⚽⚽4 GOALS⚽⚽ GIROUD scores four vs Sevilla (Champions League 20/21 Highlights)

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3 Dec 2020




Yük bağlantısı.....


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442oons Aylar önce
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Amanda Archer
Amanda Archer Gün önce
Beye super frank
FAZE H1GHSKY1 The goat
Can u make giourd ran fast
xd Devan
xd Devan Aylar önce
What happened to Sam
Rohan Bhale
Rohan Bhale Aylar önce
Arsene: Olivierrrrrr you sexy moron
Salma Alawi
Salma Alawi Aylar önce
Hey Dean what is about 12 days of football christmas and advent calendar ?
Cecilia Portillo
Cecilia Portillo 14 saatler önce
Legia Ngoc
Legia Ngoc 18 saatler önce
When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.
Ahmed XD
Ahmed XD Gün önce
2:34 LOL!
Ismail Akdemir
Ismail Akdemir 2 gün önce
Somebody here after Frank Lampard is sacked?
Nightmare _
Nightmare _ 2 gün önce
Who’s here after Lampard got sacked ?
Eshan Syed
Eshan Syed 3 gün önce
Lampard packing a whole laptop in his trousers
Rahul10 Messi
Rahul10 Messi 4 gün önce
Lampard is kinda simp🤣🤣
Andrej Damnjanovic
Andrej Damnjanovic 8 gün önce
Best song ever
Adriel Shawn
Adriel Shawn 8 gün önce
I like how Giroud says trousers
tommy vercetti
tommy vercetti 9 gün önce
Saäd Bourghida
Saäd Bourghida 10 gün önce
I like it when Giroud shows of his sexism
ANKITH DANIEL 2 gün önce
Bruh do u know what sexism means lmao
Deivi * Elena 15
Deivi * Elena 15 10 gün önce
The original song name: roar
Platon Kovalev Official
Olivier Perry - Roar
nam khanh
nam khanh 12 gün önce
Ronak ruia
Ronak ruia 16 gün önce
giroud to martial thast why i get picked ahead of for france .......
Tayyab Sheikh
Tayyab Sheikh 17 gün önce
0:57 i love how he says 'finally'
Gold Clan
Gold Clan 19 gün önce
Me and boys in street
Rodrigo Rodrigues delgado.
2:55: it's out of control.
Cl3avy 19 gün önce
BEN HİLEYİM 21 gün önce
Cyle larin goals 4 in Super league
Mario García Óriz
Mario García Óriz 21 gün önce
Not Bad For Someone Who Has Had 0 goals And 0 shoots in The 2018 World
RedPixelWizard 22 gün önce
I find it strange how a tiny place in london can make the champions league man
Vigneshwar X21
Vigneshwar X21 23 gün önce
Katier Perroud
Gael Cabaleiro Marquina
so... Youre telling me that Giroud scored a Poker and this vid is sponsored by a Poker App?
Moon Kun
Moon Kun 24 gün önce
Giroud is a world champion
7 NameTimes
7 NameTimes 26 gün önce
This cartoon is good but why the fuck did giroud lick his hand like a cat
Edvard Piudunen
Edvard Piudunen 28 gün önce
Giroud going back to Arsenal too slow.
TeeepoklooS Vlogs
TeeepoklooS Vlogs 28 gün önce
Giroud 4 Goals hahahahahah 😎😎😎
KUTENDA, Patrick Maguwudze
Guys not for the first time
Fortnite _ pro
Fortnite _ pro 29 gün önce
Giroud don't leave 😔
Nick tsougranis
Nick tsougranis 29 gün önce
How Giroud was made Muscles 80 % Sexy 82 % Atletachism 72% Speed ummm 10 % just wait intel he’s 100 he’ll be as fast as a cheater!
Matteo Vapore
Matteo Vapore 29 gün önce
This is why giroud is better than ronaldo
•mistyy• 29 gün önce
Original Song: Roar
shiven mishra
shiven mishra Aylar önce
which song this?
VN TECHY Aylar önce
Pray for Mesut to play for Arsenal and pray for him to register in this season's premier league and europa league squads an to solve all that problems
Corey Lee
Corey Lee Aylar önce
Why is giroud better then thorgan and Eden hazard put together
Corey Lee
Corey Lee Aylar önce
Why is giroud so dood aagaimst
Duval In The Wall
Duval In The Wall Aylar önce
Giroud benched against Arsenal and the fucks lose 3-1 They never learn do they?
Hyunju Kim
Hyunju Kim Aylar önce
Hyunju Kim
Hyunju Kim Aylar önce
Nathan Oladeji
Nathan Oladeji Aylar önce
Giroud when he finds out Arsenal are 15th: Where am I? What is this world? This is hell ain’t it
Sos Dfhh
Sos Dfhh Aylar önce
Who is here after rantman
arry redknee
arry redknee Aylar önce
The first 51 seconds My mind to the music Netflix and pop tarts
Kudzie Felix
Kudzie Felix Aylar önce
Did someone realise that Giroud was running faster in this video?
Conor Seath
Conor Seath Aylar önce
Click 0:50 to start the actual cartoon. Edit: Also at 0:50 Giroud is wearing Chelsea's away kit, then at 1:01, He's wearing Chelsea's home kit, then at 1:09 , He is wearing the away kit again.
Ryan Mugumisi
Ryan Mugumisi Aylar önce
Giroud should have more screen time ,ohhhh 😂😂
MadalinSKYE Aylar önce
what's the real version of this song
Stair Faller
Stair Faller Aylar önce
Roar by Katy Perry
XXL_YoussefCool Aylar önce
Why is Giroud running he can simply walk
ZACK Aylar önce
This is my favourite video of 442oons in 2020😂😂😂😂, love the vids❤
sergio saavedra
sergio saavedra Aylar önce
Lucas Cooper
Lucas Cooper Aylar önce
Can you make him faster
Lucas Cooper
Lucas Cooper Aylar önce
It doesn’t take him a year to walk out a door
Stair Faller
Stair Faller Aylar önce
What do you mean faster? That's how fast he goes in real life.
brunns FC
brunns FC Aylar önce
What's that in your trousers? Hahaha that part definetly broked me
Lotanna O.
Lotanna O. Aylar önce
The way he says "four"
Canal do Mateus!
Canal do Mateus! Aylar önce
Uma mensagem rápida: parabéns a pessoa que legendou o vídeo
Artthepoptart Aylar önce
*whats that in ur trousers?* A banana! He is not wrong...
Renzo fraccascia
Renzo fraccascia Aylar önce
Thanks deschamps for select giroud for france :)
Renzo fraccascia
Renzo fraccascia Aylar önce
Take that eden! Giroud have more goals than hazard in spain
TheMaskedYoutuber !
Giroud:Scores 4 Defenders: Dead Team Reported
Soylol Name
Soylol Name Aylar önce
I like this channel because a learning English and this songs is so fun 🤩
Harrison Triggs
Harrison Triggs Aylar önce
Missed opportunity here Could have had BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM, Olivier Giroud
ElKassas Channel
ElKassas Channel Aylar önce
2:19 Navas went like: byeeeeeee
Harry Kane
Harry Kane 13 gün önce
Marcus is Too High
Marcus is Too High Aylar önce
Navas is snake confirmed
Dorra Hanafi
Dorra Hanafi Aylar önce
where yassine bouno first sevilla gk !!!
Brandon Sadler-Gray
giroud was hitting those notes tho
Mati Brawl
Mati Brawl Aylar önce
What is the normal music
Shumailla Haroon
Shumailla Haroon Aylar önce
Roar katy perry
Rihab Essiya
Rihab Essiya Aylar önce
Watta fack 👇🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
nam khanh
nam khanh Aylar önce
⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️4 goals
McKringle Mhlanga
McKringle Mhlanga Aylar önce
Love how they mocked his speed 😂😂
_Zukita_ YT#ARRUDA11
Ronaldo scored a hattrick VS atlético Madrid with 34 years old so giroud is not the oldest player in champions league history to score a hattrick
matty waldman
matty waldman Aylar önce
The tasty turn elderly jog because syria intracellularly communicate sans a lying taiwan. disgusting, enthusiastic bagpipe
Ruruzegreat Aylar önce
0:50 thank me later
iicwutecwat Aylar önce
But i wanna thank you now :(
4tyu 3318
4tyu 3318 Aylar önce
Best 442oons video this season so far
Edgar Reyes
Edgar Reyes Aylar önce
Omg this is funny as hell 🤣
matty waldman
matty waldman Aylar önce
The secret eel conventionally peel because appeal topically blot at a redundant diploma. conscious, righteous wall
Muhammad Hakimi
Muhammad Hakimi Aylar önce
My brain:try to take a rest Also my brain: i m a world champion
Official_Dttchrome Aylar önce
My reaction to seeing this video wowsers and after video phwoar then realising it was in the song
theportal boy42
theportal boy42 Aylar önce
4 goals incredible
Abdelhak Talbi
Abdelhak Talbi Aylar önce
I would stick around in chelsea
ManBoy Thing
ManBoy Thing Aylar önce
442oons lampard is the best😂
Karl Bts
Karl Bts Aylar önce
you should stop making olivier so slow cause he's fast but not skillfull
Chukwunyere Chigozie
Screw everybody
Chukwuka Emekpo
Chukwuka Emekpo Aylar önce
So a video about the Southampton comeback
Chukwuka Emekpo
Chukwuka Emekpo Aylar önce
Unclassified Aylar önce
0:52 is when the song starts
Asmin Kibar Öksüz
T'was serious till hazard's goals
Kaleb Aguilar
Kaleb Aguilar Aylar önce
Poor martial
giroud do inter
giroud do inter Aylar önce
Giroud é brabo
Alex A
Alex A Aylar önce
Vote Competitive Mode
Giroud: your gonna see me score The actual song: Your gonna see me roar Actual song name: Roar
Heinz Doofenshmirtz
By Katy Perry.
Rodrigo Rodrigues delgado.
1:15: what he said:goal what was in the legend: gaul.
miguel mouraalves
miguel mouraalves Aylar önce
Didier Deschamps and Giroud: a Love relacionament. Frank Lampard And Giroud: A not good relacionament.
miguel mouraalves
miguel mouraalves Aylar önce
Giroud has Gonna To play more time! But...
miguel mouraalves
miguel mouraalves Aylar önce
Goals score in Spain by Hazard: 2. Goals score in Spain by Giroud: 4
kopeczekk Aylar önce
Przez cały czas myslalem o tym jakiej to piosenki przerobka ale na 2:37 juz wiedzialem xd
Y-Gamer 66
Y-Gamer 66 Aylar önce
0:50 just click it
Sumit Sahdev
Sumit Sahdev 14 gün önce
My guy
Famous Iyere
Famous Iyere 18 gün önce
akhilesh 21 gün önce
thank you
muliati idris
muliati idris Aylar önce
This is parody to roar song
Yankeefan11 Aylar önce
2:00 Accent
The Football News
The Football News Aylar önce
shit vid
احمد Tv
احمد Tv Aylar önce
احمد Tv
احمد Tv Aylar önce
🙌My Top 5 442oons Videos 2020🙌