$1,000,000 Barn Find: First Wash in 32 Years! Bizzarrini P538

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This is a secret car collection I've been trying to visit for the past 3 years with no luck. However recently, I was asked to detail a couple very rare cars, Ferrari, Corvette, Camaro, and a Lamborghini to name a few...for an upcoming auction. The first was a Bizzarrini P538 which is valued at nearly $1,000,000 and is by the far the most expensive barn find I have had the privilege of detailing. This is the first wash and paint polishing this vehicle has received in over 32 years. It was parked next to a Noble with a Ferrari engine which was also in need of an extreme detailing. I wanted to call this a disgusting car make over or a disaster detailing junk yard find, but the Bizzarrini is just too awesome to give it such a title. Hope you enjoy!
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1 Apr 2020




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AMMO NYC 9 aylar önce
New clothing link here if its not working for you: teespring.com/en-GB/stores/ammonyc
Ender Wyvern
Ender Wyvern 18 gün önce
The ferrari 330 p4 is my dream car holy crap I never thought I would see it
Kaulana Dunn
Kaulana Dunn Aylar önce
Ford gt old 40
La Voiture Noire
La Voiture Noire Aylar önce
hey where is this collection ? i would like to visit this collection once in my life time
Where is this place located
Where is this place located
Smokey Yunick
Smokey Yunick 5 saatler önce
Whoever got that car got a hell of a deal a prototype car for 1m dollars that’s cheap, can’t believe he has a Ferrari P330 that’s also a prototype car no ideal the value on it at auction it could go as high as 20m or more if I had to guess basically it’s priceless
Ethan Borrero
Ethan Borrero 9 saatler önce
Spooky Feller
Spooky Feller Gün önce
Why are they using steam in a warehouse full of cars, won’t that affect the other cars? Not hate I’m just curious.
luke hankinson
luke hankinson Gün önce
Yes I have a million dollar I buy car
Andrew 71102
Andrew 71102 Gün önce
can someone tell me what the blue car at 4:06 is ??
Zekie Boy
Zekie Boy 2 gün önce
3:13 The car in blue was the old face of dinoco.
Tommaso Sirigu
Tommaso Sirigu 2 gün önce
What's the Purpose of buying sooo many Cars, when in the End, they end up rotting away in a Barn?! You're making more Damage instead of maintaining a Piece of Automobile History.
Teemu Ronkainen
Teemu Ronkainen 3 gün önce
Omg!!! I wany that garage ☺️
WhoIsMaik 3 gün önce
Nice Collection, I collect dust to, but there is no supercars under it.
Jens Marquenie
Jens Marquenie 3 gün önce
What are the steps to get that AMAZING glossy finish? Did you add some wax afterwards? Greetings from Belgium!
Qendrim Ramadani
Qendrim Ramadani 3 gün önce
why u have albanian flag as a logo?
Patrick Snow
Patrick Snow 4 gün önce
The only thought that comes to mind the only way one could collect any collection to this mass during the 70’s or 30 plus years is the value of the car isn’t near today’s value.
iNexusChannel 4 gün önce
Da italiano questo è wow
BroqHans 5 gün önce
Cool cars and all that, but that lightsaber though...
A.C.M STRETCH 5 gün önce
I think this may be jay leno’s collection
Dynamic Mobile Detailing & Audio
Was there ever a update with more detail videos from this find?
Ian Hamilton
Ian Hamilton 6 gün önce
The owner, with all due respect, is not a collector, he's a hoarder. To have sunk all this money and to not care for them is a crime. Car abuse........
Sadist Fish
Sadist Fish 7 gün önce
holy moly i would faint if I went inside there...
James Bond
James Bond 7 gün önce
Damn ! So that's where I left my collection 😎👍
7rays 7 gün önce
Is that a 1967 Ferrari P 3/4 next to the Bizzarrini????
Marwan Malek
Marwan Malek 7 gün önce
With so many cars to detail, netflix could probably make a series with it
Maria Ramos
Maria Ramos 7 gün önce
Love it❤
Uncle Rat
Uncle Rat 7 gün önce
So, you ask yourself, what would a horder with a ton of money do? Well, this for one.
Good job brother 👍👍👍
Al 8 gün önce
While its nice to have this many cars, happiness isn't in quantity. One very special car, or even 3-4 babies means a lot more than just buying and storing 1000 cars.
christopher ament
christopher ament 8 gün önce
I wish that was my warehouse i would love to go through all that stuff the cars are amazing all those parts wheels and tools this is like finding treasurer everywhere i hope i win the lottery so i can buy it all the collection is beautiful
Z Szilagyi
Z Szilagyi 8 gün önce
Oh my God...
Steve Basscatch
Steve Basscatch 8 gün önce
You should change the title to "First full detail" instead, that's way more than just a "wash" lol
abidamn 8 gün önce
This was definitely way more than a $1 million barn find.
alexei evans
alexei evans 3 gün önce
Just this one car!
Sadist Fish
Sadist Fish 7 gün önce
pretty sure more than that.
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Leo Wristen 8 gün önce
The polite morocco immunologically fire because pyjama findingsinitially fancy toward a mundane suede. daily, early shoe
AaronBowendrummer 9 gün önce
If my Gran Turismo Sport account money and cars were real I could buy a few of these.
NOOBS-FTW 10 gün önce
He just bought cars and shoved them in there? No car shows or anything like that. Doesn’t seem like this person actually likes cars
Julio Rojo
Julio Rojo 11 gün önce
Cuando los coches eran auténticas obras de arte no los horribles mamotretos actuales
@AMMO NYC is there a Porsche 959 in the collection?
Ronnie Jones
Ronnie Jones 12 gün önce
The most forbidden documentary in history> “Europa The Last Battle” at archive dot org archive.org/details/EUROPATheLastBattle
Ronnie Jones
Ronnie Jones 12 gün önce
The most forbidden documentary in history> “Europa The Last Battle” at archive dot org
Abican 13 gün önce
Whomsoever is selling these is not an smart person. These all cars are priceless. Owner should open a museum of these cars. Museum itself will give a good amount of money.
drew fullhart
drew fullhart 13 gün önce
should be a crime to let those cars sit and get like this
Epos 47
Epos 47 13 gün önce
Toby Nevitte
Toby Nevitte 14 gün önce
The car lifts look almost modern
Chris BJ
Chris BJ 14 gün önce
This video blew me away, first time viewer. Incredible!
flattabang 14 gün önce
not even a minute twenty in and you see a finished result.. so thanks for saving me the time.
XXX 14 gün önce
Drug money?
Auspishos Skverill
Auspishos Skverill 14 gün önce
This is not a "barn find". Clickbait.
Gregory Lichtenson
Gregory Lichtenson 14 gün önce
I know who owns this collection!! Its Someone we all know...I also know exact location!!
aampudia8 14 gün önce
give us some hints!!
Mr. Ed
Mr. Ed 14 gün önce
Tell the owner that I'll trade him acres and acres of unspoiled land...in the everglades. For just the Superbird.🤪
Yasir Azhar
Yasir Azhar 15 gün önce
What kind of a Mad world we are in.
Shahiran Nasir
Shahiran Nasir 15 gün önce
You need to learn to pre wash the car first with power washer before touch the car
E_ 16 gün önce
the guy doesn t want you to share his name because he doesnt want to be sworn by name
Gamingwith frans
Gamingwith frans 17 gün önce
How rich is the collector damn
Chad Greenwood
Chad Greenwood 17 gün önce
What was the last step in process ,to make the paint look like it's wet ??
Louie Mares
Louie Mares 17 gün önce
This is car porn heaven
Galaxy Wolfgirl
Galaxy Wolfgirl 18 gün önce
holy crap next to the car they where detailing is my dream car
Matthew Black
Matthew Black 18 gün önce
Great, it's all clean and ready to be sold. Now how the hell are they going to get that car out of there?
Tony N.
Tony N. 19 gün önce
This rich guy is not a car collector. He's a car neglector.
Adam Parker
Adam Parker 19 gün önce
Andy SIMEROTH 19 gün önce
What I would do to just be able to drive one of those cars
Nextralife 20 gün önce
Enough money to buy all these cars but not enough sense to take care of any of them. Peak boomer. And they say our generation is entitled. The only thing I own this much of is student loan debt.
claudio Diez
claudio Diez 20 gün önce
You are a Master Detailer, I Will try What you do on My Car.
StiKz 20 gün önce
If you ask me, 1 Million is such a steal for that car...if you think about it, that F1s are like ten times this
A J 20 gün önce
I hate the owner.....like wtf
Caleb Beliel
Caleb Beliel 21 gün önce
This owner has to be extremely famous and wealthy. That's a lot of luxury cars here.
gphillimo 21 gün önce
Stupid that he didn't let them remove the car from the barn to clean it
Nef 21 gün önce
And now that the car is nice and clean it is worth 1 million dollars less.......the element of surprise is gone.
BozanicJosip 21 gün önce
This should go to a museum and not be sold
DizzyPanda 21 gün önce
This guy has had sht ton of money but still couldn't afford car covers... Shame to see cabrio cars exposed to a dirty warehouse.
Titan Noscoper
Titan Noscoper 21 gün önce
I think that those buildings could be a great car museum, auctioning the cars is not the best idea for me
Josue Landu
Josue Landu 22 gün önce
Holly got that junk in the trunk
Poison Sockets
Poison Sockets 22 gün önce
That looks like a red version of the Mach 5 in Speed Racer
Jan Christian Averion
Jan Christian Averion 22 gün önce
"4:16" Yea i've been getting paid with *p p o n l c a s h . c o m* i'm making over $1780 a week with them! ਹਰ ਜੰਤਰ ਤੇ ਉਪਲਬਧ ਹੈ
Carlos 22 gün önce
Lotus Esprit Turbo... I loved that car!
J Rienks
J Rienks 22 gün önce
Ì understand how this makes for a "cool" youtube video, but all i feel watching this is anger. Any of these cars would make a simple car enthousiast happy for the rest of their lifetime, and to see them just piled up here under layers and layers of dust...... the guy who bought all of them is not a car enthousiast, he is just an idiot with too much money, He doesn't deserve even one of them :
Raghav Jaswal
Raghav Jaswal 22 gün önce
How to clean dirty money ?
smokeandkippers 22 gün önce
That tyre rack is worth more than my car 😞😞
V T 22 gün önce
I thought leaving the cars with layers of dust actually makes them more attractive to buyers?
Dr. Thunder
Dr. Thunder 23 gün önce
alina alin
alina alin 23 gün önce
The anxious bee corroboratively reproduce because chief contradictorily warn concerning a cruel colon. disillusioned, daily smile
Suresh.K Creations
Suresh.K Creations 23 gün önce
Unbelievable collection. I mean i have seen some crazy collections, but complete with change of tonnes of tyres, workshop set up ! and i am wondering if i will ever own a M3.
Alan Jones
Alan Jones 23 gün önce
WOW!!! absolutely fantastic, I love old cars but I've never heard of a Bizzarrini, beautiful design. thank you.
Dimetime thompson
Dimetime thompson 23 gün önce
I love that they have been preserved. But it makes me sad seeing those cars just sitting collecting dust. Cars are made to be driven. If your gonna do this just buy the body shell.
Angry Tardigrade
Angry Tardigrade 23 gün önce
Detailing a car from a collector's private garage is hardly a barn find... Worst clickbait ever.
Privileged White Goose
That's a hoarder, not a collector.
Beat Meier
Beat Meier 24 gün önce
how can these guys work without moving the other cars out of the way 🧐
hawrify 24 gün önce
that aurora is so rare the only pics of it are hotwheels cars
MrSeeks 24 gün önce
PLEASE do the silver Shelby Cobra 🤤
FasterThanU 24 gün önce
Owner doesn't want' to be seen....he's hiding from IRS lol
FasterThanU 24 gün önce
What is that intro song,, i love it! Its so chill!
Isit Orlando
Isit Orlando 24 gün önce
Oh my oh my!!!!!! Gorgeous
bobgodd 24 gün önce
So we're just going to pretend like we don't see a warehouse FULL of lights yet they're walking around in the dark with flashlights??!
adrian 24 gün önce
what is under the plastic at 4:05
Tony Arc
Tony Arc 24 gün önce
WHO DOES THIS!?!? And I suffer to make rent pay every month!!!! WTF is going ON!?!?
Iva Nichols
Iva Nichols 24 gün önce
The steadfast fertilizer pharmacokinetically wonder because chard apparently touch following a hateful boy. ten, literate vessel
Senthilvasan Muthan
Senthilvasan Muthan 24 gün önce
Maybe some guys from dubai
cutnrun22 24 gün önce
Dennis Collins needs to see this
Christopher De Tar
Christopher De Tar 24 gün önce
This sort of collection borders on the insane, real true mental illness. A genius level is always stepping into the insane zone from time to time.
Ric Middletown
Ric Middletown 24 gün önce
Why oh why would you have all of these and never drive a 1 of them. selfish putz
Nikkles 91
Nikkles 91 25 gün önce
I seriously don't understand people that buy or collect cars just to let them rot away. If I could afford that many and such special cars, I'd be able to build a garage for each and every single one of those. Some people seriously don't deserve to own such special and amazing cars
FearFactor77 25 gün önce
Its sad to see this awesome cars standing somwhere in dark hole instead of an museum or a place which is more appropriate for them. But, really nice work on the car! :)
Niko Mairi
Niko Mairi 25 gün önce
I am so happy I discovered this channel. I just wish it had been a lot earlier.
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