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Hi, I’m Zoë aka Munchi, a 19 year old college student majoring in media currently living in Europe! I like existing quietly and featuring those moments in my video's. Feel free to check in on a new video every week!🤍

🌷 instagram: @munchi.official
📩 business inquiries: munchi.official@outlook.com
july_toffee 23 dakika önce
not so fun fun fact about "no longer human": the author Omasu Dazai was inspiration for a character in the anime "Bungo stray dogs" (maybe you know that "ahhhh Dazai" audio from tiktok lmao) and was actually highly suicidal and drowned himself at the age of 38 I think. so it's not too far off that "No Longer Human" is actually a form of his own diary.. I love your vlogs and it's very weird how the books we read sync up again lmao
Gd_rinchen 34 dakika önce
Your videos really innovates me to terminate my homework’s guess I don’t have to procrastinate anymore 😊
Matanat Alıyeva
Matanat Alıyeva 51 dakika önce
Hey munchi! Congratulations with new headphones. Just wanted to say something real quixk that I've recently read a quora post about one guy who used his noise cancelling headphones almost every and all day and ended up with something bad in the end. Don't remember what it was in detail but he had some sizzling (?) as a result. Went through quora to find it but couldn't. If I do, I'll add a link to the post for sure. It's not curable so take care of yourself, try not to use them a kot. Give your eads break.
horain rana
horain rana Saatler önce
Another amazing vlog, Really motivated with you vlog and productivity and your dependent behaviour I also want to do such things please guide me.....too
Duchess Saatler önce
At the end of the video when she said "straighten your back and drink so water" I did it on command without thinking 😅
maria lopes
maria lopes Saatler önce
your vlogs are always amazing it's so inspirational <3
Laura Pereyra
Laura Pereyra Saatler önce
love all your videos they are so inspiring
Nana’s Corner 🪴
Nana’s Corner 🪴 2 saatler önce
Hi Zoe/Munchi I really really love your channel I binge watch you every night!! :) I just want to say that you really deserve your subs and please reply also what’s the app you use for your flash cards?
Reyhan Yilmaz
Reyhan Yilmaz 2 saatler önce
Spreek je ook Nederlands💞
Kehansa Warnajith
Kehansa Warnajith 2 saatler önce
Your videos really really encourage me to study. Studying is nt my thing but seeing these videos of ur's really help me in many ways like in studying, keeping my room clean and to appreciate the lil things in life. Thank you soo much.
Sofie Lillenes
Sofie Lillenes 2 saatler önce
I literally just bought the same exact headset in black and I love it too!! the noise cancelling is surreal and the bag it comes in is so nice🤍✨
Drew lyford
Drew lyford 2 saatler önce
hey does anyone know of a studying discord for uni students?
Yassmine Amazir
Yassmine Amazir 2 saatler önce
i_ love you
IT's LaRa CaRo
IT's LaRa CaRo 2 saatler önce
Ozai Mehr
Ozai Mehr 3 saatler önce
This vid is going to be my motivation for the rest of the year.
CHARU LATA 3 saatler önce
Dude as a small youtuber, your videos inspire me so much. Literally try so hard but cant make videos as aesthetically pleasing as yours.
yelene wind
yelene wind 3 saatler önce
Omg I love the vibes! I'm going to subscribe ♡♡ One question: where did you buy the scarf?
moonchild 3 saatler önce
Honestly, you are soooo pretty 🙃 + very calming, love ur vids btw :)
Zaynab Syed
Zaynab Syed 4 saatler önce
your style--
Zaynab Syed
Zaynab Syed 4 saatler önce
Suri ✨🍄
Suri ✨🍄 4 saatler önce
I love how she edits it makes it so calming & relaxing love your vids munchi 🍄<3
Miya 4 saatler önce
When you said “college is the only thing that’s hold me back” I felt that in my SOUL
pastelsnickel 4 saatler önce
your vids bring me so much comfort <3
milkarobloxer2022 4 saatler önce
Я одна тут русская
Divi Aesthetics
Divi Aesthetics 4 saatler önce
I felt that when you were like you've been indoors for weeks and you're comfortable but at the same time you're craving to go out. I live in NYC There's so many things that stops me like the virus is still out there, the weather is super cold and what will i do alone because all of my friends are busy or in a different state for holiday. sometimes i just want to go on a mini date with myself to a coffee shop or bookstore or grab a snack but I've tried to be okay with being alone and doing things alone i just get so many stares from people with their friends that it really discourages me lol introvert things i guess but i won't give up!! Loved watching this vlog it's giving me the motivation to get up from my bed to at least sit on my desk and do something.
mochi diary
mochi diary 4 saatler önce
Hi Munchi! 🌱 Thank You so much for always giving us the healing vibe from your videos, really is calming me and helped me somehow to take a deep breath since I am sick today. Love, your lil munchkin. 💚
Blackpink Fan
Blackpink Fan 5 saatler önce
Omg where did you get the to do list pad please reply
Blackpink Fan
Blackpink Fan 5 saatler önce
Ohh my god 😍 your so aesthetic and awesome your my inspiration to start reading 📚
♡ heart
♡ heart 5 saatler önce
dazm moheid
dazm moheid 5 saatler önce
I just discovered your channel and girl I am hooked already, Luv your videos