🐹 Hamster Escapes the Creative Maze for Pets in real life 🐹 in Hamster Stories

The Secret Life of my Hamster
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New maze for cute hamster in real life! It’s a part of Hamster Stories where my funny pet hamster was sent to the prison for pets. Is hamster Popcorn brave and fast enough to get out of dangerous traps end escape from pets police?

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8 Tem 2021




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CHIKNESS7 6 saatler önce
8:40 the end.
Verena Redfox Gredler
Enviable, this labyrinth. Did you make it by yourself? Have you got an imige which shows it completely? At any rate it's a pleasure to see what a wunderful life your little one has. Is it a djungarian dwarf hamster? He looks so huge...... Our Diamond is hardly invisible, compared to your little friend. :-) How the hell can so many people DISLIKE this video??? regards, redfox
Baby Travel
Baby Travel Gün önce
Hamster Mr Martin
very beautiful video, liked and subscribed. Made a similar video, please see. Your opinion is very important. Thank you very much, success in development😇😘🙏 🙏😇🐹
ljchef2 2 gün önce
Elle Pat
Elle Pat 3 gün önce
Km set you in huh huh in
Salvador Salinas
Salvador Salinas 3 gün önce
Cute 🥰🥰
Анастасия Илларионова
Ну быстрей
Анастасия Илларионова
Давай быстренько проходи
Nicole M
Nicole M 3 gün önce
It is so kute
Алена Колесникова
Ты умный хомячок
Papa Rafa
Papa Rafa 4 gün önce
Amelia Wooten
Amelia Wooten 4 gün önce
Awww so cute!!
Nguyen Thanh Truc
Nguyen Thanh Truc 4 gün önce
Giỏi quá
mohamed siaka
mohamed siaka 5 gün önce
Is that a real lava
Jimbo Hamster
Jimbo Hamster 5 gün önce
Soo cute 🐹🐹🐹
Fruzsina Horváth
Fruzsina Horváth 5 gün önce
Theses people are idiots cause the hamster could really in Get hurt i can see u put alot of effert in two it ill give u that u could make a mazs that is SAFE for the hamster he/she leg could get Stuck and to get out chew there leg of this is not cool at all please stop or do a safe maze
My len Nguyễn
My len Nguyễn 5 gün önce
Hay quá ik 👍
Сабіна Юдіна
Очінь класно
Maria liliana Morales muelas
Health Is Wealth
Health Is Wealth 6 gün önce
Reza Heidari
Reza Heidari 6 gün önce
من از این فیلم خیلی خوشم اومد
Kenzi 6 gün önce
Miomi 💖
Miomi 💖 7 gün önce
What a cute hamster!
Reymond Funes
Reymond Funes 8 gün önce
l love you
Reymond Funes
Reymond Funes 8 gün önce
aaaaa Thaks you l love you 💕 😁😁😁 soo cool
Reymond Funes
Reymond Funes 8 gün önce
wow bariful soo cool l Love you Thaks you jaja 🤣 soo coot
Reymond Funes
Reymond Funes 8 gün önce
.________. l love you 💕 hamnster soo cut
Juana Cahuil
Juana Cahuil 8 gün önce
Videos de esos me encantan son Sofi
Nela Pielechata
Nela Pielechata 8 gün önce
oh and then chew EVERYTHING
Nela Pielechata
Nela Pielechata 8 gün önce
If my hamster was in that maze, he would wash himself,sit down and then sleep. It would be chistmas when he finished
Umaknta Tripathy
Umaknta Tripathy 8 gün önce
Nice video 👍👍👍👍
Ridwan 886
Ridwan 886 8 gün önce
Gextha ゲックス
Gextha ゲックス 9 gün önce
ooitongsi 9 gün önce
Caya Rodriguez
Caya Rodriguez 9 gün önce
That make sure he also likes it
Caya Rodriguez
Caya Rodriguez 9 gün önce
Just saying
Caya Rodriguez
Caya Rodriguez 9 gün önce
I agree with abbitrabbit because you do have see if he also likes it
Jelo Marcaida
Jelo Marcaida 9 gün önce
Khánh Linh Trần
Khánh Linh Trần 9 gün önce
H1per ION
H1per ION 10 gün önce
If the Hámster Fad Gone Down the Toilet, Where Would He Be? 🐹🚽
giorgiominardi71 10 gün önce
Justin Sims
Justin Sims 10 gün önce
gherabi abbes
gherabi abbes 10 gün önce
very muth
Danielle van Leerdam
Danielle van Leerdam 10 gün önce
Stom ben jij
Danielle van Leerdam
Danielle van Leerdam 10 gün önce
Mooi zeg mijn moeder vind je stom
Wei Quan Tan
Wei Quan Tan 10 gün önce
OK! Good!
Jian Choi
Jian Choi 11 gün önce
햄스터를 위해서 이렇게 공을 들여 미로를 만드는 정신이 멋져요. 햄스터도 너무 귀엽고, 미로를 빠져나가는 모습이 신기한 것 같아요. 좋은 영상 감사합니다.
Malgorzata -
Malgorzata - 11 gün önce
No super słodziak. Brawo! Ma wyzwania, nie nudzi się.
KIANNA ZAINE 11 gün önce
Brenda Hernandez
Brenda Hernandez 11 gün önce
Para ser animal es inteligente🐭
Nawma Zannat
Nawma Zannat 12 gün önce
Rishabh Kanojia
Rishabh Kanojia 12 gün önce
Hamster 🐹🐹🐹 was very international rare animal
Juan Miguel Sanchez
Juan Miguel Sanchez 12 gün önce
the hamster is so cute in pipes
Dhramshila Dabi
Dhramshila Dabi 12 gün önce
Muhammed Shihab Mangadavan
You are so creative 😍
Muhammed Shihab Mangadavan
@PitchMaplix I just said...... because if the person was me I would never hurt my pet so same he/she won't hurt his/her pet
PitchMaplix 10 gün önce
@Muhammed Shihab Mangadavan how would you know that? Yoy dont even know this person but your already saying hes not gonna hurt his hamster but in this maze they are many ways his hanster could get hurt
Muhammed Shihab Mangadavan
@PitchMaplix do u really thing its owner will do such thing she/he would be very careful
PitchMaplix 10 gün önce
@Muhammed Shihab Mangadavan those foam styro balls can really hurt the hamster tho-
Muhammed Shihab Mangadavan
@PitchMaplix it won't because I don't think its owner will try to hurt it.....she made in that way so the hamster won't get hurt. 😃
ใบหม่อน 13 gün önce
FloridaCoasters 13 gün önce
He hampter
W31RDC0R3 STR4WB3RRY 13 gün önce
How to train your hamsters 1
Francisco Herzberg
Francisco Herzberg 13 gün önce
como se llama el hamster?
Mir Sh
Mir Sh 13 gün önce
твой хомяк очень умный и ты очень креативный....Я в восторге!
Maribel Javillo
Maribel Javillo 14 gün önce
Kasey Ellis
Kasey Ellis 14 gün önce
Awesome video
Shikha Chaudhary
Shikha Chaudhary 14 gün önce
Danny Danny
Danny Danny 14 gün önce
valentine3380 14 gün önce
We need behind the scenes and bloopers. ❤ 🐹
tweet2999 14 gün önce
The sheer stress & confusion would put the animal into s state of panic. The heart rate alone will be through the roof. I'm thinking these mazes are made for views & amusement. & the scary thing is I bet the channel has more hamsters ready, just in case one ends up dying just to keep the channel going.
@Magic Glasses oh
Magic Glasses
Magic Glasses Gün önce
@Magic Glasses you replying to main comment or me?
Magic Glasses
Magic Glasses 2 gün önce
clearly yoy didn't do any research on internet.
Mafer Ch G
Mafer Ch G 10 gün önce
You are kidding right? 😂
iheartjms 15 gün önce
How do you make this stuff? I want to make one for my hammy!
Magic Glasses
Magic Glasses 2 gün önce
@PitchMaplix how?
PitchMaplix 11 gün önce
Please dont this video is not safe for hamsters and might even hurt then.
Sharon Dosani
Sharon Dosani 15 gün önce
I love animals
Tomas Hlavaty
Tomas Hlavaty 15 gün önce
EdnaMode 15 gün önce
Oiiika pet shop
Oiiika pet shop 15 gün önce
Huynh Han
Huynh Han 15 gün önce
So cute
savita patel
savita patel 15 gün önce
It is so cute 😍
Sri Harsha Belli's
Sri Harsha Belli's 15 gün önce
How to train rabbit ¿
Denise G.
Denise G. 16 gün önce
I know cute 😍😍😍😍😍screaming cute!!!!!!!!
Froddy 16 gün önce
3:38 clever I like it
♡AYLIN Y AILEEN ♡ 16 gün önce
Wow 👍👌
sidonie mote
sidonie mote 16 gün önce
so cute
Anastasia Igolkina
Anastasia Igolkina 16 gün önce
Luis Guillén
Luis Guillén 16 gün önce
UAló si muestras Happy Happy hermosa el barrio Baby aló si no te digo you
Sandy Bottum
Sandy Bottum 16 gün önce
h a m p t e r
Charmen 16 gün önce
hes basically training the hamster
istana acc
istana acc 16 gün önce
istana acc
istana acc 16 gün önce
O r a n g e e
O r a n g e e 16 gün önce
Cu te ghe😍
unknown ꪜ
unknown ꪜ 16 gün önce
This is so bad for the hamsters they can eat the styrofoam balls and it's bad for them they can die these people we need to report there using animals for views 😭 it's sad to see
adamstreetboyzz 17 gün önce
Anyone else get nervous when crossing the lava lol
Babylanie Sagarino
Babylanie Sagarino 17 gün önce
The mouse is doing something the mouse can do it to get outside you can do it mouse
Nkechi Onuora
Nkechi Onuora 17 gün önce
Awesome video
Luna Gaming
Luna Gaming 17 gün önce
Ingrid Hernández
Ingrid Hernández 17 gün önce
So cute
PitchMaplix 11 gün önce
Bruuh wdym cute?! The hamster might get injured and those styro foam balls are bad for hamsters 😤
Fatma Şahin
Fatma Şahin 17 gün önce
Mary Dayana
Mary Dayana 17 gün önce
So cute 🥰❤️🥰
luz VR
luz VR 17 gün önce
📺 A los demás que puedan ser débiles y ppppppppoopppppppp
luz VR
luz VR 17 gün önce
Juicio un un juicio
Muhamad rayan
Muhamad rayan 18 gün önce
The no was
luvqlossyx ✧ #roadto50
Şengül Akman
Şengül Akman 18 gün önce
My fovorite pet is hamster🐹
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