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CODY KO is an actor/comedian/TRvidr/podcaster/SoundCloud rapper/internet badboy based in Venice, CA. He speaks in several podcasts and makes comedy videos on TRvid, some of his most popular videos being his commentary on funny things he finds on Instagram.
Vape Hot Box 2??
6 gün önce
Aylar önce
The Kombucha King
6 aylar önce
i'm a cyber bully
6 aylar önce
Fitness Comedy
9 aylar önce
good news :)
11 aylar önce
bad news :(
11 aylar önce
11 aylar önce
5 Min Crafts
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My mistake...
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2017 In Review
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Googling myself
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2 yıl önce
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Our first time...
2 yıl önce
2 yıl önce
Yuubi Z
Yuubi Z 43 saniye önce
"Nobody Likes you when you're 28" - Has 4.08M subscribers.
Katie Paolillo
Katie Paolillo Dakika önce
hi unrelated but cody if you're seeing this, please make a video about Harry Styles' Adore Me music video
shaydee313 Dakika önce
Gaslighting is not okay. Fake gaslighting is just fucking stupid.
teagan t
teagan t Dakika önce
december 2019 and still no uncensored noel jokes😖
Dyll fr
Dyll fr 2 dakika önce
He looked like he was busting some nuts
Ava Grace
Ava Grace 2 dakika önce
why does their neighborhood look like the one in the cat in the hat
Diana Fronsdahl
Diana Fronsdahl 2 dakika önce
I /got /a /text! 🇬🇧💂‍♂️
Maddie B.
Maddie B. 3 dakika önce
Is this what kids watch on youtube now? When I was a kid I watched minecraft videos..
Gurosama Bltch
Gurosama Bltch 3 dakika önce
9:38 holy shit, exactly as he snapped and pointed up I got a notification from PewDiePie right where he was pointing
Duha S
Duha S 4 dakika önce
this is so painful to watch soooo painful
Rasmus Ferngren
Rasmus Ferngren 4 dakika önce
Im sorry can't hear you 9:10
AJ 8 dakika önce
Cody i love you but please stop with the dobre brothers I really dont care what theyre doing but im still gonna watch this and like the fuck out of it because once again i love your channel but like come on
jayne 13 dakika önce
ok ... so if he can be ur bro... can i also be ur bro cuz if i say so myself i am a pretty cool kid 😎
nakirii aalicee
nakirii aalicee 13 dakika önce
Bro the green screen falling got me LMAOing
Sofie 15 dakika önce
whats the song in the background? 14:11
Melanie Biggs
Melanie Biggs 15 dakika önce
Christina: “Cyrus, no more prank videos, I’m getting sick of it” *Cyrus crashes McLaren on purpose* “ITS NOT A PRANK THOUGH”
Christine Phillips
Christine Phillips 16 dakika önce
Nukishou 16 dakika önce
Eat the rich.
Lauren Nicole
Lauren Nicole 17 dakika önce
I don’t understand why she’s not asking if he’s ok? For all she knows he lost control and crashed
Rasheed Alhajou
Rasheed Alhajou 18 dakika önce
Mean stuff
Zenon Zobles
Zenon Zobles 18 dakika önce
the only part about codys videos i dont like is that i cant find the hate comments
SA TA 19 dakika önce
Adrenaline isn’t even a word anymore
Lauren Nicole
Lauren Nicole 19 dakika önce
What kind of prank is slamming your car into your wife and messing both of y’all necks and back up
Young. zuri
Young. zuri 21 dakika önce
They literally roasted his whole existence ion now what to think bout dat
Lauren Nicole
Lauren Nicole 22 dakika önce
That crash sounded like he was have sex
Diana Fronsdahl
Diana Fronsdahl 23 dakika önce
It should be: "I always eat at Nobu.... She asked me can I go? I said No Boo...." BARS!!!!!
Ronnie Iba
Ronnie Iba 23 dakika önce
when he “crashed” it looked like he had cummed.
Silba-Lo 23 dakika önce
8:32 😂 Way too much adrenaline😂
mia saint
mia saint 23 dakika önce
No CrAp It’S cRaCkEd
Arabian Conjure
Arabian Conjure 24 dakika önce
You’re hilarious. Effin love you 😍
Briana Garza
Briana Garza 24 dakika önce
hahah but hey wheres noel
Thurnis Haley
Thurnis Haley 24 dakika önce
And the academy award goes to...
Madeline Townsend
Madeline Townsend 25 dakika önce
This neighborhood they're in doesn't look like a McLaren neighborhood?
Huynh Nam Anh
Huynh Nam Anh 26 dakika önce
Sailor Moon shirt OwO
i miss you
i miss you 26 dakika önce
my auntie thinking im finally happy* me when i kill myself: acting bitch, learn about it
Mostlyy Cornstarch
Mostlyy Cornstarch 27 dakika önce
.... His “acting” is..... 😒😒
Achmed 27 dakika önce
Sorry to disappoint but the extra blueness in the blue ass water is just instagram filters.
AD 27 dakika önce
What the hell is Kombucha?
Troy Seitler
Troy Seitler 27 dakika önce
Does Cody watch these videos beforehand then has to re-watch them while recording and fake laugh during the funny parts?
Sophie Lazare
Sophie Lazare 28 dakika önce
Am I the only one who thinks when he "crashes" it sounded and looked like he was bustin' a nut lol
olive 28 dakika önce
Cyrus is a human version of Jenna Marble’s dog Kermit
Leslie Morales
Leslie Morales 29 dakika önce
this editing is good
Rocio Luna
Rocio Luna 29 dakika önce
Pensé que la mina estaba tomando matesulis
Jordan Murphy
Jordan Murphy 30 dakika önce
did he just cum? LLMAO
Jacob Pouland
Jacob Pouland 31 dakika önce
"Acting, bitch!!! Learn about it!!!" 2 things. 1) I lol'd 2) This sounds like a line from Andy Bernard from "The Office".
Nubian Prince
Nubian Prince 34 dakika önce
“I don’t want that shit” at 0:40 LOL
liz :/
liz :/ 34 dakika önce
It sounded like he came lmfaoo
Anika Chaturvedi
Anika Chaturvedi 34 dakika önce
“I’ve got so much adrenaline” I say as I prepare to run the pacer “ *I’ve got so much adrenaline* “
Piña Claudia
Piña Claudia 34 dakika önce
I laughed out loud at this video
Chilø 38 dakika önce
"Emily wazouski"
Anika Chaturvedi
Anika Chaturvedi 38 dakika önce
Cyrus looked like he came when he “crashed” and frankly I’m not surprised
Oatdeer 39 dakika önce
Loves plus
Loves plus 40 dakika önce
Why did he cum when he faked crashed ?
mel 41 dakika önce
Bro you didn’t have to crash for us to prove a point 😔
Rahul Thirumala
Rahul Thirumala 41 dakika önce
Why does cody look so much like homelander
Elizabeth Miller
Elizabeth Miller 41 dakika önce
this just seems like a way for him to write off car repairs as a business expense.
GuyInARoom 42 dakika önce
I've been listening to the audio for so long and now I finally thought it sounded too much like cody and noele to actually looks the song up
Dragoselu 43 dakika önce
6:50 wtf, young gravy is towering cody i know he s 6'6
TMR 43 dakika önce
So this is why there haven't been any bad shit happening this last year. I was wondering why that was.
Nova KnowsBeauty
Nova KnowsBeauty 43 dakika önce
If you're going to crash intentionally..... and you're going to record it..... for TRvid..... and it's not a prank..... cause it's real..... *WHY* would you aim the camera at yourself as opposed to the crash itself???
Amber Tham
Amber Tham 44 dakika önce
i love it how there is a middle finger in the background
bazemore 24
bazemore 24 44 dakika önce
Slipping in “Cody you’re so cool and awesome and handsome and cool as hell”
Anika Chaturvedi
Anika Chaturvedi 44 dakika önce
The Dobre brothers are what happens when you mix “high schools not for me” with “I’m a borderline sociopath” but pg.
Ben Charland
Ben Charland 44 dakika önce
12:41, mcskillet did it first
Gracelyn Jones
Gracelyn Jones 48 dakika önce
...why are these high school kids bullying 10 year olds
Raffy Punzal
Raffy Punzal 48 dakika önce
he didnt sound like he crashed, he sounded like he nutted
Jorge Garcia
Jorge Garcia 49 dakika önce
Does dude with the black hair have a channel? He has me dying in every video.
Denis Jasewicz
Denis Jasewicz 50 dakika önce
That was pretty funny
Christine 51 dakika önce
I think the car was crashed in advance, maybe by accident, but then they decided to make this video to attempt to make some money out of it, before getting it fixed...
HollyBerryBlue 51 dakika önce
THE GREENSCREEN FALLING KILLED ME! Had me trying so hard not to laugh in a silent office 😭😂 note to self don’t watch Cody’s videos at work
Noodle Banana
Noodle Banana 52 dakika önce
Cody, that car crash was brilliant
Kyrie jankins Johnston
Kyrie jankins Johnston 53 dakika önce
They live in the neighborhood in Cat in the Hat wtf😂
Kai’s Messiah Baby
Kai’s Messiah Baby 54 dakika önce
LMMFAO you know DAYUM straight they banged somewhere during this filming 😂😂😂
jetsu3yahoo 56 dakika önce
The mom's hairline running away from her forehead
Fat Boy
Fat Boy 57 dakika önce
Jesus tht family is the worst lol
Gaven Mueller
Gaven Mueller 58 dakika önce
I made the mistake of watching this while eating
Grammarazzi 59 dakika önce
You might as well just AdD ToOtHpAsTe to the cracks.... -5 minute crafts.
Lauryn Jackson
Lauryn Jackson 59 dakika önce
Is Cody okay 😂😂😂
paulina lösch
paulina lösch 59 dakika önce
the lack of self reflection and brain cells hurts me
becca zabolio
becca zabolio Saatler önce
When he said LATERRRR at the very end of the video I thought it was Larry the cucumber
H S Saatler önce
She's fucking terrible
fatima huq
fatima huq Saatler önce
Do Noen next.
Michael Payne
Michael Payne Saatler önce
he just cummed
Gracelyn Jones
Gracelyn Jones Saatler önce
Bro I was actually tensing up for that crash. He just looked like he was orgasming 😶
Barney Sykes
Barney Sykes Saatler önce
10:42 - 10:53 funniest bit
Lorenzo Belelli
Lorenzo Belelli Saatler önce
7:36 sounds like he's cumming
Mother ARA ARA
Mother ARA ARA Saatler önce
I think this guy just gets off to crashing cars and he disguises it as a prank (but not prank)
Iona Fyfe
Iona Fyfe Saatler önce
What happened was the girl crash into the guys car so to cover up she is clumsy 😂😂😂😂
Gracelyn Jones
Gracelyn Jones Saatler önce
Not a prank guys not a prank
Petrxs Saatler önce
2:34 This joke isn't funny now because Juice Wrld is dead...
Libby May
Libby May Saatler önce
I have so much adrenaline
Devan Taylor
Devan Taylor Saatler önce
The funniest part of that Mars one is that all 3 scenes that included rockets included different rockets. idk what the first one was but the second one looks like a falcon 9 and the third one is definitely a falcon heavy.
Tom Brady
Tom Brady Saatler önce
Bruh why does Cody have a fuckin 11 pro u scumbag
arianna miranda
arianna miranda Saatler önce
y did he explode on himself during the "crash"
Emily MacIsaac
Emily MacIsaac Saatler önce
Who else thought of dump cakes when he said dump head....😂
Adam Cason
Adam Cason Saatler önce
These guys are so fuckin childish. If they reviewed the rest of his channel, Dre is a really respectable and knowledgeable person that every man could benefit from watching. This video is comedy for 12 year olds.
Tauheed Akbar
Tauheed Akbar Saatler önce
I hate minions too
Cryptic Critter
Cryptic Critter Saatler önce
Legendary 😂😂😂
Rellum_ 466
Rellum_ 466 Saatler önce
I’ve never laughed harder than at 8:35 in my life
Ani Oro
Ani Oro Saatler önce
He doesn’t seem sentient