'최초 공개/4K‘ 지민 (Jimin) - Set Me Free Pt.2  

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지민 - 셋 미 프리 파트 투 (Jimin - Set Me Free Pt.2)
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29 Mar 2023




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Mali 2 aylar önce
He's singing live. He added some new adlibs, high notes, and low notes. He's dancing. Him look damn good. OMG Park Jimin slayed 🔥🔥🔥
Tracy T
Tracy T 2 aylar önce
Yes, I especially enjoyed 3:31. I love Jimin's lower register which he can do very easily and very magnetic, but some fans keep on ignoring it purposely. I don't know what it their purpose.
Gabrielle 2 aylar önce
Diane Alline
Diane Alline 2 aylar önce
nope these notes aren't new they're in the MV but you need to listen carefully because it's hide by his higher voice saying "Set me free"
dells85 2 aylar önce
@Diane Alline Oh nice! I will have to break out the headphones and listen specifically for them to pick them out of the mix. I am thankful that he chose to sing those specific vocal layers as his live vocal layer, to pull them up to the top vocal layer. I hope I can pick out those layers with the headphones, so that I can enjoy hearing them often when using headphones.
Diane Alline
Diane Alline 2 aylar önce
@dells85 yes you'll see it's much more satisfying with headphones, for me when I listen to a new song for the first time it's impossible to not take them, I think it's a shame otherwise because you miss many details that are actually very important to build an atmosphere, especially for this type of song ^^ And yes I didn't expect his choice and it's soooo good to hear these vocal layers clearly, thank you Jimin 🤌💜
JM Aylar önce
지민이 최고다 최고!!!
M Connie
M Connie 21 gün önce
시간이 더 지나면 레전드로 다시 회자될 무대. 이번 지민의 무대들이 얼마나 대단했는지 먼훗날 다시 회자 될 것
Sally Rhodes
Sally Rhodes Aylar önce
Jimin is extremely handsome and so talented. Camera work is outstanding and captured the excellent dancing and visuals. Jimin your vocals are perfect!!
ju_ ju
ju_ ju Aylar önce
지민이만큼 무대에 진심인 가수 정말 몇이나 되냐구요?? 항상 최선을 다해 완벽한 무대를 선보이는 지민이 너가 최고야❤
rbsmmm 2 aylar önce
Jimins dance lines are unmatched! And his unique voice just makes you totally experience this music he’s emoting!!!
Glecy Alves
Glecy Alves 2 aylar önce
I think of you and immediately smile. You bring joy and peace to my life.❤
Jessica Ross
Jessica Ross 2 aylar önce
Exactly spilled
kashish13 29 gün önce
JIMIN!you killed no you slayed no you do just everything.everythjng is on point.let's support face album more.
Dunitas Brotton
Dunitas Brotton Aylar önce
This is my favourite performance (after the MV and the dance practise) The stage is great! The sound is very good, l love Jimin's deep voice! 💜🤩
Onana 2 aylar önce
His voice, his stage presence and dance moves 🔥. He is such a mesmerising performer. Super proud of you Jimin.
Rose Jim
Rose Jim 2 aylar önce
세계 최고가수가 팬들만나러 음악방송에 출연하다니 ㅜㅜ 이런 명작을 남겨줘서 고마워요 웅장한 퍼포먼스를 티비에서 보다니 감동입니다 공연으로 이어지길바래요 지민 사랑합니다
zk eldp
zk eldp Aylar önce
always support Jimin
Ana 2 aylar önce
I love Jimin's vocals because it's sweet and powerful at the same time
Holly 2 aylar önce
1:01 can this intro be any MORE iconic? 1:43 his eyes 😳 2:01 2:33 Jimins dance line 😭 2:45 his growl?! 3:16 Jimin vocal king!!!!
絶対に翻訳したら?🇲🇴🇲🇴🇲🇴तिमीलाई श्राप दिइएको छ । हप्तामा हड्डीहरू बिस्तारै भाँच्छन्। यदि तपाईंले यो श्रापलाई बेवास्ता गर्नुभयो वा यसलाई ध्यान नदिई छोड्नुभयो भने, तपाईंको शरीर असामान्य हुनेछ। मद्दत गर्ने एक मात्र तरिका मसँग दर्ता गर्नु हो 🍓🍅🍓🍅🍓🍑🍓🍉🍋🍉🍋🍉🍋🍉🍋🍉
Cookie 2 aylar önce
Finally a English comment🥺
ju_ ju
ju_ ju Aylar önce
모든 것이 완벽한 무대 ...볼 때마다 지민의 완벽함에 놀라요
ㅈ_ㅈ Aylar önce
지민이처럼 재능 있는 가수랑 같은 시대에 살아서 얼마나 행운인지 매일 영상보며 힘든 일상도 한층 즐겁게 보낼 수 있어 너무 고마워요❤
Marina Vozmitel
Marina Vozmitel Aylar önce
Столько зла и негатива кругом, и спасибо тебе, Чимин, что даришь только положительные эмоции. Слушаешь твои песни, смотришь видео о тебе - и отдыхаешь душой, получаешь заряд положительной энергии)
Carmen Benavides
Carmen Benavides Aylar önce
Amo las presentaciones en vivo de Jimin, el cambio de nota es un golpe de energía, wouuuu Jimin eres mi artista favorito de todos los tiempos..
Diana Nancy
Diana Nancy 2 aylar önce
I don't understand one thing when they are doing flawless job no one came to appreciate that when they did one tiny mistakes people are coming from all the corners of the world just to spread hatred to them. I feel so bad for our boys they have to endure it all. But even in the middle of all the hatred they are shining like a star. Im so proud of you Jimin. You don't deserve all the hatred they are doing just because they can't digest your success. Don't mind any of them they just bark and go. But your talent will be always yours. You have millions of fans to support and love you. Keep rocking man💜
yanjungrass715 Aylar önce
Coz they are jelly that their favs can't be this successful
chimmy.j.m 2 aylar önce
Jimin is just perfect in everything he does. I just love it. Thank you so much for your hardwork.
Marina Vozmitel
Marina Vozmitel 2 aylar önce
Очень сложная хореография и при этом исполнена чётко, слаженно, гармонично. И в центре Чимин - это самое главное. Он должен быть только в центре, а не где-то сбоку, во 2 или 3 ряду как часто было в хореографии BTS
조아라 Aylar önce
운좋게 현장서 보고왔는데 춤, 목소리 장난 아니예요. 이렇게 준비하고 활동기간도 너무 짧고 라이브 공연이 많음 진짜 감탄이 저절로 나올 무대인데 너무 너무 아쉽고 아깝습니다.
ju_ ju
ju_ ju Aylar önce
헐 너무 부럽네요 안구 공유하고 싶네요😂
Aruna Erintikova
Aruna Erintikova Aylar önce
И я завидую!
فيوليت bts
فيوليت bts Aylar önce
The king of K-Pop and the legend Park Jimin, his performance and singing are amazing, as well as his dancing👏👏👑
Oilga Lili
Oilga Lili Aylar önce
ju_ ju
ju_ ju 15 gün önce
지민이만큼 무대에 열정 가득한 가수는 찾기 힘들어요 언제나 응원할게요 오래 가수활동 해주세요🤩
ARMY ʲⁱᵐⁱⁿ
ARMY ʲⁱᵐⁱⁿ 2 aylar önce
What a POWERFUL PERFROMANCE from Jimin!!! This is the best stage performance i've seen this year! And also props to the back up dancers, they also did a great job. Jimin is blowing our minds rn with his talent! 🔥👑💜
Tracy T
Tracy T 2 aylar önce
He's always been powerful but people didn't always give him the freedom to be who he is, and that includes being given a lot of concepts that are not the real Jimin nor suits him. Whenever he gets to play himself and not be typecast he is confident and wonderful. We should root for freedom and not typecast anyone and let them be.
Kaz the chaotic trans guy pirate🏳️‍⚧️
@Tracy T “Being given concepts that don’t suit him” I mean maybe for No More Dream at the beginning, but he’s essentially always been able to express himself, as have the other members. It’s more of an insult to be condescending. As if Lie, for example, wasn’t him? In 2016? He’s always been true to himself.
Marina Vozmitel
Marina Vozmitel Aylar önce
Чимин, будь уверен в себе, своём таланте. Ты всем доказал, что и в соло, а не в составе группы, ты - великолепен. Ты достоин всех наград и званий! Вперёд и только вперёд!!
BTS STREAM 1 Aylar önce
Solo JIMIN es capaz de pasar de las notas mas altas a las mas bajas de golpe, es capaz de hacer una experiencia total con cambios de su voz, eres realmente increible. set me free p2 me hace llorar siempre al llegar al final de la cancion por que realmente pude entender el mensaje de lucha constante que a debido soportar, eres el mejor nunca te dejaremos solo.
Diana Díaz
Diana Díaz Aylar önce
Increíble presentación Jimin, felicidades!!! Más como esta por favor
Aruna Erintikova
Aruna Erintikova Aylar önce
Чимин, твоё промо продолжается. Открываю тебя заново.К этому невозможно привыкнуть.
M Connie
M Connie 2 aylar önce
진짜 우리나라의 보물이네. 느낌 살리는 거 보소 쩐다
Jen L
Jen L 2 aylar önce
The high notes, the mic on, his voice, the choreography and his stage presence. Like damn he has it all. A real performer
Divya Chaitanya
Divya Chaitanya 2 aylar önce
I was totally immersed in this performance and that is Jimin's specialty. He knows how to put the audience in a trance. JUST BEWITCHED!! PARK JIMIN SLAYED!
💗 alanny 💗
💗 alanny 💗 Aylar önce
지민아 사랑해💖💖🇧🇷
Marina Vozmitel
Marina Vozmitel 2 aylar önce
Гордимся и восхищаемся тобой, Чимин, и уважаем за неимоверное трудолюбие и упорство!
햄찌 2 aylar önce
아 너무 멋있어서 눈물나…
Win Win
Win Win Aylar önce
미쳤다 진짜 박지민 너무 멋있어요
네가 자랑스러워,이 노래에서 나는 나를 본다,질리지 않고 들을 수 있어요,모든 것에 감사드립니다 JİMİN
루에나 14 gün önce
jim셋미프리2 Aylar önce
오늘도 지민이 멋진 무대보면서 지민이 볼 수 있는 날을 기다리면서 지민아 어서와 기다리고있어
Sherry A
Sherry A Aylar önce
His live performances are sooooo good.
Cloe Montenegro
Cloe Montenegro Aylar önce
Woow!Increíble lo amo es unico,jiminista por siempre
ㅈ_ㅈ Aylar önce
무대 장인 지민❤앞으로도 항상 행복하게 무대 많이 많이 해주세요
이현숙 2 aylar önce
참~~~우리 지민이는 다른 사람이 절대 흉내 낼 수 없는 지민만의 아우라가 있어. 정말 독보적이다!
WDYM 2 aylar önce
Thank you Jimin for delivering such a masterpiece. I love the CD version but the ad-lib here sounds wonderful as well. Jimin is a stage genius for real
Yessica Chaves
Yessica Chaves 2 aylar önce
El vocal de este hombre es real , el TALENTOOO que desborda es increíble
Qamar Hussain
Qamar Hussain Aylar önce
His live vocals! JIMIN YOU THE BEST!💜🔥
Mind blowing choreography 👏🏻 everything is so amazing jiminaaaa💥🔥💯
Marina Vozmitel
Marina Vozmitel Aylar önce
Фантастическое выступление! Браво хореографу за постановку танца - энергично, синхронно, чётко, слаженно. Танцоры - большие молодцы! А Чимин - он вообще бог танца!
Juvorin Aylar önce
You park jimin how dare you stole my heart every time it's unfair why you are so amazing i miss you my baby really i missed you so much you slay your album i'm so proud of you
Srithi Roy
Srithi Roy 2 aylar önce
Perfectly executed! Jimin's vocals, his looks, the background dancers, choreography, in a nutshell, everything's just top notch ♡.
printannies 2 aylar önce
so true! everything is perfect!
Anna Romanova
Anna Romanova 2 aylar önce
Бесподобное выступление! Пересматриваешь видео и каждый раз дух захватывает от мощной хорео и вокала Чимина! И выглядит он сногсшибательно в черном, с намеками на тату🔥Всей команде спасибо, ребята - танцоры замечательные)
児玉ひとみ 15 gün önce
멋진 공연에 감사드립니다💕😊
Elmira Joon
Elmira Joon 2 aylar önce
His voice his dance his clothes they all are perfect
polly cipher
polly cipher 2 aylar önce
Jimin's debut is so amazing I loved his performance on M countdown. I also love his all black outfit my favorite parts is the leather jacket and the cutout shirt. I also love the dance too.
정미소 Aylar önce
Jimin 시상식때 이공연 보고싶다
j anne
j anne 2 aylar önce
The live vocals! The adlibs!!! The powerful dance choreo!! 🔥💯 I AM SO PROUD OF JIMIN 🤧
Jung e
Jung e 2 aylar önce
너무 멋있다ㅠ
sw paik
sw paik Aylar önce
지민 진짜 무대 최고다 무대장인 지민
ㅅ.ㅅ Aylar önce
지민이때문에 음방 오랜만에 봤어요 유일하게 음방 챙겨보게 하는 가수 지민❤사랑해요
My favorite jimin♡
My favorite jimin♡ 2 aylar önce
지민아❤❤❤ 너 너무 치명적이야❤❤❤
eliana fialho
eliana fialho 2 aylar önce
show em what u can do ❤ every performance is pure perfection ❤ much love jiminie
suzana mir
suzana mir 2 aylar önce
Now this is called a performance Perfect vocals, energetic dance.. he ate and left no crumbs
Briseïs Lyrnessus
Briseïs Lyrnessus Aylar önce
Excuse the essay (again), but I absolutely adored this song. And now I have to throw my thoughts out into the void, somewhere (wildly inaccurate though they may be). Firstly, I love how explosive the choreography is, especially with the focus on the hands of the dancers (pushing, grabbing, reaching...) Everything about it has such fighting-to-break-free kind of energy. Sometimes, I didn't even see the separate dancers anymore. Just a mesmerizing movement whirling around Jimin. It’s so well done, in the MV and here in the performance. Secondly, it complements the vocals and lyrics so well. There are so many layers to the main vocals in this, it's insane to think it's all from one person. There is a whole new sound coming from Jimin (first verse, "time to get mine" and further) and... it's new, it's distorted, it's unfamiliar. It has that same let-me-out-of-this-cage kind of energy as the choreography and it's saying phrases we've never really heard from Jimin before (cursing in a song, for example). Then, after the first verse, Jimin's familiar, comforting, angelic voice is back. Yet, the distortion keeps coming back and both voices become entangled. Because they're both from the same person and that person is "standing at the edge" of something new. And both are fighting to be set free. Also, the chorus is so intricate. The repeated "set me free" sounds very powerful. At first, I though it was a plea, but then I realized it was a command. Jimin setting himself free. Especially during the last chorus, I keep hearing echo's of both of Jimin's voices. It also has the powerful, echoing chants by the background voices. At the start, they sounded ominous, but then in the chorus turned into something victorious, enthusiastic, while he's reaching his "prime time" and "won't stop even if they mock [him]." And the fan chant. ARMY did so amazing here. It added to the song beautifully. In conclusion: I LOVED this and hope Jimin is very, very proud of how amazing he did on his album.
2 aylar önce
that's not me fellas
this performance is BREATHTAKINGGGGGG i can't imagine doing this dance even WITHOUT singing, i would be absolutely out of breath, but what does jimin say? BRING IT ONNNNNNN and he even adds amazing additions that he didn't do in the CD version to make the experience even more novel and worth every second
that's not me fellas
not to mention the fanchants !!!!!! ARMY totally showed up for jimin and it enhanced the performance so much!!!!
💛 𝕄𝕠𝕔𝕙𝕚 ℙ𝕁𝕄 💛
Jimin se la rifo con estas presentaciones, son increíbles
문지영 Aylar önce
수십 만건을 봐도 항상 새롭다 그는정말 접신하는 사람같다 음악 이 흐르면 다른 지민이 나오는듯하다
Sea Waves
Sea Waves 2 aylar önce
지민아, 정말 멋진 무대 감사합니다🥺👏🇮🇶🇰🇷💟💜🔥🔥
Ali Alasde
Ali Alasde 2 aylar önce
خية رمضان حرام تباوعبن عليهم😅
Sea Waves
Sea Waves 2 aylar önce
لعد لماذا انتي داخله وتباوعين اذا تعرفين حرام🙂🙋🏻‍♂️
كيم سوكجينا
كيم سوكجينا 2 aylar önce
​@Sea Waves ههههه وكانما ماكو فترة بعد الفطور
Sea Waves
Sea Waves 2 aylar önce
@كيم سوكجينا أي والله 🙂
ARMY FOREVER 2 aylar önce
ابدع جيمين اليوم 😩🇮🇶💜
J P Aylar önce
His stage presence is amazing and phenomenal Amazing vocals and lovely face I’m literally obsessed with him
Mel ☆
Mel ☆ 2 aylar önce
La presentación de set me free pt 2 es de otro nivel. Literalmente la gente que lo vio en vivo no tienen idea lo afortunados que fueron al ver un show tan bueno. Felicidades Jimin ♡
Mel ☆
Mel ☆ 2 aylar önce
Me encanta esta canción y la coreografía es maravillosa! Los bailarines se lucen mucho, hicieron un increíble trabajo. Jimin me deja sin palabras con su talento en lo vocal, en el rap, en su baile, todo lo que hace me gusta mucho, lo admiro demasiado ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
DicesSerMejor PeroCriticasALosDemasPorSusGustos
comparte a más fans que debemos ver la presentación de Like crazy hasta la madrugada, Jimin necesita llevarse otro win a casa
Yadira Perez
Yadira Perez Aylar önce
No doy que decir me quede muda muda no puedo hablar
rubyana♡ 2 aylar önce
Arrasou! Você é um artista sensacional jimin❤ !!!
jjiminie 2 aylar önce
I had gooosebumps watching this! His vocals, dancing, and we get to hear the fanchant PARK JIMIN PARK JIMIN 😭😭😭 I love you Jiminnn, thank you for this incredible performance
Melissa DelaCalzada
Melissa DelaCalzada 2 aylar önce
지민 씨 무대 엠카운트다운 대박! 🔥🔥🔥🔥💜💜💜💜
Marina Vozmitel
Marina Vozmitel 2 aylar önce
Чимин - великолепный певец и танцор, светлый, искренний и порядочный человек, обладающий невероятной харизмой и огромным трудолюбием. Браво, Чимин!
라라와봄 2 aylar önce
이번 솔로앨범 너무 좋은 음악들이야 분위기도 곡별로 다르고 박지민표 “개성있는 음악이 보이는것 같아서 너무 좋았다! 용감한 우리 지민이 오래 음악하자!!!
Gury LN.
Gury LN. 2 aylar önce
la presencia escénica de jimin es perfecta
Kim Mika ッ
Kim Mika ッ 2 aylar önce
que espectáculo. jimin es un artista de alto rendimiento, posta, cantando con micrófono PRENDIDO Y CON TREMENDA COREOGRAFÍA el pibe tiene una re estabilidad vocal, me encanta. es admirable de ver.
Fernando Aylar önce
Si no me equivoco este comentario es de un argentino
ali 2 aylar önce
the vocals in this performance was insane
Ty Ty
Ty Ty Aylar önce
감쟈 2 aylar önce
립싱크 하는 가수들 많은데 지민이 라이브는 미쳤다 귀호강하고가유❤❤
Tay 2 aylar önce
라이브? 살아있다는 뜻인가?
Sia Aylar önce
He also did lip sync here
감쟈 Aylar önce
@Tay 야쓰야쓰 살아있단 소리쥬
감쟈 Aylar önce
@Sia Even if you lip-sync, Jimin is already a singer who is good at singing live.
Sia Aylar önce
@감쟈 I have seen Jimin solo live performances before and he performed it so well but here he is lip syncing.
OU I 2 aylar önce
콘서트 시급하다 정말
Jessy Dark Blue
Jessy Dark Blue 2 aylar önce
Si yo hubiera estado ahí, habría llorado de tantos sentimientos encontrados que transmite esta maravilla de canción.
Marina Vozmitel
Marina Vozmitel Aylar önce
Чимин! Удачи тебе, творческих успехов и веры в свой талант!! Знай, что ты лучший!
BTS ARMY 7 forever 🥺💜
I watched Set Me Free and Like Crazy performances live.♥ I want to say that Jimin's ability to change his voice and using different high notes on the stage is so unique and beautiful. ♥♥💫
Aemond Targaryen
Aemond Targaryen 2 aylar önce
So you there during recording? Thank you for saying this 💜 i can't believe kpopies still slandering Jimin vocal capability 😡 i think he have beautiful unique tone
tasha brittain
tasha brittain 2 aylar önce
I love Jimin's voice. The truth of the matter is, he could of given the bore perfect encore and they still would of found something to pick apart. They attacked him for that and completely ignored the two fantastic performances he was actually trying and taking seriously because they couldn't say anything but their usual 'autotune'. He's doing so well with his album, I'm just going to keep streaming and buying and most importantly supporting him. Let's ignore them and just focus on Jim in :)
Aemond Targaryen
Aemond Targaryen 2 aylar önce
@tasha brittain right, focus on Jimin and ignore the hater, make Jimin break more record Btw if anyone got to said "f*ck off...get out my way" is Jimin, kpopies been hating and dragging him for years now
tasha brittain
tasha brittain 2 aylar önce
@Aemond Targaryen exactly this is the same man who was dragged for donating to charity, they will always have something to say. Let his records and numbers speak for him and just keep streaming. No matter what there will always be people spreading negativity, best we can do is just keep supporting him.
Mariela Barja
Mariela Barja Aylar önce
Me encantó esto es realmente increíble, Jimin es tan talentoso e increíble eres el mejor te amo mucho te luciste en el escenario como siempre eres increíble 💜
𝘉𝘳𝘦𝘯𝘥𝘢 (𝘣𝘰𝘭𝘢𝘤𝘩𝘢𝘢)
O jimin é realmente um artista completo,coreografia,presença de palco,seu vocal,entregou tudoo fiquei muito feliz pelo debut solo dele pq sinto que todas as músicas combinam muito com ele,stream em like Crazy !!
Marina Vozmitel
Marina Vozmitel 2 aylar önce
Чимину и всей его команде - браво! Классное выступление!
moon m
moon m 2 aylar önce
진짜 멋있다 최고다 지민아
jim셋미프리2 2 aylar önce
지민아 빌보드 HOT 1001위 축하해 지민이 퍼포는 정말 최고야 제발 지민이 단독 콘서트에서 이무대 볼 수 있기를 하루속히 빨리 그날이 오기를
Serendipity jm bts
Serendipity jm bts 2 aylar önce
This man is a master of the stage and live performance.BORN FOR THE STAGE❤❤❤❤❤JIMIN YOU ARE ALWAYS BEST OF BEST❤❤❤❤❤❤👑
Eduarda paulo Dionizio
Áaaaá mdsss como sair dessa perfeição mdss estou cada diia apaixonada por eleee😮😮💜💜💜 olha que talentoso meu mochii😮😮🎉🎉 ,nois ARMY estão muito orgulhosa de você meu bebê 👏👏👏👏💜💜, pode ter certeza que estamos torcendo por voce mochiii👏👏😱 eu te amo 💜💜💜💜💜
lexyhope 2 aylar önce
Las presentaciones de Jimin son otro nivel Dioss el verdadero impacto✨️💜😭 Estoy tan orgullosa
Marina Vozmitel
Marina Vozmitel 2 aylar önce
Наша гордость!! Вперёд и только вперёд! Знай, Чимин, что ты лучший!
Marina Vozmitel
Marina Vozmitel 2 aylar önce
Сколько ни смотрю - восхищаюсь такой крутой хореографией! Браво хореографу! Браво Чимину и танцорам - станцевали так, что передали все эмоции.
Наталья Надюн
Чимин! Гений сцены, его хореография и голос , за гранью фантастики ! Успехов во всём !🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️
ChimChim 2 aylar önce
I LOVE it when jimin does the extra added vocals during live performances!!! His voice is ENCHANTING!!!!! 😭💜
Jair Arteaga
Jair Arteaga 2 aylar önce
Jimin tiene un talento asombroso. El deslumbra en el escenario. Gran trabajo el de los bailarines. Y esas notas altas de Jimin son una locura...
Mel ☆
Mel ☆ 2 aylar önce
Me encanta set me free pt 2 de Jimin. Es una presentación increíble!!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
andrea 2 aylar önce
me da escalofrios jimin, naciste para ser una estrella
Camryn Merriman
Camryn Merriman 28 gün önce
His voice is sooo good keep it up my bias😊
selver 2 aylar önce
чимини просто лучший! 💜 шикарное и сильное выступление! я обожаю его энергетику на сцене, его харизму, полное наслаждение песней и то, как он чувсвует осое настроение песни саоим телом, движениями тела и выражением лица.
Pişman Değilim
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Like Crazy - JIMIN lyrics
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Bu nasıl turnuva?😂#shorts
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