1,000 Blind People See For The First Time 

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görünümler 172 Mn
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27 Oca 2023




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@MrBeast Yıl önce
Subscribe!! I’d hate for you to miss the next one of these we upload :D
@bhakti_purush Yıl önce
Thank you so much Jimmy, Can't believe I can see now! I've never seen such an amazing act of kindness in my life before. This is truly a miracle for those people, and Jimmy is truly the most influential creator on
@lyancabrito905 Yıl önce
@Schmaniol Yıl önce
@waffely2500 Yıl önce
Saw it as soon as u commented! 5th
@ddkficc9422 Yıl önce
Obviously 🐐
@luke_afk Yıl önce
one of the best videos ive seen in a long time, good work mr beast:)
@simdoestech Yıl önce
@jorsiepow Yıl önce
@fefpef Yıl önce
@RadicFN Yıl önce
Yoo luke W
Wsg Luke
@dutareza2445 25 gün önce
This is what happens when the money is in the right hands. Thank you Mr Beast. Hope you are always healthy
@catherinetedford4275 20 saatler önce
So TRUE ❤❤❤❤❤❤
@stephanieaddo2405 24 gün önce
I’m literally in tears. Wow!!!! God richly bless you🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼.
@MO3lZ Aylar önce
Being an Arab, it brought tears to my eyes for the humanity you have in helping the needy and deserving and their families. Well done Jimmy, you are a man worthy of humanity and kind to people.
@vbalance1488ss 27 gün önce
May Allah help them as well at some point since jimmy acted faster
@miningforscreens 7 gün önce
@@vbalance1488ss haha
@hagemamodosekaewa 6 gün önce
@jawwadmanzoor5165 28 gün önce
Jimmy man, You parents are so blessed to have such a Son. blessings mate...
@suhaib_bashir 24 gün önce
Thanks for helping people
@nicegoal6608 6 gün önce
Wow! I'm praying there's someone who could help me fix my right eye, too. My right eye is blind since birth
Dude - this is awesome.
@ThisGuyDannyyy Yıl önce
@ThisGuyDannyyy Yıl önce
“I’m bald Man”
@cassidy4410 Yıl önce
@morbster6520 Yıl önce
Omg eggman
@LestifyYT Yıl önce
@12aproductions23 27 gün önce
@Percifull Aylar önce
This is so emotional😭
@Myra-uc1li 12 gün önce
@Myra-uc1li 12 gün önce
@yousee9036 11 gün önce
Did you just donate $5000?
@GoIdappI555 11 gün önce
what the
@izak1992 10 gün önce
nope, he donated 5000 CRC, which is about 10$@@yousee9036
@tasya000 Aylar önce
Вы просто дар Божий!!! Надеюсь когда нибудь у моего сына будет удача, что бы он видел! Храни вас ангел ✨
@korioteslash5011 Aylar önce
eres una gran persona Jimmy, yo llevo usando gafas casi toda mi vida, la verdad tener la vista mal te quita de hacer muchas cosas, cuando era mas niño me encantaba el deporte, jugué a un montón de cosas pero al final las gafas no me dejaban jugar, probé a usar lentillas pero en deportes de contacto tampoco funcionaban bien, te agradezco de todo corazón todo lo que hiciste por estas personas, ellos nunca van a olvidar lo que hiciste por todos ellos, sigue con este tipo de cosas!!!vas muy bien encaminado
@PowerbangGaming Yıl önce
Incredible Jimmy. 👏
@bhakti_purush Yıl önce
The fact that Jimmy went from doing challenges to saving lives around the world is admirable. Mad respect for Jimmy !
@Ilikeiceys_ Yıl önce
He has mad respect from me
see my banner for cookies ?!!?!??!!
@WettestBinkie Yıl önce
Powerbang please do more pubg opening videos they are so cool!
@robblin Yıl önce
truly incredible
@jemimalekettey8617 20 gün önce
You and your team are amazing am even crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭 this is soo touching
Bela atitude, você está usando seu dinheiro não apenas para benefícios próprio, mas para ajudar outras pessoas também 👏🏽 se todos os ricos tivessem está atitude também, o mundo seria um lugar muito melhor
@stay._.246 9 gün önce
Спасибо за такую щедрость.. как же мало таких людей
@MDTEZPATA 8 gün önce
❤️❤️❤️ you
@claireandcatshtx Aylar önce
it actually made me cry it's so heartwarming
@SKSaadiProduction 9 gün önce
Bangladesh 🇧🇩 also need this kindness 🥰♥️🌷
@jeisongiraldo Yıl önce
Respect ❤️
@Muscleman8562 Yıl önce
I just ate lit cigs in -35 degree weather with no shirt on in a vid 💪🏻💪🏻🔥
@ThisGuyDannyyy Yıl önce
@ThisGuyDannyyy Yıl önce
@fefpef Yıl önce
lamb kofta tatti asmr
@RowHGaming Yıl önce
@user-oj9ni6nv1l Aylar önce
Ты самый чудесный человек!!! Спасибо тебе за все!!! Ты достоин большего!!! Самый лучший человек в мире!!!!❤❤❤
@eyesentu 11 gün önce
Helping these folks is true heart. You guys are Awesome.
@tartar1090 2 gün önce
If this guy ran for president, he would win without a doubt. Thank you for all these acts of kindness you’ve contributed to our world.
@rickyjaymo 2 gün önce
The year he turns 35 will be the year the world becomes a way better place
@AyahFatimah-dd2sw Aylar önce
That was so kind Jimmy thank you so much for your kindness
@danielvelasco4062 9 gün önce
thank you man, from someone who is -17 on both eyes this means a lot to see people being able to see the world properly
@OdinTube Yıl önce
Well done man
@Javad_hosseini Yıl önce
Mrbeast is a W
@rawbeef Yıl önce
@Don't Read My Profile Picture Ok
@@DontReadMyProfilePicture.7 i won't
*Don't readd my nameee...🙏*
@repo1236 Yıl önce
Ha Walk Ouden Shagbek Hana
@sandywest4299 Aylar önce
you have such a great heart. wow to give vision to the needy to give hope to the blind and dogs to people and give them money. you have such a kind heart. ty for doing these things. God be with you and all that help you. bless these people oh Lord
@SamantaUwU_97 Aylar önce
You're one of the best persons in this world, Jimmy ❤ thank you for doing this
@sohelahamed6041 17 gün önce
This is how you continue to help people
@user-hp5pz6fn1j Aylar önce
С какой душой! он помогает людям.
@_Akuruuu_ 28 gün önce
Я щас плачу.. Это слишком трогательно... Как я рада видеть самого лучшего и доброго человека в мире (♥´∀`)/
@TravisDoodles Yıl önce
this is so awesome!
@Muscleman8562 Yıl önce
I just ate lit cigs in a vid in -35 degree weather with no shirt on in a vid 💪🏻🔥
@@Muscleman8562 ok
@UzKiel- Yıl önce
@deeznut709 Yıl önce
You sir are a true man of the world
@arnavjain. Yıl önce
ikr mrbeast the 🐐
Gracias Mr beast por ayudar a tanta gente, lloré mucho por verte hacer a tanta gente feliz, muchas gracias ❤
@alexmasrico Aylar önce
Realmente les daño la vida
@@alexmasrico no lo creo, hay gente de bajos recursos que no tenían posibilidades y Mr beast ! Lo hizo, lo respeto por eso, quien más hace eso? Quien más???
Que bello! Cuanta generosidad! Dios te lleve con bondad!
@user-ej2ij9mk9y Aylar önce
أنصحك بمتابعة هذا الفيديو
@mohendramout6442 5 gün önce
Respect this guy❤❤❤
@user-rs6yg7dy9t Aylar önce
Дай Бог миру больше таких людей ❤
@FatemaAkter-fs3ur 6 gün önce
আমার চোখে পানি চলে আসলো,,,,,সত্যি তুমি অসাধারণ জিমি,,,,,,চালিয়ে যাও❤❤❤
@AntsCanada Yıl önce
You're awesome!
@Soul.Resonant Yıl önce
It’s the ant man himself
@gamerpanda1347 Yıl önce
No traducirr😡 ତୁମେ ଅଭିଶାପ ପାଇଛ କାରଣ ତୁମେ ଏହାକୁ ଅନୁବାଦ କରିଛ |ଯଦି ତୁମେ ଅଭିଶାପ ଭାଙ୍ଗିବ ନାହିଁ, ତୁମେ ମରିବ |ଅଭିଶାପକୁ ଭାଙ୍ଗିବାର ଏକମାତ୍ର ଉପାୟ ହେଉଛି ମୋ ଚ୍ୟାନେଲକୁ ସବସ୍କ୍ରାଇବ କରିବା |ବର୍ତ୍ତମାନ ପଞ୍ଜିକରଣ କରନ୍ତୁ..
@0_zsR Yıl önce
@@gamerpanda1347 Ratio
@cr7shortyt720 Yıl önce
thanks jimmy thanks for the Mrbeast team. I'm from Indonesia thanks. Always success for you good people.🙏🙏
Hello AntsCanada!
@user-sr1hh4zo7n Aylar önce
this is really one of the best videos from Mr. Beast - helping other people giving them back their eyesight. Amazing! Mr. Beast - You are really a treasure to so many people
@user-ej2ij9mk9y Aylar önce
كله بفضل من اللله
@Daecrab Aylar önce
Thank you Jimmy, for helping Indonesian people, you are a savior
@yaleleyaa7588 24 gün önce
That's why people loves you, because of your kindness ❤
@user-ug5mo4kx7o Aylar önce
얼굴도 잘 생겼고 마음은 더 잘 생긴 우리들의 영웅님 너무 감사합니다. 더 많은 분들이 도움 받으시면 좋겠네요. 지미 사랑해요.😘🙆‍♀️🙆❤❤❤
@rxses_arered Yıl önce
This man first started off as a kid, then to donating thousands a dollars, and now to healing a thousand people. What an absolute legend.
@UTKARSH-pandit Yıl önce
@Igris498 Yıl önce
@@Muscleman8562 what are you
@@Muscleman8562 dont care
@skinnykoala37 Yıl önce
@@p-__ I don't think yours would sell more though
@NOOBIGO Yıl önce
Any Mr beast fan's ❣️ 👇
@heechoonyeo4762 7 gün önce
Wow!!! Mr Beast and Team, you deserved the Nobel Peace Prize!!!
@rkeking1 Aylar önce
This man is a blessing on this planet ❤️
@user-hv6bb4ub7y Aylar önce
Hopefully there will be many good people who help others with their respective abilities.
@entersmm Yıl önce
Thank you for what you are doing for people.
Uwucutesingle is better than you
@jorgem.9690 Yıl önce
@dsm_yt3221 Yıl önce
Bro is trying to thank him for doing good things and people are just dissing him💀💀💀💀💀
@dsm_yt3221 Yıl önce
@@coolrobloxuser133 The hell does uwucutesingle has do with this?
MrBeast is amazing!
@rotas8365 Aylar önce
Muito orgulho de pessoas assim !!🎉
Você é demais por ajudar pessoas que precisem ❤
@Jimmy_Calderon. Aylar önce
Quien diría que alguien se preocuparía por las personas 😢🎉🎉❤
@luchomaradei7214 Aylar önce
Muy bien lo que hacen ayudando a lo q más necesitan, saludos desde Argentina!!!
@NoeyNoey-tv3zm Aylar önce
You are very kind in helping blind people see.🎉❤
Они такие счастливые ❤ They're so happy ❤
@apcprincess Aylar önce
This man is a gift from heaven
@jangragaming.1 23 gün önce
Bro that's why 280M+ people's have subscribe you love you mr beast and grow more help more and become more hurrrraaaaa
@arlm9969 Aylar önce
Wao que hermoso es ver, en serio lloré de la alegría por ellos, gracias Jimmy ❤
@user-ej2ij9mk9y Aylar önce
سم الله الرحمن الرحيم (قل يا أيها الناس إني رسول الله إليكم جميعا الذي له ملك السماوات والأرض لا إله إلا هو يحيي ويميت فآمنوا بالله ورسوله النبي الأمي الذي يؤمن بالله وكلماته وإتبعوه لعلكم تهتدون)
@user-ej2ij9mk9y Aylar önce
كيف تعرف الدين الحق
@user-ej2ij9mk9y Aylar önce
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم (قل أرأيتم إن جعل الله عليكم الليل سرمدا إلى يوم القيامة من إله غير الله يأتيكم بضياء أفلا تسمعون، قل أرأيتم إن جعل الله عليكم الليل سرمدا إلى يوم القيامة من إله غير الله يأتيكم بليل تسكنون فيه أفلا تبصرون، ونزعنا من كل أمة شهيدا فقلنا هاتوا برهانكم فعلموا أن الحق لله وضل عنهم ما كانو يفترون)
@Crazyart_by_DPKa 3 gün önce
No words... God always bless you❤❤
This man is doing more for humanity than all of us combined
@irinthius9518 Yıl önce
Because he is af and paying the operations is making him even richer, can we stop praising him pls
@Rex_254 Yıl önce
@@irinthius9518 fact that hes getting richer by changing the lives of literally millions makes him the most generous and pure hearted human being to ever exist..mr beast is an angel
@Kamil_Srnka Yıl önce
@@irinthius9518 Yes he gets the money back from these videos, but that doesn't change the fact that he helped those people. It's good that he atleast puts the effort into helping them
If you think about it, it is all of us combined doing this
Normal nous avons pas autant de moyen que lui
@Naomie-jm3yp Aylar önce
This guy is blessed ❤
@RoastedChicken839 26 gün önce
Thank You For Doing That To People
@anaalmeida2040 Aylar önce
Que atitude linda a sua em ajudar tantas pessoas! Como seria maravilhoso se outras pessoas seguissem o seu exemplo e ajudassem aqueles que mais precisam. Que Deus continue te abençoando e protegendo.
@purpleguyzinho Aylar önce
ele n fala portugues
@calebjoe9148 7 gün önce
No wonder He’s perfectly blessed abundantly. ❤😊🎉
@goodvibes66880 Yıl önce
I almost cried. This guy is a true legend.
@cherryphi5056 Yıl önce
I already did man
@charlie572 Yıl önce
i cried..
@Johhhnnnyyy Yıl önce
@ganjathecat Yıl önce
I was crying from the beginning...
@jonsnow3300 Yıl önce
I almost came
Bless you Jimmy!!!! You're the man!
@user-jd1vl2vt9s Aylar önce
Ele é a prova que existem pessoas maravilhosas ainda no mundo
@MistyGachaPixel 21 gün önce
This is amazing all these people have lives and they couldn’t do what they loved because they couldn’t see well and now they can! This is beautiful
@marvelstudios4624 Aylar önce
Jimmy sir your a good man you have a pure heart ❤️
@ellznaga2199 5 gün önce
Is that why blind characters are usually drawn with no pupils because they’re just so cloudy
@comedyvidio9327 Yıl önce
Cleaning a beach, Planting 20 million trees, Curing people's blindness You are such an amazing person Jimmy. Hat`s off to you 👍
@pis322 Yıl önce
@louis06lmao ph my god unbelievabl
@stephen3842 Yıl önce
@ronchilled Yıl önce
@louis06lmao are you insane?
@regismt6.33 Aylar önce
Sem palavras pelo que vcs fazem , meu coração fica muito feliz de ver pessoas abençoada por Deus ajudando pessoas, um dia quando tiver condições irei conhecer vcs e dar um abraço...... E que possa existir mais pessoas como vcs neste mundo Deus abençoe poderosamente vcs ......
Thank you so much for all what you do for people ❤thank you 🙏 you have the great soul
@cute-ek2kb 7 gün önce
I'm sure these people will be indebted to you all their lives
@Masha_35678 Aylar önce
Какой же мистер бист хороший❤ я чуть не плакала когда люди могли видеть...мистер бист молодец! Он помогает всем людям ,за свои деньги... спасибо тебе большое за это ❤❤❤
@nishantraj9754 4 gün önce
Thanks bro for helping them❤❤😊😊
Cleaning a beach, Planting 20 million trees, Curing people's blindness . You are such an amazing person Jimmy. Hat's off to you.
*Don't readd my nameee.🙏*
@WMB213 Yıl önce
Don't forget the 100s of people he gave money to over the past 4 or 5 Years?
@vikosucks1818 Yıl önce
@@WMB213 nah probably thousands, but basically he's one of the nicest people in the world.
@Shamim Parways you forgot about the ocean cleaning, and that only on this channel.
@Fan_AlanBecker0P Aylar önce
Gracias Mr beast por ayudar a gente de mi hermoso país Honduras has hecho felices a mucha gente hondureña todos te queremos ❤
Jimmy u’r a truly life savior , love what you’re doing 🥹🥹♥️♥️♥️
@bethanyatkinson558 15 gün önce
Mr. B’s. This is such a good thing you’re doing for people.
@iam_m4ysa Aylar önce
Isso é simplesmente incrível Jimmy continue com esse trabalho incrível e lindo que você continua fazendo
@vangog0207 25 gün önce
Ты безумный!!! Не знаю , как ты это делаешь , но это наверное и есть главная цель в жизни... помогать когда есть возможность... вау
@Flip2pizza Yıl önce
This man went from creating minecraft letsplays to curing blindness across the world What a legend, MAD respect
@XFydro Yıl önce
@zentak6962 Yıl önce
and plant trees
From counting even
look at my banner for mango
@Aster-Asher Yıl önce
@@susinspector9613 Sir , Do i look sus?
@bettibook5664 Aylar önce
Eres increíble jamás sentí tanta admiración por alguien que ayuda a tanta tantase personas que sufren y lo necesitan, incluido a animales, te juro que te amo, pero amor de madre , tu familia tiene que estar muy orgullosa de tener cerca un ser de luz tan maravilloso, felicidades❤❤❤❤❤
This makes me cry it's so thoughtful
@ellinorjohansson4639 15 gün önce
Youre a true blessing
@user-jv4bj8ej2u Aylar önce
лучший просто нет слов великий человек он и его команда делают мир лучше каждый бы хотел побывать видео но не все могут но мы можем ощутить это в его видео я блогодарен тебе )
@BewiggedPuppy83Seaky Saatler önce
You have a good heart
@dhananjaysahoo1664 16 gün önce
Respect for you from the bottom of my heart 🥹❤️
@ragnar2534 Yıl önce
Now this is what helping others truly is.
@Fortecielo no
@reeces_puffs Yıl önce
@Fortecielo ok
@Fortecielo No voy a suscribir a tu canal 🙄
@JamesMaoy Yıl önce
@gadielmunozmas Yıl önce
@Fortecielo i am follwing you
@selnateorubu2902 Aylar önce
Thank you for all you do Jimmy!
@Zabytaya_Rossiya Aylar önce
Это счастье делать добро ❤
@jamaljamal-xh2qp 12 gün önce
Anda sungguh luar biasa.. Saya sangat bahagia melihat orang yang sembuh atas bantuan anda. Teruslah berbuat baik semoga tuhan memberkatimu.
@yerorooooo 10 gün önce
Serahkan uang anda
@user-yo9yr8yq6q 2 gün önce
Вы невероятны! Это потрясающее воплощение мечты в жизнь! СПАСИБО!!! ❤
Honestly from a dude with one functioning eye, this hit me right in the feels. Mr beast got grown men tearing up here.
Nah Fr I felt this one 🥲
@swampraider3488 Yıl önce
You can do it bro, I believe in you. Hope you will be blessed with much abundance
@caseyphelps6232 Yıl önce
Well half way in your case.
@TvTink Yıl önce
@Judy122550 Yıl önce
I wish you could see with your other eye
@rmatson Aylar önce
Just fantastic, man. Thanks for doing great things for people.
@rdgalloway 18 saatler önce
@Gus_Valera 7 gün önce
я уже сижу и плачу....Джимми ты лучший!❤‍🩹 I'm already sitting and crying... Jimmy you are the best!❤‍🩹
This guy deserves everything for his kindness🤭
@barbaraamofa2212 20 gün önce
Amazing Mr. Beast this is incredible. You have the world at heart
@YZ-batek Yıl önce
The fact that Jimmy went from doing challenges to saving lives around the world is admirable. Mad respect for Jimmy !
@Disarmiche Yıl önce
батя привет
@angelo4ek781 Yıl önce
Чувак ты че русский?
*Don't readd my namee..🙏*
@YZ-batek Yıl önce
@@angelo4ek781 нет, просто ник русский и все, я ваще русский не знаю
@dovidkahn 11 aylar önce
@user-uu2sb6um5n Aylar önce
Amazing.. There is no other words to express it.