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Welcome aboard, on my channel I will give you my point of view from inside the airline industry! Everything from descriptions of Aviation accidents and Incidents to procedures and hints about how to access the industry will be covered.
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A Terrible DOUBLE Mistake!
9 aylar önce
Paul McAleer
Paul McAleer 32 dakika önce
I'm a fairly new subscriber to both of your channels. I've binged watched you both. I'm a huge fan of you both equally. I was really surprised to see you both in the same video. I often wondered if you both were aware of each other. My question was just answered when I clicked on this one. This was such an exciting video to watch. Two of the best, most entertaining blokes I've ever seen. Would love to see more like this. Great job guys, wish I could meet you both , just long enough to say hello, and get a couple selfies. Cheers from Michigan.
Babygrrl PC
Babygrrl PC 40 dakika önce
Rest in peace sir. You mattered.
TOBALA TV 40 dakika önce
@Mentour Pilot can you please do a video on the 1996 Air Africa crash - DRC Congo.
Idiots guide to Idiocy
Idiots guide to Idiocy 42 dakika önce
Investigation?? Old junk plane, lack of maintenance, intimidating management that wouldn't address the issues. Drive a junk car with no maintenance expect the unexpected
Don Xeon
Don Xeon 56 dakika önce
What really sticks out on this one is not the ridiculously over-bearing Captain...but the fact that the first officer decided to make one of the way-points in the mountains. This blows my mind. This doomed them. I'm at a loss here.
snowshawnskate Saatler önce
Is rnp the same as rnav?
Mario V
Mario V Saatler önce
There should be a rule amoung all pilots: ''When there's a doubt... it's because there's no doubt''.
Shimmer Saatler önce
This reminded me of the flight where the flight crew landed on the wrong runway but there was a huge piece of equipment on it. They were heard saying pull up Charlie pull up. Sadly that was a fatal accident.
Tim Tim
Tim Tim Saatler önce
I really like this channels video explaining the way that airplanes and jets work and the way flying works the different functions of the plane what they do how they can affect performance, etc.. there so much I've Learned in just this 1 video!
Edutaiment Car Toys
Edutaiment Car Toys Saatler önce
Are Concorde planes still operating?
fritz lehner
fritz lehner 2 saatler önce
A few years ago I spoke with a friend of mine (FBO in Scottland) about this incident. He said the pilots were incompetend. I later showed him a photo of my PFD (primary flight display), when I did a test flight with the pitot covered with tape to simulate a frozen pitot tube. It was crossed red ! My friend in Scottland said: 'Interesting' ! We dont know what the crew saw through the windshield. We dont know what the crew saw on their displays. The airdata computer was salvaged, and there exists a replica of the events as a video. The video shows the pilot flying adjusting pitch 8 and max power, but the aircraft continues with 10000 f/minute down to sea level. Within slightly more than two minutes the airplane dived from FL340 to sea level. Nobody can believe that this was a stalled condition ! My conclusion is - one should always have basic giroscopic instruments as Stand by Instruments ! Gyroscopic Law is valid in the entire Universe !
Harry Cee
Harry Cee 2 saatler önce
Life or luggage... so many chose luggage. SMH. How about power to airports being supplied parallel to runways. This has happened a few times in these videos.
Ikenna Madueke
Ikenna Madueke 2 saatler önce
I get it that people are angry at the FO and his actions and training inadequacies etc but i think it is not fair to berate the man so publicly because of this. He also has a family and God knows how they feel. People make mistakes and unfortunately for him his mistake was very fatal for himself and his co workers...but that's what it was...mistake. He didn't crash the plane on purpose. So please pay some respect and stop being so up nosed about stuff like this. It could be you one day making a tragic mistake so just give the person some respect. You don't have to even talk about him. Give his family some respect.
Mukesh Chandra Mukesh
Mukesh Chandra Mukesh 2 saatler önce
Great channel Great commentary
Mukesh Chandra Mukesh
Mukesh Chandra Mukesh 2 saatler önce
Great vídeos Fantástic commentary! Libe this channel
Todd Bellows
Todd Bellows 2 saatler önce
UAL has pledged to use woke hiring practices for new pilots. What could go wrong?
Łukasz Maksymowicz
Łukasz Maksymowicz 2 saatler önce
Calling Taipei a part of China - this is quite interesting to say the least :D
KendraR 3 saatler önce
Men om man av vilken anledning som helst ändå packar med batterier i incheckade bagaget (ej handbagage), då syns det väl i någon kontroll, röntgen(?) och plockas ur - innan det lastas i planet..? ELLER!? 😬
Steven Heckler
Steven Heckler 3 saatler önce
26,000 hours retired UAL 777 767 757 737 10,000 hours as captain. Scan scan scan! How hard is that?
Gary B
Gary B 3 saatler önce
Sorry but 31 and 23 years old is way to young for both pilots together
OldSkool 3 saatler önce
This is another reason I really dislike Airbus’ “joystick” piloting. It’s a plane not a video game, put a yoke in there.
Ryan Squegoodasquatch
Ryan Squegoodasquatch 3 saatler önce
drunken chauvinistic blunder
Abhinav Sreejith
Abhinav Sreejith 4 saatler önce
G'day Captain!!! I wanted to share one of my question and a potential video idea for you, its about this particular crash which is the crash of "Aerosucre Flight 157". I have always been wondering what had happened for this aircraft to crash.....Alright Captain that's all from me and yeah! Have a nice day! :)
Dominik Gronkiewicz
Dominik Gronkiewicz 4 saatler önce
It is another accident where the aircraft thrust is automatically reduced to idle during a go-around. Who introduces these kind of features? Why is there not a verbal warning to prevent such situation?
Peter Reed
Peter Reed 4 saatler önce
And my wife still can't understand why I refuse to get on a plane never mind fly.
Mika_MDF 4 saatler önce
Probably the luckiest thing to ever happen to Robina. Her boyfriend also literally saved her life
John Smith
John Smith 4 saatler önce
Another chilling tale; one which could perhaps have been avoided if someone had listened to Mr Liotine's advice in 1997. From my own standpoint as an ex-RAF QFI and civil airline Training Captain, I would have immediately selected a diversion field and headed towards it, putting out a Mayday at the same time as finding a comfortable descent rate.. When an aeroplane is telling you it's sick, better to get it on the ground as quickly as possible and let the engineering team deal with it. In the latter years of my career, I experienced "Runaway elevator trims"and survived because when I found controlling settings that the aircraft responded to as I generally kept on descending whilst pulling as many circuit breakers as possible; thus giving me an old fashioned 'seat of the pants' airplane. I appreciate it's easy preaching from down here, but to new young pilots, I would highly recommend studying engineering with a passion and also work towards a flight instructor's rating. The more tools in your 'tool bag' the more chances of coming through your own flying career in one piece. RIP Ted & Bill - condolences to their families, and RIP to the cabin crew and all the passengers. As always, thank you to Mentour Pilot for the professional in depth presentation. - John Templeton Smith
Nigel Williams
Nigel Williams 5 saatler önce
I always stop watching when the ads start..
ewaf88 5 saatler önce
Andy Shane
Andy Shane 5 saatler önce
I started fying the 777 from our inaugural flight in 2000, flap retraction can be tricky for those newly-rated on the aircraft. Normally, it gets hairy at weights far in excess of the 777-200 this flight. Neophytes often blanch at the Flaps 5 callout, which seems too much even though it is standard procedure. The cardinal rule: fly the airplane. Instructors on the 777 say over and over again that 10 degrees is the magic attitude for retraction after the programmed reduction to Climb thrust. It's odd that an experienced 777 would toss that out the window. The is all taking place in an airplane with tons of surplus power. Normally, this kind of thrashing around is confined to fourth or fifth day simulator training, not line flying. All of that said, I don't think any of this would've happened, if the autopilot was engaged. Amazing scenario, so glad it did not result in tragedy.
VHF 5 saatler önce
Many many times i hear on the ATC radio airways planes approaching Heathrow Airport are being hit by green and blue laser lights. Can you discuss the dangers of this to pilots and passengers? Also one windy night planes approaching Heathrow 10 miles out 3000ft were experiencing wind sheer of 30 kts airspeed increase in a very very short time to such an extent some pilots could NOT reply to atc when they were navigating this. So their airspeed was 160kts and in a matter of seconds their speed went up to 180kts. Can you discuss the kinds of aircraft characteristics would have played out and what pilots are taught to do? Thanks.
Laer Recar
Laer Recar 5 saatler önce
Did the first officer's actions cause the plane to crash?
Sebastian 5 saatler önce
7:20, you can tell the nerves are hitting, crazy how humans are more prone to mistakes when stressed
patfromamboy 5 saatler önce
I talk about having personal parachutes often with my son. Can you imagine what would happen if all of the passengers had their own parachute and could choose when they ejected? Either they would eject before they had an actual problem or they would have a problem and not realize it or wait too long to eject or use their chute. The aircraft would experience turbulence and many of the passengers would eject! If the pilot had the ability to eject the passengers they might wait too long thinking they could prevent the crash. It’s fascinating. Thanks for the great videos!
Tall Bird
Tall Bird 6 saatler önce
Why did the airplane break up with the camera? Because it couldn't handle the baggage in the relationship!
Miloš Mevželj
Miloš Mevželj 6 saatler önce
Access denied You are not authorized to access this page. Can`t see the blacklisted airliners. Greeat video.
Aby Mathews
Aby Mathews 6 saatler önce
Linda Wood
Linda Wood 6 saatler önce
Wish I could see Kelsey's interview with Mentour Peter, but it is marked private.😔. This one was great, though! Thanks!