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This is an epic one, fam!

We bought two identical 350z’s and have been modifying them to be FUN, daily drivers that you can take to the track. Team Hi (James Pumphrey & Zach Jobe) get the expensive parts and Team Low (Nolan Sykes & Aaron Parker) get the cheap ones. Then we test them to see which components are actually worth spending the money on.

If you want more power out of your Z, you really have to go forced induction. Which basically means, forcing more air into the engine to get more combustion. So in this episode we're installing turbochargers.

Hi Team went with a Jim Wolf Technologies twin turbo kit. It’s high quality across the board. Best materials, it’s been through lots of R&D, everything should bolt up easily. But it’s $8000 DOLLARS! That’s more than we paid for the actual car! Can that possibly be worth it?

It comes with two Garrett GT25 turbos. Garrett is one of the most trusted brands of turbo. It also comes with all the piping, plumbing and pieces you could ever ask for. Sometimes with these kits, the plumbing won’t fit quite right so you’ll find yourself having to do fabrication or calling your friend who knows how to weld. But with this expensive kit, theoretically everything should bolt right up and we won’t have to get our Tinker Boyz on. Part of that $8000 price tag.

It was designed to be an OEM+ set-up with OEM reliability in mind, which means it shouldn’t require a lot of attention from you once its in--another benefit. It comes with its’ own piggyback box which talks with the car’s ECU or computer, and the right one can save you a lot of time and effort.

These turbos are good for up to 530 hp, which is beneficial in two ways. If you do choose to go FULL hot boi down the line, you won’t need to upgrade your turbos, you can just keep these. The other benefit is that because these are way more than what we’re going to be throwing at them, they’re not likely to be a failure point.

Team Low went with a Rev9 turbo kit, purchased on Amazon for $2400. It’s a single turbo kit. It comes with a turbonetics 60-1 turbo and a turbonetics evolution 38mm external wastegate. That’s one of the reasons we chose this kit. The turbocharger itself is the part of any turbo kit that is the most likely to fail. So even though this kit is “cheap”, I know with a name-brand, at least the turbo itself should be fine.

This kit only includes the hard parts and doesn’t come with any software to help tell the ECU what’s going on. So in addition to the kit, we also had to buy an UpRev software license.

We’re gonna show you our super long journey to get these things installed, then we dyno them to see who makes more power!

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38:29 SUPRAAA???
Jake Bohart
Jake Bohart 2 saatler önce
Is that a mk4 Supra!!!
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Ozamataz Buckshank 11 saatler önce
Anyone know the song at 24:00 ? That shit bumps was hoping we could hear the full thing
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you should've handled this situation better sorry for the critic but you sell expertism on cars and thats not it
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Truther 416
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I would do custom piping from a exhaust shop and that would be cheaper, faster and better
Logx22 Gün önce
second car mitshubishi galant ( sorry for mad spelling)
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Ali Alfardan Gün önce
24:52 absolute dicks i couldnt stop laughing, Laughed so loud i think people are sus about me watching donut vids at work.
Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius 2 gün önce
Eric Dotson is the man! Glad you went to the best!
Slayer -ford
Slayer -ford 2 gün önce
You should get a see-through hood put on your cars
saad zaidi
saad zaidi 2 gün önce
38:30 me “is that a Supra"😲🔥😅
James IV
James IV 2 gün önce
Watching this video, if I ever get a car that can get a Turbo installed, I'll def not do it myself. This looks like a nightmare no matter what
Kreepier 2 gün önce
Albuquerque is my hometown. Love u donut 💕 so glad you made it 💕 I’ve made the drive from Cali to abq like 8 times that mfs long
DeVonni Medina
DeVonni Medina 2 gün önce
This was a horror movie
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Brayan Amador 3 gün önce
They are mechanic and in a whole shop… I think putting a turbo on a 350z is the last I wanna do 😭
Jim Fowler
Jim Fowler 3 gün önce
This video has singlehandily convinced me to never diy turbo my car
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That damn Cold air intake 😆
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That low turbo sounds sick
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they are no ed china are they.
Captain Comrade
Captain Comrade 3 gün önce
Jokes on you my $3500 car already has a turbo
Tyler Gattinger
Tyler Gattinger 4 gün önce
Better car, better lift, better mechanic. They went all out to make sure the budget one was budget!
admdub 4 gün önce
I’m like man this looks like a pain in the ass to do, and then I remember I’ll be doing it in a Galaxie 500 that’ll fit a whole ass 350Z under the hood.
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I know this was a long time ago but this is a pretty damn good episode
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madjimms 5 gün önce
You talked about how tuning makes cars have less emissions in another video, yet you show soo many vehicles heavily polluting like the flame one... you can see SOO much soot coming out. Hypocrites.
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emperorblack 5 gün önce
Nothing more anxiety inducing than trying to start your car and hearing an endless cranking, praying the fuel pump is working.
Cruz Traveler
Cruz Traveler 5 gün önce
Wolf reference was dope
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If I send you a car can you possibly mod it for me I will pay as much is needed
this is like high school auto shop class, some people have been working on cars for awhile, some watched fast and furious
BrianBell4073 6 gün önce
Is this supposed to be funny or are these people all actually stupid?
ccovemaker 6 gün önce
I watched the Tacomas. Doubled back and started watching this series. With the trucks it seems like a lot of high trucks upgrades seemed like a waste of money. This series seems totally different. Lo car feels like torture.
Albert Pourhakopian
Albert Pourhakopian 6 gün önce
Let me know when u. Eed a real mechanic that doesn't hammer 02's and can figure out how to fix issues in a flash. Still love you guys
Ross Fraser
Ross Fraser 6 gün önce
I feel y'alls pain in this video. Just had to swap a turbo in my speed 3, and can't seem to fix a oil drain line leak... New gaskets and still leaks. Trying a completely new drain line today.
Lil fijian
Lil fijian 6 gün önce
20:00 as I’m in uti right now after just smashing the transmission together with a hammer cuz it wouldn’t fit anything is possible
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Greed_88 8 gün önce
Honestly thank you guys for leaving the car not starting and the disappointment parts of the video because sometimes you get fed up with these car channels making it look like they modded their cars with no problems ever but when we try to do it at home ourselves everything seems to go wrong. So thanks for showing that even the pros have trouble sometimes! 😄
Artistic Evan
Artistic Evan 8 gün önce
This made me change my mind about putting a turbo on my car
Evan Tench
Evan Tench 8 gün önce
What is more satisfying? Doing your own install or having a functioning car? These seem to be mutually exclusive concepts in this case. I will say that unless you are someone who makes a living doing these types of installs you have no business doing this yourself to your daily. Unless you enjoy frustration and over budgeting in your hobbies.
Hetrick Racing
Hetrick Racing 9 gün önce
Spent 17 hours stuck on the side of the highway after the bearing on my camper evaporated. I can fully understand the anger of trying to fix shit on the highway 😂
devon esq.
devon esq. 9 gün önce
what i learned? never cheap out on performance parts.
Bald Brad
Bald Brad 9 gün önce
Man watching this again a year later and it’s still so stressful.
Haywired 1112
Haywired 1112 9 gün önce
Without Google search im pretty sure tigers are bigger than lions and badder too
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Nolan’s face at every new issue tho😢
DAREDEVIL 9 gün önce
That blue supra in the back tho
Brian H
Brian H 9 gün önce
Good shit guys
Brian H
Brian H 9 gün önce
When he said jb weld that's when I knew he graduated from UTI lol
Brian H
Brian H 9 gün önce
I learned my lesson 20yrs ago never buy cheap parts. You will always be disappointed
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would anyone else love a donut media X roadkill collab, shit would be sick
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Folks, this is why you don’t try to turbo that used car you bought as your daily driver.
Robert Mcmiilan
Robert Mcmiilan 10 gün önce
So ecu is def cooked
ma man ma homie
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zack panic when james loosen the bolt is gold
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Stuart Hiddema 10 gün önce
Sooo the lesson here is: PAY SOMEONE TO DO THIS FOR YOU!
Adam Chapman
Adam Chapman 10 gün önce
Made in China you know it's going to bolt right in.
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bocaks 10 gün önce
welcome to turbo cars boys....lol the get fun once you have them all sorted out.
JHMBB2 11 gün önce
Gotta love how Aaron is always smiling, even at 4 in the morning.
Sofa Inspector
Sofa Inspector 12 gün önce
they picked the perfect song for that bit in the carpark
Nathan Ebbs
Nathan Ebbs 12 gün önce
“We feel pretty hard” nice
Basic_scooter_acc 12 gün önce
I’ve watched this like 5 times and it’s still funny for me
O77VH 12 gün önce
alekpo2000 12 gün önce
man i love all the janky stuff they had to do, it really reflects how it is to build something in ur garage lol. its never like in the shows that make it look so easy
Garneau Weld
Garneau Weld 12 gün önce
You guys are funny! Thanks for keeping in all of the problems on the edit. It makes the finished production much more realistic and much more interesting. It takes courage! Thank you, G.
IG_meItZ 13 gün önce
whats the background music called??? does anybody know
TacticalIdiot17 13 gün önce
$8100 for a twin turbo kit that gives 330hp when you could buy a mustang gt with 300 hp stock...
ArcaneVoid 5 gün önce
turbo kit could give alot more than that with more boost, and limited by fueling too as they didnt touch injectors. also the mustang gt weighs alot more, so will be slower even with the same power
łukasz Dasiu
łukasz Dasiu 13 gün önce
10w40 on vq XD
Swatowski 14 gün önce
What’s song at 31:40
oddly btw
oddly btw 14 gün önce
I spent 5 mins on the internet looking up lions and tigers and you fellers were wrong
FuzzyTheDuck 14 gün önce
What is this? Roadkill?
Jon Brewks
Jon Brewks 14 gün önce
38:32 what is that black car? I was 12 of them
Joshua Knab
Joshua Knab 14 gün önce
weell its bad when you do it on your face or body
Joshua Knab
Joshua Knab 14 gün önce
im sure you already know this but blasting shop air through a compressed air blower tool is a no no. it can enter the pores of tour skin causing the air to enter the bloodstream. and as we all know air in the bloodstream is baaaaad....mmmmkay
JDM Gaming
JDM Gaming 14 gün önce
would I be able to put a turbo in a nissan Altima 2001 version?
François Caron
François Caron 15 gün önce
So what's the lesson here? Should we only buy a car that already has a factory turbo installed so that we can avoid this Hell entirely?
Timothy Orr
Timothy Orr 15 gün önce
Instead of disconnecting the ECU to crank engine, take the key out, remove the starter relay and bridge terminals 30 & 87.
Ed 15 gün önce
This is why I hate Nissan engineers you gotta remove everything to get to one part
WHEELHEART 15 gün önce
Why the stock cars (befor turbo install) have so weak, low HP? Their engines are in bad condition or what? I mean their stock engine should produce around 280HP (1st gen) or 300 HP (if those are 2nd gen Z's) 244 HP sounds low even for a 1st gen Z, but 212 HP looks like the engine (or something) has serious problems.
ArcaneVoid 13 gün önce
could be wheel horsepower as opposed to bhp from the manufacturer, and will lose a bit of horsepower with age
Xander Veldman
Xander Veldman 15 gün önce
That stuu tuu tuu is actually pretty bad for your car
ArcaneVoid 13 gün önce
not really
Amanda Lord
Amanda Lord 15 gün önce
I am looking for the Nissan hat you're wearing. Where did yo get it?
Nic James
Nic James 15 gün önce
You're only ever one unaligned fitting away from a 2 hour job turning into a week of brain damage. The first 40 minutes of this video was so full of heart break.
Why_N_Outdoors 15 gün önce
Tall should have done same size different price
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown 16 gün önce
lol your placement of those jack stands (~35m) screams certain death. be careful under there
andrew knight
andrew knight 16 gün önce
Hey black hat guy...I'm a fan of ur drifting. Seen u on hyperdrive
ramk70 16 gün önce
Wait a moment is that Aaron Parker from hyper drive?
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bUkAN RakA 16 gün önce
low car sounds better ngl
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