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We Made up
7 aylar önce
Apes Together Strong!
10 aylar önce
androsh 2 dakika önce
At first it, Mouse freaking out about someone seeing her PC seemed like an overreaction, but then I remembered that she doesn't leave her room, so her PC is as private as it gets for her. Connor letting her look at his PC first is such a good move.
Nameless 3 dakika önce
Conner with a beard looks like Jamie Dornan
mr question
mr question 8 dakika önce
I love the Videos with mouse 🤣👌🏼
Drakili 9 dakika önce
This was such a nice and heartwarming video. Love watching you two just hang out and have fun.
Ireneusz Swierczynski
Ireneusz Swierczynski 11 dakika önce
I'm so proud of ironmonkeyva 😭😭😭
Eggroll 13 dakika önce
Of course I adore the new connordawg as usual lmao. Great stream today btw, thanks for scamming me out of my channel points because you were inhaling so much copium with jump king
To Those Who May Be Concerned
Mousy has 2 moods: Fuck you and Cute as Fuck. no inbetween.
Stevonicus 17 dakika önce
I drank multiple glasses of champagne at the Millennium New Year's Eve when I was 8.
BlazinBro786 20 dakika önce
I love Connor's editor 😂
RuisukagePR 22 dakika önce
Statistics of a murdered watching you is even higher because of Mouses location
Madi Talgat
Madi Talgat 23 dakika önce
I was pissing myself laughing at 9:42 for some reason. Mudan is such a great editor
gigitrix 24 dakika önce
Connor "Hackerman" Colquhoun installs a tungsten RAT
Jacob Richter
Jacob Richter 24 dakika önce
So I just discovered this adorable pair yesterday, can someone lmk what his stream schedule is?
random 27 dakika önce
Ah yes Ironmouse and her wonderful stories...
soul keeper
soul keeper 27 dakika önce
I swear Connor and mouse sound like a little and older cousin
Pondering 30 dakika önce
Just watching this tsundere relationship progress.
BladeatronVods 30 dakika önce
What was that link you used to get remote access to Mouse's pc? Seems useful for my friends that can't work their stuff.
jj 32 dakika önce
Anyone Know What Microphone Connor is Using?
Mr. Kasshu
Mr. Kasshu 32 dakika önce
This a reupload?
Mr. Kasshu
Mr. Kasshu 33 dakika önce
Mouse has windows? I thought she lived in a giant hamster ball or something.
Alfred Shell
Alfred Shell 33 dakika önce
I remember a storm knocking over a 2 foot thick trunk tree right onto the convertible top of an oldet BMW. Probably totaled it as the doors and seats got smashed XD
RPG Mafia
RPG Mafia 34 dakika önce
secret santa shoots you with silenced pistol to reduce every evadance evedance? wtf idk
Gamersunite 38 dakika önce
I'm so excited for next weeks stream
ליאור זאוברמן
does anybody know what is the name of the outro
Austin Nunez
Austin Nunez 42 dakika önce
Please where can i get that sweater ive been wanting it since he wore it on trash taste
A.J. G0ld3n
A.J. G0ld3n 43 dakika önce
I love mouse talking shiz on his mess but freaks out when judged by her PC organization xD
Burrito_Slap 47 dakika önce
Good edits, as alwa... yo there's a new editor in the house!
Shadowolf 49 dakika önce
New editor did a great job!!!
Rhys Ascart
Rhys Ascart 50 dakika önce
You used Ironmouse on the title... The views dude... Remember "Vtuber" hack.
tecktonalex 51 dakika önce
Day 1 of saying hello to Mudan