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부산을 덮친 초대형 쓰나미
해운대 ( 2009 )
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27 May 2020




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@autumnaeri9619 2 yıl önce
This reminds me of 2004 tsunami and it's really heart wrenching.. Here in Sri Lanka when the tsunami was coming a train was stopped due to the early waves flooding the tracks and even locals who were on the land got into the train for safety. Then the big waves came and the train got disassembled and got scatteted away with all those people. It took hours to even find the engine after the waves went back.More than 1500 lost their lives just by that incident. It's horrifying to even think about how disastrous tsunamis can be..
@BorneoBorneo-do4nu 2 yıl önce
Itulah apa bila Tuhan /ALLAH sudah marah pada suatu negeri , yg penduduknya ingkar dan sombong maka didatangkannya suatu bencana .itu blm seberapa..suatu saat nanti akan datang yg namanya hari pembalasan .hanya tuhan / ALLAH yg maha segala galanya.
I was 13 yo when that happened and I remember it very well, I was having vacations at an ocean city in that very momment, in summer, it shock me so much that its maybe the thing I remember the most from those vacations, I remember it so well because a few days later it was a big rock concert with international bands that I was a fan at those times and I remember downloading it in my pc. Take care.
@autumnaeri9619 2 yıl önce
@@amigosXcorrespondenc As I was very young back then and I'm not from a coastal area I did not experience it myself. But after I got to know about it later it truly terrified me. I'm sorry that you had to go through such a shocking experience. Take care you too..
@fatimakarar1003 2 yıl önce
Nunca vir um filme tão muito bem feito igual a esse❤
@talitacosta7582 Yıl önce
Sabe me informar qual o nome do filme?@carolaine Assis
@daisy-ex4ub Yıl önce
@Becky_kit101 Yıl önce
Как называется фильм?
@phyowaiaung7990 Yıl önce
@iamsaw8s 5 aylar önce
The fact that everyone knew immediately what was about to happen when the water receded was extremely accurate. After the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami more people were informed that rapidly receding water is a telltale sign of a tidal wave. The only thing that was odd to me is that there were no early tsunami warnings whatsoever.
@MaureenLycaon 5 aylar önce
Did they have the early warning system set up by 2009 or so, when this movie was made?
@twistofadoration1 5 aylar önce
Sadly the worst places that were hit had no early warning in the remote villages along the coasts, along with that the tsunami hit hours after the initial quake. Also with the 2011 Japan Tsunami, they had the warnings but they didn't expect the size of the tsunami was going to be as big, so those who thought the 3rd story were to be safe like in the past, they were sadly not. They also discovered that one school didn't have any tsunami protocol in place, which resulted in the deaths of 23 children. Even the survivors said, "they wish they went higher".
@user-ic6qs1zh7r 4 aylar önce
What is Movie name?
@mehmettorun5118 2 aylar önce
So, did such an incident happen?
@king60918 Aylar önce
My prayers & condolences to all those who lost their lives in that real tsunami!🙏!It's fascinating & respectable how everytime the Japanese stand up again so quick & outstanding as post this tsunami too!Japan is a champion country!Respect!
Of all the special effects Ive ever seen on the screen,the ones in this movie are the most realistic and convincing. The persons that made this film deserve several Oscars. As movie makers they are absolute geniuses!
8PM has
@eltunrhimov8672 Yıl önce
Salam sabahınız xeyir olsun bu filmin adı nədi bilmek olar.
@starrynightsomewhere 9 aylar önce
What’s the movie name ?
@gecn9685 Aylar önce
Respect to the thousands of extras who sacrificed their lives just for this movie to be made.
@user-qz6bg1vt1w Aylar önce
Eso solo es efecto
@ellaeadig263 Yıl önce
This is legitimately one of my biggest fears. A wall of water just coming towards you, impossible to escape. It's why I won't even swim at beaches with big waves. On a positive note, the people on the beach immediately knew what was happening as soon as the water receded. A lot of people died in 2004 because they didn't understand what was happening and instead went out further to explore the rocks etc when the ocean pulled back. If this had been a regular tsunami and not a crazy skyscraper tall wave I bet some of them would have survived.
@joserequiz2671 Yıl önce
@Precalcasmr Yıl önce
The area also had no tsunami warning system at all. No sirens or anything.
@infinite8082 Yıl önce
@@joserequiz2671 a lot tanks
@user-kg5sn9xl4t Yıl önce
you areapsulutely correct
@user-hn8uj2te1n 8 gün önce
Больно смотреть на все эти страдания людей бедные, если честно, их очень жаль, что так получилось, я не хочу, чтобы у кого такого не было. Слава Богу, я в России у меня такого 100% не будет.
I come from Italy and it is now 2 years since the publication of this film. It is incredible how the power of nature can cause so much harm to people’s habits and lifestyles. Unfortunately, in 2016 I experienced this situation not with the tsunami but with the earthquake. Now fortunately I am safe and sound, though I will never forget what happened and that changed my life in such a great way.
@144edo.cicccc Yıl önce
vero fra
@@144edo.cicccc WQPPPOOO coo99ppppppppppp
@user-po9hr7jc3i Yıl önce
هذا الذي حدث ليسا من قوة الطبيعة وانما هي قوة الله عزوجل وأمر الله عزوجل
@crand20033 Yıl önce
A hurricane (or typhoon) can do the same exact thing. The power of nature can be quite terrible.
@user-df3nc5ru7z 12 gün önce
2:40 2:51 Nadie habla de esas 2 personas que se sacrificaron para intentar salvar a su familiar, especialmente lo de la mama, un buen hijo 😢
Yeah one time I was on holiday but when we left to Brunei it immediately got hit by a Isunami ( I was in a diff country for holiday )
@Xintheclouds 2 yıl önce
Okay this was actually very well done. I'm scared, sad, crying .... I'm glad he got his daughter. Living so close to the ocean in California, I think about this. If it was this big and bad, I'd just want to die. There's no recovering.
@rahmaab915 2 yıl önce
@rahmaab915 2 yıl önce
Sungguhan ya
@HarumyVIIB Yıl önce
En algún momento va a suceder mejor huye de California
@prankster4297 Yıl önce
Movie name
@Alexsss_44 7 aylar önce
I just love that the man tried to save her daughter from the tsunami at the beach 🏖️
Страшно очень,сколько людей погибло от стихии.
@rodrigovieira2075 20 gün önce
E no me ver e na minha opiniao morreram eu acho bastante e muito so Deus por nós
Yes... 😱
@vickyb9900 11 aylar önce
Six minutes of pure horror just watching it! Can’t even imagine going through anything even close to that and my heart goes out to all the people who’ve lived through situations like that. It was so realistic!
@luwasielizabeth5177 11 aylar önce
@mohdsaleemkhan7657 11 aylar önce
​@@luwasielizabeth5177xaXXxXCCcccaccaXxCcCCCCAcCcCCVCccCCCCcccCCCCcCCcCCçCCvCCVCCXCCCcaCcaCCcCCccaCaccCcCCcCCcCcccCaDĎcCCCce 2wè1⁰
@n4mqrx._ 11 aylar önce
@aunglwin3618 11 aylar önce
@@mohdsaleemkhan7657 jnmmn
@itspendah 11 aylar önce
Please, tittle of the movie 🤔
One time the sea was retracting very fast and on the horizon I thought there was a wall so I was scared Bc we were on holiday with my family and we were swimming at the beach. I refused to go in but I had to since my parents said it’s a holiday so I thought I was overreacting until we went home, packed our stuff and flew back to Brunei, the second we left there was a Isunami at the country we were in idk the name tho. We were so lucky to survive and that is why I’m horrified of the ocean and this just makes me more scared seeing people don’t care about children when there are Isunamis Bc I’m a child…
@juliehay 2 yıl önce
this is, in my opinion, great cinematography and must be exactly what it is like, I don't know how they put this piece together because it looks so very real and I congratulate the producers and directors, and the actors too of course. we are so puny against the forces of nature. the extreme weather events that are happening at present are only going to intensify and be more regular, humanity has fucked with nature for hundreds of years, in particular the last 273 years of industrial civilisation, now, nature bats last.......thankyou for this video upload
@lonjaturqueza1748 2 yıl önce
@@kcsweatman6593 estoy de acuerdo contigo la obra de Dios no será destruida por el humano los planes de Dios muy distintos alabado sea siempre el señor por eso
@Celia_myname 11 aylar önce
Nunca vir um filmed Tao multi bem feito igual a esse ❤
@rumdanhd7011 10 aylar önce
@marlenepereira5891 8 aylar önce
@RupesDas-ui9co 3 aylar önce
😅😅😅 Hi how are you
@Pepsi901 17 gün önce
@aleteaparecida1272 14 gün önce
O nome do filme
@kiko0217 11 aylar önce
Mesmo que esse tsunami não acontece aqui nunca mais futuramente, eu estou muito arrepiado só de assistir isso aí 😢
@Erick_.7 9 aylar önce
nunca mais tem certeza ?
@kiko0217 9 aylar önce
@@Erick_.7 o tsunami pode até ter acontecido no país, porém só se for na época muito bem antiga mesmo e de repente está até mesmo extinto né!? As causas do tsunami mano, são erupções vulcânicas, deslocamento de uma falha no assoalho oceânico, quedas de meteoros ou talvez até mesmo os terremotos. As coisas que aqui não tem no Brasil. Os desastres naturais que acontecem hoje em dia são mais enchentes, deslizamentos e os ciclones que invadiram lá no sul do Brasil
@Erick_.7 9 aylar önce
@@kiko0217 na vdd já aconteceu tsunami no nordeste do Brasil em 1755
@tiagosantos8030 8 aylar önce
Esse deus é fraco não tem poder
@Erick_.7 8 aylar önce
@@tiagosantos8030 ?
@user-cb1vr9tt4i 11 gün önce
Me da mucho miedo espero nunca vaya a pasar eso Dios los bendiga
Pequeno filme, mas muito impactante! E pensar que este tipo de tsunami pode de fato acontecer, estamos muito próximos da meia noite da História do mundo, nos voltemos ao Criador! 🇧🇷 🇯🇵
@ceciliamartinez321 11 aylar önce
Queremos saber cuándo fuésemos esos
@soumia297 9 aylar önce
Only what God has written for us will happen. God is always with us There is no God but Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله
@user-kb5le5cm2t 2 aylar önce
난 이영화 진짜 현실인줄 알고… 팝콘먹으면서 침흘리면서 제밌게 봄
Muito Linda A Cena Que O Pai Tenta Salvar Sua Filha Mesmo Se Arriscando
@pietracos1491 Yıl önce
@ykarophzin7964 Yıl önce
E sim
@ahmadesam3389 Yıl önce
Rapaz que filme bem feito sem muito efeitos especiais bem realista mesmo!!!
@user-xw7hn7pg3v 8 aylar önce
@adonayarianny9544 7 aylar önce
Estoy de acuerdo con tu comentario, jajaja
@yichenchiu-ol3cq 7 aylar önce
So realistic. So terrifying to think of people in a situation like that in real life. This was an absolutely superb film.
Shuhas Hadi My apologies, I wish I could read your comment.
@addiecapri Yıl önce
What film is this? I’d be terrified. Bless those people
@@addiecapri Haeundae. It's a Korean film (eng sub or you choose). I personally think it is a superb film. Not just the action, which is unbelievably amazing but the acting is so good you really do come away with a genuine sense of how it must be. I cannot recommend this film enough. Oh and I am Brit in my 60s 🤗👍🏼🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧
@ptyxmvm Yıl önce
Yeah so realistic, the tsunami keeping it's height through out the whole city. I wonder where all of that water came out from.
this movie is not realistic i mean come on look at 3:22
@jaquelinebatista8513 3 aylar önce
É muito triste ver tudo isso 😢
@user-yl3mb7gx1t 3 aylar önce
Imagina o desespero das pessoas uns 10 segundos antes da mor**
Por isso amo meu país. Aqui dificilmente acontece grandes desastres natural.o Brasil é um pais tropical amo ser Brasileiro
@zidirkran1824 7 aylar önce
Bonjour de France 🇫🇷 Et vive le Brésil 🇧🇷❤️
​@@zidirkran1824 Olá francês
@flaviopires3105 6 aylar önce
Tb sou mas nada impede, é bom n morar no litoral ou em ilhas, é bom ter colete salva vidas acessível e é bom tb ter fé em Deus. Obs: moro em uma ilha no nordeste brasileiro
@BrianBrYt 6 aylar önce
@user-dg2xc2ps6d 15 gün önce
Es impactante esta película que refleja una gran reslidad
@junpinedajr.8699 2 yıl önce
The CGI in this film are simply amazing,you could literally feel the situation.
@allyhalls1118 2 yıl önce
What film is this from ?
@peteseskenlee4563 2 yıl önce
@@allyhalls1118 mega tsunami
@ahmadsyah7853 2 yıl önce
salad. ya😭😭😭😭😭😭
@manopmadee7192 2 yıl önce
@shnevergiveup369 2 yıl önce
Movie name plz
@heavyfails7179 Yıl önce
That would be so cool if they made these into like a hotel and people go see it and live in it for a night. I would love to see a tour of all the past builds
@IwanKhristanto-jc4td 8 aylar önce
Jadwal Acara Hari Ini Indosiar Jumat, 8 Mei 2009 04:30 Jelajah Masjid 05:00 Mamah Dan Aa 06:00 Fokus Pagi 07:00 KISS Vaganza 08:30 Halo Polisi 09:30 FTV Utama 11:30 Patroli 12:00 Fokus Siang 12:30 Aku Ingin Siang 13:00 Happy Song 15:00 FTV Sore 17:00 Sinetron: Kasih Dan Amara 18:00 Sinetron: Muslimah 19:30 Sinetron: Inayah 21:00 Sinetron: Amanda 22:00 Drama Asia: Full House (RR) 00:00 Drama Asia: Wind And Cloud (RR) 01:00 Fokus Malam 01:30 Serial Asia: Paris Sonata 02:30 Sinetron: Tasib Cinta (RR) 03:30 Sinetron: Angling Dharma (RR)
@IwanKhristanto-jc4td 8 aylar önce
Haeundae Mulai, 8 Mei 2009 di Bioskop
@IwanKhristanto-jc4td 8 aylar önce
Disney Channel Commercial Break (May, 8th 2009)
@junking3462 28 gün önce
이 영화는 다시봐도 잘만들었다는 생각이 든다.
to jest smutne 😭
@leonorafrancisco1105 4 aylar önce
No filme já é assustador , imagina passar por isso não vida real ! Não tem escapatória !!! 😨😨😨😰😰😰😵😵😵
@angy7567 2 aylar önce
E veroo🙈
Everytime I watch this it still gives me goosebumps
@user-zl5gd1pi4c 2 yıl önce
وكيف سيكون لقاكم معه الله ، ياايهو الناس امنو بالله هوه الذي خلقكم وهوه الذي يحيكم بيده الخير وبيده الملك وهوه على كلشي قدير ،
@@user-zl5gd1pi4c tell in English pls
@hutao7867 2 yıl önce
@@dxrkscope_youtube311 it's Quran
@@hutao7867 oh.. I didn't know that. Thanks for informing me
Ngerti coy
@lovemariii Yıl önce
Fico muito triste com isso… Meu maior medo é ter isso aqui no Brasil, deve ser completamente horrível perder tudo que conquistou e morrer da pior forma: afogado…. ☹️
@talysonluiz3836 Yıl önce
Tbm tenho mto medo disso, e do apocalipse tbm
@burriramesh631 Yıl önce
@@talysonluiz3836 ggxZZ
@@martamoraisdeoliveiraluong4951 oi Marta mocinha moça mulher bonitinha e bonita e Bella e linda eu também tenho tenho medo disso e do apocalipse também e sou garoto bom e um jovenzinho bom e jovem bom e um rapazinho bom um cara bom e homem bom bonitinho e bonito e Bello e lindo e hoje sexta feira 21 de outubro de 2022
Are u ok from the flooding?
@diegogomez8537 9 aylar önce
Já chorei tanto assistindo esse filme 😢
@asmikmkrtchjan3065 9 aylar önce
Как называется
@noranalobeidi3634 9 aylar önce
what's his name
@yosmericalcano4166 9 aylar önce
Cuál es su nombre
@user-oe8nn8vj5s 9 aylar önce
А, как называется фильм
@the_flashrider_01 7 aylar önce
Movie name ?
@josewaljose9005 25 gün önce
Uma tristeza forte que sinto é isso.
@snicksss Yıl önce
I don't think I would've been so in pain watching this if I hadn't experienced Hurricane Ian. I was on the rather lucky side, because I got away with just losing shingles and some bad leakage especially in my room. We need to get a few things replaced, but at least the house is still intact and the flooding barely didn't reach us. But even so, it was a very traumatic experience for me. I was sitting on my mom's bed as the wind pounded away, and then my mom suddenly gasped and my dad said "THE OAK TREE FELL!" I couldn't believe my ears, because the oak tree that fell was a beautiful and very large tree with vines, and it has been there for as long as I remember. Never in a million years did I think it could possibly fall down, but it did. That moment just had me in extreme shock for quite a bit. I was shivering and crying with my mom hugging me. It made me realize that sometimes things aren't gonna be just fine. The storm I found myself mesmerized by suddenly became what it is, a monstrous force of nature that no human being can stop. Before, I just saw the damage these storms could cause as things far away from me, but now I just can't help but think, "That could've been me," when I see the damage other people experience.
@ayodeleakinwumi4703 5 aylar önce
The name of the movie
@snicksss 5 aylar önce
@@ayodeleakinwumi4703 It's not a movie. I aspire to be a writer one day so maybe that's why it's a little bit like a story format. ;;
@especialgg7166 4 aylar önce
Muito bom obrigado por posta! 😊🇧🇷 Qui deus livre nos de todos os mal🙏
@user-gx2xp4yf2j 4 gün önce
@user-rc2vc1bi8t Yıl önce
Как страшно природные катастрофы:цунами, тайфуны, пожары. Сколько погибает людей. Господи, пусть нигде и никогда не будет таких бедствий!
@pranpriyalove. Yıl önce
Çox düz deyirsen Amin!
@Warokanji Yıl önce
Таких цунами, как изображено в фильме не бывает, почитайте статью в вики, посмотрите наконец реальное видео из Японии'11. Это не значит, что цунами какая-то детская забава.
@user-wr4hu7mw2j Yıl önce
@mikestone7771 Yıl önce
But every soul should taste death 🙌
ok, but literally, even without alarms, there are tsunami sensors everywhere in the world, THIS THING IS GIGANTIC HOW TF DID NOBODY NOTICE DUUDE
@supahjan Yıl önce
@@supahjan and the cause of the tsunami itself wouldnt go unnoticed anyways like, if it was an earthquake it would need to be so big, people on land can sense it, professional instruments as well ofc. If it is an asteroid, well duh
@ptyxmvm 6 aylar önce
​@@terremotoraptor1515yea I mean the earthquake you would need for a tsunami of this height to form would be a global disaster. .
@AsmaHt 5 aylar önce
@@ptyxmvm exactly, and the water would start receding way before
Eu amei a cena da filha do pai
как название кино
@user-dg2xc2ps6d 15 gün önce
Terrible pobre del ser humano hay que pedirle mucho a Dios que nos proteja con su gracia y su gran amor Que su misericordia nos alcance
@oliveiratd 9 aylar önce
Apesar de ser um filme, mas isso só vem mostrar, mais uma vez, que nós os humanos só continuamos a viver neste mundo, graças à "boa vontade" da Natureza, pois, quando ela se zanga, ninguém a consegue parar!
@user-um2eb4ow8j 9 aylar önce
انه قدر الله وليس الطبيعه مالكم كيف تحكمون؟
@itaatkar 9 aylar önce
@djilalitaibaoui7328 9 aylar önce
الذي يغضب هو الله الذي خلق البشر وخلق هذا كون
@BrendaLopez-mz2cl 9 aylar önce
No se mueve la hoja de un arbol si no es la voluntad de Dios
@malakbbb 8 aylar önce
غضب الله ليس الطبيعة حتى الطبيعة من خلق الله سبحانه وتعالى
@user-kp3jg7ot8t Aylar önce
어우 너무 슬프다 ㅠㅠ
Simplesmente apavorante!!!
Me Dieron Ganas De Llorar😭😭😭😭😭
@@praisejesusrepentorlikewis6218 Amém jesus vou passar as férias em casa para a minha segurança
Don’t worry it might be photo shopped
@@biancalouresogg921 in u
@t.narendra6549 Yıl önce
@@praisejesusrepentorlikewis6218 praise lord Shiva and repent all the other fake gods.
@Prince_of_Asgard 10 aylar önce
Респект оператору который сидел на цунами и заснял такие кадры
@v9ije700 9 aylar önce
Согл согл
@fabiolamoran8728 9 aylar önce
Ami me puso triste cuando estaban todos corriendo y se calló la niña y todos la aplastaron😔
@doralizaSossaCortes 8 aylar önce
​@@fabiolamoran8728 si😞
@San3nsay 6 aylar önce
капец цунами
Allah rahmet etsin bizlere. Rabbim böyle bir afeti yaşatmasın inşallah.
Jesus is not a god but rather a prophet of God
God is one, he has no son, no partner, and he has no partner. Think about it, you must be logical
@VERA-lw6um 9 aylar önce
@@achrafbehloul2068 merhaba öyle söylüyor zaten Allah tektir, birdir. Biz de böyle denilir ayni şeydir ☺️
@MA.A.Rathor 9 aylar önce
Aslamale kum Abdullah uzuner your muvie name
@user-fv1ty2hd1x 3 aylar önce
ده حقيقي
@klarisa6400 2 aylar önce
Меня больше удивило бесчисленное количество худых людей, прямо таки подбирали для фильма.... Но жуть, конечно... Страшное зрелище
@user-gs9do1ye6q 9 aylar önce
Очень страшное видео, страшно за людей, которые живут в прибрежных районах, пусть везде будет жизнь без природных катаклизмов🙏
@user-pn4mz6rt2c 9 aylar önce
@zoesilguero 9 aylar önce
Creé en dios y eso no pasará
@tebrizbabayev7913 8 aylar önce
@alexaz730 8 aylar önce
Никогда не знаешь. Жить вообще опасно, может в любом месте кирпич на голову упасть. А если без иронии, то не в прибрежных районах бывают землетрясения, в некоторых местах война прямо сейчас идет...
@yakapibara226 8 aylar önce
Это моя фобия, стоит ли ли смотреть одной? И смотреть ли вообще?!
@user-wq5jc3sr8h Aylar önce
이 영상 무슨 뮤비도 아니고 조회수 엄청나네요🎉😂
The fact he's risking death for content for us give this dude a Oscar
ياالله يعله اليله الجمعه انك تفرجه علي
@fshsksk Yıl önce
It's a movie 🙄
@@fshsksk we know it is a movie and you gotta give him props for risking his life for us. I mean who the heck gets into a tsunami just for a movie
I can't explain this correctly It's not possible to get to the chaos and then the elavator again or maybe there is more camera man but if I could think correctly this is some kind of act ( maybe)
@LolLol-nu5fv Yıl önce
@@fshsksk We know.
Господи, какой ужас, какое горе мирным людям, как страшно, очень жалко беззащитных всех людей
@user-kc9dr6xy3w Yıl önce
Да уж😭
@user-bo1my6fs2w Yıl önce
سبحان الله العضيم
@user-tv6ge6rm6z Yıl önce
Да это же фильм.Как его посадят он же памятник
@Munchen2008 2 aylar önce
​@@user-tv6ge6rm6zздесь фильм. А в жизни ещё страшнее.
@IoannisPafos 11 aylar önce
Props to the camera man who survived a tsunami taller than the Statue of Liberty.
@demlan7848 9 aylar önce
It is a movie portraying what tsunami looks like.
@abdullahdansmaz1773 8 aylar önce
kıyamet günü zaten tarihini gerçek orjinal tanrı allah biliyor
@rociomendez2737 3 aylar önce
es terrible Dios nos ayude .desde costa Rica juntos en oración para que Dios no perdone si cualquier evento natural nos acecha podremos al cansar su perdón amén 😢❤
In my opinion, tsunamis are the most dangerous. You have a way to protect yourself from earthquakes, fires, all that good stuff. But tsunamis carry a force of nature that we have yet to develop a strategy for, it's terrifying to think about.
No I think blizzards are the most dangerous cause you can protect yourself. In a tsunami you can go on a building or hide or sum
@@that_one_crazy_pisces760 The force of a Tsunami sometimes is able to bring down buildings, for a blizzard you can just take shelter
@marianna7702 Yıl önce
I agree.
@@that_one_crazy_pisces760 who says blizzards are worse than tsunamis 😭 girl where you be getting your information from haha jk all love!
Mariana linda também corcordo plenamente
@matiasespasa3140 Aylar önce
Me gustaría saber si esta en castellano la busco desde hace tiempo y no ka encuentro 😢
@talenalewis1823 Yıl önce
This was absolutely terrifying and the woman in the elevator, my heart just screamed out to her, especially since I'm a little uncomfortable getting on a elevator especially by myself.
@linoxgaming6321 Yıl önce
Its work 20/20 i am creator TRvid
@_magixmoi_ Yıl önce
I don’t like elevators they terrify me
@1lya3ie68 Yıl önce
Why did I watch this 😭😭😭😭 nightmare’s here I come :(
@1lya3ie68 Yıl önce
The little girl waking up and seeing that is so scary
@luziafernandes3928 11 aylar önce
Nessa hora cada um por si, mesmo assim não tem salvação. Filme bem bolado
@gislene1664 Yıl önce
@user-gx1el3mm8w Yıl önce
@Arsenal_2010_ Yıl önce
Мир драконов это Япония ?
@jqviermunoz Yıl önce
Misericórdia meu Deus quase morri também morro de medo de tisunamins também
@kouchoushinobu Yıl önce
@@jqviermunoz Chamoy*dance*
@ericksarmiento9331 3 aylar önce
You can think that the wave height is completely ridiculous and will never happen, until you see how high the waves could have been in the Chicxulub impact.
@lucassantana71 11 aylar önce
Produção perfeita!!! 💥💥💥
@euromarevegreen6215 11 aylar önce
Ainda bem que eu tô no rio
Não na china
@sukhjindersingh1931 11 aylar önce
@@euromarevegreen6215 0000000
@marmorariagl2585 11 aylar önce
Muito ruim produção totalmente sem logica
Que realista las escenas 😮 si dan miedo esos tsunamis
@evelyne4034 2 yıl önce
I don't see many of these movies where people actually understand that the water pulling back is the first sign to get the hell out. This always happens before tsunamis strike. The more people know this (not just in movies), the more people can be saved because when you already see the wave it's too late.
@Gothic-bonnie 2 yıl önce
Agreed. I also just saw a comment saying if you swim you'll survive?? that is NOT what you wamna do at all 😭
@evelyne4034 Yıl önce
@@Gothic-bonnie imagine trying to swim over a tsunami 😂
Thanks for telling me!
@Truthseeker371 Yıl önce
Yes, it's good you know. Most of people are never prepared for any disasters. School education should include crisis measures.
Earthquakes can cause a tsunami
@jackroy1641 Yıl önce
December 26, 2004. 😥.. As a Sri Lankan I have experience with this. It was the scariest experience I've ever had in my life
@ALMLKAH Yıl önce
لا الله الا الله محمد رسول الله
@aalaciaaker7120 3 aylar önce
The way I’d start sobbing because that’s one of my worst fears😭
@pkk-azadi_ypg 3 aylar önce
Ölüm haktır 😭 Allah biridir ve tek hz Muhammed sav efendimiz onu elçisi ☝️
i cant believe a totally tragic video recieved almost 200M visits and almost one million likes
@khategonzales6712 3 aylar önce
The cameraman never dies
@user-ww4fe7ds8c Yıl önce
Pena que não tem tradução em português o filme é bom.
@Nobre1. Yıl önce
Tem o filme em português na Netflix
@Angela-ls3kc Yıl önce
@@AsAgridocesCadeiasdaGraca é o contrário.
Nome do filme?
@Nobre1. Yıl önce
@@anamariaferreiradasilva9308 Tem na Netflix
@seltonpaulo Yıl önce
Iso vai acontecer de verdade amigo!!
@RandomDude152 9 aylar önce
Respect to the camera man that survived the end of the world just for this footage
@abdousami4712 8 aylar önce
@ale-ph7io 8 aylar önce
@s.g.e1 7 aylar önce
@SkyIs_Blue 7 aylar önce
*Cameraman never dies* 💀
@yumy9085 6 aylar önce
@zippironius 5 aylar önce
overused jokes
@user-ic6qs1zh7r 4 aylar önce
Camera man never dies
@daianesouza2023 9 aylar önce
Caralhooow que phoda, parabéns aos envolvidos pelo filme. É incrível e muito realista😨😨😨😱😱😱😱👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
@subairpadath492 9 aylar önce
@tebrizbabayev7913 8 aylar önce
@tebrizbabayev7913 8 aylar önce
@henriquefarias382 8 aylar önce
imagine it just happen to us only if we are in a beach or a cost or ocean😢
@prumpapa Yıl önce
How did they film this? So realistic it’s insane.. I’ll always come back to watch this video
@Realcelticsfan Yıl önce
Cgi and visual effects
@kelboxweak5447 Yıl önce
@willylalata8559 Yıl önce
Actually I noticed when tsunami hit the land, the impact to the people running aren't really realistic at all, when a bigger tsunami taller than a building, it should wiped out all the people and throw them over kilometers away. In this scene, the impact of tsunami hitting the people isn't much stronger than I thought
@@willylalata8559 yep same. The mosr realistic visual are from the movie 2012.that's it
@leeackley2848 5 aylar önce
I would be literally having a freaking heart attack that is insane💀 there is no escaping that one... Rest in peace people🙏
@user-og4ff8cy9j Yıl önce
спасибо оппиратору за то что выжил❤
@pylt_ot_yaderk1 Yıl önce
@user-fo4bq2ly1w Yıl önce
@ilushatimoshka Yıl önce
это худ фильм
@user-lo9cd2sr2z 10 aylar önce
Компьютерная графика, картинка, вымысел, фентези
@bylockmiim3660 Aylar önce
Que dor no coração
@user-br5wd3jc3w Yıl önce
재밌었고 기억에남는영화 명작..
@_.ICE._ Aylar önce
Смотря, что понравилось. СЮЖЕТ ИЗ ФИЛЬМА? Это фильма? Если, да, то мне понравилось❤
This was a really great movie. My heart was beating hard a lot of the time
@GSquid92 Yıl önce
Beating hard
I always get afraid if a tsunami happens
@snowflower.24 Yıl önce
Name plz
@user-xk6rl3iy6l Yıl önce
What's the name of the movie?
@supamisusi202 Yıl önce
Subhanallah Allahu Akbar sungguh luar biasa kuasa Allah ciptaan dari Allah akibat ulah manusia menghukumnya mengunakan dengan alam SMG buat peringatan para beliau yang selalu lupa pada sang pencipta 👃 🇮🇩
@user-fi9vm5it4l Yıl önce
Господи, спаси и помилуй от такого ужаса!
@user-ft8zd5nj8r 2 aylar önce
2:39 this scene hits hard!
İnanması Güç. Filim Sahneleri Çok Gerçekçi.
@alan64833 3 aylar önce
Biedne chińskie miasto😢😢😢
@even7018 3 aylar önce
No...not chaina 🇰🇷 👍
@user-ft8bf1xz2m 2 yıl önce
Как же жалко этих людей😭😭
@duraktainecekvar 9 aylar önce
Tam da böyle bir videoya ihtiyacım vardı ülkemde olan depremden sonra. Nereden karşıma çıktıysa 🥺 önceden böyle filmleri gulerek seyrederdim amma abartmışlar diye ama artık fazlası yok eksiği var diyebilirim 😔
@basriizol5873 9 aylar önce
Ne ara geldin de yorum yaptın. Bu filmin adi ne? İzlemedim
@neskaa 9 aylar önce
Que de l'amour pour les tiens.. Force à nos frères turcs
@sarcicek2336 9 aylar önce
bu filmin adı ne
@user-ee8iq4nj2v 9 aylar önce
@@sarcicek2336 هل هذا حصل بالفعل في اليابان ؟؟
@sarasoso2443 8 aylar önce
كم من مستغفر هنا ❤
@kakajanasgarov4462 11 aylar önce
Вот это беда и катастрофа. Разбушевался море разбушевался природа. Поверит невозможно но факт. Искренно жал этих людей.
@Jun_luv 2 aylar önce
빌딩무너뜨리면서 오다가 사람들과 부딪힐때만 약해지는 쓰나미ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
@MyKimjae Yıl önce
2009년작에 CG기술로 크게 흥미로웠던 작품
@zzzkeniti 24 gün önce
At present, Japan is in a state where the Nankai trough earthquake could happen anytime.The height of the tsunami is expected to be up to 34 meters.It's very scary.You can't go against nature.For those who come to Japan, please check the evacuation site.
So much respect, could not stop crying when I watched it 😢
@aboodphone9583 Yıl önce
نعم منظر حزين ومؤلم جدا يالطف الله نستجير بك ياالله من كل مكروه
@barbie1344 Yıl önce
Numberblocks Amino
@NoTaboos Yıl önce
Respect for what?
@FunFacts5005 Yıl önce
its not real lol, it's a movie
@rajeshraskar6076 5 aylar önce
My respect for cameraman increasing day by day💫
@chezabryr 3 aylar önce
me when I see the tsunami: 👁️👄👁️✌️💨
Respect for the cameraman that recorded all without dying
@elisaarola5477 Yıl önce
that was editing
@@elisaarola5477 I'm joking bro
@user-it2yi5eu5d Yıl önce
@dinodasilva8712 Yıl önce
@elisaarola5477 Yıl önce
@@Mr_Tutorial_Master okay
@user-yn8qf3ce9n 2 aylar önce
Раньше не знали, что морские чудовища правят Землёй и строились возле воды...😢
A movie that must see, so scary! Those who live in the City must prepare after 100 years, Tsunami comes according to the study of early scientist. It happens in every country. Our province in the City of Leyte was devastated by typhoons with storm surge in Nov 8, 2013 just like Tsunami. Sad to say, more than 3,000 people died and I cried for what I have seen on the news the following morning😭😭😭
@gleicijanesoares 8 aylar önce
@tebrizbabayev7913 8 aylar önce
@abdullahdansmaz1773 8 aylar önce
kıyamet günü böyle olacak tarihini saatini tek gerçek tanrı allah biliyor insanlar bilemez vermemişte o saati
Movie name...??
@Laura-gw1po Yıl önce
La peli se llama Haeundae, para el que la quiera ver. Disfrutemos el hoy, y no nos amarguemos por pavadas porque en cualquier momento desapareceremos de este mundo. Nadie se salva.
@Ksksksksk. Yıl önce
Hola, sabes donde la podría ver? Esta en Netflix?
@Laura-gw1po Yıl önce
@@Ksksksksk. Hola...te paso el link de la peli, la vi por TRvid... trvid.com/video/video-1tv9kJJ3na8.html
Dios le bendiga si ay salvacion en cristo jesus nadie viene al padre si no es por jesus
@nancimino4565 Yıl önce
Asi es !! Parte de la vida !
@Xpzilla Yıl önce
That was terrifyingly realistic
@veliside 7 aylar önce
Props for camera man for recording this and surviving it
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