Westen Champlin
Westen Champlin
Westen Champlin
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My name's Westen. We make videos and have fun doing so.
We Found the Thief
5 aylar önce
Amauri Wilson
Amauri Wilson 14 saatler önce
West_jayson 15 saatler önce
Definitely don’t twin turbo
Gustav kanstrup
Gustav kanstrup 15 saatler önce
drag blower
Sam 16 saatler önce
Jorge Gonzalez
Jorge Gonzalez 16 saatler önce
Yep amazing.
SCUFFED !! 16 saatler önce
"Day 24" I about died 🤣
Andrew Parr
Andrew Parr 16 saatler önce
do all three it would be amazing
Dimpy Singh
Dimpy Singh 16 saatler önce
I m watch ing for ford
Jett Alanis
Jett Alanis 16 saatler önce
Do the same thing you did with the hellcat, and do the supercharger and the turbos
Landon Smallwood
Landon Smallwood 16 saatler önce
Anyone notice by the interior that it’s not a 2005 ranger
Kalii Musik
Kalii Musik 16 saatler önce
Diffusemango 68
Diffusemango 68 16 saatler önce
Engine swap Jerry’s truck
Connor's Farm Adventures
Connor's Farm Adventures 17 saatler önce
put the twin turbos on and put the superchargers on and the nos on and the go around racing sports cars
Guxxtxvoo 17 saatler önce
I just discovered this guy and I love how he’s so happy in this video and honestly it’s contagious
Stun 17 saatler önce
Put the new chevy engine in it 634/1000 big block
Jesus Yanez
Jesus Yanez 17 saatler önce
I think maybe you should actually tie your helmet to your head safety first !!!
Syberiandoorknocker 18 saatler önce
When did kansas become mexico
Tanya Hill
Tanya Hill 18 saatler önce
Ford Barra
Tanya Hill
Tanya Hill 18 saatler önce
Find a full power red top then made in Australia Combine the to together You will have The worlds best for the fricking Ranger
Anubis Mustangs
Anubis Mustangs 18 saatler önce
I want to see all 3 😏😏😏
Geert Sturm
Geert Sturm 18 saatler önce
how is the ford TW tractor doing ?
Jeremiah Witvoet
Jeremiah Witvoet 19 saatler önce
go on podcast with cboys TV
danielle harrison
danielle harrison 19 saatler önce
devil: how much horsepower do ya want western:yes
Geert Sturm
Geert Sturm 20 saatler önce
canadia, the herb centre
Skiddy Bennett
Skiddy Bennett 20 saatler önce
Only way to make a Ford faster is put a Chevy engine in it
John Schmidt
John Schmidt 20 saatler önce
Truckntools 21 saatler önce
15 sec 14 mile
The Daily Vlogs /random videos
Wanna explain why it’s only two seconds faster then my Tahoe ?
pl topper
pl topper 23 saatler önce
i like lolys
Terry Walls
Terry Walls 23 saatler önce
Put it all on mad scientist westen
pl topper
pl topper Gün önce
it's a blue one they are all good
twitch twitch
twitch twitch Gün önce
do some crazy mods to a PT Cruiser hahahahaha. Lift itttttttt
Lane Smith_17
Lane Smith_17 Gün önce
how about all of it?👀
Nathan Kelley
Nathan Kelley Gün önce
All of it
Apex Gün önce
westen is like 13 feet away from the cameraman
Tom Hogan
Tom Hogan Gün önce
All parts
mtnmike Walters
mtnmike Walters Gün önce
Needs to go out of Corvette chassis
Bexrloy Gün önce
What exhaust is this?
Charlie Castille
Charlie Castille Gün önce
Pro charger
Sheldon Neugebauer
Son Of Kylo Ren
Son Of Kylo Ren Gün önce
Why choose, just fucking send it bro!
40 Cetane
40 Cetane Gün önce
Keep the truck project content coming
Jessica G
Jessica G Gün önce
This is rubber duck
julio castro
julio castro Gün önce
Inside an air conditioned RV hat and sunglasses in a roofless no windshield humvee no cap no sunglasses, why???
Jacy Braun
Jacy Braun Gün önce
Both!!!!! Plus the rocket!!!
HB Steury Puget Sound
that forklift either has a mazda 2.3 or a gm 3.0, half a 5.7 small block. decent boat motor
Toaster Fwend
Toaster Fwend Gün önce
Rear mount turbo. With nitrous
Joe Elliott
Joe Elliott Gün önce
HB Steury Puget Sound
this dude might love my custom 4x4 aerostar cargo coupe more than i do.
Noah DEgando
Noah DEgando Gün önce
wheres the 4x4 charger
Daniel Garcia
Daniel Garcia Gün önce
Twin turbo
Moses Perry
Moses Perry Gün önce
Put all of it in there
Michael DonGotti Locklear💰
Someone needs to do one with a coyote twin turbo
Cameron Willis
Cameron Willis Gün önce
Put all three in it
😂😂😂what did I just find. twin turbo that DANGER RANGER 😂😂hahaha golden
Fluid Mike
Fluid Mike Gün önce
I wonder if he knows about twin charging 😎
dream dawn
dream dawn Gün önce
That is the same engine that is in my family’s tahoe
Suwannee Boii1323
Manuel Rodriguez
Manuel Rodriguez Gün önce
Been here done this but with a big turbo. Have fun with the build.
Landon Duncan
Landon Duncan Gün önce
Twin turbos with a nitrous kit
Nate Venus
Nate Venus Gün önce
Do all three… Twin Turbo, Supercharged on NOS
Chris Diego
Chris Diego Gün önce
Imagine a ranger with a 5.0 and 10 speed
protogamer2k Gün önce
twincharge it
Chris Diego
Chris Diego Gün önce
So sad its not a 5.0
Chance Davis
Chance Davis Gün önce
Dont call it go go juice call it good morning juice its a better saying
Brian Smith
Brian Smith Gün önce
That's a purdy Ranger. It might be a 2005, but it has the 2006 + mirrors and a 1998-2000 steering wheel and a 1998-2003 gauge cluster. Damn, they really Frankensteined that thing together.
David Rojas
David Rojas Gün önce
Twin turbo
John And Jacks Channel
help us
Johnathan S
Johnathan S Gün önce
Braxton Starkey
Braxton Starkey Gün önce
All three
wildeye billy
wildeye billy Gün önce
I work on these for a living they can be cool af but alot of modifications need done sorry man wish I was there to fix it for ya
frank Mo
frank Mo Gün önce
You're telling ford to put a Chevy engine priceless.🤣🤣🤯