💜A New Home For A Princess! Minecraft Empires 2 Ep.1

Katherine Elizabeth Gaming
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The Empires SMP returns! New characters, new stories, and new adventures await in this survival Minecraft 1.19 let's play!

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24 Haz 2022




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Katherine Elizabeth Gaming
Empires season2!👑✨
melissa 4 gün önce
Ahhhh I love this series so much
Emily Henriquez Turcios
I love the backstory hat is the comic
Tho Nguyen
Tho Nguyen 13 gün önce
I was waiting for this moment for a long time!
Brooksie galaxy queen
Brooksie galaxy queen 13 gün önce
Maybe name your cat glimmer
Kristel Espanol
Kristel Espanol 17 gün önce
Pixlriffs Aylar önce
Omg the backstory comic. So good
LucasClaw Minecraft
LucasClaw Minecraft Saatler önce
Hi pix
Nunya Nothing
Nunya Nothing 3 gün önce
Hi pix
Chris Ayer
Chris Ayer 5 gün önce
Hey pixlrffs
Mika the cheese
Mika the cheese 11 gün önce
Hi pix
Tho Nguyen
Tho Nguyen 13 gün önce
OMG😱!!!!!!!! HI PIX!!!
D Guag
D Guag Aylar önce
I noticed that the empires logo had a single sword in season one, and has two in this season! Such a nice little detail
gorey strawberries
gorey strawberries 23 gün önce
wait a minute wha
Kass Manansala
Kass Manansala 27 gün önce
I realized that too when I saw it
Sharples Family
Sharples Family 28 gün önce
I realized that too it is a good touch
Gl_3tch Aylar önce
I didn't even realize that
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy Aylar önce
I’m so glad Empires is back!!! I can’t wait to see all the different perspectives and watch the series build!
mllop aeet
mllop aeet Aylar önce
A moment to admire Katherine's outfit.
Cassie Aylar önce
I feel like muffin would be a good name, and also loving the backstory!
luvlybestie 8 saatler önce
That is exactly what I was thinking! It would be such a good name
Matthias Shadowblood
Matthias Shadowblood 29 gün önce
Episode 1 and Katherine already be doing a lore right out the gate. Love it
cakelynn !
cakelynn ! Aylar önce
the art comic for the backstory is so adorable! excited to see what happens next in season 2 :D
I'm not emo
I'm not emo Aylar önce
@Katherine Elizabeth Gaming hey Elizabeth can you name the cat Crystal?
I'm not emo
I'm not emo Aylar önce
Love you!
I'm not emo
I'm not emo Aylar önce
Love you!
MintywazJELLY Aylar önce
@Katherine Elizabeth Gaming name suggestion:prince/princess, chester,or muffin i love the backstory to :>
Crazyartworld Aylar önce
It’s sooo cutr
mikoy huio
mikoy huio Aylar önce
I love where you’re going with the new Empires series I’m so excited for more 🤩
mllop aeet
mllop aeet Aylar önce
I feel like muffin would be a good name, and also loving the backstory!
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Aylar önce
I love your lore! I think this is the best I have seen out of everybody's so far. Keep up the great work!
chica 21 gün önce
The style of building in your starter house!!! It’s absolutely beautiful, I love it Katherine ^_^ and your character sounds like so much fun
{ M a y g a c h a }
{ M a y g a c h a } 28 gün önce
I love the references to last season! This is gonna be GREAT
fizzyfaz bear
fizzyfaz bear Aylar önce
this is amazing, i love the lore behind you and gem this season!
Zach010Home Aylar önce
Really love your storytelling, can't wait to see what you do for this season of Empires!
mllop aeet
mllop aeet Aylar önce
I feel like “marshmallow” or “cookie” would be cute. Loved the backstory there was so much effort put into it
Khione Silver
Khione Silver Aylar önce
The backstory is so well written and the house is SO PRETTY!! Name suggestions: Tiramisu or maybe Mittens!
The Backstory Is Amazing And I Can't Wait To See What Happens In This New Season!!!
Thepuppet Aylar önce
A moment to admire Katherine's outfit.
Aikochu Aylar önce
Saint Thomas School
Laura Levens
Laura Levens Aylar önce
i love this. the way you came up with the backstory amazing. my name suggestion for the cat would be Benny.
Suzanne Bassett
Suzanne Bassett Aylar önce
I have a feeling that this series is going to be the best one yet!
SunnyxClouds Aylar önce
I love the backstory. We should name the cat Muffin!
MJGamermom Aylar önce
I love your storyline. I can't wait to see more!
𓆉 Teagan 𓆉
𓆉 Teagan 𓆉 Aylar önce
I’m so glad Empires is back!!! I can’t wait to see all the different perspectives and watch the series build!
ItsMoon !
ItsMoon ! Aylar önce
Me too! :) Somehow im seeing so many people copying eachothers comments i hope nobody copies yours--
Yuly Aylar önce
//GreenTea🌿 Aylar önce
me too i’ve watched all the episodes that have come out this far and i love all the characters
I feel like "Crystal", "Cloud" or maybe "Floof" WOULD BE ADORABLEEEEE
Sxnset_Bxnnix Aylar önce
You put so much effort into it. I love the backstory, you should do that more often in your series! I have a few suggestions for your cats name... Angel, Bella, Lavender, Spots, Pink, and Flower 🌸
Doctor Napkins
Doctor Napkins Aylar önce
This was a good first video to watch. I've never seen any of her videos, and this makes me feel like I've been missing a lot, especially with the fun intro!
anneliese Aylar önce
i love the backstory and the starter house!!
UMI Aylar önce
I think Cocoa would be a nice name for the cat.☺
Ruth Hone
Ruth Hone 28 gün önce
The back story is amazing!
Yara Tanner
Yara Tanner Aylar önce
The backstory is so amazing and I love this sm I think that mops newton would be a good name
I loved the back story! I think Olive would be a good name for the cat!
A͜͡n͜͡n͜͡a͜͡ C͜͡a͜͡t͜͡h͜͡e͜͡r͜͡i͜͡n͜͡e͜͡
I feel like muffin would be a good name, and also loving the backstory!
A͜͡n͜͡n͜͡a͜͡ C͜͡a͜͡t͜͡h͜͡e͜͡r͜͡i͜͡n͜͡e͜͡
What is it’s like that was muffin from last season and they found each other again.!!
laurenwoolf86 Aylar önce
I Love the name Muffin to!
Gratia Rose💕
Gratia Rose💕 Aylar önce
why is muffin such a common name for the cat ;-;
Gratia Rose💕
Gratia Rose💕 Aylar önce
i agree
vini santosh
vini santosh Aylar önce
cats sr
cats sr Aylar önce
im allready loveing empires S2 and the backstory of your empire is awesome !
Emily Vasili
Emily Vasili Aylar önce
For The Cat you should name it Floral:) And I loved the back story!
Wxlfy_wolf Aylar önce
I love the backstory,it's great name suggestion: blossom
Dakota Klaas
Dakota Klaas Aylar önce
I think the name Maggie would be perfect! Since it’s close to magenta, which seems to be your theme.
AshScores _
AshScores _ Aylar önce
LOVE the lore and adorable comic! Names ideas: maybe something surrounding flowers. Like a nod to Kathrine from season 1
Lily_pinkyay Aylar önce
I'm soo exited for the rest of empires season 2! I think Wisteria would be a cute cat name as its the name of a flower
Lala G.
Lala G. Aylar önce
You should name the cat Artemis! (Btw I love the backstory, and I'm so excited for season 2!)
It’s Chary
It’s Chary Aylar önce
i love the backstory! Also name suggestion: Eve
Abigail Saddler
Abigail Saddler Aylar önce
I love the backstory and I WAS SO EXCITED WHENEVER I FOUND OUT Empires season two was out lol 😂
Keira Walker
Keira Walker Aylar önce
I love the backstory and build style in this season! I can't wait to see what you do next! The name I'm thinking of for your cat could be Caci! Caci in Irish means "brave" and "watchful" which I think would be perfect for a royal monster hunter!! ✨✨
•Midight_star• Aylar önce
The Two Two Twins
The Two Two Twins Aylar önce
I love your vids!!!!! You should name your cat Chubs. I love the backstory and set up for this new series.
Lalisé Kim
Lalisé Kim Aylar önce
Ahhhhh I love your new style of build and putting some textures 😍✨
Iris Wyatt
Iris Wyatt Aylar önce
Love the backstory! I think you should name the cat Bubbles 🫧!
Christelle van Niekerk
Sooo good so far I am so excited for season two and I hope it doesn't end like season 1 and a name for your cat is muffin because you said it yourself and it is a wonderful name and this series gets me happy every time I watch from season 1 and now season two I also watched the afterlife series in one day
teaolive Aylar önce
loved the art and the backstory !! did you draw it? if so, you’re an amazing artist
Katherine Elizabeth Gaming
i did! tysm!!
I love the backstory. I think you should name your cat s’mores
Nightfall editz ♫
you should name the cat "whiskers" its a cute name and i think it would suit the cat well.
Gwen Llanos
Gwen Llanos Aylar önce
I love the backstory and the way you make it animated and also ur character too Can you name the cat Alexandra
JABS Aylar önce
Love the backstory and the comic💖and I think muffin would be a really cute name
• Bethany • (the french one lol)
Name suggestions for the cat: Mika, Sorrel, Willow, Pearl, Crystal, Star, Moon, Luna, Muffin
Lindsey Rivas
Lindsey Rivas Aylar önce
Chantal Rothwell
Chantal Rothwell Aylar önce
Willow is a beautiful name!
Patricia Sahling
Patricia Sahling Aylar önce
Amalia Martinez ♡︎
Anabelle Lambrechts
I love muffin
Taylor smith
Taylor smith Aylar önce
I'm so happy that s2 has come out awesome vid🤩
ZZ Aylar önce
Keep up the good work
Norhaliza Lumontod
Norhaliza Lumontod Aylar önce
I can't wait for the next episode btw name suggestion is Dusk, Dawn, and Muffin :) have a nice day
Clove Cookie
Clove Cookie 28 gün önce
Thank the witch shubble, maybe you could give her something. (For the portal)
Scarchain6891 Aylar önce
Holy crap that backstory comic was amazing and adorable at the same time Also the THATS ME part made me spit my drink out 😂
xadia Aylar önce
Holy crap it made me spit my drink out bc it's funny I love it so much lol
xadia Aylar önce
OMG same
Katherine Elizabeth Gaming
Bahaha, ima baby with a big ol tooth 🤣
Gabrielle Firenza
Gabrielle Firenza Aylar önce
You are the sweetest person ever and so funny.I love your storytelling it so creative.Keep doing what your doing because it makes my day shine 😊
Cosymint Aylar önce
You could name your new kitty Blossom as a little hint to Empires season 1.
Belinda Robinson
Belinda Robinson Aylar önce
love your videos they always make me smile :)
Cady Grace
Cady Grace Aylar önce
I think you should name your cat Neo, or iris love the backstory btw💕
Keoi  -!
Keoi -! Aylar önce
The lore and backstory is everything! I’m so excited for Empires 2! I hope you have fun in this series Katherine!
Layan Rostom
Layan Rostom Aylar önce
I love the backstory and the art and my name suggestion is muffin
Meriel Beale
Meriel Beale Aylar önce
Hello! i am really excited for this new series! i thought you could name your cat Mr Starmuffin or Sir Floofington
Audrey Terrell
Audrey Terrell Aylar önce
Muffin would definitely be a good name for the cat and it's the same name as your cat you had in Season 1 so it would be like an old memory that came back
Faraz Hussain
Faraz Hussain Aylar önce
Name suggestion for you're cat is flora bc you're last empire was full of flowers so flora matches and I love the backstory
Clara Aylar önce
The effort put in to this is unbelievable Katherine! Good job and very exited for future episodes :)
Crazy..girlss Aylar önce
LilDemon1029 Aylar önce
Lily Painter
Lily Painter Aylar önce
Me too
Amy Mackay
Amy Mackay Aylar önce
Amazing comic. I think you should name your cat Alette, which means truth Just love the name
Diana 2 gün önce
I like the way you decorate the house😍
katie bolt
katie bolt Aylar önce
Cat name: ✨Muffin✨ I just thought when you called it a muffin it was an adorable name 😊
LovelyxDandelion Aylar önce
I feel like Leandra would be a nice name for the cat! (Ps, it means brave as a lion)~
Fox Draws
Fox Draws Aylar önce
What if the cats had color-themed names? Since you gave this one a white collar, you could name them something like Lace, Cream, Powder, Cotton, Ivory or Porcelain! Looking forward to where you take this season
Ali Zulfiqar
Ali Zulfiqar Aylar önce
@Chase Moore powders adorable
#YupperDoodlePeepz Aylar önce
Or Marshmellow
Y.T_zuko Aylar önce
Lisa Broekman
Lisa Broekman Aylar önce
Siegfred Lamorena
Siegfred Lamorena Aylar önce
¥•Lotus•¥ Aylar önce
2 and a half minutes in and I already love this!!!
m0o Aylar önce
I really think you should name the cat Doni for some reason it seems like a really cute name
Rocky Labonté
Rocky Labonté Aylar önce
Daisy would be a good name for a cat 🌼🌻
Paige W
Paige W Aylar önce
Can you do some build tutorials I love your building style!!
Nils Sjöberg.
Nils Sjöberg. Aylar önce
the backstory is sooo good. i think Allium would be good name for ur cat. it fits with ur color palette. also it's a flower, so i guess a tribute to house blossom 🌸😄
Vincent Ongjuco
Vincent Ongjuco Aylar önce
@Ornessar Hithfaeron lmao sorry
Nils Sjöberg.
Nils Sjöberg. Aylar önce
@Ferret Ferr well, i just thought it was a good name. i forgot that she named one of lizzie's axolotl "Alli". Also allium fits her vibe.
Ferret Ferr
Ferret Ferr Aylar önce
@Nils Sjöberg. She already named one of Lizzie’s fish, Alli (Which was short for Allium) in Empires S1, but she could still name her Allium anyway
Dnieto Aylar önce
Sino McLAUGHLIN Aylar önce
Kerry Berry
Kerry Berry Aylar önce
They’re name should be Muffin! ✨😀✨
MiaMoMagic Aylar önce
Bloom would be a good name for the cat because of empires 1 and it would fit with ur theme this season too!
showbiz Aylar önce
I think a good name could be Fluff or Berry!
♡InSomnia♡ Aylar önce
Name suggestions for the cat : Cloudy, cotton , crystal or lavender
AP0LL0 Aylar önce
The story line is perfect,the creativity,the presence and the beauty of the empire yet to come.Perfection ❤️
Lily Painter
Lily Painter Aylar önce
Me too
JoyN’Liluu 4 gün önce
Such a pretty houseee
Richie Ton
Richie Ton Aylar önce
Omg I love the backstory and I can’t wait for season 2 I was so sad that empires season 1 was done but when you made season 1 more heart lit up! Also name suggestion: tulip
Paul and Bella
Paul and Bella Aylar önce
I love it! Name suggestion: Isabella
ZAHRA👑 Aylar önce
Love the backstory andbi think the name of the cat should rosy
Jonathan Sparks
Jonathan Sparks Aylar önce
FINALLY! The last season got my crying 😭 The comic strips were so cute and adorable! House blossom won't be forgotten!
Abby Rose
Abby Rose Aylar önce
Your empire is so cute!!! Name suggestion: Mocha
Foxanna Aylar önce
I think you should name the cat muffin and I’m excited for empires s2
M Vela
M Vela Aylar önce
Man I really wanted this whole season two to kinda be the same as season one but I guess I really like this too
The Porple Grapez
The Porple Grapez 24 gün önce
I hope lore from season 1 returns for season 2!
Sumbul Zaidi
Sumbul Zaidi Aylar önce
Empires S2 is here!! I am super excited to see everyone's perspective!!
Judith Wright
Judith Wright Aylar önce
Yea same
Karen Joansen
Karen Joansen Aylar önce
Joseph Jagla
Joseph Jagla Aylar önce
Kathrine started with three villages… ✨plot armor✨
Ruth Hone
Ruth Hone 28 gün önce
Omg is Katherine the main protagonist in this series! I would love that 😍
PlatyPLusDrawz Aylar önce
I have a good name for your cat: muffin! Because at 10:03 you said ‘look at this little muffin!’ And I think it suits the cat! 🐱
hi katherine! First of all the backstory comic is AMAZING!! and im so excited for Empires season 2. and your starter house look awsome. BTW here's th cat name suggestion "muffin"
Lil' Kat
Lil' Kat Aylar önce
She's back and ready to build an Empire and probably make a head collection as grand as last season!
Elçin Savaş
Elçin Savaş Aylar önce
The backstory is so funny! And i think you can name the cat “Muffin” or “Cupcake” ❤︎
Lady May Secretaria
finally the seoson 2 of the empires is here and the comic story is so good
GhostClownYT 29 gün önce
Name the cat lady (or sir) snowball being I now consider it royal and you found it in a snowy village (it’s also grey/white)
Ike Aylar önce
you should name your cat Charm so it is like a lucky charm that helps you get your kingdom back!!
•Therese• Aylar önce
The intro and the backstory is so cute!!!💕
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