Stuff Made Here
Stuff Made Here
Stuff Made Here
Abone ol
I've been building things for as long as I can remember. It all started when my dad exposed me to plastic model building and soldering when I was around 4 years old. That set me on a path to building increasingly complex things and becoming an engineer. My goal is to do the same for as many people as possible by exposing them to the joy of engineering, fabricating and creating things out of nothing. If I'm lucky a few people may become engineers, which would be great for the world. Engineering is awesome.

Cristian Dan Erdei
Cristian Dan Erdei 20 saatler önce
where is joe rogan😂😂
VV FR 20 saatler önce
Dude part 2 is gonna be the greatest thing in my life
Anthony Jaghab
Anthony Jaghab 21 saatler önce
2:37 What game is this sound effect from?
Venaloid 21 saatler önce
Simone Giertz needs to see this lol.
RockyDog271 21 saatler önce
0:56 I would die inside if I saw any of my stuff do that
Please make a machine that can take a shower automatically.
Riisez 22 saatler önce
Yo, dog, I heard you like gantries so I put a gantry in your gantry so you can move your gantry while you move your gantry.
I SEE You 22 saatler önce
B B 23 saatler önce
You could have just flipped the puzzle upside down to make it white
deemon710 23 saatler önce
What's language is your code written in?
Mongoose Tacticool
"Hey darling, I bought us a puzzle for this evening!" "Hold my beer."
Riisez Gün önce
10:20 😂 I can't with you.
Chris Myhle
Chris Myhle Gün önce
This dude says "So easy", I don't believe him :i
Mike Smith
Mike Smith Gün önce
You da man
masterpig5 S
masterpig5 S Gün önce
15:19 but actually a bit before. I was trying to come up with ideas that are this sentence. A robot or algorithm that puts shredding back together. Me thinking is dangerous. Hmm. No. I’m not making this.
Jeremy Stansell
Jeremy Stansell Gün önce
Good Brilliant pitch! I've heard other commentators mention Brilliant but it always sounds the same as every other "teach yourself some stuff" app out there; I feel like you gave me information on your pitch that I hadn't heard before, like that Brilliant breaks down super complex topics like quantum mechanics into easy lessons with exercises. I'm not sure what was different about your pitch because I'm pretty sure I knew that Brilliant had complex topics and exercises, but you seem to have configured the pitch in a way that I haven't heard before. So +1 to the referral from me, thanks. Also cool puzzle machine, you legit make me want to quit Amazon at 35 and learn engineering.
Caddy Shack
Caddy Shack Gün önce
Please design a funny firearm
CvD Gün önce
This is Bryson's end goal...
Anthony Luangphasi
Dude, I have an engineering degree and I feel like a pre-schooler watching this guy, hes a genius.
Jameson Gün önce
do the self-aiming gun
MMYLDZ Gün önce
This man wil literally create a reverse air hockey table instead of programming in acceleration curves.
rik puts
rik puts Gün önce
Great video man, I love how you sometimes go into detail a bit more. For example with the multiplexing, I learnt that in school but never imagined you could do such cool things with it!
Arth Dev
Arth Dev Gün önce
I really really wanted to subscribe to KiwiCo so i could not only support you but learn more about engineering and science. Sadly they dont ship to my country. Even my mother wanted one lol!
Shrek Gün önce
storkstork Gün önce
i like the audio editing of this video. thank you for these great videos.
Martin 87
Martin 87 Gün önce
orilevi7 Gün önce
3:10That was the simplest explantion of the Venturi effect I have ever heard.
sabotage151 Gün önce
Great job on the hoop!
Turalcar Gün önce
5:03 because "B" is for "blue"
Michael B
Michael B Gün önce
Did you switch from Matlab to python?