互little girl gets hit by her mom and she reacts 

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@ezereactionandreviews 11 aylar 繹nce
She was like, "is that all you got? Btch please..." 不不不 She's gonna be a problem
@coniekaellis6893 4 aylar 繹nce
I'm trying to see if she got hit
@cameroncole06 3 aylar 繹nce
@melriv1055 Y覺l 繹nce
No no no, what shes really saying is. Oh you gon smack me, wait till you go to sleep.
@ryogamestation 10 aylar 繹nce
@thomasturner9305 7 aylar 繹nce
Nah bro 不不
@SandraRodriguez-lm5fh 7 aylar 繹nce
@PreciousAndWeird 5 aylar 繹nce
@Zeinab.N 5 aylar 繹nce
@btothe3345 8 aylar 繹nce
These 2020 babies are just fearless
@Bigballer8585 5 aylar 繹nce
Stg cuz my daughter DGAF
@iam-felixswife 2 aylar 繹nce
im fearless UH
@Jay-Sik 2 aylar 繹nce
@mandayoungannn2789 10 aylar 繹nce
She hit that Hit me again imma have to show you something
@crazyazcordova 8 aylar 繹nce
Hitting doesn't do anything, but make your baby distrust you. And it hurts.
@mantiilove 2 aylar 繹nce
oh plz ,babygirl was clearly doing something she wasnt supposed to be doing . looks like she was playing with the electric cords ! my niece has touched something that was dangerous! was told to stop & did it again so she got a pop on the wrist & what you think she did ? she stopped . you correct stuff right then & there or theyre going to feel like they can do it again & not listen when they get older .
@Napkin2d 2 aylar 繹nce
That's a damn lie
@unicornmadness6286 2 aylar 繹nce
@jamarykendricks Aylar 繹nce
What are we? Punks?
She looks so innocent and her cheeks are so CHUBBY *I LOVE CHILDREN*
@robertbutler2360 11 aylar 繹nce
不不不不不不不 She's like "And...????". She cute though..
@rolandchestnut9076 10 aylar 繹nce
@thadathilrohini 10 aylar 繹nce
She's like "That's it..?!.. that's all you've got ??..."五
@mayravasquez1247 5 aylar 繹nce
You didnt need to hit her the hard
@user-sl2xt8oj7r 3 aylar 繹nce
I know right
No means no..
@barrigibbs2633 Y覺l 繹nce
Great parenting, just enough force.
@talialuvsyou3438 8 aylar 繹nce
no its not
@BabyMonkey129 7 aylar 繹nce
@@talialuvsyou3438 no shes being sarcastic
@NoriMori1992 5 aylar 繹nce
That implies she should've been using force at all.
@naturesown1807 10 aylar 繹nce
Oh yeah, you gotta fight her now
@BillCipher167 13 g羹n 繹nce
They gonna have to throw hands
@MnA_RobloxGamez321 5 aylar 繹nce
Her hit really said Oh you gonna hit me? Wait till you fall asleep色
@ManiiSone. 6 aylar 繹nce
She was like wait that actually aint hurt
@baxterboi2792 6 aylar 繹nce
Jesus Christ why would you hit a little girl like that
@MsTheJohnsons 5 aylar 繹nce
Because no means no!
@samlinton7399 5 aylar 繹nce
Unless you know anything about parenting don't say anything
@Mika-439 3 aylar 繹nce
She was talking back with out saying a word. She did not like that smack.
@TrackyGamin 6 aylar 繹nce
Gurl really said i might be younger色. *_BUT I AM STRONGER THAN YOU THINK HAHAHAHAHAHAHH_*
@charlienick2134 Y覺l 繹nce
Why would u hit a toddler like??
@alaynahouchin9150 Y覺l 繹nce
Its her kid she can do what she wants with her and clearly she said no to her and she continued so dont comment about peoples parenting when you dont know the back story
@user-ti8dy5rs1d Y覺l 繹nce
@@alaynahouchin9150 l thought hitting a toddler was wrong
@alaynahouchin9150 Y覺l 繹nce
@@user-ti8dy5rs1d it is to a point but you shouldnt say stuff about other peoples parenting because its their child
@alaynahouchin9150 Y覺l 繹nce
@@user-ti8dy5rs1d but she mostly hit the wall and clearly it didnt hurt her so its fine
@THEJKREW9 8 aylar 繹nce
" Wassup cuz ima do it anyways" whatevs
@AnnHughes-vk8be 5 aylar 繹nce
Lol whoever did the caption of what the baby was saying is spot on cuz that's exactly what that baby was saying
@chloerose21244 7 aylar 繹nce
She looks really cheeky don't treat her like that
@reyamezquita5058 4 aylar 繹nce
Aye u shouldnt hit your kids like that
@sunnysedits9060 20 g羹n 繹nce
Its discipline
@vickieburks4145 5 aylar 繹nce
Why would you hit her like that she did do nothinghhh
@dsbanks6501 5 aylar 繹nce
You dont kno what she did she obviously didnt hurt her.
@patrikjacobsen3158 6 aylar 繹nce
@dsbanks6501 5 aylar 繹nce
Spare the Rod, spoil the child
@Nanasrollypolly 5 aylar 繹nce
She slapped 2 doctors learn before commenting
@Kauther_alhilfi 6 aylar 繹nce
Dont hit her
@samlinton7399 5 aylar 繹nce
Unless you're a parent and know about parenting don't say nothing because it's to teach your babies not to do something as a black parent but y'all like sugar coating everything
@El_GordoTV 2 aylar 繹nce
@@samlinton7399 they probably havent seen an ass whooping, like ever.
@rarwebb379 6 aylar 繹nce
She like hit me again now we got beef
@macenlewis3142 6 aylar 繹nce
My 9 yr sister would have started crying so hard she took that like a champ
@Graf.Falafel 4 aylar 繹nce
I dont think thats a good sign. taking it without any whining means shes very well used to a lot more than that.
@litesavage849 3 aylar 繹nce
@@Graf.Falafelits very good shes disciplined
Me when my mom tried to hit me
@kaire724 9 aylar 繹nce
*You can teach a child no without hitting! What the heck is wrong with these "so called" parents?*
@Child_of_Amun 9 aylar 繹nce
Stop trying to tell people how to raise their children
@kaire724 9 aylar 繹nce
@@Child_of_Amun *Stop trying to tell me to stop speaking my mind. Now go away!!!*
@TwoSpilledTheTea 8 aylar 繹nce
@@Child_of_Amun Stop bossing people around! Leave this person alone, just stop always trying to say something about what others say! Like come on dude 咫
@k.c.o3477 6 aylar 繹nce
@@TwoSpilledTheTea Your comment can easily be applied to the OPs comment, further proving the hypocrisy of your comment. Think before commenting, child.
@kaidencegorham5850 7 aylar 繹nce
Why did you have to hit her though she's just a little kid and she bumped her a bow on the wall
@blackcvndy 8 aylar 繹nce
I swear toddlers do not feel pain! Lol you pop them and they either cry for 2 seconds cuz their feelings hurt or they look at u just like this like ur a joke不
@roseofsharon6408 8 aylar 繹nce
My daughter laughed at me. 丹儭 Frustrated the heck out of me.
@coolz123123 8 aylar 繹nce
Great way to teach your kid that hitting is how someone will get their way
@deeboo2765 6 aylar 繹nce
But its still bad and its not good to hit your child that is Child abuse I bet you be hitting your child or you would hit your child
@coolz123123 6 aylar 繹nce
@@deeboo2765 Im sorry that you cant read sarcasm ;(
@Mahi-14U Aylar 繹nce
This kid is like "Ima end this bitches whole career
@emermurray3533 6 aylar 繹nce
She's saying.... "Watch my future, I'm gonna use my hands just like you".
Damn bro like girl get your hands of me woman Me: 尹尹尹尹尹尹尹尹尹尹
@Davo2turnt 5 aylar 繹nce
Dont pop that baby
@Ainsley-kv5ok 5 aylar 繹nce
I wouldve been happier if I couldve just stopped her mom
@sunnysedits9060 20 g羹n 繹nce
Its called discipline
@BITNSNBOBS 6 aylar 繹nce
Guys u do realise thats will child abuse
@monaobeidat8352 Y覺l 繹nce
Why you hit her that is abuse
@moonlit9608 11 aylar 繹nce
She hit the wall.
@rickiejohnson9744 10 aylar 繹nce
She only hit the wall mostly because her arm couldn't reach the baby,
@user-eh4od2so5p 5 aylar 繹nce
She hit that so wassup what happenings btch fight me come on come on
@alphabetfanaticgeo 7 aylar 繹nce
That mom is abusive
@sunnysedits9060 20 g羹n 繹nce
Its not abuse wtf its called discipline
@sunnysedits9060 20 g羹n 繹nce
Do u even know what abuse it lil kid
@kendriqzachary2296 7 aylar 繹nce
Why would you hit the child even though she did nothing.*mocks* But Shut Up
@El_GordoTV 2 aylar 繹nce
Mama is doing right to discipline her child. Fuck what others gotta say. I had my fair share growing up, and what this lady doing its not abuse. My mama did worse on me and what this lady doing, isnt as bad. So chill, 樹
@zeddington9929 6 aylar 繹nce
That Look said it all
@wedonttalkanymorelove 5 aylar 繹nce
Shes like 3 dont hit her that hard 峽
@clintoncobb5677 6 aylar 繹nce
Girl why would you hit your child tho
@samlinton7399 5 aylar 繹nce
Because it's her child just like you said no mind your business bro
@courtneyboudreau4284 4 aylar 繹nce
@@samlinton7399well some people don't like hitting their kids so mind your business
@unicornmadness6286 2 aylar 繹nce
The little girl looked like she was messing with the cord, so what just continue to let her do it? And what if she ended up getting hurt, then what would you of said? Silly
@courtneyboudreau4284 2 aylar 繹nce
@@unicornmadness6286 there's other ways of doing that.
@robertj.4484 2 aylar 繹nce
She is a tough little girl,no crying or tantrums..
@mariekinghart2746 2 aylar 繹nce
Shes like, saying匈m gonna be me
@alvinesehenderson4127 3 aylar 繹nce
That was more like..What's up ? What you wanna do?
@Love4Maye 9 g羹n 繹nce
She really said Btch pull up without sayin it
@user-tx6oq5ob7g 2 aylar 繹nce
She was like,Wsp up I can throw my hands to
@Wxdda. Aylar 繹nce
she said "oh wrd?? do dat shii again ima show u sum reality 唐
@Unique198526 2 aylar 繹nce
She like you got a problem? So whats up
@Hillr2249 4 aylar 繹nce
Took courage to put this on social media
@lovelymix22 26 g羹n 繹nce
Man that's what I was thinking
Bro Fr she so cute
@JeanBatega 5 aylar 繹nce
wow beautiful girl 氣
@LollyxEditsxoxo 6 aylar 繹nce
Don't hit your child it's child abuse That's a horrible way of discipline
@s0ul3ss820 5 aylar 繹nce
Like u ain't ever been smacked by yo mama B4 that's her kid and she can do what she wants.
@LollyxEditsxoxo 5 aylar 繹nce
@@s0ul3ss820 I actually haven't and I know it's her kid I'm expressing my opinion
@s0ul3ss820 5 aylar 繹nce
@@LollyxEditsxoxo so you're telling me that you have never been physically punished whether it's a whoopin belt or a slap in your entire life?
@LollyxEditsxoxo 5 aylar 繹nce
@@s0ul3ss820 no??? I've never been physically punished only verbally punished (getting yelled at, ect)
@s0ul3ss820 5 aylar 繹nce
@@LollyxEditsxoxo ok I see you ms perfect cuz for me, if I get a d or f on my report card I'm as good as dead bcuz that's a whole a$$ whoopin right there
@lilem2014 4 aylar 繹nce
To be honest her mom shouldn't hit her kid
@brandyyolidio4213 3 aylar 繹nce
Strong little girl, keep a ruler handy and that pretty baby will be just fine
@alexisjohnson7813 5 aylar 繹nce
She better sleep with one eye open
@INTERNETBFF 6 aylar 繹nce
The way the mom didnt even touch her
She's so cute
@Ainsley-kv5ok 5 aylar 繹nce
Not the way her mama hit her
@somakarola72 5 aylar 繹nce
@@Ainsley-kv5ok mah my mom did worsee
@Ainsley-kv5ok 5 aylar 繹nce
The way she just slapped her was so hard and heartbreaking and rude
@Taytaysav9lilostich 4 aylar 繹nce
No she said ok cus u wanna fight wus up
@jadachibuoke487 7 aylar 繹nce
Lol kid be invincible
@tawanjanthasorn656 3 aylar 繹nce
She like "u Bein for real what the season wanna fight "
@mariajimenez5057 6 aylar 繹nce
She is so sweet and now she like Im going to do it again
@Harper_118 2 aylar 繹nce
That baby like do you wanna fight come on girl Im ready to fight
@kenyattatucker1279 5 aylar 繹nce
What was that fo ?
@nancyporter1444 2 aylar 繹nce
I believe in disciplining children, but laying your hand on them is never the answer. Your mother may have slap the crap out of you, but all its made you is mean.
@sunnysedits9060 20 g羹n 繹nce
Thats not true He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is diligent to discipline him (Proverbs 13:24)
@CountyLine77 17 g羹n 繹nce
@@sunnysedits9060quit taking scripture out of context, shame on you
@windyflowers25 2 aylar 繹nce
baby says oh rlly? Youll wait till u arent home
@philipkershaw2915 4 aylar 繹nce
No no mean no , haha she was like bitch you gonna get it 不不
@noemireyna7524 5 aylar 繹nce
If that was my kid
Took no damage
You can't just smack a little girl like that
@sunnysedits9060 20 g羹n 繹nce
He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is diligent to discipline him (Proverbs 13:24)
@latoyadawson9095 10 aylar 繹nce
Little one didn't appreciate that hit 不不不不不不
@Gabbiwabbi053 3 aylar 繹nce
That girl said wsp start throwing those hands
@LokyGia 5 aylar 繹nce
why is his mom hitting her kid abusive!!
@Kalinabff 3 aylar 繹nce
Little girl so cute
That no means no had me rollin on the floor
@mohammadalomary8442 5 aylar 繹nce
The baby's head: CHILD ABUSE!!! and don't you dare touch my ASS
@AngelA-wf1sg 8 aylar 繹nce
She hit the wall, not the baby
@harriettubman6641 8 aylar 繹nce
Awwwww precious
@TheReal.NayRevel 5 aylar 繹nce
My lil brother do this to凌潘
@Kayla-en8qu 2 aylar 繹nce
Chrisean Rock as a child
You have your hands full with this little lady
@lynzitrainer734 2 aylar 繹nce
She got that dog in her
@Kamadodancing 25 g羹n 繹nce
She said btch if you swinging then Im swinging
@tanishanoble5619 5 aylar 繹nce
Nooo she's ask (why you hit me mom) watch the video again
@plpcernwearth 2 aylar 繹nce
@Autumnstitchfan 5 aylar 繹nce
Man she just slapped her like she dont care
@Alexis_lovesyou 4 aylar 繹nce
peaople on the other side of the wall: EYYY IM TRYING TO SLEEP HERE
@Luke-kg7vu 5 aylar 繹nce
Baby girl is running things around that house
@voidadventures186 4 aylar 繹nce
She said: I dont care you beating me for no reason?
@hylamills5417 3 aylar 繹nce
You gonna be old one day Momma..See you then 不不
@Sunset9293 4 aylar 繹nce
@DeAundreStewart-gz7bl 4 aylar 繹nce
Lord save my soul
@chaiselyles 9 aylar 繹nce
She got hit 不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不
@karas.6438 5 aylar 繹nce
That baby wouldve had a welt on her arm if that smack made full contact. She meant to make full contact but missed. Need the full video, cant tell what the daughter did for the mom to smack her. I dont like it.
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