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Academy Award winning director, Chloé Zhao, brings Marvel Studios’ “Eternals” to life. 🎥

Take a special behind-the-scenes look at her vision behind the film and experience it only in theaters November 5.

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21 Eki 2021




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Songpol Prasitmeeboon
The film is superb. You guys’ve a great job done. Chloe Zhao as well as the actor and production team. What a new interesting journey. Look forward to see your next movie. Wish you came back with new ideas as well.
The Truth
The Truth Aylar önce
This may or may not be relevant here, may be controversial, or you may criticize it, yet someone has to say it. It’s nice that they’re “trying” to be inclusive and diverse in putting out movies and shows with interracial couples. However, have you noticed how it’s always the same ol ‘a white man’ with a ‘brown woman’, but it’s rarely ever ‘a brown man’ with ‘a white woman’? ‘Brown’ as in not just black men, but also Hispanic / Latino men, Native American, Arabian, Indian etc. It’s almost as if they’re deliberately avoiding starring brown men with white women! Hollywood, directors, producers and whoever else need to start making more movies and shows starring brown men with white women too, not to mention brown men in lead roles as well. They need to feel represented too, and not just as a side character that’s constantly humiliated. All this needs to be discussed more 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏼‍♀️🌹
028_Kumar Ayush
028_Kumar Ayush Aylar önce
Ajak dies(killed by ikaris),Gilgamesh dies(killed by a deviant),ikaris (flies with kro to the sun and presumably dies),sprite(turns to a normal human by using sersi's magic),kingo-phastos-sersi(teleported to celestial's base),rest go to space and meet harry styles(starfox)
S Zaman
S Zaman Aylar önce
Chloe Zhao is truly a visionary man this film is gonna be 🔥
Eduar Ortiz
Eduar Ortiz Aylar önce
Kyle Ong
Kyle Ong Aylar önce
Too focused on "landscape" and "epicness" and not enough on the plot and script...
Mostufa Ahmed
Mostufa Ahmed Aylar önce
Ain't you guys gonna talk about the girl who can't talk 😭😭 That's was so sad She's lit ❤️
Captain SoMeister Assemble
I have a “vision”
Let Me Review
Let Me Review Aylar önce
Nice.....aah Im booking for it.♥️
Purefoldnz Aylar önce
The reviews are in. Its a stinker folks
Michael Junior
Michael Junior Aylar önce
I hope there will be Eternals Assemble: The making of Eternals 🙂🙂🙂
Mattia Bolzon
Mattia Bolzon Aylar önce
I like too much the behind the scenes of movies and TV series, if it's Marvel products then... Too much hype for this movie, can't wait to see it🤩🔥
van nguyen
van nguyen Aylar önce
Can't wait to watch the movie and see what Chloe takes us on her vision 💯❤️.
Yuzuri Hanyu
Yuzuri Hanyu Aylar önce
Daaang i think i might compare the rebellious Druig MCU and Rebel Druig comics. (After i watch the movie)
Adam AA
Adam AA Aylar önce
Yes Chloé Zhao will deliver something that will blow your minds! Release, take some time by a beach. Then get tougher - eat some protein, eat veges - just be better than being weak ...
Krishna.K Downiy
Krishna.K Downiy Aylar önce
Awesome Sir Awesome
Amy Aylar önce
Im wish that one day i can be an actor too
Amy Aylar önce
@jyothis . N ohh sure an actress 😅
jyothis . N
jyothis . N Aylar önce
Why can't u say the word actress ?
Nadine M
Nadine M Aylar önce
Chloe is just sooo talented!! Can’t wait do the movie, it looks amazing !!
yash yadav
yash yadav Aylar önce
this is gonna be epic
Dev Sinha
Dev Sinha Aylar önce
Isaias Silva
Isaias Silva Aylar önce
Esse filme vai ter muitas referências.
Jean carlos Almeida dá Silva
Eu só espero que outros direitores tenham essa mesma atenção e liberdade criativa que a chloe tem não pelo fato de ser uma mulher asiática que isso para mim não define um bom roteiro ou história.
J Lucas Freitas
J Lucas Freitas Aylar önce
Da a direção de todos os filmes da marvel pra ela que a marvel vai passar a gabaritar o Oscar
Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.
In Loving Memory Of Jack Kirby (1917-1994)
Abraham Begashaw
Abraham Begashaw Aylar önce
Chloe bring the marvel universe alive
37 Farhan Naser
37 Farhan Naser Aylar önce
Do whatever u want but nothing is as good as Avengers. U will definitely loose fans
Nasaba Bora
Nasaba Bora Aylar önce
"I came in as both as a filmmaker who wants to tell a story & as a fan" This statement alone is enough to assure you skeptical fans that this movie is going to be spectacular.
Devash Gupta
Devash Gupta Aylar önce
I literally thought that the family part will be game of thrones😂
Captain America
Captain America Aylar önce
NG telugu
NG telugu Aylar önce
Kit Harrington ❤️❤️
3028547 Aylar önce
Love how diverse marvel is with their directors. I love seeing new ideas and visions through someone else’s eye of the same universe
AshBasu Aylar önce
Can’t wait to book tickets
Squiby Plays
Squiby Plays Aylar önce
after spiderman no way home, i think i might hop on the dc fandom train. the projects that have been made are just so boring. wandavision retconned a good backstory and failed at the finish line, falcon/winter soldier was boring, loki and what if crapped on what came before it, and black widow forgot that natasha was human (she cannot fall 5 stories or even 3 stories and still walk). and then Eternals looks like its just gonna retcon more history. you guys really should have stopped at endgame. you either die the hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.
Grey Ghost
Grey Ghost Aylar önce
One word to describe this film: Majestic
michel -
michel - Aylar önce
Chloe's film touches my heart in that it is not a fantasy but a reality, and I think it makes a difference in that it is a real film and not a fake film. I can't believe she's a good director for art films too.
michel -
michel - Aylar önce
I've never thought of anything other than George Lucas' Star Wars, but after that, Disney's Star Wars was just a mess. Certainly, Marvel's history is located at the greatest point in Hollywood compared to Disney's dramas, musicals, and live-action films other than Disney's animations, which were generally a disappointment. But I think the Eternals would be the best movie ever and I think Star Wars could be on the same line at that point. I think if it were Chloe, I would be able to recreate George Lucas' paintings, and I think it would be a movie with a sense of reality that can be felt most three-dimensionally to the audience.
tech2017 Aylar önce
The last movie Chloe Zhao directed was Nomadland and that movie SUCKED. I have no faith in this film because of it. Change my mind.
Papp Dániel
Papp Dániel Aylar önce
I have an idea for a new character Me, just on another time plane At that time plane myself, I don’t really get any stronger. Believe in my dream, I have already destroyed 5 Marvel and DC universes as well. And a good few anime :D
Shaunak Pai
Shaunak Pai Aylar önce
1:59 Chloe Zao is so talented, they gave her 2 screenplay credits.... that's Marvel's trust in their visionary directors.
Hariyanto Goh
Hariyanto Goh Aylar önce
Lauren's Makkari had got my 80% attention
Nazmi Yildiz
Nazmi Yildiz Aylar önce
Big investment
INKdew Aylar önce
1:13 wow I'm surprised you know so much 🤣
star dust
star dust Aylar önce
don't mention vision. he can hear you from the multiverse
StarLordZ Aylar önce
Omg...I am so excited for this. If Disney and Marvel had delayed this I would have lost it
Talkative Yellow Toad
Vision confirmed?
Juan C
Juan C Aylar önce
dolla$ Aylar önce
Xyz:"I can't wait 2 weeks" Marvel"dont worry I will upload every hour till there's nothing to upload "
Waris Shah
Waris Shah Aylar önce
I am more exiting for this more than no way home
Raj kumar
Raj kumar Aylar önce
For god sake Marvel pls stop doing this U guys release so many clips that we can put all of em together and even break down the Whole story. Stop Promoting too much or else don't Post More clips. Do this after the release WE WANT TO EXPERIENCE EVERYTHING IN THE THEATRES
Lucky Boy
Lucky Boy Aylar önce
Великолепный лайк за качественные видео, как всегда увлекательно и интересно, спасибо🤙
Ari J
Ari J Aylar önce
still expecting for marvel to announce eternals is going to be delayed by a week lols
GAURAV DEV Aylar önce
It's epic..
Piyush Patil
Piyush Patil Aylar önce
0:41 is that UNI MIND formation from comics, oh my god this going to be so awesome, also initially only the head Eternal (in this case AJAX) were able to form uni mind, but I think after she dies the other eternals combine their intelligence and will just like in comics, to form something of no gender, no side, only pure light and energy and that is the Uni Mind, even avengers at one point in comics were able to do that with Ikarus, if they are going to do uni mind it's going to be absolutely amazing, because uni mind powers are based off on the overloaded energy that Kronus gave to the Eternals in their activation chamber, but the chamber exploded making Kronus a imprisoned Eternal in excluded and also into a cosmic being and the manifestation of time. He has the same power level as that equal to of galactus maybe even hire.
Gowshik Cena
Gowshik Cena Aylar önce
Would love to see RDJ and Angelina Jolie in one frame
Piyush Patil
Piyush Patil Aylar önce
Well done MAARVEL, well done keep doing this, and there will be no MOVIE left to see in the theatres, I really liked the way Endgame and Infinity war trailer and clips before the movie were so secretive, cause they don't spoil anything and gives audience a surprise, go back to that secretive promotion again MARVEL, atleast with such a ambitious movie.
Jaldirene Braga
Jaldirene Braga Aylar önce
JR Aylar önce
When will it release on Disney+? my country doesn't allow cinemas yet. :( bit unfair that you have to suffer spoilers on every media for like 2 months
M F٨٤
M F٨٤ Aylar önce
What is the name of this movie?
M F٨٤
M F٨٤ Aylar önce
@granny goose thanx.i found it
granny goose
granny goose Aylar önce
@M F٨٤ actually its ETERNALS
M F٨٤
M F٨٤ Aylar önce
@granny goose thanx
granny goose
granny goose Aylar önce
harry potter
AC Marvel Edits
AC Marvel Edits Aylar önce
I'm excited, we are all hoping a banger!
Ajay Gaming
Ajay Gaming Aylar önce
""" one of the best people who support will be billion one day "" God bless you ♥️♥️, .. ..
Ajay Gaming
Ajay Gaming Aylar önce
""" one of the best people who support will be billion one day "" God bless you ♥️♥️, .. ..
A Aylar önce
spider man no way home trailer 2
jubed ali
jubed ali Aylar önce
couldbahappychic Aylar önce
i thought the wait for Shang-Chi was hard this one is also hard..
Wanda Aylar önce
Personally I wanted to see it, but marvel casted a Paxstani as kingo whose apparently supposed to be a "Bollywood" actor and now I'm just like WHY?? there are literally SO MANY Indian actors wayyyy fitter than nanjiani (whatever th his first name is) 🙄 but noooo, they cast him...and with the agenda they've been pushing with ms marvel(ALSO a paxtani) , I just can't bring myself to watch it in theaters(ofc I'm gonna watch it online)...I would rather rewatch venom than this movie
cherryfire ice
cherryfire ice Aylar önce
There's more to casting a movie than where you are from. Marvel may demand a mult-year commitment, script secrecy, training, publicity appearances, travel, etc. And frankly a lot of the audience won't care about original nationality for a comic book movie.
Sharif SAM
Sharif SAM Aylar önce
Reviews pls
TFGamer Aylar önce
1.) Give Miss Chloe her flowers while she's still here. 2.) Kevin strikes again. 3.) Can we get Chloe to direct a Transformers film?? 😭😭😭😭 Lol
Kausar Ahmed Mausam
sahil mane
sahil mane Aylar önce
Still BATMAN 🔥
Sava Sachi
Sava Sachi Aylar önce
Shuvojyoti Saha
Shuvojyoti Saha Aylar önce
Suman Das
Suman Das Aylar önce
Milan Yadav
Milan Yadav Aylar önce
I'm hyped
Mark Christensen
Mark Christensen Aylar önce
The only problem I have with this movie is that those are Mutates that they are fighting, not Deviants, but it says they are Deviants...
Galaxy 3000
Galaxy 3000 Aylar önce
Show more clips of Don Lee please!!!
Oli Matt
Oli Matt Aylar önce
Screenplay by Chloe zhao and Chloe zhao?
RafAJIb Aylar önce
Мда, а у нас в России перенесли с 4 на 8 ноября сволочи.
Vignesh M
Vignesh M Aylar önce
Thank u for the video.
Regnar Aylar önce
where are the other eternals from the other universes 😂😂👌multiverse 🤐
HB initials
HB initials Aylar önce
Gilgamesh! Gilgamesh! Gilgamesh!!!
ArtistNotFound123 Aylar önce
people who want to watch this movie shouldn't watch this
AM14 official💚💙
Spider-Man no way home: If I am not here this movie became the most wonderful movie.
BEAST Aylar önce
Is really markari can't talk
Alberto Rojas
Alberto Rojas Aylar önce
Lauren Ridloff (Makkari*) is actually deaf. Another deaf actress is Alaqua Cox, and she will portray "Echo/Maya Lopez" in the television series, MARVEL Studios' Hawkeye. MS is also developing an untitled Echo TV series.
Train Techs TM
Train Techs TM Aylar önce
1:38 THE CANADIAN LAD be like : thanks Chloe for giving me the work 😁😀
J C Aylar önce
Movie looks so boring compared to the infinity saga !!! And half of cast just sucks .
Alberto Rojas
Alberto Rojas Aylar önce
The MARVEL Cinematic Universe: Phase One, Two & Three are collectively known as The Infinity Saga. That said, MARVEL Studios' Eternals is one film of the MCU: Phase Four.
Smdrfn 98
Smdrfn 98 Aylar önce
Can’t wait 🥺🥺
Hamzah Sheikh
Hamzah Sheikh Aylar önce
Where is Pakistani culture Marvel. We all love marvel...
Alberto Rojas
Alberto Rojas Aylar önce
@Hamzah Sheikh KN is still Pakistani. That said, the Muslim actress Iman Vellini is Pakistani-Canadian, and she will portray Ms. Marvel/Kamala Khan. MM/KK will star & co-star in MARVEL Studios' Ms. Marvel & MS' The Marvels. The television series, Ms. Marvel is set to premiere on Disney+ in 2022. The film, The Marvels is scheduled to be released in movie theaters in the USA on February 17, '23.
Hamzah Sheikh
Hamzah Sheikh Aylar önce
He's Play a role of Hindu religion in eternal movie..
Hamzah Sheikh
Hamzah Sheikh Aylar önce
@Alberto Rojas Kumail nanjiani is not a Muslim brother... he's atheist.
Alberto Rojas
Alberto Rojas Aylar önce
At least there's an actor that's part of the main cast, Kumail Nanjiani (Kingo).
Ayan Sahil
Ayan Sahil Aylar önce
New supermen
Ayan Sahil
Ayan Sahil Aylar önce
Rachel Marks
Rachel Marks Aylar önce
Omggg yesss
tazo Aylar önce
looks wack af
Sribin Spooks
Sribin Spooks Aylar önce
This is differently epic!🔥 And each time feige say infinity saga is over my eyes fill up with tears!
Moogle- Ocelot
Moogle- Ocelot Aylar önce
FM Villain
FM Villain Aylar önce
One of the reason I watch this movie is because of Jon Snow ❤
Andy M
Andy M Aylar önce
navin tirpude
navin tirpude Aylar önce
This movie is dumb.. Im not gonna pay a single penny for this movie..
Shuvojyoti Saha
Shuvojyoti Saha Aylar önce
You don’t like this movie without even seeing it,no problem! You just don't need to spread toxicity.
Jay Gupta
Jay Gupta Aylar önce
0:32 Family reunion
Calter Bro's
Calter Bro's Aylar önce
Most hyped I have been for a film since end game
casualpotato Aylar önce
That bull-headed Deviant is definitely gonna be the inspiration for the myth of Gilgamesh fighting Gugalanna (The Bull of Heaven unleashed by Ishtar).
I'm glad u putting so many characters on the screen more like this put 50 in the sequel put 100
Elexure Aylar önce
At least make Angelina kiss the Korean dude so that the Asian-female-whiteguy trope is balanced out.. Zhao..
Marvel Studios’ Eternals | Final Trailer
I'm STARTING OVER in Minecraft Hardcore...
SZA - I Hate U (Official Lyric Video)
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