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Our motto on this channel is LAUGH DAILY! Why is this our motto? Because we believe in the importance of laughing daily, we strive to bring joy to people's lives by watching our content.
"A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones." Proverbs 17:22 We love this verse and it is the driving force behind our videos and why we do what we do!
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2 Haz 2023




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Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 2 aylar önce
Video idea: you can only use leftover stuff from other videos, but the limit is 10 items for an overnight challenge
Allison Migneault
Allison Migneault 2 aylar önce
That's a awesome idea for morejstu to do
Judith Mitchell
Judith Mitchell 2 aylar önce
Agreed. Great idea.
cullen Aylar önce
W mans
Jackmemeboi Aylar önce
No bro they do a wheel spin to see how much items they get
Juggy_Leo_Airsoft Aylar önce
I agree but the number of items they can chose is chosen from the plinko board
KornKobb 2 aylar önce
I love the overnight survival budget challenges, so nostalgic to the 2020 era
imfamous_GaRbAgE 2 aylar önce
bro, its been less than 3 years
Ivan Cardona
Ivan Cardona 2 aylar önce
Best era
EpicPlays 2 aylar önce
Yeah man
badcreamcheese 2 aylar önce
My Cancer Journey just subbed hope you fight through it man
DiEt_ChuNkY 2 aylar önce
you mean 2016 era
Roger Wertz
Roger Wertz 2 aylar önce
The absurd joy you three had in this video was infectious. 😃 Great edit too, Matt. The memes were strong.
Kaiden Hussey
Kaiden Hussey 2 aylar önce
​ My Cancer Journey hzt
Quasi Cloud
Quasi Cloud 2 aylar önce
Matt and Drew are both against CMC
Aiden Bloomquist
Aiden Bloomquist Aylar önce
Noice edit Matt
Quasi Cloud
Quasi Cloud Aylar önce
@Aiden Bloomquist Matt and Drew are both against CMC
Life Of Machine
Life Of Machine Aylar önce
Agreed. Great video, great edit.
chicken kalgusu
chicken kalgusu 2 aylar önce
i love the fact that when andrew and justin agree that a food tastes horrible and then there’s isaac who likes it and thinks it’s delish lmao
Jacob Dean
Jacob Dean 2 aylar önce
I would almost prefer a smaller budget. You get to be super creative and the cheaper ones are usually pretty cool. The carpet idea Andrew had was pretty brilliant.
Me 2 aylar önce
LOL! I love you guys and the team. Andrew is really gaining some talent from working with a limited budget. I see a lot of potential in his craftmanship, if he keeps his heart into learning from these experiences.
Julie Vander Leest🩷
I laughed so much watching this. I had a really sad day and this video just made my day. Also watching the tea freeze before our eyes was the coolest moment ever!
Matthew Conway
Matthew Conway 2 aylar önce
Isaac’s fort is like the worlds most comfortable coffin. Andrews is like an air vent shaft. Justin’s kinda looks like the inside of a space pod craft with those purple LEDs. 10/10 awesome video.
Ebb Smith
Ebb Smith 2 aylar önce
The way your drink froze over is actually a scientifical phenomenon called nucleation It is because the liquid in the bottle is supercooled - the temperature of the liquid is below its normal freezing point, but the liquid has still not turned into a solid. That's because it needs something to kick-start the freezing process and encourage a small number of the liquid molecules to get together in a regular arrangement, as they do in a crystal, instead of moving around independently as they do in the liquid. The process is called nucleation, because it encourages the molecules in the liquid to form a crystal-like nucleus onto which others can then latch. The kick-start can be given by a piece of dust, a rough spot on the surface of a container, or the shock wave generated when you hit a bottle just out of the freezer. Shock waves from an in-built metallic 'clicker' are used in a new 'wine warmer' which contains a supercooled liquid that releases heat as it solidifies.
adejal acr
adejal acr 2 aylar önce
Wow thank you Walter White
Ebb Smith
Ebb Smith 2 aylar önce
@adejal acr glad I could help some ppl are actually interested in this said Information I glad you took the time out of your day to thank me you have a good one names not Walter white btw clearly you couldn't read 3 letters but hey this isnt a reading competition read it dont read it but at the end of the day it's just text on a screen and me trying to help out the interested parties you seem to be one of em so once again your welcome and have a good day
Alvaro-Mati Viilver
Alvaro-Mati Viilver 2 aylar önce
Would love to do this type of challenge with you, it would be fun :) Your videos is the best, thank you for making this amazing content for us. Would love to see a lot more videos.
gaming Network
gaming Network 2 aylar önce
I have never laughed so much ever thank you so much for making my night guys 😂
Blu2 2 aylar önce
I like how Isaac could have literally made an actual shed but bought the most basic disassemble prone shed
Seamus Gurung 😋😋
Harry Builds UK
Harry Builds UK Aylar önce
We officially now know that Issac is German because he can open a glass bottle with literally anything
Akujiki Aamon
Akujiki Aamon 2 aylar önce
I have been watching you guys for so long and no channel makes me laugh as much as you guys! Every single video you have me barely breathing because I'm laughing so hard. Keep up the amazing work and much love to you guys for making my days so much better!
LEANSWORTH 2 aylar önce
Perfect timing guys I’ve been looking for something good to watch and you never disappoint
SurgeVR 2 aylar önce
I love how Isaac uses the shed as a bed like Caleb did in a😂 overnight video😂
GageGotGaming 2 aylar önce
what warranted the first crying laughing emoji
Dingbat89 Aylar önce
@GageGotGaming daaaaaang
Copatropa Aylar önce
That what I was thinking
HyrannoCraft Aylar önce
6:29 - Did anyone else notice that he didn't need to remove the lid of the second garbage bin? He just had to turn it so the lid would be on the back, it would have added further stability to the shelter 25:38 - the reason why this happened is because the liquid got below freezing temperatures and the agitation gave the ice an area to start freezing
Caleb Brown
Caleb Brown 2 aylar önce
You can tell that Justin and Andrew are older than Isaac just by the way they build shelters lol
Gael RBLX 2 aylar önce
isaac is the only person ive seen to put foam cups in the microwave
jeebus022 2 aylar önce
Yeah that's not the smartest thing to due, let alone drink out of it
Black Dagger Assets
Black Dagger Assets 2 aylar önce
Robert Fink
Robert Fink Aylar önce
Pours water from a glass jar and proceeds to microwave it in a Styrofoam cup
soap 2 aylar önce
I have the same carpet Isaac used and I can say it is very cozy. Also I like how Justin finds something else weird to cut supplies.
Quasi Cloud
Quasi Cloud 16 gün önce
0:31 worst drop method ever 4:34 Isaac is a bear? i love creatures with a big belly 6:28 that music reminds me of Space Jam 7:54 i love creatures with a big belly 8:02 Matt and Drew used that music when they infringed copyright: cause I got a golden ticket 14:30 when Anthony Burgos’s parent’s basement floded 16:12 I’m Mumble from Happy Feet 17:44 the second funniest part of the video 21:23 the funniest part of the video
gator fan
gator fan 2 aylar önce
This has to be one of, if not the best, survival fort Justin has made (excluding any big baller budgets).
KnifedByAKangaroo Aylar önce
thanks for making so many amazing memories with these budget challenges over the years , also my suggestion for you is $10 vs $1000 Budget ice Cream Shops
Kevin Espino
Kevin Espino 2 aylar önce
Great video always making me laugh 😂 You guys should make a survival challenge but with all the team and spin a wheel to chose your partner it would be cool to see everyone making different forts
You loco
You loco 2 aylar önce
For once im not watching this years later.. man i dont know whats so addictive about these videos
livik2times 2 aylar önce
This vid was such a vibe one of the best ones yet ❤ and some of the TRvidrs who’ve actually stayed past the years ❤
Flab And Fit
Flab And Fit 2 aylar önce
love the 2.0 version with issaac. The first one with team home debot was good. this was a bit more funny. Please do more!!!!
chicken kalgusu
chicken kalgusu 2 aylar önce
the laughs never fails to be contagious
crazykids 200
crazykids 200 2 aylar önce
Welcome back Issac can't believe he shaved his head but absolutely hilarious challenge Andrew did wonderful with his build
Phared Brayson
Phared Brayson 2 aylar önce
He went from Hal from megamind to farva from super trooper without mustache
Danforth Store
Danforth Store 2 aylar önce
love these videos.....so wholesome and fun
ProfessorWilhelm 2 aylar önce
I do like the idea of giving everyone a sleeping bag to start with.
Dale Stennett
Dale Stennett 2 aylar önce
Justin for the win . Only person to use thermo wrap . Issac yours was terrible for a grand , loved Andrews idea for stealing free samples 😂 . Glad on these more recent videos your actually staying the night instead of wimping out like the older ones
Lucian Elliott
Lucian Elliott 2 aylar önce
I got a idea. Grab some industrial glue, insulation, and two commercial-sized square trashcans. Install a latch that connects these trashcans (think of the latches used on a door.) Set the trashcans on their side and connect them with the latch, install the insulation using glue, and then you kinda have your own little coffin looking insulated shelter!
All Journey
All Journey 2 aylar önce
Yall should do an overnight challenge but full sized sheds and you have ranging from $50-5000 to decorate it
Christina David
Christina David 2 aylar önce
your videos make my day all the time , very thankful for you guys :). also can’t belive issac shaved his head 😂
Evan Dinger
Evan Dinger 2 aylar önce
I love ur overnight survival challenges. I’m such a big fan, thank u guys for making me laugh at every video.
vibetrex Aylar önce
watched you've guys for almost 1 year and 4 months now and I never get bored of your content keep it up!
slither king
slither king 2 aylar önce
I feel too old to be watching these, but yall make me laugh every time
V1K175U RØDR1 2 aylar önce
that is a very nice plinko board, it seems to help make the drop more random and its pretty looking.
Danforth Store
Danforth Store 2 aylar önce
i love how this is all going on in a backyard 🤣🤣🤣
CNder77 2 aylar önce
Another great video, funny good stuff. Always look foreword to your videos. Thank you JStu :)
B_brode19 2 aylar önce
I love you guys sooooo much thank you for the content you make. It makes me laugh so much 😂😂
Blood Raven
Blood Raven Aylar önce
You guys seem really chill guys to hang out with and as well you guys need a survival expert
jason barnes
jason barnes Aylar önce
these guys are absolutely hilarious🤣
Tino 11 gün önce
Haven’t watched JStu videos for a while now, back to the grind!
SleetOnFort Aylar önce
one of the best Jstu videos I have watched couldn't stop laughing.
Ezequiel Krause
Ezequiel Krause 2 aylar önce
Andrew do an amazing job width only $25, incredible. A great video, thanks!
lego lover
lego lover Aylar önce
Video idea: ask the ai generator to draw overnight survival forts and you guys have to try and copy them.
Alyssa Bell
Alyssa Bell 2 aylar önce
They were honestly all really good. Ya’ll did good with your budgets!!
Agent_Potato 19 gün önce
If there’s ever an apocalypse I’m teaming up with these guys.
Info Aylar önce
i’ve watched y’all for 3 years now and recently started watching y’all again like a few days ago
DARXKO 2 aylar önce
💀 he could have legit found an actual small home shed for the same price as that shed😂
Ricki Belden
Ricki Belden 2 aylar önce
Love it❤ I'd love to see who can made the best golf course on the property. It could be a plinko challenge for who gets more money to build the coarse. Each player should get a putter and a ball. Child sizes to adults size could be fun 😂🎉❤
Jack Kawf
Jack Kawf 2 aylar önce
So glad to see Isaac in more episodes
evil778 Aylar önce
Isaac is gonna be droppin' some candy bars in the Rapper's Delight.
Joe MahMah
Joe MahMah 2 aylar önce
Every budget build brings me joy
space doggo
space doggo 26 gün önce
This is the funniest video I've seen for a long time I forgot how funny this was 😂
Coleiosis Aylar önce
love your guys content, keep up the good work, God bless
DrSeuss1901 17 gün önce
For $1000 I’m surprised he didn’t get a shed. You can get a big one for like $800 and it’d be like a tiny house.
Adam Long
Adam Long 2 aylar önce
It’s Aprils fools day. Leave some roasts in the comments 😂
luca baka
luca baka 2 aylar önce
luca baka
luca baka 2 aylar önce
Gla gla boim b….
Pitvipersportscards 2 aylar önce
🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃get it ?
Shelby Rouse
Shelby Rouse Aylar önce
😂 makes sence
DatBoyOmar 2 aylar önce
i didn’t think you guys were gonna make more of these type of videos but these are the best
Dominic Vann
Dominic Vann Aylar önce
Video idea: you could drop the ball down the bord and whichever one it gets is the amount of money that everybody has to use for like a fort and then they do it again for food and again for supplies and see basically to see how creative each person builds their stuff ❤
CoolTreeHouseMan112 2 aylar önce
Justin: -Drinks water-, “Whoa, that’s spicy” Me: 😂😂😂😂
Cabybara man
Cabybara man Aylar önce
For just 75 dollars that is an absolute amazing base
Darth Millennial
Darth Millennial 2 aylar önce
I missed being grossed out by Isaac's snacks lol
Sleepy 2 aylar önce
Yess, another overnight challenge!!
Leopomon 2 aylar önce
7:54; it's not a survival tip from Bear Grylls, he says"a layer on the bottom is worth two on top." It means that as it rains, wet patches spread, so having a layer of insulation below you keeps you from getting wet.
G59 Nisus
G59 Nisus 2 aylar önce
watched them as a kid i am now 21 and still love their vids.
RamRod Productions
RamRod Productions 2 aylar önce
I laughed so hard during this video 😂
V1K175U RØDR1 2 aylar önce
I've never seen snow or liquid freezing up. it was so beautiful. I'm very scared of the cold, since i live in Florida, and i don't think I ever get to see it.
Winter Wolf
Winter Wolf 2 aylar önce
I think you guys should do overnight treehouses budget challenge. Buy material and build with your budget
Francesco Longo
Francesco Longo 2 aylar önce
I love your guys vids and the the overnight budget challenges are my favorite keep up the good work
Shawn blogs
Shawn blogs 2 aylar önce
Lol you’re not even subscribed
Jag reviews
Jag reviews 2 aylar önce
I loved Justin’s fort. Amazing for how much he had
Dusk Lunar
Dusk Lunar 2 aylar önce
i definitely say that if your budget doenst allow for something you will need to stay safe in the survival challenges then you should be allowed to get it anyways. im pretty sure none of us want you guys to get really hurt or in trouble just to entertain us.
KalebJay 2 aylar önce
When the homeless start innovating their shelter ideas you can thank jstu
Kelly Hansen
Kelly Hansen 10 gün önce
I just got back from boot camp…time to binge watch every video that was posted while I was gone💀
Jiggleforps Films
Jiggleforps Films Aylar önce
I died laughing when Issac tried the MnM… concoction. I woke up the whole block I think.
Ronia Aime
Ronia Aime 2 aylar önce
These guys really are my childhood
Cole man 30
Cole man 30 2 aylar önce
I used to watch these guys every day in 2020 and 2021 and some reason theses guys popped in my head and was wondering if they still do the same thing and if they still loved snacks.
Poorly Drawn Petines2
Do another one of these but 100 hours it would be so entertaining great vids by the way it really brightens my day
Wanda Miles
Wanda Miles Aylar önce
for the first budget he should have flipped one on the trash cans so the lids would be on the bottom and the top so all he would have to worry about is covering the sides
SkyGrizzzley 2 aylar önce
I'm just sitting here wondering how many takes of pachinko it took to get those budgets
IXIXLE 2 gün önce
DUDE SMITH 2 aylar önce
Jstu is the only TRvid channel that makes me laugh anymore
JJN Studios
JJN Studios 2 aylar önce
Isaac’s looks really cozy!
Azera Roach
Azera Roach 2 aylar önce
Amazing video! I can't wait to see what's next!
Silas The Loser
Silas The Loser 29 gün önce
25:10 That’s actually the result of the liquid going below it’s freezing temperature but not having anything start the actual freezing process of freezing until you crushed the bottle a little bit
R V 2 aylar önce
Y’all had me lmao!!😂🤣 great vid👍
Daryl Fountain
Daryl Fountain 2 aylar önce
The challenges with Isaac are funny. Keep them goin!
Lawton Lord
Lawton Lord 2 aylar önce
One day y’all should renovate the old bunkers
Kiro Shinobi
Kiro Shinobi Aylar önce
Jstu Team: Ah, it's hard to survive on a $75 budget. Homeless person: *Ah, pathetic.*
Catherine ferguson
Catherine ferguson 2 aylar önce
Great video guys, you all did a good job, good to have Issac back. I’m from the UK. Cxxxxxxx
Issac Maya
Issac Maya 2 aylar önce
I want Matt and Sean back to this channel.
V Soto
V Soto 2 aylar önce
isaac is hilarious i love the little montage of his house 😂😂😂
Alivia Klein
Alivia Klein 2 aylar önce
People won’t know why this comment has so many likes
What likes
Katie Gomez
Katie Gomez 2 aylar önce
@SHADOWBLADEVENOMbruh they just uploaded it stop being rude
@Katie Gomez make me bud why you mad
NinjaGiffy 2 aylar önce
he ain’t gon make you but you can do something for once in your life like say hi to your dad nvm you don’t have one
Addison💗💖 2 aylar önce
Love your videos you guys make me laugh every single time I watch you guys ❤
Minecraftworldfan Aylar önce
If I don't have a video to watch then I always watch Jstu!
Breckbasher736 2 aylar önce
You should do an overnight survival challenge but you see who can last the longest. P.S still do the different budgets to see how budget affects it.
Squidwardmaster  Studios
Video idea: everyone has money board where you randomly get money from and they use that money for each of the members where you guys survive in ur forts for a week (including weekends)
Jennifer Stewarts
Jennifer Stewarts Aylar önce
Could have gone for an 8x10 shed for about 550, add in a camp stove for 35, buddy heater for 75, propane cans for 24 dollars, could add in a cot, folding table, light - maybe a propane lamp, some stores have food in stock if not, and if you get food "free" pick up some cooking suppplies now you have a nice big "shed" that has no insulation BUT heater with 9 hours of heat + 1 bottle for cooking :)
Serenity🌺 2 aylar önce
Keep on that hard work you guys never disappoint 😊🎉
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