Ѕаіnt Еtіеnnе vs РЅG 1-3 Highlights & All Goals - 2021

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27 Kas 2021




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MgAp Gaming
When they put messi in perfect position he will always creat magic In football.
Kalyan Colon
TV commentator:
Ben Henneh
Who else agree with me that Messi doesn't talk but the foot talks for him on pitch and Ramos play well too.
manju sp
If football ever had chance to speak ....it would choose to b under the play feet of Messi....😍❤️🐐
Ziad Khalaf
Neymar's canceled goal could've turned Messi's 3 assist to 4 assists.
Union commodity mining & energy Co., ltd.
The purpose of messi is a very big magnetic in attacking moment, if opponent squad are around him more than 3 then messi can choose who can score the goal and messi thinking is a half of a second. 3 assists are enough to be a man of the match.
Rimon Talukdar
King's magic was watchable 👑🐐🔥
Tinkul Ingti
If mbappe had scored ... There would have been 6-7 goals
Agustin Alpha
Hubieran sido 4 asistencias si el gool de Neymar lo hubieran valido
Shipon ahmmed
Always love Messi
Sugi Arto
Best Leonel messi Hatrick assist dalam satu pertandingan Best messi keren,dan debut Sergio Ramos bersama PSG juga Bagus keren.
Alexander Holguin
admiro a messi porque pasa el balon. mientras el 7 corre y corre sin rienda xD
free n fresh bd
Who thought Sergio Ramos and Messi will be in the same team 🥴
Union commodity mining & energy Co., ltd.
PSG Needs more team goals, many times messi was standing at better position to hit the goal.
Yusuf Thauziri
Hatrick assist ☂️
Alex Axl
Luar biasa messi. 👍👍👍
Md Jahid Hasan
messi and ramos close together after gaol. It's very funny😂
GhosT BD
Messi and Ramos is in The same team...😂
Hakim Sasha   .1M views .
Play don't worry by hakim Sasha please 🌈🔥
Suhar Mawan
Messi tetap masih yg terbaik 👍👍
Messi First ligue 1 goal for PSG