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Thanks for watching! Love you guys!

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Uncle Dale from Detroit Urban Survival Training comes to teach Facene self-defense techniques (detroit_dust on IG Detroit Threat Management on YT) Humvee with tracks blows up a smart car.




17 Nis 2022




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Danny Duncan
Danny Duncan 11 aylar önce
purchase anything at dannyduncan69.com during April and be entered to win the mystery shipping container plus $10,000 cash
Grady Milholen
Grady Milholen 2 aylar önce
"If you declare with your mouth "Jesus is Lord," and if you believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from death, then you will be saved."Romans10:9. JESUS CHRIST is the ONLY way to Heaven!!! Find RIGHTOUSNESS, HAPPINIES, JOY, PEACE, FUFILLMENT, AND LOVE IN GOD AND ONLY GOD
Storm Arnette
Storm Arnette 5 aylar önce
@Danny Duncan we need to get this account to 6.9mill subs and make a new one and try to save it.🔥 I’d love to meet you one day I love your videos and I need your guidance to get clean and be better tbh you make me cry with your loyalty sometimes just like me it’s awesome❤
PD 10 aylar önce
I'll take it!🤙🏼
Harper Davis
Harper Davis 11 aylar önce
i’ve tried to many meditaiton videos but this is the only one that really suits me and keeps me calm. thank you danny
Grady Milholen
Grady Milholen 2 aylar önce
"If you declare with your mouth "Jesus is Lord," and if you believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from death, then you will be saved."Romans10:9. JESUS CHRIST is the ONLY way to Heaven!!! Find RIGHTOUSNESS, HAPPINIES, JOY, PEACE, FUFILLMENT, AND LOVE IN GOD AND ONLY GOD
SnammySnosa 6 aylar önce
Crazy train really put my mind at ease.
CNBFTBGB 1 7 aylar önce
ViridHornet572 9 aylar önce
Keeps you calm? Bro im laughing in asmr rn. The tingles are hittin’
Tactile 10 aylar önce
Better Chapter
Better Chapter 11 aylar önce
This hits different when you’re laying in bed and looking at the stars through your window, so peaceful 🌻
Sent Cons
Sent Cons 7 aylar önce
First reply and agreed
Bay Area Native News
Bay Area Native News 11 aylar önce
I have two babies who refuse to sleep. I have tried everything you can think of to try and get them to just have one peaceful nights rest. Since you released this video, I have been playing it on full blast in their nurseries and god as my witness they have been sleeping like angels. I cannot thank you enough Danny for releasing such a soothing video for babies.
The Douglas Podcast
The Douglas Podcast 6 aylar önce
@redneck matt12 fake fan lol cause he does from time to time.
Sophia Normantas
Sophia Normantas 7 aylar önce
@Danny Duncan 😂🐐
Kavaiツ 10 aylar önce
I'm legit laughing so hard rn 😂👌
Tactile 10 aylar önce
blossomvr 10 aylar önce
@redneck matt12 yeah your right
Connor 10 aylar önce
RIP Papa Jim. You put a smile on all our faces in every video you were in. Who knew this would be the last. Never forgotten❤️
Robert dobbs
Robert dobbs 6 aylar önce
What an amazing opportunity, and send off💯. If there is a heaven, and you go there. Papa Jim's going to ask you to hold his beer, and watch this.
n1uk 7 aylar önce
@Alex Jesus: welcome to heaven Jim: bbbmbmbmbm back to my sandwich
Alex 9 aylar önce
@Ryan Jesus: welcome to heaven Jim: want a coke?
Ryan 9 aylar önce
Even though he's up somewhere, he will still get coke for everyone
preston eggers
preston eggers 9 aylar önce
papa jim rip the real one is waiting up there
Kevin Amarillo
Kevin Amarillo 11 aylar önce
Now I can live my life stress free 🌺
DSG Studios
DSG Studios 11 aylar önce
he got hacked i think XD
FRG Outdoors
FRG Outdoors 11 aylar önce
Peace ☮️ and calm 🧘 anxiety relief 🌹
-TaylorD 2AM-
-TaylorD 2AM- 10 aylar önce
REST IN PEACE PAPA JIM. Been watching Danny for quite a few years now and will always remember the awesome videos with him. So sorry for ur loss Danny!
Esai Givens
Esai Givens 11 aylar önce
Thank you so much Danny these are the best Nature sounds that I have ever found. 🌺
Braydon Williams
Braydon Williams 11 aylar önce
I luv loopi
I luv loopi 11 aylar önce
Yo did you guys know some of the stuff bro teaches really does work I've done martial arts and some of it works
DoctorMastermind 11 aylar önce
Alexander Clarke
Alexander Clarke 10 aylar önce
Rest In Peace Papa Jim! ❤️ You will be missed. Thank you Danny and Papa Jim for bringing us so much entertainment over these years, and for showing us the fun never has to stop!!
no better meditation sound to listen to after a stressful day than this🥰
the spiritual one
the spiritual one 11 aylar önce
I was doing my daily urban spiritual training and had my most powerful results yet thank you for this beautiful music
Jason Anaya
Jason Anaya 10 aylar önce
Papa Jim always looked so happy to see Danny, glad he was happy hope he knows how much laughs he spread all over the world not to mention those iconic quotes Having a coke for you buddy rest easy
Brad Bozarth
Brad Bozarth 11 aylar önce
The fact that you made memories in papa Jim’s mind is just crazy to me, he doesn’t remember a lot but you must have really blown him away bro. That guy is so pure.
Jack Parer
Jack Parer 10 aylar önce
@Brad Bozarth genuinely, couldn’t have said it better myself
Brad Bozarth
Brad Bozarth 10 aylar önce
@Jack Parer I know this is so sad to find out, I’m gonna miss seeing him in the videos but he lived a very long and happy life that was full of adventures. Even became a TRvid star because of Danny, I would give anything to hear all of his stories, rest easy papa Jim ❤️
Jack Parer
Jack Parer 10 aylar önce
reading this when the news came out :/
Medistation 11 aylar önce
Now this is my type of Danny Duncan video 😉
LS_812 11 aylar önce
No, it's a medistation channel..
LeeOne 2000
LeeOne 2000 11 aylar önce
You can literally say that on any video… Edit: my bad I realized it’s meditation in the title and video and this is a meditation channel commenting…
Josh D
Josh D 11 aylar önce
lmao medistation x danny collab? taking meditation for stress to the next level
Martin Gregor
Martin Gregor 11 aylar önce
My mind is at calm after watching this video 🌸 Thank you Danny for keeping me at ease 🌺🌊
Homixidechino 11 aylar önce
The sounds are amazing, I feel so relaxed
xX_Gam3ing_Xx 10 aylar önce
I tried so hard to hold it back but when I saw papa jim my eyes poured like waterfalls. He’s such an amazing old man🥺😭♥️
Harrison 11 aylar önce
Thank you for these soothing sounds to help me fall asleep!
Knives101 8 aylar önce
The pure joy Danny brought to Papa Jim's life was so awesome to watch over the year's. Papa Jim will always be a legend and one of the best people to ever be on TRvid. RIP Papa Jim
FloridaMadeMG 11 aylar önce
These sounds helping me sleep good 😁
Seven Hunnid
Seven Hunnid 11 aylar önce
I get paid to smoke weed on my TRvid channel as my job 💀
Matt B
Matt B 11 aylar önce
I've always thought that the Detroit urban survival guy was about just as fake as your "pranks" Florida 😆 wit the eyessss the eye poke I guess it's real.
IDK 11 aylar önce
Owen B
Owen B 11 aylar önce
I couldn’t sleep until Danny duncan introduced nature sounds, now I’m getting the best night sleep ever, thanks Danny
Aaron’s Vlog Tube
Aaron’s Vlog Tube 11 aylar önce
Just what i need for a good night sleep!! Thanks Danny!! 😴🥱🌊🌸
S.G.T.C 10 aylar önce
That was such a good ending to the last footage of papa Jim alive, just papa Jim in a rocking chair drinking a coke holding a Tommy gun and Danny just sitting there enjoying time with papa Jim. You will be terribly missed papa Jim
RR Demon
RR Demon 11 aylar önce
Ah the peaceful sounds of nature 😌
AE29 PRODUCTIONS 11 aylar önce
I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders after watching this video very calming
Surfer FN
Surfer FN 11 aylar önce
Love seeing Papa Jim doing well ❤️
Giovanni Vincenzo
Giovanni Vincenzo 10 aylar önce
Rest In Peace
Guillermo Perez
Guillermo Perez 10 aylar önce
He just passed away :,(
outtatime 10 aylar önce
Rest in Peace 💔☝️
Deryck 10 aylar önce
D K 10 aylar önce
Doing well in heaven now 🕊
Lone star state 4x4 lifted life
Dang man these videos just fly buy way too fast. And they are damn good. Danny can we get an hour long video maybe once a month? Much love from Texas.
Alex Hoadley
Alex Hoadley 11 aylar önce
After years of trying to find a good meditation video I finally found one that works
GoodHealthyFun 10 aylar önce
Feeling so zen after this one 👌✨ magical 🧘‍♂️
Nelly JMC
Nelly JMC 9 aylar önce
Best nature sounds I’ve heard for a while now. Last one was a dingo scratching at my tent.
Samantha DeRosa
Samantha DeRosa 11 aylar önce
Playing this on repeat till i fall asleep 🥰
Salty_Napkin 11 aylar önce
These sounds really helped me meditate!
Bite Police 🅥
Bite Police 🅥 11 aylar önce
trvid.com/video/video-UD5OPT5D31w.html Finally it's here
Jo_mrrr 11 aylar önce
These sounds helped my stress thank you Danny!
Wonder Bread
Wonder Bread 11 aylar önce
The part where you were shooting at the smart car really helped me sleep. It really brought me back to my childhood were they would do drive bus every night. Made me really comfortable :))
Kico Iloski
Kico Iloski 11 aylar önce
just so relaxing, love it
Hunter McDougal
Hunter McDougal 11 aylar önce
Man I just wanna say Danny you’ve been my favorite since you started I’ve had so many different TRvid accounts and I’ve always subscribed to you as soon as I get on TRvid your just a great guy who does whatever he can to make someone’s life better and I respect that I try to do it to because I haven’t ever had anyone do it for me so I try to do it for others who need it basically I’m just saying you inspired me a lot so Thankyou
james_ rios13
james_ rios13 11 aylar önce
I was EXTREMELY stressed on this fine evening then I clicked this amazing meditation video the sounds are so nature.....this is the only video that suthez me thank you Danny.......I can truly say I love you😌
Gratatah 11 aylar önce
Such a good meditation video! This almost put me right to sleep because I was so calm.
KRan 11 aylar önce
Leech gonna leech
Brain Worms
Brain Worms 11 aylar önce
Beautiful this makes me feel like I’m in pure Forel and fauna
Marius Nieuwenhuizen
Marius Nieuwenhuizen 11 aylar önce
Of all the meditation videos on TRvid this one is my favourite
Navious Maynor
Navious Maynor 11 aylar önce
This helped me release a lot of bad energy, thanks danny 🌻
Jason Pooperson
Jason Pooperson 11 aylar önce
Love the stress free sounds
Rabii Arbi
Rabii Arbi 8 aylar önce
Thanks man for the meditation, im totally relaxed 😎
ThisOffendsMeTV 11 aylar önce
Papa Jim is literally the coolest person alive man. I genuinely love that dude and idk him
Camel Nut
Camel Nut 11 aylar önce
@Emmanuel Cortes villegas Fuck yeah
Emmanuel Cortes villegas
Nuke em
brian figg
brian figg 11 aylar önce
Finally a video that actually stops panic attacks
_saikou_ 11 aylar önce
6:31 is the most relaxing thing in the whole video
LeVsTer 10 aylar önce
Amazing your energy and kindness there should more people like you bro.
dwighthm 11 aylar önce
This meditation is just what I needed
Bradley Bartusek
Bradley Bartusek 11 aylar önce
I wish I had more sober friends who knew how to have good clean fun, I swear I met some of my best friends in life in Florida, I wish pills didnt destroy my friends one by one, wishing I had more friends like danny.
Splash Gang
Splash Gang 11 aylar önce
It makes me so happy to see papa Jim walking around, laughing and drinking coke. He’s doing a little bit better :)
Logan James
Logan James 9 aylar önce
He’s in a better place now 🙏🏻
Broncosrule59 10 aylar önce
Rip papa Jim
NMS 10 aylar önce
Now he’s gone 😔 rip
Yace Young
Yace Young 11 aylar önce
This really helped with my anxiety ❤️❤️ amazing and beautiful
xhaos 11 aylar önce
when Danny posts you know it’s gonna be a good day
Adam Rose
Adam Rose 10 aylar önce
It’s gotta be awesome living in the same town as Danny just watching him do is random shenanigans in person and getting to say “wow can’t wait to see that on TRvid” 😂😂😂😂
Kysewo 11 aylar önce
I’m sick today so this brightened up my day for sure 🙂
Chipd 10 aylar önce
Little did we know this is the final video featuring Papa Jim. I’m gonna miss this guy, RIP Papa Jim 🕊
NicoIsCold 11 aylar önce
this the best meditation for stress 🌺 Nature Sounds 🌻
Caleb gaming
Caleb gaming 11 aylar önce
Dre Harper
Dre Harper 11 aylar önce
i agree
marc01 11 aylar önce
That e s*x was crazy
Druvis 11 aylar önce
It relieved my stress, thank you danny
Немања 11 aylar önce
this video cured my anxiety, thanks danny!
Nickpgs 10 aylar önce
Never expected this to be the last video papa Jim would be in… RIP to the legend.
Justin 10 aylar önce
I had a feeling he wasn’t looking to good in this video
Florida Chicks Tiny AdventureS
Sins 11 aylar önce
After watching this great meditation video i have now lost depression, thanks to you and your expertise my friend, thank you again.
Lee Babcock
Lee Babcock 11 aylar önce
I love how Danny is making sure papa Jim had the time of his life for us final years and that makes me so happy to see how big Danny’s heart is !!!
Joshua Wilcox
Joshua Wilcox 11 aylar önce
I'm still curious as to how Danny is good at literally everything he does
BradWoods 11 aylar önce
You can tell that made Papa Jim happy Bringing back good old memories Loving the content!
Tevon Vakautakakala
Tevon Vakautakakala 11 aylar önce
Danny is the reason I wake up in the morning
ChampagneZaddy 11 aylar önce
It feel great getting home from work showering sitting down with my cereal to go to sleep and see a Danny Duncan video in my feed
Viox 11 aylar önce
Ty for making these videos you make I love watching your content I’ve been watching you for a long time now when I have a bad and I need to be in a happier mood I always watch you ty
kade 11 aylar önce
I have been stressed for the last 69 days and after watching, I can honestly say that these relaxing nature sounds have eased my pain. God bless you Danny.
Yung Keyz
Yung Keyz 11 aylar önce
Papa Jim is looking REALLY healthy compared to recent previous videos....that makes ALL of us happy inside 😁
Moms Sandwiches
Moms Sandwiches 11 aylar önce
Amazing content & always thank you papa Jim for your service 🙏🏼
HORNPUB 11 aylar önce
Papa Jim’s voice is so soothing, practically put me to bed
Wind God Fist
Wind God Fist 11 aylar önce
Upon my meditation I awoke with the epiphany that I wish to see Papa Jim fire, ride and test as much stuff from his military era as you can find for him for future videos and fill him to the brink with Navy nostalgia before he departs this ever miserable world. Thanks Danny for another dose of encourage and push to become financially free.
Theycallmechin _
Theycallmechin _ 5 aylar önce
This the best meditation ive ever had
heartzforsnc 11 aylar önce
these nature sounds are pretty great
Vitamortis 11 aylar önce
they really helped with my meditation, I lost my depression and got anxiety and depression!
Bite Police 🅥
Bite Police 🅥 11 aylar önce
trvid.com/video/video-UD5OPT5D31w.html Finally it's here
Tunez JLO
Tunez JLO 11 aylar önce
it hurts my heart seeing poppa jim grow older over the years on this channel..wish he’d be with us forever
ilytwelve 11 aylar önce
wow… this really touched my soul. thank you so much danny
Sig XM5 thumb
Sig XM5 thumb 10 aylar önce
The trigger discipline Danny has is 👌🏼👌🏼
Noah 10 aylar önce
ngl this is so relaxing for me! thanks Danny
ktbyayo 10 aylar önce
I showed my mom this video she loves listening to nature sounds and meditation videos thanks
michael mcgraw
michael mcgraw 11 aylar önce
This is the only channel where I watch every single second of the video
Chase Pack
Chase Pack 11 aylar önce
I hope i can lead half a life papa Jim has. He's a actual legend this danny duncan stuff is just a bonus. Respect to him and his generation 👍
Perka 6 aylar önce
Thanks Danny, extremely relaxing
Jay Glock
Jay Glock 10 aylar önce
DANNYS LIFE IS LITERALLY A MOVIE…. Only if i could chill with him for one day
im bored
im bored 11 aylar önce
ever since I've been watching Danny Duncan videos I feel more relaxed and I'm happy to see papa Jim happy and sipping on a coke
Ryan 11 aylar önce
As a person that struggles with stress as well as anxiety this video was very helpful. Thank you Danny
Mikey Pickett
Mikey Pickett 11 aylar önce
These are my type of meditation sounds 🌺
White Widow O.G 🕷️
“If it wasn’t for you I never would of fired a machine gun, except in the Navy, I like that” those were true words spoken from Papa Jim’s Heart to Danny 😢
squiggle 11 aylar önce
never been more relaxed
Gamer Guides
Gamer Guides 11 aylar önce
My daily dose of Danny Duncan 💯
Bradley orange
Bradley orange 11 aylar önce
makes me so happy to see papa Jim up and doing well
John G
John G 11 aylar önce
Just finished my meditation, never felt less stressed
I luv loopi
I luv loopi 11 aylar önce
Bro I just realized I wasn't subscribed and Ive been watching him
Bite Police 🅥
Bite Police 🅥 11 aylar önce
trvid.com/video/video-UD5OPT5D31w.html Finally it's here
Ivan Carrillo
Ivan Carrillo 11 aylar önce
Best video for relaxing and meditating🙏🏼🙏🏼 hands down
Bam 10 aylar önce
Can't believe this is the last time we will ever see papa Jim😔 R.I.P. To one of the kindest souls on the internet! You will be missed🙏🥺
Crisco Morees
Crisco Morees 2 aylar önce
Been sleeping in my car lately. But watching these videos has been helping me ease the pain a little. Hopefully starting a new job 2morrow tho. Wish me luck fellas.
robin elliott
robin elliott Aylar önce
Good luck 🤞
Skippy シ
Skippy シ 11 aylar önce
I love the title now I can ask my teacher to play this while we r testing
Paxton 11 aylar önce
I love how papa Jim says “I broke every rule in the book practically as Danny just has a vehicle mounted machine gun and a Thompson on a suburban road with that humvee. They’re so similar
uonlywish500 11 aylar önce
This helps me sleep, god bless you 😩
Mely Sanchez
Mely Sanchez 11 aylar önce
Please post more, your the only serotonin I get
Cj Hensley
Cj Hensley 10 aylar önce
Rip jim❤️ He an OG and Danny is an amazing person for all he’s done for him
Piet 11 aylar önce
Good to see that papa jim is doing better Love that guy ❤
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