“ABSOLUTELY GLORIOUS!!” - Michigan Alum Rich Eisen Celebrates Wolverines' Ohio State Beatdown

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Michigan alum Rich Eisen gloats over his Wolverines finally getting their first win over their archrival Ohio State Buckeyes for the first time since 2011.

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28 Kas 2021




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Rich is literally every Michigan fan right now. This is exactly how I have felt since the game was over.
Sage Roberts
As a Detroit lion/ Michigan wolverine fan…. We desperately needed that game for our sanity
The Big Brother
I want to give every single Michigan fan a hug. This meant a lot. When you taste defeat for so long it makes winning so much sweeter. Even I was doubting us but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Not even a Michigan fan, but I’m happy for Rich and the fans 😂
As a Michigan fan I am still smiling. We gotta finish the job.
Tyler Lambes
As an Ohio State fan, Rich is oddly one of the few reasons I’m okay with Michigan throttling us this weekend. GG Blue
Tim Fleming
As a long-time Buckeye fan, Michigan gave us an old fashion butt kicking. Congrats Blue.
Dirty Dan
As an Ohio State fan I'm super bummed but you guys deserved that win. We were outplayed, outcoached, and frankly Michigan just wanted it more. Hats off to you guys. Can't wait for next year
Travis Hartman
I’m a Badger fan, and Saturday was a rough day …but my consolation prize was watching Ohio State lose. Thank you Michigan, from the bottom of my heart.
Conor S.
For all Michigan fans, this was truly a magical day. Best football game of my life. The only thing I can think of that must compare is Bo's 1969 upset that started the ten year war. It really is great to be a Michigan Wolverine. Go Blue!
Brad Gross
Im a passionate Ohio State fan, and even I can appreciate this. Rich is just, more eloquently than most, saying in his own words, what all of us who really feel, feel. The rivalry is EVERYTHING
Ben Mazzara
Rich is at his best when he’s in absolute despair (e.g. the Jets) or in absolute joy, and his accent goes into overdrive.
Carolina Blood
I was looking forward to Rich Eisen's reaction to this!! Congrats, Michigan, and good luck going forward!
Mike SimpsonParanormal
Great segment Rich as I watched the game as I counted down the last 10 seconds and the game ended I was crying tears of joy. Brandon my Son said why are you crying Dad I told him after 8 long years of losing and taking so much crap from Buckeye fans I was so emotional and just let it all out. I am from Michigan but I live in Columbus Ohio . So you can imagine how difficult it has been Go Blue beat Iowa and you rock 🎸 Rich Eisen thanks again.
Alex Cika
I am a Buckeye fan and I am so Happy For Rich , this was Michigans time that's the bottom line
Bruce Gillett
Being there being part of that atmosphere was one of the greatest moments of my life. Forever and ever Go Blue
As a very big OSU fan living in Columbus, well deserved Michigan. You earned the win.
I'm a life-long 'Bama fan (I go back to the Bear, not a new bandwagoner), so I don't have a dog in this fight, but I am very happy for all the Michigan fans and the program. I remember those old Bo/Woody games, it is great to have Michigan football be relevant again. Congrats to all you Blue and Maize (sorry if I get that wrong) fans
As a Michigan grad, I have been impressed with the sportsmanship expressed by Buckeyes. We’ve been in a drought and needed a win soon just to keep this game a true rivalry.
Dan Johnson
I literally chortled out loud. I met Harbaugh as a tween at the mud bowl in the quad. I was with my dad. Harbaugh has a broken arm in a cast. I was in awe. Thanks for the smile. Go blue.
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