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Hi, I live in New York City and love TRvid.

some FAQs

Q. what'd i shoot that with
WIDE LENS; amzn.to/1VCtBhS
DRONE; amzn.to/1Sl75Uq
OLD DRONE (cheaper but still great); amzn.to/26lwt

Q. where did i go to film school
A. never went to film school or college

Q. what's that crazy space where i'm working in a lot of the videos
A. that's my production studio in NYC, i built this space and have been here for almost 10 years. no don't live in this space, just work

Q. what do i edit with
A. final cut x. i don't love it. too crashy and clitchy but i hate learning new software

Q. someone asked how old i am
A. i'm 35. well for now i am. i was born in 1981 so if i don't update this before next year you can keep track on your own
my brother Van
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Duffin 10 saatler önce
TRvid is an interesting place. Filming a video that is going to be going on their site lol.
Life writes Stories
Life writes Stories 10 saatler önce
Casey must have felt so proud, enabling such a birthday to his son.
Steve McVay
Steve McVay 10 saatler önce
Love watching the old vlogs. I watch 1 or 2 a day like I’m reliving the old days. 2022 baby!
Brendan Mato
Brendan Mato 10 saatler önce
came back to this vid today and the “f*ck! that looks awesome!” still gets me every time
Shekh Rizvan
Shekh Rizvan 10 saatler önce
It's been 8 year to this shit Still a masterpiece
Maisaan Mohamed
Maisaan Mohamed 10 saatler önce
It's kinda satisfying watching casy eat those wing's 😂
WillSpider118 11 saatler önce
Hi Casey you probably won’t read this but if you do I want to let you know that I used to know you. Now hear me out remember when you used to get down to new London about ten years ago do you remember Samantha Petrone well I’m her son
AznPr1des 12 saatler önce
ok but is no one really not gonna mention 2:22-2:25
Ethan 12 saatler önce
To be clear, this is a $64,000 plane ticket.
Ethan 12 saatler önce
Emirates like, "Oh shit Mr.Neistat is coming back, run the red carpet"
KendallRiteNow 13 saatler önce
I watched this video many times and always come back for another…
Andy T
Andy T 13 saatler önce
Carolyn Nigro
Carolyn Nigro 13 saatler önce
I raised my 17 year old son, all alone. He's my best friend. Soon, he won't need his mama anymore. This video was so touching.
chris moto
chris moto 13 saatler önce
Wet and wild I miss it
Vinícius Barreto - Tenha Ativos
Dear Casey.... You still killing it! Damn...i'm here like for..YEARS...And every video is a surprise...in a good way. Keep safe! *Tenha Ativos* ✔🚀
Elle 14 saatler önce
Dubai needs to get their money back, because the video is more about Casey and he does a mediocre attempt at promoting the museum.
Sayf Gaming
Sayf Gaming 14 saatler önce
Felipe Sanches
Felipe Sanches 14 saatler önce
damn - i really miss your videos being uploaded more frequently. love you, Casey
The Beaver
The Beaver 15 saatler önce
How to do access the secret entrance?
Zaid benriane
Zaid benriane 16 saatler önce
look at the Americans in the comments all sad like the government did do the attacks XD
a r friedman
a r friedman 16 saatler önce
That's awesome Ryan. Much success to you both.
Pypaut 17 saatler önce
0:40 i guess that macbook spent the night rendering hehe
Technical Youngster
Technical Youngster 18 saatler önce
BRAVOMIKE 76 18 saatler önce
Gun owner for OBAMA? Please explain that one, Casey...
Es Gee
Es Gee 19 saatler önce
rudy giuliani shaved in an airline lounge. can we judge?
Lidija Rajic
Lidija Rajic 20 saatler önce
It is too laut
Baller Kai
Baller Kai 21 saatler önce
Anyone here in 2022
kevin washington
kevin washington 22 saatler önce
But anybody can chime in…
kevin washington
kevin washington 22 saatler önce
Or get a laptop for my video games? I have the old video games CDs
kevin washington
kevin washington 22 saatler önce
Casey what do you think about… The omen 25L desktop PCGT 12-0124I brought it should I keep it and get a gamer laptop or keep this?