Catfish Crazy
Catfish Crazy
Catfish Crazy
Abone ol
Fatheads Catfishing
Who's boat are you on, looks like a storm cat
Fatheads Catfishing
Or a dynasty i guess is the same
vakennels Aylar önce
Very good video . Great job
vakennels Aylar önce
Good video
Whirlwind 2 aylar önce
That's Wilson dam not Pickwick dam your on Pickwick lake side fyi
Computer Garage LLC
Computer Garage LLC 2 aylar önce
First catch, seeing the fight, and the tension on the pole......that a Blue! Let see.....Yes! Thats a BIG BLUE.
Computer Garage LLC
Computer Garage LLC 2 aylar önce
Channels are great, but what til around the first of June and shore fish for "The Blues". They get bigger than the channels, and fight more and harder! And the challenge... do it with 12 pound test line.
Computer Garage LLC
Computer Garage LLC 2 aylar önce
and a walmart special fishing rod.
Brad Dunn
Brad Dunn 2 aylar önce
Where u getting gizzersd shade at
John Wiley
John Wiley 2 aylar önce
Paying attention to how Mike fishes is always a good move,,, 🍻😎
take down catfishing
take down catfishing 2 aylar önce
Great show Chris Kerr is my home lake I fish Gaston too both great fisheries keep em coming buddy. Tight lines And Big Takedowns
thomas womac
thomas womac 2 aylar önce
What are painter boards
Alexander Robertson
Alexander Robertson 3 aylar önce
That helicopter you saw is a Navy MH53E either from HM-12, HM14, or HM15 they sure are some impressive birds been working on em for the last 4 years at HM-15. Thanks for showing the appreciation and featuring it in your video. Great content!
Zach Walls
Zach Walls 3 aylar önce
Will the sounder really effect the fish biteing? Wonder if that applies for cats?
Jimmy Leon
Jimmy Leon 3 aylar önce
Silly question I have to ask, seriously. Do fish feel pain?
Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown 3 aylar önce
Chris you were struggling holding that blue up alot like I was struggling with 75 pound blue a couple weeks ago. I only weigh in at around 130 pounds lol. I feel your pain. Hour and a half after my 75 I caught a 50+ pounds flathead also
Jacob Leach
Jacob Leach 3 aylar önce
Thank you for speaking out against paylakes. I catfish the ohio river as well and it is absolutely pitiful, mainly because of paylakes.
Backwoods Mindset
Backwoods Mindset 4 aylar önce
Great video !! Come over and check me out if you get a chance
Joel Turpin
Joel Turpin 4 aylar önce
Not wearing life jackets on a very dangerous river.
Jon Jett
Jon Jett 4 aylar önce
Where y’all find this Shad at on Erie??
Calvin Mogilinski
Calvin Mogilinski 4 aylar önce
underrated channel!
The Bold Outdoors
The Bold Outdoors 4 aylar önce
Subbed brother
Tina tinabobenasales50
Hi does your friend Jason do guided trips? We are in MO and would love to connect with him to learn about that area.
Randy Roberts
Randy Roberts 5 aylar önce
Chris where do you launch your boat
Cody Bowman
Cody Bowman 5 aylar önce
No more catfish crazy videos? What's happend
Dustin Grant
Dustin Grant 5 aylar önce
Great spot..just got done fishing there with my son...
David Settle
David Settle 5 aylar önce
Chris. Ky guy here. What's a good inexpensive rod and reel for cats
James Farmer
James Farmer 6 aylar önce
Guy fishing the Dan River in the yadkin River chain a lot haven't made it to the rapid yet but I'm I'm planning on it
Peyton 6 aylar önce
Nice vids. Looking forward to seeing more from you! Have you checked Promosm??! You should use it to promote your videos and grow your channel.
Clearview Outdoors
Clearview Outdoors 6 aylar önce
Always love the tips and info you share!!!
Brian Shelton
Brian Shelton 6 aylar önce
Thanks for the tips!