“I’m Tired Of People Talking SH*T.” Julian Newman Plays His BIGGEST Game Of The Year! Jaden's FED UP

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Yo Julian and Jamie are NOT HAPPY after losing to LaMelo Ball and Spire. Julian might have outscored Melo, but the youngest Ball came out with the dub. Jaden's just happy she got a flick with him 😂
Julian and Downey gotta recover from that L and win their last game of the tourney. Right now they're 3-1. Can they do it??
Don't forget about Jaden's team though. They have a game too, and they've been working hard in practice. Well, the players have at least. Jamie ducked out early, so Jaden had to coach her own team.
Later, Julian plays in his first playoff game. It's win or go home, season over. Can Downey Christian pull off the upset??
Watch and find out!
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25 May 2019




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Dg Gang
Dg Gang 2 gün önce
Dg gang
White Obama Offical
White Obama Offical 6 gün önce
Fucking hate it when Jaden talks she sounds like shes always reading off a script
Jeff Dan
Jeff Dan 8 gün önce
Have they win a game?
GOD ZILLA 10 gün önce
bruh i hate when prodigy prep is winning when they start losing bruh
ganja gun
ganja gun 18 gün önce
how was your season good like bruh are you dreaming 🤣🤣
Alyssa Trujillo
Alyssa Trujillo 19 gün önce
Maybe shoot less and get your teammates involved 42 of 97 points see anything wrong with this picture
Alyssa Trujillo
Alyssa Trujillo 19 gün önce
She’s a ball hawg too!
Ishaq Rabiu
Ishaq Rabiu 25 gün önce
Wait?does he play for a church
Goatkyrie YT
Goatkyrie YT 29 gün önce
I went to my school basketball camp and I wacth this video after my camp inspirational video
Young Rocco6531
Young Rocco6531 Aylar önce
how the hell did julian’s team make it to the playoffs
Æ.x Kurosawa taiki
you guys are so weak at basketball
Brandon Le
Brandon Le Aylar önce
i swear to god these bums never win anything
China Ass
China Ass Aylar önce
BAHAHA “why are you using the next door neighbours hose” smh🤣
Amzah Walahi
Amzah Walahi Aylar önce
We came out banging but then fell apart the story every fucking episode
Preston Garvey
Preston Garvey Aylar önce
Mom can we get lavar ball? We have lavar ball at home Lavar ball at home:
DA DA Aylar önce
Do they ever win?
Ayush Aylar önce
JulIan : i wanna become an nba player D1 bb colleges: imm bout to end this mans career.
BafeHD Aylar önce
jaden: im tired of people talking shit meanwhile there is not a single episode where they win.
Kaiden Filmore 3rd
Kaiden Filmore 3rd Aylar önce
Idk why but I kinda fw this show ngl Probably because I’m bored..
Felipe Buenrostro
Felipe Buenrostro Aylar önce
Julian is really telling jaden to block out the hate when he throws a fit whenever people talk trash to him
Kevin Sandoval
Kevin Sandoval Aylar önce
Great Value Big Baller Brand
Izan Qazi
Izan Qazi 2 aylar önce
Why does Jayden always make that face when her dad talks to her
Mary prado
Mary prado 2 aylar önce
Girls suck
you are cute Onelien
you are cute Onelien 2 aylar önce
dat guy is crazy
Jonathan Restrepo
Jonathan Restrepo 2 aylar önce
3.6K dislikes GG 😂😂😂
Christian Deresse
Christian Deresse 2 aylar önce
Is it me or is Julian and jaden are losing every game
702Vegas702 2 aylar önce
He’s one of the worst coaches I’ve honestly ever seen..
John Olinto
John Olinto 2 aylar önce
stop hating on my g dog
Xoxo Xxx
Xoxo Xxx 2 aylar önce
The scouts is not looking for julian his dad is looking for scouts wtf hahaha just stop playing and be a skills trainer
Fatima Ahmadi
Fatima Ahmadi 3 aylar önce
9:29 notice how he said i and not we and yet he refers to the other team as them
SaUcY ShRiMp
SaUcY ShRiMp 3 aylar önce
Every time i watch this julian always takin L'S
Majima San
Majima San 3 aylar önce
Bargain brand Lavar and his two kids that suck at basketball lol
xrespectzz 3 aylar önce
He is a horrible coach he left half way through the practice and how can he expect them to win if he doesn’t give a shit
Nicholas Agrawal
Nicholas Agrawal 3 aylar önce
when the dad pulled off his shirt in the intro, i lost it...
Poo 3 aylar önce
Girls just look so awkward when playing basketball
ricky e
ricky e 3 aylar önce
yo now i know why they merch. Takes so long to get here
GSK_Chess 3 aylar önce
Do they ever win
Celenepizza Serrano
Celenepizza Serrano 3 aylar önce
you trash
Jo Hardoon
Jo Hardoon 3 aylar önce
Prodigy crap prep school
Matt Doherty
Matt Doherty 3 aylar önce
"People just love to hate on us, but they don't even know who we are"... When you put your life under a microscope on a reality tv show and you're all over social media, you're inviting people to form opinions about you, good or bad. Expect it.
Austin Lang
Austin Lang 3 aylar önce
Jaden could be really solid. You can tell she’s coachable, good attitude, good shot, solid handles. I mean damn she 15, in three years she could genuinely be a top guard prospect
LeMaroccain 3 aylar önce
Dad is Charlie Zelenoff of basketball!
Armando Mora
Armando Mora 3 aylar önce
Julian talks like boomhauer from king of the hill.. lol
vBloob 3 aylar önce
Look all you people talking shit if you guys wanna come in here talking shit why do you even watch this who cares if he starts of good and then those bad it’s life and I will put all my money on it that he will clap all you trash talkers talking shit WORD!!!
Ayden Gibson
Ayden Gibson 3 aylar önce
Jamie Newman is the whole reason Julian is not making nba. I am not Tryna hate but Jamie has given Julian the idea and mindset that he can do whatever whenever and shoot any shot where ever, no college or nba scout wants that
Ayden Gibson
Ayden Gibson 3 aylar önce
For him it is all the publicity not the good for the team like if u agree dislike if u don’t
Arth Gab Madelo
Arth Gab Madelo 3 aylar önce
Too much practice but still loses
Jake Price
Jake Price 3 aylar önce
He seriously has to be the worst coach in the country no wonder both their teams are terrible
Eric CORNUTE 3 aylar önce
She shoots so stiff
ツTyler 3 aylar önce
He may look like mr clean but he don’t know how to wash a car😂
Mike Shaw
Mike Shaw 3 aylar önce
His sister is fine
Seb Rey
Seb Rey 3 aylar önce
Ryan TV
Ryan TV 3 aylar önce
bro the dad standard even a baby can be a coach of high school now
Butch5505 3 aylar önce
Every single game this dudes dad is like “ this is the hardest divison in the country” if it was you wouldn’t win any games because you suck
E C 3 aylar önce
The dad is a joke hahahahaha
Gucci Pappi
Gucci Pappi 3 aylar önce
Number of hands the dad can catch. 👇🏽
Jeremy Medina
Jeremy Medina 3 aylar önce
1:18 then start making buckets
Ethan Pope
Ethan Pope 3 aylar önce
Bro you’re dad needs to chill
Basketball And Pokemon
Is it just me but every time Julian and jaden’s school plays a game they also lose the tip off
916KiNGS4LiFE xx
916KiNGS4LiFE xx 4 aylar önce
This two kids dont appreciate the talent and BSktball knowledge their dad has...he needs to be coaching in the NBA ..he should take the Spurs coaching position when Greg Popovich retires🤣😂🤣
bentuta 4 aylar önce
Worst coach! Cant help his players improve
Blue Planet
Blue Planet 4 aylar önce
I wonder how many shots that midget took lol
Zachary Griego
Zachary Griego 4 aylar önce
Bro jaden newman is so thicc
Dylan Jolicoeur
Dylan Jolicoeur 4 aylar önce
Julian had 42 and they lost bro
BallTribe TV
BallTribe TV 4 aylar önce
I've never see Julian win a single game in this channel
Khai Crxgee
Khai Crxgee 4 aylar önce
3:55 no offense tho but wtf is that I’m a 10 y.o with a 36 in. vert
Khai Crxgee
Khai Crxgee 4 aylar önce
julians dad: we are going to Applebee’s julian: why? julians dad: BECAUSE COLLEGE SCOUTS ARE THERE
milton wade
milton wade 3 aylar önce
LIL Ratboy Nguyen
LIL Ratboy Nguyen 4 aylar önce
Because all the videos you lose wow dumb
LIL Ratboy Nguyen
LIL Ratboy Nguyen 4 aylar önce
Do you take dubs
Randy The Prodigy
Randy The Prodigy 4 aylar önce
alll u hatin ass bums. none of u no live niggas in the comment section is better than julian.
Jonathan Rios
Jonathan Rios 4 aylar önce
Honestly, Julian and Jaden got a lot of talent, but they cant really play good with that tipe of coach/dad, there going to break it when they go to another team! 👏🏻🏀
Jim Halpert
Jim Halpert 4 aylar önce
"They get a bucket, I get a bucket".... "As soon as I think this games in the bag, we start turning over the ball"... All the good stuff is Julian, all the bad is his team..
King Quan
King Quan 4 aylar önce
Can you guys win a game
gabielr Rosario
gabielr Rosario 4 aylar önce
Nobody’s spending their hard earned money wearing that bullshit brand !
Nygel the sauce_god
Nygel the sauce_god 4 aylar önce
He doesn't care about his girls team
Jamie Coble
Jamie Coble 4 aylar önce
Why are they just learning 2 3 defense
jnjrob806 5 aylar önce
You know if he put the same focus into jaden team as he did Julian, jaden MAY actually win against better competition.
Mike Ockinner
Mike Ockinner 5 aylar önce
Jamie: I gotta teach this guy everything Julian: You’re suppose to, you’re my dad right Everyone:
Marco Soci
Marco Soci 5 aylar önce
The reason people talk trash is your father, figure this out.
Coop Man27
Coop Man27 5 aylar önce
When you don’t shoot it from half court Julians dad do you no how to play.
Mohamed Osman
Mohamed Osman 5 aylar önce
Julian and jaden where more better players in elementary but now they ok but not as good as elementary school
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