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Humor, and love for the outdoors!👍
Fish Chew????
8 aylar önce
How to hold a HORNY Fish
9 aylar önce
@lnash2569 2 saatler önce
Can see what isn't there. Can't see what isn't there. Thanks for the useless video.
@reliablyrandomoutdoors 17 saniye önce
Don’t blame me, it’s you complaining about the video that makes TRvid keep showing it! As I’ve mentioned in previous comments there are about 15 10 pound H. Molitrix fish that are visible with the polarized filter, however due to YT lousy bit rate on short content they can’t be made out after upload…. What u should be annoyed by is the fact that I have 3 of these videos where the fish clearly become visible but YT doesn’t show you those because people don’t comment! So resist the urge to comment on a video you think is garbage and you will stop being part of the problem.
@delroybrown3631 4 gün önce
The water hole is farting
@bobdabolina1274 5 gün önce
Definitely doesn’t make fish appear
@Asyharrtss 7 gün önce
Dear, your body and your buttom is good ❤❤❤
You smooth talker!
Peaceful there on the farm hey? I have crickets in my ceiling and in the yard.
Yeah they get in our basement and drive the kids nuts LOL
@apexantony 9 gün önce
You can tell this dude's been making these for years, glad someone with his experience shared his knowelge with us.
Thank you! I really appreciate that
@keysersoze1537 9 gün önce
That dirty water you wouldn’t see a fish in your head was in there and the fish was literally doing the milly rock next to you
haha, WTF is the Milly Rock???? and yes you can see the fish in silty water, they are in this shot about 15 10 pounders schooled together. the hilarious part is that TRvid loves pushing this video because for some reason due to the low bitrate they allocate for this short form garbage viewers can't see the fish.... so of course that triggers TRvid to push this video because people comment on it saying they can't see the fish..... explains a lot.... there is a standard video 4k on my channel with this shot that clearly shows the fish, but hey why would anyone watch that when they could watch this right!!! LOL
@DannaGesellchen 9 gün önce
What you've found there is Wood Nettle, which also stings and is also beneficial.
Yes, Agreed
@jakobrebeki 11 gün önce
dear sir, this is how they did it in anciant Rome. First your going to need a big pot with a lid. It needs to be 2ft across and 18inch deep at least. The first layer you put down is a 3inch layer of green veg such as cabbage, lettuce, chopped beans and green stuff like that. The next layer is 2inch chopped up fish, guts bones and all. Any fish will do. I have heard of Carp being used. The 3rd layer is about a 1inch layer of salt. Repeat these 3 layers in this order until you are just shy of the top of the pot then put the lid on and leave it outside in the Sun to do it's stuff. Wait about 3weeks then give it a good stir. Then stir it once a week for a further 3-5weeks depending on what sort of Climate you live in. Then mix it good and proper and spoon it out into squeeze cloths and squeeze filter out the solids so the fluids go into a separate pot. Don't throw away the solids as it makes for bloody good ferterlizer for the veggie patch. It also keeps the snails away, just make sure to fork it well in and under. Filter the fluid a few times more to try and get it as clear as possible and it's job done, your good to go. Bottle it up and store it somewhere cool and dry and outside in case it leaks, I feel that I must give some warnings and tips. the smell of the ferment is just "over whelming" so do all of this outdoors. The local cats and vermin will flock to your patio almost like it's a place of pilgrimage for them. You can decant it into bottles and it seems to keep for ever, I keep mine in the fridge. My wife has assured me that if I bring anything like that home and into the house again she will leave me and take the kids with her (here's hoping!). I love the stuff but I have to use mouth wash afterwards. Warning, if your in the house and you break wind even your dog won't speak to you for about a month afterwards. But on the bright side my mother in law no longer visits uninvited. Have a nice day sir, best regards from Jakob over in Plumstead, SE London in the UK....
So is this done with no lid? And I assume if this was rome then this is a ceramic pot, I wonder if a barrel would be ok.
@jakobrebeki 9 gün önce
@@reliablyrandomoutdoors your going to need to put a close fitting lid on it. you can use a barrel but NOT a wooden one and it must be of steady construction with a close fitting lid. there have been lots of postings about this on YT. there are many different ways of making it. good luck....
@troyturner5176 12 gün önce
Have you ever thought about fishing in the tail waters of Wolf Creek Dan in Kentucky? It has some giant trout in it.
Actually, never heard of it before now, however, I’m closer to Kentucky than Missouri. I live in Indiana. I did the green river in Kentucky a few years ago did a 60 mile survival trip and I absolutely loved it. I’ll check out Wolf Creek. I’m always looking for new places to go. Thanks for the info.
Ok Im a little confused, so from what i can tell there is a Wolf creek in Kentucky with no dam on it, but there is a cumberland river in kentucky with a wolf creek dam on it???? is that later the one you are referring too? I assume due to the fish hatchery there that must be the one.... still a little confused about that though LOL
@jakobrebeki 12 gün önce
Sir, look up Garum Sauce. It's was used in the anciant roman times....
Well sir, I just read up on it, and I am intrigued! I have actually been planning to do a fermented fish sauce using shad…. Never would have thought leaving the gut in was a good thing but…. I’ll try anything. Maybe I’ll make a video of that shit
@jakobrebeki 12 gün önce
@@reliablyrandomoutdoorsWhen I was traveling thru India this sauce was everywhere. I live in SE London (UK) and you can find it in some corner shops over in the East end of London. Warning, you will either love it or puke up. Don't say you was not warned. Do you want me to send you the recipe?....
@@jakobrebeki yeah send it over, I tend to be pretty open minded with food, I love other fermented fish sauces, just not sure what to expect of a gut in fish sauce LOL....
@user-ik3ml1nx3y 17 gün önce
bro the fish wanted her 😂
Fish just happens to be my name LOL 😂
@EmilyTienne 19 gün önce
Coolest thing to find on an old train? A train whistle? No. A head lamp? No. The smoke stack? No. The coolest thing would be…(drum roll)…a gun. 🤔Loved all the cool finds!
Yeah we were hoping for something cool like that, but turns out the big riveted pieces were part of the boiler jacket, which definitely says there was a boiler explosion…. Which is pretty cool
@EmilyTienne 18 gün önce
@@reliablyrandomoutdoors Absolutely! The fact that they were curved, thick plates says it was a boiler explosion, which did happen in those days.
@DanaluvTitanic 19 gün önce
We still tease my dad about this now😂
As you should! LOL
@mikelagasse1790 19 gün önce
The nail clearly ricocheted and did not pierce the can
Yes, this has been brought to my attention LOL we shot many times then walke up and picked up the can... sorry if i lost track of which shot pierced the can LOL
@dgurevich1 20 gün önce
But can you make a candle that smells like bacon?
Only God himself could do something that magnificent!
@conniehill7202 23 gün önce
Way to go Rachel. Guess you showed them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That she Did didn't she!!!
@uncletanooch1048 24 gün önce
Really enjoyed this vid, thank you.
Your welcome, and thanks for the feedback
I would die right then and their
@kandykane765 26 gün önce
@kolbeelapoint6505 26 gün önce
Serious question, there is a likelihood that you pass out upon entering the water due to the extreme cold. Are there steps taken to prevent that? What are they? If you do pass out what is done about it? I’d like to try this kind of stuff some day.
Intriguing question, Honestly I have been doing this off and on with a variety of people for almost 15 years now and this is the first I have heard of that concern. I’m no doctor but it would seem to me passing out from a cold shock would also require some other physical issue like maybe low sugar or really poor circulation. None the less I can tell you our safety precautions and what I would do if it were to happen, first of all when jumping you are surrounded by a group of people who are all looking out for each other and are all willing and capable of getting in the water. we keep a long climbing rope that we can drag over the hole and it’s long enough that people pulling it are away from the hole because the ice near the hole is too slick to pull from. So if someone became unresponsive in the water I would jump in and hold them swimmer rescue style and wait for the rope to come over the hole which I would hook my arm over (don’t try to grip with hand your grip will be shot) and let them pull both of us out. The ice is so slick it would be hard to pull a large unresponsive person out without help. The rug we use in the video is another safety feature as it helps give traction for the folks as they get out. Personally I feel scared every time before I jump but have never felt like it was unsafe at all afterwords. It makes you feel alive, and you feel great for a good 24 hours afterwords. Best of luck, be safe and I hope u decide to take the plunge!
@kolbeelapoint6505 23 gün önce
@@reliablyrandomoutdoors thanks for the lengthy and well written response! Sounds like you all know what you’re doing and take a good amount of precautions! Thank you again! Super awesome video and great creator for going out of the way for explaining this! :)
@@kolbeelapoint6505 Thank ya kindly!
@DanaluvTitanic 26 gün önce
it was!
@amac6421 26 gün önce
@josh44779 26 gün önce
Awesome catch but if you came here to say something about not putting an invasive fish back in the water comment below 👇😏
Though technically invasive I still have an Eat What we kill policy that I teach my kids and we were'nt hungry. But don't worry It was not a black or silver, they are the ones still in an aggressive population boom... the grassys have nearly normalized. but I still welcome the comments, they really drive the success of a video!!!!
@josh44779 26 gün önce
My comment may read more abrasive than it was meant but I agree any interaction boosts the channel!😏
@SpicyFishguy 26 gün önce
Looks pretty cold!
I Twas!
@cgbmusicworksllc 26 gün önce
Woohoo! Getting cold just thinking about it!
@MyTimelord11 26 gün önce
These kinds of things are definitely highly monitored and i dont think people ever do polar plunges in rivers? At the very least if they do they will send an instrument down to monitor that, im sure. They will measure the width of the ice too. It cant be too thin or you will fall through unintentionally. Much more likely to drown by falling through thin ice than a highly montiored polar plunge such as this. Kids do this. They did this for a fundraiser when i was a kid and bunch of kids did it. They had so much protective equipment and monitoring instruments. And medical staff in case of an unlikely emergency. I didnt do it and i dont think i ever will. Its just not for me. But its pretty safe when done right
Yeah, then sometimes there are just some good ole boys that cut a hole in the ice and jump in! thats what happens here LOL... but for sure some common sense, obviously ice over moving water would be dangerous and for sure good thick ice is necessary. We keep a rope handy too just in case someone needs some help
@zzzzz45zzzzz79 26 gün önce
Should’ve stayed in longer
Haha, LOL. The time was sufficient for me LOL
@edith9363 26 gün önce
idk id never jump into water if there’s such a thick layer of ice if there’s a current underneath the layer of ice you’ll be swept away and definitely drown
U do know that is not a river right?
@dw6150 26 gün önce
@AD45555 26 gün önce
Is that stevo behind the camera? 😂😂😂
haha! does sound like him doesnt it LOL
@joysatcks4547 26 gün önce
My first thought
@hopebarker4587 26 gün önce
Great job!
Completely Agree!
@oPAULo711 27 gün önce
Well done!!!!
@jefftabor595 27 gün önce
@SherriNail-rj5kg 27 gün önce
Know before you go. Put yourself and potential rescuers at risk.
Yet people climb K2 every year
@aaronjohnson8159 28 gün önce
You have to go where there’s fish bud
There are about 15 ten pound fish there, clearly visible. Not sure why u can’t see them. H. molitrix is the species of fish
@DanaluvTitanic 28 gün önce
thats hilarious 🤣are you ok
Haha, yes that was last year, I have fully recovered and jumped in the ice again, new video posts tomorrow. And I did not fall down😁
@user-fm9kw5dl5w 29 gün önce
That’s Hilarious!!! 🤣
@SpicyFishguy 29 gün önce
The fastest way to test the ice!
LOL, right on1
Nice safety test! Glad to see ice safety is your top priority. Wouldn't want anyone to end up in the water.... uhhhhh
Haha, at least not ahead of schedule
Yes, the human slingshot is a great idea. What about an ice slide down the hill?
Yes exactly!
@goodisnipr Aylar önce
They do if you know how to use them right. You got them turned 90° off. Rotate them and you'll make the sky reflections completely disappear.
Kind of hard to wear em that way though LOL
@goodisnipr Aylar önce
@@reliablyrandomoutdoors They make 'em for different things. Polarized vertical vs horizontal. One of them can't see LCD screens. The other can't see sky reflections. And if a pair ya got makes no difference, ya done got scammed.
@@goodisnipr Yeah there are tons of companies that sell em as polarized when they arent, cant tell ya how many ive sent back to amazon. the polorization of a photon is one of the more interesting aspects of light. like how you can block 100% of the light by mounting 2 polarized lenses in a row angled 90 degrees from eachother but by some magic by adding a third lense the light will now be visible to the eye again! that ones a mind bender
@goodisnipr Aylar önce
@@reliablyrandomoutdoors Absolutely, a strange existence we're in indeed.
@johndugger9144 Aylar önce
@DanaluvTitanic Aylar önce
@DanaluvTitanic Aylar önce
@erickort1987 Aylar önce
must eat ZEE BUGZ 🐜🐜🐜🐜
@paul-ld9vh Aylar önce
Here is the link to the lures I was using 1/4 oz Gold Color <a target="_blank" href="www.amazon.com/SteelShad-Fishing-Lipless-Crankbait-Freshwater/dp/B07D7J3LCG/ref=cs_sr_dp?crid=11TUZ3CUCWBA0&amp;keywords=steel%252Bshad%252Bfishing%252Blures%252Bgold&amp;qid=1705782692&amp;sprefix=steel%252Bshad%252Bfishing%252Blures%252Bgold%252Caps%252C101&amp;sr=8-2&amp;th=1&amp;psc=1&_encoding=UTF8&tag=reliablyrando-20&linkCode=ur2&linkId=4177b4403d9027a3eb02d26bbb115af3&camp=1789&creative=9325">Steelshad</a>
@Toph2ofishing Aylar önce
Emergencies are right… like a buddy puking in the tent in the middle of the night 😂😂😂
Haha! And that was no small puke either! 🤮