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Stewart Damien
Stewart Damien 40 saniye önce
intentional or not Shawn Michaels elimination added perfectly to his arc of being so desperate to end Undertakers streak he went kind of heel-ish attacking refs his friend Triple H which was perfect for the build up video for Wrestlemania 26
Dave 007
Dave 007 8 dakika önce
Damn ! When Alex Riley gonna tell us the real story on the heat with cena ?!?
gwenniegwen82 13 dakika önce
Nah I think that the shawn elimination was intentional.
Chosenism 16 dakika önce
Chosenism 15 dakika önce
Ps: sarcasm.
Samuel Johnson
Samuel Johnson 16 dakika önce
He is sensitive 😂
Anthony Hardy
Anthony Hardy 20 dakika önce
Riese 1979
Riese 1979 26 dakika önce
Simon Dirtshiety again. Skip To 1:00
Fear Dat D
Fear Dat D 28 dakika önce
damn, my angsty late teen self would have loved to see a gothic sable.
Nick Brennan
Nick Brennan 32 dakika önce
Technically, Vince blew one quad just by hitting the apron, and the other one gave when he tried to stand up, but it's forgivable, as they were literally just a couple seconds apart.
logan kerr
logan kerr 39 dakika önce
kudos for Cena and the refs going with it
Scottie Hicks
Scottie Hicks 39 dakika önce
Lol the wig killing me 😂
K.james Carters
K.james Carters 39 dakika önce
I remember great khali twice climbing over the top rope in a battle royale....and apart from Jerry getting excited and asking if anyone has seen it, they just ignored it and carried on 😂 not a rumble but it’s mental all the same
Jore_Scott 40 dakika önce
Part of me goes “Jericho is making it up to sell a book” other part replies “uhh hey remember it’s Vince “
Tomahawk Omega
Tomahawk Omega 41 dakika önce
Take off the hoodie and force flex again
Frankie Sosa
Frankie Sosa 42 dakika önce
Simon looks like Carlito with the wig....
ZootedBeaver 43 dakika önce
Simon looking real jacked baby
No Name
No Name 45 dakika önce
Ssssssshhhhhh. You awful little man
AWZtheMusical 47 dakika önce
Meat With PMS A Hole cover band
H OC 48 dakika önce
cena pushed riley off deliberately.
CynicalCzech 53 dakika önce
More Jules, please. His positive attitude gets me over the humps quite often
TheRealSneakers 56 dakika önce
Oh snap! where;d simon go? I turned away to pick something up, heard a snap, looked up and this other bloke was now talking..I see they got him back later in the video.
Hayden The quiet kid
Hayden The quiet kid 58 dakika önce
😂the papa pump one got me with the grappling match.
Jaden Lewis
Jaden Lewis 58 dakika önce
Bald asshole lmao jk
x Rokai
x Rokai Saatler önce
Copy paste?
Grant Gardner
Grant Gardner Saatler önce
Michaels' elimination is my favorite elimination from one of my favorite Rumble matches. Accident or not, he sold that shit great.
crazy marv
crazy marv Saatler önce
Its only brays idea
dave V
dave V Saatler önce
Shawn is the type of worker to make his elimination look accidental to make you think it was real. To make it all look legit.
Terentius Brunneis
Terentius Brunneis Saatler önce
Am I the only person who wants a Vampiro vs Jericho match now besides Vampiro
Terentius Brunneis
Terentius Brunneis 11 dakika önce
@Matheus Arruda me too but after hearing Vampiro on chirs van the other day I wanna see it now.. thier would be real heat in the match and that's something we dont get much of anymore
Matheus Arruda
Matheus Arruda 56 dakika önce
I think Vampiro vs Pentagón Jr was too good of a finale for his career to pass up, so I'd rather that stood as his gran finale. Although I'd be more on-board if they went the way of a four-way feud (Vampiro and Pentagón Jr vs Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara, two drastically opposite sets of master and apprentice fighting one another).
Diego Cruz
Diego Cruz Saatler önce
Yooo Johnny sins
Darth Monkey Ballz
Darth Monkey Ballz Saatler önce
At least we got good ol positive Jules! He's a sweetie and got stuffed in this dog shit lol. But yes more shorts with Jules I'd say it's a god thing bc no matter how left field they r, positive Jules can make it positively awesome👍
The Locust God
The Locust God Saatler önce
“Why isn’t he in jail?” These are questions, you don’t have to ask. Cuz wrestling, ain’t real. 👈
Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson Saatler önce
Had to give ya a down for the thumbnail, the HBK elimination was totally intentional.
Rory Halpin
Rory Halpin Saatler önce
Grow up, it’s a joke
Alegeniale Saatler önce
Everyone: Mil Máscaras Simon: Mil Mascáras
Julio Velazco
Julio Velazco Saatler önce
HBK WAS supposed to win, and then go 'Career versus Championship' against Taker at that years Mania, instead, they had HBK interfere in elimination chamber and cost Taker the match/championship against Jericho. Then, work Taker behind 'outraged' that he was cost the match decided to accept HBK's challenge for a rematch. I remember watching it and when Batista eliminated him, commentary went quiet, the wrestlers pretty much stopped the action while Batista and Shawn started at one another. Shawn tells 'you gotta be KIDDING ME!!!" as some refs are seen instructing remaining wrestlers to what I assume is the new finish.
AJ Mainiac
AJ Mainiac Saatler önce
Alex Riley elimination was hilarious. Good thing Miz improvised.
Gabriel Vargas
Gabriel Vargas Saatler önce
6:53 that is way too much to suspend my disbelief
Justin Shields
Justin Shields Saatler önce
Kris kanyon
Chris Rockey
Chris Rockey Saatler önce
I like the idea. Someone should try it
Lorenzo Goode
Lorenzo Goode Saatler önce
Crazy thing is people were booing Charlotte before Rhonda then all sudden they cheer her in the SS match only to boo her a week later. Pretty much why you should never listen to the crowd.
Brayan Herrera
Brayan Herrera Saatler önce
Daniel Bryan is sooo up there
Pakliuvom II
Pakliuvom II Saatler önce
With that wig Simon looks like a white pimp in 1973 Detroit.
Vagabond Repertory Theater Company
Regarding Steve Austin's elimination: IIRC, on commentary, at one point you heard Mr. Perfect go "What happened to The Ringmaster?" Cue Vince stammering and not sure what to say, as, of course, Steve was long gone.
David Ranallo
David Ranallo Saatler önce
more Jules!
Chives Cucumber
Chives Cucumber Saatler önce
What a list! It’s not like Wrestlelamia made the same exact list 2 years ago!!!!
ScottyGrayskull Saatler önce
You hear stories about how Randy Savage meticulously plans out all his matches, so I could see a Royal Rumble match messing with him.
liam the legend
liam the legend Saatler önce
Do a top 10 shit whatculture top 10's!
Nemesick TV
Nemesick TV Saatler önce
Funny More Quizes please.
Richie McCollom
Richie McCollom Saatler önce
surprise Cena fucks someone over
Land of the Dread Heads
Wow Vince really is an idiot
Sean Perkins
Sean Perkins Saatler önce
Wheres the "Your Mum" pun Jules?!?! I need it!!!!!
Josh Freerks
Josh Freerks Saatler önce
So if you have to be physically thrown over the top in order to be eliminated, is Drew Carey then the longest lasting Rumble participant in history?
BJ Young
BJ Young Saatler önce
Lorenzo Goode
Lorenzo Goode Saatler önce
The Undertaker and Sable? Hmmmm. That actually doesn't sound bad at all. Really could of worked given the climate at the time
NightmareEntity Saatler önce
Shawn Michaels got eliminated in 1996 so technically disael(Kevin Nash) was the winner Vader eliminated Shawn and a few others but apparently it didn’t count yet it counts for every other rumble ie big show eliminated undertaker in 2009 after he was already eliminated
Robert Shulenberger
Robert Shulenberger Saatler önce
I knew Shawn Michaels was NOT meant to be eliminated from the 2010 Royal Rumble.. I always thought it was supposed to be Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels for the World Heavyweight Championship Title at WrestleMania 26.. I KNEW IT !!! In the 2005 Royal Rumble to my understanding Mr McMahon tore both his quads
Terven James
Terven James Saatler önce
Your wrestling is sloppy
liam hirst
liam hirst Saatler önce
The Shawn one was planned
EnMaMu14 Saatler önce
yeah you are right. That guy just needed a controversial one
Killer Gamer
Killer Gamer 2 saatler önce
1 shes not called charlotte she is called ashley, and really having a dig atsomeones kids?
Ruhul Chowdhury
Ruhul Chowdhury 2 saatler önce
Johnny Sins with hair
Seann Borba
Seann Borba 2 saatler önce
Simon with hair is scary butt I like it lol
Christopher Faith
Christopher Faith 2 saatler önce
School kids... great reference
Darth Ramious
Darth Ramious 2 saatler önce
Simon Miller: "Don't know why we don't do this anymore. WWE should just listen to the fans and just run with things as they happen." Meanwhile, in 2019 we got Kofi Mania, Becky Lynch winning the WM main event, Buddy Murphy getting an impromptu match with Roman Reigns leading to a featured spot on RAW...
Dumb smarks reporting something that they don't even know is true. Fucking retards.
ProStock 78
ProStock 78 2 saatler önce
Ah Kevin keegan
Jon the Jinn
Jon the Jinn 2 saatler önce
“...some star me! I’m always bald.” Don’t ever change.
Logan Productions
Logan Productions 2 saatler önce
Y'know, Rumble 2005 they could've just gone "Well Cena and Batista are going to WrestleMania now." It would've saved a what, two month long headache of having Cena go through a tournament to earn a shot anyway?
thedman0310 2 saatler önce
Simon with hair looks a lot like esteemed journalist Phillip N. Marx
Natanael Gutierrez
Natanael Gutierrez 2 saatler önce
I went to the restroom during middle of Drew and Roman
WithFearGaming 2 saatler önce
Are their any pictures of Simon with hair? 🤔
Furi 2 saatler önce
Simon, did you forget the Fiend took Kane out several months back? Could also be the "never forgets" reference.
Captain_Pudding 2 saatler önce
Ah yes, the 1993 Rumble. The one where the guy you were pushing as your next world champion was so blown up that Savage had to eliminate himself. Those steroid trials sure made for interesting TV
richcall1001 2 saatler önce
I love the Rumble. The one I look forward too every year. In my opinion the best PPV.
Brenton Taylor
Brenton Taylor 2 saatler önce
I've seen Simon bald for so long now that Simon with hair is a cursed image
badmoon Rising
badmoon Rising 2 saatler önce
Batista vs cena was 100% a work, it totally was meant to happen, look at the corny raising of the arms by the ref and that guy in blue, they just nailed it when both landing at the same time
Francois Edwards
Francois Edwards 2 saatler önce
Don't forget whoever comes out at number 14 will leave WWE
Francois Edwards
Francois Edwards Saatler önce
@Super Saiyan Blue 3 My bad u right
Super Saiyan Blue 3
Super Saiyan Blue 3 Saatler önce
Francois Edwards it’s number 14 not 13
Shreyabh Sen
Shreyabh Sen 2 saatler önce
Batista Cena botch was awesome It did a build a great drama
Unholy Periodza
Unholy Periodza 2 saatler önce
2017 Roman Reigns wasn't supposed to be eliminated, But Braun Stroman threwed him out making Randy Orton the winner.
Shreyabh Sen
Shreyabh Sen 2 saatler önce
500th like
James smith
James smith 2 saatler önce
Send Jazzy to Impact or AEW if she's willing to work in the states because they would use her
thelinedrive 12 dakika önce
I think the reason she was with NXT UK was because she didn’t have to relocate to the states like she did for impact.
Napalm Blaziken
Napalm Blaziken 2 saatler önce
Simon is literally the only reason I keep coming back.
mark lister
mark lister 2 saatler önce
What about the time when stonecold was eliminated then just simply ran back in and ended up winning despite already being eliminated
Jay2Play 2 saatler önce
Storyline dude...
Sergio Vasquez
Sergio Vasquez 2 saatler önce
I looked away for a bit then looked back and see Simon with hair
Andeddu 2 saatler önce
I don't know why but when Simon appeared with a wig my mind instantly thought of that great reporter in Kayfabe News. No offense to Mr. Marx, whose hair is beautiful, and Simon's just a ridiculous wig.
Eddie Nyagah
Eddie Nyagah 2 saatler önce
You need to listen to Edge narrate that whole 'Vince McMahon tearing his quads' story on inside the ropes. It's the funniest thing you'll ever hear 😂😂😂
Meir Nissim
Meir Nissim 2 saatler önce
McMahon tore 1 quad climbing in the ring & the other quad trying to walk to the back
Andreas Wiesheu
Andreas Wiesheu 2 saatler önce
I still think the Refeeres just fucked up with Mil Massacras - he stepped between the ropes to the apron and climbed the top rope from the outside, so he never went over the top rope - so he hasnt eleminated himself - just the refs didnt let him back in ....
That boy G
That boy G 2 saatler önce
I thought you where 34
Shawn Wegner
Shawn Wegner 2 saatler önce
Vine has to quite and let someone out side wrestling do it
Ian Smith
Ian Smith 2 saatler önce
I could be completely wrong but didn’t Adam Rose grease slip over the top rope? It looked like a botch.
Jetman80 2 saatler önce
Mil is an egotistical tool bag
MrRiddler6 2 saatler önce
I'm surprised Shawn Michaels being eliminated by Vader in 1996 wasn't on this and the 10 things WWE want you to forget about the Royal Rumble, check this out. in 1996 Shawn Michaels come in and eliminates both Vader and Yokozuna at the same time. Vader being mad about this (since they were feeding at this time) came back in the lifted shawn up and threw him over the top rope one to the floor. After this Shawn was surprisingly allowed to go back to the ring and continue he match match like nothing happened. which is even weird since Shawn would go on to win the rumble. eliminations like this before and after this were ruled the same, no matter if there person is in the match or not if they eliminate someone for the match , they are also eliminated .
Dallas Sylvestre
Dallas Sylvestre 2 saatler önce
Angle just looked like a proud dad with Ambrose and Rollins
Vithun Illankovan
Vithun Illankovan 2 saatler önce
Gareth is my new fave ;-)
mind s
mind s 2 saatler önce
All the other videos you made on this subject are in my recommendation
Chris Delinquent
Chris Delinquent 2 saatler önce
666th comment, also William Regal should be on here.
XI_AT 2 saatler önce
Did that man just make a hockey reference?
DEREK SMITH 2 saatler önce
We’re getting to the point of law of diminishing returns when it comes to WhatCulture mentioning Royal Rumble 2005...
Nikolas Johnson
Nikolas Johnson 2 saatler önce
That, the Montreal Screwjob, JBL attacking the Blue Meanie, and Undertaker vs Mankind should just be retired at this point.
Mc Arthur
Mc Arthur 2 saatler önce
😂😂😂😂 Simon has to see this comment.
Saleem Hawkins
Saleem Hawkins 2 saatler önce
Simon says its getting all Mary Poppins up here in this house.. On cue Mary Poppins ad pops up at the bottom of my screen.... Just Beautiful👌👌👌
Robert Matthews
Robert Matthews 2 saatler önce
Vote for Simon today to get him in Retro Mania wrestling game. Can vote 3 times