[슈취타] EP.1 SUGA with RM

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4 Ara 2022




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Julia Cora
Julia Cora Aylar önce
I need more episodes, Namjoon and Suga talking as if no cameras are around being open and vulnerable, and bonding I loved it.
Life is Living Love
Life is Living Love 24 gün önce
No he is more formal to namjoon as he just meet him
좋아 Aylar önce
Yes that's so wholesome ♡
Rakesh Kumar
Rakesh Kumar Aylar önce
jo AN
jo AN Aylar önce
Trueeee and the interview went so fast I was shocked and sad when they say it’s time to finish:(
yesenia mayra
yesenia mayra Aylar önce
Ame este episodio hasta llore en lo ultimo RM es tan grandioso es un chico realmente bello e inteligente siempre tiene las palabras correctas y mi adorado suga no se diga es tan talentoso amo su voz tranquila lo amo tanto no quiero que termine este programe lo vi dos veces una para leer y otra para ver sus expresiones a detalle los amo y los espero a todos de nuevo en el 2025 💜 por siempre bts y ARMY
acari Aylar önce
I love how Suga gets more serious and RM gets more playful when they drink
Em Aylar önce
The most attractive thing about Yoongi is that he doesn't realize how unbelievably attractive he is
Freedsie 8 gün önce
100% agree but i think he is realizing.. he's become much more confident in public
Mandy Gwande
Mandy Gwande 10 gün önce
Oh I think he knows...have you seen his Instagram lately?
Hannah Bridges
Hannah Bridges 10 gün önce
@dysmissme yeah and we won't survive 🙃🙃🙃🙃
dysmissme 10 gün önce
He’s starting to realize
hemi⁷ Aylar önce
the part where they showed their family pictures of each year made me almost tear up..:(( I love them so much..
hialyssah Aylar önce
5 minutes in and it's sooo cute and endearing that they're not really talking to each other or looking at each other that much. like they're just that close that it would be embarrassing. hahaha very cute
SUGA 26 gün önce
Hello thank you for liking my page and being a devoted fan"
Mavis Faamuli
Mavis Faamuli Aylar önce
34:21 "And the person who was beside him all along." Yoongi was beside Namjoon's entire journey in his search of himself and the identity of his music. They were beside each other and uplifting each other since 2010. They mean so much to each other and I love how Hybe never forgets that and continue to remind us. I love their bond. Love their conversations. I can listen to these two talk all day because they make me really happy.
Stress by the Idiots around me
Yess 💜
Madhumanti Bagh
Madhumanti Bagh 8 gün önce
​@himari riku and you are his unwanted queen ok? 😑
Sang Amritha
Sang Amritha 16 gün önce
@Diana Ureta Abanto same to me. I can't hold my tears while watched that part :(
EMily bara
EMily bara Aylar önce
@himari riku shut up
Diana Ureta Abanto
Diana Ureta Abanto Aylar önce
i was on tears
나나올라 10 gün önce
어쩜. 하나부터 열까지 완벽할까,,,,두분의 모습 너무 보기좋아요
Anahí Jaime s
Anahí Jaime s Aylar önce
Asta conocer a BTS supe que es el fanatismo , jamás avía admirado tanto a alguien como los admiro y la Historia de cada uno ,la forma el la que su música influyo en mi vida,RM para mi siempre será el mejor y uno de los más grandes artistas
Irich Taperla
Irich Taperla Aylar önce
These two are sharp-witted. ♥️ for Suga and RM
Annais _MOR
Annais _MOR Aylar önce
Me encanta este tipo de programas que hace BTS, escucharlos hablar profundamente y sinceramente, pero a la vez haciéndolo divertido, siento que me ayuda a reflexionar y crecer de algún modo, es diferente, es una de las razones por las que me atrapan tanro, gracias por hacer este contenido, estoy ansiosa por ver el episodio 2!! :)
Shreya Aylar önce
The epitome of intellectual vibes and yet so raw, so vulnerable.. Their conversations on the same level of EQ, yoongi admitting that he has a fear of future, and just everything ab this chat makes them seem so much more human... No matter how grounded they behave, it's something ab their capabilities, talents, choices, works that makes them seem like a far fetched dream, a true celebrity and the brightest star even in daylight.. And they seem a Lil further from humans and more like Gods.. But here, they feel like us, like normal humans... And I don't know why or how, but that makes me feel cozy, warm, fuzzy and closer to them all at once! Thank you so much for bringing ur talk show again yoongi!!!
Pars Aylar önce
I need more episodes, Namjoon and Suga talking as if no cameras are around being open and vulnerable, and bonding I loved it.
Carolina Aylar önce
Please I will be waiting for more episodes of Suchwita!!! this first episode with RM was great, I love the concept of the show and there are so many guests that could be there, I wish they would invite Exo's Chanyeol and PSY. I think the conversation they would have (and the drink that would accompany them) would be very interesting.
《 Artemis Nymph 》
Por dios, edto estuvo hermoso! Esa dinámica que se manejó durante todo el episodio fue excelente. Que se repita porque necesito más, muero por ver más miembros como Hobi o Jimiñ que son muy enérgicos va a ser espectacular. Borahae bangtan!
Silvia Figueroa
Silvia Figueroa Aylar önce
¡Me encantó! Conocerlos un poco más en ésta agradable entrevista. ¡Felicidades a los dos! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜🇲🇽🇰🇷
카로 Aylar önce
둘 조합 넘 좋잖아..편안하고 진솔하고 유머있는 입담까지..휴머니즘을 느낄수 있는 둘의 대화 너무좋다 진짜~~ 슈가슈가룬~화이팅!
Nat Aylar önce
los amo mucho, gracias por tan buena plática ♡
Pâmella Barros
Pâmella Barros Aylar önce
Adoro a energia deles juntos!! 18:36
A dMyC
A dMyC Aylar önce
Se pasaron los editores 34:00 - 34:26. Ojalá haya más capítulos de Suwchita, ¡me encantó!
Елена Aylar önce
💗RM и 💗 Шуга! Всего вам самого доброго - счастья , здоровья , любви , успехов на долгие годы !!! 🙏🙏🙏🥰💌💝🫶
lifeasapotato Aylar önce
the way Yoongi tries so hard to avoid eye contact is so adorable. These two made BTS what it is now. i thoroughly enjoyed it.
dayshawna Aylar önce
@Angelwhatsername i do that as well and i feel bad about it because i can’t keep eye contact for too long bc i get anxious, but i guess i’m not the only one after all 😂
dayshawna Aylar önce
@Angelwhatsername i do that as well and i feel bad about it because i can’t keep eye contact for too long bc i get anxious, but i guess i’m not the only one after all 😂
Angelwhatsername Aylar önce
I usually look away when I'm focusing on what someone is saying and really taking the words in. And then look at them briefly and nod so they know I'm listening. I think that's what Suga is doing. Or at least I think that's what he's doing, and it's kind of cool to see we have that in common. ^^
Judy Aylar önce
When I look inward to tap into what I feel, most often I do not make eye contact, but will again once a thought becomes concrete in spoken word. I suspect these two might be doing the same. Such a treat for them to share feelings of past, present and realizing the future is beyond defining - too many variables.
Mochi Jiminie💜
Mochi Jiminie💜 Aylar önce
He had social anxiety before so maybe its still hard for him to not be anxious in public especially now that he don't have his BTS members around him anymore, he is super introverted too, Min Yoongi is super awesome and I am always proud of him💜
BTS💜ARMY17 28 gün önce
Yo también los conocí así 24:29 por un programa de música con Save Me en la era DNA pero la canción que que no dejaba de pensar incluso empecé a tararearla fue BS&T hay más con el resto de canciones.wue me resultaron impresionantes e increíbles. Muchas gracias por todo BTS
Katrine Mae Salvador
I LOVE THIS SO MUCH ♡ watching this while i sip my wine this christmas eve Merry Christmas Everyone!!!
min_aninha ^-^
min_aninha ^-^ Aylar önce
Estava sorrindo do início ao fim do episódio :) Esse dois juntos são tudo para mim! Espero que tenha mais episódios!
Mi Yu
Mi Yu Aylar önce
7명 모두 하나하나 다 소중해.. 너무나 소중해. 그리고, 너희는 늘 진실했어. 그래서 좋았어. 그래서 소중해.
Lisa LA
Lisa LA Aylar önce
I love the candidness of Yoongi and Namjoon's conversation. It feels like we are peaking into their minds, feelings, artistry and intelligent. They sound very honest about themselves and I am glad they let us see them as ordinary and extraordinary people.
🎀채널이름 보예노지 검색 고고🌟
예🐾쁜 처자 아ㄹ모ㅁ 쑈💰
emanuele souza
emanuele souza Aylar önce
adorei assistir os compadres 🫂🤝
petite etoile
petite etoile Aylar önce
Really just loved them being so open and honest
Nalva Aragao
Nalva Aragao Aylar önce
Lindos 💜
BoMi Kim
BoMi Kim Aylar önce
이거 2회 언제 나와요ㅠ 왜 한회만 하고 끝인거여ㅠ 돌아와요 슈가슈가룬. 앨범 나온거 아니라도 요즘 듣는 노래, 전에 냈던 음악으로도 한 회 뽑을 수 있잖아요ㅠ(대충 제이홉 나오라 이 말ㅡ)
OT7_purpleyou💜 Aylar önce
I just love how they don't forget about other members... They always talk about each other... It is really great to see them like this.... Indigo is awesome... And congrats yoongi for your new show... Great to see you all healthy and enjoying your life 💜
OT7_purpleyou💜 Aylar önce
@VANSH GAMING ofc.. They are not distraction.. They are an inspiration... I'm glad I found them 💜
People should know that BTS is not a distraction but an inspiration.
t0rienta Aylar önce
Интересно, а когда будет следующий выпуск? Хочу ещё увидеть. :)
Imen Imen
Imen Imen Aylar önce
Thank you for your honesty both of you,I appreciate every single word you have said 💜💜
GVP1L Aylar önce
Love Suga and RM, BTS best friends 🤟🫶🏻🤍
mochi y coky
mochi y coky Aylar önce
Ame ✨💜
Pooja Gupta
Pooja Gupta Aylar önce
The conversation between Namgi is so meaningful, deep and intellectual that they can actually make a truly amazing song out of it!
BSA training videos
이지은 10 gün önce
둘이 행복해 보였어 그래서 나도 즐겁게 봤어 함께 있을때 더 좋은 울탄이들^^
Bangtan Sonyeondan
Bangtan Sonyeondan Aylar önce
Fighting 💪💜
Ggukcalcomania Aylar önce
everything they say is so deep like even their jokes
Vlog's of Koyel
Vlog's of Koyel Aylar önce
BTS Army will be very happy when BTS goes live On TRvid 💜🙂☺️
jwaan Aylar önce
I am just getting really emotional listening to all this. The amount of effort joon has put in the album , the amount of thought in every little part 😭. All this conversation feels very nostalgic 😭❤️💙💜
Samantha Jimenez
Samantha Jimenez Aylar önce
me too, i needed this lowkey
Hiyori Aylar önce
I'll Have a Cup of Petrichor, Please.
Such an honor and joy to listen to this conversation. 💜 What an emotional rollercoaster! I start off feeling overwhelmed with how heartwarming it is to see Namjoon and Yoongi chat with each other; then I’m laughing on the floor after the Milkis promo; then I’m reflecting on RM’s new album; and finally, I’m getting flashbacks to 2020, thinking about where I, myself, might be in 2025, and feeling truly grateful that BTS has become embedded in my life haha. 😌
stars and oceans
stars and oceans 10 gün önce
this is probably my favorite episode so far! i do love the other episodes as well, in their own respective way, each has its charm but seeing yoongi and namjoon discuss is the most fascinating and healing experience especially when knowing how much history they share together. i learn a lot through their deep insights and words! proud to be a fan of yours 💜
Nat cuello
Nat cuello Aylar önce
Me quedé con ganas de más...😭😭😭😭🫂🫂🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🫂más charla y encuentros hermosos los 2
Yuna Lee
Yuna Lee 10 gün önce
아이돌 관심 없는 사람인데 대취타 노래 좋아해서 우연히 클릭했다가 시간 가는 줄 모르고 집중했네요. 이런 대화를 나누는 청년들이라서 지금의 BTS가 되었나보다… 싶은 생각이 드네요. 멋있어요👍🏼
장정숙 Aylar önce
단둘이 마시는 술자리니까 이렇게 진지하고 깊이있는 얘기도 나누고 좋네. 슈취타 오래오래 해줘~슈가슈가룬~
Sher D
Sher D Aylar önce
Please film more episodes. I would love to watch more so much!
Jeyemm Saps
Jeyemm Saps Aylar önce
Min Lin
Min Lin Aylar önce
Es tan hermoso ver como Namjoon está feliz con el lanzamiento de su álbum INDIGO, realmente espero que las personas apoyen mucho este álbum porque es realmente grandioso. También me da gusto ver a Yoongi junto con Namjoon pasar el rato, se ven hermosos.
Fabiana Fuentes
Fabiana Fuentes Aylar önce
Si verdad,parecen dioses griegos 😍
퍼펜 9 gün önce
입덕했던 당시부터 남준이의 브이앱 앨범소개를 꾸준히 찾아봤던 아미였는데 솔로앨범을 듣고 엄청 감명깊었음 ㅠ 남준아 너의 음악은 나를 한번도 배신한 적 없는것같다
this girl purple you
LOL when suga was listening to that crystal glass' cling, he seems drunk
calyptra Aylar önce
Their conversation brought tears to my eyes. So much wisdom in them.
Ioana C.
Ioana C. Aylar önce
I love this, all the topics they touched, about music and life, and inspiration and grief... This is very inspiring for me also. Thank you Suga, thank you RM
윤쯰 Aylar önce
서로 얘기하는 방향과 목적성 미래를 야기하는게 너무 멋있다 자랑스럽다 앞으로도 쭉 달려보자 보라해💜
Blaster 31
Blaster 31 Aylar önce
Chin 10 gün önce
Loved the mixture of intelligent and sentimental talk between RM and Suga. These two are really genuine. 💜💜💜
Jinsol Kim
Jinsol Kim Aylar önce
2화 내놓으십시오
구지혜 5 gün önce
깊이 있는 대화가 너무 공감됩니다.. 또한 제가 아미인게 너무 자랑스럽네요.. 방탄소년단 늘 응원합니다💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
mimikook 19 gün önce
어떻게 7명이 캐릭터가 이렇게 개성이 확실하게 다르고 매력도 생김새도 완전 다른데 어느누구 조금 빠지는 사람이 없고 다 좋을까.. 18년도에 입덕한 이후로 방탄 관련된 영상을 안보는 날이 하루도 없는거 같아요 매일 작고 큰 기쁨을주네요 이러다가 더이상활동을 안하는 날이 오면 어떻게 사나 싶을 정도예요 오래오래 함께해주세요 슈취타 방송도 장수프로그램이 되면 좋겠어요~~~
완전 대 공감!! 내가 쓴 글인줄 ^-^
Platonic Rainy
Platonic Rainy Aylar önce
This is gonna be my favorite YT show. I'm gonna keep track of how many times Suga sighs tiredly and how many times he avoids eye contact with the guests 🤣 I love Suga so much. So many relatable quirks and so cute at the same time.
Cait Aylar önce
I was lmao when Namjoon was talking directly to Suga and looking at him and he’s looking off into the distance 😂
Nurzhamal Smatullaeva
avoiding eyes is so real 😂
Melissa Mendes Campos
Sabina H.N
Sabina H.N 25 gün önce
이런 톡 이런 분위기.. 너무 좋아여~ 👏
염병허네가시내 10 gün önce
진짜 내가 남준이랑 윤기를 10년을 봤는데도 이렇게까지 똑똑하고 멋있는 사람이었다는 걸 잊고 있었구나..
Teresa Kaczmarek
Teresa Kaczmarek Aylar önce
A great programme. Congratulations on the idea. "Indigo" all songs have something to tell us and we get to know Kim Namjoon better. My favorite songs are: "Yun","Lonely", "Hectic",Wild Flowers" - it's a masterpiece.
suray Atamuradova
suray Atamuradova Aylar önce
Когда 2 эпизод выйдет?
Jules is here
Jules is here Aylar önce
I don't really have the words to express how I'm feeling. It's just so much nostalgia remembering the past and watching them grow, I'm so proud of them, of all their history, of what they have become and what they'll become. I'm hopeful for the future and looking forward to that already so awaited 2025. There's also a tiny bit of fear...of the unknown, as Yoongi said he's always struggled with. Over all, it was comforting, familiar, just listening to two old friends chatting over a drink, and truly, once again, Rm and Suga's capability to express and their great knowledge amazes me. Congratulations to RM on his amazing solo album and to Suga for his debut with this cool program
Col A
Col A Aylar önce
Think about it, they have never broken a promise to ARMY. They said they promise to come back together in 2025. I believe they will. Like Hobi said, trust them.
짱구는옷말려 9 gün önce
매번 느끼지만 방탄소년단이 매력적인 이유는 그룹을 이루는 개개인이 너무 멋져서야.. 어릴 적 방탄 웃음참기 이런 거 보고 입덕하던 나도 어느새 더 성숙해진 이 사람들처럼 성장하고 있고.. 묘하네. 담백하면서도 진실된 사람들의 분위기가 그 어떤 것보다도 편안하고 예뻐서 어느새 더 방탄소년단에 빠져들고 있고 말야. 왠진 모르겠는데 보면 눈물날 거 같고 그럼. 너무 좋다
gemerosmery Aylar önce
hoy en fiestas navideñas me acompañaron en mis días vulnerables y como siempre reflexionando de la vida . Los amo mucho 💜
petite etoile
petite etoile Aylar önce
RM says he wanted his songs to be included on people's actual playlists. As soon as I heard Wildflower for the 1st time, I was completely obsessed. It's now on my Liked Playlist that I listen to with the most frequency and only had my favorite songs
Juliana Castañeda
Juliana Castañeda 24 gün önce
Qué lindos son adorables 🥰 😊❤❤❤❤
Lozzawayne Aylar önce
There's something really refreshing about seeing Yoongi and Namjoon together, talking about the old days and days yet to come, all while drinking together like brothers... It really hits home how long they've spent together, through the same or similar struggles and difficulties. I'm so proud of them both and so proud of BTS. I hope they feel ARMY's love, always! 💜
Nazish Nasreen
Nazish Nasreen Aylar önce
Young Su Kim
Young Su Kim Aylar önce
정말!!그대들은 존경받아도 마땅합니다.어찌저리생각도 깊고.예쁜생각을하는지~50이훌쩍넘은 사람인데 자식같은 그대들에게 오늘도한수배웁니다.참!!여러분은따뜻합니다.남준.슈가!! 방탄이들은 영원하라!!💙💙💙👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍
Ugnė Jablonskytė
Ugnė Jablonskytė Aylar önce
omg I loved this so much. It felt so cozy, chill, genuine and funny at the same time. I hope Yoongi will bring more guests in the future. I feel like JAY B from GOT7 would be a perfect fit here since he's his friend from a long time and we haven't had many gotbangtan moments these past few years especially interactions in front of the camera with these two. Also JAY B loves to drink too, he even has a funny story how other members from got7 had to bring him home because he was sooo drunk lmao, I can tell he would have even more fun and interesting stories like this to share, and he just likes to talk a lot about really deep topics lol. Also, because now we know that Yoongi is very close to Jinyoung too, it would also be interesting to have him as a guest because these two are cold savages and very private human beings in their groups, I wonder how their conversation would go.
cutemew151 Aylar önce
They speak like they aren't even on camera it's so natural showing the years of friendship between them, not afraid to show their fears for the future or the struggle of the past. I can't wait for more
thomas william
thomas william 3 gün önce
*I really love how much they understand each other's thoughts, especially with how they write their songs!!! I'm proud of our two amazing songwriters!!!*
RJ Aylar önce
I love listening to these people talk their hearts out, it's so meaningful and sincere. I have a lot of respect for both SUGA and RM .... I love how they bring things to perspective and how they add emotional aspects of their personal life and turn the world around with music. That's just insanely powerful and genuinely comforting.
Isabel Muñoz
Isabel Muñoz Aylar önce
Más allá de Encantadores!!! Jóvenes tan reflexivos, que somos afortunados de haberlos encontrado.
Is Souvenir
Is Souvenir 21 gün önce
Mis artistas favoritos ♡ Son increíbles ♥︎
Samara Cristina
Samara Cristina 11 gün önce
Os mais fofos ahh eu amo vocês 💜
Zineb zemmour
Zineb zemmour 11 gün önce
best best friends ever like u could feel how they are precious to each other
Cohe Aylar önce
These two together, it was a feast. The insight into some of their choices, what led them to where they are today. I felt privileged to witness this exchange. Thank you Suga. Thank you RM. You probably often don't understand what makes you so special, because you don't see yourselves like that. So think of yourselves as books: They tell one simple story, but their destinies lie in the interpretation that each reader will make of that story, as each one will find for him or herself what he/she has been looking for, what he/she has needed, at a moment in time. There's no explanation. There's no formula. It's a kind of magic that should be accepted in all simplicity.
Julie Huynh
Julie Huynh Aylar önce
Wow. Are you INFJ? You articulated a complex thought that all of us subconsciously feel but have difficulty explaining out loud (or even our inner dialog, really). It’s just a feeling that has no single word to describe it.
Vanessa Aylar önce
well said
daddy 😮‍💨
daddy 😮‍💨 Aylar önce
jus say them instead of he/she
Jessica Sukhu
Jessica Sukhu Aylar önce
beautifully written!
YENNCY SANCHEZ 11 gün önce
Inteligentes y muy talentosos. 👏🏻
RM이 리더라는 자리에 있어서 끌어가고 참아야하고 인내해야하는 모습을 많이 보였는데 실제 남준이는 점프점프하며 좋은감정을 드러내고 얼굴이 주름져라 눈이 감길정도로 웃는 아이같은 모습이 있어요 이렇게 귀엽게 까불고 흥이 많은 남준이 모습이 훨씬 더 자연스럽고 사랑스러워 보이네요 남준이 어깨의 짐들이 좀 내려지고 남준이가 남긴 백수가 과로사한다는 글처럼 지금의 자유를 찐하게 누리며 지내는 시간이 되길 바래요 참 귀엽고 사랑스럽고 내 아들아니지만 잘커줘서 고마운 남준이 화이팅!!!💜💜💜
집순이 사막여우
저들의 맘속에 어떤 파도가 치는지 가늠조차 되지 않지만 내 청춘을 비춰준 그들이 행복할 수 있길 기도합니다
What a conversation as always.. awed I'm nothing these people are gems to earth honestly.
I love the first episode with Joonie! Both of them know how to speak their minds and they are very well connected and bonded with each other in a way that makes them feel comfortable and confident! Thanks for this great episode it was really fun watching it! I hope Suchwita will get more successful in the future and get the hype it deserves! Lets keep going with this show for a long time! I’m pretty sure that the more episodes get released, the more the show gets better as time passes by! So proud of you Yoongi, and congrats on debuting the show today!💜💜
Ingrid Aracely Sauna Aguilar
Estoy tan orgullosa de Bangtan en general, pero al escuchar hablar a Suga y Nam de su pasión y dedicación al escribir las letras, solo me reafirma que elegí seguir a las personas adecuadas, de verdad es inspiradora la pasión que le ponen a todo. Estaré orgullosa siempre de todos ustedes 💜💜💜
Аконя Aylar önce
MARYE CAMACHO 9 gün önce
Diabolickwx Aylar önce
Aaaa cuteee❤❤❤ i love you so much yoongi-ah and namjoon🙀❤❤❤i'm from brazilll🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷❤❤❤❤
Roci GZ
Roci GZ Aylar önce
Because of our boys sincerity and the way they seem more free to give us their thoughts I would love for this to have atleast 5 more episodes with each one if the boys. This was therapeutic in a way. As we get ready to send them off. But I know for Jin it's too close to that day to make it happen 🥲 Yoongi and Nam as always amazing with the way they express them selves. LOS AMO!!!
Roci GZ
Roci GZ Aylar önce
@Carol Faye I'm not sure if you missed it but RM said his Indigo álbum comes out in 2 weeks in that interview which means it was filmed a short while ago and in that interview he clearly said if they come together in the future and do something together it'll be okay. I don't know what false info you're talking about because no were in my comment did I confirm they were leaving together. My comment was expressing my wishful thoughts. So please take your negativity elsewhere. I've been an army for 7 years I know better than to spread false info and you are actually the one saying things that have no official statement. Also RM said there's 2 months until he turns 30. In korea every new year they get a year older so since this was filmed recently makes sense he said 2 months. Please review your facts before you come after someone. Visually it's also clear he filmed very recently.
Carol Faye
Carol Faye Aylar önce
They never said they were leaving together or returning together. Only RM said he may return in 2025 and have time to work on some material for the members for when they begin to return. A few months ago JK said he will not join early. Hybe changed the wording from all be together again in 2025 to they will enlist according to their individual military schedule. JK just turned 25. Jimin just turned 27, V will turn 27 December 30. JHope doesn't turn 30 till 2024. RM did say that his birthday will be in 2 months. That means this was filmed in July so there may be individual interviews with each member. How come I haven't found 1 person that heard that , but several heard they're all leaving and will return together in 2025 which wasn't said? Please help spread the correct info. People only have to read it or listen and it'll make us feel better knowing the younger ones are safe. So much bullying goes on. Thank you.
Roci GZ
Roci GZ Aylar önce
@princeparkook in the last festa Jimin expressed frustration about not being able to share certain things although he wanted to. So I think in general they all have crossed into a new chapter in their lives were they can be more honest and speak on subjects they normally wouldn't. They all express themselves differently and it would just be nice to see them like this with each other less guarded and just chatting before they have to leave us. Instead of interviewing with people they barely know.
princeparkook Aylar önce
Yea. But they are all different. So for example I don't know if Jimin would want to share this much. Namjoon is someone who likes to share.
Roci GZ
Roci GZ Aylar önce
@Anna810 Rock that thought crossed my mind as well. Fingers crossed 🤞
hasti 10 gün önce
They really didn’t have to hit us with that last 2 minutes… I love them so much it’s still unbelievable for me how their existence has changed my vision of life and had a prominent effect in it.
farahnunut Aylar önce
Cinta cinta ku💜
Hennesey Nieva
Hennesey Nieva 11 gün önce
So this is how they have a conversation with each other over drinks 😭 I need more of this NamGi 1 on 1 convos, I feel like I can learn a lot from them. I miss you both boys! 💜
Shania Dharan
Shania Dharan 21 gün önce
카메라도 없고 대본도 없는 듯 말하는 슈가와 남준의 대화가 너무 달콤하고, 서로 소통하는 모습이 신선하다 😊 사랑해💜
꾸니맘 Aylar önce
두 천재들의 만남 전문용어 나올땐 무슨말인지는 이해가 안되지만 즐겁게 자기분야에 대해 서로 의견을 나누고 토론하는게 너무 흐뭇하고 사랑스럽다 슈가 유튜브 첫방송 축하하고 알엠이 첫 개인앨범 대박날거야 노래 너무 신선하고 좋아
일곱이 만들어낸 기적
우아 한국아미 댓글이다ㅜㅜㅜ
Alta lee Trevino
Alta lee Trevino 19 gün önce
This interview was very enjoyable I understand how they have the passion for music in their soul to enjoy !🤴🤴💜💜 it very delightful piece thank you for this sagament of program 😀!
Monse Kookie
Monse Kookie 21 gün önce
Wuoooo termine más enamorada de mis dos ángeles, que conversación tan profunda, siempre estaré agradecida de encontrar a BTS en mi vida, los amo... Y algo muy bonito es que recomendaron "let it be" canción de the beatles, mi segunda banda favorita
Yuugi Tanakashi
Yuugi Tanakashi Aylar önce
This was so relaxing to watch and listening them talking about huge about of stuff was just amazing
lili endañu
lili endañu 20 gün önce
Amo la profundidad con la que ellos hablan, me encanto su forma de conversar, son grandes seres humanos.
Vanessa Ortiz
Vanessa Ortiz Aylar önce
It truly was an eye opening experience to watch Yoongi and Namjoon reflect on themselves and their past, considering how both their upbringings are similar, like the mic and software they used to use, and just in general their feelings regarding their journey throughout these 15 years making music. Their passion towards music and authenticity in their lyrics is inspiring, makes me wanna get involved and study about my passions as much as they do in theirs 💜
Penelope Pitstock
Penelope Pitstock Aylar önce
Yes! I loved that comment about the importance of being a fan of something and experiencing the feeling of love for things you’re interested in.
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