Aylar önce
Non c'è storia!!!!
In two miles the 765 lt eats fs 90.
DWI surprise
DWI surprise Aylar önce
Why doing people keep praising the ferrari it is the slower car?????...765lt walked it badly....did I see something different??? If your stuck on the drag portion do a 1/2 mile race....
Dim Kali
Dim Kali Aylar önce
Rimac wants to join
Middleastbeast Aylar önce
Seemed like the 765 kept spinning..
SENNA 907 Aylar önce
765LT all4wheel = king 😬
mert ogul
mert ogul Aylar önce
Oh damn
Leonardo Marafini
Leonardo Marafini Aylar önce
ENG🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 still second place.. (forza Italia🇮🇹)
Busta Move
Busta Move Aylar önce
So far, 636 people show that they apparently have no taste in cars. Why do they even watch this channel?! DragTimes, keep this epic footage coming!!! 🔥
F. Mazz.
F. Mazz. Aylar önce
Maaan the SF90 is soo nice!
Daniele Soligo Soligo
Daniele Soligo Soligo
Mclaren:non è stock Ferrari: è stock Non imbrogliare, su un altro video pubblicato da voi La Ferrari sf90 ha vinto alla grande contro la Mclaren 765lt. E senza ombra di dubbio Ferrari resterà l'auto più bella del mondo.
Chocofishwarrior7 Aylar önce
The 765lt is the goat of rolling races
Darren Spores
Darren Spores Aylar önce
Why at video time 11.40 did ferrari tap his brakes to let mc clerin pass him on 35-165+ run
Sergii Stepanov
Sergii Stepanov Aylar önce
There was no grip at all...really bad track
dpjohnjones Aylar önce
I still applaud the 765LT. RWD with 25% less HP and it's still a beast. Can't hold it from a roll even with 25% less HP although parasitic drivetrain loss hurt the SF90 when up to speed. Even the odds with a few bolt-ons and the 765LT may even catch the SF90 from a dig without the aid of AWD and electric motor torque.
Xxxpensive Aylar önce
The future of cars are here 😁
mateus dalpiaz trespach
Pay 200Mil To have an advantage only at 0-60, otherwise McLaren is superior costing much less!
Mehmet Berk
Mehmet Berk Aylar önce
Ferrari driver always geta better start
Nathan Canady
Nathan Canady Aylar önce
Top end speed McLaren dusty Ferrari ass...
Cruise Mansfield
Cruise Mansfield Aylar önce
McLaren got it I’d say but that Ferrari ran him hard. True power shows from a roll. Fuck the zero to 60. McLaren ran a bad 60. The Ferrari has it from a start stop but on a roll no chance but close. Quarter mile Ferrari has it but after that McLaren has it.
anar bekirov
anar bekirov 2 aylar önce
MCLAREN is the bestt
Hendra Aditya
Hendra Aditya 2 aylar önce
mclaren so quickk
Nicholas Grey
Nicholas Grey 2 aylar önce
The sf90 is terrifying
Thunjiro Attimes
Thunjiro Attimes 2 aylar önce
Copy and paste.... CAR WOW is original. Ashamed.
Corziller Rexfranor
Corziller Rexfranor 2 aylar önce
Porsche has the 918 and 911 GT2. Ferrari now has SF90 Stradale. McLaren has Senna and 765 LT. Mercedes has track beast AMG GT. .... Lambo, what TF are you sleeping? Please get out of that poster and do something......even Aston is now catching up!
eCrofey Spectrum
eCrofey Spectrum 2 aylar önce
Ferarri smoke the McLaren lie Rimac Nevera smoke them all :-D
Luca Scavolini
Luca Scavolini 2 aylar önce
Ferrari the best on the world
Dragon Screech
Dragon Screech 2 aylar önce
4:59 3.2 😁😁😁 the R8 does better time with 620hp.
Gérald Provence
Gérald Provence 2 aylar önce
Ferrari humilie mac laren😃
Christopher John
Christopher John 2 aylar önce
As always the McLaren held it's own despite being under powered next to the Ferrari.
hishonline 2 aylar önce
The mclaren outperformed the sf in a rolling race. What an incredible machine the 765 is!
Peak Performance Reviews
These two cars are just absolute monsters!
KING KIANI 2 aylar önce
Mclaren got top speed
NYJETSFAN4 2 aylar önce
Who ever is driving the Ferrari lol isnt that good. Late shifts all day. Come on man shift properly
NYJETSFAN4 2 aylar önce
Ferrari is a Ferrari and no body will ever take that top spot. Its the best car and they just keep getting better
LardNuts 2 aylar önce
You should invest in some tire warmers like in F1. Heats the tires with out shredding them
DM_Hater 2 aylar önce
I swear their best times are both 9.3. How could the McLaren get absolutely bodied like this? I thought the Ferrari would win but damn
Ivan Break
Ivan Break 2 aylar önce
That Ferrari looks so good.
Vegard Hagen
Vegard Hagen 2 aylar önce
did he jst say 44 grand for the roof scoop????????
Daveyboy 330
Daveyboy 330 2 aylar önce
Wow the 765 really does pull on the SF90 top end once it's got full traction. Freakin wheel spin at 100 mph 🤯
Mohamed SFSB Diop
Mohamed SFSB Diop 2 aylar önce
I see that the sf90 is faster of the dig because awd but after like 100mph the 765lt stays with the sf90 and with the roll they are really side by side but the 765lt has more of a pull on the top end
S 2 aylar önce
The McLaren should go faster than that. It looked to get bogged down for some reason. That Ferrari is rapid!
BABA YAGA 2 aylar önce
At 7:49 the 765 lt hanged there if and it’s like half the price 💪🏾 need a few up grades I’m going with the lt all day
Alcatraz2048 2 aylar önce
fuckin hell that sf90 launched quick
BigTymin 2 aylar önce
The mclaren is ugly in a good way, the sf90 is ugly in a bad way
Kamil Kamil
Kamil Kamil 2 aylar önce
How it possible? Anyone now?
Salvatore Marra
Salvatore Marra 2 aylar önce
Auto inutili per gente inutile
Bryant Moravek
Bryant Moravek 2 aylar önce
I live for the day when you drive a car in anything orher than a straight line...
DragTimes 2 aylar önce
Renato Maniago
Renato Maniago 2 aylar önce
If I was to be given either the Ferrari or the McLaren, I'd still choose the former.
Ron Samprass
Ron Samprass 2 aylar önce
So it takes a hypercar with 3 electric motors to beat the monster 765lt. The mclaren is still the clear winner here. Great drag race tho and good stats👍
Thy Albert
Thy Albert 2 aylar önce
Ferrari is quicker and the Mclaren is faster
akil boy 2
akil boy 2 2 aylar önce
if that mclaren had awd it would dust
Andre Johnson
Andre Johnson 2 aylar önce
The McClaren got taken to McSchool.
Oguzhan Kizil
Oguzhan Kizil 2 aylar önce
Sf90 vs Aston Martin valhalla that would being crazy
Artur Bubula
Artur Bubula 2 aylar önce
now I know which car to buy 🤣
HDVisions 2 aylar önce
if it's not a hybrid or full on EV nowadays, you probably won't be able to keep up lol
Mark Furney
Mark Furney 2 aylar önce
850 vs 1000 up hmm......numbers are not the same 150hp difference... Not same Apples and oranges I wonder also if the wind is not a variable factor in this contest
Tarabusaw 2 aylar önce
THe Mclaren has no chance.
Mohamed Klako
Mohamed Klako 2 aylar önce
Yo Bro, your 765 will be crushed like a fly by the New Ferrari 296 GTB 818hp hybride V6
Mark Furney
Mark Furney 2 aylar önce
It's not a comparable car race. It's not Apple's and Apples I was referring to these cars but that race when they it will be excellent too compact Well come to electric engine generation!
Josip Mandir
Josip Mandir 2 aylar önce
McLaren is in roll race better
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