$10 Sushi & Burger Vs. $58 Sushi & Burger

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“It’s a thing! Sushi and burgers.”
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18 Aug 2019




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David Ang
David Ang 2 gün önce
Chill Steven you’re not from New York lol...
CoopJMZ 318
CoopJMZ 318 3 gün önce
0:42 anyone know the name song Please tell me ok
Cripz Leader
Cripz Leader 3 gün önce
Okay Buzzfeed how much did you up his pay because not even once have I ever seen Andrew that energetic & happy
Joseph Robinson
Joseph Robinson 7 gün önce
What a strange combination of foods. I'd eat it though.
Rem 7 gün önce
3:51 "You could soy sauce your burger" 📞🚓
Faris Kushairi
Faris Kushairi 9 gün önce
Shut up & eat featuring Adam
Alexa Clark
Alexa Clark 9 gün önce
Adam always has my heart😌💅🏽💗
Dr. Strange
Dr. Strange 9 gün önce
Raw fish eww.
anubii th
anubii th 11 gün önce
Steven: And I am full Andrew: Yes you are a fool
a.y kwonnie
a.y kwonnie 12 gün önce
Can we get a compilation of Adam’s reactions to food? 🥺
Jazzers229 12 gün önce
I’d love for worth it to come to the uk and do some British classics. They’d have to travel round different cities and visit Scotland especially for a fried mars bar
Marla Worrill
Marla Worrill 13 gün önce
Whenever they say northridge, I think of northridge girls from Victorious
Casey Manuel
Casey Manuel 14 gün önce
That chili burger looked so good then it’s raw.... 🤮 that’s disgusting
Christina Lipez
Christina Lipez 14 gün önce
I just really need this time stamp because adam is so cute here 9:43
SentientBurrito 15 gün önce
the first burger sushi guy kinda looks like Jonny Kim XD
Simply-Abstract 19 gün önce
10:12 "We've made it back to MY hometown, big apple Steve is here." "You lived here for one year." "Yeah!"
War Chief V
War Chief V 20 gün önce
omg i been to that first place lol
Cara Mia
Cara Mia 20 gün önce
My fave burger ever is hanbao burger. Its like teriaki sauce in and on it. At home i cant make it but it gave me the idea when making burger patty at home to put soy sauce in it. I WILL NEVER BUY BURGERS FROM THE STORE AGAIN I will always make my own!
katie 21 gün önce
"it's a niche market steven, that's what makes it *good* "
nachiket dalvi
nachiket dalvi 22 gün önce
The sushi chef's name, "Masa" literally means fish with the exact same pronunciation in my language.
Abb y
Abb y 24 gün önce
Adam looks like a child again when he eats something good
Sanketh Bhaskar
Sanketh Bhaskar 25 gün önce
Hmm.... as I understand it, Foie Gras is pretty controversial as a food for ethical concerns. But with American Beef industry what it is, it'd be pretty ridiculous to object to Foie gras and not burgers I guess
later 25 gün önce
These 2 are eating Sushi & Burgers while I'm here watching then while eating Mac & Cheese
Ike Rodriguez
Ike Rodriguez 25 gün önce
One day you’ll be eating sushi and burgers when they eat Mac & Cheese
Wolfy Kazuki
Wolfy Kazuki 26 gün önce
Is it just me, but when Andrew said"What's up man" it's kinda weird..
The Jedi Sentinels
The Jedi Sentinels 27 gün önce
2:49 2020 in a nutshell
Karenina Carado
Karenina Carado 29 gün önce
They need to bring back the Debatable series!!!
Vegas Rileyy
Vegas Rileyy 29 gün önce
Aron Kim
Aron Kim Aylar önce
17:38 It should be the other way around
Lutfi Prayogi
Lutfi Prayogi Aylar önce
Find someone who look at you the way Andre look (and slightly smile) at Steven at 1:52
Ryan Mai
Ryan Mai Aylar önce
Idk why the middle girl made me annoyed lol I feel bad but idk
Nimay Gupta
Nimay Gupta Aylar önce
Annie seems quite obnoxious
Bitti Aylar önce
Andrew: making excuse why he choose ototo Me : nah.. you choose is bcs of the cats
Mr Tweety
Mr Tweety Aylar önce
Im torturing myself in the mid of the night
me Aylar önce
i love torturing myself at night watching good quality food show, the way they edit and film makes the food look even better. i love u guys sm
kent67k Aylar önce
anyone know what the song is from the keith thing?
Christian Hahn
Christian Hahn Aylar önce
3:21 it's interesting the comparison to spicy mustard, because most 'wasabi' is actually horseradish. A lot of 'deli-style' mustards use horseradish in them as well, so there's some flavor overlap! Real wasabi loses flavor after about 20 minutes.
Spudding Aylar önce
Isn't shut up and eat just another way to say ASMR eating
Unknown Master
Unknown Master Aylar önce
Did anyone not see that ? Andrew ate the last burger backwards
Nicole Sunshine Art
I feel like buzzfeed is the only channel that can replace people in shows and no one would complain
Justine Berry
Justine Berry Aylar önce
most of my favourite episodes are from the first couple seasons, but this has to be one of the best episodes ever because of chef masa
Haven Pritchard
Haven Pritchard Aylar önce
Show more annie... she is very cute
david banan
david banan Aylar önce
What is the song at the begining
kiv S
kiv S Aylar önce
"Shut up and eat." Hahaha
Simeon Liu
Simeon Liu Aylar önce
sushi burgers should be a thing
• ᴋʀʏᴘᴛᴏɴɪᴛᴇ •
I just remembered how awkward Keith and Stevens relationship is😂
Avinash Chitti
Avinash Chitti Aylar önce
Bro...the beginning was staged....he was writing KH even before Andrew came in!!!!!!!!!
mala yali
mala yali Aylar önce
Adam fan
Henry Varnum
Henry Varnum Aylar önce
I love how passionate people are about food ☺️
Actremeniz Aylar önce
This is the reason why I keep watching BuzzFeed
breeana Aylar önce
nO im not a fancy boi >:(
Ned Palomares
Ned Palomares Aylar önce
What happend to Kieth?
OnlyOneWith Nguyen
OnlyOneWith Nguyen Aylar önce
Even tho these episodes are months old still love watching them especially during quarantine.... Like For Love Towards Adam. The silent ranger of the three
Kurnia PianoMusic
Kurnia PianoMusic Aylar önce
The sushi is too quite well
S3KULA Aylar önce
Salmon what?
WorldwideAnxious Aylar önce
i find it kinda interesting that his main sushi restaurant is called masa, which literally means fish in my language.
Elitegamer Playz
Elitegamer Playz Aylar önce
Andrew is jealous
Vxlin Aylar önce
how come the shushi is more expensive than the burger??????
Dennis Setyadji
Dennis Setyadji Aylar önce
Why do "jun" look like "uegene" from the try guys
Laimutė Jablonskytė
Oh, i love Adam's reactions, i mean silent and almost no reaction all the time 😂👌
David Carrillo
David Carrillo Aylar önce
When Steven said “I love sushi, obviously”. My first thought was “racist” lol
Irene Randazzo
Irene Randazzo Aylar önce
I love the last owner "So do you think your burhlger is better because of the sushi?" Him: "Oh yeah yeah yeah but... I LOVE BURGER!"
John William
John William Aylar önce
Burgushi anjai 😂
Farhan S
Farhan S Aylar önce
In my country, there is restaurant called BURGUSHI. From the combination of Burger and Sushi. And the taste is soo good
Rob Delman
Rob Delman Aylar önce
Tetsu closed 😂
HiKiddys Aylar önce
He was the first to sell them in nyc... not to invent them
Dr Gareth Williams Specialist Orthodontist
Also when they bump buns at 3.18 there's some weird inception blurring that happens between the burgers?
Dr Gareth Williams Specialist Orthodontist
The music they use in this episode is the music from the Thomas Crown Affair.
GrainsBread Aylar önce
Subtitles: upbeat music Deaf people: ah OK, upbeat music good to know
Sam Wilmington
Sam Wilmington Aylar önce
RIP tetsu
Sam Wilmington
Sam Wilmington Aylar önce
book yup they closed a few months ago
moon book
moon book Aylar önce
There are close?
Neko Lawko
Neko Lawko Aylar önce
Andrew is the definition of character development.
Dillon Fordyce
Dillon Fordyce Aylar önce
What happen to keith
moon book
moon book Aylar önce
He left BuzzFeed and move to try the guys
Jamieson Donnell
Jamieson Donnell Aylar önce
$23 for that lil thing of fish?
PositroniX Aylar önce
people: "adam doesn't get fed enough on worth it" annie: "am i a joke to you?"
Kris Gerzon
Kris Gerzon Aylar önce
What happened to keith
KudosK42 Aylar önce
This is my favourite squad. But you know, Rie is better.
KudosK42 Aylar önce
Keith is the most Whitest person i've seen on this show. Good thing Andrew is the new guy.
Gopnic Otaku
Gopnic Otaku Aylar önce
God I wanna go to Tetsu. Masa and the ambiance just radiate manliness. I love it.
Mia Estella
Mia Estella Aylar önce
When I saw Masa I started fangirling. Took me back to the good ol days.
Antonette Silvero
Antonette Silvero Aylar önce
When he came up to Steven recreating that scene where Worth It began, it felt to me like Andrew was a boyfriend who's making up for the times he wasn't there for Steven
Humans: Oh no, you can't eat cookie dough, it has raw egg in it! Also Humans: Hey look, fish I can easily cook that personally tastes better when it is, let's eat it raw like we're cats!
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