Trin Lovell
Trin Lovell
Trin Lovell
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i have bad taste in movies
9 aylar önce
hipuppy12345 3 saatler önce
Zendaya and Tom are this movie done 1000% better
Jay Caporusso
Jay Caporusso 4 saatler önce
absolutely amazing job on this video essay trin <3 hope to see more in the future!
Tennessee Beck
Tennessee Beck 5 saatler önce
i'm not kidding in the beginning i nearly screamed. i was wearing my over-the-ear noise cancelling headphones and that little "knock-knock" was SO CLOSE to my ears that i thought it was real omg omg
Sporer 5 saatler önce
LOOOOL as I was typing a comment praising you for not saying the cringe-inducing "buy-opic" you have a PSA about it!!! So good!!
Vivian Johnson
Vivian Johnson 5 saatler önce
wahoowa 23
wahoowa 23 6 saatler önce
Am I missing something? The Fabelmans isn't intended to be a biopic
LK 6 saatler önce
"Made with real fruit" is such a perfect comparison, holy shit. It might be technically true, but often wildly misleading and probably still overprocessed and bad for you! Just eat real fruit!
Scout Barton
Scout Barton 7 saatler önce
"made with real fruit" is such a good name for this!
Sisi 7 saatler önce
I’m a big defender of rocketman bc it’s supposed to be a subjective and warped version of reality. Also Elton John was the executive producer and came out with his book that year-it was pretty similar to the movie.
Sisi 7 saatler önce
I’m a big fan of I, Tonya but I’m not well versed in its history
Pauli 8 saatler önce
I truly believe that Rocketman is the best biopic and just a top tier movie! It’s so creative and visually gorgeous something that is very Elton-like. Mostly because Elton himself was a producer for the film. Which just goes to show that biopics work best when the one it is about is there to consent and write the truth. Also the movie is R rated because it didn’t shy away from the ugly truths of his life, because of this R rating it was robbed from winning any awards. Showing that they cared for telling Elton’s story rather than just making another bad cash grab. I could write and essay on the genius and beauty that is Rocketman <3
Samuel Barber
Samuel Barber 9 saatler önce
I think many of the best all time biopics from Goodfellas to Lawrence of Arabia to Schindler’s List are generally great because they aren’t really biopics, at least in the sense that they are conveying a true story, as much as they are conveying a character and a world. Schindler’s List is probably the best example out of this, since while it does put the focus on Schindler, a lot of the film is also dedicated to showing the wider world around him, with many a sequence set in the camps or in towns being ransacked etc. I think a problem with many biopics is they put the focus on the wrong place, true crime biopics especially. One of my favourite true crime films is David Fincher’s Zodiac, which puts the entire emphasis on the film on three men, Robert Graysmith, Paul Avery and Dave Toschi, who were primarily involved in the investigation and James Vanderbilt’s screenplay was based on Graysmith’s books. The titular killer is only depicted by nameless standins in brief scenes. The problem with most true crime biopics is that they aren’t the victims’ stories. They’re always about the killer and showing off the actor’s performance as the killer.
LK 10 saatler önce
I watched a Catching Fire reaction video the other day and Finnick retroactively became 1000 times hotter to me once I realized it's the same actor as Billy. I never got it before.
Shona Alannah
Shona Alannah 13 saatler önce
the amount of people I saw when this came out not understanding it's a campy satire of the possessed dolls trope irked me, like do we really need to spell it out now or can people use some critical thinking again
TequilaToothpick 17 saatler önce
I cannot stand biopics. They are either boring, pointless, whitewashing attempts, or wildly inaccurate. Above all, they are large problem is that if the person is too famous we already know their life- Nelson Mandela, Elvis, Elton etc. There are some I enjoy, and they are mostly about people I had never heard of before such as Catch Me if you Can, The Wolf of Wallstreet or Goodfellas... or Sound of Music I suppose.
TequilaToothpick 17 saatler önce
A 22 minute video about biopics with 'biopics' pronounced wrong lol.
jade 18 saatler önce
i feel like i need to log this on my letterboxd
One eyed Jeremy
One eyed Jeremy 19 saatler önce
At 17:22 he’s hanging himself
dildonius 19 saatler önce
14:00 Ok but I don’t think _The Fablemans_ was meant to be an actual biopic that accurately portrayed the objective reality of his childhood. Which is why it was called_The Fablemans_ and not _The Spielbergs._
dildonius 19 saatler önce
You said that the first biopic ever released on record was _Joan of Arc_ but the clip clearly stated the filum was called _Jean d’Arc._ So which is it?! Joan of Arc or Jay-On Dark?! 0/10 confirmed liar entire video disregarded + L + radio + i shidded nd fard so now mommy has to wipe me and lay out a new set of clothes for me so I’ll take my trophy and leave bye-bye!👋😄🏆 ✌️😁🫳🏆 🫵😀🫳🏆 🏃🏼💨
raya moira
raya moira 22 saatler önce
basically cultivation theory and third part effect theory
Viiv SYN
Viiv SYN 23 saatler önce
woah i am a derp, i clicked on this thinking it meant profile pics...
molly !
molly ! 23 saatler önce
this video really reminded me of the end of Barry lol, literally an example of how biopics can literally change history in the eyes of the audience by creating a fake hero in barry
Lauren Ashley
Lauren Ashley 23 saatler önce
The one biopic I truly loved was Bohemian Rhapsody. RIP Freddie Mercury ❤
Michaela Lee
Michaela Lee Gün önce
They had more sexual chemistry in knives out tbh
Angelica Camilo
Angelica Camilo Gün önce
You are 20 years old?????
Lexi M
Lexi M Gün önce
i feel like the allure of biopics is also already knowing the figure. the familiarity of the character makes it easier to be invested. you don’t need to establish as much because the audience already knows them
Diamond Gün önce
Interesting essay. I definitely agree that people love to hear the "based on a true story" tagline (me included), but I think they've gotten more popular recently because they *are* easy to make. Biopics, while they involve a lot of research, essentially have a template ready for directors and writers to use. They can always make whatever creative changes they want, and most people wouldn't know. It's hard for the actors because they have to figure out how to embody a real person in their performances; but the writers are basically copy/pasting true events into a script, with creative changes involved here and there. Studios also love to make biopics because (1) it's easy money and (2) they're afraid to make original movies because they don't know if they will perform well. With biopics, they can pick and choose from any number of stories and people they want; and they can keep sustainably doing that for as long as they want too. Edited for grammar
jenna Gün önce
I've seen many a biopic including The Social Network, My Friend Dahmer, Extremely Wicked Shockingly Evil and Vile, and The Bling Ring to name a few. I also watched the Dahmer series because I love Evan Peters, and somehow I never really thought about how the over-saturation of these stories would affect and hurt the families of the victims until after I already watched it. It especially upset me when I heard that the families didn't even know this was happening or that some of them were actually be depicted without their consent or knowledge. I cannot imagine having a limited series come out about my sibling's murderer and then myself being a character without me even knowing about it. It's just upsetting and honestly embarrassing that it took me until Dahmer to really see the harm. On another note, ever since the show You came out I've been more worried that violence against women would increase, and these biopics of murderers also aren't helping. Now I'm not saying that we should ban this "genre" all together but I just get terrified that people might get ideas from this type of media. And this is like a super side note but ever since Dahmer, Evan Peters has been seeming even more sad when he is in the media. Now obviously I don't know him personally and maybe he is actually totally fine and I'm just seeing things, but it almost feels like he has just become more low-spirited since working on that project. But if that is the case then honestly I couldn't blame him, playing such dark and evil characters (not just Dahmer but in AHS) must take a tole on you.
Gregg Hanson
Gregg Hanson Gün önce
Who is kid Cudi?
daisy Gün önce
i do agree with the true crime stiff and the popularity of this obsession with serial killers but this has been happening for years.
Lindsay Gün önce
Why did they take this job? They are A list. They didn’t need it.
aquamachine Gün önce
you forgot to include a segment in this essay about how fuckin cringe biopics are in general. that's the real crime here 😆
Grayson Owens
Grayson Owens Gün önce
This is just RED but bad.
Moonlit Gün önce
The only biopic I claim is Rocketman, Taron was robbed at the Oscars! Biopics about killers just shouldn’t be made. People with that Dahmer show was so disgusting! I refused to watch it but the fact people said it was good the show put pics of the victims faces when he was dying to remember not to feel sorry for him… I’M SORRY?! You needed reminding not to feel sorry for that monster?! Also okay he may of had a bad childhood but any sympathy for him goes out the window the first time he took someone’s life. Loads have bad childhoods but don’t do that. And that pizza place in America that made the “Dahmer” special for Halloween are vile.
Kayla Pearl
Kayla Pearl Gün önce
I do not watch the true crime biopics but I do watch true crime TRvid videos that are not insensitive in nature
Maddy Gün önce
I think any biopic focusing on a murderer is automatically unethical and shouldn't be made. Stuff like i, tonya Rocketman etc make sense and are incredible films that show other sides to a true story. We don't need to be fictionalizing murder
wiki Gün önce
I LOVE that you made this video, good for you on taking your time with it, its so well done. very proud and would love to see more videos like these!!!!
Shona Alannah
Shona Alannah Gün önce
For true crime, I think people are really becoming desensitized to it, e.g. women doing their makeup while telling a graphic story of a family massacre. There's a huge difference between documentaries and biopics, and I think for TC it should be left to documentaries. Not tv shows that will become meme templates that further shows the desensitsation of the world. I mean, fans were verbally harassing and attacking the victim's family's online saying "just don't watch it", as if Dahmer didn't have a big marketing billboard with his face on it. Biopics I think should be left for fictionalised characters, or focus on specific parts of one's life (If the George Michael one steers away from his music and goes into the public toilets territory, that'll be disgusting). We don't need to know specific parts of a person's life that we don't know, no matter how famous they were, if we didn't know them personally then we don't have the right to know personal details; the same way I don't know intimate details about the person walking on the opposite side of the road to me, or sitting next to me on the bus. People now feel this entitlement to know everything about famous people, despite most of them just deciding to be in the arts rather than academics that happens to make you a 'celebrity' even without your desire to be
Shona Alannah
Shona Alannah Gün önce
'Legend' with Tom Hardy had a scene towards the end where a joke was made, intended to be funny to audiences, about a real man that got killed (whose family is probably still alive today) by one of them--the victim being the butt of the joke, not the murderer, and that was the first time that I was like this is grotesque storytelling. I mean the film itself was bad: erasing both of their bisexuality to be simply one is gay and one is straight, fictionalising the assault of one of their wives when it was actually her brother irl that got assaulted by them, and just the entire film was the director/writer being able to show his admiration for violent murderers
Coco 1
Coco 1 Gün önce
I am interested in true crime (I won’t call myself a fan because that’s not really something you’d want to be a fan of necessarily) but I can’t seem to watch the films or shows depicting those crimes. Part of it (I think at least) is the detail that the filmmakers will include; it’s one thing listening to a podcast describe briefly what happened but it’s another thing to actually watch something so gruesome. I can watch fictional gory shows/films with no issues, but knowing that this was real and involved actual people…it’s something else entirely and makes me sick to my stomach. I remember hearing people say that they were “disappointed” at the “lack” of gore involved in Dahmer. I only watched the first 10 minutes so I can’t really comment on how gory it was or wasn’t, but statements like that really show how desensitised we have become thanks to the media and all of these true crime biopics. It doesn’t matter that the families of the victims (and the criminals’ families as well) are having to relive their trauma each time another show or movie is released, these people actually want MORE to have happened to these poor victims! It is beyond crazy to me. Not only that, these criminals are gaining more fans with each media release, which is even more surreal.
8th Gün önce
yeah there really isnt that much plot going on. still I enjoy the movie for the production value
Kel Gün önce
you should do a podcast talking about topics like these
Tiffany Kim
Tiffany Kim Gün önce
Is this a problem for me? No because I don't watch movies as much as I used too given that I'm too depressed half the time to enjoy them much less biopics. There's also the fact that Hollywood can barely do book adaptations correctly much less a biopic so you kind of have to take it with a grain of salt while watching those types of films overall. I am also not a big biopic fan so there's also that.
J J j j j
J J j j j Gün önce
This is an immaculate movie!!
jaja Gün önce
The thing that killed it the most for me was that they didn't have any chemistry it was so dead I thought I was waching casper the friendly ghost
Chia Allen
Chia Allen Gün önce
I love watching these and now im craving Trins thoughts on all the live action movies popping out lately
dora okeke
dora okeke Gün önce
Noooooo, I’m glad I’m not the only one who was reminded of the movie ADORATION, while watching the movie 😭😭😭😭
Midnight Anxiety
Midnight Anxiety Gün önce
I think you should do a video where you recommend films based on someone’s favourite list
dora okeke
dora okeke Gün önce
Unpopular opinion: I don’t think that belly and Jeremiah have much chemistry and I think people most root for him cuz his pretty… 👀. Y’all don’t shoot me 😭😭
NayeonVFX Gün önce
21:29 This may sound like it’s a joke but it’s not! Witches can only cause havoc in someone’s life if they have seen certain demonic things! Also that’s how demon work, if you are watching a lot of stuff about witchcraft and demonic stuff that opens doors so that demons can come into your life and cause chaos and havoc.