🚨 FULL REACTION! 🚨 Stephen A. is LOVING the Cowboys’ playoff exit 😬 | First Take

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27 Oca 2023




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TimeBucks 3 gün önce
This gets more and more entertaining
Amir Hamza
Amir Hamza 2 gün önce
Shoriful Islam
Shoriful Islam 2 gün önce
CadeCrash BrowieOreo
“Just just be patient..what can go wrong, will go wrong.” Steven A 😂
The Patrick Cox Podcast
@Marsonis2ya no because how many teams have been in a similar situation for consecutive years with a fanbase as vocal as the Dallas Cowboys? That's the part you're missing. Cowboy fans are the epitome of insanity. They will get hyped over ANY little thing imaginable only to find themselves back in the same situation time and time again
Marsonis2ya Gün önce
@The Patrick Cox Podcast Can't you say that about pretty much every single team. How exactly is that some sort of prediction to brag about?
The Patrick Cox Podcast
@Keith Caldwell I mean what is there to say? He tells Dallas fans to be patient because they always find a way to screw it up for years now and every year it's the same result. Feels like groundhog day at this point. Cowboys fans wake up everyday to find that their team is not in the super bowl
Keith Caldwell
Keith Caldwell 2 gün önce
Yeah, it took 18 games though. He said nothing now he’s running his mouth.
No Filter A Nintendo Podcast
Michael Irvin is one of the best additions they've had on first take. His reactions are priceless
Love one another as I have loved you Jesus Christ
Steven A sitting over there quietly ready to pounce is so funny 🤣
gor9027 4 gün önce
Stephen A roasting the Cowboys will never get old.
The Truth
The Truth 2 gün önce
Crazy to believe that largely because of this man the Dallas Cowboys are now the largest trolled sports franchise in sports today. It is unbelievable to believe that the entire US has joined Stephen A Smith in trolling this franchise whenever they get a chance to do so. Great Job SAS.
Mad Men's Roger Sterling
He gets old though. First of all, like stop yelling. Secondly, this dudes breath smells atrocious. I met him and could smell it a mile away. Asked 10 girls if they would date/mess with him and all said not a chance, lmao. Sorry, I hate smelly breath losers so the little nerd is annoying
WhoAmEye 2 gün önce
@Jeremy Ross as long as he touches a nerve on cupcakes such as yourself it will never get old sweetheart 😂
Fear 2 gün önce
@Benjamin Rood he scared of turning into a cowgirl
curtis brown
curtis brown 3 gün önce
@Lxl Sparky He was actually a journalist in Philadelphia covering the 76ers and Allen Iverson before the Cowboys were Losers, so he already had a career.
Tackleqb 4 gün önce
You really gotta love Michael for this. I have really gained so much respect for him over the last few weeks on being such a good sport with Stephen A.
Aramis Doucett
Aramis Doucett 3 gün önce
Stephen a’s yearly cowboy elimination roast has become somewhat of an annual national holiday. 😂
The Bayihas
The Bayihas 3 gün önce
Stephen A Smith in rare form with this one... One of his best scenes on first take
Maurice Chevalier IV
I look forward to this every year! Seeing the Cowboys fail every season and then watching Stephen A. trolling Cowboys Nation with that stupid hat and cigar is like a second Christmas. Keep up the great work Boys.
209Euro 4 gün önce
Stephen A. as Pinky from Friday is the best thing that’s ever happened to ESPN 😂😂😂
Bart Simpson
Bart Simpson Gün önce
@Alex Walker Slow this mutha offense down
Sean Wilson
Sean Wilson Gün önce
Bart Simpson
Bart Simpson 2 gün önce
@SC2point0 🤣🤣🤣
Mike Te'
Mike Te' 2 gün önce
Lol def too 5
Matthew smith
Matthew smith 2 gün önce
Next Friday
Declor 2 gün önce
This was one of the best stephen A segments ever 😂😂
Teffy2105 4 gün önce
This loss hurt cowboys fans and supporters the most, you can hear it in all their voices. This loss stings bad!!
Darrell Lee
Darrell Lee 13 saatler önce
Pure hilarious 😂😂. Best skit he’s ever done! He’s going to have so many Dallas fans hating him 😂
Sarah Don't T[A]P Me!!
I love that Dan Orlovsky was dying of laughter the entire time. This just goes to show how entertaining Stephen A. is
Walter Fields
Walter Fields 4 gün önce
Man I really respect Michael Irvin for going along with that skit 🤣😭🤧
Frogballz Gün önce
And to have to listen that dude to the right of him just babble like the most annoying person you'll ever meet besides S. Smith.
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith Gün önce
@mrbam88 lol
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith Gün önce
@Gamer Dee Girl, you know they are bad
Mike Te'
Mike Te' 2 gün önce
Mad respect to Michael Irvin for this skit lol 😂
Jeremy Harness
Jeremy Harness 4 gün önce
Watching Stephen A. with that cowboy hat, the cigar and a huge grin on his face while flattening the Cowboys was perhaps the best thing I’ve ever seen on that show
Puneet Singla
Puneet Singla 3 gün önce
I love how these guys walk it back, literally all these guys were saying “pay the man” .. many people could tell he was a sub par QB, and yet were called “casuals”
Gunz2Point0 4 gün önce
I waited all day to watch this in peace. And it didn't disappoint. Thank you, Cowboys. 🫡
Chris Sanchez
Chris Sanchez 4 gün önce
"I needed someone to elevate the Cowboys fans hope everywhere so the fall would be more dramatic." Most real Line every by Stephen A.
RICO PARADISE 3 gün önce
✝️ LORD JESUS DIED & ROSE AGAIN TO PAY THE DEBT OF UR SIN! ✅By Faith in the sacrifice God has made are we saved from the penalty of sin! 🔵Turn from your sin that leads to death & accept His Gift that leads to eternal Life! 💜We are all sinners that need God. No one can say they are perfect to be able to pay their debt of sin. This is why only God could pay the penalty for us, that is merciful Love!
Jane Oregas
Jane Oregas 4 gün önce
@C.L. Barr , o bñl?
Onell Vanstory
Onell Vanstory 4 gün önce
Ahh shut up..all fans love their team..that's stupid..plus your pathetic team ain't squat.. Cowboys will always be relevant..
Benjamin Miller
Benjamin Miller 4 gün önce
Joker06 4 gün önce
This gets more and more entertaining every season 🤣🤣🤣
corey parrish
corey parrish 4 gün önce
Haven't laughed this hard in a lonnng while. Kudos Stephen A.
P. Banneker Hatcherson
That was the biggest problem I believe. When you feel that you can’t kick field goals, it changes how you operate your offense. That was the seed of the Cowboys failure.
Tiff Tiff T[A]P ON [M][Y] PlcTuRE
Man I really respect Michael Irvin for going along with that skit
Kandros Richards
Kandros Richards 3 gün önce
I may be a Packers fan, but I’m thankful for the Cowboys signing Mike McCarthy as their head coach so he can lead the team to terrible playoff losses
Calming Music
Calming Music 3 gün önce
Watching Stephen A. Troll the Cowboys after they lose is must see TV and it never gets old.
Gerald Thompson
Gerald Thompson 4 gün önce
Yeah , Stephen A This Was His Finest Hour In Letting Cowboys Nation " Yall Ain't Gotta Go Home , But Yall Out The Playoffs " Thank U Stephen A , Thank You Sir 🤣🤣😎✌️
SparzWizard 4 gün önce
Stephen A. Smith had a field day today. First he goes and demolishes Michael Irvin, next he tells Molly she's up next with her Giants 🤣
Biased Sports Fan
Biased Sports Fan 4 gün önce
I love that Dan Orlovsky was dying of laughter the entire time. This just goes to show how entertaining Stephen A. is 😂
JOJI JOESTAR 4 gün önce
Found a new pasta
William Gullett
William Gullett 4 gün önce
@Hung Meow Smith should be on the stage...the next one out of town
President Mario
President Mario 4 gün önce
That's why ESPN pays him so much.
Hung Meow
Hung Meow 4 gün önce
Melly Kruger
Melly Kruger 4 gün önce
I love Stephen A Smith tearing into the worst fanbase in history. This is one of the best moments in sports segments seeing southern stephen a massacring this horrid fanbase. LMFAO 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Cool 3 gün önce
“See ya” 😂😂😂😂 That killed my boy Mike, he tried to bring up the defense afterwards 😂😂😂😂
WutTheDeuce 2 gün önce
What's great about this, this happens every year yet every year I continue to see fans and analysts make the statement that the Cowboys are winning it all. How many years will it take for yall to finally accept that this team, as good as they are talent wise, cannot get it done when it matters?
Lisa M. Willson
Lisa M. Willson 4 gün önce
Man I really respect Michael Irvin for going along with that skit 🤣😭🤧
Bnoise22 3 gün önce
Stephen As full talent was on display today. I feel like this segment was huge for his fanbase.
Trell Network
Trell Network 4 gün önce
ESPN please double this man’s salary. He’s single handily carrying the company with his comedy 😅
M M 4 gün önce
He needs a max deal for this.
Evan Device
Evan Device 4 gün önce
@Anna Angol me either I WASNT expecting the throw bac though This was genius He’s gotta B practicing 4 a bigger role on something soon
sophisticated thought's...
@Anna Angol Came to👍🏽 like the awesome comment! Staying to propose💍😁You're Extremely...Gorgeous😍Miss Angol(.)
Shawn Franklin
Shawn Franklin 4 gün önce
Nobody watches buy yall idiots
Derricka Blair
Derricka Blair 4 gün önce
SAS is ESPN!!!
Stelios Kantos
Stelios Kantos 4 gün önce
I am done with this dismissal of my 49ers defense. Everyone want to blame Dak for this lost like he didn't just go against the best defense in the league. Like he was suppose to score 30 on us or something. Lack of adjustment and lack of a real run game lost them the game. Dak did the best he could against a top defense.
Winston Tan
Winston Tan 4 gün önce
The minute I saw 9ers won the game, I immediately put a reminder on my phone to watch First Take cause I knew it's gonna be hilarious
Torrance Mason
Torrance Mason 2 gün önce
I basically did the same thing but I ended up missing this segment
Chriis Dangelo
Chriis Dangelo 2 gün önce
Stephen A cracks me up. I will say this the Cowboys never let him down.
Chef Chop
Chef Chop 4 gün önce
I'm a life long Cowboys fan and it hurts to say that everything Stephen A. said was true
santacruzer 4 gün önce
Year after year after year and this NEVER gets old
TheWhipsnap 2 gün önce
@Flashpoint it’s funnier because cowboys fans think they are going to the Super Bowl every year in week 4. But the fact is I’m in my mid thirties and the last time the cowboys won a playoff game, I hadn’t even started kindergarten yet. Maybe if cowboys fans tempered their pride and expectations a little bit, so many people wouldn’t bask in their misery.
Kevin Davidson
Kevin Davidson 2 gün önce
As a Lions fan, we’re used to the disappointment. Whether that’s due to our own play or referees. Next year might be our cowboys year where we have these big expectations, but we’ll see. For now, it’s funny seeing the disappointment from our perspective.
SunHead 4 gün önce
@Flashpoint I actually thought tampa would win too.. but that was because i never watched them play a single game all season. Didn't realize how bad they actually were. They were a bottom 10 team in the nfl that got into the playoffs in the worst division in the nfl. Anyone would have blown the bucs out. But it took Dallas beating one of the worst teams in the league to finally win a playoff game.
Keith Kwas
Keith Kwas 4 gün önce
My 49ers beat Dallas 2 years in a row! Go 49ers! Let's shock the Eagles in Philly!
BenDallas 4 gün önce
It will end one day
kenalier 4 gün önce
He was about to kick that back to San Francisco 😂😂😂😂😂
Kevin Davidson
Kevin Davidson 2 gün önce
What’s crazy to me is that cowboys fans have genuinely accepted the loss for the most part. Like it was a piece of humble pie that got ‘em quiet. It’s actually kinda sad lol.
mello the fellow
mello the fellow 3 gün önce
These two together are like uncles at the reunion lol classic
Cordell Hadeed
Cordell Hadeed 4 gün önce
I love Michael he is truly a good sport.
VickyTX 4 gün önce
When Pollard went down, Dak should’ve known in that moment that a win was up to him to bring it his all. Unfortunately…that didn’t happen. 💔
Lenny Johnson
Lenny Johnson 3 gün önce
I wanted Cooper Rush to start.... I already knew what Dak was gonna do after that spectacular performance he had the previous week
Mitch Laurence
Mitch Laurence 3 gün önce
Stephen A is like a heel in WWF in the 80's and that was one awesome heel promo
Casual Reader
Casual Reader Gün önce
Nothing makes me happier than seeing the Cowboys lose in the playoffs and seeing Stephen A's reaction. How can we continue calling them America's team?!
SOLUS 4 gün önce
“We know Dak Prescott is a good guy, what do you want a cookie?!” 😂😂😂 I am crying 😂😂😂
The Florida Bass Paddler
@Sl1m3ySlatt I have no comeback, that is the Dallas Cowboys way!
Sl1m3ySlatt 3 gün önce
@The Florida Bass Paddleryeah while we were laughing at y’all getting eliminated by a rookie quarterback
Reapergk 3 gün önce
A T 4 gün önce
Alexander Panayi
Alexander Panayi 4 gün önce
"Last but not least Dak Prescott not only did he lose he stunk up the joint, while doing it not only did he stink up the joint while doing it it was against a dude who name is Mr. Ireevelant the very very last pick in the NFL draft who happens to be a third string ROOKIE!"🤣
Brian Cooper
Brian Cooper 3 gün önce
Poor Michael Irvin. I know that this loss is just killing him, but... I'M WITH STEPHEN A ON THIS!!! Most of the country is sick and tired of the Dallas Cowboys, the most over-hyped team in all of professional sports. Yes, even more than the LA Lakers. The only thing more satisfying than watching the Cowboys get blown out is watching them lose at the end in heartbreaking fashion. The truth is, that SF was just a better team in almost every way.
Salsanqueso 2 gün önce
If Steven A doesn't get anything else right, he'll ALWAYS be on the money with the Cowboys 😂😂😂🔥
L 4 gün önce
I'm a 49er fan and even I feel a little bad for how bad the Cowboys are getting trolled. I mean, I'm sure they're in enough pain just replaying first-hand memories of that game. But, hey, also maybe Cowboys getting too cocky beforehand didn't help ;)
No Limit Soldier
No Limit Soldier 4 gün önce
Stephen A. was on 💯 with that Pinky impersonation!!!🔥🔥😂😂🤣🤣
Dada67 2 gün önce
Nah fr tho lol!! I was really weak at this!! Lml 😂😂😂
Dustin Holguin
Dustin Holguin 4 gün önce
Stephen A actually makes having to deal with this loss a little more enjoyable.
Sl1m3ySlatt 3 gün önce
Y’all got humbled talkin allat shii 😂😂
9 Ether Being
9 Ether Being 4 gün önce
Michael Miles
Michael Miles 4 gün önce
Gotta laugh so you don't cry! 🤣🤣
Cassius Chief's
Cassius Chief's 4 gün önce
*Pinky A. Smith 🤦🏽
Mr. Howard
Mr. Howard 4 gün önce
Rubbela_XxSnipper_ 3 gün önce
Thank u cowboys for your blessing of making every cowboy fan cry and I thank u for the blessing of this man Stephen A today. Y’all did it again. Thank u.
Jorge Flores
Jorge Flores 4 gün önce
As a Cowboys fan, I don't see how Irvin can still say that Dak playing the way he did this year is new. His completion percentage really hasn't changed the last 7 years. In 2021, he had 5 fewer INTs than this year, 2020 he played 5 GAMES and had 4 INTs!! and I can go on and on. This year was their only real shot at a SB which is what really hurts. Defense was outstanding this year and literally bailed out Dak just about every single game. Had it not been for defense, this team would have probably been 8-9 or worse! Dak is not a top tier QB. He's barely above average! He's had more talent on his teams, especially defensively, the last 7 years than Romo had his whole tenure!! But here Irvin sits still defending this clown! The clown who has to commit at least 1 turnover a night, the clown who's defense bails him out every game, the clown who when his RB goes down can't deliver when he needs to, the clown who can't outplay a 3rd string QB when the defense held them to 1 TD!
Faisal Chaugule
Faisal Chaugule 4 gün önce
I’m a huge 49ers fan and I’ve got to say that Michael Irwin is a true fan of his team Dallas cowboys. Personally, I think that Dallas played pretty well and their defense was especially good. Yeah, the 2 turnovers definitely hurt them, but their defense showed up to the game. I also agree with Micah Parsons that the 49ers just made better plays. Stephen A. Smith is a riot hahaha talking about their kicker Maher kicking that ball like it was going from Santa Clara to San Francisco. That’s just cold. Anyways, I truly wish the Dallas cowboys all the very best. Stay positive. Go 49ers. Bang bang niner gang.
BlaiseCazares 4 gün önce
Stephen A. is such a poet when it comes to trashing Dallas 😩🤣
PlayMaker1123 4 gün önce
The Monday After A Dallas Cowboys Season Loss Is Like The Monday Night Raw After Wrestlemania 😂😂
MTW 4 gün önce
♎ DeeDoc 👑
♎ DeeDoc 👑 4 gün önce
That there FACTS 😆
Rene Rougeau
Rene Rougeau 4 gün önce
Those were the days!! 🔥🤘🏽🙌🏽🤣
Chris G
Chris G 4 gün önce
I wish I could like this comment twice. You know what? I'll unclick the thumb so I can like it again
KING ASIF 4 gün önce
Lol 😂
Chivati-💖 𝐹**СК МЕ - СНЕ𝒞𝒦 𝑀𝒴 Р𝑅𝟢𝐹𝐼𝐿Е🔞
Man I really respect Michael Irvin for going along with that skit
CMO Vlogs
CMO Vlogs 4 gün önce
Lmao this was brilliant, kudos to Michael Irvin for playing along
Marcus Graham
Marcus Graham 4 gün önce
I’ve been a Cowboys fan forever and I’ve never heard Stephen A. say one lie about that team since he’s been on First Take
Juan Espinosa
Juan Espinosa Gün önce
Awsome segment ! Steven A smith was loving it.He called it from the beginning.Thats what he was campaigning about all season long.
Onthehop08 4 gün önce
This was one of the best Stephen A segments ever 😂😂😂
Kaisersose 4 gün önce
It was kind of funny the first time
Cincinnati Reed
Cincinnati Reed 4 gün önce
Sure was
Brian Supermag
Brian Supermag 4 gün önce
Usually not a fan of him. But that was spot on accurate.
Alexander Scott
Alexander Scott 4 gün önce
"Man, I ain't stuntin' ya'll.." Lol.Michael Irvin with that Dallas lingo..had to laugh. Can tell he's been repping here awhile
Reignmkr! 2 gün önce
Now we know why Jones was so reluctant to pay Dak. He knew he wasn't getting a great QB but went against his better judgement and acquiesced to the pressure from the pundits. This is worse than Russell Wilson and the Broncos because RW has at least been great in his past.
QuadSportsCarl 16 saatler önce
"Love this who loves Stephen A. Smith what a man. Cowboys always fail in the playoffs early every year!"
yahshala el
yahshala el 4 gün önce
I can't take it Stephen A you got me laughing so hard that was a Oscar grammy-winning skit that you and Michael Irvin did not kudos to you love you Steven A me my brother and my sister
Not Sure
Not Sure 4 gün önce
I tune in to watch Stephen A after every cowboy loss. Makes my day!
NCGirl 4 gün önce
Im with U on that!
PhantomEchoes 4 gün önce
As a Red.. um, no. As a Washington foot... no, that's not it. As a command... Ugh, nah. As a fan of D.C. pro sports teams, I love this. Stephen A's schtick can be a bit tiresome, but there are few things more entertaining to me than him trolling Dallas after a loss.
Hellcat Big Rude88
Hellcat Big Rude88 4 gün önce
@INDRID COLDstop acting like a sour puss it’s sports lol😂
Gerry White
Gerry White 4 gün önce
As a Washington fan I always look forward to watching Stephen A go into character whenever Dallas loses. It's classic. "How bout dem Cowboys?" LOL
INDRID COLD 4 gün önce
Sad life you live.
planetkori 4 gün önce
Cool 3 gün önce
10:00 couldn’t have said it better myself 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Heavenly Sleep
Heavenly Sleep 3 gün önce
🤣🤣🤣 This is by far the best episode of first take EVER!!!
Arch Stanton
Arch Stanton Gün önce
Cowboys were boasting about beating a limp Tom Brady. They were acting like they just beat the 2007 Brady and chanting, "We want 9ers." Just beautiful.
Gillian Tracy
Gillian Tracy 4 gün önce
I'm not a fan of Stephen A but this was absolutely the most epic takedown ever!
DrDisInfect 😷
DrDisInfect 😷 Gün önce
He tries to hard to act like Martin Lawrence from the Martin radio 📻 show
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith Gün önce
@Phillybyrd34 💪
Phillybyrd34 Gün önce
@Brandon Smith I'm looking forward to this matchup with San Francisco this weekend, but I was really hoping for Dallas to win the game cuz I wanted a Birds vs Boyz game with EVERYTHING ON THE LINE... It would've been our 1st playoff game against each other for the first time in 13 YEARS....!! and this time, we would have gotten EXACTLY WHAT WE WANTED ALL YEAR LONG: Dak Prescott vs. Jalen Hurts; with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line!!!💪💪 [Survivor Series 2001: WINNER TAKE ALL!!]
Deonte Swing
Deonte Swing Gün önce
@Brandon Smith I wana see a game not a route but ok🤷
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith Gün önce
@Deonte Swing Niners 27 pts??? No way. The Niners are getting routed, just get ready for the super bowl - Eagles vs Whomever
Catherine Fraser
Catherine Fraser 4 gün önce
Every year! This exit was pretty painful for Cowboys’ fans.
Pointy Head
Pointy Head 2 gün önce
Has Dak ever even played a good game without relying on his teams run game? I honestly can't recall a single game where his RB's totaled ~30yards and he led the team to a W. 🤷‍♂
Mr. Ridley82
Mr. Ridley82 3 gün önce
Dak, CeeDee, MG13 and whoever the #3 receiver is gonna be next season along with the tight ends all need to put in a lot of work in the offseason and get their timing better, there’s been too many times this season where they all have been off and it seemed to show up in crucial moments through the year
Nana kojo Ofori
Nana kojo Ofori 2 gün önce
That Stephen A laughter at the end kills me😂😂
RayDNC 4 gün önce
How Micheal Irvin can keep a straight face is beyond me!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Juelz 3 gün önce
disappointment will do that...
Mint Dragon
Mint Dragon 4 gün önce
Dude must have been hung over as heck and woke up with a banger headache. Also screamed at the TV the second half of the game and voice is really struggling today. Poor guy... 🙂
👹trollholio👹 4 gün önce
He gets paid to keep that straight face
Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot
Just like Ice Cube during the actual movie...I've been howling just re-watching this.
TBE LJ 4 gün önce
i mean he was an actor in longest yard lol
#true2dis #unew2dis
#true2dis #unew2dis 2 gün önce
This is actually my funniest Stephen A. moment.
jlvdw 2 gün önce
I'm 63 years old My First Cowboy game I watched was the 1967 Ice Bowl -25° I was 7 yrs old. By 1971 at 11 I was a Seasoned Cowboy Fan. I also learned how advanced & innovative they were compared to all other teams. From being 1st to use computers to pick Draft picks. A former RB Who was given the Starting Job as Head Coach Tom landry. The Architect, The Genius, The Soft Spoken Commander & Chief. Quietly building a Dynasty. 1971 SB5 1967 IceBowl. The greatest NFL Games ever 2B Played. These 2 games Shaped & Defined what the Dallas Cowboys were going to Be. The New World Leader in NFl Football. Cowboys lost these 2 Games. Both to the Current World Champions Green BayPackers under Lombardi, Baltimore Colts Under Shula. From 1961 to 1971 It was all of this that Tom Landry with designing Scrimmages from Scratch. From Rotating 4/5 RB's as Starters keeping legs fresh for 4 Qtr's. Behind an All Pro offensive Line the 2 Broke the Back of every Team they played. And Landry's Icing on the Cake just finding the Fastest man on Earth. And all he needed to do was teach him how to Catch a Football. Throw in a now seasoned & Mature Doomsday front 4 to add insult to Injury. 10 years to build a Bullet Proof Football team. 1972 SB6 Cowboys hold Miami to No 1st downs till the Fourth Quarter. Hold Miami to no Touchdowns in the Game. Cause the Longest sack in NFL History 30 yard lost. All 3 of those Feats are still Records today. They did them all in 1 game.....I'm saying all this for the Fan Cowboys who never have seen when Cowboys were bigger than Life itself. Today and really for the Last 30+ plus yrs Cowboys have been a shell of who they were. Today I can say without a doubt this is not Cowboy Football. It has not Been since 1988. SB92 & SB93 & SB96 were played from The Geniuses Architecture Tom Landry's Designed System of football. Not From former College Coaches Johson & Switzer. Greatness & Dynasty can be achieved again. But not with what's being displayed by anything in the NFL. The Formula is right a top this Much needed Reminder of What Cowboy Football is all about . If Dallas Jimmy Johnson & the Fans do not get back to COWBOYS Fundamentals I promise you this You will never see COWBOYS in the SuperBowl, You will Never See NFL Greatness you will never see A Cowboy Dynasty for as long as you Live. 1 last piece of History from the Man they just Called Coach landry last Game was in 1988. It Took Belichick 30 yrs to beat Landry's post season games played record and that with Tom Bradey as his QB and 9 SB's. No 1 will ever convince me that Tom Landry was the Greatest Coach of all Time... He would be Rolling in his Grave if he saw how the Cowboys are playing today. In Fact for the last 30+ Years. Do the Right thing and put the Landry System back in Force. For the Fans, for the Cowboys & For the NFL.
tjfarms 4 gün önce
This dude got me in tears!!! 😂
Beverly Dowdy
Beverly Dowdy 4 gün önce
As a Cowboy's fan, Defense was great! Now let's talk about the other plays that contributed to the loss. Where was Zek 🤔 All those dropped the ball by the tight ends. 😏 OMG, the field goal kicker was still in Dallas I guess 🤔 Dak did make some costly mistakes but the entire offense needs to own this loss!!
Clay Westing
Clay Westing 4 gün önce
“The Dallas cowboys are not strictly a football team.” Now that was hilarious!
hamhockbeans 3 gün önce
@17thNO Ronald Macdonald still had commercials when dallas last was in a SB.
Johnny Rotten
Johnny Rotten 4 gün önce
@17thNO exactly
17thNO 4 gün önce
@Johnny Rotten A lot of the current Cowboys weren't even alive when they last won the Superbowl.
17thNO 4 gün önce
@Johnny Rotten The Bengals have had in the last 2 seasons.
Ronnie Lovelace
Ronnie Lovelace 4 gün önce
They just Won't accept the fact that He's not going to deliver.
Geovanni Portilla
Geovanni Portilla 4 gün önce
This never gets old!. I think SAS it's groundbreaking in the media sports/talk shows industry. He has some interesting creations content. He should have a lecture or something like that. For real!: This segment it's a brand because him, the Kwame brow quote and the list goes on and on.
Ray V
Ray V 4 gün önce
Steven A was just waiting for this day because the Cowboys didn't lose too many games this year so most of the time he was quiet but every team will lose every team will lose, look at the Bills everybody thought that they were gonna smoke the Bengals and they got beat at home bad in the snow. It's all good Cowboys still have 5 Superbowls and like Steven A said, just be patient and watch just be patient because with the defense the Cowboys have they will reach the Superbowl just watch!
david monteforte
david monteforte 2 gün önce
La Familia
La Familia 4 gün önce
I love Michael I swear he took that for us like a g!!💔 🤣🤣🤣 I'm sick of us I'm finna just b a retired Dallas fan🤣
AJ Kareem
AJ Kareem 4 gün önce
The one time a year everybody is a Stephen A fan
Kevin Davidson
Kevin Davidson 2 gün önce
@Joey Doherty no we just need to wake up and see brother. These celebrities sell their soul and bodies for fame if willing 😂- said every conspiracy theorist and wacko ever.
SynthPunk 88
SynthPunk 88 4 gün önce
@Petro Vasylyk y'all be trying way too hard lol.
Joey Doherty
Joey Doherty 4 gün önce
@Lian Someone saying something I disagree equals selling one’s soul to the devil in today’s age of pansies.
Lian 4 gün önce
@Petro Vasylyk bruh?
Petro Vasylyk
Petro Vasylyk 4 gün önce
Stephen A would be so much cooler if he didn't sell his soul to the devil - this was funny af tho
Peter Jackson
Peter Jackson 2 gün önce
"what do you want, a cookie?" Had me in tears
Rush Turner
Rush Turner 2 gün önce
This whole thing has me crying and I am a Dallas fan
Wade Tillery
Wade Tillery 4 gün önce
Every time I think Stephen A. can’t take it to a new level of factual pettiness… He does 😂
Hot Dawg With Mustard!!
I love it when Dallas always loses in the playoffs just for the humor factor here alone! LoL.
GoatofJersey 4 gün önce
“What can go wrong will go wrong” applicable to both the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Knicks.
Forgem Nos
Forgem Nos Gün önce
Knicks are never in the Championship talk. Not the same
Juan Espinosa
Juan Espinosa Gün önce
Add the seahawks on that list.I,m a seahawks fan,but sadly, Murphy,s law plays a big part when it comes to Big games.
hichcoc Gün önce
LOL.....that's the truth right there!!!!
StaxKingdom355 2 gün önce
Quoting Murphy's Law shame on you
Shawn Kristoferu
Shawn Kristoferu 3 gün önce
Add the Raiders too.
nyasha maplanka
nyasha maplanka 2 gün önce
man my heart goes out to mike 🤣 he a good sport for showing up
Bud Clark
Bud Clark 2 gün önce
We know these are messed up times with living in. But I first myself agreeing with Stephan A on so many topics. It's quite scary.
Malcolm Mcconner
Malcolm Mcconner 4 gün önce
That “NO, NO!!” Had me weak Lmaoo
manny bruhh
manny bruhh 4 gün önce
That intro was everything 😭😭😂😂
I started laughing during the 4th qrt last night, and began to chuckle to myself knowing full well Stephen A was gonna come on 1st Take this morning and straight clown the Cowboys. ⭐
Danny Jones
Danny Jones 4 gün önce
I was dying laughing when Dak Prescott threw that interception 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ray V
Ray V 4 gün önce
Do you know how many times I've heard Dak say, "it's my fault, I'm going to get better, it won't happen again, I'm gonna look at film and get better"? 16 times this season and he doesn't change a DAM thing. Dak discusses me to the bone.
Justin Pelletier
Justin Pelletier 4 gün önce
Thank god ESPN is showing full segments again
"The Mouse Hypothetical" in NOITA
Level 2 Parkour Challenge #shorts
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