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THIS is our kind of street car! Nice and heavy with full interior and all! How do you make up for being so heavy? WITH A TON OF FREAKING POWER! As if watching this car do it's thing down the track wasn't enough of a treat, we got to see it at Import vs Domestic! Why is that special? This Redeye Challenger is lining up with cars like Honda Civics! Polar opposite cars with different strategies makes for some CLOSE racing!

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20 Kas 2021




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Rob 112
Rob 112 2 aylar önce
To run him down like that was really impressive though
OurStory Aylar önce
Not a fan of Hondas but those things have top end like crazy . I love when a import runs down a domestic.
Zachary Ballew
Zachary Ballew Aylar önce
@K____ R____ Because at this level of car and conversation it is just reaching for just another reason why the Redeye didn't win. It was explained over and over they are comparable track setups for what they are. And I also mentioned earlier that Every single SFWD backhalfs like that and they all aren't shaped like the hatch. Everyone who keeps reaching and reaching just because the car didn't win is merely making lots of people laugh due to the fact that it was a damn close race and the guy explained in the video where his limitations were for his current setup so people trying to repeat his words as some sort of excuse is hilarious. People take other people's racecars way too seriously and feel the need to defend things like it is going to get them some sort of brownie points. The civic had a lot less weight, and is more aerodynamic (obviously), but at the very same time the Redeye had a lot more power, A HELLUVA LOT MORE TORQUE, and is RWD soooo as I said they are comparable track cars for what they are. There is no need for all these folks to get butthurt and try and find a rhyme or reason for the outcome, it was hella close.
K____ R____
K____ R____ Aylar önce
@Zachary Ballew Why is no one mentioning air drag?
K____ R____
K____ R____ Aylar önce
@Zachary Ballew Air drag: barn door versus teardrop.
K____ R____
K____ R____ Aylar önce
@Paul M Don't forget the drag, too. The Civic hatch is one slick car.
Tjeerd 2 aylar önce
That has to be one of the best looking 7-second cars ever! And it would definitely be a super cool dragweek/raceweek car!
Gary Rice
Gary Rice 22 gün önce
Yep Drag week car for sure
Rozza43 2 aylar önce
We are going to see that car around for a while in all kinds of events.
jayknight139 2 aylar önce
We'd better..
Mr. Plissken
Mr. Plissken 2 aylar önce
Jersey Wall..."Hold my beer"
Joel Locke
Joel Locke 2 aylar önce
Seems like the beginning of an era
Cameron Lindsey
Cameron Lindsey 2 aylar önce
And Jim seems like a real stand-up guy for sure 👍🏻
richard Turk
richard Turk 2 aylar önce
That last race was exciting. he was out on him so far but the import took him on the big end. Props to both drivers for a great race.
Cooney. B
Cooney. B 2 aylar önce
That is one hell of a Red Eye, probably the best looking 7 second car I've seen. To me that car with how good it looks, the interior, way it sounds, stays straight like it's on rails every time is way more impressive than the cars you see on street outlaws ect. That's definitely top 5 of the most impressive cars I've seen anyone post not just on this channel! The driver/owner is a really cool guy as well would love to see that car on here again
Libtards R Cancer
Libtards R Cancer Aylar önce
You gotta check out the Kratos viper built by Nth Moto. 3,300 hp on a nearly stock looking viper.
Bored Panduh
Bored Panduh 2 aylar önce
WHAT A RACE!!! Absolute respect to both teams! Couldn't have played out any better then it did. Congrats guys.
Rlikemoney Aylar önce
Plus the challenger guy is super humble! Great race!
Zaimoku 2 aylar önce
😂🤣”ayyy my guy, MY GUY!!” Shout out to the camera crew always getting good shots!!
bhrisbon 22 gün önce
thank god someone pointed it out 🤣🤣🤣
Michael Wynne
Michael Wynne 2 aylar önce
The top end charge of the Civic was crazy, kinda reminds me of way back in the Day of Bracket racing against Dragsters, you could be 3-4 car's out on them and in a blink of an eye they go right by you.
Jeff Klonowski
Jeff Klonowski 2 aylar önce
Technology is getting crazy. Love all the fast cars.
MyLife InCars
MyLife InCars 2 aylar önce
That last race gave me chills. Side by side 7s. Both very impressive cars. Look forward to the future of a 4225 pound 7 second challenger. 👌
Yordan Nahatch
Yordan Nahatch 2 aylar önce
I rewind it like 4 times to watch over and over that last race, WOW 😮 props to both teams 🍾 that was a hell of a race
dberg11 2 aylar önce
This Redeye guy is awesome! Really cool seeing a fast dodge for a change lol
dberg11 2 aylar önce
@Kyle Kashner I couldn’t resist, the words typed themselves honestly lmao
Kyle Kashner
Kyle Kashner 2 aylar önce
Lol always a mopar hater in the comments
Trevor Sanchez
Trevor Sanchez 2 aylar önce
That last race was insane!! Didn’t think that Honda was going to drive around him like that!! Those cars are definitely fast af!!!! 💨
Sixx6Sixx 2 aylar önce
As a chevy & LS fanatic it's always nice to see other brands put in work!
Nicholas Roche
Nicholas Roche Aylar önce
@The Slick I get what you're saying because some motors need to be fully built to perform the way they do, where as other motors can getaway with bolt on mods it. It all depends on what motor you settle on.
Joaquin Paul
Joaquin Paul Aylar önce
@The Slick sure buddy come back to yap when you're in the 7s stock motor alright bruh??
Sixx6Sixx Aylar önce
@Austin Lucas at that price,hell yea eventually 🤣🤣🤣
Austin Lucas
Austin Lucas Aylar önce
@Sixx6Sixx so are you expecting to have to replace the turbos?😂
Sixx6Sixx Aylar önce
@Austin Lucas twin GT45 clones...basically building a none cheap engine with $130ea turbos 🤣🤣🤣🤷‍♂️
Big Rob
Big Rob 2 aylar önce
That was a great match up! Props to them both! What it’s all about! ✌🏻
Dan Myers
Dan Myers 2 aylar önce
Wow, 8.07 in a 4200 lb car with IRS? I am amazed that the rear diff didn’t spill its guts all over the track!
JayMoe 5.7
JayMoe 5.7 Aylar önce
@parker bender not to mention he can turn it up 900hp too.
parker bender
parker bender Aylar önce
@Dan Myers Cutting that weight would make all the difference in the world... If they would just cut 600+ lbs like they are talking about doing it'd be pushing on high 6's.
Dan Myers
Dan Myers 2 aylar önce
@Cainen Gray - Yeah, I posted the comment prior to watching the faster hit. Even with the best IRS parts around it’s still IRS in a flipping 4200 lb car. Running the smaller 275 tire is certainly a lot easier in the drivetrain. Once he goes back to the larger radial and starts putting some real power down like he plans I think the guy knows the IRS won’t live.
Cainen Gray
Cainen Gray 2 aylar önce
Did you watch the video ? 7.96.
Tim Carmody
Tim Carmody 2 aylar önce
He's been faster on the wider tires...they an awesome crew!!
legendarylifer 92
legendarylifer 92 2 aylar önce
Hell yeah. Reppin for the mopars!! Hell of a build there. That fucking civic is a missile
Ian Clancy
Ian Clancy 2 aylar önce
I’ve never seen a 7 second car get run down by 21 mph like that. Holy crap.
Left Handed Gemini
Left Handed Gemini 2 aylar önce
Nothing like the top end of a built Civic, when they hook in third a lot of reeling starts to happen.
Silly Goose
Silly Goose 2 aylar önce
That last race was sick AF!
C G 2 aylar önce
Ali Mohamad
Ali Mohamad 2 aylar önce
Civic reeled him in like a champ! What an awesome race! Got me pumped up af🔥🔥🔥
Josiah Butler
Josiah Butler Aylar önce
@leeroy110 nahh that car is more like 2200lbs lighter lol
leeroy110 2 aylar önce
1800lbs lighter. It's a bloody mini rocket ship. Very impressive from both.
M Cosson
M Cosson 2 aylar önce
When the Civic hit 2nd 😳 holy shit
Cheeseburger Potato
Cheeseburger Potato 2 aylar önce
I don’t like hellcats but this one is the best one I’ve ever seen this is a real man’s hellcat
Zachary Harris
Zachary Harris Aylar önce
Being there when this happened and hearing the crowd lose their minds is something I'll most likely remember forever. Awesome job to both teams!
Cameron Vic
Cameron Vic 2 aylar önce
I appreciate that you put “we can make” in the title versus “OMG 2500 HP red eye!”
90s Hero
90s Hero 2 aylar önce
Something trc would do 🤣
flyonbyya 2 aylar önce
What beautiful ride ! That 192 trap by the Honda was epic !
Ezequiel Gonzales
Ezequiel Gonzales 2 aylar önce
That was a fantastic race!👍🏻
Mathieu Falardeau
Mathieu Falardeau 2 aylar önce
7:00 that first gen tho! wish he had a better launch but on the top end it moves OUT!
Sigrafix 2 aylar önce
Genuinely one of the best races, one of the best builds, and one of the best videos I've ever seen.. amazing.
Chris Chavis
Chris Chavis 2 aylar önce
WOW!!! That was the most epic race of all time and that Red Eye has got to my favorite one so far..great content guys of the best race that I've seen all year👍
Jake Schultz
Jake Schultz 2 aylar önce
Love this guy, keep sharing cars and guys like this!🤘🔥
Tony Superman
Tony Superman Aylar önce
That was best race I’ve seen in years!!!! Hats off to both teams. Good work guys👍🏽
Christian Graham
Christian Graham 2 aylar önce
Super cool! That civic was sick! Good race fellas!
Paul H & friends
Paul H & friends 2 aylar önce
That was one hell of a race! Love to see those two run again.
Redman147 2 aylar önce
That final race was EPIC. First side by side 7 second passes. That's just insane. Two beautiful fast cars giving the crowd and everyone here on the net something to see.
Joe Patenaude
Joe Patenaude 2 aylar önce
Wow that was awesome side by side 7s import and domestic
Donovan Caruso
Donovan Caruso 2 aylar önce
Dam that Honda had some top end 🔥
gsxrJOE92 2 aylar önce
That one view showed it great!! Nice Banshee dude 💨💨💨💨
Hugh Dalrymple
Hugh Dalrymple 2 aylar önce
That Civic Back Halfs like Crazy Holy crap!! Well done on the pair of 7s!
Matt quarles
Matt quarles 2 aylar önce
its been a long time since ive been genuinely excited to see a race. that civic was haulin. that challenger was rippin. 2 completely different strategies and cars going side by side both setting records DOES NOT happen very often and for it to be captured so masterfully is once in a lifetime. the 2 pinnacles of street racing. big fat monster v8 with a big fat body to handle all that torque and a 4 cylinder with a big fat turbo screaming side by side. cannot imagine what is was like to be in that driver seat.
J.W. Presents
J.W. Presents 2 aylar önce
Beautiful car and a humbled owner..makes for some great content. Great video as always 1320!
_AMGeezus_ 2 aylar önce
I’ve been following this guy on IG since he first got his car! Man what a journey, I hope he can get into the 6s next year, this car is a monster 🚀🚀🚀
AlphaGearhead Aylar önce
@_AMGeezus_ thanks
_AMGeezus_ Aylar önce
@AlphaGearhead REDeye Racing
AlphaGearhead Aylar önce
Whats his ig?
Bad Piston
Bad Piston 2 aylar önce
One of the Best Races for sure, best Challenger i’ve seen so far 🔥 Congrats to both teams
spikester7878 2 aylar önce
Been awesome watching this car getting built. I am lucky enough to detail it pretty regularly. James keeps this beast SUPER clean
Russ M
Russ M 2 aylar önce
Class act! Congratulation Jim and RedEye Racing. Very impressive to push that kind of weight into the 7s with no drama and such a clean straight run... on 275s no less!!!
Dirtbiketay Aylar önce
This was a great video! The race was AWESOME! The guy behind the red eye backed up everything he said the car could do, I can't wait to see what it'll do when it sheds some weight.
Steven Dumont
Steven Dumont Aylar önce
Of all the amazing videos I watch from your channel, I can't think of a singular one of the many, that I got so excited for. 1320 videos, thank you. I was jumping up and down and hollering in my office from the exciting and down to earth and humble badass race from this near stock but highly and intelligently modified Hellcat almost putting that Front Wheel Drive Honda racecar on the trailer...Man, that Front Wheel Honda had some serious legs didn't it...What an amazing loss and achievement right? Wow!...
DerMetzger 2 aylar önce
THAT... was one HELL of a race! Man... Mad respect to both guys.
hasoevo 2 aylar önce
One of the best races I've seen in along time.
ThumpMan 2 aylar önce
One of the best matchups and races I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t imagine being there in person. Badass video
Draper Hollett
Draper Hollett 2 aylar önce
Such a cool and respectful dude with an insane car 👌🏼
Derek Holden
Derek Holden 2 aylar önce
I've seen fender exit exhausts a million times, but it's awesome the way this one was done! Watching the exhaust steam shooting up from the fenders was something else
Bailey Brewer
Bailey Brewer 2 aylar önce
Cool to see him on the channel, I’ve been following his build on the car since the start. Really badass build.
PackethThyHeat12 2 aylar önce
Sweet car and great competition. I'm an Acura and Honda owner, so was cool to see the Civic hatchback scoot along that fast! And the Challenger is always cool even though the design is getting old. Great upload
Scott Anderson
Scott Anderson 2 aylar önce
Kudos to both crews .My Uncle was a drag racer. That was freaking awesome! #2000 difference! I'm more an american muscle guy, first car 65 GTO Both those cars and crew are fire! Sick race!
Off Dat Go-Go
Off Dat Go-Go 2 aylar önce
Talk about getting around em on the big end. Sheesh! Bravo to both for an awesome race. Congrats to both for their achievements.
Legoman585 Aylar önce
That was an epic race, My favorite race of the year.
Eamon Bailey
Eamon Bailey 2 aylar önce
Nobody talking about the civic from hell at 12:45😬
Rosin and Racecars
Rosin and Racecars 2 aylar önce
I enjoyed seeing the car in person at WCF. I was in the stands when the civic came around him. really shows the progression of these 4 cylinders to be heads up competing with a monster like this redeye
CLC III 2 aylar önce
Great car, great driver, epic race!
Edgar C
Edgar C 2 aylar önce
Definitely one epic drag race for the books,, both cars are fast af💪🏽 but that Honda top end came rolling fast👍🏽
Gamer 420
Gamer 420 2 aylar önce
Makes me smile seeing a big v8 and a civic almost being even makes it exciting to know import or domestic we can all go fast and have fun no matter what we like
Stinky10R 2 aylar önce
It's unfair how those Civic's back half. Impressive stuff.
bob smith
bob smith 2 aylar önce
AB 2K Aylar önce
WOW! Both guys nailed the tree and delivered an EPIC final race!
Mike Hagen
Mike Hagen 2 aylar önce
As a kid of the 80s and reading every magazine I could get my hands on, and harassing all the "fast" guys in the area, it is mind blowing how far "Street" cars have come... the reality of 2000 plus horsepower cars that can have a license plate is astounding. Edit: That race was fuckin awesome!
JayMoe 5.7
JayMoe 5.7 Aylar önce
@1Tanker My 79 Volare Duster was built in the mid 90s as a drag car but apparently saw mostly street duty. Was told that it was the car to beat around town back in the day, still has the engine that was built in 1996 but only making 450hp it's dead slow compared to these new builds. But, I have a 48 degree siamese bore R3 Mopar small block that should end up around 436ci and with twin turbos should make 1400+ on around 20-25lbs of boost comparing it to similar builds. Won't be done for another year or so but I'm gonna try and make my way to as many of these type of events as possible once she's done.
Torred Redeye
Torred Redeye Aylar önce
@1Tanker especially when its a 16yr old with a 1800hp one, in the higher 8's
1Tanker 2 aylar önce
Yeah ...back in the mid-late 70's, anything over 500hp was illegal on the street (in a lot of places).
Nelius Meiring
Nelius Meiring 2 aylar önce
One of the best looking cars I've seen on 1320! Epic.
Cory Stock
Cory Stock Aylar önce
Wow, that race was definitely worth waiting 15min into the video. Crazy contrast between the 2 cars.
F Utube
F Utube 2 aylar önce
That car is a work of art. The head lights should be green.💚
6foot6 E
6foot6 E 2 aylar önce
Shit like this is why I love racing. Good competition, good attitudes, and people creating their own success their own way. 👍🏽
SC_ FG2 2 aylar önce
@1320 Thank you for posting this. I was at WCF and seen the challenger running but I didn't know how clean and unique it is!!!
Mason 2 aylar önce
Y’all need to find epling in his manual hellcat running 7’s, I’ve seen this car run when it was still a true street car
Jason Jennings
Jason Jennings Aylar önce
I did some work for Leon Epling today. His car is fast for sure.
Josh Podolsky
Josh Podolsky 2 aylar önce
When the guy was explaining his car in the beginning he did it very well, seems like he was very proud of his work.
Larry Johnson
Larry Johnson 2 aylar önce
That was a cool car. The driver seemed like a very nice guy. Has the competition bug, but still plays nice. Loved the video, Thank You.
Team C.A.R.L
Team C.A.R.L 2 aylar önce
that may have been the greatest race ive ever seen!!! a blind man would never believe you!!:)
Lesson learned never underestimate a Honda 🔥🔥🔥great race nice car…..
redbubbaneck 2 aylar önce
Great vid guys keep it up. Love the car.
Kent Beitel
Kent Beitel 2 aylar önce
That was a badass race with the civic. Civic said “slingshot engaged” 😂
The Slick
The Slick 2 aylar önce
coolest exhaust I've seen in a while
Jake Trat
Jake Trat 2 aylar önce
Easily one of the most wholesome dudes you guys have interviewed
JG Hudson
JG Hudson Aylar önce
By far my favorite exhaust and love how the car is Mopar heavy
Marcelo Boosted 5oh
Marcelo Boosted 5oh 2 aylar önce
Damn that Honda was flying
Beanz 2 aylar önce
Man that last race was amazing!!!
Speedstack21 2 aylar önce
What a good dude. I can't wait to see him run with 315s.
clint Miller
clint Miller 2 aylar önce
I love that it’s like actually a street car as you can get and be competitive
Carlos Salcido
Carlos Salcido 2 aylar önce
Now that’s what you call a real HEAVY HITTER 💪 props to the owner for a REAL STREET CAR
Bootney Lee
Bootney Lee 2 aylar önce
That was a great race. 👍
shaunjeff45 pillar of light
WOW, how impressive was that race! That little RC Civic, it just burned pass that Challenger.
Josh Koch (Intimidator82)
He runs in the 1/4 what I run in the eighth at the same weight, incredible!!
anthxny392 2 aylar önce
challenger and a first gen lined up next to each other is the best thing i’ve ever seen
Bigfoot Garage
Bigfoot Garage 2 aylar önce
It’s so nice to see the new MOPAR cars finally doing well on the drag strip, they are just so fackin heavy
Dave 2 aylar önce
That is a boat load of Ponies to the ground. Well done Gentlemen. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.
Man-E 4g63
Man-E 4g63 2 aylar önce
I’m sure that exhaust also helps with the front end lifting
MustangNthusiast 2 aylar önce
That was one of the best races I've watched on here.
Ronnie P
Ronnie P 2 aylar önce
Awesome car. My man needed a scramble button on that race against the Civic.
nwvfd22 2 aylar önce
It goes that fast... with that interior? Hell yeah. Keep bringing these REAL street cars, I'm loving them.
Torred Redeye
Torred Redeye Aylar önce
haha mopar things, for a 2019, its alot of redeye's in the higher 8's. one of them being a16yrs old
Toledo Cars
Toledo Cars 2 aylar önce
Wild comparison of those two cars. Very different engineering and setup. That civic back halfs hard. And, the redeye is sick. It will just keep getting faster. Great stuff!
SIR SWERVE 16 gün önce
Even to this day a Hemi car can still compete in a class of drag racing. I find that very interesting. I love how the next gen engine is having luck at showing the world that the old cylinder head design is still impressive. . Ma Mopar would be proud..........
David Plummer
David Plummer 2 aylar önce
Watching these videos motivated me to get a procharger…install is next weekend :)
GM 4 LIFE Aylar önce
love 1320, always fair to the Newbies, and giving them the spotlight...👍👍🇺🇸🤘🤘😜😎
RD Enduro
RD Enduro Aylar önce
He wanted a car that looks good and goes fast.. ya, you did it man! 👏
Justin Stergar
Justin Stergar 2 aylar önce
That exhaust is 👌🏼
larrynance17 2 aylar önce
I mean damn. That civic got him right at the line. Never saw the civic at all until then. That was a damn good race.
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